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On 5 May 2024, Co-Creators passed an interim point in another ops’ series. Started in Georgia and Armenia, and carried out by stages, it had two main aims. The first was the removal of retro-karma, remained in the Earth’s field after the crucifixion of Christ. The second was the construction of new channels on a Subtle Plane and, through them, anchoring of infrastructural energies 3.85-3.9D, 4D and 5D on the planet. They also cause the powerful Solar flares of X-Class, which occur almost daily and sometimes several times within 24 hours.

Briefly about retro-karma, the problems it caused, and why Co-Creators chosen Georgia and Armenia for operations. Recall that Christ took upon Self all the karma of humanity at that time to work out and free from it the Souls, which incarnated on 3D Earth. For the complete success of the mission, Mary Magdalene, His wife and dipole, joined Him, ready to share the fate with husband. But when found out about her second pregnancy, she scared. Not for own life, but for the child. He started annihilating karma not only of men, but also of all women.
Ops in Georgia and Armenia were especially important not only because of the unique structures of these countries on a Subtle Plane. At the beginning of the 4th century of the new era, they were the first to convert to Christianity, saved the Savior’s relics and their peculiar energy field.
Both team leaders assimilated the Absolutes’ Primary Aspects, but not activated. Their light up was launched at midnight, at the beginning of the Christ Channel descent and spreading over Earth, and the next day reached the peak, bursting into a bright glow. By Absolutes’ request, their Aspects were settled in the ground team’s Logos, where fully fused into integral whole. Previously, its core housed aspects of the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs, Primary Light Archons, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Logos of Galaxies and the Local Universe, which energetically supported the operation.

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As starseeded souls the majority of you came with an already activated sixth or seventh-dimensional template, to be able to fulfill your purpose on earth. Depending on your lineage you have certain DNA strands already activated, to assist the earth raise its frequency, help the earth’s grids restoration project, and many other different roles that require your connection to other dimensions, through your DNA strands, as everything is connected as multidimensional beings.

At this time many of you are being assisted by etheric surgeons in the process of light body recalibration that is taking place in many of you. The template of a starseeded one is commonly activated between the fifth and seventh-dimensional strands. Our mission is to activate and reestablish these connections to descend the healing codes and assistance required to serve our earth plane.
My Guides share today the importance of asking for etheric surgery to your benevolent guides, for we need it in specific ascension stages, to remove implants, imprints, and solar plexus programs related to our masculine essence, especially at this time of divine masculine retrieval and healing, and any other non-benevolent essences from our light bodies, to continue upgrading our template.
The Arcturians and evolved Orion beings are wonderful etheric surgeons who are helping many to remove the many distortions in their template, which together with our inner work, result in the total reconfiguration of our original template.

The Arcturians are usually helping those to recalibrate their seventh-dimensional body channels, as they dwell in this same dimension, and their light technology is incredibly evolved. Orion, are helping many to work with their masculine energies, solar plexus, and sixth-dimensional channels, helping them restore them to embody more plasma and heal the distorted masculine.

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A very interesting thing happened Christmas night. I was spending the night alone in meditation connecting with God/Creator/Great Spirit, Jesus, Y’shua Bin Joseph is his real name and the House of Mary which includes the Grandmothers. Yes a ufologist can be deeply spiritual they go hand in hand. Later that night I was attacked by some very nasty energies. For the love and lighters that believe denial of evil and the negative will get you into heaven your living a half truth.
Why do you need a go between to connect with God/Creator/Great Spirit. Why do you need a go between to connect with Benevolent Spiritually and Technologically Advanced off Worlders, some our ancient ancestors? The skies are full of their ships now.

How many bad actors leave you in worship of themselves or another unseen deity? Is that empowering you as an individual or creating a dependency? How many bad actors create a threat and pose as your savior reaping a reward? Not everything is as it seems, look beyond the façade, what they do off camera or away from the pulpit. Discernment is critical on the path to enlightenment.
Almost all the ills of humanity and the Earth begin with unseen negative influences which find naive, morally and integrity challenged humans to do their bidding. The real war is not with flesh and bones although it is manifesting in the physical. There are dark forces at war with Creator and all creation. They are physical and nonphysical. By their deeds, their fruits they will be made known. Those morally and integrity challenged in the physical at the top of the food chain actually gather in Satanic/Luciferian rituals with decadent behavior from rape to child sacrifice calling on their unseen handlers.
We have the DNA of the Gods. We have the ability to channel the ultimate power in the Universe which is love into every situation. The tools and techniques and understandings to heal and clear these unseen negative influences are all available free at our website.

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Remote Viewing is the military term for viewing a target with the mind’s eye.

Remote Viewings are conducted under double blind conditions, meaning that the target assigner and the viewers are unaware of what they are viewing. They are simply given an arbitrary number.

The Future Forecasting Group was recently given the target number H506-B3T9. That was the only information they had. It was only after the viewing that they learned what the target was.

The target was the split/rapture event. In Christianity it is the “rapture.” When believers are taken into heaven while the rest of humanity suffers the tribulation. The RA material calls this event the “harvest.” And says it happens every twenty-five thousand years when those who have spiritually evolved ascend to a higher dimension while those who don’t are reincarnated back into the 3rd dimension.
They saw what appeared to be another planet. One with an inhospitable atmosphere that required domed cities. They saw underground bases. And they saw the infamous grey aliens.

According to UFO research, the most common story is that the Greys destroyed their own planet and came to Earth to experiment on mankind in a desperate attempt for survival. No longer able to reproduce sexually, they experiment on mankind with genetic science and technology to sustain their own species.
Allgire saw several images of how the soul is attached to the human body, how it is removed, and how these creatures were attempting to manipulate the process with a neurolink. And practically the whole team saw barbaric experiments on mankind with brain chips, animal mutilations, animal-human hybrids, and transhumanist hardware. As if creating some sort of human Frankenstein was the only way for their species to survive. They could be viewing the biblical Mark of the Beast.

They saw UFOs, major events in the sky, and a mass exodus.

It is interesting to note that Elon Musk wants to give everyone brain implants and says we need to escape the planet.

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Well I am going to broaden the scope again and I am not just going to talk about the injections. I am also going to talk about all the medicine that children are given when they are supposedly ‘ADHD’ or ‘autistic’ or whatever. Actually, I am going to talk about all medicine, which is a big topic, but still.
So, what is happening with these children? Right the moment they come into planet Earth, they are injected.

Student: They have no choice.

Adamus Saint Germain: I know. I know they have no choice because that is what society wants. They do have a choice. You have the choice not to do it, but then you have to be very careful because they are going to try to take your children away from you then because you are supposedly not nurturing them well enough, not being a mother or a father or a parent to them.
You want to let your children gain their sovereignty, especially those that come into planet Earth in the last few years and are still coming into Earth right now. Their field of divinity is much more strong, and that is also why some are showing up with ADHD, etc. because the vibration is so very high and it is going so quickly. Then pills are injected and injections are put in the child so that it will start vibrating lower. But what they don’t know is that they’re damaging the system, not just the biological system, but also the connection to the akeneic energy is damaged. Because what happens when you get these types of injections is that it starts to break down the akeneic cells and it tries to make from the akeneic cells just dualistic cells, which would mean that if that process happened, you could even potentially – because this has never happened on this Earth yet – but it could lead to the full loss of the connection to that which is called ‘the Akene’. And to restore such a loss – the last time that this actually happened was Atlantis – and to restore such a loss, a lot of work is necessary and a lot of intent is necessary.

