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Fish-Eyed Fool #psycho #transphobia

Yeah I don't get why people are so broke up about Etika's death. What because he was YouTuber? People fucking kill themselves all the time. I dunno, maybe I just wasn't following the guy. Personally, I think Chloe Sagal setting himself on fire in the name of mental health and having his message completely ignored, in favor of making it about bullying, was more tragic.

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RIPhamroll #homophobia #transphobia

As previously stated LGBT people already seem to genocide themselves.
They increase their own risk of death in a multitude of categories and can't reproduce.

So how have they not already gone extinct?

Because, as with the theories on evolution of homosexuality, it's some complex genealogy that causes it. I mean if you want I could summarise them for those that don't know them. But, essentially you can't get rid of them, and we've been trying for at least a thousand years to no success.

Sociological theory (I know I know just listen) would support early intervention and support for fags which would essentially turn them from faggots into normal people that have different sex lives.

Unfortunately for the planet, the most expensive, time consuming resource dependent and pussy ass methods are almost always the correct ones.

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LofaSofa #homophobia #psycho

Would it be OK to commit genocide on the gays?

They really haven't ever done anything to contribute to society and most of them end up being outed as degenerates and pedophiles so I don't think it would matter if they died.

Wouldn't it just be more beneficial to get rid of them all together?

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Lissamine Green #homophobia #transphobia

I can't stop laughing at the homos who want to rewrite history now and claim that the homophile movement was all flowers and sunshine and wholesome romance before corporations/furries/straights with fetishes/troons showed up and wrecked everything. The gay lib movement literally started with a pederast pervert (google Harry Hay), bathhouses for anonymous sex, and military gays perving out and creating the BDSM scene during the war. There is no secret, non-pervy history of homosexuality. It's perverts all the way down. Name any sick fetish you can think of, and gay men probably not only are the main practitioners, but the inventors of it.

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Manly-Chicken #ableism

image(holly: “I have not spoken out sooner because on May 9th, I checked myself into a hospital because I was having self-harming thoughts. I’m not ashamed of this at all, it was the right thing to do and I was safe there. It’s okay to ask for mental health help when you need it.)

As soon as someone plays the "mental health" card, I tune out.

It's exclusively used by awful people to excuse their shitty behavior without having to take responsibility or apologize for their actions.

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RetardedCat #homophobia #racist #psycho


I understand why Pride came about in the first place. It was after Stonewall, but at that time, the LGBT were only looking to be seen as everyone else.

No, they're looking to be seen as fucking more special than everyone else.
Faggot month is retarded just like nigger history month and dishes washer history month. It's absolutely stupid and useless and anyone who believes this shit serves any purpose other than communist propaganda should just get publicly executed, preferably via hanging.

Need to add that if you want to bring awareness to the fact that sandniggers are still throwing faggots off rooftops, then you go over there and protest their stupid culture in their country, I don't give two shits what the goat fuckers are doing in their sand hellholes, that's their problem not mine. I don't need a fucking stupid bunch of crossdressers in my fucking streets to tell me that some idiot over in fuckistan got stoned to death.

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Poiseon #racist #homophobia #ableism

There is only free speech. Laws like this, made by oversensitive maladjusted twats who should neck themselves instead of wasting so much time and money, do not protect anyone from anything. Banning the word nigger won't stop the hundreds of black on black murders in Chicago every year. They are only a way to punish people that thin-skinned re-tards don't like. They never left the playground.

Minorities are not protected by 'hate speech laws'. An erosion of the civil rights of the populace because an angsty faggot just can't handle being called names is the height of mental re-tardation.

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NoFeline #transphobia

Garrah isn't much better than the Fakebois. (Being a truscum won't keep you from being a cow-- Alex Vidal is a truscum as well) Kid is absolutely delusional, almost on Reddit Troon levels. He's convinced that he never gets clocked when he looks like a depressed lesbian with 7 cats and talks like an excitable highschool girl. Not to even mention the I 👏 AM 👏 LICHRALLY 👏 MALE 👏 shite he goes on about. The nicest thing I can say is that he doesn't expect straight girls to date him. That's at least a step above the other trannies.

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RetardedCat #homophobia #wingnut


What have they done to you besides mildly irritate you?

Try to tell me what I as a fucking faggot should want. Because they think they speak for every one of us, and if you just dare disagree with their dumb marxist ideas, or be mildly conservative and believe in proper family values, or be religious in a way they don't like. Then they'll just kick you out of their nice little group where they get to do all the talking for you?

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Lissamine Green #homophobia

I moved from the sticks to the big city and learned that gays are mild mannered monogamous good guy citizens, as good as and quite possibly better than anyone else. That their marriages would be no different than normal marriage, and that they would be perfectly competent parents, maybe even more caring than those careless straights who get pregnant by way of reckless boning instead of paying lawyers and gestators and whatever. Then I moved in with a gay dude roommate for a year. Holy shit, was that an education. Not just him but every single one of his friends, acquaintances, exes, and a cast of thousands. A lot of them would talk about having a "life partner" but the guy was only around for like four months, they shared a third boyfriend, and still fucked around with randoms. The amount of nasty sex gear, and how it was just left out in like a communal bathroom or for fuck's sake, kitchen. The sick, deranged comments about like, the junior high school boys waiting for the bus across the street, every male over the age of about 8 who walked by in a 200 foot radius, etc. The CONSTANT comments that if they came from a straight guy would make him a social pariah for the sheer rapiness and sexual harassment. The groping of men and women alike. The inability to keep the libido and id zipped up even for a one hour visit with family. The creepy, gross fetishes overshared constantly. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

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Jacob Harrison #fundie #ufo

But the Catholic God would send angels, not aliens. I do agree that the aliens are doing these weird things for me to notice. Perhaps the janitor is one of them, and he disappeared for the purpose of getting me to investigate and spread this information on the internet.

The fact that they were able to track where I was walking on the day where the traffic lights started acting weird, indicates that they are beings from the real world, who have been doing these things to spread the message that we are programs in an advanced video games. The coming era where humanity gains knowledge of the fact that we are made out of computer code is the Age of Aquarius.

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TL;DR #sexist

This is why I don't believe in gamer girls, couse if you look long enough you will find that they are just seeking attention and validation from losers

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Lemmingwise #wingnut #homophobia

The expansion of free speech to also cover obscenity, porn and sex is a relatively new idea, first defended by hustler magazine.

To use the oxford definition, see below.

It was conceived and is intended to cover opinions and political ideas/speech and to protect the airing of such.

When you think about it a little, there is very little reason to put sexual content on the level with opinions.

Now I don't particularly mind what people do in their bedrooms or what pictures people draw, but I do think there is a negative link on the health of a society in general and the degenerate things it permits. Allowing little boys on billboards that also strip for money and acting like effeminate drag queens has a negative effect on society beyond the abuse against that kid, it has a demoralizing effect that is comparable to the broken window theory.

And contrary to the people that generally defend the vilest of porn as supposedly being free speech, they are generally not open to hearing the opinions about this, particularly not when you start with one of the holy cows, homosexuality and its link to both disease and pedophilia. I don't know if people are born gay, that seems to be true. I do know that abused kids are more likely to be gay and that there is an active recruitment of that type (the vagina monologues famously had the glorification of such a moment of an underage girl and an adult woman; the fact that it wasn't shouted off stage shows how far people are misled on this. The scene was removed a decade later or so.

Perhaps the line "it was a good rape" was a little too on the nose coming from a 13 year old character. But this was a prizewinning and much applauded play.

There is also the infamous article "can we just admit that we do want to convert kids?" article. And you can discover that that's how it works today. Just go to antifa meetings, to marxist feminist meetings, go to gay bars and genderqueer parties. I saw it in real life before I started studying the statistics.

To get back on track, obscenity despite what US courts decided in their case against hustler, shouldn't cover obscene content. I think everybody in their heart knows that tits being removed off facebook is not the same thing as conservative pages being removed off facebook. One is a speech issue, the other is a obscenity issue.

Now how does that tie in to CP vs a terror attack?

Well I'd have to prove that CP is obscenity, but it is by definition, it's in the P (even if definitions of porn are hard to make, just try to put the right line between boobtwitchers and female twitch streamers) of pornography. I don't have to exactly identify the line to be able to broadly state that some barrier should exist that separates camwhores and female game streamers.

Then I'd have to prove that sharing the terror attack is speech. I have the presumption that people should be able to see it so that they can both learn from it politically and practically. You'd want the protections of freedom of speech to be broad, because the temptation to silence others lies in almost everyone's hearts. That's about the best I can make the argument, if someone else can make it better, let me know.

Finally, besides the freedom of speech, there is the issue that sexual release gives a huge dopamine rush that if it came from a drug, it would be a controlled substance. A dopamine rush means that all the thoughts and actions you did prior become more firmly rooted in your brain. There is no "one time" exception in the bedroom. If you discover something you like, you're going to want to do it again. And, I find that you can even condition partners to associate that dopamine rush with specific sexual activities and make them like that and ask for that.

