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I won't be talking about Tom Serano's biology because it has been shown again and again, for example in the links in this post by @heathercho, that he knows fuckwit. My issue is with his metaphysical claims. Serano asserts that the "gender-sex distinction is rooted in Mind-Body Dualism", but this cannot be right because genders are social roles, and social roles (the expectation to do something in society) presupposes the existence of a body -- indeed, the existence of more than one bodies, for there can't be a society with a population of one.

Serano is right in that Mind-Body Dualism is unpopular in both Philosophy and Feminism (Science never had patience for it at all), but guess what, troons are the strongest believers of Mind-Body Dualism! Just ask a troon where is his "femaleness" located. It can't be in the body, because Biology is transphobic (not to mention that, by popular assent among troons, a troon is not any less trans because he doesn't take estrogen and has no plans to get a dickchop). It can't be in society, because society expect them to take up male roles. His only recourse is to admit that it is all in his mind (or in mental constructs such as language), and that his mind is independent from his body, each has its own identity.

Prove to me that Mind-Body Dualism is true and I might re-evaluate the assertion "trans women are women".

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Before we get into technical issues, let's address the hamfisted Didn't Earn It influences:
You have two blacks, two "evil paleskins" tucked in the back like it was slapped together for bizarro China, and the fifth is conveniently, completely covered up, probably so WokeC can pull a Gaymes Wokeshop and later pretend that their cheap Strongheart-in-name-only imitation was a woman the entire time. Molliver wasn't so lucky, having been both black-washed and sex-swapped into a mentally ill they/themming black chick, which makes it all the more hilarious that he's a thief.

Frankly, the only thing surprising about the cover, besides the lack of blue-skinned gay tieflings, is that they didn't give the red-head a similar treatment, opting to just wallop her a few times with the "realistic woman" stick, but the issues with this piece of, ahem, "art", go way beyond pandering to troons and hideous hobby tourists. But then, what else did you expect from Tyler Jacobson, a guy who attended a pair of west-coast colleges and works for a company that has long considered surface-level diversity a substitute for quality, creativity, talent and integrity?

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Well, great. Maybe there are. But what, exactly, does that tell us about human behavior or human morality? Peacock wants us to think that it tells us a great deal. “This is a queer planet,” the trailer gleefully informs us, for “queerness has always existed.” You just haven’t realized this because you’re so, like, uptight, man: “It’s only in humans that we have such a stigma about it.” For actually, “Mother Nature is pretty open-minded.”

Here again, we see the incoherence of the left. “Mother Nature” is “open-minded,” eh? So there is a conscious being who created and governs the universe? Many, if not most, leftists, would sneer at that idea, for they have rejected the idea of a God who delineates the parameters of morality. The universe is blind and random, they insist, and that means that there really aren’t any parameters of morality at all, and anything goes.

That, however, would mean that these allegedly gay animals aren’t really examples for us to follow, but just random beings doing meaningless things. And so Peacock invents its own god, to whom it gives the venerable name of Mother Nature, and invests her with its own morality, which involves the dogmas that “sex is not just for reproduction” and that “nature is full of queer surprises.”

In saner times, mothers would tell their children not to behave like animals. The idea of emulating them as moral exemplars never occurred to anyone. After all, it’s a dangerous path to start traveling down. Once we justify “queer” practices on the basis of all these supposedly “queer” animals, why stop at that? There is plenty of other animal behavior we could emulate as well, such as chasing down others, ripping them apart with our bare hands, and eating them. PETA would get into a fine snit if Peacock ran a series hailing that kind of animal behavior, but of course, neither PETA nor Peacock, nor anyone else on the left ever worries overmuch about intellectual consistency. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why we’re in the fix we’re in.

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LGBT Activists Harass Torrance Mayor, Lie to Public About their Privileges/Entitlement
The LGBT hate groups are growing more brazen every day.

In Torrance, they insist on being celebrated, even though they claim that they were "born that way," and th

The way that they harassed Mayor Chen was quite disturbing.

Last year, he hosted a public forum to allow residents to hear about ongoing safety and business issues, but a number of LGBT activists insisted on harassing him because he would not approve a "pride" resolution.


The level of entitlement is quite disturbing.

LGBT activists insist on pushing this lie that they are "born that way." There is no evidence for this. And now they are crying and whining about how everyone should celebrate them, and if you don't want to go along with their coercive demands, they label you a hater, a bigot, a homophobe, etc.

