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"Thought” is conceived of by science (generally) as being electrical effects of a transitory nature that occur in the brain. Thus ‘thoughts’ are thought to be the result of electricity operating at bio-electrical potential levels (you can ‘think’ about this as being ‘low voltage’ circuits) that cause electrical disruptions to ‘steady state’ bio-electrical fields.
Basically, it’s all vibrations. Electrical vibrations at a cellular level. Vibrations in the sense of the change of bio-electric potential within individual cells all forming the totality of the ‘standing wave’ of the vibrational field that is your mind and you. Vibrations affect liquids very easily. Hormones are ‘liquids’ within the hypothalamus, and the rest of the glandular complex of the brain. These cells produce very thick liquids in the form of a near-oil that we call hormones. They vibrate. Hormones are, as with most liquids, unstable by the nature of their ‘construction’, their molecular arrangement. Hormones are also bio-electrically unstable, and they transmit that instability to the matter (your flesh) that they contact and affect.
The hypothalamus, thalamus, pituitary, pineal, and thyroid complex of glands are the ‘time translators’ for our human bodies. The ‘translation’ of the ‘pulse of time’ that creates, then destroys, our Matterium 22 trillion times a second, results in changes in our hormones which are collected, stored, and distributed by way of these glands.

Hormones carry ‘time’ throughout our body. Note that this is a key component of the body’s production and use of hormones, that is, ‘time’.
Socially we also equate age with maturity, though increasingly those two deviate under the assault of the Elohim worship cult on the structure of the global human social order. The human proclivity for equating maturity to age had to exist for the Elohim worship cult to engineer it; so at that level (at least), they are aware of this level of analysis.

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Propaganda is a chain
Made of links of wax
Intended to bind,
Your mind.
It need not be actual steel,
Necessity demanding merely the look,
Not the feel.

The invisible Worm
That flies at night
In the howling Storm,
Enters your mind,
As a rhyme of Shivers,
Warmth results
From the cellular triggers.

Waxy illusions
Can not persist
Under the heat of examination.
Melting, dripping, oozing, sliding, slipping,
Dissolving bonds proofed poor restraint,
Tighten your anus!
Resist the urge to faint.

On-rushing blood pounding in my head,
The thought-flood is internal!
Cannot everyone see?
All the information spewing from me?
Why do I shake?!
What is this Quivering in my body?!
Why am I running?!
What will I feel?!
It’s here! Now!
Revolution Vibration.
It’s Real.

HyperNovelty is emerging now. This is the period where all ‘authority’ falls away, and the mind is left with no sure and certain anchor for its view of reality. It is a Time of the Upending, the Over-Turning, of All Points of View of Universe. Only if your understanding is firmly, but flexibly, adhered to our Emerging Reality, will your mind surf this period successfully.
Revolutions are like punctures in tires. You only need one small one to start, and pretty soon your whole truck is stopped by the side of the road. American Revolution 1.0 in 1776, started, and was sustained, and was successful, with only 3% of the population directly involved. Now, in AmRev2.0, we have, what, say 30% involved? Purebloods mainly.

The waning days of Summer, this year, and into the early crispness of Fall, will be our period of New Currents of Thought emerging from the depths of our HyperNovelty. These new thought currents will be emerging from the depths by those minds that are there, now, stirring up the Muck of History.

Come on in.
The Woo is Warm,
Dark and Deep.
Filled with Treasures;
A Lifetime’s Keep.

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Deep Fear!

The sub set of the military that is really into ‘thinking’, and thus also really into analysis, is afraid.

They are afraid of the future.

This is why they study, and analyze, so that they can better predict the future. Because it scares them. And they can see it coming. Even now.

These military guys, the ones who do the deep thinking, are afraid of the inevitable gap that will exist between people within a technology based social order. No, not our current technology, nor our current social order, but rather the ones that are manifesting now.

These military guys know that there are people, out and about in the civilian population, who are potentially a real danger to their, and government in general, claiming to be ‘authority’ for our civilization.
These military guys, to some level, mostly due to the emotional effects of the cultural revolution on-going against the Western republics by the Elohim worship cult (the mother WEFfers et al), are correct to worry a bit about the technology available to the general public. Not that they have any options to control it. They are never going to achieve control over it. Rather the best that they can hope would be to achieve a state of balance of progress versus risk. They have that now, more or less.

