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"I've actually had people say that if Trump was to be elected if we got a conservative Congress, that they fear that we would have another civil war," Wommack said during a Wednesday episode of his Truth & Liberty show. "And you know what? I don't want a civil war, I don't know anybody that does, but would it be worth it? To turn this nation back? I believe it would."

Wommack's remarks came in response to a call from a viewer who asked if it would be possible to have a "grace revolution" that would create a nation that would "use the Bible as the Constitution." In response, Wommack said there was nothing wrong with the U.S. Constitution, but rather the "problem" is that no one is following it.

"If they were still writing the Bible today, I believe that the American Constitution and the founding of this nation would be in scripture as one of the great things that God has done," he said.

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spammy snopes and their "unbiased" fact checking?

I think the government-controlled news media are allowing some wiggle-room after they noticed that more people want to see if the Palestinians have a genuine concern instead of being straight up anti-Jewish anti-Hebrew Zionist or even antisemitic. Notice I said OR not AND.

Before the conspiracy realists grew in number, if you didn't like feminism you were a male chauvinist pig, if you didn't like homosexuality, you were a homophobe, if you were a Christian and don't like sin, you were from COINTELPRO's Westboro Baptist Church and you're a bigot and forcing your belief system on people.

Tunnelrat is apparently a lesbian who thinks she knows God's creation better than He does. Her sister, who may or may not even exist as a literal person, is a "Christian" who only thinks she knows who are the Lord's sheep and who are just crazy. Either that or Tunnelcat is a COINTELPRO personality bot. >_< You flamed me first so sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

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Bulso is a Christian nationalist who believes the Bible is the foundation of civic life and government. He says 18th-century values are the ones Americans should adhere to.

“Certainly, you know, 50 years ago we had a consensus on what marriage is; we don’t have that anymore,” “One hundred years ago, we had a consensus on sexual morality; I don’t think we have that anymore. So the values that I think most parents want their children exposed to are the ones that were in existence at the time that our country was founded.”

“I had some complaints from Williamson County parents and a Williamson County School Board member, in particular, about Pride flags in some of our schools in Williamson County,” Bulso said. “The whole idea is that a school is a place where a child goes to learn, not a place where a child goes to be indoctrinated” in “transgender ideology and other similar issues.”

According to Bulso, the Pride and trans flags represent the 2015 Supreme Court decision legalizing marriage equality and are a misguided interpretation of the 14th Amendment that requires states to recognize same-sex marriage.

“That’s one issue that I think that flag represents. This idea that, somehow, the 14th Amendment has an equal protection clause that extends this protection, which is obviously something I very much disagree with,” he said. “And I think — a lot of parents and I would be included in that group — really think that this transgender ideology is probably the most dangerous one that comes under that Pride flag.”

As written, Bulso’s bill bans any flag except the U.S. and Tennessee state flags from being displayed on government property like municipal buildings, state courts, and schools. That will change, Bulso said, as exceptions are written in that conform to a “very strong consensus”, while still denying “political” or “ideological” flags a place in public.

Flags that promote an “agenda,” like the Pride and Black Lives Matter flags, will still face a ban, Bulso said.

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That's not the right definition at all. Zionists are pretty much Babylonian/Phoenician/Canaanite people who pretend to be Jewish and put a group of people who weren't originally Jewish into the land of the Israelites after the Israelites of the Bible were displaced and didn't remember who they were. The Zionists used to be Luciferian but the antichrist betrayed them. The antichrist is referred to as Lucifer in a verse in the Bible.

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The real difference is Biden was never Pres. when he took the documents, so doesn't come under the Presidential powers act. Trump does. Allowing the FBI to search means...squat, and you know it. Again, the espionage should be used against Biden except the Dems are in power and the law does not apply to them.
Also why is Hunter not in jail when Steve Bannon did the same thing and went to jail because of it:

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(referring to treason and insurrection)

Yes there is a distinction, neither of which has Trump been charged with, let alone convicted of. As to Desantis, yes at one time I was going to vote for him. As time goes by and The Dems make more and more stuff up about Trump, I will vote for him as he is the one to shake things up and put this country back on a even keel.