This is true bullying, and it's quite ironic that one of the most abusive activists in the room, RG Wong, shamed Mayor Chen about his Asian-American heritage to justify their demands for a pride resolution.

Do these people really take themselves seriously at this point?

Also, does anyone notice the number of people who left the city council chambers while the LGBT activists were whining and complaining about a pride resolution.

The people of Torrance don't want this trash forced on them. They are tired of the woke, broke, joke of regressive leftism.

It's great to see Torrance, a Balanced City, is not interested in tipping the scale in favor of any one interest group.

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Butker’s outrageous crime was that he gave a commencement speech at Benedictine College, and took aim at some of the most cherished idols of our age. He encouraged the graduates to take pride in themselves and their accomplishments: “Not the deadly sins sort of Pride that has an entire month dedicated to it, but the true God-centered pride that is cooperating with the holy ghost to glorify him.” As far as leftists are concerned, to criticize Pride Month would be akin to ripping up Betsy Ross’ American flag while standing in front of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and Butker wasn’t finished.

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It’s illegal for minors (people under 18) to vote, get tattoos, purchase or drink alcohol, purchase cigarettes, enter adult strip clubs, or buy pornography, but Proglodytes want to chop off their genitalia or add fake ones. Hospitals and healthcare corporations push ‘gender affirming’ programs, hysterectomies, and transgender surgeries on kids who should be occupied with playing sports, hanging with their friends, having a crush, going to school dances and attending pep rallies. The medical community has turned into an industry of child mutilation for profit. The “First, do no harm” concept in the Hippocratic Oath has been eradicated for money.

Kids are being sexualized by perverted LGBTQ+ABCDEF (insert the rest of the acronyms here) and pedophiles who use their positions to push this shit. Children don’t have the capacity to understand the complexities of sex, gender, or the depraved projections of the Left.

“Gender identity” and all the insane concocted ‘pronouns’ did not originate with kids or mentally stable people. Kids don’t think of that shit on their own. It started with unhinged lunatics who pushed this abnormal behavior in the media and in schools. People are sick of it and they’re fighting back. What’s really funny is the hissy fit thrown by these freaks after their videos are exposed by LibsofTikTok and other sites. Simply posting their insanity for everyone to see is enough to bring a meltdown.

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So yeah, Trump held a rally in Jersey where he made a sarcastic remark about Hannibal Lecter, and as usual the typical media autists collectively shit their little diapers in unison as they wail to the heavens that "TrUmP eNdOrSeD a CaNnIbAl, sEe HoW eViL hE iS?!", and everyone who listened either laughed at them or told them to rightfully shut the hell up because no one cares! Everything that has been thrown at this man has failed! No, not just failed, spectacularly failed! His trial and mugshots ALONE have propelled his campaign far further than anything in 2016 and 2020 COMBINED, and the Leftoids are adding fuel to the growing shit-firestorm with their tantrums! At this point, Trump could drop the sacred N-word and every single African American would vote for him!

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'Rules For Radicals' Trenders Are Flooding A Utah Tip Line Over Bathroom Law


That's a weird way to say false police reports and cyber terrorism."

"Gotta do what Trump (one of his staffers, I think) did and make them pay an unrefundable $5 to deliver a tip to the hotline. Real violations will make it through and probably be waived afterward, and fake ones will pad the pockets of the state's admin. Trolls might think twice if they have to submit their CC details for spurious complaints."

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The differences in coverage "is rooted in a gender stereotype: the assumption that people who have been assigned female at birth are supposed to have breasts, and that people assigned male at birth are not."

It's not a "gender stereotype." It's a biological fact.

"No doubt, the majority of those assigned female at birth have breasts, and the majority of those assigned male at birth do not. But we cannot mistake what is for what must be.”

Not just a "majority." It's a universal biological fact with a tiny number of exceptions.

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Basically in The United Humanity's current-day regime, the governments of some of the more Feudal Worlds end up re-writing the lore and histories of their planet so as to re-write history in the new regime's favor. Because those who control the past, controls the Present. And those who control the present, controls the future.

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You cannot equate ancient and near-modern examples of men castrating themselves (or cross-dressers) with late 20th-century trannies. The former did so either because of religious conviction or economic expediency. You don't read records of them claiming "I've been living a lie all along. Now I've found my true self", as modern trannies invariably do. And such existential reflection is good evidence that trannyism is a thoroughly modern phenomenon. It is related to the search of authenticity, the search of how to live life. Before modernity, religions and traditional communities told people how they should conduct their lives. People took it for granted that their lives are a pre-set template, and it didn't even occur to people that there are other options. It is only when religions fail to hold sway, and people had lost their ties to tradition, did people begin to realize that they have the freedom to choose how to live. People found out there are many many ways to create meanings in life, and that they can start living a new life any time as long as they have the will to do so. Some men, then, chose the freedom to live as women.

