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Children truly are the weakest among us and the least cared about by the

while adult venues are protected.
to protect adults, since the kids have a 99.999% survival rate
for the convenience of the adult mothers (and fathers)
full of roundup for the benefit of adult stock portfolios
of 70 shots, so adults can make billions
so adults can virtue signal

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The Woke have brought about a Marxist social and emotional retardation by pushing out "wrong thinkers" in education and academia; directly by policies and personal attacks and being so insufferable that people leave or never enter the field.



















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( @1geniusmind4u )
North Carolina Physicians Demand End to Hospital’s COVID-19 Vaccine Trial on Children It's a kill shot with nanochips, graphene iron oxide, 49 pathogens and don't forget they have proven they put Hydra Parasite eggs in the vaccine that hatch. These are crimes against humanity, everyone who touched the subject of vaccination must hang, not until dead but for weeks on display for those who think they can murder children and get away with it.

https://www.theepochtimes.com/north-carolina-physicians-demand-end-to-hospitals-covid-19-vaccine-trial-on-children_4477065.html?utm_source=ref_share&utm_campaign=tw&rs=0 via

( @Armybratkid )
We must demand Trump to actually address the vax.

Like most, I gave Trump a pass because he was not a medical professional and he went on faith that big pharma would not knowingly thow out a toxic vax on the American people; but we/he now know we were screwed in a way never before witnessed. Own It!

As touted, the vax happened on Trump's watch. This is not about campaign rhetoric or the president's ego; this is about acknowledging facts and calling for prosecutions where necessary.

The Biden Regime holds part responsibility primarily because they ignored evidence and forced these toxins on Americans, but as much as people may hate it, Trump is the one who signed off on the jab and was even the administration who first gave them.

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Err... Actually is NOT the "religion" who 'loves' (does) to rape young men, it's the #Homosexuals and any other #Sodomites who has infiltrated that religion to destroy it from within; just exactly how this 'Pope Francis" has done (he is the Sodomite Honcho), and who, also, are "proudly" represented in the #LGTBQ community...

Say's the guy whose religion loves to rape young men?

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Tucker Carlson is 100% right, the great replacement is happening now. The anti white hate is everywhere, in the media, in advertising, on TV, online, inside schools and universities, pushed by big companies.










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I am sickened by what #disney is supporting now. I still have wholesome memories of #familyfun that I will treasure from my #childhood that I will not let them #tarnish or #steal . I #hate what they've done to the #disneybrand #disneyworld & so many beautiful #dreams of #millions of #children & #adults that have been #polluted by #pedophiles #sexualdeviants #transsexuals #homosexuals trying to #shove their #lifestyles on #ourchildren & in our #faces to #force #america & #woke #world to #accept it as #normal . I will NOT ACCEPT IT AS NORMAL. THIS IS #predatorybehavior & #criminal #grooming of #children to make them #targets for #pedophiles & #childsextrafficking & #childabuse . #teachers who #teach this to their #students should be #underarrest

Disney has lost billions over the last six months.

Their Mickey Mouse copyright is in question.

Parents are canceling their Disney+ subscriptions left and right.

Go woke. Go broke.

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(submitters note: in regards to the Robb Elementary School shooting)
Rest In Peace ✝️ my dear children for your death will never be in vain. Our deepest condolences 🙏🏻🌿✝️ to the families In Texas for their loss, but remember your child’s death will not go in vain and every Texan should begin an investigation on why children were being targeted? Here is why — Gov. Greg Abbott is vowing to make Texas a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary State” after President Joe Biden announced new executive actions on ghost guns.
Patriots 🇺🇸 can you see the evil 😈plan now? ….. just saying 🙏🏻✝️🌿

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This is a bit speculative but I think:#Twitter and #DISNEY are dying because they took the #ESG money. They have to promote the #GayAgenda and have to remove conservatives. The ESG money is #Saudi money. The ESG agenda wants islamic immigration. Islamic countries have population surplus. Promoting Gayness and Islam at the same time is not a contradiction. Gayness helps to destroy the formerly Christian nations. All ESG companies are poisoned and will die. All ESG customers overpay. ESG is the Saudi equivalent to the CCP's belt and road. The WEF who promotes ESG is aligned with the Islamic expansion.
i came to this conclusion because I noticed #Alwaleed complain about #Musk's takeover of Twitter. And I asked myself, why is this guy trying to interfere when he doesn't even have his Twitter stocks anymore (to my knowledge)?