Do you really want some percentage of people to habituate themselves to having sexual release in regards to the abuse of children? I think this is the strongest argument against CP.

Definition of freedom of speech in English:
freedom of speech

mass noun
The power or right to express one's opinions without censorship, restraint, or legal penalty.
‘the move would further harm freedom of speech in the region

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1864897514651 #fundie

Waste of time, do not even bother. The Nazi Party was formed in a gay bar by militant homosexualists, and that is as much as you should need to know about faggots. There is no such thing as genetic faggotry. You freely choose to implant your semen into another man's rectum in an act of profound desecration of life. Nobody needs to listen to faggots, nobody at all. All that listening to faggots has gotten us is teenage school shooters, civilizational collapse, and a black woman on our ten dollar bill starting 2020. Fire and brimstone will not be enough this time.

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CrunkLord420 #wingnut #transphobia

Despite all the anti-troonery moderation coming out of Nintendo, it will never stop these gamejournos from playing their nintoddler gayms. Laura can't even stop playing, and tweeting about Pokemon for a single waking moment.

Nothing gets in between Nintendo and a social justice sperg, not even social justice. They'd be lining up to gas the Jews if it meant being able to play the latest Splatoon a week early.

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Tasty Tatty #sexist

The thing about troons is that all of their existence is shaped around their sexual identity. They don't work or make any contribution to society except being transgender. Whenever we remind them of their reality, all of the things they give for granted about the world (things others keep validating thinking they're helping them) collapse and their lives lose any meaning. It's not "our" fault, we're just the trigger, so to speak.

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los pepes #sexist

Why are women so bad at mass shootings? That iranian broad shot like 3 people before she panicked and shot herself. I frankly will have no respect for women until a femmetarrant emerges.

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Dee Price #sexist

oh by the way i am in the genetic study and well i am the REAL TRANSSEXUAL it is blaire that is a homosexual male fake. NO TRANSSEXUAL EVER SAYS THEY ARE A GAY MALE AND THEN HANGS OUT AT CLUBS AND THEN DECIDES THEY ARE A TRANSSEXUAL.
those are called shemales they normally keep their dick. OK We are driven to surgery. and we will not date until post op. So again you are listening to a male homo and insulting the real transsexual.
See as i said i was 3 years old. when i told mom. but you being one of those buggers that can not comprehend actual academics and has not clue being the hood rat you are. can not say shit about anyone go sell your crack on the street corner and stop trying to insult real intelligence.

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RomeoRose #conspiracy

This was the stupidest report EVER! 2 years for a report to find out if there was collusion or meddling in the 2016 election? WHO FUCKING CARES!!!!! I don't give a fuck if Russia meddles in our elections or not, especially if they helped elect TRUMP, as long as TRUMP is president then hey by any fucking means nessacery, whatever it takes, I don't give a shit if TRUMP was elected fair and square or not, I'm glad we have him and not that CUNT Hillary!

The goddamn elections are all rigged any fucking ways, Both partys are chosen by the illuminati, so it don't make a fuck who we vote for whoever wins will carry out the SAME agenda, they are nothing more than puppets to distract all the slaves/sheeple anyways, but with that said, I still like TRUMP and am glad he is president. I wouldn't give a fuck if he stayed president FOREVER! Only people better than him would be Alex Jones, David Duke, or Hitler if only we could ressurect him!

The whole Mueller thing was nothing more than the whining of pussy democRATS!

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12535 #fundie

(concerning a Kiwi Farms thread about a violent animal abuser who was caught sexually abusing and killing animals.)

This is really immature behavior from adults I would expect kids to be the main people bullying others but I guess it's just you guys stop acting like a 1 year old having a temper tantrum and act your age

Kero the wolf made a mistake no one's to far from redemption keep just has that interest but never acts on it so stop bullying people and leave him alone

I cant wait to see the activity on twitter and other social media when the news gets out that Kero was arrested for Zoophillia

I cant wait to see the activity on twitter and other social media when the news gets out that Kero was arrested for Zoophillia

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Philosophy Zombie #sexist

If you fuck a girl in the ass, that's gay. You've got a pussy and an asshole staring at you, side by side. If you choose the ass, there's no doubt you're a repressed homosexual. What difference does it make if it's a man's ass or a girl's ass? Ass is always ass.

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Jacob Harrison #fundie


Yeah, that would be the 'guns-to-heads' bit I mentioned.

Also, you are incredibly uncharismatic. Do you have any followers? Do you have any plans to develop the skills and resources to attract them? Because brother, this ain't it.

It wouldn't be guns to head. What I am saying is that the members of parliament themselves will be secret agents of my society.
What will help me gain followers will be when I marry @pomme and move to England. There I can gain supporters within the United Kingdom Independence Party. And me and Pomme's children can convince their friends to join my society. I can also get Scots to join the society by promising the Scots independence when the true king is restored, because the true heir to the throne of England is not the heir to Scotland. My society can establish a youth wing similar to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts that can teach children about the true king. While I may not see the true king restored in my lifetime, my descendants will multiply, and the society will gradually grow larger so the plan will eventually be fulfilled.
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Jacob Harrison #fundie

(Follow-up on this quote)

@Senior Lexmechanicus

1. Incorrect. The nations I listed above had continent-spanning trade routes, walled cities, complex legal codes, and diplomatic channels. If Rome was an advanced civilization, so were they.
2. None of these reasons are rational, especially the idea that America is culturally Anglo-Saxon, therefore you must work to enact the rightful king of England and grant him absolute power, but not extend his throne to America despite their cultural linkage. Once again, and I want to stress I'm not meming here, this comes off as an autistic fixation.

Genuine question: do you understand the difference between legal, moral, and socially tolerable?

1. But they did not have a system of writing before the English colonists came. And their system of government was still at the tribal level because they had chiefs instead of kings.
2. It makes sense not to extend his throne to America because America was never territory of England during the time period that the legitimate kings ruled England. The true king therefore only has a claim to the territory that England had back in 1399 when Richard II was overthrown.
3. I understand the different definitions but they often go hand in hand. It is a moral duty to obey the law. And what is socially tolerable changes throughout history. While absolute monarchy is socially intolerable in England today, it was socially tolerable back in medieval England and it will become socially tolerable again, when England enters a golden age of prosperity and the education system will teach children to be loyal to the king.

@Senior Lexmechanicus

1. Actually, the chiefdom was an electoral position in most of the "civilized" tribes (Algonquin, Iroquois, Cherokee): decisions were made by a council of respected community members, with the "peace chief" (the word used would be better translated as "respected elder") acting as a mediator. In times of war, the "war chief" (once again, the word would better translate as "mighty man" or "great man") would suspend ordinary council operations until the war was over. You may realize this bears a striking resemblance to a republican system: specifically, the senators and dictator of the Roman Republic. Indeed, the "Great Law of Peace" of the Iroquois Nation was used alongside Roman Republican philosophy in inspiring the Constitution. So, in essence, you're saying they were illegitimate because they didn't write things down (because they didn't need to, because they had a deep oral tradition kept by the priesthood, much like the early Angles from whom the entire institution of the "king of England" extends). But not only did the "illegitimate" government of England recognize them as legitimate states, but the "legitimate" governments of France, Holland, Portugal, and Spain as well.
3. And why would this happen? And saying "because the True King will be on the throne" isn't an answer: the belief that a True King can cure dropsy with a touch and will make all right by the mere presence of his arse on the throne is based in Catholic religious beliefs that you no longer hold.

1. Well those tribes were within the established borders of the United States and previously within the established territories of the other colonial powers, so they were nations within a nation. The US later expanded it's territory out west with treaties such the Louisiana Purchase. And when the Anglo Saxons came to England, they already had a writing system called runes which were replaced by the Latin Alphabet by the 9th century.
2. The true king will bring prosperity by implementing a full Brexit, making England fully economically independent and not burdened by European Union regulations. There will also be economic protectionism in foreign trade to protect England's industries. There will be an end to usury since usury was illegal in medieval England. And as I said, there will be an end to open borders to stop Muslims from bringing in terrorism and sharia law, and England's demographic will be saved through traditional family values, and the encouragement of procreation.

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Jacob Harrison #fundie

@Senior Lexmechanic

The Iroquois, Algonquin, Cherokee, and Creek would like to have a word with you.

The fact that you no longer believe in Catholicism but still want to force adherence to it on others isn't surprising, given that you want to reinstate the monarchy in a country you have no intention to live in. To speak honestly: your obsession speaks of a disordered state of mind. Have you ever been diagnosed with autism? Because your monomaniacal obsession with the "correct" way England should be reminds me of an autistic person's "special interests".

