Point Refuted A Thousand Times

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At least 4 independent studies (Hooker, Mawson, Garner, and my own surveys) found an odds ratio of 5 or more for autism being more likely in the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. This means that 80% or more of autism is caused by childhood vaccines. There aren't any studies of fully vaxxed vs. fully unvaxxed showing otherwise that any of us are aware of. Congress tried to get the NIH to do a study on vaxxed vs. unvaxxed, but the bill never made it out of committee.

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The freedom to explore the North Pole Antarctica and beyond
Should be a fundamental right

If earth is an extended level plane
A traveler who continued southward would venture into unknown territory
That does not exist on a globe

The military has repeatedly barred independent explorers
In restricted and heavily patrolled waters

The Antarctic Treaty prevents all independent travel
South of 60 degrees south latitude
Harsh penalties are given to anyone who attempts to explore it

If NASA or academics wanted to shut up flat earthers once and for all
They would unrestrict travel and show people that they will just end up going back north
They would allow people to fly in a plane and see for themselves if it is a globe

The excuse is given that it is too cold to fly over Antarctica
But NASA is supposed to have gone to the moon over 50 years ago
Where it is said to be over twice as cold

India claims to have landed an unmanned spacecraft on the South Pole of the moon
And rolled out a rover
Apparently with the ability to attach to the bottom surface upside down

This is just 1969 American fakery all over again
There is no live video just ridiculous cartoon animations

The only thing live is the group of very well paid men and women fervently yelling
And applauding the pre made computer graphic illustrations broadcast as live video on psycho TV

The clearly photo shopped propaganda shows dirt and a darkened background claimed to be taken on the moon
It takes just a simple charade to delude the gullible public

People do not want the truth
They only want reassurance of what they believe is the truth
They prefer comforting lies that bend and warp their minds

The victim of mind manipulation does not know they are a victim
They think they are free
But they cannot think beyond the walls of their undetected and invisible prison!

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(Note: spacelazarwolf is not the OP. This is a targeted hate message anonymously sent to him, a Jewish trans man.)

Hi Breastie!! I'm the Good Faith Advise Anon! And I've come to share some lighthearted facts (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

One of the most prominent finantial inversors of the Trans comunity and movement less spoken of in public is Jewish business male George Soros, being one of the main sponsors of the EU trans lobby orgs through his open society foundations (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

Most violent crimes, specially those particulary henious such as rape, assault, robbery, murder, and child abuse; Males commit 80-90% of these with notorious difference. Victims includes both females and other weaker males themselves (ㆁωㆁ)

Homosexuality is a material reality based on the exclusive attraction towards other individual based on shared same sex. A person having willingly sexual activities with someone of the opposite sex is simply and objectively not homosexual 乁[ ◕ ᴥ ◕ ]ㄏ

Love ya Breastie!! (つ≧▽≦)つ

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“I’m pissed at these over and over and over again, if they’re indictments, it’ll be the fourth indictment of Donald Trump” Mr Cruz, who lost the Republican nomination for president to Mr Trump in 2016, said. “This is disgraceful. Our country’s over 200 years old. We’ve never once indicted a former president, or a candidate or a leading candidate for president and this is Joe Biden and this is the Democrats weaponizing the justice system because they're afraid of the voters.”

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There are millions of Russians living in these places and they seem to ignore this in the West. The West should of never instigated a coup in Ukraine to begin with. I find it very odd and dubious on what they fail report and address about that conflict in West. All it proves is how deceitful the West is about the situation. It's really disgusting.

Steve Kirsch #conspiracy #pratt twitter.com

Have you ever heard of a child who became "overnight autistic" that was NOT vaccinated?

I haven't been able to find such a child.

Overnight autistic means completely normal previous day, severely autistic the day after.

I have not heard of this happening EXCEPT after a vaccine. Have you?

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As a heatwave take over much of America and Europe, with seawater in Florida reaching 100 degrees or more, much of Greece on fire, and July set to be the hottest month in living memory, some are still putting their head in sand about climate change and what the heatwave means for our Earth.

Some right-wing conspiracy theorists have suggested that the heatwave is in fact a hoax and the numbers being reported are false.