But why choose to live as women? I suppose Feminism (especially Third Wave) has mystified womanhood as the exotic "other" which appeals to the adventurous spirit of some men -- attaining womanhood is, in essence, a quest for the Holy Grail. If what I say is true, then trannyism is, paradoxically, motivated by a stereotypically male drive for conquest. This may explain why MtFs widely outnumber FtMs.

I can find ladyboy porn going back as far the 80s). How can "traditionalists" unironically claim transgenderism is a recent phenomenon.
I don't know much about Thai culture but it seems the phenomenon of Ladybois have strong social and economic roots. I'm not convinced they are exactly comparable to Western troons. Also 80s is very modern.

The Amsterdam Cohort saw a 20x rise of clinical cases of transgenderism in Netherlands between 1980 to 2015.

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>Autoimmune disease
That's a funny way to spell "stepped into a noose because the crushing weight of reality finally set in"

I have to imagine trooning ain't great for someone with an autoimmune disorder, much less multiple ones. In a sane world, the family would have cases for malpractice against the doctors who fed into the mentally ill man's delusions and quickened his demise.

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Gigantic display of the Ten Commandments in new Minnesota jail offends atheist group: ‘Imposing religion’

Question: If you're an atheist, so therefore you do not believe in the first place, why even give a shit?

Let me use myself as an example, though I'm Catholic, I was once going through a mall and saw a Jehovah Witness table set up looking for suckers, looked at it and then shrugged my shoulders and went about my business.

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Title IX has been a godsend for women in sports, forcing schools to treat male and female athletes and the programs they compete in equally.

But the left has used Title IX to shoehorn their pet social engineering schemes into the mainstream. The new rules would eliminate restrictions on the use of bathrooms by trans students. It would also make a host of changes to how sexual harassment cases are handled on campus, removing the requirement for live hearings and cross-examination.

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I'd played Helldivers "back in the day", picking it up because it was a four-player couch co-op that my wife and most of our kids could all play together, but wasn't even aware that Helldivers 2 had come out until I saw clips on Twitter. I was surprised at the drastic shift in gameplay and quality, less so that it was woke due to reducing men and women to naught but a pair of body types.

I also wasn't surprised that people who merely claim to be opposed to wokism were still recommending it, as it happened many years ago with Horizon: Zero Dawn, though that wasn't as big a deal because I got it when it was on sale for something like seven bucks. Much more recently there was the live-action One Piece show: apparently blackwashing and overrepresentation are only bad when it happens in recycled Disney slop.

The excuses I tend to get, with body types at any rate, can be generally categorized as "not a big deal" or, somehow, "not woke". To address the latter: the first Helldivers game had you choose male or female. Helldivers 2 changed to body types, as did numerous other, more recent games, entirely by coincidence I'm sure. So, my question is:

How is this shift to remove the very mention of male and female not woke? If it's not to push an agenda, to socially engineer change in what is normal, to stigmatize beauty and celebrate ugliness, to "coerce behavior" as a certain company pouring fucktons of money into DEI/ESG put it, then what is the motivation behind it?

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While All in the Family is today considered to be a "groundbreaking" show in the history of television by the liberal media, it is a glaring reminder of Hollywood's unsuccessful attempt to demonize conservatives beginning in the early 1970s. Despite the promotion of liberal values by All in the Family, however, the Politically Incorrect Guide to the 1960s mentioned that audiences looked up to Archie Bunker largely because of his stubborn rejection of the counterculture, and his chair was even included as one of the most famous exhibits in the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History.

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As you have said, and certainly Dr. James Lindsay and others have stated as well, it is a cult.

The fact that they are salty against J.K Rowling speaking OUT about biological men demanding to be in women's shelters and prisons speaks volumes about their mind set: normal is capital (to be abolished.)

I LOVED how she stood up against that "hate" law.

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First of all, the Liberals are the dominant group politically in the US and other Western nations. Therefore what Liberals want they usually get; no surprise to anyone with a knowledge of human events.

