@AthenasWrench & @Amanda504 #transphobia gettr.com

( @AthenasWrench )
The new Title IX that inserts gender identity, completely destroying the entire purpose of Title IX. Now women will not have sports, washroom and changerooms or even a word to describe ourselves. So much for the 50th anniversary. Women have been erased.

( @Amanda504 )
And as they rape & kill us, we don’t even have words to describe who they are raping & killing. All by design.

@wilsb8 & @Felinethropist #transphobia gettr.com

( @wilsb8 )
There are three ways you can tell that Trans Rights Activism is Men’s Rights Activism: One, it’s all about the penis and where they can put it. Two, if you reject the penis you’re a bigoted TERF (trans exclusive radical feminist) and Three, rejection of the penis is met with rapey/murdery responses.

( @Felinethropist )
The Penis Law for Men Only:
If you want to wear female attire/makeup you can if you have had your penis AND testicles removed, if you have a penis and testicles you are not allowed to wear female attire, makeup, or wigs. A toupé is fine. The same applies to those with either a penis OR testicles. You will not be able to change your birth sex on official documents, and pronouns are banned, also you are not allowed in female spaces nor are you allowed to teach children under the age of 16.
The medical procedure will be paid for by the man requesting it. No male under the age of 21 will be allowed this surgical procedure.
Any man showing his genitals in public will attract a jail term of not less than 5 years served, this to be served in a male only prison.

@AthenasWrench #transphobia gettr.com

A bunch of larpers are ecstatic that males with a pronoun now take precedence over women. Biden has fucked women over completely.

Great news! The Biden administration has officially proposed adding gender identity and sexuality to title IX protections.

This would confer a slew of legal protections to trans students in all public schools.

Now it goes to public comment for 60 days. It must go through!

@Mama_Lioness & @DragonKitigan #transphobia gettr.com

( @Mama_Lioness )
They new pink and blue army wants your sons and daughters. They are a stain on the rainbow flag. Time my LGB friends to create a new flag to represent you.

( @DragonKitigan )
Looks like 1930s Germany.

( @Mama_Lioness )
It's the new Reich flag. They have all the the right makings.
1. Change language
2. Target the gays and the mentally handicapped
3. Convince the world women are the bigots
4. Make laws to protect the man's women face movement.
5. Propaganda " Transwomen are women" "Trans men are men"
6. Indoctrination of the youth
7. Set up the medical experiments for girl, boys and any gay person with internal homophobia.
8. Silence women's voices
9. Put women in jail who speak the truth
10. Bully them out of careers
11. Put rapists and murderer's in women's prisons.
12. Make laws to protect them
13. Take away parental rights and dismantle the family.
14. Take over all women's sports and spaces.
Did I miss anything?

@AmericasMansMan #homophobia #wingnut gettr.com

The whole point of the #sodomyMonth bologna is to dilute and disrespect #America, just as so-called “ #gaymarriage” is designed to destroy #ActualMarriage, @susan1728.

#CriticalIntel With #Integrity From🎄M🇺🇸RICA’S MAN’S MAN ✝️#DeclareYour #INDEPENDENCE🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

#country #classic #agriculture #fjb #Mississippi #Wyoming #Alabama #WestVirginia #SouthDakota #whitegenocide #whitejoy #Tennessee #Oklahoma #Louisiana #Utah #SouthCarolina #Missouri #Arkansas #Idaho #Alaska #NorthDakota #NorthCarolina #Montana #Kentucky #Kansas #Indiana #Georgia #Texas #NewMexico #Ohio #Arizona #Nebraska #Florida #Wisconsin #Maine #Iowa #Pennsylvania #Virginia #Michigan #Colorado #Oregon #Minnesota #Illinois #NewHampshire #Massachusetts #YourGeneralInTheCultureWar #CultureWar

@AthenasWrench #transphobia gettr.com

A mentally ill fetishist, who trooned himself out late in his middle age, pushes breast amputations, puberty blocking, penis amputations - on children. Biden has made transing out kids and trans as a group his number one priority. Big pharma thanks him for his service

@OperatorJ #transphobia gettr.com

Plenty of humble pie to go around. And it is those with a more compromising stance in the GC arena who've been assuming they know best. Assuming is the key word. Campaigners who are trying to keep their foot in the institutions to stay in work don't need to impose their strategy on people coming from a different place.

You cannot compromise with the truth. As soon as you say a man is any type of woman you are already lying. As soon as you say "she" for a male you are denigrating and mocking women. Shame on WPUK and the Labour Party.