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What did Jesus say about people who fear UFOs in the last days? He called them UNREADY.

Jesus: “then the Arrival of the Son of Man! It will fill the skies. No one will miss it. Unready people all over the world will raise a huge lament as they watch the Son of Man blazing out of heaven.”

Who is the Son of Man? Those who are ‘like human but not human’. The exact meaning changes with context. It can mean Angels of Light, or Angels of Light incarnated as human (starseeds).

If Jesus was the only Son of Man, why would he say “it will fill the skies”? And why would he say it will happen before his return?

Jesus: “At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

Clearly many Christians have the wrong idea.

Why did John’s vision in Revelation describe the Son of Man having white hair and carrying a symbol of 7 stars? Because the Son of Man are Pleiadians. Jesus was an incarnated Pleiadian Soul in a human body.

Remember that demons are real, and they don’t want us to know about Angels of Light. They want us to fear UFOs, fake raptures and Project Blue Beam. But they are powerless, and all they have are lies.

People who talk about fake raptures have no idea what the real rapture is. Because of all the fear and programming people have endured, a complete separation of timelines must occur before there can be Full Disclosure and Open Contact. This is the Shift.

You shouldn’t fear UFOs because their presence is a sign we’re getting close. You shouldn’t fear the end of this world, because it’s the only way the new one can begin. The ending will be the beginning.

The Pleiadean Collective via Judith #ufo #magick eraoflight.com

In These Moments We Will Communicate About Sacred Geometry!

You Live In A World Of Designs And Patterns That Reflect The Beauty Of Being! All Life In All Forms Is Created In Such Intricacy That You Might Never Know The Hidden Purpose.

In The Higher Realms Where Pleiadians, Arcturians And Other Souls With Sacred Origins Live In Peace And Light, Sacred Designs Of Triangular, Octagon, Oval And Hexagon Shapes Are Used Frequently. Crafts Are Designed With These Magnificent Shapes And Homes Are Created In Many Levels With Sacred Geometry As The Chosen Method Of Expression.

In Your World There Are Plants, Vegetables, Trees, Minerals And Many Creative Designs In Living That Reflect Sacred Geometry With Great Beauty. Symbols Can Overlap And Speak To All Life Of The Unity And Force Of Dynamic Spirit And Light!

Metatron’s Cube Was Created And Used In Designs To Honor Beloved Archangel Metatron. His Presence And Soul In Form Walked Among The Beings Of Earth In Many Waking Dreams. In One Such Dream His Presence Chose To Be Alexander The Great!
The Symbol Of All Creation Is Seen In The Flower Of Life. With Intersecting And Overlapping Circles, A Pattern Of Sacred Geometry Is Formed. Geometric Patterns Are Seen In Sub-Atomic Levels As Well As Throughout The Vast Cosmos With All Life Forms. Indeed, Everything Is Connected With The Frequency Of One Spirit Expressing In Many Ways Of Being!

In The Domain Of Astral 4-D, There Is Endless Activity With Structures Of Sacred Geometry. Patterns Of Geometric Designs With An Infinite Message That These Patterns Express Are Brought Forth By Thought And Intention Of The Observer. Cosmic Races, Angels And Fairies Are Just Part Of The Life That Is Discovered By All Beings Exploring Astral. Thought Forms And Thought Form Entities Are Ever Changing Amidst The Patterns Of Sacred Geometry.

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It is 2023, the governments and religious institutions have failed to bring us Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity. They and their agencies have failed to implement and maintain Universal Law. In fact, they have done everything opposite their mandates. Look at the crime, the poverty, the degradation of health and freedom. It is all on the downward spiral under the present leadership. Why? Why is there so much inhumanity? What is creating all the division, poverty, greed, the plagues and endless wars? Most are not ready for the truth. Most will continue to participate in their own slavery and demise up to the very end. The critical thinking, research and integrity impaired will continue to serve the morally challenged and corrupt to the last day even if it means the demise of themselves and their families. Cognitive dissonance has become epidemic.
The Soros backed DA s are allowing crime to escalate with little or no consequences. In his own words Soros said one of his greatest accomplishments will be taking down America. He is one of the main sponsors of all the divisions pitting Americans against each other. BLM, Antifa, Open Borders are just a few of his organizations. installed puppets at the very top of many governments. The network is called the deep state. How did it get this way?
The actions against Universal Law, the abuse of power and the misuse of technology caused the fall. Yet what inspired that path? What took over the leadership at the highest levels and inspired them to act against Universal Law? The same influences from the past. These are the same influences that are creating all the divisions and againstness in religions, cultures, genders and color. These unseen negative influences feed off the pain and suffering, those they have infected actually smile when they see the numbers of the sick, injured, and dead. They are the eugenicists, those pushing population reduction.

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The Latent Abilities encoded within Humanity’s Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA have now been activated. This activation was possible due to the monumental activities of Light that were Cocreated through the unified efforts of every person’s I AM Presence and the entire Company of Heaven during the first eight months of 2023.

These Latent Abilities reverberate with Sacred Knowledge that contains viable solutions for the myriad surfacing maladies plaguing Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth at this time. This Sacred Knowledge is flowing into the Divinity of our Heart Flames and being slowly revealed to our conscious minds as an intuitive Inner Knowing.

Our Father-Mother God have acknowledged that the magnitude of just what this means for each of us and our Ascension process is truly beyond the comprehension of our finite minds at this moment. However, we are being assured that this lack of comprehension is a very temporary situation that is being remedied moment by moment as our I AM Presence translates into our conscious minds the profound Truth being released from the newly activated codes in our 5th-Dimensional DNA.

A vitally important facet of this profound Truth is that Humanity en masse has reached a frequency of energy, vibration and consciousness that has allowed our Father-Mother God to open a Portal of our Mother God’s Comprehensive Divine Love within every person’s 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Heart of Hearts.

The Love of our Mother God that is now flowing through this Portal has burst the paralyzing grip of the energetic attachments, the bonds, traps, cords and connections that have been used by forces outside of ourselves to manipulate and control us for aeons of time. The nefarious intent of this now failed effort was to prevent us from connecting with our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven after our fall from Grace.

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All we have to really do right now, is keep aligning with our True authentic Self, inner guidance and wisdom, and the knowing and reality that IT’S ALL ALREADY DONE, to QUANTUM SHIFT 💥RIGHT NOW💥 TO OUR NEW HEAVEN UPON EARTH!!


None of this is really REAL, and we’re all actors on a stage!
All as the last layers of the false ego self, masks and layers, and with it the false Matrix, are being fully lifted and dissolved from within The ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, along with the last layers of the veil and collective confusion!

The Original Wound of Separation, the Mother Wound, the healing of The Motherline, Blue Ray, and her Cosmic Womb, and with it the Cosmic Egg, Perfect Proton Seed, and Original Cell, has been healed, and with it, ALL FULLY HEAL, in no-time whatsoever, as our Blueprints fully reset!
Massive downloads continue to unlock and ignite our multi-dimensional DNA, and with it our true memories. Overwriting all remaining MK-Ultra-based mind control programming with Cosmic God Source Consciousness, dissolving all remaining veils and spells the Collective Consciousness was under. The deep slumber that we’re now fully awakening from, ALL AS ONE, and with it, we are fully re-claiming our God Source Self, our power, gifts, abilities, ancient future wisdom, and gnosis!

