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There is absolutely no monarchy, the British Crown was dissolved years ago due to high treason committed by our treasonous government. The Queen was given the title of ‘The Head of State’ of a bankrupt corporation known as the City of London which is the financial pillar of the world and sits on foreign land exactly like Washington DC and the Vatican.

The fraudulent Royals of the bankrupt City of London, Tony Blair, David Cameron and all our corrupt government will face a traitor’s justice.

Police officers in the UK are nothing more than a private limited company and are security guards for the non existent corrupt fraudulent bankrupt corporation, they no longer work, have any power or have any authority over we the people of the UK as the Crown Corporation and all Crown Agents were dissolved in 1995 in a fraud and treasonous act by Tony Blair and his government, who moved to the Local Governments Act 1985.

This was a clear act of high treason and fraud upon we the people.
Tony Blair, George Bush, The Queen and Royals, MI5, MI6, CIA, MOSSAD and other Cabal intelligence agencies with Benjamin Netanyahu was involved in 9/11 and brought down the Twin Towers and murdered all those innocent people.

Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 was invoked by the Barons in 2001 due to the signing of the Nice Treaty as it was unconstitutional.

This means the Queen was dethroned and we the people have had all authority since 2001.

The people of the UK have had no lawful government or courts of justice since that time.

Common Law was Invoked in 2001, the Government and Monarchy was Dissolved in 2001.
Common Law is the Law of the Land, it’s our true law. We are not dead entities, we are living breathing men and women. We have been witnessing the destruction of the old guard for the last 5-6 years or so.
Trump’s 2017 World Tour was a capitulation tour. The Cabal is finished; they’ve been finished a long time.



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