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#Feminism, our official gender ideology, masquerades as a movement for women's rights. In reality, feminism is a cruel hoax, telling women their natural biological instincts are "socially constructed" to oppress them.

Feminism is elite social engineering designed to destroy #gender identity by making women masculine and men feminine. Increasingly #heterosexuals are conditioned to behave like #homosexuals who generally don't marry and have children. Courtship and monogamy are being replaced by sexual promiscuity, prophesied in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.

The #Rockefellers and #Rothschilds created feminism to poison male-female relations (divide and conquer.) Their twin objectives are #depopulation and #totalitarian world government. Why?
Cruel Hoax - Feminism & New World Order

The Rockefellers and Rothschilds created feminism to poison male-female relations (divide and conquer.) Their twin objectives are depopulation and totalitarian world government. Why? These bankers create money out of nothing and think they are God.

"Cruel Hoax" shows the connection between #feminism, #Communism and 9-11. It examines male-female relations and shows how we can take back our #heterosexuality

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(submitters note: regarding this:

This would go a long way to solving the problem of school shootings; therefore democrats and rhinos will never accept it. I suspect, given the ongoing globalist genocide of us “useless eaters”, that globalist controlled Dems and rhinos are secretly celebrating the deaths of young children who will never have children themselves. Sad.

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( @WiseOldSage )
..and if we continue the path we are on, Europe will be the next to fall, and if they can't have it then they will throw all of their bombs out of the pram and f*** it up for us all anyway!!

( @Captain_Kahuna )
They've been using the same formula for dominance for two thousand years...and it WORKS every time. They are experts at boiling a frog.

( @XiJinPingPong )
Thats the idea and they are open about it too. I'm a teacher. I've known 2 students both Muslims only bits of kids 17/18 both knew a war would result both knew it was not yet time. They got that info from one place and one place only - their mosque.

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(submitters note: in regards to the Robb Elementary School shooting)

Absolutely sickened by this horrific incident!!! Preventable and Avoidable!!! AND.... of course the Left never let a crisis go to waste! 30 seconds of sympathy, then go after good Citizen's self defense weapons and our Constitutional Rights!!! I'll be damned! I carry legally and will protect my home and family at all cost!!! That includes ANYONE who attempts to infringe on my God given Liberty!! Stay strong Patriots!!! THIS fight is just beginning!!! Prepare for the worse and NEVER EVER GIVE IN TO TYRANNICAL EVIL!!! God bless the Victims and their Families.... and God bless all of you!!!

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These vaxxed zombies will NEVER admit that they were wrong. They are all ticking timbombs of AIDS, Herpes, Shingles, Clots, Myocarditis and more. I dont fell bad for them. I do however, feel bd for their children.... Whom they have endangered beyond belief by pushing this into them.

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What needs to be created in a red state is a parallel economy.

One that serves conservatives, their families, their values.

One that is seperate from the federal government. One that is policed by our own. One thst sees people coming together. Providing for one another. Creating a proper education system to get kids back on the right track.

We need to disassociate with the left, liberals and the federal government. Seperate ourselves in all senses.

We need to get smart, work hard and start creating a seperate world for ourselves.

One that serves us only.

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Why is it that Democrats/Leftists only care about innocent children after a mass shooting?

What about caring about innocent children while they are in the womb as well?

They just care about their narrative. This is why we do not believe or trust them.

Excellent point.
Seems they dont care about kids in Chicago either.
Seems they dont care about kids being raped and trafficked at the border.
Seems they dont care about kids with adverse reactions to vaccines.
Seems they dont care if grown men pretending to be women visit school kids to groom.
I think the world would be better if we eliminated those that only use children for their perverse interests.

"This Totally Happened" Award

for opening new horizons in self-proctology

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If you have recourse to a public toilet when you need to change your menstrual products, women... anoint every used product with Tabasco/ghost chilli sauce/wasabi.
Trannies root about in our period waste bins, take them home and shove them up their arses or put them in their manties #TrueStory whole threads are dedicated to how euphoric they feel when they've got a random woman's used bloody pad against their oestrogen soaked weeping turkey neck cock. #NoFilter #Glovesoff #NoQuarter
You know it's true. I'm merely the messenger. Buy your chilli now! #TeamTERF Men are not women, even if you squint.

