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War is a much more natural state for man than peace is. It sounds awful, it sounds sad. “No, no, no. What are you talking about?” Stop saying that. It’s for that very reason that when blokes end up at war, however strange it sounds, they suddenly recognize that this is their destiny. War turns out to be so much more natural for a human being that everybody can find a place for themselves in the ranks and begins to live this war. And however strange and horrifying it sounds, ven to feel comfortable.

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An evangelical pastor who briefly shot to fame in 2015 for recording a rap song in support of Sen. Ted Cruz is now selling industrial-strength bleach tablets to parents and has admitted that many of his customers are using the product to treat autism in their children.

Joe Salant, who grew up in an affluent New Jersey family, became a born-again Christian after coming out of drug rehab when he was in his early twenties, having spent six months in jail for drug possession. Recently, he has become part of the American Renewal Project, which aims to have a pastor from “every church in America” run for elected office by 2024. Salant preaches a Christian nationalist ideology that positions the church at the heart of all aspects of American society.

In his spare time he continues to release rap records with titles like “Human Sacrifices” and “Dies in Vain,” in which he raps about child trafficking.

In recent months he’s taken on a new role as the U.S representative for a company called Safrax, which markets chlorine dioxide tablets that are advertised on the company’s website as industrial products for odor removal, disinfection, and as cleaners for hot tubs and jacuzzis.

But over the phone, Salant said many people are using the treatments in an attempt to treat autism in children.

“Autism? Yeah, I mean it’s a common treatment,” Salant said, according to a recording of a phone call obtained by Ireland-based activist Fiona O’Leary and shared with VICE News. “We’re not allowed to recommend [our products] for it specifically but yeah, the protocols in the Andreas Kalcker book [which] we have on our website… it’s commonly used for that.”

A message on the Safrax website informs customers that there is a 2-4 week delay in sending out orders specifically due to overwhelming demand for the product as a result of the tablets being featured on the radio show of pseudoscience conspiracist Mike Adams. Salant claimed on the customer phone call that Safrax has no official relationship with Adams, but added that “we’re fans” of his show.

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Pastor Rick Morrow of Beulah Church in Richland, Missouri, has received heavy criticism following the comments made during a Wednesday, Sept. 6, sermon. Morrow claimed autism can be treated if you “just cast the demon out.”

“I know a minister who has seen lots of kids that are autistic, that he cast that demon out, and they were healed, and then he had to pray and their brain was rewired and they were fixed,” Morrow told his congregation.

“If it’s not demonic, then we have to say God made them that way,” he continued. “Like that’s the only other explanation. ’Why does my kid have autism?’ Well, either the devil has attacked them, he’s brought this infirmity upon them, he’s got them where he wants them, and/or God just doesn’t like them very much, and he made them that way. Well my God doesn’t make junk. God doesn’t make mess ups.”

“I have been told that autism is a blessing from God. I have been told that I’m the evil one,” Morrow said. “But you know what? If I was to stand up here and say cancer is junk, people would agree. If I were to stand up here and say addiction is junk, people would agree.”

Morrow resigned from his Board of Education position on Tuesday, KY3 reported. Stoutland Schools said in a statement to KY3 that Morrow’s comments do “not speak for the Board of Education as a whole, nor the district itself."

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Some Conroe ISD trustees want to crack down on displays of racial inclusivity and pride, saying they represent, "symbols of personal ideologies."

One trustee says a child was traumatized by a poster showing different colored children holding hands and had to switch classrooms.

School officials against this say a policy prohibiting political displays, not related to curriculum, already exists. The trustee who brought this forward didn't realize that.

When it was brought to her attention, the trustee said she wants that policy to go further. Citing "a number of parents reaching out to her about supposed displays of personal ideologies in classrooms," Melissa Dungan asked her fellow board members to crackdown on them.

"I wish I was shocked by each of the examples that were shared with me, however, I am aware these trends have been happening for many years," Dungan said.

When pressed to share one of those examples, Dungan referred to a first grade student whose parent claimed they were so upset by a poster showing hands of people of different races, that they transferred classrooms.

"Just so I understand, you are seriously suggesting that you find objectionable, a poster indicating that all are included," Stacey Chase, another trustee, said.

Dungan wouldn't say whether she found that poster objectionable, just that she wants to avoid "situations like that" by having the board adopt stricter standards and adhere to state policies already in place, prohibiting teachers from displaying political items not relevant to curriculum.

Another trustee even asked if the poster was illegal and went on to claim previous displays of pride flags were.

