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I will never forgive and I will never forget. This goes out to all you retards. You know who you are.

If any of this is true (there is no evidence that it is), vaxxtards deserve whatever the fuck they get. They became hostile and belligerent when I told them the vaxx is a hoax; that it was suicide to take it, despite the there being no evidence for the latter. I’ll never forget how they treated me for not wearing a fucking mask. They were belittling, insulting and at times, violent. I will NEVER forget!

I knew this day was coming! However, not for the reasons you may think and I will explain in a bit. There will be more news reports like this one. Guaranteed. Why? Simply because PEOPLE ARE FUCKING STUPID!

It worsens

The vaxxed retards called us “conspiracy theorists” and “schizos” when we told them about nanobots in the death shots (another claim and suspicion also having no evidence to support it). Now, the very same concept is being normalized in the mainstream ethos. I wonder why.
I know some retard is going to read this and say, “I know four people in my church who suddenly died in their twenties and thirties, less than a month after taking the jab. Are you going to sit there and act as if excess deaths isn’t an actual metric?” My answer will be, “Yes, I am, because you’re lying and I don’t believe you.” To me, these people are no different to Jewish mainstream media articles that claim covid is real and killed millions and vaxxtards are dying from the Jew sauce. Zero (count it) evidence!
ll that matters is the behavioral modification experiment (the best way I can describe it) conducted was successful. All the other shit about excess deaths, both from/of covid hoax and the vaxx hoax has zero (count it) evidence.

Freedom was fucked with and continues to be, and many were ready and willing to take that away from you, violently. They still are and the reason they are co-opting our sentiments is because they are getting ready to hit us with the real chaos!

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When I said that 2023 was going to be the year for psyops, I wasn’t kidding. Many people brushed it off and said, “Yeah, okay. We’ll see.” Well, “have at you!”

I told you so! I told you they were going to come with the extraterrestrial visitation hoax! Get your asses ready for the real jab!

That’s right! A real faggot’s wonderland is about to unfurl—alien probes right up your ass. Yes, I’m going to once again, bask in my vindication! Because, I predicted this. You can read my first article about it, here, from 3 years ago. I’m not psychic. I’m not a fed or CIA glowie. I just understand two main things—Communism and how retarded the average person is. They wouldn’t try to pull this hoax if they didn’t have confidence that many would fall for it—if they didn’t understand that the average person is a blithering fucking moron who believes everything they see on a screen and in the media. They wouldn’t attempt to deceive us again were there no efficacy in the Boomer tube, or the internet. My sweet child, there’s a retard of every shade and color for every impractical and incredible nonsense out there. There are people who literally believe that a Jewish space zombie lives past Orion’s belt, for Christ’s sake [pun usage bonus x666]. And yes, they all believe and trust what the government tells them, because they believe in this Jewish superman.

Do not fall for this hoax guys. They are doing it again! They did it with the covid hoax, the 9/11 hoax and many other hoaxes before our time and now it’s time for Aliens.

I love the X-Files. It was part of the many fun times in my childhood, but Jews are behind this new hoax! I explained this right, here, about more than a year ago.

They have mastered the deep fake and holographic images technology. They will create wonders in the night sky and will deceive the very elect.

Don’t worry, my fellow goyim. Do not panic! The Jewish elite super brain is going to save us all with their space lasers and Tikun Olam the entire fucking planet.

