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Very disappointing turn of events in Ecuador: Left-wing candidate Arauz conceded defeat without a whimper, after suspicious results from the corrupt electoral council, which is controlled by the right-wing.

Arauz even said he will call banker candidate Lasso to congratulate him

Ecuador's National Electoral Council (CNE) is run by biased anti-Correísta opposition politicians from the right-wing CREO party of banker Lasso and the US-backed Pachakutik, handpicked by the Moreno regime

It's corrupt and its results are very suspicious

The sad fact is Andrés Arauz was too soft. That he gave up without fighting reflects weakness.

This is a lesson for chauvinistic Western "leftists" who condemn Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua as supposedly "authoritarian." They know how to fight and win, despite constant attack.

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We need to adopt a new Constitution and the first amendment must declare that only CHRISTIANS can serve in positions of government.

The 2nd amendment shall read, "A well regulated Church, being necessary to the salvation of a free State, the right of the people to worship Jesus Christ, shall not be infringed."

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The doctrine of the Helios Space religion:

Black holes.
Light years.
Big bang.
Spinning ball earth.
Dark matter.
Parallel universes.
Space travel.

All of these have never been proven and yet it's the biggest religion in the world that even atheists believe in

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The Q people aren't gonna like this...but...it's true. They are all gender inverted.

Yes, that means Trump's family too.

It is what it is.

Do you want me to lie to you and whisper sweet nothings into your ear about how Trump and the "White hats" are exempt

or do you want real truth?


The Wheat shall be separated from the tares...

‪@Bevvie112 specializes in EGI ‬
‪@sunbugg is doing a good job too.‬

@Bevvie112's main tool is walking with knees open = female. I know plenty of males in my family & social circle who walk with their knees open and these r males born pre-1980 & are alpha male types. Hard old school males who don't eff around. Not panzy millennial snow❄️.

If I had a dime for every time someone said they know someone that has these attributes...

It's about recognizing patterns within the Elite and their physiology. When you analyze these politicians and celebrities, they all tend to have the same gender inverted attributes.

There r many millions of males who have the exact same attributes who aren't female & many females who aren't males. Those tools used by
‪@Bevvie112‬ do not stand up to statistics. This is nothing more than *confirmation bias* - looking for something you already believe to be true.

The bottom line is that the Elite nearly all have a multitude of gender inverted attributes. We don't care about regular people having these attribute. We care about the Elite and their physiology, which has an abundance of male attributes in females, and vice versa. The end.

They worship the devil. Nothing else should matter. Ever. There is a division and the line should be overwhelmingly clear by this point in 2021.

God’s children<—>Lucifer’s children.

Which are you?

Ignored Epiphany Award

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What amazes me is that the steal in 2020 was a vast conspiracy involving many thousands of people at a minimum coordinating and not one has flipped and turned state’s evidence against the Democrats.

You’d think there’d be at least one with a conscience. But there’s not. Democrats are unified in their corruption.

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Christianity is nothing but BARBARIANS IN THE RUINS at this point.

"godless laicite is at the gates, ready to slaughter everything for secularism."

"what do we do?"

"attack the christian neoplatonists over minute details instead of fostering any sense of solidarity and mutual understanding in front of the greater liberal evil, of course!"


These are the stupidest kinds of opinions. Christians are godless and deserve to be fought. There is no "unity" with Christians, they would turn on us the moment they saw it fit to. They seek total conquest, so we must seek the same.

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Hi, I’m Craig R. Brittain. I’m a republican running for the U.S. senate in Arizona. I need your help- I need 8,000 signatures to get on the ballot. Signing is free, but we also need donations to win the election. Would you like to 1. Sign the ballot access petition 2. Donate to our campaign 3. Do both?

[Do you have more info on you Craig? I don’t just vote blind.]

Here’s some more info- eat a bag of shit and get the fuck out of my country. I don’t have time to make up for your apathy or fucking stupidity. YOU DID THIS TO ME AND MY PEOPLE. It’s your fucking bullshit that let Obama get 8 years in office. You fuckup. You ignorant piece of fucking garbage. Go move to some other country where they give handouts, there’s no fucking room for that shit here.

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The "YHWH is a daemon" trope, by falling into genetic fallacies, doesn't help anyone because it doesn't explain Christian mysticism nor the Incarnation; becoming an argument disjunct from Christianity. Marcionism. So let's explain the soteriological necessity of the Incarnation.

We can explain Christian mysticism easily: to the degree Christianity maintained pious religion, it received good providence (the gods always prosper goodness). It doesn't mean it was free of falseness, and that falseness is its dedication to a false god.

The false god may not appear throughout the whole religion, indeed we can find parallels between the mystical behaviour of saints and gods, but nonetheless he is present; a kernel of corruption. The daemon crushed Rome and now he crushes all her sons.

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I can't believe we were libertarians once. It is the political philosophy of children.

Many of the American founding fathers supported the French Revolution.

The French Revolution beheaded thousands of nuns, bishops, and Catholic children.

What does that tell you about our country?

It was never illegal to do good things (until recently). Libertarians only want freedom to do bad and unhealthy things. A political ideology which strives to make society unhealthy is something that should be condemned, not promoted.

Cancel culture would be pretty cool if it were right-wingers doing the canceling

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Oh, and astronomers literally found evidence for God and because they couldn't explain it they gave it a funny name, called it an 'anomaly' and forgot about it.


(Alexander Iulianus)
Rather, the Axis of Evil would go to proving the universe is eternal and would ruin linear-time religions like the Yahwist religions. There is no "creatio ex nihilio", as we always knew before theological stupidity took hold over our psyche.

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@lost in the yugas

)))hersey((( against the (((Catholic Church))). Reminder the Gnosticism has it right and all other Xitian denominations are LARP worship for the Demiurge.

How can people bring themselves to believe literal comic book tier shit? Gnosticism gives no proofs, no serious metaphysics, no holistic and clear theology. All it does is assert a bunch of spurious shit and people just fucking believe it.

Humanity absolutely does my head in.

Fundamentalism in a Nutshell Award

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Today is #InternationalWomensDay

Still waiting for American “feminists” to protest against the oppression of women in Middle Eastern countries, where women cannot drive, vote, own property, run for office, or speak freely

They stay strangely silent in the face of this horror

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spoilerA realization that made me so happy with my childfree life

I have a cousin who is the exact same age as me - 26 Born on the same day. This year, she had her fourth baby. Today, I bought my fourth high end (l mean really high end - like Gucci) purse, that I can afford because I put all my eggs in the career basket. I grew up INCREDIBLY poor. It is like a dream come true to live like this. Tomorrow I'm going to sleep in until about 11, wake up, and check to see if it's shipped yet.

Fuck, I love being childfree.

Women like this need to actively convince themselves that mothers hate being mothers and derive little to no joy out of being a mother. They idolise the lifestyles they're taught to idolise and think they know they're more fulfilling than motherhood.

This is contradicted by fact of how frequent it is for women to drop out of the workforce after having a child; not because they'd find working and parenting too difficult to manage, but because the fulfilment they derive from mothering makes them want to mother full-time.

On many levels, the modern woman is made to believe many lies curated to maintain her belief that she really is living the best life. Whenever a woman contradicts this with a testimony of her experiences, she is always demeaned and belittled by women who know only one life.

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(Submitter’s note: this is in response to an article with the headline: “California to spend $28M to help arriving asylum-seekers”)

If blue states would stop wasting taxpayer dollars providing lavish lifestyles to illegal aliens, they wouldn’t need bailouts from the federal government.

No more money should go to states who spend our hard-earned cash on non-citizens.