But the English colonists were the first to bring advanced civilization to the region. And I already explained the reason why I want to restore the true heir to the English throne. I have English ancestry, my dad has a British sports car, and America is culturally, an Anglo Saxon nation.
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Jacob Harrison #fundie


Here's the problem. You seem to expect people would just go 'oh, okay. Well if the law says so, we must obey'. Even if your choice of puppet was enstated, parliament isn't going to just accept it. Even if parliament was forced guns-to-head to dissolve themselves for good, the people would just take the fight to the palace. The English are not adverse to killing their own royals if need be. More likely, your puppet would be every bit the useless, powerless national pet that royals have been for centuries now.

I very much enjoyed this telling depiction of your personally perfected England, though. Really shows everything there is to know about you.

As I said before, my secret society will infiltrate parliament and then pass an act that will change the monarchy and give the true king absolute power. So it will be done by legal means.
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Jacob Harrison #fundie


What major changes specifically, though? What new laws will be passed? How will the world at large change?

Well, since England was traditionally Catholic, the Church of England will be forced to rejoin the Catholic Church(I am an ex Catholic but Catholicism is still part of England’s cultural heritage).

Scotland will be made into a vassal kingdom with the heir to the House of Balliol restored to Scotland’s throne, since it was separate from England during the rule of Richard II.

The death penalty will be restored for mass murderers, and those who commit high treason(trying to overthrow the government). Traditionally, traitors were publically beheaded and their heads were put on pikes and publically displayed for a while.

Abortion will be made illegal except in cases where the mother’s life is in danger(which is extremely rare).

There will be a return of anti blasphemy laws against the Christian God because even though I am not sure he exists, he was the God that was traditionally worshipped.

There will be an end to open borders, to stop Muslims from immigrating to England and the Muslims living in England will have to either assimilate into western culture or get deported.

Traditional family values will be promoted because the family unit is a core function in traditional society and procreation will help save the native English demographic. Because of that, the institution of marriage will be between one man and one woman, and there will no longer be divorce. In the case of abusive spouses, there will be a legal separation that will be very much like divorce, but the separated spouses will still be considered married, unless an annulment is granted.

Since Richard II’s succession system was based on Salic law, the national anthem will be called God Save the King. The lyrics will also be revised to emphasize that the King will rule, not just reign.

God save our gracious King!

Long live our noble King!

God save the King!

Send him victorious,

Happy and glorious,

Long to rule over us:

God save the King!

O Lord our God arise,

Scatter his enemies,

And make them fall:

Help them get defeated,

Their charges to be read,

Then they be beheaded:

God save us all.

Thy choicest gifts in store,

On him be pleased to pour;

Long may he rule:

May he defend our laws,

And ever give us cause,

To sing with heart and voice,

God save the King!

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Snuckening #racist

Reminder that NATIVE British people are 100 per cent BLACK BULLS. In fact Africans are a little mixed with whites due to the fact they have a land border with the wh*tes whereas we are detached from Eurasia so we kept our 100 per cent BLACK BULL bloodline

This is why we voted Brexit. We have too many white immigrants from the EU. It would be ideal if we had no immigration to keep the BLACK bloodline pure, but that is economically impossible. African Blacks who are at least 70 per cent BLACK like are more similar to a pure Anglo Saxon who is 100 per cent BLACK, than a 0 per cent BLACK white pole. They are therefore easier to integrate into our society. This is also why we conquered Africa instead of Europe. We don't want wh*te subhumans in our country, even the mixed BLACKS of Africa are ok compared to them. So that is why the Commonwealth is almost all non-white countries who are mostly but not PURE BLACK like Canada and New Zealand.

So we voted Brexit to kick out the wh*tes so we could import more BLACK BULLS

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Jacob Harrison #fundie

The Catholic Church never declared Freemasonry to be Satanic, they just declared it to be incompatible with the Catholic Faith because it contains doctrines and rituals that contradict with the Catholic Faith. They are a different religion. Luckily the American Freemasons were far better than the European Freemasons who were direct enemies with the Catholic Church since they helped overthrow Catholic monarchies and caused the decrease in the Church's power and influence in Europe. The European Freemasons are true Satanists while the American Freemasons had Christians in their organization and they did not harm the Catholic Church in America.

There is also evidence that Freemasons infiltrated the Catholic Church and were responsible for the horrible Vatican 2 reforms.

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Yellow Yam Scam #conspiracy

Today is holocaust memorial day.

Please use this thread to pay your respects to all 200,000ish victims of the holocaust. The holocaust was a horrendous event and the largest ethnic genocide in history. It resulted in the death of about 200,000 people, which is devastating to even imagine. Adolf Hitler, by murdering 200,000 people, many of whom were Jews, committed an atrocity that must never be forgotten. The tactics used by the Nazis to eliminate the 160,000 Jews included gas chambers with wooden doors and labor camps with free food and medical care. Please take a moment to remember the 200,000. (80% of which may have been Jews, and upwards of 50% of them may have even been noncombatants.)

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BigRuler #sexist

virginity in men is like sluttiness in women - it's repulsive to the other sex.
female virigns are prized and valued while male virgins are ridiculed and shunned, just like male sluts are looked up to as winners while female sluts are seen as disgusting and trashy.
why is it this way? hard to say. probably because virginity in a man is often indicative of him being a general failure and also autistic.

i obviously have no idea how any of this translates to gays or lesbians though

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Dynastia #racist

England is a worthless hellscape of snaggletoothed subhuman island cucks and I long for the day it is removed entirely. Literally every single English person should be put into extermination camps and gassed and the lands they once lived on should be deliberately contaminated with poison or radiation so that nothing can ever inhabit them again. Fuck England.

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Y2K Baby #fundie

(In the thread "Can you be gay and be against gay marriage?")
Note: "Exceptional individual" and "exceptional" are Kiwi Farms's word filters for "retard" and "retarded," respectively.

How about mentioning the fact that the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage was unconstiutional and anyone saying that it wasn't bullshit judicial activism is a fucking exceptional individual?


You can't just not give people basic freedoms in fear that some faggots will try to take advantage of it. NAMBLA tried to take part in LGBT movements since the 90s, and pedos are still shunned by society.

Shut up, cuck.
"""""basic freedoms""""


basic human rights

Your name fits you well, kike.


Ok sure but of all the unconstitutional shit to complain about, I’m not going to choose the one that benefits a large group of people and harms nobody.

It harms states' rights. And nobody cares.

Of all the things to override democracy for, we're stooping to fucking gay marriage because some dudes couldn't be buried together. It's especially heinous because it matters so little.


Does it? I mean, would the world really be that different if that order wasn’t made?

If I was a super straight person I guess I might feel a little more scandalized, but in the rare event that I found a compatible wife, I would very much like to get married and adopt kids. My perspective is biased here.

Yes, because laws were overwritten to make it happen. It was an issue traditionally, (at the time of issuing it) recently, and consistently handled by indivdual states. (Parts of Alabama and Texas still don't have gay marriage because of the few institutions there that can validate marriages refuse to do it- wait until that's overriden too for the technicolor special interests groups.)

But fuck that, lolololol. Right side of history.


k that’s fair. I’m just an unpatriotic fag and don’t care enough lol

And that is why your kin will fall.


. They can’t singlehandedly topple democracy, I promise.

They have roasties and kikes as allies.

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Colonel J #conspiracy

All I'm saying is... why don't we have pictures of the dead children or dead Adam Lanza? We have the pictures of the Columbine victims and shooters from and that happened in the 90s. We even have the videos of the shooters walking in the school.

Why don't we have pictures of the Sandy Hook people? Who knows. Why don't we have video footage? Because conveniently that day they were down for an update.

The only time you'll see dead children in the news in when the globalists want to push their agenda like the Syrian beach boy.

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frozenrunner #fundie

How does using a transgender person's preferred pronouns fuck up someone's education? If a teacher is constantly misgendering a student then it's going to cause issues for said student. Teachers aren't there to cause students problems and have a say on someone's identity. If I work in retail I can't call a problem customer a cunt because it's against the store policy, misgendering was against the schools policy.

Who says a person is free to determine their own pronouns when it comes to something as basic as gender? Who says anyone should expect someone else use the "right" pronouns when addressing them? Who says demanding they do so is reasonable? Who says "misgendering" is even a valid concept?

With no other group of people do I have to check with each individual person before I talk to them to avoid committing a sin. So no, I'm not doing it for pushy, passive aggressive (or sometimes outright aggressive... very feminine, by the way) trannies no matter how miserable they claim it makes them. It is not the purpose of pronouns to help reinforce someone's self-image or their sense of identity. It never has been the purpose, and it's not going to become the purpose because a bunch of outliers with unusual conditions (and their self-righteous "allies") want it. Fuck that. And fuck trying to force it on society by forcing public servants to do it.

