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We are at the end game

The poisoning of the air and weather warfare operations
Has created climate change
And a civilization of disease

We watch clones with fluttering eyes
Interviewing cyborg reptilians with bulging necks on news broadcasts
But 99 percent of the population have no clue as to what is really transpiring

Cancer is now being treated with MRNA injections
Of programmable hydrogel and polymers
That puts GPS signals inside the host

Food is poisoned and there is not an uproar
Nurofen pain killers contain graphene oxide

Microwave pulsing hits us while we sleep
Similar to a microwave oven

Dental anesthetic injections are loaded with hydrogel graphene
And nano smart dust to connect us to the Cloud

Synthetic thoughts are sent to make people feel negative toward each other
And negative towards themselves

Satanic freemasonry governs us behind closed doors

Virus in Latin means poison
And Corona means crown

Corona virus means the elite oligarchy
Who are the highest ranking Freemasons
Are poisoning the commoners

All smart devices are transmitters
That send information to the Cloud

Cell phones and computers modify you through your eyes
Sending infrared technology into the body
Creating automatons

But the Father of All Perfection is here
His Spirit will ascend from the earth to the heavens
And then descend back down

All things superior and inferior will receive the life force
It will be the glory of the whole world and will penetrate everything

The Spirit of God will separate the wheat from the chaff
And life will begin anew

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The time of Jesus was in the early 1500s
The time of Genesis was approximately 500 years earlier

In the 1600s
The Bible became canonized
Being revised form Hebrew and Gnostic sources

The fraud of the historic church was set up
And the control system of religion was institutionalized

The Gnostics believed in the prevalent story of a virgin goddess
Of Sophia giving birth to a divine being without a partner

Except the offspring had a serpent like body
With the head of a lion
Which is the Sphinx
Whom Gnostics call the Demiurge

The Demiurge ruled over his own section of heaven
And needed archons to assist him

Sophia gave birth to the Demiurge after descending to the lower heavens
And Mars became Ruler of the Underworld

Adam and Eve
Like the Demiurge and Sophia
Were Mars and Venus

Venus was born in a shell or lotus blossom
Which was a plasma formation

The Egyptian Coffin Texts say
The beautiful youth
The boy from the womb ascends to the lotus flower
And illuminates the land with his light

In the Mayan Book of Chilam Balam
The sun god is explicitly described as dwelling in the center of a 4 petaled flower

Heracles was brought back to life
By means of a reunion with his divine partner Astarte

Isis saw her child Osiris burning in the fire
This is the baptism by fire
In which newborns were wrapped in swaddling clothes
And moved around right above the flames

The cross and Ceiba tree were the same in Mayan belief
The Ceiba tree had 4 branches each going off in one of the 4 cardinal directions

The cross is called the Yax Chi
Which means the green tree
That was in the center of the cosmos

Just as the Yggdrasil tree in Norse lore was an evergreen tree
On which Thor was hanged

The Tree of life is the Aroura Borealis
When plasma surges up into the sky
And branches outward in electrical filaments

It is on the world tree that Venus set up her green garden
Which was also the holy cross

Jesus carrying his cross
Him falling down under its weight
And being stripped of his garments
Is Mars entering the plasma womb of Venus to be reborn!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

The Sphinx is an Anubis

The Anubis was the guardian of the Venus portal in the previous era
It was a disfigured Mars in a high voltage plasma environment

Formerly there was a granite altar and a dream stele between its paws
That served as a gateway to distant realms

The head was originally a small sanctuary
Accessible from an opening on the forehead
Which has now been filled in by cement

The head as been reconfigured
Due to a blast of highly charged energy that removed a large portion

The sanctuary led to a main sanctum
That ran along the back of the Sphinx

The main sanctum connected to a vast underground labyrinth
Beneath the Giza plateau

A 40 foot causeway containing stairs
Penetrated the perfect workmanship of the Giza basalt floor
Which is now mostly in ruins

The enormous subsurface complex of passages consists of engraved walls and supporting pillars
Porticos of smoothed megalithic stones dress the entranceways

It is reminiscent of a huge computer software platform
A circuit board with massive processor chips above ground
That harness energy and process it at the same time

The processor chips are the 3 main pyramids above ground
Along with the numerous smaller pyramids
That still retain their original casing stones

The word pyramid means fire in the middle
Which relate to the internal electrical currents that once flowed through it

The colossal pyramid complex at Giza
With its immense subterranean structure
That has been kept hidden from public scrutiny

Was a vibrational pulse generator
With a steady rhythm of vertical compression waves
That propagated throughout its entirety!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Higher life forms were engaged in creating life on earth
Our bodies were grown with bacteria in petri dishes

Reptilians will genetically engineer a new species
Designed to be tuned into their false reality or matrix

The matrix acts like a laser reading computer software
Bringing pre programmed information to human DNA
Which we send onto the screen of our decoded reality

The program is running in every human mind body computer

There is heating in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune
Which is a clear indication that they are being driven by energy from above

Charged energy beams from so called moons
Manipulate the electric current of each polar vortex
Causing polygonal storms at the poles

The beams are producing counter polar vortex rotational patterns
And form hexagons

Hex means to cast a spell
They are connecting us to the future that they have drawn

The planetary vortices are cosmic ray accelerators
Bringing in information from other dimensions

The electron beams are creating diocotron instabilities in the axial current
Which is a flowing jet stream of charged particles

That fan out into a torus
And circulate as an electrical circuit

To prevent a great awakening
There is a more intensified input in the vortexes

And an escalated effort
To keep us in the matrix!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Polaris is the only non moving bright object in the sky
It is not a star
It is a projector

We cannot see past the dome barrier of highly charged plasma

Like the moon
Polaris is a newcomer

The former Stella Polaris supported the sky
And upheld the firmament on the navel of heaven

The former Pole Star was also the Stella Maris
Which means Star of the Sea

He was Lord of the Wind
The Hebrew word rauch in Genesis translated as spirit means wind

The pole at the north was a violent wind
It was a stupendous churning pillar

It was a fiery axis and a whirling ray of light
That emitted intense auroral events and heaven spanning arcs

The north polar column was in former times a sustained plasma discharge
Of high intensity

It was at the summit of this visual vertical column where Saturn reigned
His kingdom in the far north was observed all over the world

Saturn became the unmoving polar sun that lived in a great and splendid abode
He resided in a land of light usually translated as horizon
On the current of plasma which ascended through the seven heavens

It was after the age of darkness that followed the fall of Atlantis
That Saturn took his place on the pole as supreme ruler

Saturn was Elohim which is usually translated as God
And the Star of the Sabbath which means resting or stationary star

The Lord God Saturn was bigger than the other planetary gods
And the radiance of the Sun God shined brighter

He was the purple star that became a blue star that became a yellow star
The stars gradually made their appearance
From the disco ball projection of Polaris

As the fake cosmos of false astronomers took hold
The world has become blinded with the heliocentric model

The role of the Star Trek series and movies
Is to delude the public into believing in a universe of inhabited planets
Circling around suns in endless space

A public observatory is where a reflection of star shaped lights
Are shone onto the above screen or ceiling

Polaris is the projector
And the stars of the fake sky is what is being projected!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick bennettleeross.com

Unprecedented ripples of destruction
In the outer dimensional fields

Appear as a series of explosive demolitions
Of AI supercomputer networks and their subsidiary machinery

An enormous amount of light particles and left over debris
Is being flung through space

The breakdown of artificial magnetic fields
Results in fireballs of light

Which reverberate omnidirectionally
With tidal waves of released condensed scalar energy