Second, the opposition to Liberals, classified as conservative by Prothero, is made of of disparate and often opposing groups, many favor/don't oppose the great Liberal victories of which Prothero boosts: legal pot and legal sodomy. Destroying freedom to own guns, an issue that all non-Liberals oppose, has not gone gone too well for the Liberals, as even the professor concedes. Internet freedom is still with us, in spite of massive Liberal opposition.

Also, while JFK might be classified as Liberal, in no way could Thomas Jefferson be considered Liberal. Jefferson flourished in the 18th century, today's political categories are not relevant.

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We have disorders for behavioral, psychological, and social aspects of a person. Why can't the concept for sex and sexuality exist also?

Men and women were made for each other. Attraction exists to encourage reproduction. That is why sex feels so good, to encourage that behavior to proliferate the species.During sex, the man and woman would feel close so the child could be raised in a loving home. Men and women had separate tendencies that encouraged unique fulfilling roles.

This use to be a fundamental clear, concise truth but for some reason we can't acknowledge it anymore.

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If you get right down to it, The Texas Revolution does provide a lesson—in reverse—for today. Anglo-American settlers first entered Texas under the terms of an agreement with the King of Spain and later the government of Mexico. They didn't assimilate, became a majority and eventually seceded.

The root problem here is not the Alamo or anything that happened there. The root problem is that a growing segment of our citizenry, including many born in the U.S., choose not to identify with our country.

And that, my friends, is a very real problem indeed.

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Omar's daughter decries 'hypocrisy,' says anti-Israel students are '100% targeted' after suspension and arrest

Yeah... when you make an ass out of yourself and break a whole slew of laws you are targeted and punished. In other words Fuck Around and Find Out!

Here's the real kicker she going on mommy's talking point of being subjected to a chemical attack... somehow getting a snoot full of a novelty crap spray you can get off Amazon for $10 pales in comparison to Chorine Gas, Mustard Gas, VX Nerve gas, Agent Orange, or Zyklon B!

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To the extent that the statement might have a glimmer of truth around the “inevitable” and “natural” adjectives, the motivation of the right-winger would be that the latest left-wing agitation is just plain silly, and not worth the upheaval. That’s what left-wing movements have been, since the storming of the Bastille: There is inequality, and addressing the inequity is worth the social upheaval. The “right wing” reaction to this is, no dice, sorry common sense must prevail at some point, a pre-op tranny doesn’t have a “right” to use the womens’ restroom. So the left wing is a sales pitch, for anarchy; the right wing is rejection of the sales pitch, or at least a hostility against the pitch…those who claim to be “moderates,” therefore, ultimately have to become “right wing” at some point, since to approve of social upheaval, all the time as a constant, is as decent a definition of extremism as any.

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It means she is sexually attractive and he wants to have penetrative sexual relations with her.

Everyone understands that heterosexual “romantic love,” which is socially appropriate to talk about publicly and in front of children, implies sexual penetration (penis in vagina). The latter is taboo to talk about in front of children, because they are not old enough to be sexually active in that way, but they are still being “sexualized” by society by learning about romantic love.

Through the normalization of adult homosexuality, the homosexuals have now normalized child homosexuality.

The difference is, homosexuality is only about anal. With heterosexuals, there is a relationship based around family and children. So a little boy can say “I’m going to marry her and we’ll have kids together” without knowing what sex involves. Gay is only about anal. There is no “family.” Now they try to claim gays have families, but gay marriage is not monogamous. These are just two gay guys who live together and go to orgies together. Further, gays only “adopt” (state-assisted kidnapping) little boys in order to molest and sodomize them.

What’s more, they are actually teaching anal to preschoolers. It’s not just about some “identity” gibberish. The Planned Parenthood website, for example, has “resources” on how to teach sex to preschoolers.

And before someone is thinking “oh but they’re saying ‘LGBT,’ not ‘anal'” – what the hell is LGBT? What does it mean? It means a man masturbating into another man’s anus, ejaculating into his anus, and then eating his own semen mixed with poop out of the man’s anus. That’s what it means. It’s not esoteric. It’s not some big secret.
This clip from the 1990s documentary “The Gift” shows what “LGBT” means

(Here’s the full documentary, which you really should watch – it doesn’t show anything graphic, but it lets you walk away understanding what “LGBT” actually means.)

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In a discussion on the immigration riots of recent months, my philosophy professor said, completely seriously, "Well, I've noticed that most of the people who have a problem with immigration are conservatives from the American Southwest. Why don't we just give it back to Mexico?"