GB News presenter Neil Oliver has accused the BBC "and others" of "driving fear" by using "supposedly terrifying temperatures", in a clip that has been viewed over 2 million times. Oliver claims that the reported temperatures of "40 this and 40 that... were obtained using satellite images of ground temperatures," he said. "That's never been the temperature that's used in weather reporting and forecasting."

Many conspiracy theorists have latched onto the temperature reported by BBC from the interior of Sicily (47C) and a weather station in sea-side Palermo (37C) from the BBC weather app, as proof that the BBC is faking its data. The BBC disputed the claims, stating that ground temperatures "are not used in the BBC's weather reporting and forecasting" unlike Oliver's false claim.

Oliver also retweeted other claims that climate data is manipulated and false, showing he is just one of many who are promoting such conspiracies.

Former Fox News commentator Steven Milloy called it the "heat wave hysteria hoax".

Some conspiracy theorists in the UK have argued that the heatwave and climate change are a hoax due to most of the country facing heavy wind and rain during the summer.

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(Jerome O'mara)
You don't know what fascism is. If you did you would know that conservatives and Trump supporters are not fascist, but Democrats are. Fascism is a form of socialism and only the democrats love socialism

(Della Navarro)
Conservatives haven't changed. We have still believed the same ideologies for centuries: Slavery is wrong, discrimination is bad. If you look back into history, you will see the Conservative party wasn't the one who fought to KEEP slavery or Jim Crow....

(Darryl Peterson)
If they are insane, they become liberals. Insanity and liberalism go together.

(Diana Rodriguez)
@ R M
the slaveholders were ALL democrats. The Indigenous People's (use the correct term if you are going to refer to our people) genocide in this country was brought to you by DEMOCRAT ANDREW JACKSON.

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RE: Affirmative Action got nuked and negros are seething hard on Twitter!

niggers deserve to be slaves.

fucking cumskin ruining everything. over-flowing empathy for ugly chimp niggers.

all those refugee ships should be shot down and all niggers machine gunned down.

arab slavers used to mass castrate those niggers.

yup whites are too kind. They even bitch about parents spanking their kids. Muh chicken rights in factories etc. Too mentally weak. How'd they get this weak?

its part religion (cuck christianity) like u mentioned

but the underlying imo is the genetics

cumskins evolved in condition when altruism was evolutionary beneficial.

i suppose during stone age, the condition in europe was harsh, the population density very low. having unconditional high trust to strangers as well within tribes, were highly beneficial. and all those individuals were related somehow by blood ,even those from other tribes.

a small group of 3 hunters chasing after a group of wild horses, encountering another group of 10 hunters, rather than be sus of each other and compete or even get into conflict, it might be more beneficial in Europe at that time to just cooperate and take down the group of wild horses together and everyone get share.

whereas in shittier places like China, india etc. the condition were not the same and they favorred group competition as well as in-group compeititon (but with in group prioritized over out group). the population density was much higher than europe (most of china in ice age was ice free and altitutde of china was much lower than europe meaning more sun, more plants = more food and animals)

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we should ban all uncircumcised guys from this site, they can't be involuntarily celibate because foreskin is a built-in pussy 4 men 2 ascend with

Seriously, the only guys who understand TRUE sexual frustration are circumcised guys like me with thousands of sensitive nerve cells amputated from birth with insensitive glans with keratinized skin who barely feel anything.

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When I fap it's just uncomfortable. There's nothing to move around. It's just like tightness and scar tissue.

Jews, specifically the rabbinists, created inceldom. Inceldom never existed until the Rabbinists invented circumcision in 600AD.

Prior to this 100% of men had their foreskins and never pined to ascend with women as they do today since foreskin sheaths are built-in onahole vaginas you fuck whenever you fap.

If they ever hand out free wives, the circumcised men should get the first wives and the uncircumcised men should only get some if there are extras. Also you should get the wives with the loosest pussies since you didn't lose girth by having your penis flayed.

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intact guys ascending is the true bliss which amputated guys will never experience, so we can never truly ascend even if we do fuck a pussy

circumcised guys are 100% truecels even if they fuck a thousand pussies because they never get that double pussy action

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Wildly popular podcaster Joe Rogan once again pushed the baseless conspiracy theory that the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection was a false flag orchestrated by the federal government, adding that pro-Trump rioter Ray Epps “clearly instigated” the attack.