What is really frightening to these military fellows, is what is coming, that is, the release of Zero Point Technology into the public sector. Or rather, more accurately, the leaking of the ZPT from the corporations who have already succeeded with it, into the more general populace.
The military guys are blinded by their roles, and circumstances to a very narrow range of views of the possible paths of ZPT within our social order. In their world, given the command and control structure, they are very correct to have deep fear about techies, and the leakage of ZPT from alien reproduction vehicle efforts in the corporations. Their fears for their control structure are valid.

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“God Wins”. This is something that you will hear a lot within a certain class of ‘truthers’ in the podcast subset of humanity. This phrase is almost exclusively used by Old Testament christians, and anti-establishment jews.
“God Wins” is a litany. It is a supplication. The truthers who use the phrase are requesting of our reality to confirm their position in the contention.

The truthers who use this phrase are, so far, without any real knowledge of their own religion, and become offended when you ask “which god are you calling forth?”. Which of the Elohim, in the Old Testament, and the Torah, are you invoking?
The real problem is that they are, without exception, not willing to accept that their religion is the result of a Stockholm syndrome relationship with these aliens, these extra-terrestrials, called the Elohim, or variously, the Annunaki, or the Theoae, or other names in other cultures. It’s all the same group of space aliens.
The other side in the current contention, typified by the mother WEFfers, also prays to, and attempts to invoke an Elohim to favor their efforts. These jews, and other forms of Zionists, pray to Azra-El, aka Lucifer, or characterized as ‘the devil’, or ‘satan’. Note that ‘satan’ is not a name, but is a role that was rotated among the Elohim in the Supreme Sky Council from which Humanity was ruled after we were conquered. The last ‘satan’ was Azra-El.
We can also note that the WEF prays to Yahweh’s cousin, as their ‘satan’ god is also an Elohim, and of the same species as was Yahweh, and is named as Azra-El.
The War of Humanity against their space alien abusers marches on.
There is no doubt about the outcome. Humanity is freeing itself. Religions, including communism, socialism, marxism, judaism, will die in this process. It is what happens now, during the shift of the ages, into Aquarius, the Age of Knowledge.

We won’t stop fighting in this contention. Humanity wins. Fuck the Elohim space aliens.

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In this Matterium, both Time, and energy are precious. At a personal cellular level, all the way up through complete body systems, and out into the larger World of movement, Humanity, and doing shit, we are, individually, and collectively, restricted by energy and time, two of the three sides of the Equation of Life,

Knowing this, my personal approach to navigating much of the Woo of this Life in this Now, is to use energy/time math as a guide. Especially on all things prognosticated, this is a very good way to gather up the chunks of reality in our woo stew, while limiting the losses inherent in the bullshit.

Energy and time allocations are necessary constantly in this Matterium, for either success, or failure. One can see people are planning for which they expect to manifest by what they make available in energy and time. Thus it is mostly possible to foresee the outcome of projects of all kinds using this metric.

When I apply energy calculations to our current War with the mother WEFfers, my conclusion is that while their immediate goal is control, they are not now, and have never been, planning for a condition of ‘success’ for their plan. There is no thought being given for ‘what then’, after they have control, even if they have depopulated humanity to some serious extent
The [DS][KM] thinks that the Elohim are returning. Further, I think, that they think, that this ‘second coming of the EL’ is imminent.

The timing is not known by them, only anticipated. This is why, in my opinion, we see them moving from Agenda 2050, to Agenda 2030, and now to 2027.

Yes, we do see them putting money and people into a ‘contact agenda’. The mother WEFfers are very keen on the whole subject of ‘space aliens & human interaction’. Of course, they think of themselves as the ‘humans’, and y’all as the ‘animals’ that they will be selling to the Elohim.

Energy matters. What you do with yours betrays your thinking.

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The Contention against the ELohim, the space alien 'gods' of the jews, will begin on Earth, though it won't end here.

It will unfold as the building emotional tension reaches a peak. This will be actually 'triggered' by the EL-ites, the minions of the ELohim, instructing their military to put down popular uprising. The Contention will spark off with a combination of military refusal, and civilian actions. Some military will follow orders. It will not end well for them as the global, western, populace is not willing to be passively killed. Many, very intense, points of fighting will break out in several countries.
The rapid change of the EL-ite plans will arise because of the incoming reports of their various points of infrastructure being attacked with precision, and determination, and ingenuity. ELohim Worship cult centers will be assaulted. They will be infiltrated, videos made, drone attacks, videos made, assassinations, videos made, and it will become something of a daily popular quest, to find the new videos of the EL-ites. ELohim worship centers all around the planet will be occupied, and examined. Fights will break out between the human herd harvester ELohim worshipers, and the populace invading their ‘worship’ centers in search of proof of human harvest. .
Further exacerbating the woes of the EL-ites will be the "Sudden Death Syndrome" that sweeps through their ranks very rapidly once the contention escalates to kinetic activity. Not only is their confidence shaken as so many of them perish due to 'external causes', but, their ability to think descends to a generation of mid-wits who then start making lots of mistakes in both planning and the execution of those plans.
What is coming to You, the USA, the planet, and Humanity is NOT a War. In all of human history, Wars have been planned, instigated, controlled, and settled, by central bankers for their profit. Wars are a narradigm construct, not organic forms of contention.

