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No bigger flim-flam has ever been foisted on the American people than the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 under Woodrow Wilson. It continues to be the scam-of-all-scams, flying under the nose of nearly every American for well over a hundred years.

A flim-flam of almost equal proportion was the taking of our country off the gold standard, first by Franklin Rosenfeld (his real name) in 1933, and again in 1971 by Richard Nixon; and the removal of our country's currency and coins off the silver standard, which happened in 1964, immediately after the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
These treasonous acts by Woodrow Wilson (the worst president of all time), Franklin Rosenfeld (the second worst president of all time), Lyndon Johnson (the third worst president of all time), Richard Nixon, and others are why our currency and coins today are essentially worthless. Sure, they can be exchanged for goods and services - as long as everyone else agrees to do the same - but there's nothing of value backing those bills in your wallet or the coins in your pocket.
When I tell people how to make gobs of money, they beg me for more information. When I tell them how to go to Heaven, I'm met with a fluoride stare. They're interested in the one, but not the other. And that's despite the former being of value only in this world, while the latter will literally take them to Heaven. Money is all they're interested in.
Keep that in mind as you navigate your way past the dopes, fools, and morons that make up American society. If those same people put as much effort into going to Heaven as they do into chasing get-rich-quick investment schemes, there would be a lot less stress in the world and a lot more souls in Heaven. You don't have to follow their example. You don't have to end up burning in hell as they inevitably will.

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I don't know what to make of the Catholic Church. They wear small hats, have a weird obsession with making lots and lots of money, constantly engage in strange sexual perversions, live in a tiny, tiny little nation state, are constantly tricking larger military superpowers into waging war against each other, and are constantly the only ones who ever profit from these wars of conquest that the larger superpowers fight.

Does that fit the profile of any other group we know?

People talk about Martin Luther, but nobody ever mentions who Luther's papal counter-party was -- Pope Leo X, a Jewish Pope from the House of Medici who literally purchased the Papacy for himself after the Medicis were kicked out of Florence during one of the Jewish expulsions.

The Catholic Church has been compromised and in Jewish hands for a long time, but I don't know if it's *consistently* been in Jewish hands, or if a behind-the-scenes battle wages where different factions take power from one another. I suspect even the famous Knights Templar were (secretly) Jews sneaking around in Christian costumes -- when's the last time you heard about a group of "Christian" knights inventing modern international banking as we know it?

Whether Jewish or not, I suspect the Catholic Church has always been a simulation of an older, more authentic style of Christianity, on whose foundations it's been built. It's preserved many of those Christian traditions quite well (the Mass, the Eucharist, the feast days, the architecture), but it's always been semi-compromised even from day one. I think the true history of the Catholic Church is yet to be told, and once we learn it, we'll see it's something very different than what we've been led to believe (even by the "alternative" press).

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The Jewish Holocaust was a Nazi-Zionist Collaboration

Zionists have a long history of sacrificing ordinary Jews to advance their occult goal, a worldwide Communist dystopia. Gaza is no exception.

Israel's military was ordered to attack Israelis on 10/7.
The goyim have been brainwashed to believe that Jews are innocent victims of gentile persecution and bigotry.

They are not told that Jews are the victims of other Jews -- the Sabbatean (Illuminati) Jews or Cabalists like Netanyahu who use them as pawns, human shields, and satanic sacrifices.

"Anti-Semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren," say the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (9-2) a "forgery" that reads like the blueprint of the New World Order unfolding today.

Zionists and Communist Jews are Sabbatean Jews or Satanists. They hate Torah Jews and have conspired against them for more than 300 years. I am tired of hearing that some Jews are wonderful human beings. These are not the Sabbateans.

The Holocaust is the finest example of Sabbateans sacrificing other Jews to achieve their goal of a Jewish state, the future capital of their dystopian New World Order. Thus, Zionists have no compunction about sacrificing Israelis to the covid GMO "vaccine" especially if it makes people think "COVID" is not a Jewish plot.
Ordinary Jews are the scapegoats for their Satanist brothers who are imposing madness on humanity. Do these Jewish dupes deserve this fate? Yes because they have been indifferent to what Organized Jewry (Sabbateans) is doing in their name.
There is an unrecognized schism in the Jewish people, where heretics (Sabbateans) have exterminated the mainstream and taken control of the remnant through Zionism and Communism. Yet, due to the anti Semitism organized by them, Jews mistakenly cling to their leadership. They are being crucified like everyone else.

Just as feminism does not represent women, Zionism does not represent Jews.

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What we're seeing with the current college student protests is political street theater. It's very similar to the street theater we saw during the virus hoax.

Remember all of those people collapsing on the street in China?

Remember people fighting over toilet paper?

Back then, just as now, almost none of the people who participated in the "pandemic" street theater were aware that they were being used. They thought everything happening around them was real.

Thus we had people donning face diapers and lining up for the kill shot "vaccine," thinking the entire time that they were doing the right thing. To this day, there are tens of millions of people who still believe that the phony pandemic was a real thing, that there was an actual virus going around killing people.
I believe it was Mike King who first went public with the belief that nothing ever happens organically, that every time we see a "color revolution," a street protest, or any sort of mass uprising, it is always the result of a coordinated effort. An effort that is being led by a small handful of individuals.

Thus the students that are out protesting actually believe they are doing the right thing - and they are; it's never wrong to protest a genocide - however, they are unaware that they are being used to create a groundswell of energy against the Democratic Party. Their actions are being coordinated and carried out by a handful of "organizers."
It's this writer's opinion that the protests are actually being orchestrated by the Trump campaign, either by Trump himself, whom I maintain is our acting Commander in Chief, or by other factions who want to see him elected in 2024.

These actions are actually brilliant when you think about it. They are going to get all the braindead Evangelical "Christians" who grovel before the feet of Israel, AND the radical left, who are now super-pissed at the fake Joe Biden presidency, all voting for Trump in November.

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The "ugly secret" of WW2 was that FDR, Churchill, Hitler and Stalin
were all Freemasons (Satanists) who plotted war to destroy and demoralize humanity, part of a Master Plan to establish Satan as Lord of the world. An insider, Josslyn Hay, a senior British colonial official in Kenya knew. This is why the British secret service launched "Operation Highland Clearance" in 1941 to murder him.
Essentially, Hitler was not interested in a world war. He wanted to conquer the USSR in a "Nordic" alliance with England. Erroll belonged to the "Cliveden Set" a powerful section of the British elite that supported this alliance.

Churchill's backers, the Masonic Jewish Bank of England used Hitler to control Stalin, have a world war and destroy Germany once and for all. War enables them to concentrate power and wealth in their own hands and slaughter natural patriot elites who interfere with world government.

The bankers used the Cliveden types to fool Hitler into thinking England approved of his plans. Like proud proteges, the Nazis entertained the English and gave them information on their military build-up. Hitler probably saw himself as a British ally or even an agent. The Nazis were set up. This is the real meaning of the "Policy of Appeasement."

Errol was aware of how Hitler, Stalin, FDR and Churchill belonged to the same homosexual occult Masonic secret society. He may have said this within the hearing of MI-5 assets. Stalin was a member of the same Illuminati and helped fund Hitler's rise. They colluded in Barbarosa. Like WW1 nd 3, WW2 was a ruse designed to kill goyim.
Hitler was created by a homosexual occult secret society spanning both British and Nazi elites. This was called the Thule Society in Germany and the Order of the Golden Dawn in England.
Winston Churchill, a Druid, was part of this occult scene. Erroll was silenced because he knew Hitler was a Judas goat empowered to lead Germany to destruction. He could give away the hidden agenda.

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Remember Valentine's Day? It's Feb. 14.

After destroying Christmas, Masonic Jews moved on to destroy the annual celebration of heterosexuality, Valentine's Day.