@JaydaFransen & @Englishden #wingnut gettr.com

( @JaydaFransen )
Billie Eilish can’t bear to think about women not having the ‘right’ to kill their unborn children.
I cannot bear to think about the pain and suffering of the millions of defenceless babies who have been literally torn apart, limb from limb in their mothers’ womb.
Don’t let your children idolise these celebrities, they are demonic.

( @Englishden )
FFS these liberals are so pathetic, if you don't want to get pregnant use contraception. It's not hard and you can even have an injected one as you had no problem with the vaccines or the fact they forced them on people.

@column5 & @Melissamck #wingnut #transphobia #conspiracy gettr.com

( @column5 )
Didn't see them out for the choice of wearing masks and taking the shot. These people are crazy..

( @Melissamck )
Marxist filth that's why, they couldnt give two sites about women, this is the same bunch that promote trans iactivism which is an attack on women

( @column5 )
The tide is turning.. we are winning because common sense will prevail. Its so laughable. Biden regime and the NWO is going down and the people are rising.

@Mehriel #conspiracy gettr.com

(submitters note: translated from german, original text below)

Optogenetics - the planned path to complete control of our brains?

Efforts are in full swing worldwide to install wireless interfaces, i.e. so-called communication tools, between the brain and a computer, into the human brain. One of the most emerging methods for this is optogenetics. There are now more than 1,000 laboratories worldwide, e.g. also by governmental organizations, working on different optogenetic methods.

With the help of LED light, optogenetics can erase memories as well as precisely control and influence thoughts and behavior.

Is that why the advocates of a #New world order rave about it?

spoilergerman original:

Optogenetik - der geplante Weg zur lückenlosen Kontrolle unserer Gehirne?

Weltweit laufen Anstrengungen auf Hochtouren, um drahtlose Schnittstellen, also sogenannte Kommunikationswerkzeuge, zwischen Gehirn und Computer in das menschliche Gehirn zu installieren. Eine der aufstrebendsten Methoden hierfür ist die Optogenetik. Inzwischen arbeiten weltweit über 1.000 Labore, u. a. auch von Regierungsorganisationen, an verschiedenen optogenetischen Methoden.

Optogenetik kann mit Hilfe von LED-Licht Erinnerungen löschen als auch Gedanken und Verhaltensweisen exakt kontrollieren und beeinflussen.

Ist das der Grund, warum die Verfechter einer #NeueWeltOrdnung von ihr schwärmen?

@JACKASSDEMOCRAT #wingnut gettr.com

Dallas women TWERKING for abortions.

“Shakin dat a** so we can kill our babies, proud to be a hoe and not to be a ladies”

As always, never buy anything made in china.
Don't ever trust a democrat and NEVER leave your child alone with one.
#nwo #abortion #Dallas #infanticide

@AmericasMansMan #homophobia #wingnut gettr.com

When you know what’s wrong, you can help make it right.

How do you stop #schoolShootings? #RecriminalizeSodomy.

Every #child needs a #mother and a #father.

🎄M🇺🇸RICA’S MAN’S MAN ✝️#DeclareYour #INDEPENDENCE 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

#Mississippi #Wyoming #Alabama #WestVirginia #SouthDakota #Tennessee #Oklahoma #Louisiana #Utah #SouthCarolina #Missouri #Arkansas #Idaho #Alaska #NorthDakota #NorthCarolina #Montana #Kentucky #Kansas #Indiana #Georgia #Texas #NewMexico #Ohio #Arizona #Nebraska #Florida #Wisconsin #Maine #Iowa #Pennsylvania #Virginia #Michigan #Colorado #Oregon #Minnesota #Illinois #Massachusetts #NewHampshire #Connecticut #Washington #jesus #christian #onemanonewoman #schoolshooting #marriage #tradlife #trad #traditional #endsodomy

@Melissamck & @Mal1776 #transphobia gettr.com

( @Melissamck )
Clowns like him can't even say what a woman is, suddenly they are concerned for women's rights lmao

Another dark day for democracy #RoeVsWade Empowered women are the basis of a strong and inclusive society… All the more reason for EU countries to strengthen women and girls’ rights !

( @Mal1776 )
They can't claim they are for women's rights if they cannot define what a woman is

( @Melissamck )
They can when it suits them, just like my body my choice, that didn't apply during the vax mandates!!

LauraLoomer & various commenters #wingnut gettr.com

( LauraLoomer )
So how come this isn’t considered “storming the Capitol”?

Are the baby killers in pink going to be sent to prison and tortured in solitary confinement the same way the January 6 patriots were?


BREAKING: Pro-abortion activists swarm Wisconsin state capital as GOP block attempt to overturn abortion ban

( @BobJackson )
The police should post term abort them.