“The Jan. 6 thing is bad, but also, the intelligence agencies were involved in provoking people into the Capitol Building. That’s a fact,” Rogan proclaimed before invoking Epps’ supposed involvement in pushing rioters to attack the Capitol.

While calling it a “fact” that the federal government utilized “agent provocateurs” on Jan. 6 while citing Epps, he also asserted that he still doesn’t know if Epps was actually working with the FBI. Instead, he was merely asking questions and noting other people seemed to believe that Epps was an undercover agent.

“I don’t know, but I do know that every other, I think that every other person who was involved in Jan. 6, who was involved in coordinating a break-in into the Capitol and then instigating people, they were all arrested,” he insisted. “This guy wasn’t. Not only that, but they were defending him in The New York Times, The Washington Post, all these different things saying Fox News has unjustly accused him of instigating when he clearly instigated, he did it on camera. I don’t know if he was a fed. I know a lot of people think he was a fed.”

According to Rogan, the reason why the intelligence community was so determined to frame Trump during the Jan. 6 riots—a protest to stop the 2020 presidential election from being certified—was due to the ex-president’s hatred of the so-called “deep state.”

“Trump was very open about his disdain for the intelligence agencies,” Rogan said. “Throughout history, people of unchecked power and unchecked influence have enemies, and Trump was their enemy.”

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #pratt #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Objects fall or rise because of buoyancy and density
Apples fall because they are denser than the air
Helium balloons rise because they are lighter than the air

Submarines float because their ballast tanks are filled with air
But when the vents are opened and sea water rushes in they sink
Imaginary invisible gravity has nothing to do with it
There is no gravitational constant because objects will not fall at the same rate
The medium of the electromagnetic ether forms a pressure gradient

The small near sun is perpetually hovering above and parallel to the surface of the flat motionless earth
It rotates concentric clockwise circles from tropic to tropic

The Tropic of Cancer is where the sun makes its smallest and slowest circle
Then proceeds back in its expanding quickening journey to the Tropic of Capricorn

These northernly and southernly courses produce the seasons
The daily spiraling movement of the sun is the cause of the alteration of day and night

The Midnight Sun is the phenomenon experienced by observers north of the Artic circle during the summer solstice
Where the sun is continually seen circling above for all 24 hours of the day
This can be experienced for a few days or several weeks depending how far north the observer is

At this same time in Antarctica the sun disappears for over 2 months from mid May to mid July
Leaving everyone in darkness and cold
There is never a 24 hour sunlight period in the summertime in Antarctica

The Antarctic Treaty bans all independent exploration and travel in Antarctica
It is not for the penguins because the elite slaughter penguins for their DMT
That is used in Illuminati rituals

To believe the earth revolves in a circle around the sun
Is abandoning your senses to science fiction fantasies

Chaining them to the fantastical explanations of astronomical charlatans
Mudding them in a blur of fallacies

Yoweri Museveni & George Peter Kaluma #homophobia #pratt #psycho #wingnut theguardian.com

Ugandan president calls on Africa to ‘save the world from homosexuality’

Museveni says homosexuality is ‘danger to procreation of human race’ at Entebbe conference hosted by US anti-LGBTQ+ hate group

The Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni, has called on African leaders to reject “the promotion of homosexuality”, suggesting he will sign into law a controversial anti-LGBTQ+ bill, which was passed by parliament last month.

The bill, which imposes the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality” and life imprisonment for “recruitment, promotion and funding” of same-sex “activities”, has been widely criticised internationally, with the UN high commissioner for human rights urging the president not to sign it.

Speaking on Sunday, Museveni said homosexuality was “a big threat and danger to the procreation of human race [sic]”.

He said: “Africa should provide the lead to save the world from this degeneration and decadence, which is really very dangerous for humanity. If people of opposite sex [sic] stop appreciating one another then how will the human race be propagated?”

His comments followed a two-day inter-parliamentary conference held at State House in Entebbe on “family values and sovereignty”, attended by MPs and delegates from 22 African countries, including Zambia, Kenya and Sierra Leone.