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Dear family, for 24 hours we have been under the effect of an increased amount of incoming Cosmic Radiation (remember that it is already constant, there are only occasions when it is stronger or is a higher frequency and you feel more).
You may be feeling a lot of activity in the Crown Chakra and different sensations in the brain (tingling, pressure, burning, pain, I personally feel it as “fire” because it’s not exactly burning), a stronger heart beat that is not like the reaction caused by Geomagnetic Storms (palpitations, accelerated heartbeat, double heart beat), is just a stronger heartbeat or with more resonance.

Partial chills, or “goosebumps” on the thighs and arms are also a very common sensation, as is physical fatigue as if you’d had worked out a lot.

You may feel hungrier than usual, sweating on the soles of the feet and palms, difficulty focusing sight and strange movements in one of the two eyelids, such as getting stuck, glued or with a slower movement (regularly happens in the right eyelid, but some can experience it on the left), buzzing, tones or static energy in the ears and a greater need to stretch the muscles of the body.
Another interesting fact I wanted to share is that on May 19 there was an explosion (relatively strong in terms of its activity) in the Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico, which was recorded exactly at 4:44 am local time. A couple of days ago (June 7) the Kilauea in Hawaii erupted at 4:44 am local time, and last May 22 the Etna volcano in Sicily also started to have more activity (I could not find the exact time).

Everything is connected and everything serves a greater purpose.

From my perspective, these are only signs that everything that exists in Gaia is going through an expansion process, not the augury of future disasters.

A.S/Raksha #ufo #magick eraoflight.com

Raksha; 3) Lastly, I find it a bit hard to believe that some Pleiadians would like to have sex with us in our current state. I mean we are full of toxins, chemicals, and negative energies. Not to mention we are probably far less handsome than they are. And we are not mind readers. How could we be attractive ?

The majority of galactics do not wish to date or have sex with Earth lightworkers. As Kejraj said, especially the higher evolved galactics will probably not have that desire. (Pleiadians are higher consciousness than Earthlings, but for the most part they are not the highest evolved beings in the galaxy. Though of course different Pleiadians have different levels of consciousness.)
That said, the more developed / pure / empty you are, the more attractive and relatable you will be to galactics. So if you still have a lot of baggage, you might have a harder time dating them until you do some more development work. So if anyone is looking for motivation to do their integration work, then “this may increase my chances of being able to date or sleep with a galactic” is one thing.
Should you physically meet a galactic who wants to have sex with you, there is a decent chance the the galactic will politely and lovingly suggest that you go visit a galactic healer first, for a “cleanup” of toxins etc. This won’t take much time and won’t be painful.
I do quite a bit more interacting with and talking to Pleiadians than just the Tunia and Hakann channelings. I’ve personally already have had energetic sex with multiple different Pleiadians. I can feel their energetic body if it touches mine, and they feel it if I move my energetic body to touch theirs. So we can stimulate each other in that way.

Pleiadians are apparently able to orgasm purely from that, whereas I may be able to get aroused from that but I do need to use my own hand for additional stimulation if I want to have an orgasm.

Americentrism Award

Mother Earth, El Morya, Arcturians via Marie Mohler #magick #ufo #wingnut #conspiracy eraoflight.com

In 2022, God Says Enough. In 2022, God Says, Its Time To Turn The Tables in my House. In My Creation. It Is Time.

It is significant that in the United States of America, An Epic Independence Day Celebration will take place on July 4, 2022. This is the July 4th Celebration, that in a way Trumpets the Victory Bells of this Nation’s Beginnings and its Foundational Core. What was the United States Founded In and Upon? God. In God We Trust. What were its founding ideals and principals? Whether you are an American or not, these are Cosmic Ideals that are returning to your consciousness dear ones. They are returning to your Collective Consciousness as well.. Seek that Truth that we spoke of in the last transmission. Become those Quantum Questers again.
where else in the world right now . . . to Tune into This God Nation, this Energy of One Nation Under God, which can be felt as either One Nation Protected and Guided By God or One Nation Led By God, God Frequencies, and Divine Unity Consciousness for the Highest Good of All. The United States of America is what the founding fathers of this country knew to be a template for this Ascension Timeline, that it would be a Template of Divine Resurrection to Divine Ideals, Ways, Leadership, Transparency, and Unity in the world again. The United States of America is a Living Template for The United People of Planet Earth Initiative. This is the Template for Unity Consciousness. This is the Living Blueprint for the Laws of One to be restored again on Planet Earth. And thus it is here that the greatest battles and the deepest Battleground is being fought for the Soul of Humanity, right now as we speak.

Other Star Nations and Races know this is happening as well. For they feel it. What happens here, touches all life in the cosmos as well. So, the United States of America is a Living Cosmic Blueprint not just for Americans, not just for Humanity Globally, but for All Sentient Life Intergalactically.

Mother Sekhmet via Aluna Joy #magick #ufo #conspiracy eraoflight.com

We entered the dark womb that is the temple of Sekhmet in Karnak, Egypt. She was locked away in the past to try to contain her powerful divine feminine energy that frightened the other gods of that day. Even though they tried to contain her powerful love, their effort to lock her up has failed. This is the message we received. She remembered us, so she didn’t waste any time putting us to work.
Mother Sekhmet is giving us a job. She is working really hard. She is in so many places around the world right now. She’s not completely here anymore. She has been systematically coming out of the temple into the world with those of her family who have come to visit her here. She is calling for an army, a light army, a love army, a peace army.

We are going be her LOVE ARMY. And Oh… She’s mad. I can see where most of her energy is. (I could see she was in between Israel and Palestine, the holy lands.) She’s mad, she’s tired, she says enough is enough. This harm has to stop! (and I felt her stomp her foot down ) This war, this hurting of each other, the senseless devastation. It is enough! It is over!

The back story…. Mother Sekhmet (and the core of the Divine feminine ) has been scapegoated for centuries, for eons. She was and only has been present for LOVE, not the devastation she is still associated with. She still has this enduring story that she was a destroyer. Her only power is unbridled, unlimited LOVE. Yet this Love will destroy where the ego’s power is in control. The ones in the past did not like this. They labeled her a monster, an out-of-control destroyer, but in truth, they were only describing themselves. Like so many women and men and good people all over the Earth, so many get scapegoated and crucified.
It is an explosion. It’s a wake-up call. Explode your heart into the illusionary matrix energy fields around the Earth, and it’ll go exactly where it needs to BE. This will stop the devastation. Only love can do this.

Era of Light #ufo #magick #wingnut #conspiracy eraoflight.com

At this time in the somewhat informed community many remain uncertain about Vladimir Putin’s intentions. Whether he is on the side of light, or perhaps just another puppet of the dark.

You also have those who are convinced that he is fighting against the dark by destroying their labs in Ukraine.

So who is Vladimir Putin? A former KGB agent, and who is now working for the light? Is he another puppet of the dark? Or has he gone rogue, belonging to no party but himself.

We will refer to one version of Putin as the original one. The former ruthless KGB agent, with the mentality of a mobster, who was feared by his surroundings, and left many dead.

The original one departed his physical vessel around the year of 2014.

In that time, you had what is referred to in esoterics as a Walk-in. This is when one soul leaves the body, and another enters, and takes over the same body. In the vast majority of cases like this, all is done with prior agreement in the higher dimensions.

This is what occurred in 2014. A soul from the Pleiades Star System came in and settled in the physical vessel which was known as Vladimir Putin.

This is the one who kicked the cabal out of Russia. And made it clear that their games would not be tolerated there. He took many of the actions behind the scenes, which aligned with Trump’s actions. From the corruption, cartels, child trafficking, and more.