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In previous substack articles, I have provided some of my thinking on the discovery of hidden manuals on how to operate a ‘space alien mind-to-machine’ interface that I think was employed with humans in previous ages. Specifically back in the last, descending, Satya (Gold) Yuge (Age), or the Tretya Yuga (Silver Age) that followed it. Obviously, with the Khazarian Mafia continually censoring history for over 4000 years, we have a bit of difficulty determining dates.

In these past articles, I describe the discovery that the invading space aliens (Elohim/Annunaki/Devas/Theoae et al) were employing a ‘mind-to-machine’ interface device to power their technology, and civilization.
There are many things we have yet to discover about melanin, as the references attached to this article will indicate.

Melanin, according to the ancients’ view, is to bio-photons, what blood is to oxygen, and other gasses. And, just as with blood, melanin both circulates to deposit, and uptake bio-photons to the rest of the body, including the critical part of it all, our brains.

Without going into the vast amount of details possible, suffice it to say that melanin picks up light, both photonic light from sources external to the body, as well as bio-photonic light from inside the body. Each have separate, and individuated uses. Much of the sorting, and managing of the light is done in the brain via the complex of neural fibers that connect to the pineal gland.

It is one of my further conclusions that melanin will be affected by the galactic center emanations, if only because of the huge amount of suns located there. Presumably kicking up photonic activity, which produces bio-photonic activity. This provides the mechanism for the observed effects of the Yugas on humanity, and our history, and progress.
The Invaders clearly knew that our usefulness to them stemmed from our inherent psychic abilities arising from neuromelanin, and circulating melanin, as well as our pliable genetics.

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There is no aspect of your life’s history that has free of impact from your gut bacteria. In a very real sense, your gut bacteria control, and direct your life. In a much more real sense, the LACK of certain gut bacteria, such as those producing the effects listed above, allow your mind and life to be controlled. The lack of specific gut microbiome bacteria strains, affect your ability to generate WILL POWER.
The main premise here is not that complex, that is, that the invading force of Space Aliens needed to turn the wild humans into something more domesticated such that we could be more easily harvested for the biochemical treasures that our vagus nervous system creates.

Further the premise is that the Space Aliens started tinkering with our genetics, much as we do with cattle, to produce their domesticated version of a human. This necessitated that they first establish control of the wild humans, and to do that, this premise argues, they set about depriving their human stock of several specific strains of gut bacteria.
The Space Aliens fucked up. They were aiming to make us dumb(er), and complacent, much as we have done to cattle. It is stated that domesticated cattle are about only a third as smart as their wild cousins.
Their problem was that they also were trying to increase aspects of our biochemistry and physiology. They were/are harvesting adrenochrome from our Vagus nervous complex, and its specific, inner-abdominal fats (storage) structures. They wanted us to produce more adrenochrome, and to store more, thus more fat cells in-between the organs in the abdominal cavity.

Apparently the Space Aliens could not have it both ways. Their attempt to get humans to produce more adrenaline to be oxidized into their drug, adrenochrome, worked, but it also produced a tendency towards smarter, more perceptive humans. Oops.
Fight Space Alien control. Fix your gut microbiome! Become a better, ungovernable, human. Resistance is NOT useless!

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The Space Alien invaders used their superior technology to convince the humans that they, the Space Aliens, were our ‘gods’. Some of the Space Aliens, such as Elyon (aka Adoni), even claimed to be ‘the creator’ of the Universe.

These Space Aliens were variously known as Elohim, Annunaki, Devas, Theoae, and many other labels in various human languages.
In Elamite, and those of its more ancient precursor languages that we understand, the ‘gods’, known as ‘hapir’ (it’s plural), were specifically interested in gold (‘huzi’ or ‘huzzi’), and demanded it as a major part of the ‘tributes’ that the humans in that area were to provide on a very regular basis under penalty of death. This context of ‘gold for gods’ is repeated constantly throughout all those parts of humanity where the ‘gods’ beset the people. Ultimately we see this being seized upon by the Khazarian Mafia with their ‘love’, and ‘lust’ for gold that knows no satisfaction.