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You know TC that more and more black people realize they had it better under Trump. Last major poll was something like 22% in battle ground states. Not gloating, just showing how even black social groups understand that more life under oatmeal brains will put them at a bigger loss. Of course it you want to believe Biden is just peachy, then vote for him

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I guess you missed my wikipedia link when Jordan took them in. Here's more:
" Most of its targets were Arab politicians, rivals, and activists they felt were soft on the Israeli issue, but Jews, as well as political representatives of Western nations were also targets, especially those involved in the peace process in the Middle East. Notably, ANO enacted a drastically violent policy towards its own members – executing some 600 members and their families in 1987"
Another Wiki link regarding Abu Nidal undoubtably as much adored as Biden and Obama. Keep telling me how we should feel sorry for the children as their parents keep supporting Hamas.

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Drag is never appropriate for kids

…Drag queens went from a favorite gif to add to a particularly sassy tweet to the manifestation of everything conservative Americans fear about LGBTQ activism, especially toward children.

It might seem easy to dismiss these concerns as an overreaction or even as an expression of bigotry, but conservatives are right about this one…

Drag queens take on the most absurd sexualized elements of female stereotypes and gay culture… They strut out on stage and without a moment of hesitation or shame, unleash epic poems of intentionally offensive obscenity, all with a smile and a sense of style no audience can resist. Although many have argued this charisma can be redirected into child-appropriate entertainment, education and advocacy, the reality demonstrates otherwise. Drag queens can't turn it off. Whether in front of a cheering crowd in a gay bar or a room full of kids at a library, the performance doesn't change. They cannot translate the magic so many of us enjoy on stage to something children can understand. Worse, far too many have chosen to disregard the concept of appropriateness altogether, performing dance routines, wearing costumes and portraying the same bombastic, and overtly sexual characters in front of kids as they would in front of adults.

By its very nature, drag is already unsuitable for children, based on the culture it flourished in and the way the artform communicates to its audience. It barely translates outside of the LGBTQ cultural bubble. The more you remove these elements, the less it resembles drag and the more it looks like advocacy for something kids just shouldn't be exposed to. You take away the cursing, the sexual inuendo, the revealing clothes, the provocative dress and the sharp political commentary, and you are left with an adult man in a dress mocking women and trying to convince children he is an ambassador for an entire community.

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Pseudo-progressive "transit" theory (censored word) is predicated on the falsehood that "it is not a choice" and (censored) "were born that way." It isn't true. The phenomenon is driven by psychological propensities. "I would rather be that than this." Call it desire. Call it covetousness. Call it envy of the opposite sex.** Call it dissatisfaction with what one has. But don't call it b-logical. That's a cop out.
In science, theories are challenged rigorously. Not so in the dystopian world of 21st century pseudo-progressivism. That's why conservatives call it indoctrination. Indoctrination tells children what to think, not how to think.
A child raised in a hypothetical situation in which they had never encountered a member of the opposite s ex would not grow up imitating the opposite s ex and wanting to add on, or remove, features to resemble something they had never seen.
The antidote to "transit"-ism is to teach children about the meaning of individualism. A child doesn’t become “who they really are,” an authentic, self-actualized individual, by mimicking an object of envy. They become less of an individual that way. Mimicry is the abnegation of individualism, a failure to individuate.
Don't fall for the "it is," or "it isn't," a choice trap. A compulsion or obsession can be overpowering. It doesn't mean they were born that way.
** Do a Google search for "gin deer envy" (spelled correctly) and you will find page after page of commentaries on the subject. "Envy" is not my word. It's their word.

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Hmm, checks note, yes it was Biden who put the Taliban back in power and gave them 9 billion in military equipment. And checks notes again, The wars lasted decades because Republican and Democratic administrations tried to treat them politically to appease people like you who never served and would be waving the invaders flag when they stepped on our shore in greeting.