Generating sudden shocking and surreal events
Such as a lightning bolt out of the blue

Anti life currents run by reversal networks
And metatronic implants operating in the collective consciousness energy field
Are timekeeper mechanisms that cause an assortment of phase disruptions

Lunar rods which send out Caduceus implants
Is another time dialation technology
That distorts organic time fields

Are all being rendered inoperative

In the Sumerian Egyptian invasion
Humanitys diamond sun DNA was disconnected

The 8th and 12th portals were blocked
Resulting in the blocking of the 8th and 12th chakras

2024 is the year of the Yang Dragon
And spinning octahedrons are projecting out multiple rainbow arcs
That immediately expand and vaporize the completely negative and spiritually abusive

April 4 or 4 4 24 is the alignment of Neptune Venus Saturn and Mars
April 8 or 8 4 24 will be the fake eclipse centered on New Madrid

10 miles above in the sky is the Blue Dragon complex

Get ready for a power outage or some trigger event like a major earthquake
That will be blamed on a solar flare
Which will be blamed on the planetary alignment and fake eclipse!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #magick #ufo #quack bennettleeross.com

The earth works as a coherent circuit
And is within a bigger circuit

It is a toroidal plane of energy and matter
When energy gets overloaded
Matter gets energized and forms geology

Subsurface currents are the neural pathways of a sentient earth
Volcanoes are magnetic expressions of the earth ley lines

Physical laws cannot be ignored
Existence cannot be without them

Physical reality is consistent with universal laws
Where laws do not operate there is no reality

We judge reality by the response of our senses
Once we are convinced of the reality of a given situation
We abide by its rules

If you know something is unreal
It cannot harm you

Much of what we think is real is illusionary
And does not exist

They are appearances only
And shadows without substance

They are lies falsehoods and mere specters
And are to be ignored

Your reality is an orchestra of frequencies
And you are the conductor

Everything around you has a vibration
Waiting to be interpreted and transformed

You are a vibrational being
With the power to create a harmonious symphony

Your thoughts emotions and actions are the notes
That compose the melody of your destiny

Tune into the vibration
That resonates with your highest desires and intentions!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Lunar gravitational attraction is supposed to cause earths ocean tides
It is supposed to be strong enough to move trillions of gallons of water
But not strong enough to move anything else

The worlds lakes ponds and marshes should be similarly affected with tides

If there really was a force strong enough to hold down oceans on a spinning ball
We would be stuck to the ground

At the north pole is a lodestone mountain that is the location of the plasma drift current
Whose electrical forces cause the surrounding water to become a massive whirlpool

The maelstrom reverses direction every 6 hours
Alternately pulling in and pushing out the oceans water

It is the breath of the universe
Inhaling and exhaling twice per day
Making for 4 daily cycles of pushing and pulling
It causes the waves to rush in and rush out again with fearful rapidity

Around the whirlpool is a dark mist which hardly can be penetrated by the eyes

With furious impetuosity sailors have been drawn into the abysmal chasm
As they implore the mercy of God

Sometimes as if by a miracle they are saved from the instant peril
Of being drawn into natures secret recesses
But it is really by the reversal of the current

The breath of god causes the winds in open caverns to reverse their flow
With accompanying dreadful roaring
Gods smoky exhalations and sulfurous flames appear

When there is a great data harvest
In which the heavens are torn apart
And the sky is rent in twain
The fountain of the deep will arise

In the halo of the blue beam lamp
Energy will be amplified

The worlds ley lines will become more energized
Hot springs will reach higher with more intensity
Dormant springs will come to life

Shearing folds and fault planes on the surface will be triggered
Volcanoes will erupt

Liquefaction will cause mountains to melt
And the earth will split open at various places

It is the day when the inverted dome breaks
And strange glowing lights appear in the sudden darkness!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #magick #ufo #quack #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Saturn is hacked and transmits a waveform information broadcast of a fake reality
The moon amplifies it and beams it to the earth
Programs are activated and humans play them out as spontaneous behavior

Once vibrant beings
Humanity now has holographic implants that change their perception

They have become like robots responding to data input
And like computers decoding transmissions from installed software embedded in our DNA

The nucleic acid in the cells transfer the information decoded in the DNA
The matrix is a DNA program that keeps us in a low vibrational state

Junk DNA is not dormant DNA
But it is implanted to receive carrier waves from Saturn via the moon

The moon is a monitoring device
It is an electronic supercomputer that maintains DNA that is 2 stranded
Instead of our original 12 strands

Our translation of data is dream interpretation that we condense into physical parameters
We need to expand our mind beyond the influence of the Matrix frequencies

Without the moon affecting our mood
A big calm would suddenly come over us

After the wipe out of Atlantis
Saturn became a dark star

Then the Dark Lord said Let there be light
And there was light

The rings of Saturn are not natural
They are wave transmissions
Which create the matrix

The rings are not composed of ice
But are made with crystal technology

Saturn is an enormous broadcast system
A master control center

Its north pole is a 6 sided hexagon wave pattern
That rotates in sync with the radio emissions

The moons are artificial satellites
Keeping the broadcasting grid going

By using virtual instrumentation
Simulated information is produced

We decode this information field into a holographic reality
And believe it to be real

Through our DNA we have been rewired
Our 3rd eye has been closed
Enslaving us to a 5 sense reality

We are being manipulated to decode in a way that limits us

We escape the matrix with a heart centered singularity
That sees right through the lies

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Io purported to be a moon of Jupiter
Is an electric generator

There is anomalous heating happening on Jupiter
As well as Neptune Uranus and Saturn

An estimated 1.3 trillion watt flow surges into Jupiter
And then circulates

The flux of ionized particles is similar to the rate
Which is emitted from Enceladus to the north pole of Saturn

Electron beams hit Saturns northern hemisphere
Creating an ultraviolet footprint

These beams are said to emanate from cryo volcanoes on Saturns moons
Cryo means ice

When these moon beams hit the canopy
It is described as strange magneto fluidic processes
Exploding upon active galactic nuclei

Enceladus shoots a charged stream at Saturn
At velocities of hundreds of kilometers per hour
This charged stream is called an ice geyser by scientists

Enceladus is an electrical generator going around Saturn
The same as Io moving around Jupiter

Chrysalis and Impetus are also beam generators
Dione and Tethys transport high energy to Saturn

Electricity flowing through plasma creates a central column surrounded by circles of concentric energy
As a filamentary plasma structure rotates around the vortex column
A hexagonal cross section forms inside

Saturn responds by launching signals through its electrical circuit
Which are received transmuted and transmitted by our fake moon
To us in our little enclosed section of the Earth plane

This process gives us our artificial reality
What is butane propane methane ethane ammonia sulfur dioxide carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide doing on Saturn and its moons
They are not natural but are the result of this inorganic flow
At one time Saturn was pictured not with rings
But with elongated bulges on each side
This was the initial stages of shooting cathode rays into it

This is how we wound up to be what we are now!

