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[picture of an abandoned skyline reclaimed by the jungle]

The inflation is guided and the poverty planned

The dots are connected by this Gentleman in the scource . who was already smeared greatly by massmedia, "of course". :relaxed:
Enjoy? Do not look when your tired or something.
You're gonna have bad feelings and a hard time while falling asleep.

[Link to a video by Jordan Peterson where the ex-psychiatrist Lobster-Man “examines the current energy crisis, the globalist ideology that simultaneously fuels it while calling for the sacrificial demise of the poor, and what this truly means for Europe's future, if not the entire world.”]

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There has been a lot of talk about defunding police departments after the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. However, only 1,000 people were killed by police officers in the United States in 2019. But Planned Parenthood has murdered 345,672 babies in the year between October 1, 2017 and September 30, 2018. That's 947 babies murdered per day. If you want to save lives, don't defund the police. Defund Planned Parenthood. You'll save 345 times as many people. Planned Parenthood brutality is far worse than police brutality.

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Made jokes with friends just jesterday.

" The paralells to WW2 were not enough!

Somehow Poland must be involved in the shitshow as well. "

Fun fact is Hitler officially opened the war also with mobilizing against Russia.

How they slapped France in just 3 days or so happened as a side-effect almost, regardless of the beef Hitler still had with France because of the "Versailler Vertrage". :D

The false-flagging of the global Russian-haters is so pathetic.

It is wierd how no one is falling for this level of bs, but people are super divided about the possibility that Humans truly have so much influence over the climate.

Something which I also do not believe in. :woohoo:

And the vehicles among Humanity which have the most influence, ten-thousand fold more than simple CARS, are vast transportation & container ships which no average Joe has influence over anyway.


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O' I tend to phrase things differently. ;)

Being racist is actually normal and inevitable. It is just the norm of being able to classify the ehtnicity of someone visually.

Everyone is a "racist".

But not everyone is a race hater. Big difference.

And I doubt many peopel truly care. It is only that the tiny, mentally ill minority of the collective left spectrum, has their ugly mug & existence so much more amplified than all other race hater groups combined.

Even white one's, or latino's or even such with Asian indivuals. B-)

It is just that the FED Mafia has decided it is the most profitable to antanogize white people now since they tend to have the most wealth which the "Elites" would like to "redistribute".

No matter how many pandemics, wars and climate-agenda's they have to push for it to happen until the working-class is finally as poor as those in 2nd and 3rd world countries.

This is the true goal behind just everything. :relaxed:

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If you're a parent and you feel it is necessary to make your kids wear a sign like this in public, DO IT. Don't listen to all those armchair quarterbacks who don't know your kid, who haven't lived with your kid for the past ten to twenty years, who don't know what you've had to put up with. What some people see as "cruel and unusual punishment" is often the most effective. If more parents used "cruel and unusual punishment" instead of giving up, the world would be a much better place. And if more kids obeyed the Fifth Commandment Of The Holy Bible (Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother), they wouldn't be the recipients of "cruel and unusual punishment", now would they?

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Don't vote.

I hate it when LGBTQ+ people basically bend over backwards for democrats. No matter how progressive they appear, how many promises they make, no matter how much lip-service they provide: THEY ARE POLITICIANS. They do not care about anything but power and profits. "They aren't perfect!" No, they are awful. Just as awful as republicans. Don't be fooled into thinking the enemy of the enemy is your friend. These, at the end of the day, are power-hungry blowhards who'll say anything to anyone to get a tick on a ballot. We're steeping stones to these guys.
They do not care about our rights.
They do not care about our suffering.
They do not care.
By voting for those who only provide shallow promises with no progress, we send the message that we will feed on slop politicians give to us like pigs being led to a slaughter just as long as its rainbow-colored. This is no different than rainbow capitalism or fake activism. A republican will threaten to send a pig to a slaughter and will not hesitate to chop someone into bits, while a democrat will promise freedom and then never let the pig out of the pen but will feed them the barest minimum of what can generously be called "food." Don't settle for "the lesser of two evils." The lesser of two evils is still evil.
The best way to demand change? Protest. Educate. Demand change. But don't vote. By not voting, it sends the message that we won't settle for "not that bad as the other guys." That we won't support these parties unless they provide what they promise. I'm sick of settling for mediocrity. And if you are too, you'd do the right thing and shred your ballots. Don't side with the guy who'll cut your legs off just because you're afraid of the guy who'll cut your hands off.