The Vagina Monologues (1996) has been performed on Valentine's Day thousands of times in 77 countries to draw attention to "violence against women" . How perfectly romantic.

The "play" itself is porn designed to induct sex-starved women into lesbianism.

Women use hand-mirrors to inspect their genitals. Lesbian paedophilia is condoned.

Mankind has been inducted into the Illuminati (Cabalist) sex cult which is behind Judaism, Communism, Zionism, Liberalism, Socialism & Feminism. "Progressive" means progress to death.

Satanism is a sexual and material race-to-the-bottom. Feminism teaches women to reject family and serve the system instead.

First, Jews and Freemasons were initiated, and through them, humanity as a whole.

We are under relentless occult attack by Organized Judaism and Freemasonry. (Satanism)

(Disclaimer- Not all Jews are Communists, and unless they stand up soon, they may end up taking the blame for those who are.)
The irony of "The Vagina Monologues" is that feminists who regularly complain about sexual objectification embrace the play. There is no mention of love.

This tendency to view sex as recreation and physical release, rather than a celebration of a loving bond between a man and woman, reflects a self-destructive trend in society. Normally heterosexuals find sexual fulfillment in marriage and are able to turn their energies to more important things. Instead, we suffer from a collective arrested development manifested as a leering adolescent addiction to sex.

The "play" outrages and destroys the mystery, modesty and reserve that is the essence of mature femininity.

Like feminism itself, "The Vagina Monologues" masquerades as an affirmation of women. In fact, it is a sickening brutal assault on women.

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The "woke" promotion of vaccines, Ukraine, homosexuality, transvestism, CRT, "climate change" has nothing to do with human rights, or it would not trample on the human rights of healthy people.

It is a flimsy pretext for the destruction of Christian Western civilization, depopulation and the imposition of a Communist New World Order dedicated to serving Satan.

Satanism is war against God, i.e. the Moral and Natural Order. It negates and unravels both. It shreds the social fabric. It destroys its adherents.

Satanism is not a religion. Religion discerns & obeys God's Will. Satanism is an anti-religion. It is a denial of the Creator's Plan. Its god is Death. It is the religion of Death, Destruction and suffering.

Creation is a Miracle. If you deny the Creator's Design and Purpose, you are a Satanist. The only way mankind will make our rendezvous with God is for us all to serve Him by doing His work, as we see it. Raising healthy children is an example. Atheists and agnostics are Satanists.
"When we introduced into the State organism the poison of liberalism its whole political complexion underwent a change. States have been seized with a mortal illness--blood poisoning. All that remains is to await the end of their death agony." (Protocols of Zion, 9)

"In order that the true meaning of things may not strike the goyim before the proper time, we shall mask it under the alleged ardent desire to serve the working classes..." (Protocols of Zion, 6)
A millennia-old satanic conspiracy is reaching climax. If it is not arrested, mankind will enter a new Dark Age.

I'm 74 and will only be around for another decade or two. But I shudder to think of what is in store for humanity.

It's time to recognize our dire predicament. A fatal cancer infects all social institutions. It must be recognized and addressed.

Will Western Civilization go to its grave due to our fecklessness, cowardice and naivety?

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Is the fix in on Kansas City to win the Super Bowl?

Is the purpose to thrust pop star Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce into a position of maximum cultural influence?

Are George Soros, Scooter Braun, and the Carlyle Group, who own all of Swift's music, forcing her into a fabricated relationship with Kelce in order to further a satanic agenda?

Let's examine the evidence one piece at a time.

Are NFL Games Fixed? The NFL is Rigged
So if the fix was in for Kansas City to win their last two games and if the fix is in for them to win the Super Bowl, the most obvious question . . . is why? Why Kansas City?

The answer might lie with Taylor Swift, her relationship with Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce, and witchcraft.

Witchcraft, you say?

Yes, without question.

The NFL is no stranger to witchcraft. Just look at their Super Bowl halftime shows.

Who can forget Madonna dressed as Baphomet and performing a satanic ritual during the Super Bowl halftime show?

Who can forget Beyonce summoning a demon into her body during the halftime show of the Super Bowl in 2013. (The children who allegedly died at Sandy Crook also performed at the 2013 Super Bowl.)
There are also pictures of Swift wearing a Frazzledrip mask. Knowledgeable readers of this site know what that means. For those who don't, Frazzledrip is a video found on Anthony Weiner's laptop of Hillary Clinton raping and murdering a young girl and then skinning her face and wearing it. Swift happily wore a mask of that.
Not only is Swift a witch, some say she's a clone of Zeena LaVey, former high priestess of the Church of Satan. Swift and LaVey do share a striking resemblance to each other. In fact, I haven't seen a stronger resemblance between two people since Barbara Bush and Satanist Aleister Crowley. (Credible researchers have concluded that Barbara Bush is indeed Crowley's daughter.)

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Hamas is Israel in the same way that Al-Queda is Israel, and that ISIS is Israel. ISIS literally stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

Israel funds and runs those three organizations and many more. It's called Controlled Opposition.

Remember those fake ISIS beheading videos that were found on John McCain's computer? McCain was heavily involved in running and funding that whole operation. He was also involved in running and funding the overthrow of the government of Ukraine. Those are only two of the reasons why President Trump had him executed for treason.

All those boot-licking, "conservative" pundits and commentators that you currently see, demanding that we "stand with Israel" are part of the same theatrical production. They're part of the Mockingbird Press, and they are being paid handsomely to spread their propaganda.
What's occurring right now isn't really that much different than what happened on 9/11. An orchestrated attack, funded and carried out by Mossad, along with help from their Deep State American operatives, and then blamed on someone else as an excuse to conduct retaliatory military strikes and invasions of other countries.

If you find yourself rooting or demonstrating for one side or the other, you're being played for a fool. What's happening has nothing to do with the people of Palestine or the people of Israel. It's a Deep State operation through and through. Frankly, if you're becoming emotional over this, I'm surprised.

I understand being emotionally distraught over the innocent victims of violence. But that's not what I'm seeing or hearing from anybody. What I'm seeing and hearing is a deep-seated emotional attachment to one side of the other that has nothing to do with what is actually taking place.
The "surprise" attack that nobody expected? The forty beheaded babies? Come on. This is some of the most blatant lying the media has ever vomited out.

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How would you like to be a teen boy growing up in today's world?
You pass Jenny Hobbs in the hallway, the girl you thought was so cute in the 6th grade. She now has a nose ring and half of her hair is dyed blue. The other half of her hair is shaved off. "She used to be so pretty," you say to yourself. "What happened?"

In math class, you're shocked to learn that your test paper was graded an "F" even though you answered every question right. "Getting the right answer is not important," your pink-haired math teacher tells you. "It's a sign of inherent racism. So I've signed you up for Diversity Training. Be here on Saturday if you want to pass my class."

In history class, you notice the flag of the United States has been replaced by a rainbow flag. Next to it is a picture of a smiling Joe Biden and the words "Our President." Surrounding Biden's picture are hearts and smiley faces.

Your friend Davey is absent. He was jumped by a gang of "youths" on his way home from school yesterday and is now in the hospital. Sheila Johnson, a snotty, pinch-nosed white girl, stands up and "confesses" her racism to the rest of the class. That tough guy who beat you up in grade school is now wearing a dress so he can use the girl's locker room. He hides his phone under his skirt and snaps pictures of girls in various stages of undress. You can buy them for ten bucks apiece.

"And by the way," your teacher announces, "Mr. Harrison your music teacher is no longer Mr. Harrison. His name is now Doris. You will address him as Ms. Harrison. Anyone who doesn't comply will be suspended."

"If I can just make it till lunch," you tell yourself, only to discover that Meatloaf Monday in the cafeteria has been replaced by a delicious concoction of bug paste.

Such is life for teen boys growing up in America today. Schools are now Communist indoctrination centers, staffed by mentally ill teachers pushing all manner of sexual depravity on their students.