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First I asked the question, "how did the Israeli's miss this and the US". Of course you missed that. Then you should read a history of Gaza:
And then consider why Egypt and Jordan don't want the Palestinian's . After all the attacks by Hamas, can you blame the Israeli's for wanting to wipe the strip clean? And by not doing a proper cleansing, Netanyahu is certainly not enhancing his career. Posturing that you will do some cleansing and then don't , won't get you re-elected

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So who lowered the bar to allow drag queens to get in costume and "read" to kids? Or lowered the bar to allow the FBI to put parents on a terrorist watch list. Or think it is a good idea to allow our borders to be open? Or sell our petroleum reserves to foreign countries?. Certainly not conservatives (and rhinos ain't conservative).

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When people who like playing videogames had to deal with those stereotypical church ladies, preachers and christian politicians that claim violent videogames are turning children into murderers and Pokémon is satanic, and wanted to censor or ban videogames, they were heroes for fighting against this moral panic, defending your hobby from puritans is an honor.

But when the moral guardians were replaced with those stereotypical feminists and social revenge warriors, claiming how videogames are sexist, racist and gamer culture is toxic, and also trying to censor or ban videogames, then you are supposed to shut up and accept it, if you fight back, you are soft, whiny, manbaby, neckbeard, chud, virgin, incel, and somehow they shifted the blame by saying it's you who are engaging in a moral panic, not them.

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Not confused but maybe you don't remember China's Cultural Revolution where millions were killed:


And now you have Dear Hillary suggesting the same thing:
"Hillary Clinton said Thursday on CNN’s “Primetime” she believed there needed to be a “formal deprogramming of the cult members” who support former President Donald Trump."


So once you start sending people off to re-education camps, how long before the leftist will think it will just be ok to kill them? and you should learn to differentiate between leftist and liberals.

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While you sit here and only worry if your pro-nouns are correct, evil has once again reared it's malevolent ugly head in the middle east.
Hamas with the backing of Iran, proceeded to slaughter Israeli citizens only because they are Jewish. I sincerely hope Flabby Chick escaped the carnage. I suspect some here applaud Hams and blame Israel. I can only pity you if you think killing the elderly and young simply because of their religion is ok. I do blame the Israeli intelligence for missing the organization and stocking of material by Hamas prior to the attacks launch, as I do blame the US military for not picking up on this. So now we have a 2nd war front while Biden is in charge. Hope you vote for this moron in 24 as then you deserve whatever happens.

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(Note: Combined quotes from multiple posts)

I know you can see the planets with a telescope, but like I said, God didn't create them, and therefore they aren't what you think…

History is different than you think. One clue is the 2023 years are actually 283 years…

What part of that do you think doesn't make sense? Jesus did say he's coming soon. 2000+ years doesn't seem like soon as much as 300 years give or take several years or so, does it?

…Revelation was written around 92 AD and then that was the last part of the Bible. All the things about the Catholic Church and so on are fake. Catholicism was created not too long ago.

I'm not verging into solipsism, and I have no ego. >_> What would convince me is if you could land a plane on a ball moving at 1,000 km/h + 107,000 km/h + 792,000 km/h throughout space with only 9.80665 m/s/s acceleration.

Neo #fundie #conspiracy descentbb.net

I already told you the verses in the Bible support flat earth. The "reasons why it doesn't make sense" are contested by reasons it does make sense.

So I made another observation at 6:00 in the morning, and Tebo is right, the sky does move. :) However, I don't think it's supposed to, and I think someone is doing that though and that the sun, moon, and stars are a projection from somewhere. I also think that the daylight that isn't from the sun is shut off, and it's supposed to be just the 'quantum vacuum.' Also, I know where the word planets came from ("wandering stars") but it looks like someone took it literally.

Whites Only Moms & Tots Flyer #racist msn.com

Join us for Whites-only Moms & Tots

Are you looking for somewhere your children can play with others that look like them? Are they tired of being a minority in their schools or daycares? Escape forced ’diversity’ and join other proud parents of European children as we create an atmosphere in which our kids can feel like they belong. Invest in your child’s sense of well being and racial identity by giving them the gift of time spent amongst their own people - because they deserve it.

Timothy, Tina, and Damian #fundie #psycho raresimple.com

Per reports, both parents, 48-year-old Timothy and 35-year-old Tina were appointed by the court to serve as guardians for the 7-year-old boy Ethan…
Ethan was one part of a set of twins. Although both twins were ordered to memorize verses from the Bible, Ethan was the one who suffered the most from his family’s punishments.