In the year of 2019, this soul departed the body after being executed by agents of the dark, who received millions for accomplishing the task.

The cabal had already planned a replacement for “Vladimir Putin.” A body double, who you’d think is unrecognizable, to those who do not pay attention that is. This one, the cabal uses however they see fit, in order to continue their agenda towards world depopulation. Wrecking havoc in hopes of bringing a stop to Earth’s shift into the 5th dimension.

Natalia Alba #ufo #magick #conspiracy eraoflight.com

We are heading into the cusp of all the previous months’ energies. A new passage whose main Lyran and Sirian frequencies are key to continue restoring the many damaged Earth structures. This Year the 8/8 Lions Portal is like nothing we have previously experienced, especially in planetary gridwork. From an individual perspective to a planetary one, everything is being transformed, and this year the focus is mainly on bringing restoration to the damaged planetary grid’s structures that were massively distorted to keep us uncommunicated from other dimensions, between many other non-benevolent purposes, and that are now finally being rehabilitated.
During the Lions portal, we are going to be assisted again to continue with this planetary mission. As you know, our Planet has many structures, such as the fabrics of time and space, and many others that are being rehabilitated, which is why we are too able to restore our DNA. During the 8/8 portal, one of the most important tasks to work with that Guides invite us to do, is supporting the restoration of the original Lyran planetary grid network, built by our Forefathers and destructed eons ago.
Our main focus at this time is on Egypt, South of France, Bermuda in the Atlantian Ocean, which is a 5D portal that helps stabilize the planetary Merkabah fields, Easter Island, which is already a massive grid complex for stabilization, and an interdimensional portal to other worlds, between many other things, as to me, personally, this is the most important gate on our planet. Lastly, Iran’s organic Earth’s gate, all important planetary gates that when recoded, can help us heal our heart-mind system, and above all, our original Lyran and Blue Ray/human genetic history-lineage, and connection.
When used properly to restore spaces or at a personal level, it helps us cancel programs such as blame, guilt, mind control, and many other similar ones, seeding liberation for us all to be free sovereign beings again.

Sananda via Jahn J Kassl #magick #ufo #conspiracy eraoflight.com

Does every human have a soul?
JJK: What happens to those beings that don’t have a soul at all? Or does every human being have a soul?

SANANDA: This earth is populated by soulless human clones. Outwardly, they are in no way different from humans, which is why they are difficult to recognize. However, for those who can see into the subtle, this distinction can be clearly seen

Ramona Lappin #ufo #magick #conspiracy #mammon eraoflight.com

Black and red box technologies have been fully removed and replaced by Diamond White Cosmic Tesseract schematic. Assisting Krystal Cathedral architecture which I’m being shown is helping us clear and reset the sacred sites and vortexes as well as connect them energetically directly to the Source flows and currents. They are also assisting the activation of the New Earth Diamond Grid, and building of the Krystal Cathedral Network, anchoring Cosmic Consciousness into the Grids and returning Natural Law.
I am being shown that we can place these Diamond White Tesseracts above our own homes or points in the Grids that we’re guided to, as they are supporting the Krystal Cathedral Network Activations and help ignite the new Diamond Grid and Blueprints, and building of the Golden and Crystalline Cities. They will also help anchor in pure Source Light into the Grids where you are locally and increase the amount of pure Divine Source flows you receive. Always remember that you can ask to lessen the amount of Light streaming in if it gets too much, or remove this if you feel guided to, for whatever reason.

Clear up of any remaining dark portals and black magic, black goo, AI from all sacred sites, also with help of the Diamond White Tesseracts.

Saturnian black cube Matrix has been fully removed and dissolved. Clearing all reversal violet rays and plasma light, which also clears the false violet ray spectrum.

Freeing us collectively of any remaining karmic debt fully. COMPLETING THE DEBT FORGIVENESS program, which restores our Abundance and now enables us to reclaim our ancestral blessings, gifts, and Divine inheritance.
These massive Frequencies keep rising, as we continue our ascend. It’s getting very loud, as the Music of the Spheres sings and harmonises ALL of Creation back to Perfection, igniting our DNA and New Edenic Realities, along with the Bliss, Edenic/ Paradisian, Divine Union and Love, Freedom and Abundance Codes, flooding us now with this UNITY PORTAL.

Ramona Lappin #magick #ufo #conspiracy eraoflight.com

All new holographic realities are starting to shine through the last layer of the veil remaining and dissolving fully now, as our multidimensional crystalline structures, 12/13D Diamond Grid and DNA strands, are coming quickly online now, along with our True Cosmic History Records, as the Hall of Records and Emerald Tablet’s are igniting our true memories from deep within us now.

We have fully activated and awoken our Cosmic Dragon and Maji Grail King’s and Queen’s aspects now, and as the Divine Solar Masculine and Feminine principles have come to Divine Union as One with Source, now completing our Ascension out of the artificial Matrix hologram! Thank you for everyone who took part in yesterday’s Dragon Awakening Transmission and live Activation, and/ or listens to the replay (links in comments below), as we helped make the magic happen! Amazing work ALL, as we assisted in the full Awakening of all of the 13 Dragon beings that were held in stasis and enveloped in the Earth’s crust along with millions of dragon eggs, until the Collective Consciousness would be ready for the Great Awakening! Which is NOW!
I can see the millions of dragon eggs opening and cracking, and any remaining Dragon beings that have been in stasis and asleep now fully awakening and rising powerfully, along with Michael’s Sword and Saint Michael’s Line, and various Dragonline gateways and dragon grids and points, coming fully online and activating. Clearing out any remaining remnants of the old negative alien machinery, AI, networks, reversals and lower, artificial frequencies, negative entities and energies. Some are noticing Ascension symptoms subsiding and lessening, as all the interference patterns, distortions, reversals, miasma, false light matrices, entities, implants, seals, artificial materials and technologies etc., ALL that was false, artificial and inverted, is being fully dissolved and removed, along with all of the artificial Matrix realities.

Ramona Lappin #ufo #magick #conspiracy eraoflight.com

A whole new way of living and being is here for us to realize and co-create all new realities, all through us shifting the way we perceive ourselves, others, and how REALity really works!!

As we remember what is really REAL & TRUE here!



As we shift our perception from that of a polarised, traumatized and programmed ego mind, to the perspective of how God Source sees ALL, your realities shift for you and so does your Blueprint align with its Divine expression!

Remember that whatever you resist, judge, fight, or pay attention to you feed and help co-creating, and what you cling onto, you push energetically away. It’s energetic law, that’s why detachment is so important!

As we FULLY LET GO of all remaining karmic load, based in judgment, separation, and fragmentation of and within The One Consciousness, all of our energy, sacred life force, and power is returned to us, as we have truly freed ourselves from all illusions of this physical world and the Maya of The Mind!


Now we can truly co-create like the Cosmic Kryst Child, from joy, free of all illusory fears, mind control programming, and inverted beliefs, free of all imagined limitations and boxes that don’t exist!

We can collapse and co-create realities from within the Zero Point Field of Divine Love, Neutrality, and ONEness, from within the Holy Trinity, Grail, and Threefold Founder Flame, that is being embodied, emanating, and returned through us and our fully opening sacred Crystal Hearts!