( @YellowJacket66 )
The real question is why has the Republican Party allowed the Democrats to keep these innocent great patriots in jail for a bogus J6 crime

( @acbmd )
They really should be in jail for stupidity. Why did they think you need the US Capitol when the capitol of any red state will do just fine as the Capitol of the new red country?

( @oldmanmat )
It would be nice if the Republicans take the both houses they don’t waste the opportunity and they bitch slap progressives into extinction.

( @davidhurlburt )
Because doesn't count if your are liberal, have no morals, agree with the wicked Left, and have no respect for human life. Those people can do whatever they want.

( @FlyingGrandPa )
I sure hope and pray if the republicans take back over congress this year they get the J6 prisoners that hell hole they are stuck in. Whatever it takes. Cut off funding for the city of DC till they are released!

@Kamodo & @AthenasWrench #transphobia gettr.com

( @Kamodo )
The left wants to erase Title XI because they want to pander to men in dresses. https://redstate.com/bobhoge/2022/06/23/biden-proposes-radical-new-title-ix-rules-that-dont-help-women-n583171 #feminist #feminism

( @AthenasWrench )
Biden will make it illegal for women to have our own sports. He’s going to enforce the supremacy of the fictional trans. Stop voting for these people!! The left is not the left from even 10 years ago. It’s abandoned rationality and common sense, women and the working class and especially kids.

Are you happy that Roe v Wade is overturned?

( @AthenasWrench )
Far as I know abortion is not banned. It’s still determined at state level. I would never vote for a party that enforced the sterilization of children and didn’t know what a woman was. I don’t give a shit what label that call themselves. left they are not

@SandraJH_USA & @twif56 #quack #conspiracy gettr.com

( @SandraJH_USA )
New Zealand doctors warn: The list of probable deaths due to the Covid “vaccinations” are getting longer and longer; the doctors are talking about a “humanitarian crisis.”
#DeathShot #DepopulationAgenda #NWO

( @twif56 )
Dr. Wolf needs to get this blown open before more people are killed by the vaccine.

As D. wolf says - they want US land, and US resources - but not US citizens - so they are culling the herd.

( @SandraJH_USA )
Hmmm Dr Wolf? Where is that person from? But, they want ti depopulate population EVERYWHERE.

@A_Solzhenitsyn & @TheElderRace #wingnut #racist #homophobia #conspiracy gettr.com

( @A_Solzhenitsyn )
Let’s call a spade a spade.

Whites are the real slaves in America. They work hard to pay half their wages for illegals and bums to have free health care, education, housing, food stamps, and “free basic income.”

It’s the whites who are oppressed, and they should demand reparations.

( @TheElderRace )
Maybe the Mayan calendar was right. Not that history stopped at that point in 2012. Maybe the world was not destroyed as Hollywood would betray it, but the world did turn upside-down around then. We are seeing it now and it DID start around that time.

(@A_Solzhenitsyn )
It’s simpler than that. We let the communists install a Kenyan Marxist homo in the White House.

@AthenasWrench & @JCSRF #transphobia gettr.com

( @AthenasWrench )
How can I make it about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE what about the trans!!

( @JCSRF )
I notice the use of "trans people" instead of "trans men" to make it sound like anyone who labels themselves "trans" is capable of getting pregnant and thus may require a termination of an unwanted pregnancy. Playing right into the hands of those men-who-pretend-to-be-women and who fetishise pregnancy.

( @AthenasWrench )
Troons are all over this. You think they give a single f**k about women? They will use this as a means to get their "gender affirming care" and centre themselves. Women don't exist anymore (same people)

@AthenasWrench & @LoveHerMadly #transphobia gettr.com

( @AthenasWrench )
60 minutes australia platforms a bunch of woman hating troons to talk about women’s sports. Isn’t that nice? Hannah here quit because they wouldn’t allow him to swing his dick around in the womens changeroom. Made him big mad. True story.

( @LoveHerMadly )
How did we reach the point of anyone taking male sexual fetish seriously? Is it all in that ridiculous word "transgender"? Because the correct term is "male pervert".

@motron #conspiracy #quack gettr.com

Here is an idea to explain the Wuhan virus release: China was playing ball with #WEF and #NWO. They were amazed that Pentagon, Google, EU and so on would PAY them to develop bioweapons but they thought, yeah, let the longnoses pay for their own destruction and took the money.Then , the #WEF released the virus in late 2019, in Wuhan right from the lab, catching the CCP off guard. The CCP made sure to spread it around the world via Wuhan Intl Airport while blocking land access to Wuhan. An emergency plan. They made sure the WHO would deny human to human transmissibility. Turns out that longnoses are not susceptible to the virus but Asians are (ACE2 receptor reduction in longnoses).
Since then, Xi Jinping runs zero Covid with lockdowns to prevent deaths but also to....
...to maximize control, suppress dissent in the public and in the party and cling to power.