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LGBTQ people do not deserve to be murdered in cold blood or bullied. Also, LGBTQ people were not born that way, despite what Lady Gaga and other people claim. Finally, LGBTQ people can change, as these two people have.

They are Angel Colon and Luis Javier Ruiz, two survivors of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida on June 12, 2016. They left the LGBTQ lifestyle, and so have many others.

If you agree with me, please add this to your favorites. Also, I expect this deviation to trigger backlash, so I would really appreciate it if you would back me up in the comments.

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I honestly think that most of the disagreement isn't homophobia though. Homophobia, in my mind, requires an active hate of transgender people. [correction - transphobia is hatred of trans, homophobia is hatred of gay/lesbians, my bad, but same argument] It's a necessary ingrediant. Disagreeing on Leftist LGBTQ doctrine and dogma is not the same as hate. Much of it is a system of belief that a person either accepts, or they don't. You cannot prove conclusively for me that gender exists on some kind of continuum. I can just say that what we are observing is variations of personality traits within one of only two existing genders (effeminate men and masculine women). Psychology is a soft science. A lot of it comes down to what semantics you prefer to use. You cannot force everyone, everwhere, to believe what you believe. Gender ideology doctrine has become a pseudo-religion or pseudo-science IMO. Much of the "arguments" for it are emotional appeals, shaming, and then accusations, name calling and threats. I refuse to join because an angry mob wants to police my thoughts.

[SUBMITTER’S NOTE: MelianMarionette is a fake identity made up by a predatory pedophile to cozy up to young girls on Deviantart. Gives you some idea of what kind of company Clairy likes, doesn’t it?]

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William Shakespeare wrote many plays, stories and poems. But did any of the works of William Shakespeare make the world a better place? I think not.

However, Colonel Paul Tibbets did make the world a better place on August 6, 1945 by dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, the first atomic bomb dropped in warfare. When a second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki a few days later, the Japanese finally did the right thing and surrendered. Yes, the two atomic bombs killed thousands of people in 1945. But the other option, an all-out invasion of Japan similar to the D-Day invasion of June 6, 1944, would have cost at least two million lives of both Japanese and Americans. And that's assuming it worked.
So not only did the invention and use of the atomic bomb save lives by accelerating the end of World War II, it also prevented World War III by creating the threat of mutually assured destruction. The two atomic bombs used in warfare in 1945 did more to change the world in fractions of a second than William Shakespeare's writings did to change the world in over 400 years.

Happy Veteran's Day.

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Three poster in one day! I am on fire today! Anyway not spending a lot of time on this. I just want to point out, that if Trump was like Hitler, then why is it that people still talk bad about him? Why is it that the newspaper still talk bad about him.

I'll tell you why, it's because Donald J. Trump is not Hitler. Hitler silenced the newspapers and anyone that spoke bad about him was put in jail. And some like Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie were executed by Hitler.

So let me look for a similar incident with Trump… Hmm I can't see to find one thing that states that Trump is like Hitler. And I can't find one thing that shows that Trump executed people, that Trump silenced newspapers or networks. Trump refused to talk to CNN, but that's his choice. He doesn't have to talk to any CNN news reporter nor his he compelled to.

People need to stop with these false claims and false statements.

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Democrats and the KKK never cared for minorities, women, or gays aside from a major pool source of votes.
Every Democrat district in the US is a shithole runned by rich dictators who make promises of free things to hoards of gullible woke impoverished people that they stab in the back every time


Dems and cons are both a boil on America's face. Canada's too, but not as extremely so.

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The inherent "doomed to fail" nature of political correctness can be seen in itself.

