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'Rules For Radicals' Trenders Are Flooding A Utah Tip Line Over Bathroom Law


That's a weird way to say false police reports and cyber terrorism."

"Gotta do what Trump (one of his staffers, I think) did and make them pay an unrefundable $5 to deliver a tip to the hotline. Real violations will make it through and probably be waived afterward, and fake ones will pad the pockets of the state's admin. Trolls might think twice if they have to submit their CC details for spurious complaints."

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Yes you have people who call everything woke but it is a consequence of the companies constantly talking about representation and diversity. With lgbt stuff I used to not mind a gay character here and there but now I dont watch anything with that included although to be fair I tend to not watch anything past 2014. If I see a modern day movie with a black or female lead I wonder if it has some racial or gender related message.

Also tired of ignoring the key demographics because activists writers hate the fanbase or don’t even like the source material. Most people are not lgbt so why not market to that specific audience. If I lived in Nigeria I would find it odd if a large percentage of people in entertainment were Asian or white. I personally think there is a hyper obsession with diversity that ruins entertainment. Also like I said I’m not listening to black ppl younger than me talk about race.

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It's called "GayFL" by Rugby League fans for precisely this reason (and how "soft" the players are perceived as, generally), though honestly, the NRL isn't much better at this point...

"Worse" shit is said at local footy matches on a weekly basis, I assure you, from experience. But the AFL doesn't have full control of those, of course, and they're not televised, so we don't have to pretend to give a fuck, lol.

But seriously, what a bunch of faggot soft-cocks, as us fans of "bring back the biff" might say.

Unfortunately though, the AFL tends never to actually come out and say what was said, in these situations. They just let the rumour mill run wild. Like this seemingly much worse situation a couple of years back, where initially people thought it was something about the guy's sister having an abortion, and then it was "I hope your mother dies", and then we never found out what it actually was, but sounds like maybe it was more "mutual" sledging: https://archive.is/sUaaU

Regardless though, I think either of those options, for the above, are much worse than just calling a guy a fag or whatever, lol.

Yeah, they never do, with these types of incidents, because then people like you or I can make up our own minds and go "Meh, that's not that bad at all!"

They don't want that, so they never tell us.

But from having grown up here before "homophobic slurs" were a bannable offense, and also having spent enough time around footy players and the like, it was probably just "fag", or "faggot", or, at a stretch, "poof". I can't imagine it being anything more than one of those three, lol...

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We're told that "brudda boys" (fa'afafine/ladyboys essentially) were "always a prominent part of Aboriginal culture" despite there being zero evidence of this, prior to colonization...

Pretty sure that the hunter gatherers probably just killed/left the faggots to die, or at the very least ostracized them, but nonetheless, that's the shit (much like this) that is heavily pushed now, so... Yeah.

I can't imagine many "remote community"-living Abos would feel too happy about this, in the extremely unlikely event they even knew/heard about it, lol...

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Here is the wiki page for what happened:


It's been carefully rewritten to present the modern woke leftist version of the story, which, unfortunately, is also spouted by some of the people in that video (particularly the woman "historian" who may not have even been there, lol), but yeah, basically, the degenerates got banned, and took the licensee to court, so the brewery that owned the pub shut the place down with a week's notice, and then sent the cops in to smash it up...

Fuck the degenerates, and fuck the pigs. They can shift the blame all they want, but this was their fault, at least partly.

Reverse Stonewall, if you will.

Never, ever come between an Aussie and our booze (specifically beer), lol. That is almost the one occasion where we might actually get amped up enough to do shit like this (also our women, as shown by Cronulla, tbh)...

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Usually"? No, you fucking freak. When I was 9 I remember when we'd call eachother faggot, browse 4chan and Rotten.com, and rally around someone's dad's porno mags.. Girls were averse to our antics - there was absolutely no androgyny. Never was there a question of who was what in terms of appearance and behavior.

Stop turning kids into vegan cats.