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A 27-year-old man who fatally shot a store owner in California had torn down her Pride flag and shouted homophobic slurs, officials said on Monday.

Laura Ann Carleton, 66, who went by “Lauri”, died at the scene of the shooting on Friday outside her Mag.Pi clothing store in Cedar Glen, an unincorporated community in the mountains roughly 60 miles (100km) east of Los Angeles.

San Bernardino’s county sheriff, Shannon Dicus, identified the shooter as Travis Ikeguchi in a Monday press conference. Ikeguchi fled on foot, and when he was confronted by officers, he opened fire on them and hit multiple squad cars, Dicus said. Sheriff’s deputies fired back and fatally shot Ikeguchi a mile from the store.

Ikeguchi, who lived in Cedar Glen, had a history of posting hateful content online, the sheriff said, adding that his family had reported him missing the day prior. He shot Carleton with a semiautomatic handgun, which was not registered to him, and he did not have a concealed carry license, according to Dicus.

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Pro-Trump Pastor Greg Locke has sparked outrage and a thousand memes online after he was filmed destroying the iconic Barbie Dream House with a baseball bat with a Bible taped to it.

Locke, who is the latest far-right figure to voice his disdain for the blockbuster film Barbie, delivered a 45-minute rant about demons and temptations like pornography before destroying the toy.

“We drive demons out all time,” he said during his sermon. “But we’ve not reached a place where we understand: You have to pull down the stronghold that the demon left behind. Because some day something when you cast out the spirit of sexual perversion, it’s got to leave you. So does the person still struggle with porn because they still have a demon? No. They still struggle with porn because the fortified house is still there and the stronghold has to be pulled down.”

“Thank you, dear sir. That is a Bible that is duct taped and zip tied to an Easton ball bat,” he continued. “Let me show you.”

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Canada’s far-right “freedom movement” is planning yet another convoy, except this time their goal is not to end vaccine mandates or replace the country’s democratically-elected government – this time, they say, their goal is to “save the children.”

The “Save the Children Convoy,” a spin-off of recent anti-2SLGBTQ+ protests targeting schools and drag storytime events as well as loosely inspired by the controversial film “Sound of Freedom,” is being planned for Toronto in late summer or early fall.

Organizers say they are currently holding secret, in-person meetings to iron out their plans and aren’t sure where they’ll stay when they get to Toronto.

“Save the children is basically a generic statement obviously,” lead convoy organizer Gordon Berry told PressProgress. “There’s a multitude of things you could be saving them from.”

Berry says the convoy wants to save children from the “human trafficking industry,” but also from “mandating the shots to kids and kids getting sick and frigging education and all the stuff they’re teaching them in schools and the trans agenda and the math agenda, gender dysphoria – all of these things.”

“You got to save them from the whole system.”

Berry is even more pointed about his concerns in the convoy’s private Facebook group where he and others have shared graphics claiming “the World Health Organization and the United Nations are instructing elementary schools around the world to have pedophilia normalized.”

One graphic features a photo of a child with a QR code tattooed to its forehead next to the symbol of the freemasons.

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Baylor University will not lose any federal funding if they neglect to respond to reports of sexual harassment on campus, thanks to a Title IX religious exemption granted by the U.S. Department of Education.

It seems to be the first time a university has requested a religious exemption protecting it from sexual harassment claims, and also the first time the Department of Education has granted such a request.

Baylor, located in Waco, was granted the exemption "to the extent that they are inconsistent with the University's religious tenets." If unaddressed harassment happens at Baylor, particularly harassment against LGBTQI+ individuals, the new exemption keeps their federal funding well protected.

Baylor first requested the exemption in a May 1 letter noting that four complaints which had been filed with the Office for Civil Rights "must be dismissed because the allegations directly implicate Baylor's religious exemption" from Title IX.

"The University does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression per se, but it does regulate conduct that is inconsistent with the religious values and beliefs that are integral to its Christian faith and mission," reads the letter requesting the exemption, written by Baylor's president, Dr. Linda Livingstone.

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You should not seek sex, because if you seek sex you will become gay. Sex is a gay act. It’s totally gay. The straightest thing you can do is to never have sex, and everyone knows that’s true. Want to know why? Because you retain your semen and you sublimate your sexual desire to creating things. That’s why celibacy is the straightest thing. Because who are the celibates? Monks, priests, soldiers, great scientists, philosophers, geniuses…

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As a heatwave take over much of America and Europe, with seawater in Florida reaching 100 degrees or more, much of Greece on fire, and July set to be the hottest month in living memory, some are still putting their head in sand about climate change and what the heatwave means for our Earth.