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WW1 and WW2 were both religious wars for the genocide of Christians: 65 million Christians in WW1, and 85 million Christians in WW2.

Germans were selected for special punishment for the temerity they demonstrated in creating systems and industries serving to free humanity. So, in 1870-1910, London's QUATUOR CORONATI lodge built Nazism, the Nazi ideals, founded the Thule Society which morphed into the NSDAP, and then installed "Illuminati" Agent, or Stooge, Adolf Hitler on 30 Jan 1933, with his "Mein Kampf" most likely written by Tavistock.

Anyone who knows the Germans knows that Jesus MUST well have meant people like them when, in Matthew 5, He said "You are the Salt of the Earth ... and the Light of the World" ("Ihr seid das Salz der Erde ... und das Licht der Welt").

The Talmudists (Zionists and Freemasons) wanted the Germans either wiped out, or under their total control, and had achieved those aims by 1945.

But the biggest secret the Talmudists kept covered up for over 70 years was their genocide of over 30 million Ethnic-German Civilians after "VE Day" on 8 May 1945. If their gullible audience had known that, it would have stopped falling for the hogwash official-"truth" narrative overnight

WW1 and WW2 were both religious wars whose main aims were to create Israel as the venue for the reign of the Antichrist and to genocide Christians, exactly as the Talmud commands. And any gullible US Christians who still salute their flag must bear in mind that, in the coming religious war called WW3, they are to be genocided by decapitation in the FEMA Death Camps pursuant to the (wholly invented) Talmudic Noahide "Laws", which were placed on US "law"-books in 1991 by House Joint Resolution H.J.RES.104.ENR. This is set to take place once the USA declares Martial Law at the start of WW3. So, US Christians are now about to get "special treatment" similar to what the Germans were given in WW2 but also in WW1. The Talmudists want all Christians dead.

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It appears that we have reached a time when Satan's excesses are to be curtailed to some extent. Three great powers of Satan which have progressively had their way in the world to the point of considering themselves untouchable, even by God, are suddenly being made impotent by their own gross errors of satanic pride.
However, their arrogance has been turned into, first concern, now desperation and panic, as the nation of Russia, which Rothschild had on its back already stealing its resources, has in a miraculously short time become the unstoppable world's moral and military superpower in league with China's economic explosion. The two have established proper order of fair economic trade behavior which all the world is now seeing as their savior from the evil controls of the Rothschild cabal which is being deserted by droves of nations, soon to be every one. Putin of Russia is generally credited (and hatefully discredited) for this phenomenal 20 year turn around of fortunes but he, a true Christian, would be the first to admit that this is only possible through the grace of God.
3. Perhaps the most hidden of all evil powers manipulating much of the world has recently been the sect of Chabad-Lubavitch. Though seeming to operate privately, their special pride seems to be in circulating images of themselves shaking hands and otherwise surrounding top national leaders throughout the world, showing off their ability to consort with those at the pinnacles of world power.

But now proof is building rapidly that their real power is likely in child trafficking, possibly in procuring the elitist love of the blood of terrified children when murdered, apparently the most expensive drug in the world. What world leader, even corrupt ones who may be their customers, will want anything to do with this self-love bunch after these exposures in their tunnels under New York Synagogues? Another evil power curtailed.

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Freemasonry is the most evil organization on Earth. If all our smiling psychopathic leaders are Masons, as this article implies, then it is wise to judge that this Brotherhood is rotten. Judaism has always been a scapegoat for the supreme and hidden hand behind them. I don't see Zionists alone debasing our morality, crushing our cultures, importing millions of invaders, turning women into objects of lust, pushing self-destructive life styles as normal -- I see the Masonic illuminati, with all their evil symbolism behind this assault.

Masons have created a society and culture where worldly 'success' is the pinnacle of achievement. This is what appeals to the Mason. He sold his soul for it. He joined the Brotherhood for it. While Christ rejected Satan's temptation for the World, the Mason accepted the price -- his soul. The Mason now creates a culture to justify his error, in order that we all may be deceived. Everyone has been inducted into this cult, and is caught up in the mad rat-race.

Everyone is unhappy. Women have been destroyed by the double assault of Feminism and porn-culture; two extremes which have robbed her of both gentleness and innocence. Men have been left feeling lost and have become self-destructive, insecure and angry. Men if they do not find 'success' and 'achieve' as per Masonic guidelines, they lose their self-worth and value.

Behind this all is the smiling clown-life macabre face of the Mason. They have destroyed everything! Innocence, morality, truth, love, family -- they have attempted to degrade us into ugly monsters, destroying the beauty in the human soul that God died for. And as humanity languishes under this oppression, we are told by our masters that we are nothing but animals, some sort of ape-man hybrid -- "Just have more sex and with more people, you're just an animal anyways." We are left feeling worthless! The only result for people caught up in this web of extreme unhappiness is medication or suicide.

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Christian Zionists have joined the ranks of Christ's executioners.

They believe Christ's Gospel of Love (God is Love) allows Israel
to starve and slaughter the descendants of the rightful inhabitants of Palestine.

The Hamas massacre of Israelis was planned by Netanyahu to justify genocide
and start a world war which could destroy Israel. This may explain why they regarded Ukraine as the new Israel. False flags and "atrocities" are the hallmarks of every war.

COVID did not kill enough people. The coming world war will. We are all Palestinians,
squatters on their planet.

We are experiencing a violent shift to a world dedicated to Satan. Obviously they are motivated by a visceral hatred for us. But if we say anything, we are the "haters." The Zionists say the Palestinians are animals, not human. But this is what the Talmud says about us all.

These people lecture us about systemic racism! White supremacism! Their vendetta against humanity is our pathology and irrational hatred. They live in a satanic solipsism. Mankind will be destroyed if we can't excise this cancer.
The leaders of the Christian Zionist movement (Faith Bible Chapel) are not only in bed with the methods of the Jewish Zionists, but also they are led by the false and heretical beliefs of Christian dispensationalism, where they think they have some duty to help make the biblical Apocalypse happen.

Christian Zionists are every bit as guilty of the atrocities and crimes against humanity as the murdering Israeli military marching through Gaza in their ethnic cleansing and land-clearance operations.

The church is the other, and it consists of all those and only those (whether Jew or gentile) who are saved between the Day of Pentecost and the rapture. Part of the reason for the pre-tribulation rapture is to remove the church from earth so that God can begin dealing with national Israel again."

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"Netanyahu is part of the Kabbalistic "Orthodox" Jews plan to bring in redemption. Their own convoluted idea of redemption via people like Sabbatai Zvi in 1666, a lawless, godless person like them. Most Israelis are not aware of this. The Kabbalistic Jews will use any type of deception or lies to further and hasten that agenda. Netanyahu is also in league with the elite and its new world order agenda. "order" out of chaos.

What we are seeing now in the Middle East is the beginning of a restructuring of the Middle East. Once the dust settles, look for a new nation of Kurdistan to emerge. On Its eastern border, and the new Iraq's western border, both nations lying next to each other,. will be the city of Bagdad, From the old Assyrian part, the new Kuridistan, will emerge "the Assyrian," a crypto Jew in Muslim garb. The perfect mediator between Israel, and the Arab world to negotiate a "peace" plan for 7 years. .He will allow Israel and the "Orthodox" Jews to rebuild the Temple on the Temple mount and resume Temple sacrifices, and then he breaks the "peace" agreement at the midpoint and turns on the Jews killing 2/3 rds of them. The Arabs have their own prophecies out of the Koran that call for their Mahdi to play a major role in Jerusalem, at the Temple site. Many of the Arab leaders are Masons, and Temple building for the Masons is a major part of their new world order agendar where they seat their satanic king, the anti christ.
God has chastised His people Israel several times throughout history, even dispersing them to Babylon for 70 years, and throughout the world for almost 2000 years because of their transgressions, and rejection of Jesus Christ The Messiah of Israel, but He has never changed His mind about the land being their land. <...> The old, ancient hatred emerged, and hasn't stopped since.