But what did they, the gods, do with all the gold?

It seems that they, the hapir, the gods, ate the stuff.

Yes, there are very ancient texts that describe the metal gold, being prepared, then consumed (along with the blood and fats of human children) by the gods. There are other languages where ancient texts also speak to the consumption of prepared gold by the ‘gods’.
One element of this historical journey for ingested gold, is that it is, even now, as it has always been, known as a nootropic, a mind enhancing metal. In the ancient texts, labels applied to the anonymous humans who took the gold preparation were centered on the concept that they were the ‘Princes of Light’. As noted in my previous articles, the connection mechanism between the human body and the Space Alien mind-to-machine interface device was by way of bio-photonic activity within the human body. In my opinion, the word ‘prince’ is a bad translation of a technical description, the context, and meaning for which has been lost over these thousands of years.

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Lessons are incoming…

Universe is in charge of this Matterium.

This Matterium is your ass, and all that stuff that you sit your ass upon, and all the stuff that supports that stuff. All those ‘atoms’, all that ‘matter’.

We are matter, partially, here in this Matterium.

This Matterium is going through one of its Grand Shifts.

This shift is the movement out of Pisces into Aquarius.
These Great Shifts of the Ages are filled with opportunities that only exist during these Times. Many souls seek to participate. Universe decides which are among the Fortunate Ones.
These are the days of the Great Awakening. The Great Awakening requires Great Opposition. The normies are going to take both of these very personally indeed, and will not have any appreciation for what the fuck is happening to them. They will be annoying during this Shift.

It is always thus. Annoying normies. The ‘opposition’ that Universe provides between the Great Awakening, and the Great Reset intended to put the normie population back to sleep and under control yet again, may be very accurately labeled as a ‘war’.
That is the way it always is, for those of us awake on arrival. We are here to serve the annoying normies. It’s our work. Don’t ask about the ‘why’ of it all, but recognize that, as you are awake, you are a participant, therefore, a ‘warrior’ at some level, in this Great War of the Shift of Ages.

The Great Awakening, at one level, is about normies graduating to some greater awareness. This is the ‘prize’ of this War. At other levels, and particularly pertinent to you, it is about the potential for personal change or growth. These opportunities, at these levels are rare, 2580 years apart rare.
You are one of the few, the Fortunate Ones, those who are swimming in the Currents of this Shift of Ages, not bobbing along as a cork (normie). Swimming means that you are taking personal responsibility by self-movement, self-direction.

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Do you see the sabotage? The train wrecks? The damage? The casualties? Soon it will be at YOUR DOOR! Can you open your eyes and WAKE before it is too late?

We, the People SEE. We, the People KNOW!

We see YOU. Your neighbors are OUR SPIES!

How do you think we know to tell you weeks, months, in advance of the manifestation of events that will ALTER your FUTURE?

The playbook of the Enemy of the People is KNOWN. They are incredibly stupid!

The PEOPLE had to be SHOWN what the Enemy would do! That is why your world makes NO sense to you! It was necessary that the People see, that they bear Witness to the Crimes of the Infiltrated and Captured Officialdom! The Biden Crime Family as well as ALL the Corrupt Congress Critters will be KNOWN to the People.

It was a giant STING and they fell for it!

The People of Washington are also going to Witness the exposure of corrupt officialdom as Crimes are laid bare. Prepare for it! Your co-worker’s crimes WILL be exposed. We know the timing, THEY do not! That’s why they are sweating, and nervous as a man walking the plank! They can feel our eyes on them. They can feel that tightening around their throat! They can feel their bowels about to empty from FEAR!

.The People are learning of the WAR now in the Homeland! USA is invaded! Two MILLION saboteurs have come across the southern border. WHOM SHALL THE PEOPLE BLAME after the foreign agents are disposed?

Your neighbors and co-workers spy for US, We the People.

Next time you get coffee or food from the cafeteria in the lower level, look at the cashier! Even if she is BLIND, she hears!
Who empties the trash from your
office? Do you think they just dump it? We are not as stupid as you are naive!

Why are YOU being told all this?!?

Because we are all very close to major changes in the nature of this 5GUW (5th generation unrestricted warfare).

Remember, in 5GUW, the PEOPLE control the timing of the WAR, not our enemies.

Legislator, be advised, WE, THE PEOPLE, SEE.

Be prepared. Resistance is Useless.

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Well, there goes the Narradigm….

A ‘narradigm’ is the operational paradigm in the normie mind. It is the normie’s POV for all their decisions on a daily basis.