Some right-wing conspiracy theorists have suggested that the heatwave is in fact a hoax and the numbers being reported are false.

GB News presenter Neil Oliver has accused the BBC "and others" of "driving fear" by using "supposedly terrifying temperatures", in a clip that has been viewed over 2 million times. Oliver claims that the reported temperatures of "40 this and 40 that... were obtained using satellite images of ground temperatures," he said. "That's never been the temperature that's used in weather reporting and forecasting."

Many conspiracy theorists have latched onto the temperature reported by BBC from the interior of Sicily (47C) and a weather station in sea-side Palermo (37C) from the BBC weather app, as proof that the BBC is faking its data. The BBC disputed the claims, stating that ground temperatures "are not used in the BBC's weather reporting and forecasting" unlike Oliver's false claim.

Oliver also retweeted other claims that climate data is manipulated and false, showing he is just one of many who are promoting such conspiracies.

Former Fox News commentator Steven Milloy called it the "heat wave hysteria hoax".

Some conspiracy theorists in the UK have argued that the heatwave and climate change are a hoax due to most of the country facing heavy wind and rain during the summer.

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Even those of us who are paid to write about politics, a city council committee meeting is not always the most exciting affair.

But that was not the case on Wednesday evening, when an innocuous-looking agenda at Liverpool Council's Neighbourhoods Committee was made considerably spicier by a group who turned up to protest about all manner of things.

Scenes outside the town hall suggested the group's focus was a little confused. One man held a placard proclaiming that 'globalists fund climate scientists for climate hoax or they get defunded' while another chap was intent on 'restoring common law' - whatever that means.

While there was a smorgasbord of the more classic conspiracy theories being touted outside the town hall, it eventually became clear that there was one key concern being raised by those gathering in Castle Street - although they were also pretty confused about this element as well.

The demonstrators were keen to voice (with increasing volume) their concerns about a concept called 15-minute cities - an issue that has become more and more pressing for those living on the more conspiratorial side of life in recent times.

Put simply, the 15-minute city is an urban planning idea in which the majority of a person's daily necessities and services - including work, leisure, retail, health and education - can be comfortably reached via a 15-minute walk or bike ride. The idea has its roots in history but has gained prominence in recent years as one method to combat issues around climate change and air quality as it could get more people out of their cars.

Leaflets handed out by the protesters at the town hall on Wednesday warned: "Do you drive to work, school or college? Choose to educate your children in a different area to where you live?" It continued: "Maybe you enjoy days out? Road trips or adventures to new places?" before suggesting that all these normal activities could be put at risk by a 15-minute city.

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Wildly popular podcaster Joe Rogan once again pushed the baseless conspiracy theory that the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection was a false flag orchestrated by the federal government, adding that pro-Trump rioter Ray Epps “clearly instigated” the attack.

“The Jan. 6 thing is bad, but also, the intelligence agencies were involved in provoking people into the Capitol Building. That’s a fact,” Rogan proclaimed before invoking Epps’ supposed involvement in pushing rioters to attack the Capitol.

While calling it a “fact” that the federal government utilized “agent provocateurs” on Jan. 6 while citing Epps, he also asserted that he still doesn’t know if Epps was actually working with the FBI. Instead, he was merely asking questions and noting other people seemed to believe that Epps was an undercover agent.

“I don’t know, but I do know that every other, I think that every other person who was involved in Jan. 6, who was involved in coordinating a break-in into the Capitol and then instigating people, they were all arrested,” he insisted. “This guy wasn’t. Not only that, but they were defending him in The New York Times, The Washington Post, all these different things saying Fox News has unjustly accused him of instigating when he clearly instigated, he did it on camera. I don’t know if he was a fed. I know a lot of people think he was a fed.”

According to Rogan, the reason why the intelligence community was so determined to frame Trump during the Jan. 6 riots—a protest to stop the 2020 presidential election from being certified—was due to the ex-president’s hatred of the so-called “deep state.”

“Trump was very open about his disdain for the intelligence agencies,” Rogan said. “Throughout history, people of unchecked power and unchecked influence have enemies, and Trump was their enemy.”

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“I want to apologize to all whom I offended by my use of the word ‘holocaust’ to describe the autism epidemic,” he has now said in a statement about those remarks. “I employed the term during an impromptu speech as I struggled to find an expression to convey the catastrophic tragedy of autism, which has now destroyed the lives of over 20 million children and shattered their families. I am acutely aware of the profound power attached to that word, and I will find other terms to describe the autism crisis in the future.”

