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(One Quick Post)
It's fucking hilarious that porn is the one area you're still allowed to be trans-exclusive, even if you're a progressive. No matter how loudly PornHub yells "trans pride" they know it'd be a business catastrophe to forcefully mix in tranny porn with the straight porn. It's created this funny dynamic where trans women are real women except for in porn in which case they get their own special category away from the rest of the women, isn't it weird how this can't be done in sports, changing rooms, etc?

I'd love an explanation from one of these coombrained progressives to why PornHub should be allowed to segregate trannies but UFC has to let them beat the shit out of women. It's a glaring double standard but it's not going anywhere because even the most staunch trans ally doesn't want to jerk off to them.

People have pointed out the same thing about Reddit: lesbian and women-focused subs are obliged to let in trannies or they get the banhammer, but lesbian porn subs? Completely dick free, and no one goes after them.

Forcing male troons into sports, changing rooms, girl scout organizations, lesbian communities, female prisons, etc, only hurts women. But forcing them into porn might hurt men (in the sense that someone's dick might feel sad) so it isn't done. Such a progressive movement.

Once something affects men then it becomes an actual problem, basically. Ever see a 'progressive' guy with a history of only dating women, date a transwoman? Would one of the Chapo guys date Keffals?
Yeah, no. They're all twaw until, you know, they're really not actually. It's all a larp that let's 'good guys' express sexism for woke points. Like dunking on white women, which is now woke too.



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