Brendon O'Connell #wingnut #racist #conspiracy henrymakow.com

The only thing I disagree with Henry is that Hitler was to lead Germany to destruction. No. He was to stop at the Polish border with the new Soviet Union and contain Stalins push for a June 1942 invasion of western Europe - read Constantine Pleshakovs, "Stalins Folly". Stalin was out of control and not doing what he was told. A bit like China now...

With the threat of the Bolshevik athiest, Christian killing Soviets, Europe would hastily form a "United States Of Europe". The dream...now called The European Union.

Hitlers handler was Herman Goering. Hitlers path into the elite European banking and royal families. Hitlers Adjutant stated that Goering and Hitler would fight. Goering would end it with, "Why must we risk everything!" Meaning, "your supposed to stop now! Not take out the Soviets! Our financiers in Wall Street and City of London will be pissed!" You can say much about Hitler - but he was sincere. He didn't work for anyone but he took their money. Like Saddam did.

It looks like a repeat unfolding. Savior Trump?

I don't blame people for voting for him, but people are deifying a very flawed and very tainted character. People should step back a little.

Patrick O'Carroll #wingnut #racist #quack #conspiracy henrymakow.com

The hippocampus is the center of autobiographical memory, also called episodic memory. One of the keys to mind-control by the power-elite ("Illuminati", Talmudists, Freemasons, Zionists) is to shrink the hippocampus in their victims. The hippocampus is one of the brain's key learning-centers. It is the only portion of the brain where neurogenesis continues into old age, i.e. Hippocampal Neurogenesis is supposed to continue for all your life.

The process of Hippocampal Neurogenesis produces crucial cells called INDEX-NEURONS. These help to boost psychological resilience, curiosity and experience, individuality and creativity, but most of all mental energy.

A shrunken hippocampus may result from poor diet, from poisoning of the air, food and water, from low levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in the bloodstream (you need about 8-10 percent but most adults have about 4 or 5 percent), from chronic stress, from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), from fear, but also from fear-mongering.
A shrunken hippocampus leads to things the "Illuminati" find favorable, such as depression; greater susceptibility to propaganda, advertising and brainwashing; increased anxiety toward truthful information; lower mental energy. In fact, the "Illuminati" know well that shrinking the hippocampus is an effective method of programming slaves who are too fearful to offer any psychological resistance to their own programming or brainwashing. So, shrinking the hippocampus is crucial to their aim of creating slaves who will remain permanent or hard-wired slaves.
The "Illuminati" knew what they were doing with the lockdowns during the COVID-PHARMA GENOCIDE, since those lockdowns were weaponized to reduce the victim's sense of purpose, to curtail physical⁸ activity, to hamper a good social life, and to impair good sleep and nutrition, in other words to attack his hippocampus and shrink it using every single technique already known.

Henry Makow PhD #racist #wingnut #transphobia #homophobia #conspiracy henrymakow.com

Illuminati (Cabala) Jews and their Masonic go-fers don't want Jews or others to understand the hidden subversive and occult character of the collective Jewish enterprise.

They don't want Jews to understand that anti-Semitism throughout the ages was not irrational. This realization would empower Gentiles, and allow "the lesser brethren" to escape their role as dupes, scapegoats, human shields and sacrifices for their demented leadership.

Cabala Jews believe that they define God's Will. In other words, God comes into the world through them. Otherwise, He is "formless and unknowable." (This is satanic because God is our GPS. Man is connected to God through our soul and spiritual ideals.)
The Cabalists believe they can redefine reality according to Satan: Evil is good, falsehood is truth and sick is healthy, (and vice versa.) They undermine every other collective identity: nation, religion, race, and family. They must destroy the Christian order to build the NWO.
The Cabalist Conspiracy is on the cusp of success. God has been banished from public life. Illuminati Jews control the mass media and can deceive and degrade the masses. Entertainment is an orgy of pornography, apocalyptic chaos, obscenity, propaganda, social engineering, predictive programming, violence, and satanism.

Illuminati Jews and Masons behind feminism are responsible for the debauchery of Western women. They are behind the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism designed to destroy marriage and family.

They were at the forefront of sexual liberation, pornography and abortion. The mass media is obsessed with sex. It has a fawning fetish for fertile females, and even children aren't safe.

Christianity has been Judaized, concerned with "social change" (the Satanist agenda) rather than spiritual development and salvation. Christian Zionists are pledged to the Zionist rogue state.
The people are lost and increasingly desperate. What's left? Depression? War? The Antichrist?

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We are told and shown that there is a race war going on in France now--doesn't it remind you of something from three years ago? Right....the George Floyd riots. In both cases, a minority citizen was supposedly killed by a rogue white police officer. In both cases, nationwide rioting broke out, with people of the race of the supposed victim leading the way. In the US it was black people and in France, it was Arab people.

Leftists in the US quickly joined with the nascent Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, and in France liberals there may seem to feel the aggrieved Muslims are justified, too.

However, the French riots are in no way spontaneous, as this is another "color revolution" led by the usual suspects to cause mayhem, a justification for killing white people, and a justification to "Build Back Better" once all the libraries, schools, cars, and the rest of French Christian culture becomes ashes and needs to be rebuilt. My guess is that in the place of the old French cafe and street shopping culture, they will build back 15-minute cities with limits on the peoples' movements in the name of "security."
Most people thought the Arab Spring consisted of spontaneous riots and protests for change. I saw clearly that it wasn't, and had been staged with years of forethought.
Fast-forward nine years from the Arab Spring psy-op fakery to late May 2020. The emotions and passions ran wild once a black man supposedly died at the hands of a white police officer, but in reality, the whole thing was staged and another psyop. George Floyd didn't die.
And in America, we now have tens of millions of military-age men who've entered the country in the last decade just waiting for a spark of something similar, and the tinderbox could be set off here once again. Could this also be part of The Great Reset--the deliberate importation of millions of military-age illegal immigrants to kill off white people in the next fake racial killing?

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In February of 2022, America and its Western allies were in a good spot. They were flying high off two stolen elections, and the virus hoax, which they masterfully engineered, was running right on schedule.

According to their own white papers and internal reports, it was scheduled to last until 2025, but actually looked as if it could be completed by early 2024.
But then a funny thing happened.

As if in answer to the prayers of millions of people around the world, Russia began its military rescue operation in Ukraine. And just like that, everything changed. Almost to the day that Russia began its military operation, the virus hoax stopped. And I mean stopped on a dime.

In the same way that a two-front war is much more difficult to fight than a one-front war, America and its allies immediately shifted all of their focus off the virus hoax and onto Ukraine.

This response by the U.S. will go down in history as one of the biggest blunders ever to take place on the world stage.

You could chalk these disastrous decisions made by America's unelected leaders up to hubris. After all, everything they'd set out to do over the three years prior to the Russian military operation, from the stolen elections to the virus hoax, had worked beautifully in their favor. But there's more to it than arrogance. There's basic incompetence.
Everyone involved in America's current policy-making is where they are due to fraud, nepotism, or unearned advancement. Not one of them has earned their place through merit. In fact, while they've weaseled their way into positions of influence, everyone who would have normally held those same positions due to competency and experience has been expunged. Particularly white men.

The systematic push to remove white men from society has had devastating consequences in every area of life. From government to industry, to white women, they've all taken drastic action to abandon white men and now our entire society is paying the price.