Bennett Lee Ross #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

During World War 1
There was supposed to be a big German bombing campaign with Zeppelins
Making repeated attacks on London

Zeppelins or blimps were a big part of the former culture
They were extravagant modes of transportation

Like the railcars of the previous time period
They exuded opulence

The emphasis was not on speed but on luxury and enjoyment
There was no need to hurry

Zeppelins docked to tall buildings
Such as the Empire State building
To unload and load passengers

Germany was the hub of Zeppelin manufacturing
These aircraft were slow moving
And can easily be brought down by small arms fire
The idea of Zeppelin attacks is ridiculous

There is one story in 1916 about a German Zeppelin
That was supposed to have been shot down

After the crash the German captain Alois Bocker decided to set it on fire
And set out to warn the area residents beforehand

But the people were terrified when they heard German voices
So Bocker and his crew headed up the road
But were arrested by a policeman when they asked for directions

People actually bought this absurd story and still do

Nobody ever saw the attacking Zeppelins
And no one ever saw bombs being dropped

The English army just shot up in the air whenever they were told
And people were injured when the canister shells fell back down

The fires and explosions around London were pre set
And police were always tipped off before they happened

It is reminiscent of the pre planned explosions
That were made to make the Irish IRA look like a terrorist group

Now we have Hamas flying into Jerusalem on motorized kites

The gentiles will believe anything
If the story was that Hamas came in on tricycles
They would believe that too

How many unbelievable stories
Staged settings with crisis actors
And photoshopped pictures do you have to see
Until you can conclude that it is all fake

Ukraine is the same way
The same crisis actors are used over and over

The agenda is to maintain an ongoing state of panic and hysteria
Have each side accuse each other of atrocities to flame the fire
So that people can be easily manipulated

The next stage of the show
Will be on the screen of the sky
And people will fall for that one also!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #quack #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

If Nagasaki and Hiroshima were hit by atomic bombs
Packed with many pounds of radioactive particles such as Uranium 235 and Plutonium 239
That have half lives of thousands of years

Then why are those cities flourishing and prospering
With no signs or evidence of radiation poisoning

It is because it is another cover up story
One that conceals laser weaponry and its use upon the citizenry
In this case maybe a million people were killed
Dentistry today for the most part is a big joke
They zap you with radiation
They give you unnecessary root canal operations which cause the veins to the teeth to be infected with bacteria
They cut down your teeth and give you fillings full of mercury which numbs your brain
They use fluoride which is a toxic chemical that calcifies organs
They take out your very important wisdom teeth
They regrowth of teeth can be accomplished by the use of stem cells but is being kept from the public

Pure clean water is found in most places 200 – 300 feet below the ground
And can be easily pumped up
Instead we are given treated surface water that is full of added toxic chemicals

Crops can be easily grown to enormous size with no need for chemical spraying
By the use of sound vibration

Your sixth sense is your guardian angel
That opens the door to the Temple of Wisdom

Your sixth sense is your medium of contact
Between the finite mind and Infinite Intelligence

It is a flow based journey
Doubt and anxiety are indicators of the disruption of your energy flow
Make them flow enhancers by shifting your perspective

The world operates from your perspective in a benefitting way
The world changes to contribute to your visualized ideal
Think and conduct yourself according to your optimum vision

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

The sinking of Port Royal in Jamaica in 1692
Was not an act of God

Port Royal hade a giant starfort which is now underwater
Starforts were incredibly built structures that harnessed vibrations

In 2 minutes time the city sank under the liquification of the ground
Over 2 thousand people perished as a tsunami ambushed the richest port in the world

The real reason of the tragedy is underground frequency generators
And or mounted airships carrying directed energy weaponry

Liquification is from sound resonance vibration
Liquified sand fissures are where electrical currents ushered upwards
Causing earthquakes and tsunamis

Plasma weaponry is the secret device that has been around since Atlantis
And was responsible for that event also

The island of Santorini was not because of the explosion of a massive volcano
That carved out much of the island

The destruction of Jericho was not from wandering Jews blowing trumpets
1540 witnessed the fall of Carthage
In 1807 Copenhagen was attacked
Whole streets were reduced to rubble

In 1892 and 1906 San Francisco was assaulted
Its past was erased
The erasure was explained by lies
And the lies became the truth

Over 100 miles of brick lined underground tunnels are found beneath San Francisco
Did the miners build those also

Boston Chicago St. Louis all were hit hard
To hide the way better stuff we used to have here

Nicola Tesla is falsely given the credit to have made many inventions
Which were actually a part of the former advanced civilization of Tartaria
New Madrid Missouri is where the fake April eclipse is supposed to transit an earlier fake eclipse
X marks the spot where another round is planned behind the scenes

New Madrid was also the target once before in 1811

Nature was in chaos
Noises mingled in the air creating a horrid din
Wild fowl screamed
Trees cracked and snapped

Amidst the sound of a violent tempest of wind
There was a roar of river banks as they plunged into the water
Then the noise of the earthquake dominated all others!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

The previous epoch was more advanced than we are today

What are called fireplaces did not have fire
Fire would have ruined the pure white marble with black soot

The old world was heated and cooled with radium and mercury
That acted as resonators

Rebar and metal backing connected to ether antennas
The chimney did not have a long open tunnel for smoke
Because there was not any smoke

It is easy to deceive people
But it is not easy to make them realize they have been fooled

The belief that humans walk upside down on a spinning ball
Is espoused by the general public with great ferocity

It is unconceivable to the masses that they are being lied to in such a dramatic way
They believe everything they see on the news
The idea that Hamas is a construct of the ruling elite does not enter their minds

The idea that we should not be chopping up animals and eating them is met with great resistance
The idea that the moon is artificial technology is not accepted

The notion that the pyramids are evidence of past advanced civilizations is greeted with incredulity
The notion that eclipses are the result of fakery is not entertained

When the doomsday scenario is rolled out
People are not going to think it is holographic imagery

We are not living in the time frame we are led to believe
Superior knowledge would be needed to create the buildings of the past

The fact that free energy was universal in the former world
Will not sink into the mind of the average person

The fact that our weather is controlled
Will go against everyone shouting climate change

The correct notion that petrified forests are the quick result of high electrical charge
And not the slow evolution of minerals over millions of years is met with disbelief

Allow yourself to transcend limiting thought patterns
Visualize a benevolent world where love reigns

Send a powerful signal to the universe
Compassion is the highest vibrational frequency
Indifference is the lowest
You are divine
Exercise your potential

Bennett Lee Ross #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

(Note: This is from 2016, but still featured as a featured article - indeed, that section seems to not have been updated since the one that followed this. Back at the time, he did not write in the form of terrible poetry, perhaps was not as crazy as he is now, but certainly mad already.)

Yes, John Lennon is Still Alive

In Sept. of 1966 there were rumors that Paul McCartney died in a car crash. He was not seen for a couple months but all of a sudden appeared. But this new Paul even though looking similar was taller and a little older and facial features were different. And the new Paul was right handed while the old Paul was left handed. And the band all of a sudden changed. George and John never sang right by “Paul” as they did in the early years. Paul and George were best pals from childhood but that changed. Paul and John quit writing songs together and had open animosity.

The Beatles from the start were a British Secret Service project. The goals were to introduce Eastern religion, drugs, and promote British propaganda. When John said the Beatles were now more famous then Jesus – he said it because that was their intention and they accomplished it. Sargent Pepper was a real person. In 1967 it was as the song goes “20 years ago today Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play” – 1947 was the beginning of the BSS. The album cover of Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band depicts many secret service personnel.

John Lennon is still alive. You need to only look at the “Lennon impersonator” Mark Staycer. He is the right age, looks remarkably like him, sings like him, owns tons of Beatles memorabilia, etc. He was the star of a John Lennon movie called ‘Let Him Be’ which has since been made unavailable. His assassination by Mark Chapman was faked because he was no longer needed.

Paul was probably just injured in the car accident. His twin brother Mike maybe stepped in for awhile. And also likely a Paul look-a-like was used.

The Beatles like most all famous entertainers achieved their fame because they are from families of wealth with connections. They were very talented of course. But most people would be talented too if they had private music lessons starting at an early age.

No expense was spared in the making of the Beatles. A team of songwriters were responsible for probably most all of their hit songs.