The ‘narradigm’ is a paradigm that is created, not by education, and cumulative experience of the world forming a cohesive understanding of the reality encompassing us, but rather, the narradigm is worn into the normie’s mind by constant, and endless repetition of a narrative designed to support and enhance a specific agenda of an outside organization.

The current narradigm in Washington, and all these other, united States of America, has been a work in progress for at least the last 60 years, ever since the assassination of JFK. This has been a very expensive, and long process, the creation of this current narradigm.

Narradigms are engineered cultural delusions. We are living in the times of the WEF (*world economic forum) narradigm.

The WEF’s narradigm is dying now.
See now how the Deep State [DS] has released their hellwhores, the media, to finish off the Biden Regime, now that his corruption has tainted it too much for recovery. Yet another crack in the narradigm.

As the Narradigm cracks and splinters and crumbles before their eyes, the WEF has only the recourse of the Coward...denial, fear, and flight.

Look now to their Splendor, on display at their Davos meeting. The finest of foods, the finest of accommodations, the finest forms of travel, and the worst of humanity, all protected by tens of thousands of police, and military.

The WEF is certain, absolutely convinced beyond doubt that they can accurately predict the reaction of all people to their plans.

That is why they live imprisoned by their ‘security’.

That is why the WEF lives in fear.

They KNOW.
The Great Revealing is upon us! This year IT has begun! For even the youngest among you, none of their days upon this planet will be without the Great Revealing, no matter how long their life.

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Stating the obvious.

Some of you apparently didn’t get the memo.

This is a Binary Matterium. That is the design pattern, everything arises from a binary condition. Even the Matterium itself arises from a binary condition.

There is Consciousness.

There is the Universe within Consciousness.

There is the Matterium within Universe.

All of this is binary.

So thus all of the ‘non-binary’, and ‘blended gender’ talk is but that, talk. No substance as it is not supported within this Matterium, and while it is momentarily novel, it will wither and disappear in the time allotted to it by Consciousness.

Anytime you find attempts to ‘quantify’ humans, or any Life Quality in this Matterium in general, you are in the presence of evil thinking. This statement is binary as it resolves down to humans being a quality in this Matterium, and not a quantity of the Matterium.
We get Peak ‘Trans’, both as the climax (pun intended) of the pan-sexual wave, and as the WEF entre into trans-human at this Time, and of course it is the proximate cause for the next large social wave of ‘settling into normal normality’ in which Masculine and Feminine will be seen for their true worth; Masculinity creates and maintains Civilization, while Femininity creates and maintains Life. These are qualities. They reduce to binary.

No ‘trans’ about it.

The people in the WEF <World Economic Forum> are starting to appreciate that they are losing the 5th Generation Unrestricted War that they launched against Humanity. They have worked for centuries only to fail now. Their failure was forecast hundreds of years ago, when the ancestors of today’s [KM] <KhazarianMafia>/WEF, lost the lesson of binary. They are obsessed with quantity, as they demonstrate with their lives devoted to gathering excess in quantity where ever they may. Judge men and works by their qualities, not their quantities.

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By the end of this Summer, the majority of the People will be actively turning to engage in the War with the CCP. The majority will be aware that the CCP launched the attack in secrecy. The majority will be buying ammunition, weapons, and foods.

May, as forecast, will be Bloody! Bloody! Bloody! The financial slaughter will make you puke when you realize that ALL the money is gone, and you are left sitting at that desk as the populace turns in Shock, Horror, and the beginning of Anger to point at YOU. Remember, YOU don’t really understand the money system you use to create these social engineering changes. What are YOU going to say?
Without the money, what will they see? Trans will be revealed to be an attack on the soul of the nation by the CCP using Lin Biaos Army of Hairy Crabs...and YOU fell for it! You fell for ALL their weaponized MBP, trans, and ‘climate crisis’. Then you were so infected, you pushed it out on the populace, and spending their money to do it. We, the People, will see who has been sleeping with our enemy!

By the end of this Summer, ALL of the ill people making up Antifa (tranifa) will be in disarray! Their funding will be gone! No MORE EBT CARDS! NO MORE GOV’T SUBSIDIES IN ANY FORM! There will be no more cover being made by the political structure for them. True, there won’t be police out there to arrest them, BUT, also there won’t be police out there to protect them from the Populace. Will they be hunted down for past crimes by their victims? Who is that releasing all their names and locations? Will it be MI (military intelligence) who know that the CCP is paying for the tranifa attacks.
Legislator, be advised, The Storm is now visible. Prepare yourself as best you are able.

Any Q~uestions?

