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THE TWENTIETH century was one of great upheavals[…]Popular movements inevitably linked with the leaders thrown up by their times -- Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Kim II Sung, Ho Chi Minh and Fidel Castro[…]
The memory of all these leaders is subjected to denigration and abuse by the hired hands of the bourgeois media and academic world. The unholy alliance of bourgeois politicians, social democrats, Trotskyites and revisionists[…]
Their hatred of Stalin should not surprise us. He led the world's first socialist state[…]During those decades the Soviet Union was the hope of working people across the world[…]
The oppressed nations or the Czarist empire were freed and lived as equals in a Union of Soviet Socialist Republics which guaranteed everyone work, education, science and culture. The socialist system created new men and women who rebuilt the country after the destruction of the Civil War[…]
Stalin upheld Lenin's legacy against Trotsky's left sectarianism and against right deviation[…]
Agriculture was collectivised and the grasping petty landlords, the kulaks, were liquidated as a class. Immense new industries were established across the Soviet Union[…]
Stalin always upheld the principle of collective leadership and putting the Party first[…]
On the 1 December 1934 Sergei Kirov[…]was shot dead by an agent of the Trotskyite opposition[…]
The leaders were put on trial. All confessed[…]The Party ordered a purge, a cleansing of its ranks which led to waves of arrests[…]
Stalin's memory is now being recalled in Russia and the other republics. The genuine communist movements all uphold his name. Old people, old enough to have lived under the Stalin leadership bear his photo on demonstrations. Noone carries posters of Krushchov or Brezhnev. The traitor Gorbachov is probably one of the most despised men in Russia today



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