And if they just can't accept that, they can follow through on their constant self-pitying claims of abject misery and kill themselves. If it will stop them from constantly making everyone else's lives miserable, and if it will mean nobody's speech is being compelled, then the world wins out on that bargain. There are so few of them damn near nobody will notice if they're gone. They need to recognize that.

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Dynastia #sexist

Men with anime women as avatars should be put on a list by the government and then the government should come to their houses and order them to 'come with us to answer some questions it will only take twenty minutes' and then instead of taking them somewhere to ask them some questions they put them on a train to a black site facility in Ohio and direct them into small hermetically sealed rooms and mass murder them with poison gas and I don't particularly care if the gas is all that poisonous they could use carbon monoxide or chloramine or even just wood smoke I don't even give a shit as long as the job gets done because men with anime women as avatars aren't really even men anymore and the world would be better off without them in it.

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Dee Price #sexist

You do need to know even though i think men are cute i think they are also crude perverted and disgusting But i do understand why. It comes with studying neuroscience. Same reason i know i am a female, gives women a good hint why men seem to be so obsessed with sex.

Think this two sexes two genders.... they are attached and for good reason. men have to think one way and women another. It is what makes them compatible in a way. it is women are good at doing many task... Men well they concentrate on one thing at a time and really there is a key to how to tell a real transsexual from the fake.

it is the wiring. and everything is set to assist in life and the continuance of the species. evolutionary mental development. all of the emotions locked in the limbic system along with a lot of autonomic basic body functions and a slew of very emotional clusters all jumbled up in a complicated mess of control of body and senses all tied in to the emotional section of our brain. this complicated mess all projects this to the pre frontal cortex that then talks to the frontal cortex that tries to rationalize a response and decide what to do and the amygdala should do. the hippocampus is looking up what we did last time. and all the clusters are firing and well the women are screaming the men are making aggressive postures. and the place is all an uproar. the women gather the kids and the men are fighting the threat. and on and on it goes. attraction and sex and on it goes each one doing their job to keep us alive. as time goes on the mind is built to compliment the struggle to live and prosper.

sex gender connected and made by brain evolution gender of the brain is brain sex.. designed to make man and woman compatible in more than sex but in every social event....

You males have a BSTc twice the size of a females regardless if you are gay or straight.

Now this spot is where sexual thought is generated of identity... it makes your thought pattern this is where men really show why.

Women's is a small grey spot with tiny little black dots. those black dots are neural fibers that go to important places in the brain regarding sexual thought.

Men's is a spot twice that size and looks like a giant bottle of ink was spilled out.

Now that is why you chase women around and get really jealous and then get stupid and the both of you start to fight and that is cute and all but kind of brutish. but that is why you males are perverted leg humping horn dogs. that beat each other senseless over a girl.

on the other hand some of you get to be really possessive and jealous and you start to beat on her and you talk all sick shit about how she is causing it. which brings me to Frank. and i thought there is no way. Lucy asked me to see what was taking so long. and i told her he was standing over near the driveway looking in the dirt. she said he was going to come in and say it. He did. every word. I saw the tire tracks outside who have you been fucking today.
Now why do men do that. it is not like a woman is looking to do everyone and well better not go out on her if you catch something she knows it is you that caught it. Because a woman she is not going to go out catch something she better not get something from you.

that is just how it works. So do know there is a very big difference and well men and women do not think the same and that is why you men act up when a group of women start talking and you are doing something like watching TV.
Or in Franks case yelling at me about listening to a song while i was talking to Lucy and watching the kids and the TV was on too so i was keeping track of what was going on the show. And when i stopped him from yelling well that was sick but typical male bullshit TMBS. But i had to tell him he was getting on my nerves yelling at me.
I don't think like you frank and then i told him what the song was saying and what was on the TV what Lucy and i were talking about and where his kids ran off too.
Why you men do not get we task a lot of things at once is beyond me. but yea he thought no one could do that. I had to tell him no half the world does that. We do that females. that is why i said i think like a female well i pointed to Lucy and said because i think like her.

Which Lucy knew she knew before i started to transition and she told me in 1994 i acted and seemed to be more of a female than male. So i told her and all about frank and his ilk. She said why didn't you warn me and i i said 3 weeks of meeting...... Yea and i come up and tell you that Frank is a psychotic pervert with a deviant sexual obsessions and it gets worse. No then she tells frank and i have to deal with him and well men are stronger you have to really be careful. And he rolled 55 gallon drums around no thanks i do not feel like being brutalized.

and i knew a whole lot about his perversions 1991 i found out he was a chaser. yea pro op porn ilk and a lot of it. and you are sitting there thinking why me....why do i have to be the bassist for a psychotic pervert that has a sexual obsession with pre op trans girls.
that is why after i kind of got upset and told him he was on top of me hissing about i was a turn on to him.
all i wanted to do is throw up. ilky sick nasty.

So there you go.... and to make it clear Transsexuals do not do it to be with men.....It is so we can look in a mirror after we get out of the bath or shower and not feel like throwing up at the sight of that ugliness.
that is why i call it "Ugly in the Mirror" looking at someone that you know is not you.

it is a nightmare no one want to have to endure for a lifetime. all the childhood please let me wake up a girl or not wake up at all....all to wake up and there is that face in the mirror and your life is a ruined mess.... stuck in a body that is not you and you have no clue how you are going to fix it. all you know then is that you are not a boy and they keep beating you and screaming you are a boy......

Who in the hell would want to live that life. NO ONE.

[Another user tells Dee to focus on her three year old instead of arguing on the internet]
she is right behind me right now asshole watching TV and if she needs she comes ask and i get what she needs. So asshole i am watching my 3 year old as i tell your stupid ass off.

see poor mr one task can not get women can DO BOTH AT THE SAME TIME AND A LOT MORE.
Oh god you men are so stupid. if you listen to us and not act like everything we say goes out the other side of your head.


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Dee Price #fundie

[they want to drag every detractor and critic to secret labor camps]

oh i will it will not be sued as much as controlled
You do not get it you are not free. they come you will go or you will not breathe they are not friendly and they do not care. tehy even made a movie about them and you had no clue what they really are or do.

But do know you do not listen no one will ever know you are missing because there will be no one that knew you left. as a kid i loved having them babysitting me. we got to play in object 2. it was intact all it did is blow the ports out. they would not let us touch any controls but we got to play in it.

it is so funny to think you are free. i am not talking about dragging then to court. i am talking about dragging them off and working them till they die in a camp......... the ones you do not really know about.

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Dee Price #fundie

[Dee believes her free speech rights are being violated by people telling her it's not ok to send death threats]

not to mention i am not going to let yo slobber over a fight you only know one side of and a very slanted side that has no clue about the reality that they are not following a transsexual but a GNC that attacks transsexual. So let me see non of you are really trans...... and have no clue 99,98% of the trans community hates him.
You all transsexual peoples stories are the same... different outcomes but that story is always the same.
But i was shamed and i hid to keep this from my family because of this ...... it goes on how some overcompensated and did this...others tried to kill themselves and spent a lot of time i was told something wonderful and my depression was gone i was happy....that turned into anger at my family when they got in my way.

Now i am me again i am happily taking care of my grandchild. but i will not let some SJW take it back away nor will i let a shemale attack my kid sisters. or me. and really what would you do after attacks that lasted a year plus and you finally really go off on them. i gave them plenty of time and enough messages that he brought it on himself.

And you can say what you want here but you will not stifle my rights to defend myself against him in any way that is merited You protect yourself from that mass any way you can.

you will never take my freedom to say and do what i want in a fight online or in person. I have the right to say what the fuck i want. do you get me you simple mined trolls.

do you understand by placing this on the internet gives me the right to defend myself against you pinheads
against the oppression of my first amendment right to freedom of speech regardless what i say or to whom when defending myself and i feel that my words are deemed you have no right to say anything about it.

See you are the morons trying to stifle the freedom of speech now.
That makes you as bad as the SJW

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Dee Price #racist

[Dee expressing why she doesn't like black men]

You are a fool do you know what color of skin in trans dies the most. BLACK. 6 to 1.. for every white trans girl that dies 6 black trans girls will die. the black male is the most dangerous to trans girls and that is coming from the black trans girls.. Believe me She is a trip the main one that talked about it a lot she took a lot of her stuff down, but she has been around for a long time telling off black men about the way they treat trans girls. but it is not just black all colors kill trans girls. with the Asians being the least likely. Hispanics also do not seem to mind killing trans girls in some countries but in others are way less violent. But definitely there is a problem with the black girls suffering so horrifically..