Museveni praised Ugandan MPs for passing the anti-gay bill and vowed “never to allow the promotion and publicisation of homosexuality in Uganda, stressing that it will never be tolerated”.

A Ugandan LGBTQ+ activist, who asked to remain anonymous for their own safety, attended the conference via Zoom under a pseudonym. “They are drawing up an African strategy to fight homosexuality. They want their government heads to commit to what they called ‘the African position’,” the activist said.

The Uganda government tweeted quotes from a Kenyan MP, George Peter Kaluma, stating that “a person proposing that there should be same-sex marriages or same-sex relationships is a person seeking to wipe out the entire humanity out of the face of this earth [sic]”.

The government also tweeted that Kaluma, who attended the conference, had said many African states were drafting laws similar to the one in Uganda, including Kenya, Ghana and Malawi.

Steve Kirsch quoting @TwiceCancelled #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger #pratt #wingnut twitter.com

Fired nurse (@TwiceCancelled) wrote a DM to me. See if you can spot a pattern here:

"I can't get you numbers because I was fired... but i might be able to get COVID numbers through our discovery from our lawsuit. I will hand-over anything I get.

But what I can say is the only time I ever saw ITP was in a child vaccinated (within hours) after MMR. The only time I saw unexplained ARDS was in a child receiving 9mo vaccines. The only time I saw an unexplained tumor in an infant (ie not congenital) was in a vaccinated infant and I know because I was the one that vaccinated the infant. The only time I saw intussusception was within days of vaccination. The only time I saw transverse myelitis was in a recently vaccinated child. I saw multiple babies suffer from seizures or respiratory distress after vaccination... to the point where the medical team purposely changed their vaccination practice of hospitalized children."

So the hospitals know it isn't safe and effective. But they aren't saying anything. Make sense?

Yoweri Museveni, Robina Rwakoojo, John Musila and others #homophobia #pratt #psycho #wingnut theguardian.com

Ugandan MPs pass bill imposing death penalty for homosexuality

MPs in Uganda have passed a controversial anti-LGBTQ+ bill, which would make homosexual acts punishable by death, attracting strong condemnation from rights campaigners.

All but two of the 389 legislators voted late on Tuesday for the hardline anti-homosexuality bill, which introduces capital and life imprisonment sentences for gay sex and “recruitment, promotion and funding” of same-sex “activities”.

“A person who commits the offence of aggravated homosexuality and is liable, on conviction to suffer death,” reads the bill presented by Robina Rwakoojo, the chairperson for legal and parliamentary affairs.

Just two MPs from the ruling party, Fox Odoi-Oywelowo and Paul Kwizera Bucyana, opposed the new legislation.

“The bill is ill-conceived, it contains provisions that are unconstitutional, reverses the gains registered in the fight against gender-based violence and criminalises individuals instead of conduct that contravenes all known legal norms,” said Odoi-Oywelowo.

One MP in the chamber, John Musila, wore a gown reading: “Say No To Homosexual, Lesbianism, Gay.”


An earlier version of the bill prompted widespread international criticism and was later nullified by Uganda’s constitutional court on procedural grounds. The bill will now go to President Yoweri Museveni, who can veto or sign it into law. In a recent speech he appeared to express support for the bill.

President Museveni last month said Uganda will not embrace homosexuality, claiming that the west was seeking to compel other countries to “normalise” what he called “deviations”.

“The western countries should stop wasting the time of humanity by trying to impose their practices on other people,” said Museveni in a televised address to parliament on 16 March.

“Homosexuals are deviations from the normal. Why? Is it by nature or by nurture? We need to answer those questions. We need a medical opinion on that,” he said.

Steve Kirsch #conspiracy #pratt twitter.com

The CDC has been lying to people for more than 20 years now, making the FALSE claim that vaccines do not cause autism. They are lying. The exact opposite is true. Nearly all autism in America can be stopped if we stop all vaccines. It has a side benefit too: our kids will be healthier overall.

Lu Shaye #wingnut #moonbat #crackpot #pratt news.yahoo.com

In an interview with Swiss journalist Darius Rochebin, Chinese ambassador to France Lu Shaye said that former Soviet countries "have no effective status in international law."