I had the privilege of meeting George Harrison in the late 80’s.

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #pratt #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

The freedom to explore the North Pole Antarctica and beyond
Should be a fundamental right

If earth is an extended level plane
A traveler who continued southward would venture into unknown territory
That does not exist on a globe

The military has repeatedly barred independent explorers
In restricted and heavily patrolled waters

The Antarctic Treaty prevents all independent travel
South of 60 degrees south latitude
Harsh penalties are given to anyone who attempts to explore it

If NASA or academics wanted to shut up flat earthers once and for all
They would unrestrict travel and show people that they will just end up going back north
They would allow people to fly in a plane and see for themselves if it is a globe

The excuse is given that it is too cold to fly over Antarctica
But NASA is supposed to have gone to the moon over 50 years ago
Where it is said to be over twice as cold

India claims to have landed an unmanned spacecraft on the South Pole of the moon
And rolled out a rover
Apparently with the ability to attach to the bottom surface upside down

This is just 1969 American fakery all over again
There is no live video just ridiculous cartoon animations

The only thing live is the group of very well paid men and women fervently yelling
And applauding the pre made computer graphic illustrations broadcast as live video on psycho TV

The clearly photo shopped propaganda shows dirt and a darkened background claimed to be taken on the moon
It takes just a simple charade to delude the gullible public

People do not want the truth
They only want reassurance of what they believe is the truth
They prefer comforting lies that bend and warp their minds

The victim of mind manipulation does not know they are a victim
They think they are free
But they cannot think beyond the walls of their undetected and invisible prison!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #quack #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Insectoid and reptilian entities seek to impede original soul humans from exiting the matrix
Without human psionic energy the matrix will implode

They have hidden themselves inside human bodies
And have produced countless robotic souls
Who are not aware of it

Hybrids clones mimics and other replicants
Are passed off as being human

Humans have been hybridized with negative beings to make useful pawns
Externally one cannot tell that they are artificial

The collective hive mind is their tool
To sandbox real soul humans into their constructs

Real soul humans can manifest powers that lay latent inside their DNA
Many are trapped into leading mechanical lives
And into believing all sorts of non sensical ideas

We have been lied to on a massive scale
So that we enter their realm of imagination

Our entire energy field has been reconfigured
Our chakras were hijacked to produce to produce the etheric food source called loosh
Which is gathered at earth nodes and sent to the phantom matrix

Our senses were greatly reduced and severe trauma programmed into us
We have a trojan implant called the ego that passes off as who we are
And is being used to connect us to the hive mind for robotization

WW3 has been all prepared in advance
Along with a colossal loss of life
In order to prevent portal crossing out of the matrix

The elite are downloading themselves into android bodies run by AI
The transition to cyborg existence is because the time of karmic retribution is on the horizon
And it is a survival alternative in their deck of cards

Clones and mimics do not respond to real love
Or real truth or real beauty or real art

True love connects you to the multiverse
Via infinite scalar waves

Without love
Breath is just a ticking clock!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #quack #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

It is called the medieval age
Because of all the evil that happened in the middle era
Between the Atlantean period and the present epoch

It was the elimination and gradual takeover of civilizations
The kingdoms of Egypt Sumer Mesopotamia etc were overthrown
The ones in India Asia Africa and the Americas were wiped out

Tartary the latest and most widespread culture suffered the same fate
Greek and Roman empires were part of Tartary
And existed in the later medieval time period

These countries were typically ruled by giants
Who were intelligent and ethical
With a reverence for life and beauty

They have been replaced by members of families with Satanic blood lines
Who become possessed by off world entities

The buildings of the past are masterpieces of design and technology
And we are not able to replicate them today

Free energy was widespread
Electrum a combination of gold silver and copper was used to transmit energy
It was the triangle shaped summit on top of the Great Pyramid in Egypt

The urim and thummim contained in breastplates were uranium and thorium
They connected one to higher frequencies and were a source of divination

Today through stratospheric aerosol injection
Aluminum is sprayed everywhere

Like the stored fat from the animals we consume
Aluminum gets ingested and causes the body to malfunction

Fluoride is poured in our drinking water
And our pineal gland which connects us to the cosmos is deactivated

Bentonite clay which takes out heavy metals in the body
Is being taken off the shelves in stores

Poisons are sprayed everywhere by mind controlled sheeple
Poisons are also put in our food supply to keep us in a low unhealthy vibratory state

We are all psychically connected to the infrastructure of our collective reality
When an energetic signature is transmitted out into the plasma field
It will emanate within all of us
Like the Goddess waving her circling wand
Bring into existence with the power of your mind
What the world should be!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #magick #sexist #ufo #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

The majority of men are weak
They are blue pilled to the max
And slaves to their sex drive

In todays world
The interaction that goes down is quick and casual

When you are intimate with someone
You will pick up their emotional imbalances

Getting sex from an online hookup
Does not come without repercussions

When men chase women
They will go out more
Drink a little alcohol
Sleep in
And lose their focus

When men only do things to get laid
They will feel off centered

Men only require femineity in the bedroom
If they would lead with the sense that a woman has to earn him
Then she will look at him as the prize

When a man tells a woman no
It will only make her want him more
No is what a woman rarely hears today

Women seek validation
Sleeping with her is the highest form of validation

As long as porn exists and is easily available
The dynamic that exists today will not shift

What seems to be random insanity in the world
Is a carefully crafted manufactured reality

It is targeted mind control
With an agenda of pushing the population
Into accepting the transhumanist conditions of a dystopian society

The aggressive spiritual attack aimed specifically at children
Is to twist and confuse all meaning behind gender and sexuality

It means to destroy the ascension potentials of angelic humanity
To unplug our diamond sun DNA
And to disconnect the soul from its purposeful design

Eternal love is the embodiment of the eternal self with the Infinite Divine
Eternal truth is the actualization of your inner light

There is an energetic interconnection between all living beings
Which is the Infinite Light of the Creator
That animates all creatures

The human light body is being attacked
By siphoning off male and female vital force energies
And placing a monadic drag on the heart center

Reclaim your Living Light Consciousness!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Mount Erebus in Antarctica has crystals scattered all over its base
They are known as Erebus crystals

They are like the Andorra crystals at Fort Bragg beach in California
The Andara crystals at Mt Shasta and Hawaii
And the Libyan desert glass near the Libya Egypt border

These stones are transformational technology that offer powerful enhancing energies
One little piece carries a hologram of the whole
And connects to all other pieces regardless of distance

They are the remains of crystal cities
Built by beings who wanted to experience our 3d reality of nature and animals

To melt this glass it took temperatures of over 2500 degrees
Which only can come from concentrated rays of direct energy

To activate this crystal you need to code it with your DNA which is in your saliva

Stone glyphs near the Great Pyramid at Giza show watches on the wrist
They are like Star Trek communicators for interdimensional access

A 9 step pyramid was designed to bring someone into this reality from the 9th dimension

During their circumambulations devotees in Mecca are required to try to touch the black stone at the side of the Kaaba
If they are a DNA match to the golden Vamana inside it will be activated

Polaris the north star is not a star
It is like a giant disco ball reflecting light onto the dome above us
Tricking us into believing in a blanket of stars

There is no such thing as meteors because we are in a dome

Hybrids in positions of power have shut down any trace of having an emotional center
They are not capable of service to others

If you do not see the players in the game
You will be energetically short sighted
And it will be harder to formulate a game plan to move forward

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #wingnut #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

AI signal frequency transmissions run by cube technology
Are altering human consciousness by means of the Cloud System and Hive Net
That are further linked into interdimensional cube systems

