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it's so sad to me that i spent over a decade tampering what i wanted to say (on so many issues) to try to still succeed in tech and be accepted because i thought that was the way to help build an ethical tech industry. i see the naivety now.

in regards to Palestine, what i wanted to say (and now can but should have immediately and loudly) is that: i support armed resistance, i pray for a one state solution, and i am happy when i see IDF soldiers die.

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[Italics original. Bolding added.]

Most religious people are not attacking science. And attacks on science and logic often come from non-religious grifters who make money off their ridiculous claims that aliens built the pyramids, etc. And I suspect there are quite a few atheists who believe that crap. And then there’s ridiculous, anti-scientific assertion that a child can be born in the wrong body...

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In the UK, there is in fact a lot of trouble with BOYS bothering girls in unisex school restrooms—sexual harassment, attempts to photograph girls attending to their business, and so forth. One young girl had to go to the hospital after a boy “donkey-kicked” the stall door, slamming it into her forehead. I can’t believe the profound naivete, sheer stupidity, and disregard for girls’ safety and privacy that fed into that policy. And there have also been incidents of trans-identified men assaulting women and girls in restrooms—one of the prisoners in that Scottish women’s prison where Adam Graham was sent is doing time for that very crime. The quote from Rep. Holt sounds perfectly sensible and not “weird” at all. (OMG, I’m agreeing with a Republican!”)

[“Then police the non-queer students who are abusing the system. If it isn't the trans kids then why should they suffer for the cis kids' abuse (a kind of double jeopardy)?”]

How do you “police” school restrooms? Hire more security guards?

If trans-identified men commit crimes at the same rate as men in general, why would we expect trans-identified boys to be any different from other boys when it comes to antisocial behavior?

And incidentally that word qu**r is still offensive to a lot of people, both gay and straight. And there’s no such thing as “cis.”

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The extreme activists’ use of language to demean women is a big stumbling block. There’s nothing hateful or phobic or even unreasonable in objecting to clunky and demeaning phraseology such as “people who menstruate,” “uterus-haver,” “vulva owner,” and “chestfeeding.” (As though women are just a collection of reproductive parts.) The NHS in England recently produced a poster promoting screening for cervical cancer without once using the word woman! And then there’s that Scottish asshole, going by the name Jess Bradley I believe, who wrote an op-ed for the Huffington Post claiming that there’s no such thing as a real woman.

Last month, trans activists (one of whose slogans is “no debate”) shut down a lecture at McGill University by a law professor specializing in human rights, screaming at the students who were trying to attend, pushing, shoving, threatening, knocking at least one woman down, until the lecture had to be cancelled—one of the activists claimed that simply attending that lecture constituted a hate crime. Similar behavior has cancelled showings of the documentary “Adult Human Female” at Edinburgh University and other venues. A conference on feminism in academe last weekend did carry on to the end, although some of the attendees were threatened, one had her phone stolen, and the screaming from outside the lecture hall went on and on. And then there were the protesters in Edinburgh holding signs advocating terrorism (“Decapitate all t**fs,” said one) while two female members of the Scottish Parliament smirked and grinned in front of them. That photo is easy to find on the internet. The two politicians said they weren’t aware the signs were there, even though it was a small demonstration.

Changing the words of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is, of course disrespectful to her. And it’s flat-out intellectual dishonesty—on a par with the historians and theatre people who insist that Joan of Arc was “non-binary” when that concept was invented about ten minutes ago. And we should refer to Joan as “they.” Queen Elizabeth I got the same treatment from the same bunch of lying incompetents (a powerful, intelligent head of state, you know, must not really have been a woman at all). I don’t know what Elizabeth herself would have to say about that, but I’ll bet it would be worth hearing.

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I haven’t heard of everyone in that photo, but the ones I do know of—Maya Forstater and Kathleen Stock—are not loathsome at all but admirable.

Biological sex is real, and it is not “assigned” at birth (except perhaps in the case of rare intersex people) but determined at conception. That is not an opinion, a philosophy, or a “view” but a fact. How it is even controversial is beyond me. (And it isn’t promoting “literal genocide.”) The idea that someone should get fired from her job for saying so, or be threatened with murder and bullied by masked berserkers, to the point where she is driven from her academic post, is abhorrent. That’s what is loathsome. And those very bullies—the ones who attack attendees at an academic lecture (McGill University), shut down film showings (Edinburgh University and elsewhere), throw hysterics at the idea of a rapist being called by his actual birth name and remanded to the men’s prison where he should have been in the first place, argue that male athletes should be allowed to compete in women’s sports as long as they’ve tinkered with their hormones (in the real world, that’s called “cheating”)—those are the same people who claim “persecuted minority” status.