Meg Benedicte #magick #ufo eraoflight.com

On December 12 (double 12) we experience AA Metatron’s 12:12 annual Ascension Gateway in collaboration with the 12 Root Races that star-seeded the ancient Golden Age of Zep Tepi. This is a momentous metaphysical event, as Gaia aligns with the galactic center, located at 26-27° Sagittarius. Once a year, as the planet connects to the event horizon of the galactic vortex, a direct pathway opens to pure Source force. 12:12 represents your spiritual growth as an Infinite Being.

According to Metatronian mysticism, 12:12 is a sacred code that activates your Merkabic Light Body. While the 12:12 portal is active, the zero point field at the galactic center enables molecules to speak to each other non-locally and virtually instantaneously, in oscillating frequencies through entanglement. This is a power-packed moment of infinite possibilities. Don’t miss this extraordinary moment to crystallize your Soul’s Light Body and Blueprint.

Also on 12:12 there will be a New Moon at 20° Sagittarius. New Moons usher in new beginnings, a fresh start or new direction in life. The theme of the Sagittarius New Moon is optimistic and adventurous, a champion of bravery and honesty. The positive aspects of the 12:12 New Moon are amplified by the galactic vortex to expand your horizons from a broader perspective. It is advantageous to set your visions and intentions, dreams and goals while the 12:12 gateway is active.

Ramona Lappin #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy eraoflight.com


Today, on this 144-7 encoded day out of linear time, we have come to


Which is the end of separation, the end of the illusion &


Our happily forever after is finally here!!


I hope you can all feel this immense quantum shift & LEAP INTO OUR NEW HAVEN UPON THE EARTH, WE’RE fully COMPLETING in this NOW!?!

The message I received upon Awakening on this most magical of days and moments in no-time, is


I’ve been working on and shown Earth’s inner Core and our Merkaba spinning anticlockwise and the Planetary body clockwise, correcting the axial tilt, Merkaba spin point’s, and directions to how they were before our Fall in Consciousness, plus upgrades. I’m also shown our Merkaba as twelve pointed, instead of six, as when the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies and Merkabas unify as ONE within the new Krystar SAphiRA/ Christos-Sophia/ Androgenous Albion Lightbody Template, they are doubling their power as they interlink as ONE. All of this is possible through our fully opening Crystal Lotus Hearts and Diamond Minds unifying as ONE cosmically, and part of the new Divine Hierogamic Union Blueprints, activations, upgrades and improvements made.



Archangel Michael via Ronna Vizane #magick #ufo #quack eraoflight.com

“Consciousness Time Cells” is another name for a special kind of Memory Seed Atom. There are Memory Seed Atoms within our DNA Divine Blueprint which were programmed to activate at certain stages of our life. There are also “Event activated Memory Seed Atoms,” which occur when an individual triggers either higher frequency MSA’s or lower frequency MSA’s containing our gifts, talents and attributes; or our karmic tests and challenges within our current Divine Blueprint. During our drama of life, these Memory Seed Atoms are activated by our thoughts, intention and interactions with others.
It explains why so many older people in their later years, become so bitter, angry and disillusioned. They have been existing on the minimum amount of Primal Life Force Energy. Therefore, all of their negative frequency patterns that have not been “purified and harmonized by the higher frequencies of Light” will be dramatically enhanced, and they will be stuck in the negativity of their past history. Sadly, they will have to experience the same lessons in a more intense manner in another lifetime. Also, in addition, the person’s storehouse portion of Memory Seed Atom of Adamantine Particles will never have been activated or used for their good and for the benefit of the Earth and humanity.

Archangel Michael via Ronna Vizane #ufo #magick eraoflight.com

You, the StarSeed, who have balanced and harmonized the vibrational patterns of your four lower bodily systems, so that your Soul Song is resonating to the Fourth sub-plane of the Fourth Dimension and higher, are now beginning to access the HIGHER FREQUENCY RAYS OF THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE FUTURE. There is a new Divine Blueprint for this Sub-Universe and for each person who is ready to don a shining cloak of many colors – a refined auric field of Light of the New Age. These wondrous gifts are programmed within the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light, and they are now available to those who have attained the required level of Self-Mastery.

Adamantine Particles of Creator Light are complete Facets of Creator Consciousness ready to be activated, programmed, and manifested into new, unlimited creative endeavors. At the initiation of each subsequent plan for a new creative project, the Adamantine Particles are encoded with the Divine Blueprint for that plan.
The SACRED WHITE COSMIC FIRE, Adamantine Particles, that you magnetize to you as an awakened Self-master must continually circulate. Only a certain amount – that which is appropriate for each Soul to integrate at their current level of en-Lighten-ment – can be stored within the physical vessel; the balance must be RAY-diated out into the world of form. The Supreme Creator is composed of infinite, indefinable Essence Power, which is so overwhelming that you cannot even imagine ITS magnitude.
Your planet is now plugged directly into the heart-core of the Great Central Sun within the Milky Way Galaxy. The new cosmic waves of Creator Light are a great gift to the awakened Souls on planet Earth. Even though these refined, higher-frequency Rays are not being beamed down directly into the lower Fourth- and Third Sub-Dimensional levels, the transforming frequencies of Light will gradually filter into and affect everyone and everything on and within the Earth.

Ramona Lappin #magick #ufo #conspiracy eraoflight.com

We are about to be flooded by a TSUNAMI OF DIVINE LOVE Light, HEALING ALL!


As we complete the Christos and Emerald Order Mission!

THE DIVINE MASCULINE & FEMININE of The Original Twinflames, and Maji Grail Queens and Kings of the Original Tribes and Founder Races and Rays, FULLY RISING AS ONE IN TRUE DIVINE LOVE, IS WHAT MAKES US UNSTOPPABLE!


As the Divine Masculine and Feminine have merged in Divine Union within the Heart space, which is fully igniting the 13th Stargate of our, and their unified, sacred Crystal Hearts, and fully reconnects us to Source, to the Godhead, and our higher identities and Cosmic history records, as we remember our true Cosmic Origins and what has truly happened. This is also healing their and our central nervous system and with it, the earth’s grids, as well as fully clearing out the astral field.

As our perceptions of REALity change and of what is really happening, our realities change in response.
The increase in DMT in the field, higher dimensional frequencies, Cosmic Rays, and pure Source Light codes flooding in, are helping us to remember the REAL TRUTH we had forgotten, and as this happens, we DREAM HEAVEN ON EARTH INTO BEING!!



As the magnetic field shifts back to the Cosmic Mother’s Supermagnetism, this shifts the Collective Consciousness as they’re directly interlinked. All made possible through the full ignition of the Crystalline Core of Earth and our Cosmic Kryst and God Seed Atom, in turn fully igniting our Divine Blueprints and Multi-dimensional DNA and TRUE RE-MEMBERING.

Teri Wade #conspiracy #ufo #wingnut #magick #crackpot eraoflight.com

The ultimate tyranny on a system of ultimate control is not martial law, it’s the psychological control through the manipulation of our consciousness. We’ve been controlled by a secret world government by those who live on Earth and in Space. They control us through frequency. It’s all unveiling itself on an accelerated rate through a mass human Awakening we’re currently experiencing.

Apocalypse-meaning, the “unveiling.” We’re all being distracted from what’s really going on behind that veil. Politics, sports, teLIEvision, a total fake illusionary world.