After Tina and Timothy realized that Ethan had not done as they had asked, they reportedly killed him, according to reports related to the boy’s untimely death. Timothy led the punishment. He ordered the little boy to pick up a large wooden log and carry it around the family’s property for hours as a punishment for failing to memorize passages from the Bible. The family had a path around their property and used it as a way to punish Ethan when he did not do his Christian duty of memorizing parts of the Bible after he was told to do so. The log that Ethan was expected to carry weighed as much as forty-four pounds, which was much heavier than the little boy was able to carry by himself.

Timothy may have been the one to dole out the punishment, but he made Ethan’s fifteen-year-old brother Damian supervise the punishment. Damian followed Timothy’s orders and would kick and hit Ethan when he slowed down or otherwise could not complete the task of carrying the heavy log around the family property. Sometimes Damian would stand on Ethan’s back and push his face into the icy ground. Another report suggested that the fifteen-year-old enforcer also rolled the log across Ethan’s chest to make him suffer more. During one punishment, Damian ordered Ethan to hide his body in a massive pile of snow. Ethan did as his older brother ordered, but he passed away only a few minutes later from hypothermia because the temperatures were so low.

In addition to battling the frigid elements, Ethan also suffered blunt force trauma to his head, chest, and abdomen, which did not help him at all. When the police interviewed Damian, he denied everything. However, he did confess to being the one who buried Ethan in the snow. He explained that the burial was part of a punishment for Ethan after he failed to memorize thirteen Bible verses. As part of his punishment, Ethan was ordered to carry the heavy log around the family property for two hours.

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Keller’s sermon, which took place on June 25, contained shocking statements suggesting that “Black slaves” needed to “humble” themselves and learn to read the Bible to eventually achieve freedom…

During his sermon, Keller proclaimed that it was simple to change America and went on to make historically inaccurate claims about “Black slaves.” He insinuated that enslaved individuals in the past never protested or rallied against slavery and instead chose to humble themselves, pray, seek God’s face, and turn from their supposed wicked ways. Keller further propagated the false narrative that white slave owners were benevolent figures who taught slaves to read. He suggested that the actions of Black slaves led to the abolition of slavery, completely disregarding the systemic racism and violence endured by enslaved individuals.

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Your church taught the wrong thing so you wouldn't want any spiritual gifts. See Joel 2 and 3

Christianity isn't "gay" bashing. People hate us because they hated Jesus too. I don't care about being banned. You just don't want to hear what you don't agree with. If love is love, why are you so rude to Christians?

Mustang19 #moonbat #conspiracy #racist #crackpot hard-light.net

Capitalism is near collapse. As I foretold for years, Capitalism will collapse on September 17th 2026. You can find me on Pol as Mustang. Now, let's look at the data. Sunspot is temperature lagged 50 years. This is proven with the heat capacity of the ocean. The result is that the decline in sunlight after 1970 caused a temperature peak in 2020. Because of the 3 year el Nino cycle, the actual peak was 2016, with 2019 having a weakening trend.

Temperature will fall by 0.1 degree this winter which is a 10% increase in electric demand. Many blackouts will happen, and in 2024 many more. The money multiple will hit 10 on September 17 2026 and Capitalism will collapse.

…Peak oil has already caused a very mild collapse.

All oil outside Saudi Arabia is fake. EIA and RRC are inconsistent. If you use RRC oil production has fallen 10-20% since 2019. Antediluvian grain mills sustain goyslop that keeps libs alive. Meat consumption has fallen by 1/4 since 2019. This is retail sales divided by steak price. The USDA meat consumption is wrong. This would have killed 100 million Americans by now except there's reserve. The average vitamin d level is 33 nm/l with an SD of 10. Levels of 25 or below are immediately fatal from the fail aids pandemic. This means that 30% of people would die instantly on infection. The people with lower levels are NEETs and shutins who aren't exposed which is why they're alive.