“In international law, even these ex-Soviet Union countries do not have the effective status because there is no international agreement to materialize their status of a sovereign country,” he said.

“He denies the very existence of countries like Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, etc.,” Antoine Bondaz, a China expert at the Paris-based think-tank Foundation for Strategic Research, wrote on Twitter.

Also, when asked whether he thinks Crimea belongs to Ukraine, the ambassador said, "it depends on how you perceive the problem," adding that "it's not that simple." He also said Crimea was "Russian at the beginning," without specifying what he meant by beginning.

Ukraine has not yet commented on the issue.

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(Jerome O'mara)
You don't know what fascism is. If you did you would know that conservatives and Trump supporters are not fascist, but Democrats are. Fascism is a form of socialism and only the democrats love socialism

(Della Navarro)
Conservatives haven't changed. We have still believed the same ideologies for centuries: Slavery is wrong, discrimination is bad. If you look back into history, you will see the Conservative party wasn't the one who fought to KEEP slavery or Jim Crow....

(Darryl Peterson)
If they are insane, they become liberals. Insanity and liberalism go together.

(Diana Rodriguez)
@ R M
the slaveholders were ALL democrats. The Indigenous People's (use the correct term if you are going to refer to our people) genocide in this country was brought to you by DEMOCRAT ANDREW JACKSON.

Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA) & Janet Kira Lessin, (CEO, Aquarian Radio) #ufo #crackpot #pratt #conspiracy enkispeaks.com

Darwin’s hypothesis that species evolve into other species by small additions over a long time has proven false. Lloyd Pye has shown that After 150 years of Darwinians’ searching, no missing links have been found to show a transition from one species to another. Nor has ANY species here ever evolved into another. Each species does indeed adapt in size and special anatomies to changing environments, but never into another species. This sudden introduction of species, however, in no way validates the silly creationist idea that Earth was created in six days 6, 000 years ago.
300, 000 years ago, Enki, Chief Scientist of the goldmining expedition of modern Homo Sapiens from the planet Nibiru to Earth went to the Great Rift Valley (southeast Africa) to study Homo Erectus (ancestor of modern Bigfoot), again, a sudden introduction to Earth, as key to adaptations Nibirans would need to create adapted Homo Sapien slaves–us– who could thrive on Earth and labor for the expedition. Erectus reasoned, freed animals from traps. He communicated telepathically rather than speak. Enki and his sister, the expedition’s Chief Medical Officer and Enki’s son Ningishzidda, created us, adding a few Erectus genes, some copper, clay, and Homo Sapien mitochondrial DNA from Ninmah to adapt us for them.
The early experiments with genetic engineering created many failures and some viable creatures–griffin, cyclop, merpeople, minotar.

Enki and Ningishzidda serviced Erectus women but failed to impregnate them. So Enki and Ningishzidda gathered their own seed, and, in test tubes, fertilized Erectus ova to create zygotes. Then they planted the zygotes in Erectus women. The first babies born of the Erectus women lacked vision, hand dexterity or internal functioning. To beat these defects, Ninmah created the next zygote in a vessel of copper8 and African clay instead of a test tube.

Every-ist And-ophobe #transphobia #dunning-kruger #pratt #interphobia youtube.com

ANYONE that uses "pronouns" should be cancelled. This is the EXACT PROBLEM. look if your a man and you dress up like a woman and put on makeup you are NOT A WOMAN. And you CANNOT FORCE ME to be a part of your mental illness. Period. NO amount of hormones or makeup will EVER change your DNA only 2 sets of chromosomes XX AND XY THAT 100% FACT AND you can't FORCE me to go against FACTS AMD TRUTH.

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I saw that the space daddy has said that cis and cisgender are considered slurs on twitter. I hadn't really thought about it til I saw a video putting more context on it and got me think about how is used and who's been using it and think it may have some validation as such. What do you think?

I'm with Norm Macdonald. It's an attempt to marginalise normal people.

It is a slur, it's used as a slur and it's whole purpose and use is to demoralize those you are speaking to or about.

It's an attempt to make you cosign their narrative. Glad someone is putting it down.