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"American men have lost their balls. They'd rather swig liquid estrogen and jerk off to pornography than stand up for their country or for themselves. Talk about pathetic.
What we're seeing is Stockholm syndrome on a massive scale. 
American men feel emotionally connected to their abusers. They literally cannot give up their porn, their beer, and their sports.
They feel pity for their abusers. "I feel bad for all of those doctors and nurses who worked so hard to save us all." "It's not right to boycott a company just because of their politics."
They share their abuser's values. "Dude, I like my porn."
They believe in their abuser's humanity. "He's a doctor. He would never deliberately harm anyone."
They respond to the their abuser's kindness. "I've known my doctor for years. He's a good man."
They refuse to escape the hostile situation. "I'm not giving up football! I'm not firing my doctor! I'm not letting those Democrats stop me from doing the three things I love the most: sports, pornography, and beer!"
They refuse to convict the abuser. "It's not the doctor's fault, he's supposed to recommend the vaccine." "The nurses aren't mocking us. They're dancing to let off steam." "It's not the fault of the nursing home that my grandmother who happened to be in perfect health last week died when they put her on a ventilator."
They help the abuser in his crime. "How much is that surgery, Doc? Twenty grand? No problem, here's a check." "Dude, I just ordered my season tickets. Are you ready for some football?" "Bartender, gimme a Bud Light. I'm not letting other people tell me what to drink. Hey, this chick on the beer can is hot."
It's no mystery why society is crumbling before our very eyes. Men have abdicated their responsibility as protectors and guardians. They refuse to experience even the slightest discomfort in order to prevent the disintegration and destruction of the country."

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If you're a parent with children currently attending public or private school, guess what? You're going to hell.

How can I make such a bold declaration?

Easy. The school you're sending your kids to isn't a school at all. It's an indoctrination center. It's a funnel to hell, where human filth calling themselves teachers are grooming and brainwashing children into accepting homosexuality, trannyism, and sexual mutilation.

You're going to hell because you know it's happening, yet you continue to send your children there.

If you're a Christian whose children are attending public or private school, it's even worse. That's because you, of all people, should know better.
Don't claim ignorance. That excuse might have worked a year ago, maybe even six months ago. But it won't work now. Anyone who claims they are unaware of what's happening in virtually every school in the country today is either a liar or so fundamentally stupid they have no business raising children. Seriously, anyone that dumb is unfit for parenthood.

Don't tell me your school is different. It's not. Homosexual indoctrination is happening in literally every school in the country.
Just what will you stand up and fight for? Your right to read romance novels and watch super hero movies? Your right to jerk off to pornography? Is that why you're in such a rush to get your kids out of the house every day? So you can watch porn and play with yourself while your kids are taught how to turn themselves into homosexual freaks?

Sick and degenerate pedophiles are inverting reality and demanding you go along with it. And YOU ARE.
You will spend eternity burning in everlasting fire and being tortured by demons, all because you were too stupid and too lazy to homeschool your own children.

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A commentator recently remarked that seven million men have dropped out of the workforce. What are they doing? Apparently, they spend 40 hours a week "in front of a screen."

Well, they are not reading this website. My books don't sell. Budgies have more followers on Instagram than I do on Twitter. No one wants to know that the West is becoming a Communist dictatorship, let alone do anything about it.

Why is that? The central bankers (Demonrats) stole the 2020 election effectively ending democracy. They rebranded the seasonal flu and used it as an excuse to poison billions of people and lock down the planet. They are encouraging our children to change genders and take puberty blockers. They squandered countless lives and lucre in Ukraine. They installed a pedophile, criminal, and traitor with a crack addict son as President and left a laptop to ensure we knew it.

California State Assembly has just passed a bill allowing parents to lose custody of their children if they refuse to accept their child's gender transition. They want your kids.

These people crossed the line a long time ago and continue to do so because they are not held accountable.
In a Twitter poll, I asked why the response of American men to the Communist Jewish takeover has been so "lackluster."

What is distracting them?

Four hundred men replied. 45% said porn is the reason.
42% said Sports. About 7 percent mentioned cannabis and day trading.
Porn and all the factors mentioned above have contributed to the tepid resistance to the loss of freedom, genocide, and child sex abuse.

The Canadian trucker's convoy has been the only proud exception. They represent the kernel of true Canadians, only to be smeared as Nazis by Fidel Castro's love child, naturally a Communist.

One comment said people won't fight until they can't feed themselves and their children. That day is surely coming.

The Illuminati tell us their plan. They want a Chinese-style system. If you value your freedom, you won't comply!

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As one wag said, "Why would a man buy a used car instead of a new one?"

How many drivers has it had, or the damage done?

Western women are at a tipping point. Our satanist society teaches them that it is chic and empowering to be promiscuous. Onlyfans has two million "content creators."
College girls have "sugar daddies." Thousands are having their breasts removed as they transition.

Young women today don't realize they are victims of a depopulation agenda masterminded by the same people who brought you the COVID hoax and deadly vaccines. The goal is to forestall marriage and family formation.

For example, women are naturally hypergamous. They want husbands who are of higher status, who are confident leaders. Our society elevates women to higher status than men, either through idealization of sex, or discrimination. Men have been undermined psychologically. This undermines heterosexual union. Men have lost the confidence to approach and win a woman.
Men want power. Women want love. Heterosexual marriage is an exchange of female power for male power expressed as love. This exchange of power-for-love defines femininity. This is how two people become one.

Of course she must first find a man able to prove his trustworthiness through a long process of courtship.

Most women are defined by their reproductive services. When they are no longer fertile, they are less attractive to men. This is why men still want women who have consecrated their sexuality for their husbands and families. Women are the heart and soul of a family. They are cherished because they sacrifice themselves for husband and children.

Sexual intercourse is based on an exchange of power-- female surrender and male possession. When a man "makes love" to a woman, he is showing his appreciation for giving herself to him.

In contrast, a man has no reason to give pleasure to a stranger. He simply takes his own.

Intercourse symbolizes the permanent marital bond.

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To my Jewish Friends,

You are in grave danger. You know this. That's why you are running large scale "anti-semitism" billboards in major US cities. The victims of the Satanist plots operating under the banner of "Jews" are waking up from their slumber and "the Jews" are going to be blamed for many terrible things you probably had nothing to do with.

Real Jews are Compassionate. They also follow Truth and are Tolerant. These are the people I have known all my life that I support and will lay down my life to protect. The good people reading this should know you have many other true friends who will help you in times of need. Good Jews are all around us and I call many of them my Dear Friends.
The ones who are doing terrible things under the banner of the righteous religions (this goes for Catholics, Jews and other religions and secret societies) are the "initiated" - they are invited into the "Hex Club", aka Satanism. Uninitiated Jews are outside The Club. Unless you stand up soon, you will again be lumped in with the "initiated" Hex Club Satanists and persecuted...again.
This article shows what everyone is seeing with their own eyes. They see a tiny minority of "Jews" (2.4% in the USA) running everything and destroying a country through culture wars and usury. They see their pockets being emptied through inflation and financial trickery, while the "initiated" prosper. Media is silent and anyone pointing out the obvious is attacked as an "anti-semite". They see people being attacked for stating mistruths about Jews, but then see how words have been twisted to invert a lie into "Truth". Jews claim they have no power and when someone points something out, they threaten to use the power, they say they don't have to destroy them. Ask Kanye "Ye" how that works. It is now plainly visible to anyone paying attention.

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Dr. Marie N. Robinson's 1958 book, The Power of Sexual Surrender, explains that women need to surrender to a loving man in order to have a satisfying orgasm. By encouraging women to become "strong", "independent" and wary of men, feminism is blocking their sexual fulfillment. As result, women become frustrated, angry, and compensate by becoming masculine.

In their crusade to destroy European Christian civilization, Cabalists (satanist Jews and Freemasons, i.e. Communists) exploit every division. When they couldn't foment class war, they turned woman against man.

Under the guise of women's, gay and tranny "rights," heterosexuals are victims of a vicious satanic attack on their human identity. They are being re-engineered and they don't even know it. A woman's love of husband and child is divine. Only demonically possessed people would destroy it.