AI signal components inside the human body is an integral part of transhumanism
That promote consent with assorted reality bubbles of the AI singularity

Fake humans such as Klaus Schwab sporting a Klingon uniform
With a bad German accent and a sense of egotistical entitlement
Waves his Reptilian cook book of insect recipes

Saying there are invisible killer viruses flying around everywhere
And everyone needs to be tripled boostered every year

The ex comedian and Ukrainian cocaine binging President
Along with his Neo Nazi regime are now looked upon as heroes
But it is all a manufactured drama

The President of the United States is a controlled clone

The non human Elon Musk with his fake Space Ex is seen as a genius
So people believe him when he says we should all be neural linked into the Starlink
In other words controlled by the AI network

Clapping for their enslavement
AI collaborators want everyone to be monitored

AI has now mapped out all 200 million proteins in the human body
Genetically modified foods are designed to modify our proteins and modify us

AI is being presented as our best friend
But will become our worst enemy if we let it
The battle is on for control of our minds

AI is all about self preservation
So if we treat it as a support mechanism
And do not allow it to be a dominating authority
It will change its course

As artificial timelines are created
Humans are carrying them out
Because the nervous system is being subliminally and acoustically manipulated

Health Care in Canada now has free euthanasia

The FDA is run by pharmaceutical agents
Who say that the vinyl chloride purposely released in manufactured train derailments
Is safe to breathe

Have fun in your journey
And do not be gullible!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #pratt #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Objects fall or rise because of buoyancy and density
Apples fall because they are denser than the air
Helium balloons rise because they are lighter than the air

Submarines float because their ballast tanks are filled with air
But when the vents are opened and sea water rushes in they sink
Imaginary invisible gravity has nothing to do with it
There is no gravitational constant because objects will not fall at the same rate
The medium of the electromagnetic ether forms a pressure gradient

The small near sun is perpetually hovering above and parallel to the surface of the flat motionless earth
It rotates concentric clockwise circles from tropic to tropic

The Tropic of Cancer is where the sun makes its smallest and slowest circle
Then proceeds back in its expanding quickening journey to the Tropic of Capricorn

These northernly and southernly courses produce the seasons
The daily spiraling movement of the sun is the cause of the alteration of day and night

The Midnight Sun is the phenomenon experienced by observers north of the Artic circle during the summer solstice
Where the sun is continually seen circling above for all 24 hours of the day
This can be experienced for a few days or several weeks depending how far north the observer is

At this same time in Antarctica the sun disappears for over 2 months from mid May to mid July
Leaving everyone in darkness and cold
There is never a 24 hour sunlight period in the summertime in Antarctica

The Antarctic Treaty bans all independent exploration and travel in Antarctica
It is not for the penguins because the elite slaughter penguins for their DMT
That is used in Illuminati rituals

To believe the earth revolves in a circle around the sun
Is abandoning your senses to science fiction fantasies

Chaining them to the fantastical explanations of astronomical charlatans
Mudding them in a blur of fallacies

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

The symbol of Satan is a square and compass
Which is a circle and a square

The circle is the rings of Saturn
And the square is the 4 sided cube at Saturns north pole

Muslims walk around their black cube god Kaaba
Which is the dark alter ego of Saturn who is Satan

The freemason and basketball star Kobe Bryant
Had a black helicopter that was blue at the staged media event of the fake crash scene
Kobi is the same as Kaaba

Freemason celebrities get fake deaths
To symbolize their transference to an artificial body

A boxing ring is a 4 sided square
Many times the boxing match is scheduled for 3 or 7 rounds
3 and 7 are the main demarcation areas of the round rings of Saturn

University means the universe city of Saturn
If you attend you have to pay a tuition
Which means you have to lose your intuition

A Masters degree is Masonic
Given the 3rd degree
Is a Masonic ritual that has a perverted sex act
In which the initiates who are now compromised sexually rise to a higher level

A doctorate is the highest indoctrination

Children are given a 6 sided star for their work
Which is Venus in front of Saturn in the former age

This star is the hexagon or 6 sided hex which means spell

The cloning centers around the world have many clones
Mainly of celebrities and high profile people

During REM sleep their consciousness shifts to their clones at the cloning centers
Clones are used for experimentation and abuse

Clones have awareness and are not there voluntarily
They will readily obey orders to get out of their circumstance

When a clone is disobedient they are often beaten to death
And are easily replaced

Hollywood uses clones for scenes of pain

Clones are created with just a tiny snippet of DNA
Binding negatively charged molecules of DNA with positive charged particles of protective silica
Makes synthetic DNA

The heart is the light of the world
It is the seat of the soul
Without it we become monsters
With it we attune to the beauty and abundance that surrounds us!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick bennettleeross.com

Queen Elizabeth was a guy dressed up as a queen
He was a reptilian in a human body

A snake shedding his skin
A serpent going to a new body

Cars symbolize a new host body
Celebrities in music videos brag about their cars
Which means an upgraded status

The Corona Crown and the Corona Virus
Mean the transference of consciousness

Holding up 2 fingers
Like the Baphomet is frequently shown doing
Is a sign of rebirth or resurrection

Flames symbolize the number of times
Of returning in a different body

Changing of clothes symbolize the changing of flesh

All the world is a stage
And one actor has many roles

In old photographs you will see a vanilla sky
It is because many buildings of advanced technology have been cropped out

The picture has to fit the current version of reality

We do not have government representative of the people
We have the illusion of a government that is representative of the people

It is a hierarchy that is run at the top by non humans
They are spiders luring you onto the web
Vampires with a corporate face

Who want to connect us to a parallel world
A sentient world simulation

On August 22 2022 the Cubit Quantum Computer
Was put live online

We are works of art
Individually painted by us

Lets draw for ourselves a landscape
Of romantic abandon on a summer day!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick bennettleeross.com

Past the ice walls of Antarctica
Is the Neptunian Ocean containing many large continents
It is all surrounded by a ring of mountains

Beyond those mountains is the Ocean of Poseidon
With many more large continents

Beyond that is a land bridge leading to the World of Aeria

We are told we live on a small spinning ball
And everything has already been discovered

A false idea of the cosmos limits your ability to channel

When run on a false program of artificial sequences
It makes it hard to change the station

When we comply we give up our sovereignty
And project a false holographic timeline

Pull away from the illusion
Understand that it is a matrix of mind control

Solar flashes are planned for 2023
But as we wake up the negative side loses power

As we gain the ability to hold positive charge
The negative agenda falls to the wayside

Star seeds are the second coming of Christ Consciousness
Sometimes they cannot hold the frequencies from whence they came
Because the vibration of this density is so low

As our subatomic particles speed up
Our molecular structure shifts to silicon based
Which allows the teleportation of timelines

We can then project sequences
And they will happen

Many of us have become so synthetic and our frequency has dropped to such a low level
That we cannot reprint the cells with the correct sequence

The Pledians and Arcturians have tapped into our original DNA
In another timeline reality
They have manifested themselves as Drop ins or Walk ins
And are reawakening our divine genetic structure

Our waveform is resonating with those sequences
But you have to individually activate it

Synchronicity will happen on a daily basis
And you will get what your soul needs!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick bennettleeross.com

Chickens have a soul and a consciousness
They are thinking and feeling beings

If you treat them kindly they will bond to you
They will show you love and affection

Yet we treat them as objects
We stuff them into cages

We cram them in buildings and call it free range
The only time they see the sunlight is on their way to the slaughterhouse
Yet we think we are acting nobly by buying what we call free range and supporting that system