…the us population is understated by a massive amount, the actual population with illegals was 400 million in 2019 and is close to the official number now of 320 million. In Europe all migrants are being buried at sea or in mass graves in Syria. In total some huge share of the marginal population in the first world has died. Vitamin supply needs to fall 40% before mass death is unavoidable. For now it's been managed by refugee deaths and falling vitamin levels in the population. The blackouts problem is impossible to avoid and will kill faster. There may be 30 million deaths in America this winter, similar in Europe of course. I doubt it will happen and i would move that to 2024. Then in 2025 it happens again and in 2026 Capitalism utterly collapses.

Neo #fundie #conspiracy #dunning-kruger descentbb.net

There are no such things as aliens, and space is blocked off by the firmament, and real outer space isn't the NASA-style space that you can move through.

You have to understand that there is a lot of misinformation/disinformation put there by people who have no business being a conspiracy realist and also by counter-intelligence agents. Also, there is information about conspiracies that isn't written down anywhere, so few people even know about it.

Tunnelcat, the shadow gov't made all the elite talk "right wing" so that people who are still asleep still fall for the Demoncat/Reptilican shell game. I.e. the Republicans who are in the know decide to be the conspiracy hypocrites while the Democrats play the mainstream hypocrites.

I knew something was wrong at age 9 but I didn't know why until I moved into adulthood... I think around 2008 or so? Unless I forgot the year. I'm not conservative, and I'm not racist. I'm not even white. lol

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How many here believe the fire in Maui was caused by man made climate warming like the Dims are now claiming? Well you'd be wrong. It was the electrical company who neglected to turn the grid off under a high wind warning...that and neglecting to clear the brush under the power lines. And the 100 people who died can blame the water Czar who dithered about letting the fire fighters from using extra water to fight the fire. Ain't liberalism grand!

Unidentified shooter #homophobia #psycho abc7.com

LAKE ARROWHEAD (KABC) -- A beloved store owner in Lake Arrowhead was shot and killed during a dispute over a Pride flag, officials say.

The shooting happened around 5 p.m. Friday at the Mag Pi clothing store on Hook Creek Road in Cedar Glen.

When deputies arrived, they found 66-year-old Laura Ann Carleton with a gunshot wound. She was pronounced dead on the scene.

According to the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department, the suspect, who has not been identified, "made several disparaging remarks about a rainbow flag that stood outside the store before shooting Carleton."

Deputies found the suspect near Torrey and Rause Rancho Roads, armed with a handgun.

"When deputies attempted to contact the suspect, a lethal force encounter occurred and the suspect was pronounced deceased," read an update from the sheriff's department. No deputies were injured.

The Lake Arrowhead LGBTQ spoke out about the shooting, saying though Carleton didn't identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, she spent her time helping and advocating for everyone in the community.

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Goodhue is what is wrong with America. Burger flippers needed to make 15.00 an hour yet a policeman only make 22.00. Who wants the responsibility of life and death for 22.00? Coupled with the facts Mayors and D.A.'s want to release criminals as soon as they are arrested, can you wonder why their moral is so low. If we are not a country of laws, what are we? Just look at the smash and grab looting taking place. See any convictions taking place? What happens when the stores, including food stores, move out and you have to travel 60 mile. What do you think the ghetto-bangers are going to do. Public transportation don't go that far. Maybe you could offer to give them a ride in your shiny new ev. I'd advise against as I used to drive a school bus for the city projects middle schooler's and I know what they can do. Have fun telling me how your utopia is working out.

woodchip #wingnut #conspiracy descentbb.net

Or it's politics as the Dems are afraid to the bottoms of their quaking shoes that Trump is going to get re-elected and the rotting bag of oatmeal will not get back in. The Dems don't even want RFK jr. to run. The RICO act is just another ploy to stop the process and the prosecutor handling it is about as inept as they come. Like I say, the Dems are simply getting you to think the old pedo:
“In the journal of the daughter of US President Joe Biden , authenticated by the New York Times and the FBI, Ashley Biden describes drug abuse and intrigue, as well as episodes of 'inappropriate' showering with her father, Joe. On the pages of the diary, she also asks herself the question: "Have I been abused?" is really normal and you should vote for him. Appears to be working too.

woodchip #wingnut #conspiracy #elitist descentbb.net

Weaponizing like setting a false narrative like Trump colluded with the Russians and kept the Newsies from reporting on Hunter (still think that's old news fernman?) I don't see Bidens houses being raided (his stolen classified documents were taken while he was vice pres...not President). I get that you're smug but the pendulum is swinging the other way. Don't complain if Trump or De Santis gets inn Any questions just read my tag line. But then you prolly don't understand it anyway.

