Point Refuted A Thousand Times

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I love the evolutionist stories lol, they're so funny because they're so dumb.

The shrinking pond theory, the hooved dog crocodile turning into a whale because it wanted to swim lol, the apes coming down from the trees because they wanted to walk upright, and the flightless birds that grew wings over millions of years rofl.

Great comedy.

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children are off limits for fucking

There is no rational age to end childhood. 11 years old (when it was consumated) may have been a perfectly reasonable age biologically. You cannot say to me that 16 is more rational, it just isn't. You have to draw the line somewhere irrational. Modern society has chosen 16-18 because we have elongated adolescence. That it varies from country to country shows you that it is irrational. It's 14 in Spain, would you say fucking a 14 year old spaniard was ok but fucking a 15 year old American is wrong? Children grew up quicker back then when there was not systematic education. What's the difference in having an 11 year old working for a living and being married?

Muhammad had a dozen other wives, none of whom were underage, so he was not exclusively a paedophile. This argument really annoys me because there is no doubt he did not abuse Aisha, he was a great husband and she loved him dearly. Hate muhammad for being a war mongering psychopath who delighted about the thought of the vast majority of people suffering in hell-fire for eternity. Don't hate him for the age of his youngest wife. It's a lame emotional argument because of the stigma of sexuality, and the acceptability of violence. If I was Aisha and I believed Muhammad was a prophet of God then damn right I would marry the shit out of him, and anyone would be lucky to be in that position.

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Math is the language of God and doesn't prove evolution at all.

Math says if evolution is true the whole earth would've been overrun with humans long ago.

Math says that the population we have now, 8 billion, can be rewound to come to 8 people who got off a boat.

Math also says there was a y chromosome bottleneck a few thousand yrs ago or so and that we are all from three individuals, namely the sons of Noah.

Math says our sun is special and very rare, just as our moon and planet are equally rare and unique.

Math says way too much as evidence of a Creator Designer.

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The whole issue of consent is bullshit. Why is sex so special? Other than because a religion tells you it is. Look at how muslim countries approach it, it's illegal to even hold hands. Should holding hands be illegal before the age of consent here? It's just as logical. But I don't think the big religions are in support of a 17 years old age of consent when Mary was only 13 and Mohammad married a 7 year old. If you believe in God, why would he make us biologically sexually active at around 12, if it was wrong to have sex until 17?

The age of consent was upped to 16 to stop the common act of forced child prostitution which was a just law, but it shouldn't apply anymore. My state has a year extra from the others because of crazy puritans. The fact that secular liberal countries have different ages shows how arbitrary and unfair they are.

Do we need to use age in the law? What about driving for another example. If the best 12 year old in the country can pass their driving test and has provably higher ability than any adult, should they not be allowed to drive? There are plenty of 18 year olds psychologically unfit to be driving but they're allowed to because the law is based on age only, and then they go and get other people killed because of it. It doesn't make sense to draw the line based on the position of the Earth around the sun. What would happen if like in many sci-fi stories, adult humans could be farmed much quicker. Would a 6 month old that had the body of a 20 year old have to wait until 37 to have sex? I don't like having laws without clearly defined loopholes that allow the innocent people their basic rights in life, and the most basic is that you own your own body. To me defining a law by age is no more logical than defining it by sex or race. It's accepted females mature quicker than males, if it was really about the psychological maturity necessary for informed consent why aren't there different ages for males and females?

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I’m Unvaccinated and That’s OK!



I'm Unvaccinated and That's OK! is the story of an unvaccinated child named Nicholas Novaks, who shares the many reasons why his parents have chosen not to vaccinate him. Nicholas explains his parents’ personal concerns about vaccine injury, the importance of finding a doctor they can trust and openly speak with, the research they did before making this decision, and what life is like for an unvaccinated child who has an older, vaccine-injured sibling.

Inspired by the personal stories of vaccine-injured children, which have been shared with Dr. Shannon Kroner over many years of working with special needs families, Dr. Kroner aims to raise awareness of the importance of vaccine choice and the necessity of doing the research before making an important decision such as vaccination.