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Great post in exposing this frightening information. These entities are not only a concentration of the majority of the wealth in the world, they are also the Nucleus of all the evil Globalist Cabal. Nothing happens anywhere without their orders!
We have to stop this or we will never regain and preserve the peace and freedom that has suddenly been outwardly threatened as never before! Thanks so much for including me Liberty Lee! 🇺🇲🌎🇺🇲

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Have a wonderful weekend my amazing FAMILY! ❤️ Showered with many beautiful blessings. 💫💫✝️🤍💟

Much love today & always Lee, 🗽✨🎚✨🙏🏼


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Looks like they’ve found a way to harvest young healthy uteruses: offer young girls a way to escape womanhood by offering them free flesh tube surgeries as well as double mastectomies. You’ll never have an orgasm. But hey, isn’t it all worth it to avoid cat calls?
Hmmm, never hear a cat call or never have an orgasm? What a great option for women. Thanks, dudes. No orgasms, but you’ll feel a lot “down there” in the form of chronic UTIs. Chance of a “piss bag” is high as well as getting a companion colostomy bag. What percentage of a very young population will be disabled? It won’t be just the initial surgeries snorting up your tax $$. All so the linebacker in a miniskirt can have a uterus that doesn’t belong inside him. And kills him. Like “The Danish Girl.”

I thought the NHS was broke? It can now afford to do 70,000 dollar surgeries to create a penis made from arm skin?

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(submitters note: translated from German)
“Germany in #Rainbow-Delusion: on all channels, in advertisement, in sport, in the news - everywhere one is confronted with the garish propaganda of the #Homo-, #Trans-, and #Gender-Lobby. The #LGBT-Freaks intruded from the fringes into the midst of society. A new law by the Traffic light coalition allows the self-mutilation of children and teenagers”

A lot of therapy places are missing. . . .
many many . . . .

Can one still say "closed institutions"?

(submitters note: untranslated original)

spoiler"Deutschland im
-Wahn: Auf allen Kanälen, in der Werbung, im Sport, in den Nachrichten – überall knallt einem die grelle Propaganda der
- und
-Lobby entgegen. Die
-Freaks sind vom Rand in die Mitte der Gesellschaft vorgedrungen. Eines neues Gesetz der Ampel erlaubt nun die
von Kindern und Jugendlichen."

Es fehlen eben viele Therapieplätze . . . .
sehr viele . . . .

Darf man noch "geschlossene Anstalten" sagen ?

@JonKUhlerLPC #transphobia #conspiracy gettr.com

The Trans Deception is the greatest lie, scam, ruse, and scheme ever devised to make evil unethical surgeons filthy rich from slicing off the breasts of untreated mental health patients, to make Big Pharma even richer, to make PornHub even richer, and to make sexual predators even happier... all which leaving vulnerable women and children forever sterilized and scarred, both emotionally and physically.

@MariaMacLachlan , @nikkicraft & @thisXXmatters #transphobia gettr.com

To mark Autogynephilia Awareness Day, I have posted on my blog the horrendous and heartbreaking account of a woman who was raped and dehumanised by an AGP while she was still a teenager. Her abuser is now a doctor providing 'gender-affirming care'. It's very long but well worth reading and sharing. @agpawarenessday

Today is AGP Awareness Day. Sorry to have to say it’s time to educate ourselves about these mentally ill perverted miscreants that make up transgenderisms push of these disgusting fetishists into the mainstream of the culture along with all the other umbrella affiliate groups like pedophiles and rapists who, turns out the queers all embrace and don’t think they are half bad.

I twitted with hashtags, used correct hashtags, but put in header AGP WARNING, rather than awareness. Using awareness sounds like I sympathise, and I don't, but i think it's a dangerously common symptom amongst other men with other dangerous fantasies and perverse fetishes, that abuse women and children.