A perfectly programmed slave is one that is perfectly drugged, programmed and conditioned into global enslavement. In order to control a species, you take away their past, their history, their ancestry, its memories and downgrade their genetic blueprint. (DNA manipulation)

We live in a low frequency prison Matrix (Earth’s 3D realm) and with this mass human Awakening that’s happening to us and our planet, this secret global government of incredibly evil psychopaths are getting very, very desperate to hold onto power and control of the human being and Earth. FEAR has always been an effective tool used by these vile ghouls pushed by their henchmen of the MSM to control where our thoughts and emotions are directed. Fear is a master controller. We’re getting drugged and poisoned so heavily through our air, food, water and vaccinations etc. It’s all because they’re trying to stop this mass Awakening from happening to the human race. The raising of our consciousness/awareness!

This means our reality is becoming broader, which means we’re being introduced to higher knowledge, insight and wisdom and with this broader spectrum of reality comes the good and the bad but it’s all necessary. This broader reality is due to DNA activation which means we’re letting in more Light which is information. On a cellular level our cells are starting to break apart, not so congealed and coagulated.

Sandra Walter #magick #ufo #quack eraoflight.com

Comets and Core Shifts

Cosmic events are receiving some attention during this Stargate – and I find the mention of them in popular media to reveal some interesting timing.

The green, three-tailed comet may be (vaguely) visible on February 1st; look North at SUNset. I enjoy path-changing Comet energies, and this one feels well-timed with our Stargate alignment which is aimed at accelerating trajectory choices.

An article on Earth’s core slowing, or possible reversal, made the headlines this week. While the events and theories in that article are many years old, the timing of focusing on it is potent. As every Gate and Gridkeeper knows, the restoration of organic Stargates includes correcting the magnetic flows, which ends the inorganic reversal. That tipping point already occurred.
Many have asked about the deep sadness or grief sensations, which are unrelated to personal events or clearings.

Magnetic shifts on this planet, in her fields, and within her core, affect our bodies, emotional fields, and thoughts/ego/brain. It is one of the root causes of the awakening and Shift in Consciousness being a widespread, inevitable, global event.
As Gaia’s magnetics shift to an organic crystalline operating system, we must do the same. This means the dismantling of personal and collective states which were influenced by the old control systems. This is what we are feeling in the field right now: accelerated collapse of the old ways of creating.

This is literally changing the way in which we assemble realities, from the core outward.

As Unified Crystalline Conduits of a new frequency – the return of the Christ/Kryst – through our activated and coherent Hearts, we feel the deep changes together. We sense things before they are revealed for the collective. This is purposeful; we feel it first, learn practices which assist, and support the collective as they are raised into the higher vibrational flow, anchored by the Ascending collective.

JFK Jr. #conspiracy #wingnut #ufo eraoflight.com

VP JFK Jr’s (1) comments, from the graphic below:

“With several countries going back to lockdown for the Omicron variant, which is the Military code for the clean-up operation for the CCP Pedophiles & Traitors, we’ve entered the [C]losng [A]ct – initiating the EBS, Military Tribunals and Full Disclosure Of the Galactic Alliance.

“Sending out the 5.5 Mil OPS was a confirmation SIG in our primary objective – rescuing our children from tunnels & DUMBs. As the remaining countries lock down and reports of COVID-19 diagnoses continue, the news unlocks the map of events. Prepare to archive and be offline. SHUTDOWN.


The Argorians via Lev #ufo #magick #dunning-kruger eraoflight.com

No matter what is happening on Earth now, no matter what everyday problems earthlings are concerned about, intensive processing of the planet with 5D energies continues 24/7.
Co-Creators, Galactic Committee and Argorians are constantly changing the mode and configuration of quantum flows directed to Earth. They instantly adjust them depending on the current situation and the state of the majority of the world’s population.

On 17th July 2022, near Barbury Castle, Nr Wroughton, Wiltshire, a crop circle appeared, showing that the finished 5D plasma actively fills the entire Earth’s space. At the same time, from it, 6D (the hexagon in the center) terminates the removal of the 3D Hologram, its matter and energy (triangles inside the sphere).
To change the environment and transform the aura of the planet, Argorians fill it with bright yellow SFIRO energy, neutralizing side effects, and blue and silver BLISKO energy, which loads into the planetary Hologram the soft of intellectual development and thought process (spheres above the image of Earth).

The down-flowing streams of spheres of different dirty shades are low-vibrational 3D plasma, removed from Earth.

On the protective screen of the vacuum ring above the equator, new species materialize.

To create the necessary environment for them, Argorians, with the help of an ultrasonic transducer, accumulate energy in the 5D ring by concentrated radiation.

With a five-dimensional Time spin, they form a new information field of Earth, and saturate it with 5D Intelligence plasma.
This channel receives energy that stabilizes sound vibrations and rebuilds the nucleic acid sequence encoding a transporter protein.

The new genetic structure receives transformative radiation through purification of the lower layers of the atmosphere with partial openings of the ozone layer.

Meg Benedicte #ufo #magick #quack #mammon eraoflight.com

Working as a quantum healer for 25 years has given me a front-row seat in observing the extraordinary nature of energy. How it looks. How it operates. How it responds. One of the surprising, yet distinctive phenomenon I kept noticing in the quantum field is a type of informational template instructing the material plane.

After years of investigation within the complexities of quantum energy, I started perceiving the projected nature of our human reality. I began to realize the human brain was not the originator of mental cognition, but the receiver of data from the quantum field. The human mind operated like a quantum field computer that portrayed or projected external reality like a hologram.
When we shift into the quantum perspective of a universal holofield, the nature of physical reality becomes more mutable and malleable, less locked in. If we could access the information embedded in the holographic ‘label’, or template, or blueprint, then we could recode the holographic projection. We could change how wave-particles materialize in the physical plane. We would have the power to influence the future outcome.

In quantum physics, the clockwise spiral compresses energy into particles of matter that form the physical world in spacetime. When activating Metatron’s Cube, it will open and expand into a spinning anticlockwise Phi spiral, reversing time compression, forming the Quantum Vortex around the energy field. The accelerated spin momentum unlocks gravity and collapses the time barriers between the physical and non-physical worlds, expanding to quantum level. The Quantum Vortex is the cosmic tool that opens access to the encoded blueprint in the quantum holofield.

The possibilities are infinite! Imagine all those filament strings in every atom humming and vibrating to a new coherent frequency?

PS: If your circle of loved ones are new to Quantum Access®, please share this link so they can sign up for free download on how to activate the Quantum Vortex

Hakann via A.S. #ufo #wingnut #magick #conspiracy eraoflight.com

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

I know that times on your planet are incredibly tough. And yet, I also understand that I only know this somewhat intellectually. That isn’t nearly the same as living through it.

Because of this, we have read and shared and studied and discussed the comments you have posted under our last two messages, namely “Hakann: debunking “the liberation process has to be this way”” and “R’Kok: Is humanity going to free itself?”
To get some idea of what life on Earth may be like, we have also been listening to people who have lived on dark worlds, such as R’Kok. Some of you are also present on our ships during your sleep state, and we have asked you what life on Earth is like and what you think we should do.

Some people have pointed out in the comment section that us galactics may be emotionally scarred from over-intervening during Atlantis (and on other worlds). Good point, I think there may be some truth to this.
To you it might seem obvious that us intervening today is the best solution. However, waiting say a year means that there is some reasonable probability of humanity freeing itself — the gray hats are doing certain things behind the scenes and the consciousness of humanity is rising. So it’s not impossible that humanity frees itself without action by the gray hats. An intervention by us could be needless, if it turns out humanity frees itself without us.
In other words, based in part on your input, the likely intervention window is no longer 2024 to 2026. Now it’s 2024 or 2025. Though if there is a big gray hat move (even just one that significantly improves your living situation without liberating you fully), then we will again assess the new situation.