As a daughter of Texas and a Southerner, I am used to hearing slurs directed at my home state and section. It seems to be one of the few forms of prejudice permissable on campus. I call the anti-Texas variant "Texism."

But my professor's statement was not only inaccurate, it was treasonous.

I walked out and stomped around outside for a while to calm down.

On the other hand, this statement is an accurate reflection of university liberalism. And it doesn't just affect the Southwest. For example, I have never heard anything other that criticism of the way the United States grew. I've never heard a defense of "Manifest Destiny." It's all happening in a university near you. I have a feeling that even Texans are falling short in this battle.

The facts: Texas and the southwest were won by a rebellion after Santa Ana rescinded the Constitution of 1824 and asserted dictatorial control over the settlers there. It was not acquired through American conquest as some multiculturalists try to suggest. And as far as resident population is concerned, the Anglo-American "Texians" far outnumbered the Hispanic "Tejanos", who were never more than a minor presence.

Give it back? I don't think so.

Instead of rolling over and "admitting" that the southwest should belong to Mexico, we should do one thing: Remember San Jacinto!

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"Contrary to current progressive dogma, children aren't miniature adults wise beyond their years. They're morons," he pointed. out. "They're gullible morons who will believe anything and just want to please grown-ups, and they don't have any frame of reference, so they normalize whatever is happening. That's why endlessly talking about gender to six-year-olds isn't just inappropriate."

For example, after 9/11, there were several cases of overzealous federal agents leading sad losers into terrorist plots like the undercover FBI agent who got seven out-of-work dudes in Liberty City, FL, to sign onto a plot to bomb the Sears Tower in Chicago. Oh please, these guys didn't even have a gun, but when someone said, "Wouldn't it be cool if we taught the man a lesson and blew something up?" They said, "Yeah, that would be kind of cool!"

Entrapment, suggesting someone into something they wouldn't otherwise do. And if you think some of that isn't going on with gender in schools, you're not watching enough TikTok videos.

There's a certain kind of activist these days who wants to take heterosexuality, old school, old fashioned, boring, minding its own business heterosexuality, and lump it in with patriarchy and sexism and racism and tell kids, "Wouldn't it be cool if you were anything but that?" It also seems to be the theme of kind of a lot of kids' books these days. I never used the phrase "gay agenda" because I thought it was mostly nonsense, and it is, mostly.

If something about the human race is changing at a previously unprecedented rate, we have to at least discuss it. Broken down over time, the LGBT population of America seems to be roughly doubling every generation.” He then cited a Gallup poll that showed that less than 1% of Americans born before 1946 identify as LGBT, 2.6% of Boomers, 4.2% of Generation X, 10.5% of Millennials, and 20.8% of Gen Z.

“If we follow this trajectory, we will all be gay in 2054,”

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Let's look at the logic with this whole pronoun nonsense let's say, for the sake of argument, you're a manager of, let's say, 50 employees and a 1/3, roughly 17, of those employees have preferred pronouns can you imagine the confusion in that when I business promotes that nonsense regardless of ESG?

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Oh yes! Females custodians! Add wokism in 40k to tell us we must like it!

(By the way have you seen the recents black s library books? Stories of astra militarium, of course, with courageous and braves FEMALES guards. )

Seriously always the same shit: Trying to make us believe "womyns" can do the same things than men, and even, they can do it BETTER.

Oh yes feminists and wokes, you are so badass.

So badass, i can't wait to see liberals libertarians with green hairs- their-prunumis-They/them, who will enlist in armies of westerns countries.

You want to remember the reality? In Europe, the military service was an obligation for every YOUNG MEN, until the 90's.

But not for WOMEN.

Have you heard feminists complaining about it?

And now, just imagine that, with all the mess there are in the world today.

What could happen, if military service, is re-established in western Europe countries?

What if young men MUST be present in caserns when their studies are over?

If that happen, i'm courious to see how somes peoples, so happy to see "strong females characters" , "gender-fluids heroes", or "heroes from diversity" in movies and comics, will react.

I'm sure they will gladly enlist them/shem/theirselves to serve their country, to doing the same things they see in theatres.

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What enraged me is that if you know both endings of that Q, it becomes apparent who was intended to be the guilty one (it impacts the money award only so I dgaf, "Paul" went to prison). And that was 100% done because of white man!bad, woman in drag!good. Lol you don't even have to look at evidence to know this, this is just sjw pandering at its best.

PS: dear mods, she is not 'censored', she is exactly this - woman in drag.