Neo #conspiracy descentbb.net

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm a conspiracy realist. I don't "believe" the earth is flat, I'm convinced of it because of the evidence and the arguments against globe earth. It makes the globe earth hypothesis look really stupid once you know more about flat earth than what the school teacher or the news reporter says about it (basically nothing). You don't even know what's changing the climate. It's okay, most people don't.

woodchip #homophobia #conspiracy #wingnut descentbb.net

*Responding to a poster who said that the right wing wants to genocide LGBT people*

Who wants to genocide them? Like you want to do to Christians? Like you are trying to intimidate Trump? And you think having gay porn books in elementary school is somehow a legitimate strategy in making us accept you? Walking naked in parades will endear you to us. Lotsa luck Krommy. Why don't you ban some more people who voice their displeasure.

woodchip #wingnut #conspiracy #sexist descentbb.net

First off, while at times I disagree with Will, he is still a far cut above most posters here (and that includes me). Let get to the real. Dems suk when they get in power for too long. Maybe Reps do too as God knows there are enough rhinos out there. But we need a periodic shake up to balance things out or you get things like the DOJ being a party tool used to influence a election...unless you live in a bubble. So abhorrent isn't a abortion? Guess what happens if you murder a pregnant woman ( at least where a prosecutor actually goes by the law)? You get charged with a double murder. Let a doctor do it and all is fine and dandy. Why not make it mandatory for a male or a female to get their tubes tied? Why wait until a doctor has to perform an act of murder?

woodchip #wingnut #conspiracy descentbb.net

Hi Will. Glad to see you are still around. Now here's the real. If found guilt Trump appeals long enough to stay in race to get elected. The he pardons himself of all crimes. Then he ★■◆●-cans every leftist in DOJ and exposes the Bidens for the commie traitor he and his family really are. Peace and prosperity return to America. Amen.

woodchip #racist #conspiracy #wingnut descentbb.net

"Florida State University criminology professor Eric Stewart was a guru of the claim that “systemic racism” infests America’s police and American society.

Now he’s out of a job on account of “extreme negligence” in his research."

I wonder how many "scientists" in the climate crowd are cooking the books just so they can get funding.

Bruce Friedman #fundie #wingnut #racist #enbyphobia msn.com

A title in the Arthur children’s book series is facing a potential ban after a conservative activist claimed that it “damaged souls”.

On 12 July, Bruce Friedman, a member of the Clay county school district community in Florida, filed a challenge to Arthur’s Birthday, a 1989 children’s book by Marc Brown about a fictional brown aardvark whose birthday falls on the same day as another party of a different classmate.

At one point in the book, Arthur receives a glass bottle from Francine the monkey as a birthday present. The bottle has the words “Francine’s Spin the Bottle Game” printed on it.

According to the challenge, which the Daily Beast website published, the reason for Friedman’s ban request is to “protect children”.

“It is not appropriate to discuss ‘spin the bottle’ with elementary school children,” he wrote in all capital letters. “This book is found in all/almost all [district schools]!”

“‘Spin the bottle’ not okay for K-5 kids,” Friedman added, still using all capital letters. In response to a question about what he believes might be the result of a student using the material, he wrote, “Damaged souls.”

Friedman is the Florida chapter president of No Left Turn in Education, a rightwing group that campaigns against critical race theory. The group seeks to “use all forms of media to expose the radical indoctrination in K-12 education, its perpetrators, the resources and methods employed and the resulting harm it inflicts”, according to its website.

In a Facebook post in September 2020, the group compared public schools to “Pol Pot’s Cambodia”, referring to the former leader of Cambodia who perpetrated the mass genocide of over 2 million people.

Last December, Friedman said that he had compiled “a list of over 3,600 titles that I believe have concerning content [including] porn, critical race theory, social-emotional learning, [and] fluid gender,” Popular Information reported.