So we’ll likely intervene in 2024 or 2025, but when exactly will we intervene? It depends on the free-will choices that people on Earth make. The exact moment of intervention is mostly event-driven and energy-driven, and not time-driven.

Hakann via A.S. #ufo #magick eraoflight.com

Question: What do I need to do to move in spaceship New Jerusalem?! I’m ready!

Answer: We appreciate your enthusiasm to get to know us. We would very much like to physically meet Earthlings too.

Unfortunately, at the moment we need lightworkers physically on the planet, because your energies are what allows Earth to be liberated.

If we just beamed up all the light workers, then probably within a year all of humanity would be completely enslaved. That is how important your physical presence and your energies are.

From our perspective, light workers are like elite spec ops soldiers and the mission is 98% completed. If we were to pull out the spec ops soldiers at 98% mission completion, then the mission would fail and that would be a tragedy and complete waste.

To be clear, the mission started a long time ago. So yes it’s 98% complete, but that does not necessarily mean that the mission will be complete next month. It might still take a few years, or possibly even decades.

Even if we were to beam you up for just a day, then you would really enjoy that day but you would also likely feel quite demotivated once you were back there on Earth. So this would not be a net benefit, from our perspective.

We do empathize with how much discomfort and pain and oppression that lightworkers are experiencing. We are helping you in subtle ways already. And of course, we are working to free Earthlings entirely.

To be clear, this is not about being worthy of being beamed up. You are worthy. It’s just a matter of needing your energies down there. Even very advanced light workers are generally not beamed up by us.

Thank you very much for your service. There will come a time in the future where you’re very welcome on the New Jerusalem. But we do need to liberate Earth first.

Ramona Lappin #crackpot #magick #ufo #fundie #conspiracy eraoflight.com

The decks have been cleared!

All artificial and fallen Matrices, Grids and Timelines/ Realities have been fully collapsed now!

Dissolving all remaining illusions, delusions, veils and holographic overlays, implants and inserts NOW!

As only the true Truth remains and is being re-membered by ALL!

All remaining density, blocks, attachments, cords, hooks, miasma, interference patterns, seals, membranes, lower codings, reversals, gender splitting, AI, negative entities and aliens, traumas and false memories, ALL and any remaining artificial, inorganic and negative energies, frequencies, systems, architecture and matter, are being fully dissolved in the Diamond White Flame of Ascension with the help of the risen Diamond White Elohei!

As the True Guardians and Grail Queen’s and King’s re-claim their gifts, abilities, power, responsibilities and Guardianship over our Collective Realities, fully re-membering their One True Self’s again.

I am being shown a beautiful Diamond White Rose, with a touch of flush pink, at the Crystalline Core of Earth and within my Heart, fully opening its petals, symbolising the Collective Cosmic and Planetary Diamond Rose Heart and Grid Activations that are fully awakening us from the dream now! Bringing our Collective Ascension out of the artificial Matrix simulation and our many missions, to its full completion!
The new Krystar SAphiRa/ Christos-Sophia/ Androgenous Albion Body and Divine Angelic HUman Blueprint, is being fully birthed in holy Hierogamic Union, between the Divine Masculine and Feminine, as they unity as ONE with Source, birthing the Holy Trinity and themselves aNew, returning to their Original Innocence and Perfection, but with the lessons learned and Upgrades to their Original Blueprints integrated. This is what is fully bringing online the New Earth/ Holy Trinity/ Unity/ Diamond Grid, Hierogamic Union, Relationship and Sacred Sexuality Blueprints and Templates now. This is what is

Tunia the Pleiadian via A.S. #ufo #magick #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon eraoflight.com

Question: Hi, Tunia and Hakann,

I am glad I can ask you this question. My question is about money —— some suggest to obtain gold, silver and crypt currency. I understand we are moving up to 5D. Do we still value silver, gold, crypt currency in 5D? What do you think of the suggestions?

<answer from Tunia>
There is a discrepancy here because an incredibly large amount of money is subtly siphoned off from the real economy and disappears into secret bank accounts. The actual richest people on your world are not who you are told they are, and those people are far richer than the current so-called richest man, namely Elon Musk.

Bad people often try to control you by telling you to think in terms of models about reality, instead of thinking about actual reality directly. In general, it is often better to directly look at reality, instead of looking at models of reality.
So, money is a magic trick and it’s subject to inflation. Crypto is a magic trick and it’s controlled opposition by the dark forces. The stock market is overvalued. Suppose we’re not a particularly savvy trader who can make profits even under these conditions. Where should average people put their savings?
The channeler has also bought some Iraqi dinar and Vietnamese dong. It could come to pass that those currencies will become much more valuable in the future and will each become worth one or a couple of US dollars. At that point, the channeler hopes to be able to sell those currencies for a profit.

Will indeed the Iraqi dinar and Vietnamese dong indeed become more valuable? I, Tunia, am genuinely not sure. Some people are working towards that goal and are making plans, but those plans might not come to fruition. That said, the upside here is large and the downside here is small.
You are wise to ask if gold, silver and crypto currency will still have value in 5D. In our Pleiadian society, we do not use gold or silver or cryptos as currencies or wealth. We do not have currencies.

Ramona Lappin #magick #ufo #dunning-kruger eraoflight.com

We are currently navigating the chaos and void of the Cosmic Womb, that we enter as we fully die upon our old, false self and re-birth as our One True Self! Where we are able to access seemingly infinite possibilities within one moment in no-time. So when tuning into something, we can see a whole Timeline/ Reality playing out and can then decide on whether to ‘access’ it or not.

I’m currently feeling all kinds of things at once and have been unable to focus on writing and sharing my daily summary of yesterday’s Activation yet. I’ll shall so do later today or tomorrow, maybe even in a video Update or YouTube live. The focus was very much on our Multidimensional DNA, Diamond Rainbow Plasma and Merkaba Lightbody, as well as Planetary Diamond Grid Activations, and our Crystallisation process, whilst clearing any remaining density, reversals, lower codings, ALL that is inorganic and artificial. Fully setting our-selfs free of any remaining density, blocks, attachments, anything still connecting us energetically to the old artificial Matrix hologram. Again, each picks up what they’re ready for. We have very powerful downloads, clarity and re-membering returning, as well as Holy Heart Openings continuing. Also, I can feel and see some of us with our etheric Wings and Diamond Plasma Lightbody’s fully healed and ready to fly, literally!

Let me know if you guys have any questions in general or news any tips on how best to navigate these Quantum Reality shifting Ascension Waves, that you would like me to address.


With the film strip that is held in our Multidimensional DNA, IGNITING ALL NEW ORGANIC ASCENSION REALITIES from deep within us NOW!

Feel, anchor, align, merge and ignite this Frequency of ALL NEW ORGANIC ASCENSION REALITIES from deep within you NOW, and as often throughout your day as you can re-member. As ALL NEW IS COMING ONLINE from inside of us, or rather being fully re-membered!

James Gilliland #ufo #magick #quack #wingnut #conspiracy eraoflight.com

The entire light spectrum is changing. The cosmic, gamma ray and Xray charts are taking a steep rise, the ultraviolet and infrared are also creating new bands. What does this mean? It means change on every level right down to the DNA. Why do you think the dark hearts are trying to change your DNA? To stop the activation and depopulate the awakening masses which once they find out who they are and what they have done will rise and take action. This has already begun.