@GodlyPatriot #fundie #homophobia gettr.com

Listen to the warnings of the golden mouth preacher 1600+ years ago that is prophetic of our days ☦️ Chrysostom on homosexuality and lesbianism:

#lgbtqpedo is satanic & diabolical

"they burned in their lust one toward another." shows that the punishment (of turning our backs to God, and our bodies to the demons) was in this pleasure⚡
Remember Sodom:

Our response should not be PRIDE but humble cry for deliverance from satanic forces eating away at our souls and bodies 🛐😢 God desires purification to grant us the blessings of experiencing his kingdom forever🔥
For deeper understanding, #orthodoxchristian members & seekers, read the complete message on https://gab.com/GodlyPatriot/posts/108328472653189882
& https://biblehub.com/commentaries/chrysostom/romans/1.htm


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Your definition of "asshole" defines what most consider rational. No one "teaches" their kids to reject delusional pronouns. It's a natural impulse by any mentally healthy person.

You simply cannot teach a gene to ignore science.

It is irrational to expect healthy people to instantly assess when a person suffers from a mental illness such as Gender Dysphoria, especially kids.

Moreover it’s absurd and rather rude to assume everyone must play along with one’s delusional pronoun therapy without asking politely first.

Your Gender Dysphoria is a personal battle, a burden which should never be forced upon school kids under the threat of ruining their lives.

That is the true definition of an “asshole”.

@LilyDaisy & @ASTwistedFemale #transphobia gettr.com

I’m convinced that these young girls recruited into the gender ideology cult are incredibly dangerous. They engage in self harm, denial of womanhood, advocate for fetishists & help break down safety boundaries in schools & in relationships. They remind me of the women who recruited for the Nixim cult but they are so young that it’s often other minors they are breaking in …..think about how it’s peer to peer contagion with young girls identifying as trans men …u have groups where out of 100 there are up to 30 converts

( @LilyDaisy )
It’s girls as young as 10- seeing it in person in daily life and now it’s in the news - the girl bully that attacked a boy for “misgendering” a female peer who thinks she is a man; the girl attacked by her female peers in the UK etc. Kids all over the USA are being suspended for not stepping in line

( @ASTwistedFemale )
They absolutely are dangerous. Men would have NEVER gotten their foot in the door if it weren’t for these

@DragonKitigan & @LoveHerMadly #transphobia gettr.com

If everything created in “the West” is supposedly socially constructed and racist and must therefore, be deconstructed, then why isn’t the most racist ideology to ever be “socially constructed” called transgenderism, not getting the same deconstruction? Ooops, my bad. I forgot. Because to support “transgenderism”, one must be a massive fucking hypocrite. As well as a conscious or unconscious, woman and child hating, pedo supporter.

Very good point! If all the Western ideas of freedom and individualism are "racist hate," then surely telling people they can change sex is the most harmful individual freedom EVER. The Woke are just consistently in support of bad ideas.

various commenters #transphobia gettr.com

(@NoBolloxology )

There is no 'reasonable compromise'. Spaces and services are either single sex or mixed sex. The inclusion of men who claim to be women, with dangly dicks or surgically installed manholes, makes them mixed sex. Compromise means women lose to paraphilic men. Why should we? I should be able to walk into any space marked 'women' knowing it is single sex and that if a man is there I will be able to get him removed. 'Trans' is a lie. Men who imitate our bodies and use our spaces are eroding boundaries, just as all abusers do.


( @SisypheanTask )
It’s easy for him to tell women to compromise, he’s not the one having his rights eroded or his safety threatened.
It annoys the hell out of me when men tell women to “comproise” when it comes to our rights. No Mr. Scrote. YOU compromise. YOU share YOUR spaces with these guys. Don’t tell us to compromise, we’ve been doing it for centuries and it’s gotten us jack shit.

( @UnaDavey11 )
'reasonable compromise' my arse. Women give an inch and men crowd in, pile on, shove and push. Those who believed the lie that TiM only wanted to pee are responsible for the destruction of women's sports, the removal of all safeguards from women and children, the mutilation of uncounted thousands of children who were not old enough to make life-changing medical decisions.

@tonysam1 )
"Paraphilic men." This is a sanitized phrase for perverted men or sexual deviants. We need to bring back the real language.

( @Caro100pcXX )
This is so true. How can women ever again object to a man in our space, when they only need to say they’re trans? How are we supposed to prove they’re not? If they just stand still and observe us, that is not a crime, even if it makes us uncomfortable. If they touch us, it’s not a crime. “they just brushed past.” Do we have to wait until we’re assaulted or worse? We want and deserve female only spaces.