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As I’ve explained before, Christianity, like Communism, is a feminine construct for the weak. So, too, is the “climate change” doctrine pushed by the Neo-Malthusisnist cultists. The racism against the human race ideation is nothing more than moral-fagging and moral-shaming. They are the lifeblood of each previously mentioned. After all, morality is a construct of the weak for the weak. This is especially the case with regards to moral absolutes pushed by Christrannies in order to achieve dominance and transcend being dominated. It is what is known as ressentiment—the fox and the grapes syndrome—a psychological gymnastics to feel better about being inferior. The trick is to then demonize and criticize your counterparts who dominate you, by claiming their behaviors and ways of life are immoral. From this gay, feminine psychological gymnastics, a life of asceticism is pursued “for the greater good” (an afterlife) (heaven).
The Techno-Communist agenda that envelopes the entire planet, its accompanying Neo-Malthusianist cult ideology and Cultural Marxism, each possess slave morality leanings. Marxist Communism is primarily concerned with the haves vs. the have-nots and creates a classwarfare where ressentiment is showcased by its most ardent adherents—the social justice warrior. Landlords are seen as evil parasites and usurpers. Whites are racist bigots . The rich and wealthy became rich and wealthy through exploitation. If not by their deeds, by the deeds of their forefathers. These social justice warriors are professors, doctors, lawyers and not just the cat glasses-wearing, pink and blue-haired freak at your local Trader Jews, who has her septum pierced. These weaklings are everywhere and their slave morality—ressentiment—is pervasive. Communism has taken over. Feminine values have taken over.

speculareffect #racist #wingnut #homophobia #sexist #conspiracy specular-effect.com

There are some people out there who will tell you that some manlet, faggot vegan with a funny-looking mustache was the epitome of evil. Yet, when you really evaluate the behaviors and actions of all these people who make up and occupy governments around the world, you start seeing the world in a different light. The truth is a lot simpler than you think it is.

They are all evil!

Try explaining this to your normie friends and family members. NPCs are just out of touch and will never be in touch.
I told you dumb asses to get off of social media. I also told you that Israel is going to become the next world super power, replacing America, having Russia and China as protectorate states, in The New Jerusalem—Ukraine.

Jews are creating an alternative reality on the web where they drive and control the political optics of many nations; steering your minds to follow their agendas, smothering dissident voices in the interim. Yet, you dumb asses are still on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, 4chan, and YouTube. Sitting around with your thumb up your asses, believing that you own an email address.

I’m sorry, you stupid moron, but you do not own an email, neither is the cloud account yours. You are literally storing personal data on someone else’s computer.
Why are communists almost always ectomorph losers? These are the kinds of sissies who we would beat up back in the good ole days, because they were always tattling.

Give me a fucking break. Remember who this little bitch is. Trudeau forced the vaccine mandates, forced many people out of work, which led to them to losing their homes and other properties. Yes, many are now homeless and he continues to gaslight Canadians with the next “happening” and the people cheer like seals.

Yes, women and their faggot cohorts. They are why Communism is possible, for it is a feminine construct, as I’ve explained before.

Turdeau? Well, he’s just another estrogen infused puppet, yelling at hecklers and those who criticize him.

speculareffect #sexist #racist #wingnut #homophobia #conspiracy specular-effect.com

Socialism/Communism are Feminine constructs based on Feminine values. Women and their cult of Safety has dominated much of human existence. This means, my dear sweet summer child, that goal of Communism is not a recent phenomenon of the industrial revolution. It has always been with humans.

This is something most people do not understand and it is why they take it all for granted and cannot get a firm grasp on how Socialism/Communism always appeals to the masses. Again, Socialism/Communism have ALWAYS been around. They are not recent “inventions” and iterations of history, by some ]ew with a scraggly beard in London with a faggot for a friend and sugar daddy (Engels).

Socialism/Communism are FEMININE constructs that predate ]ews. I know most of you don’t want to hear, nor accept this, but it is an inescapable fact. ]ews simply use Socialism/Communism as tools of division and destruction, just as they use their favorite morons—women—to bring about destruction.
Socialism/Communism are FEMININE ideations that seek to fix that which CANNOT be fixed. It is literally the hubris of the Feminine that believes itself to be the cure and answers to all the world’s ills and the belief that that answer is woven into the fabric of the Feminine being.

Breathe, brainless! Relax and comprehend what I’m saying. Most of people are too retarded and fucking dumb, or too shallow to comprehend that the power of the ]ew lies in WOMEN and the goyim’s gynocentric tendencies and nature. ]ews CANNOT be successful, were it not for women. The snake is powerless without the woman.

]ews are extremely Feminine, too. The entire ]ewish religion and experience is Feminine. The way they interact with the outside world is Feminine and the only reason why they are successful in their interactions. They behave like women on the political stage and receive the responses women receive from gynocentric men in politics.