@AndreaCook & WDI_XX #transphobia gettr.com

( @AndreaCook )
In Australia and around the world, legislation is being introduced that replaces sex with gender identity. Advocates insist that there is no conflict of interest. But governments are not collecting data on the impacts of this legislative change. We're worried about the impacts on women of men using women-only spaces, including but not limited to: changing rooms, fitting rooms, bathrooms, shelters, rape and domestic violence refuges, gyms, spas, sports, schools, accommodations, hospital wards, shortlists, prizes, quotas, political groups, prisons, clubs, events, festivals, dating apps, and language. Please tell us how your use of women-only spaces has been impacted. https://www.noconflicttheysaid.org/home/page/5

( @WDI_XX )
"No Conflict, They Said." Well there are lots of conflicts! There is absolutely no legitimate reason to allow men access to women's spaces! What woman IS NOT impacted by men infiltrated our spaces!
Sponsored by members of LGB Alliance and Speak up for Women. Share your story here https://www.noconflicttheysaid.org/home/page/5

@PureBloodFreedm #conspiracy #wingnut gettr.com

George Soros and his Open Society foundations fund the entire globalist progressive left communist and and socialist agenda. He is a major contributor to most mainstream media outlets to shape the narrative, and along with the Rockefeller’s that are pushing the New World Order’s UN Agenda 2030 and great reset
#soros #nwo #agenda2030 #greatreset #unitednations #opensocietyfoundation #oneworldgovernment

@Biggiant9 & @Myshele #quack #conspiracy gettr.com

( @Biggiant9 )
It's getting worse next week the Congress will vote on not needing test trials for vaccines. The trials went so wrong (3200) baby deaths covered up. A lot of bad effects. Right now more die from the poison vaccines than covid China flu.

( @Myshele )
At this point they don’t even care that we know what they’re doing they’re just doing it whatever it takes to gets them closer to their goal which is
taking over all of us #NWO #Depopulationists this is what it has alway been about. The Ultimate power & control

@waronwoke #racist gettr.com

The sum of Anti-white govt, media activity, combined with the influx of foreigners who lap up this stuff and perceive opportunity in the portayed weakness presents an obvious heads up to white peoples everywhere. Stay alert, be cautious, be discriminating about where you chose to live and work, up your defense skills, arm yourself. Petition, disparage, degrade the propagandists and their propaganda.

various commenters #transphobia gettr.com

( @Catullus_vincit )
"Womb Carriers" not even the previous "womb havers": They are softening you up for Uterus transplants into men.

Fresh term for women thoroughly rejected by the 'womb carriers'

( @arthur72521 )
Cannot allow the Marxist Left to define the language. Women is the term we will continue to use. And the Left can fuck off.

( @babavenga )
If women become womb carriers, then let's have men become penis carriers, and trans be called testicle tuckers.

( @Catullus_vincit )
Careful - like saying Bloody Mary in the mirror 3 times - the 1st Rule of Trans madness is, if you evoke it, even in jest, it will appear in the flesh no matter how messed up it is.

( @Alisdisgrace )
Not just that, but as bodies from which wombs can be harvested.

( @Catullus_vincit )
100%. "Young Blood" transfusion clinics, prostitution, organ harvesting - all related.

@AthenasWrench #transphobia gettr.com

Making these perverts out to be benign! Get lost! These guys have a much higher offending rate, especially with rape and offenses against children, than any other population. They don’t just want to pee. Some enjoy filming themselves wanking in the washrooms and some enjoy stealing used pads and tampons. Making women out to be bigots for objecting to men who mock and sexualize us.
Get f**ked
Amnesty Norway Collaborates With Trans-Identified Male Who Reported Feminist To Police

various commenters #homophobia #biphobia #transphobia #wingnut gettr.com

( @Melissamck )
I don't want my taxes going on this, disgusted!! 😡
UK announces £2.7m funding for LGBT rights campaigners across the Commonwealth

( @spunkybunk )
Our only chance to get back to normal is now violent revolt and full removal of the corrupted fruitcakes in charge.

( @FranklyObvious )
Your government is actively campaigning to create groups of division...

You have a full on Marxist government..

( @JImLaheySunnyVl )
What about the fuckin “rights” of normal people?

( @Melissamck )
They don't want normal people, they want a degenerate society 😔 filth!!