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In medical school, we were taught that viruses have some qualities of liv­ing things and some qualities of non-living things. This is absurd. Living things have a life force that makes them alive. That’s the definition of “living.”

In humans, it is the soul, which is rational and doesn’t perish. With other creatures, they’re either living (with a life force) or non-living, like a rock. A living thing can be a single-celled creature like an amoeba or a complex creature like a plant or a chicken or an elephant. They all have a life force that returns to the earth when they perish.

Non-living things have no self-activity in themselves. Yet, according to the medical establishment, viruses do things. They attach to a cell. They inject their genetic material and take over the machinery of the cell and then break forth to repeat the process on other cells. If they do things, they’re “living.” However, they have no physical struc­tures that are the signs of a living thing. They are supposedly just a snippet of genetic material in a protein capsule. Even a simple amoeba or a bacterium has parts that serve functions, allowing it to do things, even simple things like respire and take in nutrients and grow. They have things like a nucleus and mitochondria.

A virus has no real “parts” that give it any sign of being a living thing. There is no other such example in na­ture. Based on all this, they are both living and non-living, an absurdity. Therefore, they don’t exist. Any such particles observed are something else, not what the “doctors” tell us.

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Transphobic caricature buys horomones from a vending machine, then sees a cis women with her baby. Jealous, the transwomen runs to a baby store(or something, I’m not sure what) and buys a new baby and starts breastfeeding next to the cis woman


Cis: “That’s sick.”

Trans: “I am a mother, performing her motherly duties.”

Cis: “You’re a sick man with a sick fetish abusing a baby.”

Trans: “That’s violence. You just did violence on me.”


Cis: “I’m reporting you.”

Trans: “Ha Ha Ha Ha you have no power here. This is Tran [sic] Country.”

Cis: “You won’t get away with this, Pedophile.”

Trans: Watch Me!” (sinister posters of Joe Biden and some transwomen hang overhead.)

Danielle Smith #conspiracy #quack #racist albertajewishnews.com

Earlier this week, a video from 2021 resurfaced that featured Alberta Premier Danielle Smith comparing Albertans who had been vaccinated against COVID-19 with supporters of Nazi Germany.

In the November 2021 video, filmed 6 months before Smith began her run for leader of the UCP, she discussed watching a Netflix documentary How to Become a Tyrant, and drew a parallel between the majority of Albertans who received the COVID-19 vaccine and supporters of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.

She suggested that the “75 percent of the public” who received a COVID vaccine “succumbed to the charms of a tyrant,” specifically referencing Adolf Hitler. (The figure in Alberta is actually over 90%).

Denis Rancourt #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #quack westonaprice.org

Many researchers, who are not blinded by legacy media smoke and mirrors, have noticed the staggering increase in excess deaths over the last couple of years. Denis Rancourt has done extensive analysis of all-cause mortality with respect to time, place and demographics.

Here is what he found. Just after the pan­demic was announced, there was a sudden spike in mortality confined to specific locations in widely separated areas on different continents at about the same time. Areas adjacent to these locations were almost untouched by the rise in deaths. At least thirty U.S. states had no spike, while others clearly did. increased in all age groups. Yes, more older people died, but that is almost always true—until now. There were no more excess deaths in people over eighty than in those under eighty.

During what Rancourt calls the “Covid period” (March 11, 2020 to almost the pres­ent), there were 1.3 million deaths in the U.S. but only twenty-five thousand (almost nothing) in Canada. So, if this illness was caused by a virus, it refused to cross the border between the U.S. and Canada? His painfully obvious conclusion, based on all the data, is that in this instance, there is no virus and no pathogen at all. This does not remotely look like what we would expect to see with a contagious virus that started in Wuhan and spread from there.

So, what generated the spikes in mortality? Rancourt does not go so far as to claim that there are no viruses at all, but he makes the case that the main cause since 2020 is government and medical interventions. He also points to studies showing how stress can affect health, especially in those who are already fragile.

The increase in mortality also seems more prevalent in people uprooted and isolated by the government and medical overreactions to this fake pandemic. Those most affected are people moved from ICUs to make room for Covid cases; Covid cases whose access to medical care is severely restricted due to lockdowns; and people told to stay home because their jobs are “non-essential.” No human is healthy without a sense of purpose and social contact with other people.