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The entire planet has been in a frenzy this week, since the Kanye West interview on Alex Jones’ show. Many are unaware this performance by Kanye West and Nick Fuentes is a psyop. The interview prompted Brandon to tweet.
The official proclamations of the Israeli Ambassador to the US illustrate how rattled they were. Say what you will, but the characters around Kanye are accomplishing something desirable, if they’re making the Israeli authorities decry them.

The Jewish, manlet twerp, Ben Shapiro, has insinuated that Kanye may be suicided. This would not surprise me one bit. The Mossad and Jews are well known for carrying out assassinations of people who speak the truth about them.
How will this unfold? The Jewish MSM will use him to make others fall for the psyop. His usefulness will bear fruit when Jews in America are panicked enough to leave the USA for the New Jerusalem—Ukraine. Milo, Nick and Laura Loomer are working on their own psyop that is connected to this one, and that is a Jewish Judeo-Christian movement—the age old, “Christian anti-Semitism” that saw the expulsion of Jews 109 times. The psyop will be used by Jews. The actions of Kanye West and everyone involved will only create “blasphemy laws” and show the supposed dangers of free speech. Censorship in America will become stricter for criticizing the “chosen ones”.
Kanye is telling the public something. Elon does not want them to know. You will learn a few things if you research the symbol. You will understand why it is being labeled a “hate symbol”—a swastika inside the star of Remphan. Raelism is the doctrine of a Jewish UFO sex cult. This cult awarded Elon Musk for his Star Link projects and now Neura-Link.

While Musk has improved things on Twitter for some, his commitment to free speech remains in question. There was no reason for Kanye to be banned.

Still, things will worsen to its ultimate climax. Do not be surprised at the outcomes.

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You know how it goes. We “conspiracy theorists” ran out of conspiracy theories because, to date, they’ve all come true. Now, we just see psyops everywhere!

Some retards would go so far as to connect dots that aren’t even there and make shit up.

Disinformation agents the likes of Alex Jones are claiming the Maui fires being due to Blackrock; the residents refused to sell their properties to the mega corporation. I think this is highly improbable. Frankly, the notion is retarded, because the insurance payouts would be insane. The only way this would hurt the homeowners is if it was arson and they would have to prove it was. Climate-change hoaxers aren’t willing to do such a thing—risk dismantling the narrative. Could this end up bankrupting insurance companies and perhaps Blackrock swoop in and buy up whatever is left? Sure, but there’s no certainty behind any of these claims. Alex Jones is a retarded, controlled opposition Boomer.
Why now? Were the recent fires as a result of a Jewish Space Laser? Perhaps. I wouldn’t doubt it, because EnMod (Environmental Modification) technology is very real and have been used one too many times in the recent past. New York, Texas and California, to be specific, with their “alarming” and “unprecedented” weather changes.

Still, we must be very careful with the crazy, Christian Boomer kookery that is going to emerge out of this disaster. In addition, we can rest assured that none of this is a natural disaster as the powers that be want us to believe. It is certainly not as a result of global warming, climate-change or any of the buzzwords the IPCC and its charlatans would have us repeating.

This Climate Change is an elaborate hoax, but it gets tricky, still, because anthropogenic climate change is real, because very evil people have the capacity and technology to modify the weather so as to deceive the very elect and murder billions in the interim.

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The Red Heifer comes of age, today. Are you guys ready for the big one?

I’ll fire up the grill! Get your shit together boys, because we’re going to war! Specifically, we’re going to war with Iran as predicted.

Oh, you don’t understand? Don’t you get it? We fight Jewish wars, over here, in the good ol’ USA.

We live to serve Jews.

