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I'm relaying it to show you how far down the rabbit hole I've gone on this subject. My research also led me to the correlation between UFO abductions and demonic possession. Today I believe that most UFOs are literally transports from hell.

By that I mean they are powered and flown by devils and demons. Have you ever noticed how closely sketches of ETs resemble demons? Have you ever noticed how many "alien abductees" describe their experience as demonic and their captors as looking like demons?

What is their purpose? That I do not know. Perhaps their intent is to steer humanity away from God. Perhaps they are a manifestation of the "signs and wonders" of the end times. We are told in Mathew 24:24 that the devil "shall show great signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even the elect."

My reason for broaching this topic is the rise of UFO sightings and stories appearing in the MSM lately. Have you noticed that? Why the sudden surge and why now? Could we be in the beginning stages of a fake alien invasion?

Think about it: If they could con almost the entire world into fearing a simple coronavirus, how hard would it be to fake an alien invasion?
If someone had suggested a fake alien invasion two years ago, I would have told them that despite my low opinion of the intelligence level of the average American, even I wouldn't think they're that stupid. But that was two years. Today I believe many, if not most, Americans are that stupid. I believe millions of people would fall for such an outlandish scheme.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it. If we're not seeing the early stages of a fake invasion, then perhaps my research into the demonic aspect of UFOs is playing out. As a nation and as a world, we've sunk so far down into sin and satanism, that perhaps these recent sightings are merely a manifestation of that. The more we engage in sin, the more these transports from hell make themselves visible. That's even scarier than a fake invasion.



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