Pepe Escobar #moonbat #pratt unz.com

Waiting for the End of the World

We cannot even begin to fathom the non-stop ripple effects deriving from the 2023 geopolitical earthquake that shook the world: Putin and Xi, in Moscow, de facto signaling the beginning of the end of Pax Americana.

The Hegemon, under its self-concocted “rules-based international order”, essentially never did diplomacy. Now their version of “diplomacy” has degenerated even further into crude insults by an array of US, EU and UK’s intellectually challenged and frankly moronic functionaries.

Yet what really matters for Moscow are non-stop Eurasia integration; closer ties with “friendly global centers” China and India; increased help to Africa; more strategic cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean, the lands of Islam – Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt – and ASEAN.

In 1848 these were liberal revolutions; today we have essentially popular anti-liberal (and anti-war) revolutions – from farmers in the Netherlands and Belgium to unreconstructed populists in Italy and Left and Right populists combined in France.

The difference now is that Russia and China are showing to the Global South that what American strategists had in store for them – you’re going to “freeze in the dark” if you deviate from what we say – is no longer applicable. Most of the Global South is now in open geoeconomic revolt.

That’s how the Xi-Putin view could make inroads across the collective West: show that this ersatz “modernity” (which incorporates rabid cancel culture) is essentially void compared to traditional, deeply rooted cultural values – be it Confucianism, Taoism or Eastern Orthodoxy. The Chinese and Russian concepts of civilization-state are much more appealing than they appear.

Globalist neoliberal totalitarianism of course won’t disappear under a sand storm. There’s still a maelstrom of toxicity ahead: suspension of constitutional rights; Orwellian propaganda; goon squads; censorship; cancel culture; ideological conformity; irrational curbs of freedom of movement; hatred and even persecution of – Slav – Untermenschen; segregation; criminalization of dissent; book burnings, show trials; fake arrest mandates by the kangaroo ICC; ISIS-style terror.

deathevokation #wingnut #pratt #transphobia #homophobia doomer.boards.net

[Context: someone named Marisa with a profile pic from the japanese franchise Touhou talked shit about Doomer Boards, and one of the members got salty about it.]
I feel so sorry for the Japanese guy who made Touhou; you make a hard as nails bullet hell shooter on a shoestring budget with a VERY decent soundtrack while drunk that has a universe filled with SOUL that's thematically steeped in Japanese folklore. You add a diverse stylish cast of characters who have charming and eccentric personalities that are mostly morally grey and some are really badass (I mean there's a loyal house maid who doubles up as a bodyguard for a vampire mansion that can literally freeze time then throw hundreds of knives at you before unfreezing time.. but can just as easily serve you tea).

The niche game spiralling into success is really heartwarming for me, Japanese musicians (<3 Shibayan) make amazing rearrangements of your songs with female singers who have amazing vocal ranges like 3L, hundreds of fangames get made across different genres and an anime and tons of manga get adapted from it.

Meanwhile in the West it's just taint and despair everywhere.. pedophiles, sex pests, groomers, stalkers, predators and ideologically driven creeps try become your characters so they can use your characters' faces to appropriate and pass off their unacceptable chaotic evil personalities and fetishes as "morally grey".. alongside the usual "social democrats" invading what excuse there is in the Western fandom to try assert ideological control over it really just adds up to Touhou being lowkey the biggest disconnect between the East and West I've seen, ever... you can't even blame anyone for hating it the moment they find out it exists when that's the only reaction you can trust.

I tried really hard not to write this post, but wow, fuck you "Marrisa", thank you for further vilifying a franchise that really didn't need further vilification. Kudos.

Saintly Beginnings #transphobia #dunning-kruger #pratt youtube.com

disagreeing with a treatment philosophy or realizing that someone is a company liability is NOT being a racist nor wishing/ wanting harms to come to anyone (ie- what ‘homophobia’ used to mean)

There is far more medical research that shows ‘affirming care’ does NOT reduce suicidal concerns, addiction issues, self harm, or mental health issues related to the dysphoria.

In psychology, affirming a patients delusion has NEVER been standard care, and in the research done (odd research even had to be done), affirming a patients delusion has overwhelmingly ended up being worse for the patient.

We wouldn’t tell a bulimic or anorexic that they are fat; we wouldn’t tell a person w/ BIID that their arm/ leg/ vision isn’t really theirs and then cut that body part off, or make someone a paraplegic because they believe they are in the wrong body and should’ve been born as a paraplegic.