Join Nicholas as he shares what it means to be an unvaccinated child in today’s world and why one's personal choice regarding vaccination must always be respected.

preview pages






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the narrative they are regurgitating is ridiculously false. There is no genocide. Their cause-celeb, Hamas, fights, hides, and stores their weaponry amongst civilians, and even dress in civilian clothes - all of which are against international laws of warfare! Civilian lives lost are tragic but are also the direct result of these tactics, which is EXACTLY what Hamas wants because it creates the propaganda these students fall for. The media is no different, parroting these talking points and taking, at face value, the claims of Palestinian health organizations (which are only Hamas in sheep's clothing). Oh, and lest we forget, Hamas broke a cease-fire on October 7th by invading Israel and killing, assaulting, and kidnapping innocent civilians. And by all accounts, the majority of Palestinian civilians approved.

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>White people can't claim racism when something doesn't go their way.
>Police don't need to go through special training to deal with white people due to sensitivities in their community.
>White people can't get a job or scholarship based on their skin color or ethnic background.
>White people aren't allowed to say terms like "black privilege" or "black pandering"; yet terms such as "white privilege" or "white mediocrity" are acceptable.
>White people aren't allowed to say anything negative about someone that's not white because then that person is a "bigoted racist" but other races can crap on white people, and nothing is said to them.

So who are the privileged ones?

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Somewhere deep inside of ourselves we all know we’re not on a spinning rock. We know Australia isn’t Down Unda. We know our aussie mates aren’t walking around upside-down and rotating at the same time. We know gravity doesn’t make any sense when applied to vast oceans tipped over and under and swirling. We know how water works. It always finds its level within a container. Sea level is there for all to see. There is no curvature of the earth. We’re stationary. The sun, moon and the stars move around us. It’s not rocket science. Although it kind of is if you study the way a rocket curves and lands.

Thing is, we’ve been trained not to trust our God-given intelligence. Leave it to the experts. To Hollywood. To NASA. Our tiny little brains couldn’t possibly understand. It doesn’t matter that it makes no sense. It’s science! Where have we heard that before? Trust the science.

Well no. I don’t trust the science one little bit. Especially Jesuit science. The heliocentric model is a fraud in my book. Let’s throw in evolution, dinosaurs and Einstein’s theory of relativity while we’re at it. Nope. Not buying them. Call me a heretic all you like. Sane people have been thrown into lunatic asylums for less. I’ll do my own research and draw my own conclusions. Laugh. Mock. Snarl. Threaten. I don’t care. I will honour my innate intelligence. I refuse to believe absurdities.

People say, ‘Who cares?’ What does it matter? We have more important things to discuss right now’. I care. It matters. It exposes the foundational lie that all the other scientism lies were built upon. The Galileo inquisition from 1616 was a show trial. Shady members of the Vatican were in on it, playing devil’s advocate in order to promote the false perception of reality and rewrite astrological history. The aim: To discredit the Bible which places a stationary earth under a ‘firmament’. Snort all you like. This spiritual battle isn’t for softies. Discernment required.

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First of all, the Liberals are the dominant group politically in the US and other Western nations. Therefore what Liberals want they usually get; no surprise to anyone with a knowledge of human events.

Second, the opposition to Liberals, classified as conservative by Prothero, is made of of disparate and often opposing groups, many favor/don't oppose the great Liberal victories of which Prothero boosts: legal pot and legal sodomy. Destroying freedom to own guns, an issue that all non-Liberals oppose, has not gone gone too well for the Liberals, as even the professor concedes. Internet freedom is still with us, in spite of massive Liberal opposition.

Also, while JFK might be classified as Liberal, in no way could Thomas Jefferson be considered Liberal. Jefferson flourished in the 18th century, today's political categories are not relevant.

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If you get right down to it, The Texas Revolution does provide a lesson—in reverse—for today. Anglo-American settlers first entered Texas under the terms of an agreement with the King of Spain and later the government of Mexico. They didn't assimilate, became a majority and eventually seceded.

The root problem here is not the Alamo or anything that happened there. The root problem is that a growing segment of our citizenry, including many born in the U.S., choose not to identify with our country.

And that, my friends, is a very real problem indeed.

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Because atheists' are by definition learning disabled and dullards.