Normally, I would say the USA is the most evil polity in history. However, all governments are corrupt. All governments are evil. In case you’re wondering what a government is, well, I’ll gladly tell you. A government is literally just people. A small group of retarded people who are believed in by a much, much, much, much larger group of retards to have power and authority over them. Yes, this is what the United States government is. It is just people. A very small group of psychotic and inhumane people! Specifically, these people that make up the government are controlled by another very small group of people known as, Jews. These Jews and the people referred to as “government”, wanted a war with Iran since Obama. Correction. They wanted a war with Iran since Bush Jr. They laid out the plan before 9/11 and are just now about to fulfill it. I explained this here and here.

What does this mean for us, goyim, who let this very small group of retards dictate our lives? Well…

It is just a draft, but this is the beginning of it. The beginning of “the end” as the delusional religious morons refer to it. Gog & Magog.

Will Jews kill the whole planet in a narcissistic, psychopathic rage, if they lose, as it’s claimed by some of them that they would? If you know women, you know just how this is going to play out. She must have the last say and it’s her way, or no way at all.

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Go watch the interview, now!

He’s on the intelligence asset, Alex Jones’, show.

There are retards, right now, commenting that Nick Fuentes is speaking “facts”. A jewish zombie living in the stars is “facts”.
Fucking retards. All of them!

These morons are still unable to recognize a psyop. This is how jews absorb and redirect a narrative. They are in control of the perceptions and zeitgeist of the population, now, simply by having these agents all in the same place, walking back what was said and redelivering a sanitized, palatable version. “It isn’t jews as a group, goy. It’s individuals.” I won’t be surprised if they conjure up the Khazarian Mafia nonsense.

The entire “interview” so far, is a complete shit show. “Ye” looks like a retard, Alex praises Israel, Nick is doing his usual grift and dancing around the subject, promoting Christranny nonsense (belief in a Jewish space zombie). They want the lunatic Christian masses, but they don’t want to go all the way with it. It’s water-muddying, pairing perfectly reasonable and factual observations about jews with faggy meme shit for Tiktok views. Making those reasonable and factual observations about jews look more like faggy, cringe, kooky, banter. It makes the jewish question look like flat earther shit, which is the point.
Folks, there is no such thing as free speech absolutism. Free Speech is already absolute. Referring to it as free speech absolutism dilutes free speech and makes it seem like there is another kind of free speech. “Free Speech, but…” is an oxymoron and blatant contradiction. This is how these rats are absorbing the current narrative, by having a jewess lead off. They all followed. This is how a psyop is run. They are all using Kanye for their own benefit. Milo, NF, Loomer are all exploring a man who is a little bit off his rocker, for views and money.

Enjoy the interview and try not to break anything out of anger.

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Yes, the thing done gone and happened! Elon Musk made Jonathan Greenblatt, the head of the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), a ]ewish ran and controlled Zionist watchdog group, a Civil Society Leader on Twitter. The disgusting, feminine, rat-faced ]ew, Greenblatt is the first person Musk tags in setting up his Censorship Board. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be!
The head ]ew terrorist of the ADL, Jonathan Greenblatt, who fights good for hate said, the meeting with Musk was productive.

Essentially, the ]ew is demanding that Elon do whatever the ]ews tell him to do. How is this? Well, as I’ve told you guys many times before, the ADL controls and monitors the internet.
Can you imagine being so dumb that you actually believe multi-millionaires, billionaires and even trillionaires are genuinely poised to serve the interest of the common folk? I can’t. I certainly cannot begin to fathom how such a thought can arise in someone’s mind, but, I do know it does. This delusion is exactly what constitutes the basis of all religions, be they organized religion, or the belief in politicians and the state. The average person, as I’ve pointed out countless of times before, is an abject retard who believes in fantasies and myths that serve as coping mechanisms. They are inclined to believe in “larger than life” figures that control the fates; that have a direct hand in their immediate lives and exist to serve and protect them. This is a construct of weakness by the weak. This is slave morality.

These are the same retarded people who were championing Elon Musk who told them that he was going to “restore freedom of speech” online. Here he is, now, bulldozing through the Twitter-sphere with hyper censorship moves. Instead of doing what most of these morons believed he was going to do—send in his SpaceX coders to expose all the algorithms of shadow-banning and implement “open source transparency algorithms”—he is doing the exact opposite and they are so surprised.