Matt Walsh #crackpot #dunning-kruger #fundie newsweek.com

Conservative political commentator Matt Walsh, is now condemning anime as "satanic."

"I think it's all satanic," Walsh says in the clip. "I have no argument for it. I have no argument for why it's satanic. It just seems that way to me."

"All anime to me seems weird—just like bizarre, creepy," he continued. "And in general, I don't think that adults should be—whether it's anime or any other kind of cartoon—with rare exception, adults really shouldn't be watching cartoons in general, I would say."

Indian Government #fundie #wingnut dw.com

Most young learners in India will no longer be exposed to key science topics in school textbooks — unless they voluntarily major in science in higher classes.

On June 1, India cut a slew of foundational topics from tenth grade textbooks, including the periodic table of elements, Darwin's theory of evolution, the Pythagorean theorem, sources of energy, sustainable management of natural resources and contribution of agriculture to the national economy, among others.

A small section explaining Michael Faraday’s contributions to scientific understanding of electricity and magnetism has also been removed.

Outside of science, topics such as democracy and governance have also been severely diluted. Scientists fear this overall move to expunge some of these foundational topics will facilitate a climate ripe for superstition and unreason to fester.

Robert F Kennedy jr #conspiracy #crackpot #homophobia #moonbat #transphobia advocate.com

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the noted conspiracy theorist and anti-vaccine activist, thinks kids (particularly boys) are being made trans from exposure to chemicals in the environment,

“I see these huge levels of depression and despair, loneliness in kids, and I don’t think that there’s a single cause to it, and I think blaming it on depression about climate is probably over-simplistic,” Kennedy told Canadian far right-wing political pundit and psychologist Jordan Peterson. “A lot of the problems we see in kids, and particularly boys, it’s probably underappreciated that how much of that is coming from chemical exposures, including a lot of the sexual dysphoria that we’re seeing.”

Kennedy claimed that kids are “swimming through a soup of toxic chemicals,” including atrazine, a common herbicide.

“If you in a lab put atrazine and a tank full of frogs, it will chemically castrate and force forcibly feminize every frog in there, and 10 percent of the frogs, the male frogs will turn into fully viable females able to produce viable eggs,” Kennedy claimed. “If it’s doing that to frogs, it, there’s a lot of other evidence that it’s doing it to human beings as well.”

A second video getting a lot of attention shows Kennedy making wild claims about the beginnings of the AIDS crisis, blaming it on gay men and the use of poppers, an inhalant that relaxes muscles and generates a brief headrush and sensation of euphoria.

“There’s a lot of people that said it is not a virus,” Kennedy said. “The virus is a passenger virus, and these people are dying mainly because of poppers. A hundred percent of the people who died in the first thousand [with] AIDS were people who were addicted to poppers, which are known to cause Kaposi sarcoma in rats. And they were people who were part of a gay lifestyle where they were burning the candle at both ends.”

“There were poppers on sale everywhere at the gay bars,” he said. “And there were a number of people in the [National Institutes of Health] who said, this is not a viral disease, but it’s a disease that is environmental and is being caused to people who are getting autoimmunity from doing these toxins.”

Kennedy claimed, “But for Tony Fauci, it was really important to call it a virus because that made it an infectious disease, and it allowed him to take control of it.”

Russian propaganda #conspiracy #crackpot #psycho #wingnut twitter.com

From a Russian State TV panel debating why Ukrainians hate Russia:

I would call it dehumanization, regression to an animalistic level, but I don’t think these people are the majority. They act like towers transmitting signals and infecting others. These towers should be turned off and people placed under a normal info-influence. Most people are in a state of apathy and depression, they’ve had enough of war. This hate is being transmitted and resonates with them.

(token anti-war panelist says it’s more because of all the bombings and gets shouted down)

I believe that most people don’t share this hatred. Most people who transmit this hatred are doing it because they belong to this radical ideology or are dong it out of vanity, to be trendy.

Rich Lowry #homophobia #wingnut #transphobia nationalreview.com

It’s June, when one can be forgiven for thinking we live in the United States of LGBTQIA2S+.

Old Glory is, at best, supplemented with, and sometimes supplanted by, the pride flag in all its varieties.

The flag, which has become more and more unsightly, is ubiquitous. Its increasingly elaborate jumble of clashing stripes — whether seen in a store, at a ball game, or on U.S. government buildings — is a reminder to get with the program, and that the program is always changing.