They can't even think that big to begin with. They think the movies Prometheus and Frankenstein are based on true stories.

Now that science is starting to refute Neverbiogenesis and Neverlution they'll be saying it was aliens that are our creators lol.

Anything but God you know.

They always toot their horn that they're so smart while believing that jello came alive one day from a lightning bolt hitting a mud puddle and then the jello compiled its own DNA from nothing and then populated the world with plants and animals lol.


Bryan Starr #fundie #pratt quora.com

Atheists attack Christianity, and not other religions, because they already know God exists and who He is.

Their irrational anger and hatred is evidence that they know God exists.

Why would anyone be angry at a Being who doesn't exist?

They demand proof when it is literally right in front of them.

The other evidence is that they accept abiogenesis and macroevolution without ever questioning it. Even though there is no evidence for abiogenesis or macroevolution.

Why do they never question abiogenesis and macroevolution?

Because they are the pillars upon which their delusion depends on.

They are already living a lie to begin with, so a few more can't hurt; especially if they support their position, even without evidence.

What a terrible existence for them, is there any wonder they are so angry?

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[Submitter’s note: Link leads to the tweet being replied to due to limited visibility]

I'm pretty sure "MAPS" aren't represented on [The Intersex-inclusive progress flag] so I don't see why it'd need modified [to remove pedophiles]

That’s the all inclusive faggot flag right? MAP’s are bunch of faggots, so yeah they’re included.

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[From “Russia is not an Aggressor, and Ukraine is not a Victim”]

It is widely accepted that the Ukrainian crisis erupted into a military conflict on February 24, 2022[…]Seeds of the hostilities were planted about thirty years earlier by President Clinton and, later, by George W. Bush, both of whom recklessly pushed for NATO’s eastward expansion

Over the years, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and Putin repeatedly warned that Moscow would not tolerate continuing NATO’s “Drang nach Osten”[…]particularly Ukraine’s membership and the subsequent establishment of NATO military bases along the Russian border

On February 25, 2024, The New York Times published an article confirming Moscow’s fears[…]
The newspaper exposed how[…]the CIA has operated a network of twelve bases in Ukraine[…]
Would the United States accept the presence of Russian military bases on its borders?[…]Reagan ordered the invasion of Grenada[…]
Diplomacy was not given a chance because NATO needed to restore its image and validate its continued existence following a 30-year history of failure. The pursuit of “nation-building”[…]has accomplished neither[…]
Since a military alliance cannot exist without a rival, NATO's need for a credible enemy was an existential necessity. The Russian incursion into Ukraine could create the perception of a common threat[…]
For President Biden, who was desperate to escape the Afghanistan disaster, a victorious conflict would be a pivotal moment in his presidency[…]
Never in the realm of international relations was there a state that acted so consistently against its national interests. It put itself in grave danger when it announced its intention to join NATO in 2004, violating the 1997 Treaty on Friendship between Ukraine and the Russian Federation[…]
The preceding facts illustrate a common overriding interest among NATO leadership, its member states, and Ukraine in instigating the invasion[…]Russia was the sole party that attempted to prevent the conflict

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The latest controversy began when Rowling shared a screenshot of a reply to one of her posts reading: “The Nazis burnt books on trans healthcare and research, why are you so desperate to uphold their ideology around gender?”

“I just… how?” Rowling wrote. “How did you type this out and press send without thinking ‘I should maybe check my source for this, because it might’ve been a fever dream’?”

Commenters immediately corrected Rowling, noting that The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum disproves her claim. Nazis targeted Magnus Hirschfeld, a doctor who pioneered “groundbreaking and radical” research into gender and sexual identity. They destroyed Hirschfeld’s Institute for Sexual Science and obliterated “most of the archives” in the well-documented Berlin Book Burning.

In response to criticism, Rowling linked another X thread claiming that only gay and lesbian people were persecuted during the Holocaust, not transgender people. When commenters directed her to academic writings like those from the Holocaust Memorial Museum and Smithsonian, she insisted the social media thread had “sources.”

“The thread has sources. Please show your evidence that trans-identifying people were persecuted, as distinct from gay people, who were indeed victims of heinous treatment by the Nazis.”