There is really no excuse for all the deaths. But you seem to love to support a bigot pandering gay male over real trans anyways so why are you even worried about a trans woman fighting with a shemale

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Dee Price #conspiracy

Oh you piss with me and even though you are comical and annoying the admins opened it up so i feel i should open a work resort for them where they can work endlessly for the USA for free..... until they drop dead from being overworked.
You know it is funny how little you really know..... even with proof staring you in the face. 60 years later you are all still clueless.... give you a hint..... Honolulu the 50's all the power went out all the batteries were fried power plant radio stations all electrical fried...... WE DID IT...... Bread Basket Test..... nuclear EMP something we had to explain from the Enola Gay.

So we bomb our own cities do you really think we care about legalities? NO we just send the men and you go or you die. no other choices and when you die EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR FAMILY DIES even if only a day old.
OK so it will not be some you go to court to pay me for liable as much as move get in the cage do as you are told or well we will make sure you no longer exist and that is the entire family line....... think New Mexico late 40's

You really are clueless who we are Put it this way i told cantwell off the FBI called and he had doxxed my family but it was the main house. i told them about it and told them to be careful do not look too deep or you will get a visitor........ the wanted to know why.
I gave them a reply 1966 to 1976 Wright Patterson AFB.
All he said We understand. You see you are not free you belong to us..... and we do not give a shit about you. to us you are no more than animals to be used as we see fit. and if you die who gives a shit.

So stop thinking you are so important you are noting to us. and i am one of them i am Their product stupids. MADE TO BE BETTER SMARTER MORE AGGRESSIVE to SURVIVE BETTER AND TO OVERCOME ANYTHING IN MY WAY..... I AM MK

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Dee Price #sexist

I DO NOT HATE. But i do not allow some homo to attack me and just lay down and not attack back.

And there are two fake trans i have caught And one of my friends well she was here to see one of them show himself.

You see there is something women know men do when more than one of us are around and talking.

You males can not take us talking and you have a word for it. and you act up so badly.

So we can tell who is whom. it is easy get a trans in a room full of born females and watch. it will go two ways. she is a female and fits in or they are a fake and can not take it and shows they are male.

It is that easy.

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Secret Asshole #conspiracy

1984 except Eurasia is patriarchy, white men and rape culture. The government censors freedom of speech because feelings are worth more than facts, and anything that goes against the government's narrative is labeled as propaganda from Eurasia. People are encouraged to report on each other for thought crimes and are awarded social status for it. Major companies work with the government and censor because the populace is too gullible for thoughts against the mainstream and they need to be manipulated. surveillance apparatus are built into every device the people use, allowing for the government to monitor its citizens 24 hours a day. Public messages over the intranet that offends someone or hurts their feelings is met with prison by the thought police, no matter the context. White people are guilty of everything, while other races and nationalities are allowed to do whatever they want, unless they go against the government's narrative, then they are labeled as white and subject to everything that white people are. They are free to be hated and mocked. One minute hate is eternal, and everything is encouraged to be exposed. One minute hate is a constant, dopamine release to its citizens, finding anything and everything wrong, so that entertainment, news and the media can be pure and free of hurt feelings, patriarchy, rape culture and misogyny. The upper classes laugh and manipulate everyone, free of criticism because corporations are worshiped as gods and consumption reigns. The corporations and the oligarchy have destroyed religion, replacing it with the cult of outrage and one minute hate, making it as the opiate of the people. Those who retain their faith are mocked and shouted down, except if their faith is that of the crescent, because an oppressed religion is needed for the narrative. The oligarchy drain the wages of the people, ensuring massive debt and poverty among them. But the propaganda persists and the people ignore this for their eternal one minute hate and the war with Eurasia.

Wilson is a university professor who thinks for himself and tries to encourage critical thought. A female black trans student is offended by this and reports him for rape. He is dragged in front of a kangaroo court, not allowed a lawyer, to present evidence, or to speak. He is accused, not allowed to refute anything, while the crying victim can't remember anything or keep their story straight. Wilson has an air-tight alibi but is not allowed to present it. As a result, he loses his job at the university. No one else will hire him. He hasn't been convicted by the police, but everyone recognizes him as a rapist. He bears 'the mark'. Eventually, no one will hire him as citizens constantly report him to his employers, rewarded with the euphoria of righteousness. Eventually Wilson ends up homeless. The movie ends with Wilson overdosing on heroin to kill himself, while a news story is scrubbed. Its about the incredibly high suicide rate and homelessness among white men. Its replaced with a story about if hoop earrings worn by white women is cultural appropriation.

Oh wait, that's reality. Sorry, I got confused.

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Rainbow_Frag #sexist

Metal Gear is just filled with tons of pointless bullshit drama and bits of female-supremacy faggotry. Another reasons why all women should just no exist and why Asians shouldn't be allowed to make games. Stop wasting your money and giving attention to this piece of shit franchise.

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Rainbow_Frag #sexist

Only the ones with Drake in them are Uncharted games. Not that give-me-attention female bullshit. They REALLY went super ultra mega exceptional individual when they made that utter shit game. Women shouldn't be in any games or movies. They are just annoying pieces of useless shit.

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Save the Loli #conspiracy

But the Satanic Panic had no powerful lobbies behind it, just certain segments of the Religious Right and fundies. And most of these people believed the best way to fight the Satanic cults and demons they thought were everywhere was the power of prayer (plus occasionally burning some heavy metal albums and D&D books).

Meanwhile the tranny lobby is being backed by pharmaceutical companies as well as the gay rights movement, which is now focusing extensively on trannies, often to the detriment of the LGB part of LGBT. Investors and billionaires invested in pharma and the civil rights industry, like George Soros (check his investment in pharma), have been extensively involved in astroturfing the tranny movement. They back all these studies that talk about how great the hormones are for treating gender dysphoria, which is about as unbiased and scientific as when the tobacco industry claimed that smoking cigarettes was harmless.

Given these financial interests, this shit isn't going away until people who have been irreversibly harmed by the hormones, puberty blockers, etc. sue the fuck out of Big Pharma. But look how well Big Pharma has fought off serious class action lawsuits in the past. There will be some nice settlements, guaranteed, but there won't nearly be enough restitution for the child victims of the transgender movement. The money pharma, investors like Soros, etc. will have made off drug sales will be insane compared to the money they'll spend on legal issues.

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Save the Loli #racist

I'm pretty sure all the sane Palestinians fucked off to Egypt, Jordan, or some other shithole decades ago. The only Palestinians around nowadays are a bunch of crazies who hate Israel either because they are honest to god Islamofascists (who claim to be socialists like Yasser Arafat) or because they're psycho fundie Muslims (Hamas). The entire Palestinian nation exists to fight Israel every step of the way, that's why Mickey Mouse in Palestine teaches kids to blow themselves up in the fight against the Jews, and why they have little kids throw rocks at Israeli soldiers. They're straight up animals.

Not that Israel is much better. They like to present themselves as secular and shit, but the amount of secular Israelis is declining fast since their birth rate is shit compared to the ultra-Orthodox Jews. Funny enough, these Jews have pretty similar beliefs to Muslims. You know, oppressing women, tossing gays off buildings (like the Book of Leviticus commands), and killing anyone who disagrees with them (like Baruch Goldstein). These Jews are the future of Israel. Enjoy getting flogged for eating a ham sandwich while visiting Israel.

Give it fifty years, and there won't be anything distinguishing Israel from her neighbors other than Israelis scream "oy vey" instead of "Allahu Akbar". But I'm an optimist, so let's hope in fifty years that the sandniggers turn into glassniggers once Israel, Pakistan, Iran, and whoever else start flinging nukes around.

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Save the Loli #conspiracy

These Jewish bankers help form part of the global elite (i.e. George Soros), but there's people of all races and religions involved. Beyond all else, they're interested in perpetuating their system of global domination--neoliberal capitalism (which the Jews played a role in creating, although so did the Dutch, English, and others). They do this by using anything they can to divide society, be it racism (Jim Crow, modern day BLM vs alt-right, etc.), flooding our countries with poor immigrants/"refugees", promoting identity politics (this is where modern feminism, transgenderism, etc. come from), promoting religious fundamentalism (be it Islamic, Christian, whatever), and anything they can do to divide us and prevent us from fixing their shitty system. They'll even promote their ideological enemies like communism, since they know that communism is a failed alternative to their system, yet is useful for both dividing the people and drawing away their potential opposition from devising new solutions.

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Maxliam #fundie

Gays are disgusting to begin with. Anyone who wants to stick his dick in another dude is already kinda fucked up in the head. To quote DMX, "how you gonna explain fuckin' a man? Even if we squash the beef I ain't touchin' yo hand!"

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various Kiwis #fundie

WhatNemesisMeans: The faggots over at fstdt are getting triggered by this thread.

hoodLOLCOW: >triggered by a @Doc Cassidy shit thread


Doc Cassidy: It's about time those fags bitched about me. It's long overdue and I've been kind of offended that they were ignoring me.

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Doc Cassidy #racist

(in the topic 'What makes a piece of media "sjw"?')

Anything that features non-whites or homosexuals in any capacity except as criminals or the butt of a joke.

