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Pastor Rick Morrow of Beulah Church in Richland, Missouri, has received heavy criticism following the comments made during a Wednesday, Sept. 6, sermon. Morrow claimed autism can be treated if you “just cast the demon out.”

“I know a minister who has seen lots of kids that are autistic, that he cast that demon out, and they were healed, and then he had to pray and their brain was rewired and they were fixed,” Morrow told his congregation.

“If it’s not demonic, then we have to say God made them that way,” he continued. “Like that’s the only other explanation. ’Why does my kid have autism?’ Well, either the devil has attacked them, he’s brought this infirmity upon them, he’s got them where he wants them, and/or God just doesn’t like them very much, and he made them that way. Well my God doesn’t make junk. God doesn’t make mess ups.”

“I have been told that autism is a blessing from God. I have been told that I’m the evil one,” Morrow said. “But you know what? If I was to stand up here and say cancer is junk, people would agree. If I were to stand up here and say addiction is junk, people would agree.”

Morrow resigned from his Board of Education position on Tuesday, KY3 reported. Stoutland Schools said in a statement to KY3 that Morrow’s comments do “not speak for the Board of Education as a whole, nor the district itself."

Sen. Beverly Gossage & other Kansas Republicans #transphobia kansascity.com

KS bills ban gender-affirming care and bar trans women from female designated spaces

Day after day this week LGBTQ advocates will flood the Kansas statehouse, passionately arguing against bills targeting the rights of transgender Kansans.

They’ll be met with similar fervor from advocates of the policies arguing the legislation, which restricts healthcare and access for transgender Kansans, is necessary to protect women and children.

The scene will mirror what has played out in Kansas and neighboring states in recent years but with an expanded scope.

As GOP-led Legislatures nationwide pursue anti-LGBTQ legislation Kansas Republicans have narrowed in on healthcare and rights for transgender individuals advocating for bills that ban gender-affirming care for children and young adults, bar transgender athletes from girls sports and prevent transgender women from accessing female designated spaces in publicly funded areas.

Three of those bills will receive hearings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

“It’s this systematic erasure of trans folks,” said Stephanie Byers, a former Kansas state representative who was the first transgender person to serve in the Legislature. She compares the current attack on trans rights to civil rights debates and the fight for same-sex marriage in prior decades.

“As we have seen our nation become accepting of gay marriage and we see the doors open for acceptance of the transgender community this is a knee jerk reaction,” said Byers, a Democrat who represented Wichita.

Even as LGBTQ rights advocates criticize the push as overtly discriminatory, Republican lawmakers argue the legislation is aimed at protecting women and children.

“Trans women are not women,” said Sen. Beverly Gossage, a Eudora Republican who chairs the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee.

“Trans women can think they’re a woman and that’s fine,” she added in a recent interview. “They should not be allowed into women’s spaces.”

Gossage will preside over hearings in two bills. A bill criminalizing gender-affirming care for children and young adults under the age of 21 and a bill proponents refer to as the “Women’s Bill of Rights.”


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Kansas state Rep. Mark Samsel was arrested on charges of misdemeanor battery on Thursday after getting into a physical altercation with a student while substitute teaching in Wellsville.
In one video shared with The Star, Samsel tells students about “a sophomore who’s tried killing himself three times,” adding that it was because “he has two parents and they’re both females.”

“He’s a foster kid. His alternatives in life were having no parents or foster care parents who are gay,” Samsel tells students. “How do you think I’m going to feel if he commits suicide? Awful.”

In another video, Samsel is recorded telling students, “make babies. Who likes making babies? That feels good, doesn’t it? Procreate ... You haven’t masturbated? Don’t answer that question....God already knows.”

Videos shared with The Star — by parents of students in the class — show Samsel focusing most of his attention on one male student. Both Samsel and the student paced around the classroom, talking back and forth. Samsel is shown following the student around and grabbing him. In one video, he puts his arms around the student and says that he was being hard on him.

At one point, Samsel tells the student, “You’re about ready to anger me and get the wrath of God. Do you believe me when I tell you that God has been speaking to me?” He then pushes him, and the student runs to the other side of the classroom.

“You should run and scream.”

In another video, he tells students, “Class, you have permission to kick him in the balls.”

Parents told The Star that Samsel “put hands on the student” and allegedly kneed him in the crotch. In a video apparently taken immediately after the incident, the student is shown on the ground. Samsel is standing over him and says, “did it hurt?”
In a Snapchat post shared with The Star, Samsel wrote that “it was all planned.”

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The chairman of the Riley County Commissioners suggested this week that the global coronavirus pandemic is not a problem locally because unlike in Italy, there are not a lot of Chinese people living in central Kansas, according to two other officials who attended the meeting Wednesday night.

Before we go any further, the scientific term for this kind of xenophobic falsehood is bunkum.

Usha Reddi, the mayor of Manhattan, Kansas, went to the meeting hoping that the commissioners would declare an emergency, which they ultimately did. But what she heard from the chairman, Republican Marvin Rodriguez, was this: “I’m paraphrasing, but he said we don’t have a problem here because Italy has a lot of Chinese people, and we don’t have that problem here.”