He told the outlet that he identified the titles by “scouring the internet” for books that have been challenged in other parts of the country.

tunnelcat #ufo #conspiracy descentbb.net

You should check out a show called: The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. There's evidence now of a portal that goes to knows where at that place, along with U.A.P.'s and U.F.O.'s. Even the government is now interested. Someone or something is communicating on the 1.6 GHz band and it ain't us.

woodchip #homophobia #transphobia #conspiracy #racist #pratt #wingnut descentbb.net

Wow TC, you trying to paint me into something you want me to be? No, not a Nazis but then I'm not some faggot running around waving his wang in a parade at the kiddies on the sidelines, nor am I a tranny spouting, " we're coming to take your kids". Nor am I a idiotic BLM'er that thinks de-funding the police is a good idea or that abortion rights isn't anything other than murder. Or condone open borders as something to promote child sex slavery. As to Neo Nazis and gun problem goes together is so much horse puckey.

Ryan Walters #wingnut #racist msn.com

The state official in charge of Oklahoma’s schools is facing calls for impeachment, after he said teachers should tell students that the Tulsa race massacre was not racially motivated.

In a public forum on Thursday, Ryan Walters, Oklahoma’s state superintendent of public instruction, said teachers could cover the 1921 massacre, in which white Tulsans murdered an estimated 300 Black people, but teachers should not “say that the skin color determined it”.

Walters is a pro-Trump Republican who was elected to oversee Oklahoma education in November. He has consistently indulged in rightwing talking points including “woke ideology” and has said critical race theory should not be taught in classrooms. Republicans have frequently conflated banning critical race theory with banning any discussion of racial history in classrooms.

At the forum in Norman, Oklahoma, Walters was asked how the massacre could “not fall” under his broad definition of CRT.

“I would never tell a kid that because of your race, because of your color of your skin, or your gender or anything like that, you are less of a person or are inherently racist.

“That doesn’t mean you don’t judge the actions of individuals. Oh, you can, absolutely. Historically, you should: ‘This was right. This was wrong. They did this for this reason.’

“But to say it was inherent in that … because of their skin is where I say that is critical race theory. You’re saying that race defines a person. I reject that.

“So I would say you be judgmental of the issue, of the action, of the content, of the character of the individual, absolutely. But let’s not tie it to the skin color and say that the skin color deermined it.”

Roseanne Barr #conspiracy #racist #psycho usatoday.com

"There's such a thing as the truth and facts, and we have to stick to it, and that is the truth," she said, quoting deniers: "Nobody died in the Holocaust, either. That's the truth. It should happen. Six million Jews should die right now, because they cause all the problems in the world, but it never happened."

Neo #fundie #conspiracy #dunning-kruger descentbb.net

Note: Neo is Burlyman under a different account, also woodchip is the one being reasonable for a change

Woodchip: As to the flat earther thing, two simple things easily disprove it. Sit on a beach and watch a ship sail away. If earth is flat it will get smaller until it is the size of a dot. If Earth is round the ship will appear to be sinking as it gets further away.
2nd test is get on a plane and fly in a straight line. Do you come to a edge or do you come back to where you started from?

Neo: You're forgetting about atmospheric refraction. Just take a Nikon whatever model camera that people were buying and zoom in and the ship will come right back to you.

As for the airplanes, they don't continue to fly straight because: 1) people might catch on, and 2) they'd eventually crash into the firmament. Some flights are straight lines and they aren't on globe earth. How are you supposed to land a plane on a ball that constantly spins under you? You'd have to keep adjusting and try to land straight on the runway but the earth would keep turning and you'd crash. Flat Earth makes helicopters work the way we see them and it makes vertical take off and landing possible.

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As a supporter of Islam, 9/11 was a act of justice and not terror because the US destroyed many lives in Afghanistan in the 80s when Ragen try to help Bin Laden against the Soviets. America act like a bunch of cry babies when their people die when the rest of the world deals with 9/11 style attacks every day. America is nothing more than a bunch of spoiled brats who finally got a taste of their own medicine in 2001.

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I've talked to the Lord and He says it's sin. He would say that they think they know His creation better than He does. He doesn't talk about "opinions." You can be transgender but you'll burn in hell for eternity. Or you could get God's gift of eternal life. Your choice. You all believe in some sort of business-friendly hippie Jesus, and that's not the Jesus I know. I'm not going to alter the gospel to suit sinners.