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The question was never that good content isn't out there to be enjoyed - we all know that. The issue is that, for the past decade and change, there has been an active and insidious attempt to attack and besmirch major cultural touchstones (yes, like Star Wars) by either turning them into mouthpieces of THE MESSAGE or else destroy them completely. What we're seeing happen at Disney/Lucasfilm/Marvel is only a microcosm of a much bigger cultural war that seeks to destabilize or erase the core values of Western culture.

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In response to "Trans people have a right to exist!"

( Spencer_Shayy )
Not to nitpick, but I actually disagree with this. The "transgender" identity DOES rely on the validation of others to exist, because without it, "transwomen" are just normal men and "transmen" are just normal women. That's why they cry "genocide" when they're not affirmed.

( no- )
“Society makes it so hard for trans people to exist in peace”. How? By noticing a TIM’s male voice, his male face, his entire male existence? By refusing to pretend that someone is the opposite sex? By not wasting my mental energy training myself to see men as women and use pronouns that don’t make sense? They’re not asking for acceptance, they want you to brainwash yourself and participate in their role-playing, and you’re not allowed to ask questions because the answers are always lies.

( Tanana )
Transness is a parasite identity, it does depend on everyone's compliance to play their game. If we stop to play along, the whole fiction dies. Transness is the ultimate needy-narcissistic personality.

( sylviasmushrooms )
I love what this is trying to get across, but those of us who are hip to the plot of this whole stupid thing are aware that TRAs’ favorite thing to do is redefine and corrupt language.

We (reasonably) push back on this claim of existence, because obviously there is a 200 lb man in a babydoll dress sucking all the air out of the room right in front of us. He exists.

He does not exist the way he sees himself and/or the way he wants other people to perceive him. In that way, according to these language claims, his existence is being denied. It’s seeing the man and refusing to acknowledge him as your queen.

( tuff_terfies )
[...] We are only too aware of trans people and their demands--pronouns, cis, blah blah. What we are saying is not to step on women's right to exist. Yet they set the terms of their mutual exclusion, not us. It just proves that all "isms" are projection (e.g. Latino/as do all the work Euro-anglos don't/won't do but they are 'lazy'). Pure psychological projection; they need us to say WE DON'T EXIST so that they can colonize our lives and experiences. It is the extension of the logic of misogyny that denies our humanity.

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DONALD TRUMP: You know, I did millions and millions of votes more in 2020. I did much better. And you can cut this if you want, but the election was rigged. Fox might want to cut that one out -- but that's OK.

HOWARD KURTZ, FOX NEWS: I would just say it hasn't been proven in court.

DONALD TRUMP: Well, it was so rigged, it was so crazy, but we're going to do it again.

HOWARD KURTZ, FOX NEWS: A majority of Republicans believe Trump's insistence that the 2020 Rex was stolen, but there is no independent evidence of widespread fraud.

NastasyaFillipovna & Persimmon64 #transphobia #pratt ovarit.com

( NastasyaFillipovna )
TIL : There is a guy in Japan who thinks he is a dog, and spent around $14K to look like one.
He failed some agility test ( for dogs ) today, so it was all over news.

But, no one is changing the definition of Homo-sapiens to include dogs, are they? Where is the inclusive language? Why do we have to change everything women to include TiMs, but not everything Human to include Dogs ?

Whats the difference?

( Persimmon64 )
Oh, just give it time.

Animals don't have "human rights." Men weren't banging on about how they were women before women had the right to vote, own property, or be seen as people in society. Parents weren't claiming their little boys were girls when girls weren't allowed to go to school or get a job or were being married off at 12 to be raped for the rest of their lives.

We don't have "magic hormones" or surgeries yet to make people look more like animals. Men weren't claiming they'd be suicidal without estrogen before synthetic hormones were developed. Men and women weren't claiming they'd die or couldn't exist in the world without cosmetic surgeries before medicine offered them that possibility.

With each new development in medicine and drugs, the narrative changes and people become more deranged. The moment medicine develops a way to make a functioning gill or wings, if that ever happens, I guarantee a portion of society will come out as "trans birds," claiming they've always felt different than other people, pointing to Native American tribes that believed people had "spirit animals" or reincarnation as animals in India to claim "trans animals" have always existed, and demanding they get these procedures done or they will "literally die."