(too long to post all of his rant, but he goes on about how the pride flag/progress flag is ugly and he doesn’t like how there are different kinds of flags for Bi, Pan, Trans, NB etc)

Like the LBGTQ+ cause generally, the flag has become increasingly esoteric and obsessed with identity politics — there’s always another letter or another stripe. But what better representation of a movement that has gone down the rabbit holes of such bizarre causes as insisting that males compete in women’s sports and minors get life-altering “gender-affirming care” that other advanced countries are turning away from as a terrible mistake?

Yet, it flies everywhere as though it were a quasi-national flag with universal popular assent. Even U.S. government buildings here at home and U.S. embassies abroad are bedecked with the flag. If Republicans ever get unified control of government, they should ban this practice. The government shouldn’t be promoting boutique causes, and we already have a flag that includes everyone, that doesn’t require constant ideological makeover, and that isn’t an eyesore.

The Stars and Stripes should be sufficient for this and every month.

Patriarch Kirill #fundie #psycho #wingnut russianfreepress.com

The Church Court of the Russian Orthodox Church declared pacifism alien to the church heresy. This is stated in the case file of the church court on the defrocking of the priest John Burdin, who spoke out against the war - in his sermon he said that "we Christians do not dare to stand aside when a brother kills a brother, a Christian kills a Christian."

the decision to deal with the priest was made personally by Patriarch Kirill

"Pacifism is not compatible with the actual teaching of the Orthodox Church"

The publication studied the materials of the case. In them, the ROC calls pacifism a heresy that is alien to it.

“...the pacifism with which Priest Burdin tries to hide behind accusations against him is not compatible with the actual teaching of the Orthodox Church, in particular, set forth in the Fundamentals of the Social Concept. Pacifism in different eras of church history was present in heretical doctrines ...”

the clergy also accuse Burdin of "pseudo-pacifism." In particular, it says that Burdin criticized the Russian authorities, not the Ukrainian ones,

“So his pacifism is imaginary, one-sidedly oriented, his anti-Russian political position is clearly visible behind him, which is perceived in our country as unacceptable, and, what is important to emphasize, is radically at odds with the position of the Russian Orthodox Church, which he undoubtedly knows.”

In addition, the church court writes that Burdin violated many canonical rules. All of them deal with the topic of submission to superiors.

“84 canon of the Holy Apostles: “If anyone annoys the king or prince, not in righteousness, let him be punished. And if such is from the clergy: let him be deposed from the sacred rank; if a layman: let him be excommunicated from the fellowship of the Church.

Rob Zillig #quack twitter.com

rabies doesn't progress in every case.. Some people and animals recover or are never infected after a bite in the first place.. Most people immediately get injected before any symptoms appear.. No I wont be immediately getting a rabies shot if I get bitten by an infected animal

Karim Ibn Rashid #crackpot #moonbat #homophobia #sexist twitter.com

Marxism-Leninism is not only a straight heterosexual ideology but it is the ONLY heterosexual ideology.

All other ideologies have some perverse symbolism going on for them.

Here’s a scientific Freudian analysis that proves it:

Hammer and sickle: Symbolic heterosexual union of opposites. The passive and the active.

Swastika: Symbolic homosexual 4-way union. 4 aggressive active lines.

Hammer and sword: Symbolic homosexual union. 2 masculine symbols.

Fascist stick bundle: Symbolic bisexual union. 1 dominant masculine symbol. 1 dominated masculine symbol.


Elena Ceaușescu Award

for least qualified education policy maker

Laurie Cardoza-Moore #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger #fundie #racist #wingnut twitter.com

Laurie Cardoza-Moore has promoted conspiracy theories about 9/11

She defended to plot to kidnap the Governor of Michigan

Now Tennessee House Speaker @CSexton25 has appointed her to a board charged with creating the state's social studies standards.

Cardoza-Moore has criticized existing public school curriculum for exposing children to “anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-Judeo-Christian content in our public schools”

She says the current public school curriculum is "ruining our children’s lives"

In 2011, Cardoza-Moore claimed that former President Barack Obama was causing "horrific tornadoes" because he made a speech that discussed the plight of Palestinians.