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But last June, Gloninger began exchanging emails with a man from Lenox, Iowa whose string of vitriolic messages accusing the meteorologist of being a liberal conspiracy theorist and a "Biden puppet" became increasingly concerning. The man eventually pled guilty in August to misdemeanor harassment for sending the threatening messages and incurred a $105 fine in the Iowa District Court for Polk County, according to a criminal complaint.

Samples of his emails:

“I don’t watch your worthless weather forecast because your an idiot but someone else texted me and said you are still an idiot, to the hell back where you came from **********”

“-Science like FAUCI, you dumb sumbitch, go east and drown from the ice cap melting dumbass!!!!”

“Getting sick and tired of your liberal conspiracy theory on the weather, climate changes every day, always has, always will, your pushing nothing but a Biden hoax, go back to where you came from”

“What’s your home address, we conservative Iowans would like to give you an Iowan welcome you will never forget, kinda like the libtards gave JUDGE KAVANAUGH!!!!!!!"

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Tunnelcat is forgetting that on 9/11 every news agency reported the same thing about their psychotic friends and their own psychopathy and blamed everything on Osama bin Lyin’, one of their own agents, and it’s very easy to disprove the official narrative just like it’s easy to disprove ball earth. Try a laser test. Do something! Lol… don’t just say Satan’s math scheme about a ball is the truth. That part is kinda off topic, but yeah, some people don’t even know that a rogue group within the United States and fake Zionist “Israel” are responsible. (NOT Jewish people) There’s a difference between people who think they are Jewish, the people who were the Israelites in the Bible, and those who say they are Jews but lie (like in the book of Revelation).

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misogyny has never been a serious problem

on the other hand discrimination against males today and hatred towards males is a much more pressing issue than discrimination against females which is a non issue
also men and women are not equal and have different gender roles just as the first males and first females did 2.5 billion years ago
also sex is binary so it is impossible to change from a man to a woman or vice versa
i also wonder how most americans think that men and women can transform into the opposite gender
most americans are very detatched from reality
the worst flaw of democracy could easily be discovered by having a 5 minute conversation with the average american voter
the average american can't read write do math or science or know basic geography
in china only educated people have the right to vote
in china the powerful are abusing their power
we must restructure the govt in a way that creates a new balance of power in a way that intelligent people have more say in the govt
we must make slow cautious changes
also if you think that americans are ignorant just look at the average person in any other country
even in most western european countries 20% of the people think that the earth revolves the sun
in a month and not a year

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Far far away. I remember the Feminists being loud and in your face, but no more. Back in the 60's they were burning their bras and going bra-less. Even way before that they were demanding the right to vote. Today they are more than willing to acquiesce to male dominance, lay back and say ★■◆● me. Not a peep out of them when transgenders with male physiology compete against females and utterly dominate them. Considering that there is money to be made like endorsements, I sometimes wonder if these transgenders are really male athletes who failed competing against other males and decided to go where they can win...woman's sports. While I don't have a problem with tranny's, they should really only be allowed to compete against each other.

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With all the Woke B.S. going on in schools, both H.S.'s and college, like girls being required to take swim classes and then changing single sex swim class's to include both sexes, gender fluidity indoctrination, males pretending to be make believe girls using female bathroom/locker rooms.
So who is getting on the bandwagon (and I've been wondering when they will become vocal)...the Muslims. I think they been active but just not much has been reported on it. I think a slow shift to morality is taking place. I didn't much care for Muslims, what with beheading's of prisoner and honor killing but now I may become more in tune with them.


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First off Hillary was only a mouthpiece for Obama. And you seem to forget her husband who was accused of far worse crimes like rape (Juanita Broaddrick) and sexual harassment (Paula Jones). Yet Herr Klinton never spent a day in jail, though he did lose his law license for awhile. Lets face it, the Dems know Trump was a effective President and will do anything to prevent him from being leader again. This indictment shows the Dems are on par with third world dictatorships and playing the George Soros game. Welcome to the brave new world, Bernard Marx