I have been reading Forstater and Stock. And “transphobe” is a pretty meaningless word. I have yet to see anything “phobic” or “hateful” in anything they’ve written. The phobia and hate from the trans activists who shut down lectures and film showings, insist that cheating in sports is a human right, bully and even physically assault people (usually women) they view as “transphobes” is all too obvious. The death and rape threats are coming from them.

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The majority of deaths are sick people over 75. It might make sense for them to stay indoors, to wear hazmat suits when they go out.
But what about the rest?
•In USA only 9222 people under 55 have died.
•Only 3201 people under 45 have died.
•Only 1032 people under 35 have died.
•Only 188 under 25 have died.
Remember: We are a nation of 327,167,434 according to the same source.
(Source https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm#AgeAndSex as of yesterday, will be a little higher today)
We are asking young people to give up a year or more of their lives for what? So very old and sick people can live forever, like vampires?

["This can be argued that every American who suffered from this pandemic should be given at least 10,000 dollars for their pain and suffering. Just tax all the worthless celebs and big tech for the money. Black Friday should be called Splurge Day."]

Indeed, though I wouldn't trade my time for just $10k.
I have lost more than that in terms of memories, and increased stress during this work-from-home nightmare in a small house with 4 kids.
And before someone says, "WELL. No one FORCED you to have 4 kids." No, they didn't. But they forced us into lockdown.
Remember, there are people who want to participate in the economy right now. There are businesses who wish to open and serve them.
I know it's a meme-joke, now, so we're not allowed to talk about it -- but what about the freedom of letting people make their own choices?
If this virus was as threatening as they make it out to be it wouldn't need a marketing campaign.
Those who fear it should definitely stay indoors and wear hazmat suits when they go out. But me? I'm 45 and healthy. We are a nation of 327+ million and less than 10,000 people under 55 have died. And ~90% of those has 2.6 serious health conditions already.
Most deaths are sick people over 75.
Every day I grow more angry, more frustrated, and more depressed... and I know I'm not alone.
It will be interesting to see what happens in November.

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Christian Cooper, the 57-year-old black birdwatcher who filmed white female dog walker Amy Cooper as she tried to sic, not her dog, but the NYPD on him for daring to challenge her refusal to leash the dog — that Christian Cooper has now refused to press charges against her for, among other things, making a false police report.


Black ‘Forgiveness’ — White Cooper versus Black Cooper
The test is a simple one, and the answer is always the same:
If the “situation” were reversed — that is, if Christian Cooper had been white and Amy Cooper black, would a white Cooper forgive the black Cooper?
Put another way, would a white Cooper simply look over (or beyond) or even consider for even the shortest moment a black Cooper’s “suffering”?
More: would a white Cooper create “greater principles” out of whole cloth and then publicly wrestle with them?
These queries answer themselves when one considers the family of police-murdered Botham Jean and the black female judge in that case. The good judge not only allowed his brother to forgive and then actually hug Botham’s murderess. Amazingly, she herself performed virtually the selfsame ritual by hugging the killer-cop in open court, and then presented her with her own personal Bible for comfort while she served the lightest of possible prison sentences (handed down by the very same judge).
And then there are select family members of the Charlotte Nine who tearfully, publicly, “forgave” Dylan Roof for his mass murder of their relatives.
And now we come to the appropriately named Christian Cooper.
How many teary-eyed white families have we witnessed who so earnestly, so painfully, so publicly, and so sorrowfully forgave their loved ones’ black murderer?
Again, would a white Cooper so quickly, so easily, so readily forgive a black Cooper?

Black Resistance
As well, obviously, Christian Cooper does not know of, or does not recognize, or simply ignores, the tragedy-filled but powerful five-century-long history of black resistance against white supremacy and white racism.
Obviously, Christian Cooper has not read the consummate lawyer/historian, Dr. Gerald Horne’s (University of Houston) meticulous histories of black slave resistance: “The Apocalypse of Settler Colonialism — “The Roots of Slavery, White Supremacy, and Capitalism in Seventeenth Century North America and the Caribbean,” (2018); or his “The Counter-Revolution of 1776 — Slave Resistance and the Origins of the United States of America” (2014).
And I seriously doubt that Christian Cooper is familiar with Professor Nell Painter’s (Princeton) magisterial “The History of White People” (2010).
It is also highly unlikely that Christian Cooper is familiar with Frederick Douglass’ famous dictum:

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has and it never will!”