A group run by Cardozo-Moore, @PJTN, “suggest[ed] removing” a sentence stating that “members of al-Qaeda carried out” the September 11 attacks, citing Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, a group that claimed 9/11 was an "inside job"

Cardozo-Moore falsely claimed the January 6 insurrection was not carried out by Trump supporters but by Antifa

When news broke that right-wing extremists were planning to kidnap Michigan GovGretchen Whitmer, Cardoza-Moore also expressed support for the plot

“Am I missing something here? Didn’t the Founders address removing a tyrant from office in the Constitution?” Cardoza-Moore wrote

Cardoza-Moore is also notorious for spewing anti-Muslim rhetoric. She led opposition to the construction of a Tennessee mosque and argued that the mosque was a “terrorist training camp.” She also falsely claimed that 30% of Muslims are terrorists

Cardoza-Moore's calls herself “Laurie Cardoza-Moore, ThD.” But her “doctorate” is “an honorary doctorate degree in theology from the Latin University of Theology,” an unaccredited diploma mill

Her only real degree is an Associates Degree in Film and Dramatic Arts

But somehow, she is qualified to participate in setting the social studies standards for the entire state of Tennessee.

Sexton and Cardoza-Moore did not respond to requests for comment

Timur Beslangurov and the Russian government #crackpot #homophobia #transphobia #wingnut themoscowtimes.com

Russia to Build ‘Migrant Village’ for Conservative American Expats

Russian authorities will launch construction of a village outside Moscow for conservative-minded Americans and Canadians next year, the state-run RIA Novosti news agency reported Thursday.

Russia has for years positioned itself as a bastion of "traditional" values in contrast with Western liberalism as its relations with the West have deteriorated over its 2014 annexation of Crimea and 2022 full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Timur Beslangurov, a migration lawyer at Moscow’s VISTA Foreign Business Support, claimed that “around 200 families” wish to emigrate to Russia for “ideological reasons.”

“The reason is propaganda of radical values: Today they have 70 genders, and who knows what will come next,” RIA Novosti quoted Beslangurov as saying, echoing President Vladimir Putin’s frequently deployed grievances against Western countries’ comparative gender freedom.

“Many normal people emigrate and are considering Russia, but they’re faced with huge bureaucratic problems with Russia’s migration law,” he said.

He said the Moscow region administration has greenlit the construction of the expat village and that it will be financed by the relocating families.

The lawyer further claimed without offering evidence that “tens of thousands” of foreigners without Russian roots would like to move to Russia for similar ideological reasons.

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{NOTE: This is some woman dressed as a cat, not the male Republican politician. Same name, different people (assuming that she actually is called ‘Lindsey Graham’.}

My name is Lindsey Graham, and I am a cat. Meow. Meow. I’m not a woman dressed as a cat. I am a cat. By show of hands, I’m curios how many of you believe and confess that I’m a cat? Great. By show of hands how many of your child or a child from this school would believe that I’m actually a cat? No one? You are right. Why? Because you are not stupid and these children are not stupid. Truth prevails over imagination, reality exists, discernment is innate and something we are biologically wired to have. One look at me and you know this to be true, I am a woman posing as a cat. You also believe, correctly, that if I truly believe I am a cat, I have a mental disorder. If I suffer from a mental disorder and am unable to discern reality, am I safe to be around children? Would you put me in charge of making decisions about the safety and well being of children and the direction of their education when I cannot even discern truth from fiction? Confession, I’m not actually a cat just because I say I am. You have not agreed to or committed to addressing me as a cat just because I demand it. No tail whiskers or outfit makes me a cat. Just like no lipstick, high heels or long hair makes him a man, a woman. It is as biologically impossible for me to be a cat as it is for a man to be a woman.

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(talking about an indie game about fishing)

Is this game woke?
Interested in buying, can anyone playing tell me if this game is being influenced by the woke leftist agenda so I know if I can play or not?

Between Dead Space's woke bathrooms, Hogwarts Legacy's woke genders, and RE4's woke soundtrack I'm starting to doubt if I'll be able to play any new games this year...

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When Dr Adam Smith decided to accuse a doctor turned naturopath of promoting fresh potato and “Pixie Dust” magnesium as cancer treatments, he never imagined he would be slapped with a million-dollar defamation lawsuit.

He thought he was doing a community service.

… Smith, who has a YouTube channel called Doc Adam with more than 2 million subscribers, alleges patients died after Agustin-Bunch encouraged them to follow her supplement-based health protocols.

Smith, who has a YouTube channel called Doc Adam with more than 2 million subscribers, alleges patients died after Agustin-Bunch encouraged them to follow her supplement-based health protocols.

Among a suite of allegations submitted to the court by Smith’s Australian commercial law firm, Mills Oakley, are claims Agustin-Bunch prescribed one patient various natural remedies she sells online and a carbohydrate-free diet, and discouraged her from using “modern medicine”.