The Illuminati's ultimate aim is to induct society into their satanic cult and to impose a veiled Communist police state.

Satanic cults are designed to exploit their members by corrupting and making them sick.

By coercing women to abandon their femininity and usurp the male role, feminism throws a spanner in the natural heterosexual mechanism of humanity. Women have been deprived of their natural biological and social roles and condemned to loneliness and frustration. Similarly, men are deprived of the role of protector and provider essential to their development and fulfillment.

The triumph of such a wrongheaded ideology, and the suppression of the truth, signifies that control in the world has passed to a malignant force.

Robinson confirms my view that heterosexual union is based on an exchange of female power for male power expressed as love. A woman who seeks power is neutering herself and her husband. She will not receive love from a man whose identity is based on power. She cannot love someone she competes with. He cannot love her. This is the dilemma of feminists today.

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One of the latest inhuman projects, yet propagated as an environmental savior is industrial "decarbonization" of the world. It is called the First Movers Coalition (FMC), consisting currently of 96 members, with "more than 120 commitments" to purchase near-zero emission goods and services by 2030.

Be aware, these "commitments" are nothing more than "promises", or in Cult lingo "Predictive Programming" which is but a warning to the population of what might happen.

This ritual is a MUST for Cults to be successful. They also create fear, which in turn, makes people submissive and drastically reduces the human immune system. That is their main goal. It is one of the more effective tactics of mind manipulation "science" à la Tavistock Social Engineering Institute in the UK.

Remember the Covid farce? It is now admitted even by mainstream having been largely "exaggerated". People may take note, but the farce goes on, with the next lie, with the next false pandemic, or fake climate disaster, or energy shortages.

Or not? Will We, the People, stand up?
What these Masters of the Universe do perhaps not know is that eliminating CO2 is a step closer to destroying Mother Earth. Because CO2 is as important for life and for the equilibrium of climate as is oxygen, the one chemical that is said is necessary for life to survive (other than water), with its symbol "O" or "O2".

Without CO2, "food" for the trees, there is no oxygen. Trees transform CO2 into oxygen in a process of photosynthesis.
There is no need for industrial interference, for WEF-UN-promoted industrial disturbance of the equilibrium of the universe. All such interferences as the WEF promotes on many fronts are "gentle" steps towards euthanizing humanity, and what ever other "useless eaters" can be replaced by robots, transhumans and AI.

Oxygen is what humans and most life forms need to breath. What the new WEF promotion, FMC, propagates to do, is helping to reduce natural oxygen production.

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Many great historians, such Professor Carroll Quigley, Professor Antony Sutton, and Fritz Springmeier, proved beyond all doubt that WW2 WAS THE SINGLE MOST CONTROLLED "CONFLICT" IN HUMAN HISTORY. And Switzerland played a key role in that rigged "conflict".
One of the top tasks that the "Illuminati" assigned to Allen Welsh Dulles was to oversee the theft of bullion, art and other loot from NSDAP-occupied countries and regions, which the NSDAP plundered for their "Illuminati" bosses. The final transfer stage for the swag was the 20 km trip from Lörrach-Baden in Germany to the BIS headquarters at CentralPlatz 2, Basel, Switzerland, where NSDAP officials passed it to their "Illuminati" bosses, who then conveyed it to storage points in Switzerland, London and NYC. Most of the profits and gains the "Illuminati" bloodlines wrought from WW2 were bunkered in NYC because Pax Americana was about to start in 1945.
The "Illuminati" granted Hitler, and most of the NSDAP, their freedom in gratitude for having totally smashed Germany on their behalf and for helping them to perpetrate the German Holocaust in which the Zionist powers (US, GB, RU, FR) genocided 39 million German Christian Civilians in 1914-55. CIA insider John Lear revealed that Hitler, who was a very enthusiastic Zionist, died in 1968 at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN.

The main train-station in Bern still has a SECRET PLATFORM (Platform 11 not accessible to the public) that has always been used to load and unload bullion, diamonds and other loot that the "Illuminati" still store in massive deep-underground facilities in the Swiss Alps, notably in the cantons Bern, Valais, and Grisons-Graubünden. By a "terrific" "coincidence", Davos, St Moritz, and Klosters are all located in Grisons-Graubünden. The INFORMATION DESK at Bern station will confirm that Platform 11 exists but that it is "not used for normal train services".

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The Muslim Brotherhood is a Masonic movement that includes Hamas and Hezbollah and the Iranian mullahs. It's a tool by the British-based Globalists whose main objective is to overthrow the established world order and create a new one-world system of global governance.

Makow - As in the Second World War, Freemasons control both sides of the coming world war. Agenda 2030 will be implemented one way or another. Humanity is victim of a grotesque trick. We cannot comprehend how completely society is satanically possessed, because we're contaminated ourselves. Demonically possessed by lust and greed, we're like lemmings, racing to our demise.
Without the British, "radical Islam would have remained the illegitimate, repressive minority movement that it has always been, and the Middle East would have remained stable and prosperous."

The real Muslim Brothers are...the secretive bankers and financiers who stand behind the curtain, the members of the old Arab, Turkish, or Persian families whose genealogy places them in the oligarchic elite, with smooth business and intelligence associations to the European black nobility and, especially, to the British oligarchy.

By fabricating a bogus war between Islamic fundamentalism and the West, the globalists are able to attack their real enemy, humanity. Pulling the strings, they will ensure that both Western and Muslim states are degraded and finally completely subjugated to their odious rule.

They plan a new feudalism that will impoverish the middle classes, depopulate and enslave the masses, and leave only the rich served by a technocracy. The whole world will resemble a repressive third world country governed by the IMF, UN and World Bank.

The globalists are headquartered in London and centred on the Rothschild-dominated Bank of England, MI-6 and the secretive Round Table society, which spawned the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Archbishop Carlos Maria Vigano #fundie #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia #conspiracy henrymakow.com

In the name of the globalist religion, its adherents demand that all citizens behave in accordance with the morality of the New World Order, accepting uncritically - and with an attitude of devout submission to religious authority -the doctrine defined ex-cathedra by the Davos Sanhedrin.
For this reason, it is not allowed to contest the psycho-pandemic, criticize the management of the vaccination campaign, argue the groundlessness of climate alarms, oppose the evidence of NATO's provocation of the Russian Federation with the Ukrainian crisis, ask for investigations into Hunter Biden's laptop or the electoral fraud that prevented President Trump from remaining in the White House, or refuse to stand by as children are corrupted with LGBTQ obscenities.

Vaccination ... represented a sort of "baptism" in the globalist faith, the initiation into worship. The high priests of this religion have even reached the point of theorizing human sacrifice by means of abortion and euthanasia: a sacrifice required by the common good, so as not to overpopulate the planet, burden public health, or be a burden on social security. Even the mutilations to which those who profess gender doctrine are subjected and the deprivation of reproductive faculties induced by homosexuality are nothing more than forms of sacrifice and immolation of oneself: of one's body, one's health, including life itself.
Those who do not accept the anti-Gospel of Davos are ipso facto heretics and must therefore be punished, excommunicated, separated from the social body,and considered public enemies; they must be re-educated by force, both through an incessant hammering of the media and also through the imposition of a social stigma and truly extortive forms of consent, starting with the "informed" consent of submitting against their will to the vaccination obligation which is anticipated moreover in detail in the programmatic points of the 2030 Agenda.

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Modest Proposal -- Humanity acknowledges that it is
comatose and agrees to pull the plug. It agrees to be sterilized
in exchange for a truce from Communist Jews and
their Freemason flunkies. (i.e. Satanists, Zionists, Liberals, Antifa, Transsexuals, Feminists.)
I have a solution to mankind's problems that should satisfy everyone.