Ken Ham #conspiracy #fundie #pratt twitter.com

As much as evolutionists wish otherwise, life doesn’t evolve around Darwin—or at all.

Let me make a few observations about the culture in the West today. For instance, at Christmas, we don’t sing carols such as the following, do we?

Silent Night, Holy Night,
All is calm, All is bright,
For Charles Darwin we just want to say
Thanks for showing us the evolutionary way,
We’re glad we know we’re an ape
We’re glad we know we’re an ape

And we have never heard of anyone constructing a calendar like the following, have we?

BC (Before Charles) and AD (After Darwin)

If someone used this kind of calendar, we would of course be living in the year AD 200+ On this basis, Abraham lived around 3,800 BC.

Matt Walsh #racist #dunning-kruger #pratt angrywhitemen.org

On the Apr. 17, 2024 episode of The Matt Walsh Show,[…]Matt Walsh claimed that Aboriginal Australians “happen to have, on average, the second lowest IQ of any demographic group on the planet”[…]Walsh cited an anonymous X account[…]

What do these activists mean when they say they wanna decolonize math, given that the entire idea of decolonizing math is completely incoherent? The Arabs were colonizers too. And why are Australians of all people so interested in promoting this idea? Well one possibility is that, by some estimates as the Twitter account i/o points out, Aboriginal Australians happen to have, on average, the second lowest IQ out of any demographic group on the planet

Now that’s the sort of thing that’s supposed to be unciteable, but it’s impossible to talk about certain groups struggling academically without bringing up the intellectual elephant in the room. I mean there might be a reason why there aren’t many Aboriginals working at NASA[…]It’s an important point because it means that decolonization, practically speaking, entails dumbing down these subjects or destroying them altogether

And mainly we see, with this decolonization agenda, the embarrassment that liberal Westerners feel about the fact that their ancestors were far more advanced[…]The liberal Westerner’s constantly looking for ways to even out the score. And we’re seeing that more and more in this country as well[…]
But as we just established, some cultures and civilizations did indeed advance science and mathematics more than others. I mean there were some cultures and civilizations that didn’t advance it at all because they didn’t even have the concepts. And there were others that did quite a bit to advance it. And some of those were colonizers[…]
I mean maybe you could argue that this belongs in some elective history course somewhere, but it has no place affecting courses on the fundamentals of mathematics, which is exactly what’s happening in this country

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #crackpot #pratt #wingnut rootforamerica.com

And what they found was shocking.

In the middle of the night, they suddenly found a mail-in touchdown from an illegal alien wide receiver (they called him “an undocumented player”).

The refs also “football harvested” another mail-in touchdown by a dead running back.

Then at 3 AM a van pulled up that said “NFL” on the side and delivered another mail-in touchdown from a trans tight end who had moved to another team.

Finally, they checked the “football drop boxes” outside the stadium and found a mail-in field goal.

That’s three extra mail-in touchdowns and a mail-in field goal- all of them remarkably for San Francisco. WOW, San Francisco scored a lot of points after the game, when no one was watching. That’s really convenient. What a comeback!

The Thomas Carlyle Club for Young Reactionaries (Students Against a Democratic Society) #racist #pratt #crackpot radishmag.wordpress.com

[From “Lothrop Stoddard’s Ghost”]