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Rekkington #fundie

Kind of, but not really. That's the lie that the left is telling itself now. It's not that people actually believe in the things Trump ran on, it's that Hillary was just a bad gamble and all they need is the exact same rhetoric in a cooler package. That's what they believe: Hillary wasn't cool or charismatic enough. Nevermind that Trump spergs on Twitter and says dumb shit and his supporters don't care.

Because Trump supporters don't need him to be cool, and carry hot sauce in his pocket, and have Ellen on his side. To this day, the left still grapples with this. Every time they call him fat, or has weird hair, or he's orange, they think anybody gives a shit because that's what they care about. Trust me, I live in Canada and last time we elected a leftist haircut with a landslide.

Yes Hillary fucked everything up by being lazy, but the reason the left will continue to lose is they refuse to admit that a sizable percentage of America does not like the anti-white rhetoric, all the tranny normalization, the acceptance of illegal immigrants, among other things. They actually, genuinely liked the things Trump had to say and what he represented. Until the left is willing top acknowledge this, they will drift further and further into some baffling gated-community daydream.

Why did Trump sweep through the Republicans? The same reason Maxime Bernier is sweeping up support from the Conservative Party: conservatives have become Slow Liberals, just agreeing to the movement 5 years later. They have no spine. People old enough to notice this are looking for anything that resembles pushback.
This is what may very well get Trump a second term. Who was the wunderkind they just tested out and ran across all the headlines and talk shows? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. A borderline exceptional Puerto-Rican socialist who retweets rappers. There's no evidence I can see that they will not continue down this road.

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WhatNemesisMeans #fundie

Homosexuals are objectively utter degenerates, what kind of self-respecting individuals would spend hours dancing half-naked in the streets with feathers shoved up their asses for all to see ? Seriously the fact that they somehow got an entire month dedicated to showcasing their repulsiveness is simply revolting. They're angry because their degenerate lifestyle results in them getting AIDS and they take out their frustration on defenseless kids.

Honestly just gas them all. There's probably a negligible percentage of homosexuals who are neither degenerates nor pedos but you're bound to take like 95% of the child molesters with them. It's a risk worth taking.

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Robot Teapot #fundie

The LGBTetc community are mostly utter sexual degenerates. Paedophiles are utter sexual degenerates.

It's not complicated. Keep your children away from ALL of them.

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Doc Cassidy #fundie

Statistically speaking you're right. Despite homosexuals accounting for a very small percentage of the population they are responsible for nearly all child rapes. Basic math says that all homosexuals would have to be child molesters to account for the number of rapes and molestations they commit.

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Doc Cassidy #fundie

It's well known that homosexuals disproportionately molest children. Although I can't be bothered to look up the exact stats boys are sexually abused at a similar rate as girls despite homosexual men only being around 1.5% of the population at most. However, I believe that all child molesters are homosexual, even the ones that molest girls. Let me explain why.

When a boy enters puberty he goes through mild changes. His voice deepens, his shoulders widen, and he grows denser body hair. The changes in a girl however are drastic!

The most noticeable is the development of breasts, something essential to heterosexual attraction. She develops curves, the hips widen, the thighs thicken. She becomes a woman and looks nothing like the child she was before. These are called "secondary sex characteristics". It's practically a metamorphosis, these changes make the woman completely unlike the child she was before and it's specifically these differences that a straight man are interested in.

A girl's body holds no appeal to straight men; but what kind of man would be interested in someone with a flat chest and no hips or thighs? You guessed it, a homosexual man. Obviously the men that molest boys are homosexual but the men that abuse girls are simply closeted homosexuals that target girls so they can lie to themselves and say they're straight. Despite the fact that a busty and curvy body holds no appeal to them they're too ashamed to admit they're homosexual.

If there are any scientists on this site I would recommend looking into this.

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GaryPotter #sexist

That's how trannies in general are. They're invariably self-hating losers who have nothing going on in their lives so they imagine transitioning as a way to reinvent themselves. They also have to imagine persecution because in reality nobody gives a shit about them.

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Dogs can't look up #sexist

There's probably better ways to break someone's feefees than outright physical assault.

Employ a longterm villainous plan to bankrupt them. Then, when they are at their most destitute, proffer your penis as a way to suck themselves into a meal they desperately need. Requiem for a Dream that whore.

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mate #sexist

Am I a rapist?

Earlier this year I went back to a city I used to live and work in in my early twenties. I hung out with my old friends and went to some of the bars we used to go to. Whilst I was in one of these bars I bumped into a girl that I had history with and suddenly, the moment I saw her, I remembered that by #MeToo standards I had probably raped her. She didn't seem mad or bring it up or anything, we actually talked all night and had a cool time. She had been hot before but she's even hotter now. She's put on weight in a good way, I've put on weight in a bad way, so unfortunately nothing happened.

Anyway this is what happened with her in the old days when I lived in that city.

Her and I worked for the same company but in different branches. The young people from all the (4) branches in the city used to generally get together and have a good time (get hammered) a lot. There was a lot of shenanigans. Anyway, she developed a reputation for getting blackout drunk and shagging random guys, including one of my best friends. It was a very, VERY well deserved reputation. She also told everyone that she was in love with me and would frequently fling herself at me. If we were in a club she would basically molest me, if I got with another girl she would cry, even though we had no past at that time and actually she didn't know me well at all. At the time I was in much better shape than I am now and I was not averse to the odd bit of rumpy-pumpy so people who knew me and her casually had no idea why I wouldn't shag this girl, as she was hot. Everyone that knew her well knew exactly why I wouldn't. She was the village bike.

Anyway one night we were all out, she was trying to get with me as usual, and the girl I had hoped was going to join us cancelled. So I thought, 'fuck it' and took the drunk girl who was apparently in love with me home. We got back to my apartment and we started shagging. She was incredibly drunk and went to sleep half way through. I continued anyway.

I don't feel guilty as I know she was super keen on me, tried to shag me constantly and slept like a starfish, taking up all of the bed.

When I saw her earlier this year she looked even hotter than before (and I have to admit she was hot before, she just repulsed me because of her behaviour) and had calmed down a lot, everyone says she is like a different person. Cruelly, I'm fat and balding now and shes no longer interested.


Am I a rapist?

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Secret Asshole #fundie

The problem is more complex than 'private corporations can do what they want'. When you get banned from every major platform for nebulous reasons or poor reasons at all, it begs the question if you can get your message out. To people. There are no current notable competitors to YouTube, Apple and Facebook. Or sound cloud and spotify. There was also an agreement that they would never allow what happened with 2018 to happen again, which means purging voices from their platforms.

It also calls into question whether these are platforms or publishers. If they're a platform, they're not responsible for user content. If they're a publisher, then they are legally liable. Can you even speak if all major platforms for it bar you from it? How will you build an audience?

There were also videos that called into question the nature of 'private'. Many of these companies were started with public money and tax breaks, as well as technology developed by the US military (GPS and the internet itself). So can they really be private?

Also this was a business decision as well as political. Alex fucking Jones was kicking the ever loving shit out of CNN and MSNBC. When a man that is mostly treated as a joke is beating your friends, it is very embarrassing. Especially to YouTube, whose dumb cunt CEO thinks they can replace TV. So they booted him. The question is will they continue to purge right wing voices or not? Especially if it benefits your business.

Also, will they just stop there? What about payment processors? What about web hosts or essential services like Cloudflare? Most, if not all, these businesses are leftist owned, far leftist. All are private companies and can defacto ban you from the net entirely. Is that ok justification for banning you for your opinion?

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Doc Cassidy, Ruin #racist

Doc Cassidy: Ah, he's black, that explains things. He probably did rape her.

Ruin: Are you saying niggers are so good at rape they can successfully rape even while being crippled and retarded?
And white supremacists think they're superior beings.

Doc Cassidy: Bix Noods excel at rape and are without a doubt the greatest rapists in the world, even better than the Muslim race. Nothing can stop a nig from raping not even being crippled and retarded. If superiority is defined by ability to rape then the blacks are clearly the master race.
If superiority is defined by the ability to share ice cream cones with a dog however than whitey is obviously superior.

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Secret Asshole #sexist

[On "theybies"]

Dr. John Money tried this with an infant who lost his penis in a circumcision accident. He was raised a girl from birth, but surprise surprise he always knew he was male instinctively. All this is going to do is make parents realize they cant make their babies trans or gay through conditioning so they can virtue signal.

This is going to result in a whole generation hating their parents. The amount of millenial parents being put into homes by their kids and ignored for the rest of their and, miserable lives is going to be astronomically high. Reality doesn't give a fuck about fake shit like intersectionality. We're going to see a rebellion unheard of. These kids are going to RIP apart their parents progressive ideals because of mistreatment like this.