Humanity volunteers to be sterilized in exchange for the satanist Jewish bankers and Freemasons (Communists) ending their war against God and man.

This means that within a short century, the planet will be rid of useless eaters (us) and become a playground for sick Satanists/Communists and their preferred number of perverts.

What does mankind get out of this?

1. Satanists/Communists call off their "vaccine" and climate change hoaxes, chemtrails, geo-engineering, 15-min cities, CRT, lockdown lunacy, and vax passports.

They will curb their Antifa/BLM goons before whom we cower in fear like little girls. We avoid violent "Dark Winter" dystopia and enjoy relative peace and freedom.

2. We will not be force-vaccinated, writhe in pain and die a premature death.

3. The toxic psychological war against gender, race, religion, and nation will be suspended. We will retain some vestige of human dignity during our twilight years on the planet.

4. A reasonable number may be spared sterilization in order to provide a pool of servants, human sacrifices, organ donors, and sex slaves for the Chosen.
What do Satanists/Communists get out of this?

1. They will not have to listen to useless eaters whine and winge on the Internet as our miserable fate slowly dawns upon us.

2. They will not have to deal with a Warsaw Ghetto-like uprising as humanity finally realizes it has nothing to lose from violent resistance.

3. Satanists inherit the planet, its resources, and everyone's property. They can start planning their paradise and not worry about imposing their farcical "Great Reset" on recalcitrant masses.
This is satire but it's scary how much sense it makes.

Mike Stone #wingnut #fundie #sexist #homophobia #transphobia #racist #conspiracy henrymakow.com

Those reasons fall directly on us. We're the ones responsible, because when a nation turns its back on God, it dies.

Collectively, the people of this country have never engaged in such widespread sin and rejection of God as they are now. And that doesn't look to change any time soon.

As Cassius put it in the play Julius Caesar, "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves."

stone-porn.jpegBy continuing to sin, the people of this country are dooming it to failure. And that responsibility lies with all of us individually. Until we stop sinning, the country will never recover. In fact, it's only going to fall further from grace.

What are these sins, you ask? Just about everything.

If you're watching porn, you're part of the problem.

If you're cruising hookup sites and jerking off to OnlyFans, you're the reason why the country is in the mess it's in.

If you've had an abortion or impregnated someone who had an abortion, you're directly responsible for the downfall of the country.

And on and on it goes.

Modern society is a funnel to hell. Not only does society condone every sin imaginable, from murder (abortion), to child molestation (trannyism), to immodest dress, to homosexuality, drunkenness, and more, but sin has become so commonplace that nobody even bats an eye over it. The vast majority of sinners are unaware that they're sinning.
Another Trump presidency, as beneficial as it will be, is not going to clean up the level of sin currently ongoing. Sure, a Trump administration will crack down on illegal immigration and child sex trafficking, and that's a good thing. But it will do nothing to put an end to individual sin being committed on a daily basis by just about everyone.

A country on the brink of collapse will never recover until the citizens of that country refrain from destroying it with sin. If we wish to save America, we have to start with ourselves.

Edward Menez #racist #wingnut #sexist #conspiracy henrymakow.com

If you have read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, you'll know that over a century ago the overarching Jewish plan was to control society. The Protocols even boasted about how they promoted their agents, such as Charles Darwin (not Jewish) and Karl Marx.

What do these subverters have in common? They are almost always Jewish Satanists, or at least beholden to them. Think Sigmund Freud when it comes to Psychology and perverted sexuality. Or Betty Friedan when it comes to feminism.

With Philosophy, the man would be Ludwig Wittgenstein, founder of "post-modernism": the belief that everything is perception and truth is unknowable. This is Jewish Cabalism which is simply a pretext for Cabalist Jews to define reality according to their perversion.
Ludwig Wittgenstein is just another Jewish pawn put in place by the writers of history to override God's Creation. They tapped Einstein to be the face of "The Theory of Relativity" so we get confused whether we're moving or not. They forced Newton to be the face of "The Theory of Gravity," when the Laws of Density and Buoyancy were all that was needed. They made Copernicus come up with the ludicrous idea of Heliocentrism to take away the idea that God created the universe. And they installed Ludwig Wittgenstein and his post-modernism claptrap to make us question whether there is such a thing as Truth--God's Truth.

And it continues in the present with Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg, as the media puts another autistic Jewish puppet in front of us and asks us to worship him. Wittgenstein is clearly--even from his mainstream Wikipedia page--a joke that has been played before our hyper-believing eyes to make us believe he is a philosophy legend on the level of Plato.

Wittgenstein is another hagiographical Jew, one among a million, who suddenly springs from nowhere to make a splash on the public thanks to mainstream media.

Edward Menez #racist #wingnut #conspiracy henrymakow.com

There have been many accusations against the Jews throughout history.

Over time, a pattern has developed: the Talmud's citation that "Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed" (Abodah Zara 26b) seems to be the playbook.

Accusations against the Jews throughout history include sacrificing Gentile children and drinking their blood, poisoning Christian wells, and preying on Gentiles through human weakness by running the pornography, prostitution, and gambling empires.

Jews have been kicked out of Christian countries over 100 times. Is there something going on here?

Could this just be coincidental? Or are the Jews following their playbook The Talmud?

If we look at three instances where mass death of millions of Christians occurred, and blamed on the Jews, we might be able to see a larger pattern develop. Of course, it would be more correct to classify the perpetrators as "Satanic Jews" or "Elite Jews", as not all Jews were in on this, but for simplicity's sake I will just refer to them as "Jews".
The facts are, however, that about 40% of the European population was wiped out by the Black Plague (poisoned wells) in these few short years from 1347-1350 and Jews suffered minimal damage to their own walled-off communities.
Finally, in a redux of the 1918 "Spanish Flu" playbook, the mass vaccination of billions of people against the so-called "Covid-19" virus occurred in 2021. Where are the death tolls highest? In white Christian countries once again. There is a pattern developing here, and it is consistent with what the Jews have traditionally done: target white Christian countries to kill off the people through deception.
It seems to me there is a reason why the descendants of European Christians are targeted. And that reason is that The Bible is true. Jesus said that the Jews are of their father, Satan. And Satan's henchmen are following their script, the Talmud.

Mike Stone #wingnut #conspiracy henrymakow.com

I used to enjoy listening to Bruce Springsteen's music. Then I found out he donates money to leftist causes and actually campaigned for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Now I can't listen to a single note he sings without feeling sick to my stomach.

The same with John Mellencamp, who used his music to help Bernie Sanders, an admitted communist, run for president in 2016. This is the guy who wrote "The Authority Song." Now he wants all of us to kowtow to the very authority he once rebelled against. I can't stand listening to his music anymore either.

Springsteen and Mellencamp aren't exceptions. Every musician you can think of turned out to be a commie puke.

It's the same with actors. Tom Cruise - commie puke. Johnny Depp - commie puke. Brad Pitt - commie puke in a dress. They all support leftist causes, they all shilled the virus hoax, they all towed the party line.

Outside of James Woods and that Hercules guy, neither of whom can get a job today, there isn't a single actor who hasn't turned out to be a flaming leftist commie puke.
Teachers and professors used to be respected. Today, they're at the forefront of pushing woke liberalism, trannyism, and every other degenerate and disgusting plank of the Communist Party. No one has any respect for them anymore, nor should they. Anyone sending their children off to be indoctrinated by these commie pukes needs to have their head examined.

Police officers used to be respected. But the last three years have shown them to be nothing more than commie puke enforcers of corrupt and illegitimate governments, arresting people for not wearing a mask. In some cases, forcibly injecting them with poison and/or locking them up in camps, while not lifting a finger to stop or arrest any of the BLM rioters looting and burning down businesses.

Every hero you used to have, every person and profession you used to respect - they all turned out to be commie pukes. So what are you going to do about it?