Every few years the PC police change the name (social justice, woke, etc) because soon enough everyone else realizes these PC assholes are greedy power hungry cunts and the name gets a bad rep ... so these libs have to constantly rebrand themselves to avoid negative connotations


Just like how they constantly change what terms are "correct" to say at a given time.

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I have recently learned that Disney will be remaking Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs in live-action, with Marc Webb as the director and Rachel Zegler in the lead role. I have one suggestion for Disney in regards to this film: When the Evil Queen dies, show her burning in hell like I have shown above. You took us to Hell in 1979 when you released The Black Hole. Do it again and warn the world of what will happen to those who do not accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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I may not be agreeable with the whole LGBWTF- (I'd rather not say the last three, because we all know what that means and the actual term itself is super long anyway and the '-' means no respect toward anyone's opinion of them), and it's tough to be acceptable toward anyone from that community without sacrificing your own spiritual integrity, but even I would do simply this: respect the person for any identity under the sun and see each other as humans with skills, thoughts and hearts even. I've known one at my work who used to work with us there and I go to a community college where inclusivity and diversity is a thing (just not as invasive or disrespectful as Twit Show Schitter site).

The problem with the LGBWTF- (if not most) and other SCB (Social Cry Babies) twats is that they don't even know what respect, consideration or even tolerance means anymore or if ever. All they ever know is their skin, sexual organs, pronouns, and the whole 'stunning and brave' crap. Do I need to say more about woke culture and Hollywood? Heck no! It's far too draining and I would rather focus more on my class projects and writing [irrelevant overly long description of Frozen fanfic].

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First off, don't take it out on the baby. It didn't force the rape. Carry the baby till birth, give it up for adoption and be done with it. At the same time, chop the artist's genitals of with a rusty cleaver, send him to jail and let him get death raped. You want to prevent rape? Make extremely harsh punishments and focus a little more on mental diagnoses.

Second off, that's not what these crazy bitches are advocating for. They want to sleep around like sluts and abort the baby because it's an inconvenience to them. The rape scenario is only brought up as a way to win an argument.

Third, I'm clearly more saner than either of you.

So, fourth: fuck you.

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The road to Heaven is narrow, and walking across that narrow road while drunk on alcohol or under the influence of other drugs may result in you falling off that narrow road into Hell.

If you used to drink alcohol, smoke or chew tobacco, or use illegal drugs or abuse prescription drugs, Jesus Christ will forgive you for doing so and help you quit, as long as you ask for his forgiveness while still on Earth.

Last but not least, I firmly believe that when Jesus turned water into wine, that wine did not have a single molecule of alcohol in it. Any wine in Heaven will be the same way, so you could drink an entire ocean of it and not get drunk or tipsy as a result. Don't try to make the wine Jesus made yourself. You will fail.

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A fetus is a human and has the same rights. We prosecute people who malaciously leave their babies to die - why are abortionists any different? Every human being deserves life. And if "bodily autonomy" is so sacred, why the bodily autonomy of the baby is not respected as it's harvested for organs? That's right. The industry of elective infanticide has to get it's resources somehow. So don't sweat it if your "friend" blocked you; you're better off without them.

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Back then, weren't political parties that started wars and lost them were like dissolved and the leaders executed to prevent them from starting another war?

I had no idea!

Either way, the Democrats have proven they cannot be trusted.

Same with Republicans.

Yep, hell do away with the political system and install a Military Dictatorship cause it's obvious that people can't be trusted when it comes to voting.

Is that any better?

Probably not, but better than nothing.

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But if you want to know what I think we need? More armed teachers, strengthening our police force, and less kids in public schools, period! All the hopes and prayers to the parents of the deceased won't stop the next shooting from happening, only a strong defense will. And it's high time we did away with the "gun free zones" nonsense as they've proven to be an abject failure!

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"It wasn't enough to say 'I'm a liberal'. You also had to ignore history ('All native Americans were peaceful and learned how to scalp people from Canadians. The Holocaust wasn't so bad compared to war atrocities committed by The Allies. Islam was never warlike. The Crusades was a war for gold only. Democracy has caused the most wars in history. No white man can take credit for any innovation or invention throughout all of history...') and you had to ignore logic. See, I figured 'not being racist' meant not judging and certainly not hating someone based on the color of their skin."