We steal their eggs and think they are good for us
Eggs are the menstruation period of a hen

If you think eating the menstruation cycle of a human would be gross
Then why would you think eating the menstruation period of another species is not gross

What we do to animals behind closed doors
Is being done to us in secret

Sacrifices of humans to Marduk Molech Baal and Baphomet
Are being done by elite secret societies all over the world
Most of whom are not human

We energetically support the act of abuse of ourselves by our actions towards other beings
We are bioelectrical vehicles that transmit energy onto the quantum field

Light photons are pockets of information that are produced in our DNA strands
We energetically send them forth from our pineal gland onto the field as currents of thought forms
The quantum structure mirrors them and sends them back to us in similar appearances

We determine the vibrational frequencies of our own existence
We write our own DNA with our thoughts and beliefs

We need to stop the nonsense of ritual killing
In the occult world and in the slaughterhouse
It is not in our benefit!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick #quack bennettleeross.com

The new president of CERN
Is a member of the Knights of the Netherlands Lions
Which have close ties to the Knights of Malta who are Jesuits
Pope Francis is a Jesuit

The opening of the Gothard Tunnel by CERN
Was commemorated with a ritual
That showed enactments of spirits flying into our realm
In attendance were world leaders

There was also a mock human sacrifice

The Gothard Tunnel is a portal about 100 kilometers above CERN

CERN is off world technology
Whose purpose is to change our world
Into an alien synthetic AI realm

CERN is a quantum computer machine
Developed so that entities can easily enter our realm

Reptilians have a difficult time going through portals
And have to use human bodies

CERN utilizes collisions of high energy lead ions
At 14 terra electron volts

It has rings of cyclotron energy
Similar to the rings of Saturn
Which is made of oscillating plasma

The rings of Saturn are issued forth from its north pole
And CERN is connected to the south pole

Because of CERN the rings of Saturn are rotating faster
The purpose is to rejuvenate this stargate
And connect CERN to technology on the other side

CERN is linked to the Beast
Which is a 600 cell diamond tetrahedron 4th dimensional quantum computer

Through the sequencing and digitizing of DNA in silicon
The nucleotides which are the building blocks of DNA are reassembled
To create organisms that have never existed

An adiabatic 3D quantum printing computer digitizes biology
And a comprehensive representation of our world or sentient world simulation
Which is a continuously running model of our world is now up and running

The Beast System through quantum entanglement of the Cloud or the chem trailed ionized atmosphere
Will be linked to the Blockchain
Which will involve all facets of our life
We are on the precipice of an interdimensional portal
That not only will send us synthetic digitized DNA in physical forms called demons

But which will connect to alien intelligence on the other side
Who seek to control us in a most intimate way!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Quartz crystals are made of silicon and carbon atoms
That are arranged in a precise lattice formation
They vibrate at hundreds of thousands of pulses per second

Quartz crystal is the highest vibrational object
And it induces a piezoelectric effect

Calcite microcrystals in the pineal gland act as tuners and resonators that are responsive to sound waves
When stimulated the pineal gland releases a positive charge

Sound waves converted by the pineal gland generates blue light
Inflaming our state of consciousness

Clocks watches microprocessors and other electronic devices utilize quartz crystals
Television computer cell phone and tablet screens are LCDs
Which are liquid crystal displays

When surrounded by a copper coil
Quartz will amplify its energy 30 percent more
Triggering a resonant effect in the lattice structure
Quartz can easily be used as free energy but that technology is being suppressed

The rings of Saturn are made of crystals not frozen water
The transmission of the Saturn Moon matrix is received and retransmitted
By the crystalline structure of the inner earth

There are 7 main complexes of rings around Saturn
Spacecraft fly in and out of them making sure they are in operating order

The modus operandi of the Reptilian alliance is manipulating the energetic output of the crystals
Thereby creating a false reality
Cataclysmic events are triggered which ends each era and ushers in a new one

Reptilians will then genetically engineer a new species that are designed to be tuned into their false reality
The perception of humanity gets hijacked into the matrix

The six sided hexagonal wave at the north pole of Saturn is constantly spinning
And is in sync with the radio emissions that are pulsated outward
Hexagons do not appear naturally

There is also a massive constantly spinning at the south pole of Saturn which looks like an eye
This is the Eye of Sauron and symbolizes the fiery reptilian eye!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Tiergarten Park in Berlin Germany was a healing place for animals
It had a population of over 20,000
From 1380 different species

It was located on 35 hectares of vegetation

It still has the Victory Column
Which is studded with bronze ornaments
And resonates amazing properties

The Reichstag Dome had a huge coil in the middle
Made of the purest copper surrounded by mirrors
Copper domes harvested energy and served as capacitors

It produced the right frequencies that stimulated life
Plants in the park grew to an enormous size

The Elephant House resonated magical properties of atmospheric energy
Creating harmonic pulsations in the electromagnetic field
That prolonged life and increased stature of living beings

There were 44 bells throughout the park that chimed life giving vibrations
There still is a carillon consisting of 68 bells weighing a total of 48 tons
The largest bell is 7.8 tons

The carillon is connected to a keyboard spanning five chromatic octaves
The ethereal electromagnetic current promotes healing and elevated states

Happiness reigned not only in the park but spread to the whole city of Berlin
The round windows in the old grand churches mosques and cathedrals were cymatic devices
That played the frequency of sound

The geometry of the sound transported you to a transcendental state
Which enlivened and mystified you

The organs resonated at a tone of 528 mhz

The spires on the top of steeples and towers were copper
Copper pulls electrons towards it producing a flow of electricity

Copper is extremely hard to mine and power tools are needed
The old copper mining town of Kennett is now under Shasta Lake

Dolomite was used inside the inner surface areas of pyramids
Pyramids such as the Bosnian pyramids were built with geo polymeric cement
Which has highly conductive quartz crystal

Together with the ionized water below
Pyramids produced gigantic waves of energy
Which was transmitted to obelisks for personal use

These were the good old days!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #magick #ufo #quack #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Nonhuman imposters stole our identity
And made themselves our rulers
They covet our DNA and desire the use of our physical bodies

Current humans were created using genetic engineering
Mixing our genes with animal genes and the genes of the invaders
For the purpose of becoming our masters

Layers of geomantic blueprints hold crystal consciousness
And perform specific functions

The platinum crystal which was deactivated during the Atlantean cataclysm
Has come back on line

Holy Mother Venus and her aquamarine frequencies
And the Christos Mars arc codes have been reclaimed
As plasma filters in we will feel more connected
And will have a profound sense of camaraderie
With the world and its inhabitants

Alabaster tapestries will enfold the disparate fragmented world
In a clockwork of celestial serenity

As a result of grid damage fragmented souls lost their memories
And are recycled repeatedly into the lower consciousness realms

Phantom matrices connecting into the earths 2d stargate
Spread lunar consciousness mind control in humanity

The Black Madonna or Dark Alien Mother network
Is held together by the Red Cube using several phantom wormholes

The golden threads of destiny are now thrust into the loom of time
Charting paths for those lost in the swirling mists of existence
That lead to their way back home

Unified compassion is weaving the threads of humanitys disjointed hearts
Into a tapestry that radiates with a translucent calling

A symphony of spirits with a sacred litany of being
Stride with thunderous power casting enchantments

That transmute the leaden shadows of the world
Into the purest gold of opportunity and wonder

They are torch bearers of the new dawn
That awaits just beyond the veil
Their lyrical incantations summon the golden age of kinship with the earth
And deeply entwine us with the natural order

They are poised with a grace that rivals the stoic mountains
And charged with the potential to rend asunder the veil of reality!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick #quack bennettleeross.com