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Child campers are “encouraged to spread their wings and make their own decisions” and told to anticipate a “strong expectation of maturity, kindness, consent, and compassion.”

The website doesn’t clarify what the children would need to “consent” to, however, or why kids are expected to express “maturity.”

DC Larson #fundie #homophobia americanthinker.com

First, they urged same-sex marriages to be legally recognized. Never mind that some 2,000 years of world cultural norms, not to mention the morality as declared in Scripture, were arrayed against such abominations.

In an April 3 Des Moines Register essay, former Polk County District Court Judge Robert B. Hanson (who had ruled in favor of same-sex Iowa marriages in 2007), tellingly characterized legalizing such deviant unions as being but a step on “the road to progress.”

The obvious implication: “progress” is an as-yet-unreached destination, meaning additional ambitions are desired.

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Of course, children have been the target of LGBT grooming for decades now through many vehicles – not the least of which is GLSEN, the national network of LGBT activist teachers and administrators in our public school system (Loudon County is by no means an anomaly), but the entertainment industry also shares a big part of the blame.

We adults forget how blurred the line between fantasy and reality can be in the minds of children (and some adults who never grew up). My Mom once told me a true story about her brother Walter whose favorite TV show was Superman. One day he put on a home-made cape, climbed atop the family car and tried to fly across the back yard, breaking his arm in the process.

That was back in the early 1950s when actual reality was universally culturally affirmed. Think how easy it is for kids today to embrace delusions about their identity and purpose when the ruling class has literally gone insane on matters of sexuality and human relations. How many of these adults’ own tendency toward delusion became pathological in part from consuming the same pop-culture propaganda and programming that enslaved their kids?

My purpose here is not to attack Hollywood, which is impervious to criticism, but to highlight the fact that Generation Trans did not develop spontaneously in the natural course of human societal evolution but was orchestrated by forces that have been at work for a very long time and which advance their agenda incrementally through multiple spheres of influence simultaneously.

Transgenderism did not become the cause celeb until homosexuality had been normalized, and the campaign to normalize homosexuality did not take center stage until heterosexual promiscuity had been normalized. This is a long-term agenda we’re watching unfold, being pushed by people, principalities and powers with a very long view and the patience to allow each stage to settle in slowly until enough of the public accepts it to ensure nothing will be successfully reversed.

Don’t believe that? Tell me what you think are the prospects for re-criminalizing adultery in America and what’s actually changed to make that idea seem ridiculous. Adultery isn’t any less immoral or harmful today than it was when it’s criminalization was considered a no-brainer by virtually everyone. We’ve simply been the victims of incremental desensitization.

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Yes you have people who call everything woke but it is a consequence of the companies constantly talking about representation and diversity. With lgbt stuff I used to not mind a gay character here and there but now I dont watch anything with that included although to be fair I tend to not watch anything past 2014. If I see a modern day movie with a black or female lead I wonder if it has some racial or gender related message.

Also tired of ignoring the key demographics because activists writers hate the fanbase or don’t even like the source material. Most people are not lgbt so why not market to that specific audience. If I lived in Nigeria I would find it odd if a large percentage of people in entertainment were Asian or white. I personally think there is a hyper obsession with diversity that ruins entertainment. Also like I said I’m not listening to black ppl younger than me talk about race.

bamboozler01 #homophobia kotakuinaction2.win

It's called "GayFL" by Rugby League fans for precisely this reason (and how "soft" the players are perceived as, generally), though honestly, the NRL isn't much better at this point...

"Worse" shit is said at local footy matches on a weekly basis, I assure you, from experience. But the AFL doesn't have full control of those, of course, and they're not televised, so we don't have to pretend to give a fuck, lol.

But seriously, what a bunch of faggot soft-cocks, as us fans of "bring back the biff" might say.

Unfortunately though, the AFL tends never to actually come out and say what was said, in these situations. They just let the rumour mill run wild. Like this seemingly much worse situation a couple of years back, where initially people thought it was something about the guy's sister having an abortion, and then it was "I hope your mother dies", and then we never found out what it actually was, but sounds like maybe it was more "mutual" sledging: https://archive.is/sUaaU

Regardless though, I think either of those options, for the above, are much worse than just calling a guy a fag or whatever, lol.

Yeah, they never do, with these types of incidents, because then people like you or I can make up our own minds and go "Meh, that's not that bad at all!"

They don't want that, so they never tell us.

But from having grown up here before "homophobic slurs" were a bannable offense, and also having spent enough time around footy players and the like, it was probably just "fag", or "faggot", or, at a stretch, "poof". I can't imagine it being anything more than one of those three, lol...