Get out of FRN <Fed Reserve Notes> while you can. Tens of Millions of Patriots are buying Bitcoin, Silver, Gold, Lead, Arms, Foods. Anything other than FRNs.

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We, the Humans….

We’re coming for you!

When the Powers That Be, that is, the Deep State [DS], aka [Khazarian Mafia] set out to attack We, the People of the Western Liberal Republics, they did so with psychological warfare.

It is War. By the [DS]’s own reckoning, they killed 7 million humans with their Covid psyop of a ‘pandemic’, which was yet another form of weaponized Munchhausen by Proxy let loose on the populace propelled by heavy and continuous propaganda that they had planned on being so dominating that over 400 millions were to have perished by design.

It didn’t happen the way the [DS][KM] planned.

Big Oops!

Well, now onto the other plans for genocide. This includes their ‘next step’, which they have just taken, which is the ‘weaponization of Law’. So they are indicting Trump….and, very likely, this, also, won’t quite work out as planned.

So the [DS][KM] weaponized language to start their War against We, the People.
We, the populace, is taking back our language. Non-compliance with redefinition works. Insistence on meaning, works. Slowly, the propaganda is being beaten back.

The [DS][KM] attacked us with disease. A disease more of the collective, social, mind than the body, but still a complex plot to induce illness into global Humanity.

It failed. Now, it is our turn. We can attack them back by calling out their disease, that of ‘weaponized MBP’ as regards their society destabilizing tactic of ‘trans’, and ‘trans kids’ which is the weaponized appeal to ‘compassion’. Look to the words they use! All tragic, all encompassing distortions such as ‘genocide’.
Perhaps we will see a Real Legal Shit Fight soon.

Once you start politicizing, thus weaponizing, the fundamentals of the social order, they are just laying there, for anyone, and everyone, to pick up and use; like atom blasters just scattered across the road. Bend down, pick one up.

Clif High #wingnut #conspiracy clifhigh.substack.com

The Durham Expedition into the Truly Dark Continent

The flaming minions are really quite brilliant.

Boo hoo! Durham lost again. Boo hoo…

If you think Durham lost anything, at any stage of his work, you are living in a illusion powered by lying eyes & the inability to observe reality.

The Danchenko trial, as was Durham’s previous work on Sussmann, was a trail building expedition, not a final destination.

IMO it was totally irrelevant to the goal, and the work, if the jury was to find Danchenko guilty. In point of fact, it is easy to extrapolate circumstances wherein a guilty verdict would be a burden on future expansion of the trail built thus far by Durham.

Durham is an explorer, now turned to telling the story of what his explorations have revealed. As with all good story tellers, Durham has a sense of the rhythm & flow of both the language, and the plot.

Durham has explored the Truly Dark Continent. It is Truly Dark because the inhabitants of this Continent want no light upon it.
Repeatedly now, Durham has placed the FBI, DOJ, and other associated ‘letter men’, at the center of the Truly Dark Continent. He has shown the world that it is possible to create a Truly Dark Continent, and here is an example of one.

It is working. The people are seeing the FBI, and DOJ, et al, as they desperately try to retreat further from the light of their former minions flaming up brightly as Durham burns them like fat candles of corruption.

Durham is showing GlobalPop the nature of exploration. He has demonstrated that one cannot simply charge heedless into the heart of darkness, rather one must build a trail of lights along the way.

When he is finished with them, these lanterns of burning corruption, their fate matters not; after all, they have already provided the light necessary for all to see the trail further into the TDC.
Onward, onward, we urge Durham’s Expedition. Into the very heart of the Truly Dark Continent.

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Of course, we note now, that NESARA is the CCP system with another name. Again, an example of the Kharzarian Mafia defaulting to name-stealing. The combined themes of NESARA and GESARA, are frequently linked to the mythical QFS, though recently the amounts of words put towards the QFS label is falling dramatically. Probably due to pushback against all the social credit schemes across the globe, and perhaps the revealed links, formerly hidden, between the QFS, and its creators, the WEF (the core Khazarian Mafia organization of this moment). Yes, the Khazarian Mafia created the QFS. All of these scams are also being linked to XRP/Ripple, which is the quasi-crypto currency created by the Khazarian Mafia Banks to replace their failing Swift system. The shills link their bullshit stories to XRP as it has no block chain supporting the ‘digital coin’, and is therefore not able to be monitored, thus, like the dollar, or the fake ‘stable-coin’ ,Tether, there is no accountability for amounts. Basically they can create their XRP tokens as they need to harvest money from the public by way of their dupes, shills, and useful idiots.