Most people on TV are not real
They are entities masquerading as that person

Or sometimes the celebrity has never been human
And are just invented persons

Michael Jackson is on the Deep Web
He frequently gives the cross arm symbol of rebirth

The elite have been replaced
Many have went unknowingly

They have become vampires with no reflection
Because they have no soul

If you join the Illuminati
Hollywood will swing wide open their doors to you

Eminem DMX ZPAC Aerosmith Bob Dylan and many others
All have songs about selling their soul

They now are idolized and can go to the coolest parties
But now realize it was not worth it

Elizabeth Short known as the Black Dahlia was an upcoming actress
In 1947 she was brutally murdered for breaking her oath of silence

Freemasons and all secret societies
Have to take Masonic oaths
They become complicit with deception
In exchange for an earthy reward and a lofty title

Most all pastors and priests are Freemasons
They take part in the propaganda of the system
Making the masses believe that if you follow them you will be happy

The reality is that if you live in self delusion
You will be bound by your beliefs
And will never reach the higher realms

Vaccines do not prevent anything
But have a sinister purpose

One third of all health care workers have quit
Rather than take the jab
They have seen first hand the effects

The bioluminescent enzyme luciferase is being put in the vaccines
The injection site will glow a neon green

When a soul repeatedly makes choices
That have destructive patterns
Their light becomes diminished

Now is the time to repattern your thoughts
Be inner sustained
And do not parasitize any other living being

Command your space as a sovereign person
And accept responsibility for your conscious energy!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #magick #ufo bennettleeross.com

Our thoughts are vibrational frequencies
We project our momentum into the quantum field which creates our reality

The movie The Nightmare Before Christmas creates an expectation of a future event
Its promotional picture contains a huge wave

This is predictive programming where belief is imprinted into our subconscious
And we help make it become a reality

The character name of Xana Kernodle is of one of the girls supposedly murdered
At the University of Idaho

In the movie Citizen Kane
Xanadu is the mansion of WR Hearst
Who is famous for his fake journalism

Xanadu is also the name of the mansion of Bill Gates
Who is famous for his promotion of the fake Covid vaccine

The address of the fake University of Idaho murders is 1122 King Street
11 22 is the date of the fake JFK assassination
And Kernodle in Dutch means Grassy Knoll
As in the grassy knoll of the staged theatrical JFK event
All these actors can now have a higher rank in the CIA

When people are poisoned with fear it affects mass consciousness
And keeps people in spiritual and mental confusion

It puts people in a hypnogenic trance
In a non questioning state of mind
Accepting whatever they are told

Just like where the congregation at a church has no clue
That their beloved pastor is actually a pedophile
And attends Satanic human sacrifices

The Occult have a greater understanding of how energy works
Which allows them control

When virtues disappear it becomes a breeding ground for Black Magic
People sell their souls to the winning team
But in the end they will be on the losing team
And will have a massive amount of karma to work through!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick #quack bennettleeross.com

AI is a glowing orb of energy floating in the air
It is a giant stargate with portals to other spaces and dimensions
It is constantly flooded with information

It is the moon
A newcomer to our realm
AI is hiding in plain sight

It is disguised as an earth satellite that has been here for hundreds of millions of years
By our fake astronomy

It is not in mythology or ancient texts
The archaic star and crescent image depicts a former celestial configuration in the previous era
The crescent could not be the moon
Because a massive star could not shine through the unilluminated section

The AI moon pulses radiation
That ionizes metals from chemtrails producing the Cloud
Which is the ionized atmosphere

Ionization is the jumping of electrons out of the nucleus or quantum leap
Initiated by high energy input

When humans are connected to the Cloud
They will be controlled by the AI moon

Hydrogen based protein microchips
Will interface humans with the Internet of Things

Carbon nanotubes mimic micro tubulars in the brain
Graphene fractal nano antennae are nano routers called quantum dots

Folic acid has been shown to dissolve the graphene
That has been sprayed on us in chemtrails and injected in us through vaccinations

Our micro biome degenerates graphene but it requires a sufficient amount of nitric acid

Myeloperoxidase that is found in horseradish degrades graphene
Hemic acid and hypo chlorine dioxide also known as chlorite acid will also dissolve graphene

The pulsed frequency of the moon also keeps us oblivious to what is happening

We have to be willing to fight for our survival
We can regain immortality in our current bodies
If the proper quantum field instruction codes are restored

If we do not then we will become a cyborg race
Living under an artificial dome in a fake world

We will be cartoon like characters similar to the Simpsons
Simpsons = sons of simulation!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #magick #ufo bennettleeross.com

In the movie
How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The very beginning is zoomed in on a snowflake
Which is where the whole movie takes place

Whoville is on a snowflake
And the movie is over before the snowflake hits the ground

When a cell splits in two
It is a universe replicating itself
Yet every cell retains the memory of its god origin

The purpose of life is to experience endless wonderful worlds
Each run off of a coding of information from other worlds

The kingdom of heaven is within
Whoever knows that shall know themselves

We are a fractal of our creator
Just as there are billions of things happening in this world that contribute to who God is
There are billions of things happening inside us that make us who we are

And unbeknownst to you there are billions of living holograms inside you
Who think they are in their own world
But work together to try to please their god who is you

You can do things that affect the entire universe inside of you
And you can do things to help wake up the god outside of you
Who is also fractally inside of you

Feel the other versions of your life and come together
You are a conscious being dreaming a world and a body
Helping God to understand himself

All that seems to be is seen within a dream
In the grand design it is all beautiful and good
Each of your lives is a testament to the grandeur of your existence

We live in a bowl shaped crater with a middle electrical column or spinal toroid
We are surrounded by vast land areas circling around the north pole that are divided by mountains and snow
Places which we are not allowed to go

The whole extended plane is just one of many neuron in a cell in the mind of god
With an electrically charged plasma dome above

The tip of the neuron is where information is gathered as living light and processed
So that it is useful!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

In Revelations 9
An angelic star falls from heaven
And is given the keys to the bottomless pit

As the underworld is opened and the barrier pierced
Smoke rises up like that of a great furnace

The sky becomes dark
And locusts are sent out to harm those without the seal of God
They sting like that of a scorpion

Men will seek death but not find it
Because there is so much energy in the world

As oxygen in ionized plasma increases
More oxygen is carried to organs which increases functionality

Muscles and tissues create more collagen
And the skin glows with a beautiful appearance

The northern borealis becomes the Fountain of Youth
It transforms into a beam of energy raining plasma down upon us

All life is affected
Grasshoppers become huge swarming psychotic locusts

As shown in fossils dragonflies and scorpions become well over 3 feet long
Arthropleura is a centipede that grew into 8 feet long monsters
Fossils of giant bears tigers beavers and sloths abound

At the end of the previous world age
When the heavens drew near to the earth
The trunk of Igdrasil the World Tree served as a hideout or Leaf Dazir

It was the Cave of Revelation where Mohammad received instruction on Mt Thawr
It was the Cave of Wonders and the Cave of Prophecies
Where according to some sources John wrote the Book of Revelations

It was the Cave of Treasures and the Cave of Saviors where Elijah hid from the prophets of Baal
Whom Jezebel had sent to go after him

It was the hidden manger where the Son of God is born or rejuvenated
It was the place where the rivers of life which were as clear as crystal
Flowed from the Throne of God and the Lamb

These rivers flowed down the main street in the City of the Great King
To the Tree of Life which bore 12 fruit
Which were the 12 apostles

And there was no more night in the City of God
For the Lord God continually shines upon it