Scott Lively #conspiracy #transphobia scottlively.net

I have been alone in linking transhumanism directly to the LGBT movement, contending that the LGBT agenda represents not just a coalition of sexual dysfunctions but a chronology of stages in the deconstruction of God’s created order (from the tips of the branches toward its roots), and that “transhumanism” represents a hidden “T” contained within “transgenderism” in the LGBT abbreviation.

Transgenderism is the penultimate (next to the last) stage of deconstruction of the civilization God made for us – destroying the human perception that we are created male and female in His image (Genesis 1:27). Transhumanism is the ultimate stage – destroying through genetic modification God’s separation between humans and animals as distinct “kinds” (Genesis 1:11-25). Transhumanists perceive themselves as wiping the earth clean of God’s “mistakes” (returning back to the blank canvas of Genesis 1:6-10) and creating their own utopia in which they are immortal.

This is not hyperbole but an actual plan currently being implemented by the World Economic Forum’s Yuval Noah Harari (whom I have labeled the best candidate for the end-times False Prophet I’ve seen in my lifetime). Significantly, Harari is an admitted homosexual in a counterfeit “marriage” to another man.

In the incomparable genius of God, the solution to every human error is simple truth. And the solution to the error of transgenderism/transhumanism (and the whole package of LGBT errors) is the simple self-evident truth of the natural family.

Rick Moran #pratt pjmedia.com

The law says that no U.S. funding can be used to "fly or display a flag over a facility of the United States Department of State" other than the U.S. flag, other government-related flags like the prisoner of war or MIA flag, or flags in support of hostages and illegally imprisoned Americans.

This is interpreted as being "anti-LGBTQI+" because the "pride" flag had flown over some embassies in the past. Actually, I protest that embassies cannot fly the "Smokey the Bear" flag or the "Magic Kingdom" flag they fly at Disney. Those flags have as much business flying over a foreign U.S. enclave as the "pride" flag.

If you're going to fly a "pride" flag to celebrate the LGBT movement for equality, why not a flag to celebrate the movement for women's equality, black equality, Hispanic equality, Puerto Rican statehood, or any other of a dozen "movements" that would represent a goodly number of Americans who yearn for equal rights?

In today's lexicon, the "pride" flag should not be flown because it's "exclusionary."

Yesgaysarebullies #conspiracy #homophobia gaybullyingitisreal.wordpress.com

Canadian government continues to pummel pro-family activist Bill Whatcott for “anti-gay” flyer he passed out in 2016! Facing trial again for the same “hate speech” charge – after acquittal.

Judge ruled “not guilty” in 2021. But government appealed for 2nd trial, and Canadian Supreme Court agreed. “Double jeopardy” is legal in Canada.
Whatcott continues to stand strong – a principled inspiration for all of us.

Bill Whatcott has been persecuted and tormented by the Canadian government for simply telling the truth about a politically protected subject – but stands by his principles.

Bill Whatcott is one of those people who ultimately helps change the world for the better. Many people talk about fighting back against the radical agendas degrading society – but back off when the government (or the Left) threatens them. Bill Whatcott takes his Christian faith seriously and refuses to back down!

bamboozler1 #homophobia #conspiracy #transphobia kotakuinaction2.win

Here is the wiki page for what happened:


It's been carefully rewritten to present the modern woke leftist version of the story, which, unfortunately, is also spouted by some of the people in that video (particularly the woman "historian" who may not have even been there, lol), but yeah, basically, the degenerates got banned, and took the licensee to court, so the brewery that owned the pub shut the place down with a week's notice, and then sent the cops in to smash it up...

Fuck the degenerates, and fuck the pigs. They can shift the blame all they want, but this was their fault, at least partly.

Reverse Stonewall, if you will.

Never, ever come between an Aussie and our booze (specifically beer), lol. That is almost the one occasion where we might actually get amped up enough to do shit like this (also our women, as shown by Cronulla, tbh)...

GRAYSON BAKICH #homophobia pjmedia.com

Brittani Cortina, another mom whose kids attend Pleasant Grove, said her fourth-grader described how "The teacher came in and spoke about how boys like boys and girls like girls" when announcing the club's creation. This apparently male teacher called the club "UBU," as in, "you be you."

Nope, no need to check that guy's hard drive.

A third mom, Pamela Davila, whose second-grader goes to the school, said her child came home "confused" when they heard about the club.