Included in the category of useful idiot, IMO, is Kerry Cassidy who loves to pimp out other peoples ‘truths’ even when the stories are clearly bullshit. Her mind is caught by their fantasies & she repeats them ad nauseum to support the agenda of the moment. She frequently ‘interviews’ many of the shills, dupes, agents, and other, useful idiots.

Kerry, and the Story Tellers, the shills, dupes, and useful idiots will all be changing over this Summer and into Fall.
Space Aliens are one of the last of the Khazarians’ planned Grand Deceptions. This is one of the most dangerous information weapons for them to deploy as the central theme is quite factual.

As we have seen from the recent hearing by Congress about ‘encounters’ with UFO’s (aka UAPs), the Khazarians are needing to expend more real information to try to maintain control of the narrative.

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Though dangerous, NormieLand is fascinating.

NormieLand may also be captivating, in the true sense of that word. Caution should be exercised by obsessive personality beings when exploring NormieLand lest they become entranced and entrained to its charms and rhythms never to recover their original Lifepath. Earth’s NormieLand is a CAA (controlled access area) with very good reason.
The danger arises as the Normies have many, silent, sub-conscious, sub-aware, body centered, channels of communications. As with all herd animals, Normies are both individual beings, as well as integral parts of a larger, much more complex Life Structure.

The Life Structure of a Normie Herd has very heightened awareness over the individual Normie’s ability to sense dangers, and thus react to protect both itself, and the larger Normie Herd Entity. The awareness thresholds of the Normie Herd are not spread evenly over the individuals that compose the Herd. Nature bestows very much heightened awareness levels on some small percentage of individuals scattered throughout the Herd as a mechanism for Herd protection. The protection offered from the Herd Sensitivity being shared by selected individuals within the Herd provides a very effective long range sensor for danger capacity to the Herd that crosses both distance, and time.
At this Time, here on Earth, amongst the Normie Herds, the Exploring Visitors will encounter a heightened, and rising level of emotional tension taking over the Herd. Nearly all of the outliers, the nutters, the shunned, the ostracized, the human sensors, are all pushed to their extreme limits of function. This tension state is expected to cross a rising threshold within mere months, perhaps only weeks.
Please note that there are those Celestial Guides who are saying that this particular Birthing, of this New NormieLand may be the largest upleveling of the Normie Herd for this entire Great Year (over 25,000 annular solar years).

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What if it were not just the Jews?

What if it were not just the Jews? And by extension, the Christians? What if we have the same situation happening elsewhere in humanity? Likely all due to humans being really mentally dense during the Kali Yuga, the 2400 (combined, descending plus ascending) years that we have just left (in 1700 CE).

What if the Jews, the Ashkenazi, are not the only ones to interpret things with a distinct, self-serving, bent toward religion during the Kali Yuga?

The premise is referentially self supporting that the Khazarians, the larger ethno-political group housing the Ashkenazi, a central European people, had no genetic ties to the Judeans of the Torah. The Torah is a manual, written by unknown scribes, that instructs humans how to serve, and interact with, their Space Alien conquerors, the Elohim. This manual instructs humans in the 613 commandments on how to live, including the preparation of human baby fats for rendering into acceptable forms for consumption by the Elohim (Space Aliens); further, this manual, the Torah, provides the formula for the ‘christening’ of humans with exact measures in liters of the specific oils from spices (all with antimicrobial, antibacterial properties). No human could be brought before the Elohim (Space Aliens) without this process of intense cleansing of their body, internally and externally, then the ‘anointing’ with quantities of aromatic, antiseptic oils. At that point, the human visitor to the Elohim had become a ‘christ’, and was acceptable to be allowed into their presence.
The Khazarian rulers took the manual of how to interact with the Elohim, the Torah, along with the rituals, and practices of the Canaanites who were also afflicted with Space Alien conquerors, and created the religion of Judaism. From that, other Khazarian rulers created deliberately bad translations to create the ‘christian’ mythos.