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I was forced to apologize to my ex-boyfriend who pretended to be a woman to emotionally manipulate me and others, scammed my friends out of hundreds of dollars, cheated on me, threatened to kill themselves twice if I didn't do what they wanted, and attempted to convert me to bisexuality or even heterosexuality.

Why you may ask? Because I "dead named" them. A cis gay man who pretended to be a bisexual transwoman for profit.

Because of this, I was bullied, harassed, lied about, stalked, insulted, barred from an entire community... and was forced to apologize to those people. The people who tried to justify my ABUSE. Because "I was being mean." One person, Chloe, even told me my attempted suicide when I was being DOXXED BY A RACIST EXTREMIST WHO WANTED TO KILL ME AND MY FAMILY was "manipulation."

And then she had the nerve to say "she really cared about me" and tried to hug me after she called me a narcissistic psychopath, threatened to stalk me, defended my abuser AND GAVE THEM A JOB, and took old, outdated comments from my middle and high school days unrelated to the topic from a far-left troll and their gossip blog as "proof" and said she would "keep it for later" to "expose me."

But no, they did this out of "concern." Out of "love."

I was forced to apologized to my ABUSER... and then the people who bullied and harassed me for calling them out had the NERVE to say they cared for me all while calling me a narcissistic sociopath who deserved it all.

Moral of the story? Victim blaming exists. Stop fucking doing it.

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Do not fall for this idea that just because something looks and sounds the part means that it's worth it's coinage. Some like Garnet from Steven Universe and Scallion from Vox Machina are, in my opinion, acceptable, but the most obvious like Revan from Obi-Wan and Kamala Khan from Ms. Marvel are an obvious diversity quota with little to no replayable value.

Now, I am not, or ever was, against diverse casts of characters in any medium of entertainment, be it those of different skin colors, gender, sexual orientation, or political/religious beliefs. What I am against are horribly written characters with the aim of filling up a diversity quota or pandering to a political ideologue. In general, these representation characters have little to no substance to their personalities, other than being an embodiment for the Leftist agenda, and pretty much all they do is beat audiences over the head with a narrative while coddling the target demographic.

Their character traits are basically just blue check marks:

Person of non-white origins


Lower class background

Gay/Other orientations

Morbidly Obese

Atheist, Muslim or Non-Christian denominations

Predominately Liberal values

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You want Congress to codify Roe?

You realize, if the Democrats managed to do this, what the final consequences would be? The party of Malthusians? The party of 'man-made' global warming? The Party of the KKK, slavery, and ANTIFA?

Imagine a world where the GOVERNMENT now determines IF and WHEN you can have a child. Especially *IF*. You think the Democrats aren't Salivating at the idea?

Talk about 'my body, the GOVERNMENT'S choice!'

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(In reply to this rant of YourClairyGodmother’s)

Chloe? You don’t mean Chloe from F-Sexually-Transmitted-Disease-T, do you? Or is this a different Chloe? Either way, what’s her DA page? I’ll block her in your honor. :salute:

I think it would be wisest to preserve every bit of evidence of everybody who’s bullied you—including those in the Rayman community, on DA, and on FSTDT—as PDFs as well as print-outs, then create a physical binder of said print-outs to present to the police while also emailing the PDFs. I can show you a cool Website I found with a downloadable Word file to create an evidence chart if you like. Even if nothing comes from it, you can rest easy knowing that, once again, you occupy the moral high ground.

Oh, and, if you mention NiamTrollyTrolly, please be sure to tell the police about his psychotic obsession with me as well as you. If they ask to contact me, you know what my CKR email is.

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Unsurprisingly, DA deleted the journal where I showed one of the threatening comments I got for being happy that the left can no longer murder children. Copy/pasted from a message I received from DA staff, with emphasis added: "A member of staff has reviewed a report concerning this deviation and has found that the work has no greater purpose other than as a personal attack against another deviant."

So... Evidently you can threaten the life of a conservative and that's fine, but the conservative better not screenshot it and show it to anyone or that's "attacking."