You've got parents forcibly making their sons playing with barbies and taking away male toys, pushing their girls towards science when they hate it, admonishing girls because they want to be a princess and have a knight save them. Kids aren't allowed to be kids anymore. They're a virtue signaling accessory.

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mrdk_04 #racist

[paragraph breaks added for ease of reading]

Jesus fuck you people are evil. Fuck off with that suicide-shaming bullshit. It's not the fucking victim's fault.

I get really pissed off when people like Shrimpy refuse to lay any kind of responsiblity at the victim's feet.

As you mature and meet more people throughout life, you will come across absolute wastes of human space, the kind of people whose demise would only change the world for the better, whose only goal in life is to spread misery to others (subconsciously or not). Others you simply can't get along with, as they're not your cup of tea.

Normal people steel their minds and take precautions to prevent things from escalating in such situations.

When a grown women gets harassed or raped and she has the tendency to go out alone, wear high heels and talk to strangers easily, maybe she should adjust her behavior. Or would he say that's also victim-blaming?

!Segway into the Jewish Question!
When the Jewish people have a history of being persecuted by multiple nations and cultures across the globe

(Nazis, Commies, Spain, France, Austria, blamed for the black death, the crusades, blamed for Jesus' death, the Damascus affair, Palestines, the entire Middle East and even during apartheid-era South Africa) often being used as scapegoats for the current crisis, blamed for ancient history or just false causality between the sheer overrepresentation of Jews in the financial and intellectual upper class and their relatively small amount of people; perhaps they should look inward and take preventative measures to prevent such atrocities from happening.

Oh wait, they just turned the entire Middle East against them by colonising Palestine on the grounds of ancient history, to the point their constant paranoia is evident in every single Israeli newspaper and they have to ask the US to pay off Egypt just so they wouldn't have conflict on all fronts.

Even better: they recently enacted a nation-state law that is supposed to validate their existence as a country even more. At this point, no amount of goodwill is going to prevent the Jews from being expunged from their home country once more, they pissed of their neighbours far too much for that.


What did Shrimps say again to that one suicidal person on Twitter? Oh yeah: "We can die together".

How nice of you to offer someone a viable alternative to suicide.

Truly, Shrimps is a good person, a TRUE and HONEST ally.

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ZippyZoopa #sexist

[Context: Infamous Lolcow ADF/Isabel Araujo/Ahuviya Harel/Phil apparently got SRS surgery, this is in a KF thread about a picture of the results 7 weeks post-op. A few other posters show some ignorance, but this guy was the most fundie about it]

Why in society have we come to accept instead of helping people with body dis-morphia through mental stability, instead we give in to these unnatural desires to mutilate their genitals? What is this madness?

[on the next page]
Are you telling me that turning your dick inside out into your guts is not the most natural sounding vagina? What are you a Nazi?

[now a couple pages later a user called NoFeline Says]
Isn't Phil's made out of a piece of his colon? Yeah. Despite how nasty that sounds, it's much less of a horror show than inverting the penis...and the botch-jobs on that are much, much worse.

[To which our fundie says]
Are you so desentizied or "tolerant" that you find inverted your penis and mutilating it NOT botching your fucking body?

[bananaliquerelips says]
unpopular opinion (I guess) but its an okay vagina for a fake one. At first glance it doesn't appear abnormal. upon further inspection, sure, but once anyone gets to 4th base if thats not what they're expecting then they're deluded.

it does look smelly though. douche daily is my advice.

[Zippy responds]
How about not mutilating your genitals because of a mental illness? How about that?

[User Ginger Piglet quotes Zippy]
For people who are TRUE AND HONEST trans, i.e. not Phil, and suffer from actual gender dysphoria, this is the treatment for that illness. However because of its very nature (viz. this thread), that's why they have piles of "gatekeeping" in front of it.

[Zippy posts again]
The treatment is to lead to life that most likely will make your mental state worse than before, look I was liberal and "free-thinking" like you once, but it's common sense that this is in their head. They are the sex they are born with and that will never change.

[GP again]
If you are Phil, or one of the many other transtrenders we cover, yes. However. The trans people that actually put the effort in to pass and go through all the steps and so forth are generally fairly well adjusted.

Basically, if you want to gauge how truly and honestly trans someone is, think about this - how quickly can I clock them? The shorter a time it takes, the more likely they are to screech at some quack until he wolverine-claws a segment out their groin.

[ZZ again, getting more agitated]
You people are insane, you have given these mentally ill people the go through to fuck up their lives forever because you think sex is a social construct. Will someone just nuke the Western world already?

[A moderator named Ravenor shows up, quoting Piglet]
There is also the Kiwi Statistic, we have a disproportionate number of Transpeople involved in the forums who are active and respected members of the community we don't hate transpeople far from it, we just have a distate for people using being Trans as an excuse for doing a runner from responsibility or accountability.

[ZZ again, this time getting sassy with the mod]
Kiwifarms has a disproportionate amount of crazy people? Who woulda thunk?

But yeah to state for the record I don't "hate" trannies, I just think they are insane and they created this disgusting degenerate culture that has even poisoned children. That you can just be whatever sex you want because there was that one time you put on a dress, or you play with boys toys. I hope they get actual help instead of these horrible procedures.

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various kiwifarms commenters #fundie

[Note: Kiwifarmers reacting to the Leicester square metro incident.]

Gang of women repeatedly stamp on man's head in 2am brawl at Leicester Square underground station

These are low effort troons, the news reports all just say "women" though.
I think the blonde one is same person that punched a grandma at speakers corner. Names are not released so far.

(Cod of War)
He probably didn't use their pronouns.

I'm gonna call it, there is going to be a wave of "women" committing crimes in the near future along with delightful articles about how violent crimes from females are on the rise and why the patriarchy is at fault and/or it's such a mystery, etc

Heh, like how women's track and field numbers have suddenly lurched upwards, after decades, perhaps centuries of relative stagnation. (Track and field events are an interesting benchmark because unlike most sports, we've actually been doing them in more or less the same form since the ancient olympics.)

Trannies are insane and violent.

If I remember correctly, the troon who attacked the old lady was homeless. That might be the "no fixed address" one.

The delicious irony, that troons are going to cause women's' crime stats to turn more violent, and the same pearl-clutching feel-good dummies who wanted them counted as women will now find themselves on the losing end of court cases, civil judgments, employment opportunities and the like since the aura of "Women are peaceful and would never do such a thing" is dead and gone since we have to count mentally unbalanced girl-dicks as women, they FEEL they are.

I wouldn't be surprised. They're savages. I'm shocked this guy wasn't injured more than he was...

Men are so fucking violent, geez

English men dressing kind of fruity and beating up random people for fun, why does that sound familiar...


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Secret Asshole #fundie

[On the proposed "Unmasking Antifa Act"]

It adds leverage to the state while weakening a terrorist group. Granted that 'terrorist group' is filled with soyboy faggots, limp wristed university liberals and weak white boys. Seriously, I've seen more black guys on the OTHER side than the ANTIFA side. If the 'fascists' have more blacks than you, you REALLY need to take a look at yourself. I've also only seen ANTIFA do any damage through cheap shots, hitting defenseless targets and shit like that.

When its open street warfare they ALWAYS get fucked. Because they don't have ANY blue collar supporters. Its not like the days of old where union riots involved bombs, lead pipes and men. Now it involves weak, lanky faggots looking to club someone in the back of the head against fucking steel workers and veterans. Its so pathetic.

The mayors that support ANTIFA and call off the cops are doing the opposition a HUGE favor, because we see how weak they are. They spout civil war, but holy shit, if they're putting that out there, the war would be quick, violent and they'd be eradicated in a second. Their enemies are holding back. They don't have a single clue what would happen if the opposition was as violent as they were. There would be bodies on the ground for sure.

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Secret Asshole #fundie

Well, it isn't like ANTIFA has a sense of irony. They truly believe they are fighting real Nazis. They honestly do not have a clue they're basically just fighting against blue collar workers, construction workers, veterans, mechanics and other people who do manual labor for a living while most of them are unemployed or living off daddy's dime.

Which is going to be a lot more expensive. I want to see this law go into affect, because these faggot mayors need to see their little pet mobs go to jail. The fact that they are terminally getting blown the fuck out every time they start shit is only icing on the cake.


Yes. Their entire ideology, the entire social justice wave is based on outdated 1960s ideology and injustices that largely do not exist anymore. They dream of being these 'freedom fighters' and 'anarchists against the man', except most people just want to better their lives, not start another civil war or restrict speech, behavior and art.

ANTIFA is a direct threat to creativity, the first amendment, the right to assemble. If it were up to me, I'd gun them down each time they showed with bean-bags, rubber bullets and rubber pellet launching grenades. They're fascist cunts and posers and seeing them get permanently injured from their larping is something we need to see more of. Because these faggots are children throwing a tantrum, and they need to be taught violence is not something you fuck around with.