Reached by phone, Rodriguez told The Star Editorial Board, “I didn’t necessarily say it like that.” So how did he say it? “Italy has a problem with its health department, first. It’s health for everybody. I have a friend in the Navy, and he said in that area” of Northern Italy where that country’s first cases were reported, “there’s a garment industry and a lot of Chinese. If we were like Italy, we’d have it already.”

We do have it already. But, does he understand why it’s dangerous to Asian Americans to talk like that, and that there has been an increase in reported attacks?

“Well, they say it came out of China,” he answered, “and I’m not putting it past the Chinese government in communist China.” Meaning, to export a virus on purpose? “Normally, this kind of thing spreads slowly,” he answered, so “I put two and two together. I’ve been around a long time, girl.”

He also said that his only public policy goal in saying all of this was to try to discourage panic. “We’re hurting a lot of people in Manhattan” by overreacting, he said. “Places are being shut down for no reason at all.”

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A Muslim man from Malaysia has filed a discrimination lawsuit after his celebration of Malaysian independence was reported to the FBI as an ISIS meeting.

The FBI quickly ended its investigation after it determined that what had been described as an American flag desecrated with ISIS symbols was in fact a Malaysian flag.

Munir Zanial, an engineer for Spirit Aerosystems, was reported to the FBI last September after he rented a recreational lake operated by the Spirit Boeing Employees' Association, according to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Kan.

Most of the 45 guests at the gathering were Muslim and some female guests wore hijabs.

There was also a Malaysian flag to mark the 60th anniversary of that country's independence, according to the suit, filed by the ACLU of Kansas.

But someone described in the lawsuit as a ranger or groundskeeper reported to the employees' association that a group "dressed in Muslim garb" had an American flag "desecrated with ISIS symbols."

The association reported the information to Spirit, which in turn contacted the FBI, according to the suit.

Several weeks later, Zanial received notice from Facebook that law enforcement was seeking information about his account.

And shortly afterward, he received a call from an FBI agent.

The agent told Zanial that he had determined that it was a Malaysian flag and that he would recommend that the investigation be closed.

But in January, Zanial was told he was barred from again renting the facility because of the previous party.

The whole situation has left him feeling stress and anxiety.

The suit alleges that he was discriminated against based on race, ethnicity or religion.

"He is concerned that the investigation could affect his lawful permanent residence status," according to the suit. "He also feels distress and humiliation based on this experience of being singled-out because of his ethnicity, race and religion."

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Gov. Sam Brownback is asking Kansans to fast and pray on his last full day in office.

“President George Washington, in his 1795 Proclamation for a Day of Public Thanksgiving called on Americans ‘to acknowledge our many and great obligations to Almighty God and to implore Him to continue and confirm the blessings we experience,’” Brownback said in a proclamation made public Monday.

“I personally feel blessed by the time I have spent serving our great state and would like to observe a time of prayer and fasting before God takes me on to the next part of my journey. I invite all Kansans to join me as we pray for our state and our nation.”

Brownback’s proclamation – his last in office – calls for a day of fasting and prayer on Tuesday. He will resign as governor at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

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A child whose brother and sister were found bound and blindfolded in a Walmart parking lot told an investigator that the family believed her younger siblings and their Illinois home were possessed by demons, a police officer testified Tuesday.

The children were discovered tied up and with duct tape over their eyes in June outside the store in Lawrence. Their parents, 44-year-old Deborah Gomez and 52-year-old Adolfo Gomez Jr., are charged with two counts of child abuse and five counts of aggravated child endangerment.

Lawrence police Officer Hayden Fowler testified at a preliminary hearing to decide whether the parents should stand trial. Fowler testified that an older daughter said the family was going to try to cast the demons from her 5-year-old brother and 7-year-old sister.

Fowler said one of the children told him that the family believed there were demons in their Northlake, Ill., home and outside their vehicle in the parking lot, and that the family had recently watched online videos about demons and “a fallen angel.”

Fowler testified that one of the older children told him the younger siblings had been tied up because the family believed that “demons had overtaken their bodies.” He said the child told him that duct tape was placed over their eyes to protect them from demons.

The older daughter said they were going to attempt to cast the demons out of the younger children but did not say how they planned to do that.

He said the daughter told him “if the demons were to die (the children) would die also.”

When the two younger children were discovered at the Walmart lot, their three older siblings, ages 12, 13 and 15, were inside the vehicle but not restrained. The five children have been placed in protective custody, and their parents remain jailed on $50,000 bond.

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David Engle said he felt a chill down his spine Sunday on a visit with his family to the Kansas City Zoo.

He could hardly believe it when he saw zoo visitors rubbing the heads and bellies of two large, smiling statues of Buddha at the entrance to the Tiger Trail area.

“We can’t have a cross or a nativity scene on public property,” said Engle of Overland Park, who complained to a zoo employee. “It is phenomenal to me that the zoo would put up Buddha statues.”

Engle, who said he and his family are Christians, said it was idolatry and “infuriating to God.”

(Now here's the best bit: the "Buddha" statues are not in fact Buddha at all, but a Japanese saint called Hotei - Details here)

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"If you hand out contraception to single women, we're saying promiscuity is OK as a state, and I am not in support of that," Phillips, R-Kansas City, said in an interview.

"State taxpayers should not be required to subsidize activities they believe are immoral or unethical, relating to contraceptives or abortions," said Larry Weber, executive director of the state Catholic Conference.