"These little minds just can't wrap their heads around what these types of things mean to them," Davila told CBS13.

Bill Donohue #homophobia catholicleague.org

It is true that Buttigieg is legally married, but that is a legal fiction. The Britannica Encyclopedia defines a legal fiction as "a rule assuming as true something that is clearly false." The idea that a man can have a husband is clearly false — he can only have a wife — despite claims to the contrary. Buttigieg's "marriage" is recognized by the positive law, or by what lawmakers and judges posit, but it is not recognized by the natural law. The natural law, which was first promulgated by Aristotle and Cicero (and later amended by Aquinas), holds that morality is a function of human nature, and that we can arrive at moral strictures on the basis of observation and reason. As human beings, Aquinas said, we are given to three natural inclinations, one of which is reproduction (the others being self-preservation and reason). Reproduction has been ordained by nature, and nature's God, as the province of a man and a woman. Two men cannot reproduce anymore than two women can. It therefore makes no sense to say that people of the same sex can marry.

ShoFuKan #transphobia kiwifarms.st

Trannies feel the need to place their politics everywhere because that's their one and only personality trait. Being Trans is political. It's why they always say "Trans Rights, Trans Rights" to each other without defining what those rights actually are. When they post the flag, it's to signal to other members of the "In group" that they're an ally/friend.

Is it any wonder why people have a Pavlovian instinct to reject them when they see these colors/flag? This is a dog whistle, essentially. People sympathetic to this cause put it in as an empty virtue signal but it's really Aposematism to anyone not sympathetic. "This creation has been subverted by ideologically aligned people and buying it or playing it is at least acknowledging trans ideology, which is what they really want, so stay away." Is what it's saying when the "out group" looks at these colors.

The sad thing is trannies will never understand that if they don't force their ideology they might be accepted. The way they're doing it now is like using a crowbar in dentistry.
And all of this isn't talking about legitimate reasons to dislike trannies, namely being the pedastry that's practiced in the community.

Bamboozler1 #transphobia #racist kotakuinaction2.win

We're told that "brudda boys" (fa'afafine/ladyboys essentially) were "always a prominent part of Aboriginal culture" despite there being zero evidence of this, prior to colonization...

Pretty sure that the hunter gatherers probably just killed/left the faggots to die, or at the very least ostracized them, but nonetheless, that's the shit (much like this) that is heavily pushed now, so... Yeah.

I can't imagine many "remote community"-living Abos would feel too happy about this, in the extremely unlikely event they even knew/heard about it, lol...

Robert Stacy McCain #conspiracy #fundie #pratt theothermccain.com

Why will you never hear April Bradford’s name mentioned on CNN? Because she is something that the liberal media wishes us to believe is non-existent. April Bradford is a lesbian child molester

And as I said when gay activists Dale Zulock and Zachary Jacoby Zulock were arrested for pimping out their two adopted sons, “the media want us to believe that there is no such thing as a gay pedophile.”

Because gay people are presumed to be constituents of the Democratic Party, there is a see-no-evil stance toward gay people in the media. Therefore crimes like this never get national coverage, but are treated as strictly local news. But if a gay person claims to be the victim of a crime? Well, Jussie Smollett could not be reached for comment.

MassResistance #homophobia #fundie massresistance.org

As a country we are prepared to resist the hypocrisy of the wealthy nations. But we need MassResistance to partner with us in ensuring that the wealthy nations of the world don’t use their financial strength to bully us into submission. Therefore, we are ready to forge a partnership with MassResistance against LGBT activities in Ghana.

We are encouraged by your timely intervention in Sri Lanka and we are confident that you will not disappoint us in resisting those disobeying God who Himself condemns homosexuality as a SIN.

Since then we’ve worked with Freedom International to move forward! One of the first things that foreign-funded groups do in an African country is attempt to indoctrinate youth with LGBT ideology. So the most important project would be make sure that children are well prepared to reject it and proclaim the truth. Frank and his group decided that the best way to do this would be to form “anti-LGBT clubs” in every secondary school – just the opposite of what the West does!

Frank and his team have been working with teachers across the country. They have already set up clubs in a few schools – and more are on the way!

As Frank has reported back, they are going strong. The clubs meet for two hours per week. They use resources by MassResistance, Freedom International, and other pro-family groups. Students often are divided into smaller groups for effective teaching and learning. Healthy relationships are a key part of the learning. The other key goals are to expose, confront, and stop the LGBT propaganda coming from the multinational corporations and foreign embassies.