Sometimes I think I should thank the entire left for giving us no shortage of nonsense to laugh at. 😂 Y'all are wild.

To be fair, it looks like DA's policies actually did change at some point to prohibit posting screenshots of other users' posts in a journal, even if you blur out their screen name and profile picture so they can't be identified, which I did. I've been on this site for more than 10 years and that rule didn't used to exist. This is quite a step forward for DeviantArt, since they usually just make up Christophobic and anti-conservative rules as they go without ever posting them. Good job DA, you did something (kind of) right! :clap:


*coughITwasJUSTaCLUMPofWORDScough* 😉 😘

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the woke mob and modern liberals believe only gays can play gays, only blacks can play blacks, etc

ya know ...



SAME THING, REALLY. now watch me get reported by bedshitters who live in their parents basement and couldn't do a pushup to save their own life because they're such sad fat fucks

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I wish this war between the left and the right would just end already. American politics have devolved into pointless bickering, corruption, and selfish grabs at power. What it really should be? Working out your differences and communicating like adults. Learning about each side of the story and each opinion, even if you disagree. Creating solutions and looking deep into the country's issues. And protecting every citizen and treating them with dignity and respect. THAT is what a goverment should be.

But no. It's the opposite.

Don't vote, kids. Don't support a system that relies on an internal war of parties to survive.

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I don't WANT to care about politics. I don't LIKE politics. For a long time I barely knew what politics was and when I had to declare my loyalty I considered myself a liberal because I was told that meant I was a good person. I considered myself a good person (like everyone does) so I said 'I guess I'm a liberal' and for a time that was enough.
But as time wore on I found that more and more demands were heaped onto me and those demands became literally impossible.
It wasn't enough to say 'I'm a liberal'. You also had to ignore history ('All native Americans were peaceful and learned how to scalp people from Canadians. The Holocaust wasn't so bad compared to war atrocities committed by The Allies. Islam was never warlike. The Crusades was a war for gold only. Democracy has caused the most wars in history. No white man can take credit for any innovation or invention throughout all of history...') and you had to ignore logic. See, I figured 'not being racist' meant not judging and certainly not hating someone based on the color of their skin.
Apparently it meant 'Hate white people'...in as many words. Without irony. Hate is fine as long as it's the right kind of hate. Then it isn't even 'racism'...it's just 'wokeness'. In fact a lot of things ordinarily unjustifiable could be made perfectly fine through the same lens. We were supposed to hate Jews (those zionist oppressors and allies to the Great Satan) too which was EXTREMELY ironic give the fact that most often the epithet for those politically opposed to this perspective were called 'Nazis'...which I figured were practically defined as racially hating Jews specifically.
My brain rebelled and around the time I said 'If identity is justified just because it's ours then why can't I be proud to be a white man?' I realized I would not be welcome not because of what I believed by literally because of what I was.
White cis men who didn't believe America was the worst country on earth and believed in Christ couldn't even be allies. They had to be silenced at best, destroyed at worst. The only way to be part of the world I thought I belonged to by virtue of virtue itself was if I constantly debased myself, my family, my country, my species.
And eventually I had enough.

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(An article about said VIGILANTES are just as bad as offending pedophiles)

The USA is a third world uncivilized society, mainly thanks to its rotting disgusting backwards sorry excuse for a main society that is in it.
Just the other day I found a post on Twitter with that said something like "repost if you support beating up pedophiles" and it later gained over 15000 hearts, and it was filled with degenerates who were defending vigilante violence out of their own perverted beliefs. Mark my words, if the purge ever became legal, it would be real. These people prove it... Anyway, I tried to report it but came back as if it didn't violate the rules. I got so pissed off after the email, that I actually sent an email to the CEO of twitter due to how f*cking pissed I was. I thought Twitter doesn't allow glorification of sh** like this? Disclaimer 2: Though it is ... Twitter. Disclaimer 2 done.

if you support unlawful violence toward any person, offending or not, then you are just as bad as a child rapist. You're a f*cking criminal and you deserve (yeah, I'm proud to say this) to be labeled worse than most child sexual abusers. Why 'worse'? Because not every abuser has ruined a victim's life as many of them were able to still move on.