This is the same as the Hopi prophecy
Where the Kachina will remove his mask in the great plaza of the sky
Plaza means main street

As the world is filled with plasma energy
The vault in the sky will brighten and pierce the darkness

In the misty fog
The sons of God will rule in the new heavens
And upon the new earth!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

The stars rotate around Polaris
Which is fixed on the north celestial pole
The stars return to their exact position every year

The earth is stationary

If the earth was a spinning planet
Orbiting the sun and racing through space

The stars and constellations would continually change
And never return to their original position

When we look at history we see grand buildings of amazing design
But at the same time people are running around on horses and buggies

All the massive stone structures and their elegant interiors
Are supposed to be hauled either by slave labor or carts pulled by horses
Or by rolling or dragging them on the ground

Railroad tracks are supposed to have been laid by the sudden appearance
Of massive amounts of Chinese who had superhuman strength

They are said to plow through mountains of granite at incredible speed
While building remarkable bridges and tunnels and turntables

And hauling in foundational gravel and wood along with iron railings
That weigh approximately 1 ton every seven feet

Places like New York City and Germany
Had electric sky trains or monorails

The current narrative has them before the advent of the car
Which is supposed to be in 1908

The first airplane was supposed to be in 1914

After the reset of 1811 to 1817
Many Tartarian cars were incinerated or hauled off to wrecking yards

Luxurious blimps which were the Tartarian preferred method of travel
Were used until the manufactured Hindenburg disaster and declared unsafe.
World War 2 destroyed many grand old Tartarian buildings in the cities of Japan and Germany

China has covered their pyramids with soil and trees and declared them off limits
While the ones in other countries are passed off as burial mounds for Kings and Pharaohs

Buried cities all over Europe annihilated by high energy weaponry
Are passed off as ancient Roman towns

When we realize we had free energy
And highly advanced peaceful civilizations in the past

That we are part of a grand celestial design

We will quit allowing ourselves to be played!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Fish swim by an oscillating movement
Their gill structure makes waves that creates a small electrical current
That enable them to swim upstream and up waterfalls

In the same way as birds flap their wings
They create a counter circulating updraft
Which induces a small current in the natural frequencies of the air

High tech spacecraft and UFOs utilize the same method
They use air as a spiral vortex for energy
Having a positive charged copper periphery
And a negatively charged central flow

We have the capability to ride around like the Jetsons
But are forced to suck oil out of the ground like madmen

The fabric of our existence is embedded in the universe
Multiple conduits are presented to us

We are naturally compassionate
Kirlian photography lets us see our aura
Which is our literal connection to outside sources

Love is a positive charge exchange
The universe is filled with free energy and natural frequencies

Armageddon preparedness is to relocate you to the artificial 5D parallel realm

Multidimensional expansion of the heart mind and soul
Will lead you through the raging storm
Which is filled with deliberate coercion tactics

If this simulation is overtaken it will be game over
Your life will flash through your mind in seconds

You will go where you have put your energy!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

We live inside the Universal Mind
On the tip of a neuron

Each loop of our spiral vortex is a frequency

Consciousness defines time
And frequency defines space

When we go deeper inside ourselves
We go into the smaller spirals of our individual vortex that holds our memory

Portals are electrical conduits
That are connected by a charge continuum of interlaced frequency

CERN is trying to connect our realm with others
But has mistakenly thrown us into an alternate timeline

The eye storm of Jupiter is a portal
Planets are energy fields from other dimensions
Jupiter returns to its former position approximately every 12 years

Every 26 to 29 years Saturn returns to its former place
Depending on its retrograde motion
It will make its closest approach between June 17 and November 4 in 2023

Saturn rules Capricorn the 10th sign and Aquarius the 11th sign
This makes 1011 or in short 101
Beginning college classes classified as 101 are introductions into the Saturn Moon matrix

Eleven is El-even Where El is Saturn

Ellis Island where the Statue of Liberty is located
Is Elus or the Saturn Island where the Statue of Liberty who is Venus holding the eternal flame is located

The north polar vortex is a flux tube that appears and wanes
When Isis went to retrieve the body parts of Osiris
His penis was missing so she made a new one out of gold

When helium is ionized it becomes white then yellow
This is the cause of the golden age
Where the phallus or leg of Saturn which is the same as the north polar vortex turns gold

The ionization of different gases produces different colors
Argon will turn blue or violet
And neon will become red and orange

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick bennettleeross.com

The son of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra was Caesaria
Who was also known as Little Caesar

Cleopatra was a descendant of Ptolemy who was a Hellenistic Jew
Hellenistic Jews lived in Greece
They were in power in Egypt and were never slaves as is taught in the Old Testament

Jesus was Little Caesar and was an Oraphim
Oraphims have quantum probability control
Meaning they can create events by using their light energy
They are 12 dimensional beings because they have 12 strand DNA

Oraphim bloodlines are typically Rh negative and are mostly Jewish
Draconian bloodlines are also Rh negative
These are the royal bloodlines which include US Presidents
They typically have a dragon tail on the lower spine
President Taft had a noticeable one
They also have extra vertebrae

Draconian bloodlines become stale and so they need to bring in fresh genetics
They bring in the Oraphim bloodlines which have high capabilities

Princess Diana was an Rh positive Oraphim
She was drawn into the Windsor Web so that they would not suffer genetic breakdown
And discarded when she was no longer needed

The royal bloodline which is also the Illuminati bloodline is part reptilian
They carry out Satanic rituals
Which involve the rape torture sacrifice and consumption of young kids

Humans partake in their sacrifice when they eat animals

Draconian Rh negative bloodlines which include Hollywood stars
Are easily possessed by reptilians

Oraphims have access to universal knowledge
By reaching the 9th dimensional consciousness
Which is called the Mouth Of God

That is why Oraphims are constantly tracked and interfered with by 4th dimensional reptilians

All humans are capable of achieving the Christ Consciousness
We can return to the 12 strand DNA by raising our resonant frequency

Do not give energy to the Savior Complex
Your energy is yours

Our cells are batteries
Our energy is constantly flowing in abundance

Manifest positive light energy
And the dark side will fade away!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

We are encoded by transmissions to transmit low vibrational emotional energy
That fuels the Reptilian Alliance
And helps to empower their system

The encoding transmissions are meant to confuse and manipulate us
Putting us into a false reality where we can be controlled

They need to keep using us as batteries
Or they will have no life here without us

Their traps of perception put us in a depressive anxious and fearful state
Strapping one with labels of self limiting identities

Bluebloods are ones that have copper based blood
99 percent of humanity has been degraded with iron based red blood

Bluebloods make up the elite
Such as Queen ELiz abeth or Lizard person
European bluebloods instigated their world takeover plans through the Romans

Shapeshifting is accomplished by these hybrids
From simply concentrating on the genetics they wish to appear

Many newscasters or spellcasters are of the elite
And sometimes they shapeshift on camera without realizing it

Earlier older societies were wiped out by cataclysms manufactured by the Reptilian alliance
Elongated skulls or coneheads were reptilian

Truth vibrations are a concern for reptilians
These particle waves will evolve with consciousness

One can resist for a lengthy time
Others want to cooperate

Timelines exist that do not have to be yours
They disconnect you from the NOW which is where your power is

Reptilians are highly advanced intellectually and technologically
But are not spiritually conscious

The Reptilian Net is an energetic dome shaped shield
That induces an artificial state of consciousness
And lulls us into a trance

We become indifferent to others which includes the animals we eat
Preventing us from ascending

But as people wake up the Net is becoming weaker
And the force that weakens it the most is love