Court documents allege Agustin-Bunch reviewed medical records of the woman – who had early-stage colon cancer when she visited the naturopath’s clinic – diagnosing the woman with stage 4 breast cancer by touching a lump on her chest and without undertaking further tests.

It is alleged she then recommended the woman “blend a fresh potato with a clear liquid product, fashion it into a patch” and place the patch on lumps in her breast and armpit.

The patient later died, according to Smith’s defence, lodged with the Supreme Court.

In another document submitted to the court, Smith claims an ovarian cancer patient followed Agustin-Bunch’s medical advice and used her natural remedies, such as vitamin C and cabbage, to treat her pain while refusing chemotherapy.

When the woman told Agustin-Bunch she was feeling pressure to have chemotherapy, documents submitted to the court detail that the naturopath allegedly told her: “Don’t believe them. They told that to one of my patients, but she is still alive after three years.”

Documents submitted to the court said the woman, who lived in Dubai, later died.

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I don’t think pregnancy is easy, I just think it’s not as hard as women make it out… Cause like your whole body by design was made to do that shit, just like knives were made to cut it’s not hard for them to do that… It’d be hard for a spoon to cut something, but not a knife

All I’m saying is, if basic life skills like cooking and cleaning are difficult to you, of course pregnancy is gonna be hard… But if you’re not a simple sally you should be just fine… Like I said, knives were made to cut.

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Tucker Carlson on Trans people who are pro-gun:
“Just to be clear: We are not against people—American citizens—carrying firearms,” Carlson continued. “We support it—including trans people. It’s fine. But what you’re watching here is not the exercise of the Second Amendment. What you’re watching here is political hysteria: fear ginned up on purpose with maximum dishonesty in order to get people in a state of agitation—armed people in a state of agitation. It doesn’t matter if they are trans or not, whatever that is.”

“It’s the same template always: scare the crap out of your voters, tell them that their lives are at risk, [and] encourage them to get guns, How do you think that ends?”

“You have to kind of wonder, like, what’s the limit to this?”

“So if trans people are in fear for their lives, and [if] every region of the country including New England…is crawling with Nazis now, why wouldn’t we be arming them as we are, say, Ukraine’s trans army? And there are famously trans people in Ukraine; they are very, very proud of that. So why stop with AR-15s? I mean, why not F-35s or tanks? We’re as for guns as you could possibly be, but this seems like an incitement.”

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(A poll finds that the majority of Americans (53%) oppose bans on gender affirming care for Trans kids.)

A poll of 1000 adults does not represent the nation. Even if this were accurate, the majority of the population does not know what “gender affirming care” truly entails. The term is intentionally candy-coated and friendly sounding to hide the horrors of what it actually consists of.

They don’t know that it means sterilizing children. They don’t know that the most popular puberty blocker, Lupron, has been previously and is currently still used to chemically castrate sex offenders. They don’t know the side effects of these drugs on adolescents, which include decreased bone density, vision loss and brain swelling. They don’t know that it includes chopping the breasts off of healthy young girls.

But that is changing. The public is becoming increasingly more aware and that is why you see action being taken against it.

There is no logical reason for medical intervention to not be delayed until they are fully developed adults that are able to consent to permanently changing their bodies. Anyone who believes otherwise is diabolical.

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If two Idaho state lawmakers get their way, it would become a criminal misdemeanor to administer a Covid-19 mRNA vaccine in Idaho. Yep, you heard that correctly. State Senator Tammy Nichols and State Representative Judy Boyle, both Republicans, have co-sponsored House Bill (HB) 154 for Idaho, otherwise known as the “Gem State.”

Yes, apparently, Nichols wants to ban all mRNA technology from the state of Idaho. But wait until you see whom she wants to punish. This bill itself didn’t have a whole lot of verbiage. It simply stated that, “A person may not provide or administer a vaccine developed using messenger ribonucleic acid technology for use in an individual or any other mammal in this state.” So in other words, this would apply to giving mRNA vaccines not only to humans but also to other mammals such as bighorn sheep if you were so inclined. The next line clarified that, “A person who violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

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An Oscar [award] is an occult reference to the Egyptian deity, Sokar the God of lies, sinners and destruction. The same goes for the statue of liberty in New York. It is a reincarnation of the ancient Goddess Hecate, the goddess of death. The symbolism of destruction and self-destruction lies at the core of the Anglo-Saxon cultural code. Like medieval lepers, they ty to spread their death and self-destruction to everybody else to ensure quasi-equality.