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You know what?

To be accurate it's not "WE" who don't know what is a woman.

It's "THEM".

We: the majority of peoples, normals persons.

Them: A bunch of "intellectuals-educated-persons" who thing all in the world is about their ideology, and who don't even know how the real world works, because they live in their little environnement, their littles urbans "safe spaces", their offices, their campus, or classrooms. They are the peoples who just lives and want to see peoples who look or think like them, and last but not the least, who are from the same wealthy class, even if they deny it.

Peoples who refuse contradictions, or don't want to see the real world.

They are like the aristocratic class in France before 1789, or like byzantins theologist who argued about the properties of angels, when the turkish empire was at their gates.

Generalorder4 #homophobia #transphobia deviantart.com

Well, seeing as I don't believe in gender identity and consider homosexuality a biblical sin I'm not entirely thrilled with normalization XD
Also none of this goes much ways to disproving my point that we are just going so far out of our way to be hip we're losing the threads of sanity.
Apparently people like ME don't count as people. I don't want to get political here but I've been treated like pond scum all of my life and people didn't see an issue with it.
But a subsection or the population is complaining about discrimination when they are continuously positively reinforced by every aspect of the media?

It seems...misguided.

JonFreeman #wingnut #sexist #transphobia deviantart.com

given that libs is the "lazy party" (i.e. "I can help everyone by literally doing nothing and sheltering in my house? SIGN ME UP! WHERE CAN I BERATE OTHERS FOR STEPPING OUTSIDE?") ...

it's no wonder that "strong female leads" written by feminists are basically drag versions of "asshole male lead".
They can't figure out how to write their own likeable character, so they gender swap and call it a victory for womanhood.
actually, that explains a lot about feminists...

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[There’s much more to this one. Archived here.]

During Pride month, Christians are required to say no to some things. We can’t participate in sin (Eph. 5:11) nor can we celebrate evil (1 Cor. 13:6). So you may be accused of being “anti” everything. These are moments it’s helpful to remember that anytime you say “no” to one thing, it’s because you’re saying “yes” to something else. Something better.

When we say “no” to doing whatever you want sexually, it’s because we are saying “yes” to virtue, discipline, delayed gratification, and the satisfaction and intimacy that comes from forming relationships God’s way. When we say “no” to the idea that boys can become girls, we are saying “yes” to finding our created purpose. When we say “no” surrogacy so that a child can be placed with two dads, it’s because we are saying “yes” to each child to be known and loved by both their parents. When we say “no” to bad ideas, it’s because we’re saying “yes” to better ideas. Every time.

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Fundies People are a bunch of chucklefucks. They're all bark and no bite.

As for their website, it's nothing more than a shitty knockoff of Urban Dictionary.

Ironically, they’ve quoted UD whenever someone puts a comedic or satirical definition of RationalWiki (which they religiously defend!) up there.

Wow, they really have no lives if they're that obsessed with a Wiki.

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Unfortunately I have a younger brother who told me that they're pan-demisexual with his leftist girlfriend. At that moment I REALLY wanted to just come out and tell him that people who use those kinds of labels are just attention-seeking children who want to feel like they're oh so special instead of facing the reality that what they think makes them special is as fake as Kim Kardashian's ass. It's no different than when kids go through their goth phase and cry to their moms, "It's Not A Phase!"

But I bit my tongue because I would've said it in a far worse way at that moment.

Ya know what's funny? I think people like us are a lot more "punk" in this day and age because we actually are against the current status quo. I mean Leftists have support from so many of western institutions like The Entertainment Industry, many Big Corporations like Disney and Amazon, Government, Academia, etc and yet they still pretend that they're the underdogs.

I mean if GG Allin was still alive and saw all this, He'd probably start wearing a nicely pressed suit and act more responsibly since from what I read, he's against ANY kind of conformity and the status quo. And currently Leftists are the most hardcore of conformists despite being just as or possible even more emotionally fragile as the pearl clutchers Allin hated in his life.