Mike Stone #homophobia #transphobia #wingnut #sexist #conspiracy henrymakow.com

Did you see who the United States Navy revealed as their first "digital ambassador" last week? It's a drag queen. Apparently, the admirals running the show in the Pentagon think having a homosexual drag queen represent the Navy will result in more young men enlisting.
The United States military now exports homosexuality and trannyism all over the world. You can see that quite clearly by this latest recruitment tactic and by the number of U.S. embassies around the world flying the rainbow flag.

Don't discount the power of flags. They are symbols of submission and allegiance. When you see our country's embassies flying the rainbow flag, what they are telling the world in clear, unmistakable language is that the United States submits and pledges allegiance to homosexuality, sodomy, sexual perversion, and the sexual mutilation of children.

If you enlist in the military that's what you'll be fighting for. You'll be making the world safe for sodomy.

No matter which branch of the military you join, you will be serving alongside of homosexuals and taking orders from them. If you think that won't matter, consider our recent battlefield defeat in Afghanistan. The United States military, supposedly the most powerful military force on earth, lost a war to a bunch of goat-herders. Not only that, but we were defeated in humiliating fashion with a cowardly retreat and evacuation that was witnessed by the entire world.

That defeat doesn't make sense until you realize that the Taliban men we were fighting against are composed of uncompromising alpha males, while our military leadership consists of men wearing dresses who think having a homosexual drag queen represent the Navy will boost morale and enlistments.

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The White House-ordered FBI arrest of young airman Jack Teixeira at his family home, marks the beginning of the end of a hopelessly misguided war in Ukraine.

As the youngest member of a patriotic family of Air Force intelligence officers (his stepfather and step-brother are also AF intelligence officers in the 16th Air Force cyber-intelligence wing), airman Teixeira was assigned to late night communications at Joint Base Cape Cod, near Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, where he picked up alarming reports from Ukraine and other trouble spots.

The ethical challenge that confronted Teixeira, whether to disclose the facts to the young military men in his Discord online circle, arose from the ever-wider gap between glowing White House promises of victory in Ukraine versus the reality of brutal losses spinning into imminent defeat for the puppet NATO alliance and the criminal arms-dealing Zelensky regime.
The despicable liberal media has tried to disparage Teixeira as a rightwing gun nut, whereas his profile is typical of patriotic servicemen, who after all are expected to be proficient with firearms along with the more powerful weaponry required by their stern decision to protect this nation. As for reports of his antisemitic comments, the disdain of military personnel toward Jews is largely justifiable due to the cowardly refusal of the vast majority of Yids to take up arms in defense of this society ever since the battle of Lexington and Concord.
Jack Teixeira is a honest man, which nowadays makes him a courageous hero.

We can only hope that the next president will issue a pardon and encourage him to rejoin the USAF with honor. Nowadays, during this time of tribulation, justice is far off and so we must never surrender or concede to the criminals in high office or nestled in the news media who have betrayed the Constitution. Airman Teixeira, may this nation of lost sheep someday salute you as their shepherd in a time of crisis.

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It takes a certain level of narcissism to be an actor. I know, I used to be one.

Add money to the mix and you end up with a really combustible combination. For instance, did you know that despite a very public actors' strike, over 110 independent movies and television shows are currently shooting? Those projects involve a number of A-list stars, including Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner, Anne Hathaway, Glenn Close, and Dakota Fanning. So much for solidarity.

While those projects are proceeding unhindered, hundreds of actors continue to march in the street carrying their little picket signs. It's been hot here lately, so actors picketing at Universal Studios took advantage of the shade offered by a strip of trees. That is, until the studio cut all the trees down, forcing the picketers to swelter under the hot sun. HAHAHAHAHA!!!
With those trees gone, thousands of picketing actors and writers retaliated by picketing on a stretch of freshly poured asphalt and chanting, "This is what democracy looks like!"

This is exactly what commie pukes chant when they take over a state or federal building. "This is what democracy looks like!" They chant it with bullhorns as part of an intimidation-by-mob-rule tactic.

While money is always an issue during a strike, this one might have more to do with Artificial Intelligence than anything else. Actors don't want to go the way of the horse and buggy. That's somewhat ironic because the movie and television industries have been at the forefront of White Replacement. Yet when the possibility of their own replacement suddenly looms, they shriek like little girls.
The use of Artificial Intelligence is an issue that neither actors nor writers are going to be able to negotiate their way out of in the long run. The reality is they are no longer needed and outside of a handful of major stars, all of them will soon be unemployed.

Maybe they can learn to code.

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On my wall, I have a picture of a Muslim woman shrouded in a burka.

Beside it is a picture of an American beauty contestant, wearing nothing but a bikini.

One woman is totally hidden from the public; the other is totally exposed. These two extremes say a great deal about the clash of so-called "civilizations."

The role of woman is at the heart of any culture. Apart from stealing Arab oil, the turmoil in the Middle East is about stripping Muslims of their religion and culture, exchanging the burka for a bikini.

I am not an expert on the condition of Muslim women and I love feminine beauty too much to advocate the burka here. But I am defending some of the values that the burka represents for me.

For me, the burka represents a woman's consecration to her husband and family. Only they see her. It affirms the privacy, exclusivity and importance of the domestic sphere.
The feminine personality is founded on the emotional relationship between mother and baby. It is based on nurturing and self-sacrifice.

Masculinity is founded on the relationship between hunter and prey. It is based on aggression and reason.

Feminism deceives women to believe femininity has resulted in "oppression" and they should adopt male behavior instead.

The result: a confused and aggressive woman with a large chip on her shoulder, unfit to become a wife or mother.

This is the goal of the NWO social engineers: undermine sexual identity and destroy the family, create social and personal dysfunction, and reduce the population. In the "brave new world," women are not supposed to be mothers and progenitors of the race. They are meant to be autonomous sex objects.
Feminism is another cruel New World Order hoax that has debauched American women and despoiled Western civilization. It has ruined millions of lives and represents a lethal threat to Islam.

The burka and the bikini represent two extremes. The answer lies somewhere in the middle.

Henry Makow PhD #wingnut #racist #sexist #conspiracy henrymakow.com

Reparations to the descendants
of black slaves obscure
the real debt
the Rothschilds
owe to humanity.

The Rothschilds may discharge this debt by forgiving all "debt" due to money creation and relinquishing ownership of central banks to national governments. This is letting them off easy, but the return to national sovereignty, personal freedom, and truth is worth the price.

A Tentative Invoice

The Covid Scam - 10 Trillion

World War Two - Ten trillion (includes Dresden, Hamburg and Jewish holocaust)

World War One - Five Trillion

Destroying the Catholic Church and Christianity - Three trillion

Removing God from social consciousness and public discourse - Five trillion

Destroying millions of lives through feminism (marriage and family destruction) - Three trillion

The war on masculinity and femininity has damaged heterosexuals and robbed the world of masculine virtue and feminine charm. One trillion.

Mass murders by Bolsheviks and Chinese Communists - Five trillion

General depredations of Communism - One trillion

The Cold War and other wars of the twentieth century - Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. Libya - Five trillion

The Great Depression, the Credit Crunch, and the #scamdeminc of 2020 -- Five Trillion

The assassination of JFK, MLK, RFK, and 9-11 - Two trillion

Wars previous to the twentieth century- i.e. US Civil War, etc. Two trillion

Attempt to start a race war in America - 300 Billion

Destruction of the democratic process, journalism, education, and the arts - five trillion

Damage to national cultures and identities caused by multi-culturalism and illegal migration -- One trillion

The Rothschilds will finance and distribute ten honest movies about Communist subversion and espionage in America,
as well as ten movies extolling American patriots like Louis McFadden, Charles Coughlin, Charles Lindbergh, and Henry Ford.
Airports and public places named after Illuminati traitors like G.H.W. Bush will be renamed.