And surely Christian Cooper missed Minister Louis Farrakhan’s declaration that the days of forgiving white people for dehumanizing us, for murdering us, are over and done with.

Black Betrayal
In each of Dr. Horne’s seminal tomes referred to above, he points out that there have been thousands of known and even more unknown/undocumented black revolts and rebellions, beginning from the first moments of the Atlantic Slave Trade. He allows, however, that there has only been one successful such revolution: The Haitian Revolution against French colonizers and slavers from August of 1791 to December of 1804.
Why did all of those other uprisings fail? Dr. Horne posits that in each and every case, there was at least one “good” slave (or after slavery, a “good” Negro) who would “run and tell that.”
Those good slaves and good Negroes were and are nothing more and nothing less than betrayers of their own people, traitors to their own people.
Finally, and more recently, the black people of South Africa fought tooth and nail against their white, Dutch oppressors from 1647, when their ship foundered off the Cape of Good Hope, right up until 1994 when black South Africa finally elected its first black president, Nelson Mandela. How did they deal with their traitorous brethren and sisters:

In the South African context, Necklacing is more than a term denoting arts and crafts. It is, rather, a form of summary execution, perhaps even a template or model as to how this latest generation of “woke” or “conscious” black people may have to adapt and adopt.

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According to a new study by an international team of researchers, your thoughts about marriage equality and racial justice could be linked to your affinity for steaks and sausages. In other words, if the idea of killing another living being for dinner doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth, then you’re probably not too bothered by other social injustices, either.

The study, “Rationalizing Meat Consumption. The 4 Ns,” published in the journal Appetite, found that people who justify eating animals by claiming that it is “natural,” “normal,” “necessary” or “nice”—even though it is none of these things—are more tolerant of social inequality in general.

Historically, these same “Ns” have been trotted out to justify everything from slavery to homophobia. For instance, as the study notes, “In defense of male-only voting practices in the U.S. opponents of women’s suffrage often appealed to the necessity of denying women the vote … to the natural superiority of male intelligence, and to the historical normalness of male-only voting as ‘designed by our forefathers.’ … Today, most people find such arguments in support of male-only voting ludicrous at best.”

This confirms what PETA has long maintained: The mindset that condones the oppression of other humans—whether Jews, women, gays or people of color—is the same mindset that permits the exploitation of animals. Prejudices of any stripe arise when we start to believe that “I” am important and “you” are not, that my interests somehow trump those of other living beings.

It’s not surprising that meat-eaters find it necessary to defend their behavior, which is increasingly coming under public scrutiny. In this day and age, anyone who’s been paying attention knows that raising and killing animals for food is destroying the planet, jeopardizing our health and causing tremendous suffering to billions of sentient beings. In today’s meat and dairy industries, animals know little else but pain, fear, injury and disease. Piglets have their tails and testicles cut off without being given painkillers, chickens and turkeys have their throats cut while they’re still conscious and calves are taken away from their mothers within hours of birth.

And the United Nations reports that a global shift toward a vegan diet is necessary if we want to combat the worst effects of climate change.

It’s simpler to make excuses—“I grew up eating meat; it’s normal,” or “A plate of spare ribs is so nice after a hard day”—than it is to change behavior. It’s easy to shake our heads in disbelief at what others before us have done but not so easy to examine honestly the biases and prejudices that we hold today.

But there’s hope. As more consumers begin to question the status quo and reject the inherent violence of eating animals, the world will become a kinder place for all of us.

A previous study found that vegans and vegetarians have more empathy than meat-eaters do—for both animals and their fellow humans. Researchers in Europe placed volunteers in an MRI machine and showed them a series of random pictures during scanning. The scans revealed that when observing animal or human suffering, the “empathy-related” areas of the brain are more active among vegetarians and vegans. The researchers also found that there are certain brain areas that only vegans and vegetarians seem to activate when witnessing suffering.

Compassion begets compassion. Change can happen when we begin to recognize that all oppression, prejudice and cruelty are wrong—and that all are connected. We can start with dinner.