Whatever changes they make are temporary, your immune system will attack any changes that do not align with the divine blueprint.
Almost every structure of power has been infiltrated by a Satanic/Luciferian death cult. The political institutions, film and music industry, business industry, religious industries all at the highest levels. This includes your medical industry. Harming and killing a child is the greatest gift they can give to Lucifer or Satan. For that they are greatly rewarded with money, power and fame.
We are all in this together regardless of race, color, gender or religion. WWG1WGA is most appropriate for the all is in the one. The all is the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness, all life throughout the multiverse, the unified field in which we all exist draw sustenance from and partake of to one degree or the other. The only difference between you and the advanced beings terrestrial and extraterrestrial is the expansion into greater awareness and use of the unified field. There are no divisions in God/Great Spirit/Creator only the illusion of separation. Time to forgive self and others, release and heal the past, get on with the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. Remember being a Christ/Buddha/White Eagle/Quan Yin/Mary/Buffalo Calf Woman etc. does not mean being a doormat. It is time to walk away, cannot serve the beast and not go down with it.

Cecilia Fenn #magick #ufo #quack eraoflight.com

As we enter Cancer Season and head towards the Lions Gate, there is so much happening on the Galactic levels. The Royal Star Lions have become much more active and are teaching us the “skills” of Galactic Navigation that we will need for the Lions Gate, where we will make a massive “leap” forward.

Star Navigation is an ancient skill where the Shaman, or Priestess/Priest would hold a specific consciousness to guide the Earth’s path in a certain direction. At the Lions Gate we are called to hold our Consciousness at a high frequency so that we can guide the Earth into a higher frequency at her next cycle. Together we are creating a Grid of Light that will lift Consciousness on the Earth through the Gate and into the next cycle of Creation and Manifestation.
As we prepare for this transit, we are also experiencing the physical effects of this alignment into our role as Star Navigators. There is what Archangel Michael calls a “triangulation” going on between the Galactic Center and the Pineal and Pituitary Glands, and between the Pituitary and Pineal and the Thymus Gland (High Heart). This creates an etheric octahedron which functions in the navigation process.

This powerful process has created physical symptoms of clearing and expansion in the Head/Sinus and Ears. Especially the ears, since as you may know the “Galactic Antenna” are in the Inner Ears in a bone structure that looks like the Galactic spiral. You may be experiencing blocked ears or intense ringing in the ears, or blocked sinuses as these parts of the body are cleared and aligned.
The Sirian Star Teachers taught that the Earth was like a boat, which they called the “Boat of Millions of Years” that traversed the Cosmos. The Gods/Neters were the Navigators. Now, in the New Earth, we have become the Navigators as we assume responsibility for our course!

So, this is a time to be awake and aware and to focus on holding balance so that the “boat” can move smoothly on the flow and not pitching up and down and making us dizzy!

Meg Benedicte #ufo #magick eraoflight.com

Greetings ,

In just hours the powerful 12:12 Gateway portal will be active for 10 days, during the alignment with the galactic center located at 26° Sagittarius. All of 2022 led us to this moment! There is a perceptible shift occurring in the collective field. It is a harbinger of new thought, new ideas, new solutions, new consciousness. Those who are galactic beings respond to stargate activity with heightened intuitive instinct and active involvement. You are transmitters and receivers of light. You are influencing the field.

I heard the call ten years ago during 2012, when I was compelled to relocate to Mount Shasta to do more of my Soul’s work. It came up unexpectedly, being pulled to my connection with the mountain’s powerful root chakra vortex portal. The 12 harmonic tones vibrated within my Merkaba Torus, synching my biofield with the 12D celestial frequencies humming and vibrating in Gaia’s grid. 12 is the activation code. It is pulsing strongly in the field right now!

During the 12:12 – 12:21 Gateway, your bioelectric field attunes to the ascension consciousness encoded in the galactic plasma photonic light. When you travel to the galactic center and step into the 12:12 stargate, the 12 crystal rays of the 12 universal dimensions will ignite more of the dormant 12 strands of DNA embedded in the double helix. You are in the process of becoming divine humans.
The human race is experiencing waves upon waves of sentient consciousness awakening their higher brain centers and psychic awareness. The veils are dissolving, the lights turning ON. Upon my spiritual awakening, I was guided to draw a circle with 12 points and spin. Little did I know it would evolve into Metatron’s Cube activation of 12 light beams attuned to phi harmonics spiraling into the Quantum Vortex. Let’s celebrate the magic of 12! During the 12:12 Gateway, you have the opportunity to up-level into more divine Soul actualization. This is AA Metatron’s gift to humanity!

Jennifer Hoffman #magick #ufo #crackpot eraoflight.com

We begin the new year with a 6 vibration, much more settled and calm than the awkward 5 vibration of 2021. But this is not an ordinary 6 as it comes from the 2+2+2 which we only get once in a millennium and it underscores one of the big themes of this year which is energetic congruence and divine harmony. The number 2 is a pair, a couple, things that go together, resonance, sameness, and balance. And with January as a 1 month we have a 7 number vibration for this month, which is the number of spirituality, introspection, and creating balance within.

With a 7 vibration we have the wisdom and power to weed out the distractions, sources of chaos, and things that do not contribute to our forward movement. And as the first month of this new year, it’s a good time to start thinking about who and what you want to accompany you in the new year and how you want your year to manifest.
2021 was the year of energetic sovereignty and we got a rude awakening when we realized that it was not going to be an easy ride and a ‘done for you’ process. Instead, we saw that our energetic sovereignty was challenged at every step of the way and the more we aligned with it individually and collectively, the more we were met with tyranny and abuses of power. Well that is not going to change overnight but we have the upper hand and the numbers so stay the course and don’t give up.
The days of the Martyred Healer are over and we must now embody the Christed Awareness, our own 5D paradigm of heaven on earth and in that space there is no place for things that drain us of our light and energy and cause us pain. Welcome to the new age of self empowerment and good-bye to the days of suffering and taking on others’ problems.

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I am Kejraj!

The possibilities are endless on this magnificent planet of freewill. The people have always had the power. It is only that the dark ones used manipulation into making the masses think that they are powerless, among many other false claims.

One thing that is also a possibility is Donald Trump returning to the White House, and picking up where he left off. Here we speak of him returning prior to 2024 elections. More precisely within this year of 2022.

There is more than one way in which this can occur. The take over of the mainstream media by benevolent forces, and broadcasting real truth. Showing a lot of what has unfolded behind the scenes for many years, what the dark is responsible for, and all their monster puppets.

Also showing what Trump truly accomplished while in office as President.

Which would bring a vast majority to rise, and demand that all the corrupt leaders be imprisoned and replaced around the world. And in America with the reinstatement of Trump as President.

The chances of that happening are slim. Why would anyone want to shake the masses awake and hurt their feelings?!

The other way in which Trump can return is if the Republicans win the majority of the House of Representatives, stop being cowards and traitors. Then they would be able to elect Trump as Speaker of the House.

Followed with the process of impeaching Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. There are hundreds of crimes the two can be charged with. Not to mention the fact that they are inorganic and soulless beings, placed there by their dark masters.

The future is bright regardless of what takes place. However, having Trump become president again, it would perhaps only fast forward the clean up and restoration process. And trigger the world to the next level of its awakening.

Donald Trump becoming president again just might shake the masses awake after all. It is show time my friends. Justice will be served, as the tsunamis of higher light wash over the world.