@Jebadoo2 & @PixieTomTom #transphobia gettr.com

Gender is just biology denial

Biology denial is not Gay Rights 2.0

It’s homophobia 2.0 because it can’t handle camp boys or butch girls so it sends them to gender abattoirs

Biology denial is Biophobic. It’s directed at at all those who call us Transphobic. Biophobic is descriptive of their belief in gender & not biology. Transphobic is just a meaningless slur .

@AthenasWrench #transphobia gettr.com

A doctor in India is planning to transplant a womb into a transgender woman, possibly enabling her to carry children, a report says.

New Delhi-based surgeon Dr Narendra Kaushik plans to perform the surgery at his clinic using a donated organ from a living or dead donor, according to The Mirror.

“Every transgender woman wants to be as female as possible,” Kaushik told the paper.

I thought sex was not the same as gender? That women don’t exist and men can get pregnant. Why do these sick mentally i’ll fetishists need womb transplants for their validation?

@AthenasWrench & @Syephanie #transphobia gettr.com

( @AthenasWrench )
UK, Trans Toolkit for schools. If a young girl doesn’t want to change with a boy with a pronoun remove the girl. The boy has always been a girl and she’s a bigot who needs re-educating. Only his comfort matters. Girls are crap and boys make better girls. Trans is full misogyny.

( @Syephanie )
Or, all the girls could let their discomfort at being ogled by a random male known. Let the school find alternative changing arrangements for the whole class of girls. Oh wait, wasn’t that how it always was? Parents need to get together, and encourage their girls in the notion of being able to set their own reasonable boundaries. The notion we all held until yesterday.

@GodlyPatriot #fundie #homophobia gettr.com

#lgbtqpedo is dangerous to humanity ☦️ #homosexualpox now called #monkeypox reminds us of the time when #gaycancer or #grid (gay related immuno deficient) was changed to #aids , because the science confirming that homosexual Acts leading to global disease on mankind, would be too devastating to the demonic agenda to promote evil as good 🤔‼️

#orthodoxchristian #homosexualityisanabomination

LORD Jesus Christ move hearts to humbly repent of evil and wickedness before more suffer unnecessarily now and forever 😢😢♾️☦️🕊️ Save us LORD but you do not desire anyone to perish but became man to save us ☦️restore our call to become like God🛐😇🔥

@Rex_Landy #transphobia gettr.com

Your periodic reminder that if you have recourse to use a public toilet in service of your monthly bleeding, carry Tabasco/wasabi/chili and anoint every used tampon and pad you throw away. (See what I did there? 💃)
Why, you ask me?
Because cockfrockers and pigwiggers rootle around in the bins and take the used products home. They then either: insert them up their arses, or wear them in their manties to get that totally-authentic-and-not-a-man-in-a-dress-with-a-raging-fetish-I'm-truly-a-ladywumman-see? feel.
#Glovesoff #TeamTERF
Why do the tranny lovers never condemn THESE men? Or the rapists? Or the voyeurs? The molesters? Oh, are they them them too? #askingforafriend

@MariaMacLachlan #enbyphobia gettr.com

If you are an individual who asks that people refer to you as “they” because you’re too damn special to be a normal person who appreciates what previous generations have endured in their struggle for human and especially women’s rights, just don’t bother talking to me, wanker.

@wilsb8 #transphobia gettr.com

Anyone who tells you they have gender dysphoria is mentally ill and while we do have sympathy for mentally ill people, that shit runs out the moment they start violating others' safety and security in a shitty quest for validation.

@joolzzt #transphobia gettr.com

I suppose I should start with the chore of uploading all my #QuestionsTheyNeverAnswer graphics.😁

For anyone who doesn't know me, I got fed up typing the same questions again and again to TRAs without getting a reply. So I made images to save typing. I've shared them in various threads on twitter before my ban, but STILL didn't get replies.

These questions often make TRAs run away, because they simply can't answer them. They have no answers that won't expose their ideology as smoke and mirrors.

Feel free to help yourself to any and use them as you wish. I have a few more ready to create and will add them to this thread when they are done.

@PrinceLev & @SisterVigilant #transphobia gettr.com

The pronoun game is played by narcissists and sociopaths who get off on forcing others into indulging them in their self-inflicted and imaginary identity crises. It’s all about power and control.

Yes but the ones who go along with it without thinking for a second what it really means - coerced forced thinking and controlling language are also arseholes