Stating these truths is not being bigoted, it is actually coming from a genuine place of compassion.

And the popular declaration “Authentic self” means nothing. It sounds nice, but has no valid meaning. Humans constantly grow, struggle, change in opinions & views, interests change, food preferences change, fashion & hairstyles, as well.

So one would have to know who they will be, enjoy, like, believe far into the future to be able to come close to reaching such a statement.

Qthestormrider77 #crackpot #wingnut #ufo #pratt #conspiracy t.me

As MUSK gets closer to being INDICTED, and Deep State DARPA > ROCKEFELLER'S CIA REGIME on a full attack to Bring down MUSK and bring Twitter Back into the control of the[ DS] ....>> The White hats have GAME THEORY Operations in place and counter measures.
_From inside Reports MUSK is BAIT< ( a well placed plan and Musk is part of the TRAP and EXPOSURE) .
>MUSK KNOWS WHERE THE DEAD BODIES ARE BURIED (IMPORTANT INTEL THAT WILL BRING DOWN THE DEEP STATE).... Including full information on 911 and the [ ds] Military's CLASSIFIED WEAPONS that was used in 911.

BEHIND THE SCENES>]; The Deep State Military is trying to get a hold of MUSK's servers. Computers, Data storages and full operations connected to under ground Facilities in California, Texas and Florida that house super computers and quantum computers that is unknown to public and the newest most advanced computers that operate SPACE-X .
_MUSK knows the Military Technology that was used to bring down the Twin Towers during 911 were Tesla Energy Weapons> ZERO POINT ENERGY WEAPONS (the same energy that surrounds you in everyday life, atoms ,molecules, atomic level structures that carry INFINITE ENERGY
Now when you look back at 911 an see the first Tower Fall.. You can see they turn to dust Instantly as they fall..... The false lies that the heat of the place crash was so strong it melted the steel iron is a lie as you can visibly see people standing in the hole left by the plane and next to the iron Steel columns before the collapse. >The MILLIONS of tons of steel used to create the twin towers were missing and mostly ash was left behind.
THE DEEP STATE IS WELL AWARE MUSK HAS CREATED A FAKE HOLOGRAM SYSTEM> The same fake hologram systems that was created in the early 50s by the Military industrial complex projects.
>These hologram systems can create fake military planes, space shuttles or alien UFOs or even planets in the skies
(China CCP also has the same holographic systems)

Rep. Burchett, McCarthy, Scalise, Donalds, US Congress #dunning-kruger #fundie #pratt #wingnut washingtonpost.com

[Title: What top Republican lawmakers said about the Nashville school shooting]
Tim Burchett was asked by reporters how Congress might respond to the mass killing Monday at a private school in Nashville. It was tragic, he told them, but there was nothing the lawmakers could do[...]
“We’re not going to fix it,” [...] “I don’t see any real role that we could do other than mess things up, honestly.”
GOP leaders repeatedly deflected questions about what action from Congress might help prevent the murder of schoolchildren and their adult caretakers by heavily armed shooters.
Kevin McCarthy [...] said later that he wanted to see “all the facts” before discussing it. Several other Republicans stuck to that now-familiar script, suggesting it was inappropriate for lawmakers to debate gun violence until more facts came in. What facts were missing in this case, they didn’t say.
Tim Burchett [...] "So it’s a horrible, horrible situation. [...] I don’t think a criminal is going to stop from guns [...] I don’t think you’re going to stop the gun violence. I think you’ve got to change people’s hearts. You know, as a Christian, as we talk about in the church — and I’ve said this many times — I think we really need a revival in this country."
He also fielded a question about how to protect children like his daughter, who is school-aged, from gun violence.
“Well,” Burchett said “we home-school her.”
Steve Scalise [...] "I do is, I pray. I pray for the victims, pray for their families. I really get angry when I see people trying to politicize it for their own personal agenda, especially when we don’t even know the facts, there are facts coming out."
Byron Donalds [...] “If you’re going to talk about the AR-15, you’re talking politics now,” Donalds said. “So, again, if we’re going to talk solutions, let’s talk solutions. Let’s not get into politics.”