Dark arts: the Carlyle Club is resurrecting the great Lothrop Stoddard to deliver a warning from the past. Spooky![…]
When I tell you that the name of book was The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy (1920), you will be able to hazard a guess as to why Lothrop Stoddard isn’t a household name[…]
White world-supremacy, politically speaking, was a simple fact[…]
Stoddard asked, “what assurance can the most impressive political panorama give us that the present world-order” — that is, white political world-supremacy — “may not swiftly and utterly pass away?”[…]
I think we can forgive Stoddard’s lumping together under “blacks,” along with the usual sub-Saharan African races, the[…]Aboriginal Australians, Papua New Guineans, and other Pacific Islanders. (Consider the similarity, not just in skin color, but also in certain societally relevant behavioral traits: low intelligence, high crime, rape[…]stabbing people, eating people, beheading sorcerers, general aggressiveness, welfare, etc)[…]
National Policy Institute reports that in 1960, white people still made up some 28 percent of the world’s population. By 2010, they were down to 16 percent. By 2060[…]white people will have dropped below 10 percent[…]
“Now what must be the inevitable result of all this?”[…]referring to the white birth rate declining while white political control caused everyone else’s birth rate to rise[…]
These protective dikes have been replaced by porous borders[…]in the name of ‘diversity,’ ‘multiculturalism,’ and ‘anti-racism’[…]
The sneaky practice of classifying anyone with any African ancestry — even if they’re visibly white, like Charles Drew — as simply “black,” for the purposes of inflating “black” accomplishments[…]or just muddying the waters of racial science[…]is hardly new[…]
Edward B. Reuter, President of the American Sociological Society, had this to say in his comprehensive 1918 book The Mulatto in the United States

Rick Moran #pratt pjmedia.com

The law says that no U.S. funding can be used to "fly or display a flag over a facility of the United States Department of State" other than the U.S. flag, other government-related flags like the prisoner of war or MIA flag, or flags in support of hostages and illegally imprisoned Americans.

This is interpreted as being "anti-LGBTQI+" because the "pride" flag had flown over some embassies in the past. Actually, I protest that embassies cannot fly the "Smokey the Bear" flag or the "Magic Kingdom" flag they fly at Disney. Those flags have as much business flying over a foreign U.S. enclave as the "pride" flag.

If you're going to fly a "pride" flag to celebrate the LGBT movement for equality, why not a flag to celebrate the movement for women's equality, black equality, Hispanic equality, Puerto Rican statehood, or any other of a dozen "movements" that would represent a goodly number of Americans who yearn for equal rights?

In today's lexicon, the "pride" flag should not be flown because it's "exclusionary."

Donald J. Trump #conspiracy #pratt #wingnut realclearpolitics.com

Trump To FOX News: "You Can Cut This If You Want, But The Election Was Rigged," "10-12% Of Democrats Are Voting For Me"

During an interview with FNC's Howard Kurtz Sunday on "Media Buzz," former President Trump continued to insist that the 2020 presidential election was "rigged."

Trump said polls don't capture his true level of support because anybody who won't answer questions from pollsters is supporting him.

DONALD TRUMP: I think the Democrats vote for me a lot more than you think. In fact, I saw where at least 10 or 12% of the Democrats are voting for me. They've never seen a number like that.

I have a theory. People in Beverly Hills vote for me, but they don't talk about it. A lot of people vote for me.

Do you know when the exit polls in 2016 came out, everybody said is, "Oh, this is a sad day, this is sad for Trump, he's not going to make it, he's not going to make it." Everyone's saying it. Remember that? And then the I end up winning quite easily. I ran Florida, I really ran the whole east coast.

And one person called up, smart guy and said, "You're going to win big." Why? -- "You're going to win big." Why do you say that? On FOX too they said it's not looking good. They say, "No, you're going to win big because there's a group of people that say don't ask me that question."

It's a how much much rougher word than that, it's a word that I won't United States on television. I can't, I will get decimated, but they told the president a certain thing, but let's be nice. They say, don't ask me that. Anybody that says, essentially, "don't ask me that" is a Trump voter. And it was the largest number of "don't ask me that" voters ever, ever, ever.

And he said every one of those voters is voting for you, and it turned out to be true.

So, you know, we ended up winning, and we did much better in 2020.

C.T. #wingnut #racist #psycho #pratt westsdarkesthour.com

[From “Slope”]


Why is ‘white nationalism’ doomed to failure?