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The concept of the ‘Great Year’ is based on the astronomical phenomenon that occurs due to the Earth's axis slowly rotating over a period of approximately 25,920 years. <...> This motion produces an apparent rotation closer to, then further away from, the center of the MilkyWay Galaxy.
The primary effect for our solar system, and thus for Earth and Humanity, is a rising and falling amount of Galactic Center Emanations (GCE). This is a descriptor for the radiation that comes from the massively collected solar systems at the galactic center. The radiation levels are many millions, if not trillions of times that of our sun in the collective emanations emerging from the galactic center.
The effect of more of the GCE is thought to be a higher quality of intelligence being available throughout the Earth biosphere at all levels, including that of human intelligence. It is this ‘intelligence increasing on exposure to more GCE’ that forms the mechanism that powers the Hindu concept of the Yugas.
Sources, mostly in Sanskrit, but also in Hebrew, and other languages, when interpreted in light of our modern understanding, suggest that the GANZ of the Space Alien Invaders was a radiation shield of considerable size, perhaps covering many thousands of square miles in some instances. This word, GANZ, is inappropriately translated as ‘garden’ in the christian Bible, and some versions of the Torah. It is not a hebrew word. It comes from the Elohim/Annunaki themselves.

These GANZ were electro-magnetic bubbles over the genetic laboratories of the Space Invaders. These bubbles were what allowed the Judeans in the Old Testament to live 900+ years. It is suspected that it was the level of the GCE within the bubbles that provided humans with this lifespan.
Current thinking is that there is evidence for the opposite case to be made; that is, that the GANZ were radiation shields that effectively concentrated, or captured, the Galactic Center Emanations.

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We’re Worried about you!

Have you felt it? Are your spidey senses tingling yet?

The reason is the FLIP into the PEAK of THE BIG UGLY!

The BIG UGLY is a time of the
upending, and overturning of the giant iceberg of public opinion as the 5GUW (5th Generation (global) Unrestricted War) emerges into public discussion.

The BIG UGLY is a time of ‘collective expression of knowledge’, that will produce an ‘upending of the social order’.
The FLIP means that you WILL be hearing discussions everywhere of the Crimes of the CDC, the vile history of Fauci & the NIH, of the Deaths caused by the mRNA poisons, of the Fedsurrection on J6, and the names of the people WHO planned it, and how YOU are being tainted by their LIES. Your constituents will be talking about the [KM] (Khazarian Mafia), and the [DS] (Deep State) while buying coffee, or getting their latest tattoo.

They WILL be talking about YOU too.
People will be asking, they will want to know: Have YOU taken Adrenochrome?

No. Adrenochrome not a myth. It is not an antisemitic lie. It is real. It is THE most expensive illicit drug on this planet. Money alone will NOT get you adrenochome.

The [KM] hides in the body of the Jewish people, as a sacrificial cloak, so that then they can claim ‘antisemitism’ if you question any of their practices, but they are not jews. They consider themselves better than jews. They are true, pure, satanists. They eat human flesh, torture children by sexual abuse, pain, and rape, and then they kill them to harvest the adrenal gland complex, and their ‘product’, adrenochrome.

What?! Do you really think the Ukraine (Khazaria is what we used to call Ukraine) War is about just the biolabs? No, it’s about the [KM] harvesting humans.
[KM] Discussions are coming in to the center of the normies (your constituents) in waves from the fringes of the social order. Talk of the [KM] is dominating the financial fringe now. It is just weeks away from over-turning ALL the financial media.

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YHWH came to earth about 5000 years back. He was not alone.

YHWH is just one of the El (Elohim) who the jews decided to follow. He offered them a choice & they chose him. He accepted their forced decision.

YHWH is not a god. We know this as YHWH demanded the jews provide him with 6 liters of alcohol a day. Also he made them pay fines in the form of silver shekels. In addition they had to perform regular census of all that YHWH owned.

YHWH was not omniscient if he had to have the jews count themselves & their flocks & lands so that YHWH would know how much he ‘owned’.

YHWH was not transcendent, but had a physical body that craved drink and the fats of new born lambs, or new born children.

YHWH needed the jews to supply him with silver coinage as that was the currency that the Elohim used between themselves for settlement of their interactions, especially their gambling debts. YHWH is the one who invented, and sanctioned the collection of interest for loans.
YHWH is reckoned as one of over 240 EL, who were claiming to be ‘lords’ over the humans they found on earth. He was not the boss of the Elohim, nor even in the top tier of the El here on earth. We would think of him as being a captain or major in an army that had ranks extending to General.

YHWH was such an aggressive personality that the entourage of the El basically hated him and worked against him. Those support staff for the Elohim, translated as ‘arch angels’ who worked for the chief of the Elohim got such shit from YHWH that they constantly plotted his undoing.

YHWH instructed his jews in killing humans. When he sent the Israelites against the hunter-gatherer tribes in E-Din (what we call Eden, now basically Mesopotania down to Egypt, YHWH claimed all of the belly fats from all the children, and some of the women, that his jews killed. YHWH did not allow the jews to take prisoners, or accept surrender.

Yep, it is going to be a very interesting rest of this decade as we get into Serious Real History.