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FSTDT, a far-left gossip blog and harassment campaign, often tries to insult by accusing me of racism. (Spoilers: I'm not racist. But FSTDT, which is primarily used and hosted by white people, constantly displays the N word and other racial slurs in a wide variety of their posts. Even referring to me as an n**ger.) The head of the harassment campaign against me specifically recently started comparing me to Darla Dimple, the main villain of the 1997 animated film "Cats Don't Dance."

Shallowly, it was to basically both call me a spoiled brat and to also imply I wasn't human by comparing me to a literal 2D cartoon villain. (FSTDT often resorts to methods mentioned in the ten stages of genocide like dehumanization and denial while also hypocritically claiming to be anti-Nazi... despite calling me a K*po and comparing my friends to Nazis. Often calling them "freaks and fuck-ups"... many of my friends are minorities belong to groups such as the LGBTQ+ community and Autistic communities, with my own best friend being a bisexual Jewish man. Keep in mind: FSTDT consider Jews, LGBTQ+ people, and Autistic people "freaks and fuck-ups" in their own words.)
This actually got me thinking about both my harassment at the hands of FSTDT and media analysis (one of my passions) as a whole. By comparing me to Darla, they proved to me that they either didn't watch the movie, understand its characters beyond the surface level, or get the deeper meanings and metaphors at all.

"Cats Don't Dance" is an allegory for how minorities were treated during the golden age of Hollywood during the 1930s. From being denied prestigious jobs, given little to no screen time, often reduced to stereotypes, etc. Darla's motivation is to prevent new talented animals (being stand-in minorities) from "stealing her spotlight".

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(Matt Walsh)
"What Is A Woman" is a global movement. Nigeria at the UN is hosting a screening of the film for African delegates. It's clear that African nations don't want gender ideology imposed on them.

It has already found a large following in South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Now African delegates at the UN are attending a screening. The film is not only changing this country but reaching across the world. Incredibly proud to have been a part of this project.

Nope, they see where this leads to:

1) pregnant men
2) urinals in the women's bathroom
3) tampons in the men's bathroom
4) men on women's sports teams
5) doctors "guess" what a child is at birth

Africa is looking at this degeneracy and saying NO THANKS!.

The US, its neighbors and the European countries have fallen down an ever rapidly expanding dark hole of Gender Ideology.

Smart and Calculated of the African Nation

Probable entertained by the slow moving disaster called United States of America.

A shade of schadenfreude

(Jane J)
Media attention and promotion of all things transgender is hugely disproportionate to the % of global population who are directly involved.The fact that a trans woman has been made 'woman of the year ' and trans women in women's sport shows how absurd this situation has become .

(Charles Dickens)
Many don’t realize that the US withholds funding to countries that do not implement DEI culture- one of the reasons no hearts or minds were won in Afghanistan.

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I'll never forget what a bully named Niam told me once: "You can tell a lot about a person by the people they hang out with, Claire. And you hang-out with freaks and fuck-ups."

...And if the selfless, compassionate, intelligent, loyal, creative, and downright incredible friends I've made in my lifetime are "freaks", then I'm more than proud to be a freak. pink heart {big}

(And unlike you and your friends, we don't use racial slurs, quote hate groups like Autism Speaks, or brag about stalking and harassing minors online. Maybe look at whom you hang out with before judging others, Niam.)

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@Gregory James
Yes they were fascists and that is one step towards socialism. Socialism is the removal of individual rights. Most people dont want to give up those rights so a form of dictator steps in and forces them to conform. No country has actually really made it to true socialism. They get stuck at the dictator.
@Norman Sukut
There is no right wing fascism. On the right is conservatism, nationalism/patriotism, libertarian(usually) constitutionalism,

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Wow TC, you trying to paint me into something you want me to be? No, not a Nazis but then I'm not some faggot running around waving his wang in a parade at the kiddies on the sidelines, nor am I a tranny spouting, " we're coming to take your kids". Nor am I a idiotic BLM'er that thinks de-funding the police is a good idea or that abortion rights isn't anything other than murder. Or condone open borders as something to promote child sex slavery. As to Neo Nazis and gun problem goes together is so much horse puckey.