Simply put, it is a slippery slope that leads to miscegenation

I’ve been searching the major American racial right sites these days for an article on Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with Putin[…]I only found one by David Zsutty in Counter-Currents[…]
I discovered that the commenters consider Russians to be pure whites. Contrast that not only with Mauricio’s recent quote but with what I say in our featured post:

He who has transvalued his values endorses the Generalplan Ost[…]the aim of which was to deport more than thirty million Untermenschen from the western parts of the Soviet Union to Siberia

Such an exterminationist ideology, which cannot contrast more with the neo-Christian racialism of our day, is based[…]on principles that were taken for granted in the Germany of former times[…]
What emerges from the echo chamber that is the comments section of Zsutty’s article is that these typical white nationalists have granted racial amnesty to many Slavs[…]
But all this[…]vanished like dew with the tale the Establishment has been telling us since 1945, a tale to which the so-called nationalists subscribe: the rejection of Nordicism

So-called white nationalism is a slippery slope not only because it betrays the legacy of the American eugenicists of yesteryear like Madison Grant, but Hitlerism itself. Once one starts sliding down the slope by calling pure whites a large part of the Slavs, who as Putin conceded coexist with many other peoples and ethnicities within Russia, the ideological foundations are laid for the eventual extinction of the Aryan (compare Putin’s ideology with Pierce’s ‘Extermination or Expulsion’)[…]
The ethno-traitor phobia that white nationalists feel for Nordicism, a Nordicism that includes not only National Socialism but Grant’s legacy

Ken Ham #fundie #pratt twitter.com

Over the years, atheists have mocked me for teaching children to ask the question “Were you there?” in regard to talking about origins, the age of the earth and so on. In fact, atheists have gone ballistic over me teaching children this because I’m teaching them how to think correctly about origins. And atheists hate that. They don’t want children to understand that evolution and millions of years are beliefs—all part of the religion of naturalism (atheism).

How can anyone know what happened in the beginning if none of us were there?

Now I’ve had atheists say to me, “Were you there?” in their efforts to mock me.

Well, the simple answer is “No, I was not there.” And I have never claimed to have been there.

This question, “Were you there?” is based on one that God asked Job, “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding” (Job 38:4).

By asking a series of rhetorical questions, God demonstrated that Job’s knowledge was finite—compared to God, fallible humans know next to nothing!

Job responded correctly when he stated the following:

“I know that You can do everything, and that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You. You asked, ‘Who is this who hides counsel without knowledge?’ Therefore I have uttered what I did not understand, things too wonderful for me, which I did not know. Listen, please, and let me speak; You said, “I will question you, and you shall answer Me.’ I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees You. Therefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes.” (Job 42:1–6)

Ray Comfort #fundie #crackpot #pratt livingwaters.com

This One Bible Verse Shuts Evolution Down

It’s a good feeling when something is finished. Whether it’s a construction job, the baking of a cake, or the writing of a book, finishing gives us a sense of accomplishment.

The Scriptures tell us, “Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them” (Genesis 2:1, KJV). The heavens and the earth were finished. Creation was complete. The horse was finished. It had been made by God with two eyes, two ears, one mouth, four legs, and a curve in its back to comfortably accommodate the curve of a human rider.

The dog was also finished. It had two ears, two eyes, four legs, one tail, and one bark. Both the horse and the dog also had all the necessary parts to breath air, digest food, see sights, hear sounds, and reproduce after their own kind. Plus, both had male and female. Everything was finished, complete, ready to go.

The theory of evolution says that nothing is finished. Nothing is complete. Nothing is ready to go. The horse is still evolving. So is the dog. To believe this, all you need is a big imagination, a small brain, millions of years, and the word “perhaps.”

Perhaps in millions of years, the horse will have five legs, another mouth, a bigger curve (people are getting bigger), and three ears. Perhaps it won’t. Same with the dog. Two barks? Three tails?

Evolution only evolves where it needs to evolve, and perhaps it will conclude that four legs, one mouth, a cool curve, and two ears are a perfect design for the horse. Same with the dog.

In reality, nothing evolved or is evolving. It was all created by the genius of God, and everything is complete. It is finished, just as the Scriptures say.
Then There Are Birds

“…and let birds fly above the earth across the face of the firmament of the heavens” (Genesis 1:20, NKJV).

According to the Smithsonian Magazine, an estimated 50 billion birds inhabit the earth, with around 9,700 different bird species. Of these 50 billion, approximately 1.6 billion are common house sparrows. All these birds are the distant descendants of those first created by God in the beginning. He created them male and female, and each continued to reproduce after its own kind, all the way to our modern day.