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Secret Asshole #fundie

[A Kiwi Farms member finds out about one of its posts being featured on this site.]

Fucking lol, way to miss my entire point. Occupy Wallstreet's massive failure hurt all the working poor, especially your precious disabled groups (who probably don't actually work and just collect disability), Obama's massive failure hurt them and was basically a gigantic gift to the insurance companies and ensured ways that it'd be dismantled anyway. He also established the precedent of executive orders, which is now being used by Trump against them. These people are such ignorant faggots it hurts. Obama's first term wasted all of his political cred on basically an insurance giveaway and then was a complete lame duck who relied on reversible executive orders to do anything. Wow, such a great fucking president. Bitch, please.

People deserve to be publicly executed in cruel and unusual ways for words said on the internet. Got it.


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Secret Asshole #fundie

I was always ultra-liberal, exploring my religion, never being fully atheist, but exploring others for a time. I looked at paganism and Wicca even, though that was brief when I read some books. (I have to admit this because I find this hilarious, I very very very briefly considered Islam. Just know this was before 9/11 or any real Islamic Terror attacks or rape riots). I always, ALWAYS argued liberal politics with my family, who are staunchly conservative. I argued with conservatives in college, went on debates, the whole nine. Except it wasn't like today, it was amicable arguments. Where it got intense, but you were still friends, you were still family. That's what I thought being a liberal was. Argue your points, but allow for freedom of thought. I even got offended by Muslim jokes, even after 9/11. I was tolerant and shit.

When it really started to erode was the financial crisis of 2008. My family got FUCKED by it. We avoided foreclosure by the skin of our teeth because of massive job losses, but we've never fully recovered. I got caught up in the hope and the dreams of Barack Obama. 'Yeah, Obama! Take care of that corrupt Wall...Healthcare? Wait, why? What are you doing, you can fix the financial system, help the poor and want a legacy...oh.' When he went balls deep into healthcare instead of helping the economy, the cracks started to appear.

Occupy Wallstreet was when I broke. I couldn't do it anymore. 'Stick it to those big bankers! FUCK EM UP...wait, why are there hippie drums here? Disabled people? What are you talking about the police for? Queer politics...the progressive stack? WHAT THE FUCK WHO CARES, THEY ARE DEGENERATE GAMBLERS AND IN A JUST SOCIETY WE'D HANG THEM FROM LAMPOSTS YOU STUPID FAGGOTS WHAT THE FUCKAREYOUDOING.' Which lead to the Colbert show clip and one of the leaders was a rich white cunt called Ketchup. At first, I actually thought it was the FBI doing COINTELPRO. Seriously, that's not a joke. I literally could not believe the people in charge were this fucking stupid to let them go in front of a camera.

Once I realized that they were that stupid and were rich white cunts who latched on to the most important issue of our time to promote their own fringe ideologies (which would become progressivisim) and force out others, I was fucking done. Hugely fucking done. It got even worse when progressives invaded gaming and started screaming. I was still bitter about 2011 so when the country hadn't recovered and they were screaming about meaningless bullshit, I wanted to beat people with pipes.

I went more and more into shitposting on SA and then even SA got fucking worse, which only pissed off...oh, a huge amount of people. I got really bad there, before it became a core of SJWs. Hellthread I was full on shitpost mode, which I found hilarious at how mad I made the libs. At this point, I hated progressives. They represented the worst of liberals, the excesses which didn't focus on the poor or downtrodden, but on people's skin color or genitals or shit that really didn't matter. After they closed Hellthread for good, pretty much all the shitposters left SA, I went to SASS, found it too specific to SA and came here to shitpost harder.

Nothing will turn you from a liberal to whatever I am like true financial strife and it being ignored so a disabled tranny black queer autistic can speak about wheelchair ramps. I relish every time the progressives lose societal influence, I love seeing them angry and not getting their way, I love to see them get fired and all their businesses to fail. They had the chance to fix one of the most corrupt industries in the world and they cared more about the most superficial traits on people instead. They rejected the foundations of liberalism for their own narcissism and virtue signaling. I want Donald Trump for another 4 years so they continue to go insane and lose influence as people see how fucked their priorities are and what hypocrites they are. Fuck progressives. Fuck all of them.

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1864897514651 #fundie

Science should not be anything of importance to the faithful. I do not care about evolution or the movement of stars because it has nothing to do with Salvation History. Only when science is in direct contradiction to the commands of God should we care about it. The scientific regressions that gave us abortion, contraception, and euthanasia should be outed as being from the depths of Hell. Any scientific findings that are against the Law of God are of a purely evil origin.

But we will not be quizzed at our Particular Judgment on the nitrogenous bases of DNA, the three domains of life, or whether or not man evolved from a single cellular organism. These things just do not matter at the seat of judgment, and they will not matter for all of eternity.

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1864897514651 #fundie

This is the correct answer. Sodomite faggots have no aesthetic taste whatsoever, so they must emulate the world around them. They do not possess the higher executive functioning of the brain to allow themselves to form their own opinions. It is not simply that they have bad taste in aesthetics. They have no taste. Faggots will eat propaganda up if the propaganda is culturally accepted. And since we live in a culture of infant sacrifice, you cannot truly imagine the depths of depravity that these faggots will sink to. If the majority rules, then they will rally behind it. The effeminate behavior that some of them display is also just misogynist propaganda that has been eaten by the faggots. Niggers are also susceptible to propaganda due to having no aesthetic taste, but not in quite the same way.

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Secret Asshole #sexist

I think this policy arises less from leftist politics and the sheer amount of leeway women get with sexual harrasment cases. Companies don't want to pay out, so they make up these absurd rules in order to prevent this.

No matter what the left says, women are obviously abusing the climate for their own benefit and trying to get a payday and ruin people they don't like. This is what happens when you abandon due process and simply accept the word of someone else.

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Bard Watson_Miami #fundie

I've been rereading Chaos by James Gleick (Viking, 1987) the last week. He uses the expression order masquerading as randomness to simply define chaos theory. I decided today to replace apparent randomness with that in the introductory paragraph to the "7 Seals"/theories...

Everything is connected, evolves by laws of Nature, is
(w)hole40 and mathematically interwoven. There’s structure, patterns, probability, and entanglement within order masquerading as randomness (chaos theory and quantum mechanics). Every†hing has meaning in the Grand Scheme of GOD/FOD’s universes. When an idea19* is connect59/74ed to Nature, it’s logical59 & was inevitable, e.g. base 10 (10 fingers) & sacred geometry/gematria74. The spoken word is linked to the written word, which is based on its alphabet, which is phonetic, pictographic, & has a numerical order connected to the Bible30, Nature & science. There’s a human and animal collective conscious/subconscious (GOD). In this bio-anthropocentric Universe, we’re not only ‘observers who affect the experiment’, we’re participants & cocreators.
The Meaning of Life: Earth – Leave It Better Than You Found It

Synchronism: 21:07 Miami 47 Philly 47

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The Fool #fundie


Shrimpy, I know you're reading this, and I know how much you love it when people tell you to "get help", makes you feel special doesn't it? I just want to say, I'm definitely not one of those people. I actively don't want you to get help. I can picture how much stress you put yourself through every, single, day. You're fucking balding because of it. I bet you toss and turn from sheer nausea every night, knowing how impotent you are, knowing that no matter how much you scream into the void, which you do all day every day, nobody will hear you. You really fucking believe HBomb stole that slogan from you, because you have nothing else going on in your life, and even that little thing is beyond the grasp of your meaty man-hands. I relish in how much undue stress you put yourself through every day, and I hope you keep going through it every day until you die at age 50 from sheer stress and not taking care of your bloated body. Nobody loves you, and it doesn't even matter if you "deserve" love or not as you keep saying. In the end, nobody, not a single fucking soul, cares about you long-term. You even had to make a sockpuppet on twitter because you don't have a single friend! We're the closest you'll ever get to someone caring about you, and even that isn't much, because most of us kind of forget you even exist after we're done reading the thread, so we can go on to read the next thread about the next generic moron that comes our way.

Shrimpy, you're not even sad. You're nothing. No matter how much you bluff about killing yourself, you are still nothing. You don't matter, you don't even exist. Nobody pays attention to you, and they never will. You should go to bed tonight with a new thought in your head. Not anger, or rage, or frustration, but instead despair. Absolute, incomprehensible despair, knowing literally nobody on this earth even cares about you. No one loves you, no one hates you, you simply don't matter.

But I know this won't phase you, because you need attention. All people do. And since nobody loves you, at least you can pretend people hate you. Screaming into the void, saying everyone hates you and you're an innocent victim, when nobody even follows you on twitter or twitch. This is the only way you know how to cope, the only thing you have to distract yourself from the crushing loneliness. I just wanna say again, I'm a huge fan, and I fucking love thinking about you withering in the despair of absolute solitude like this. I hope it lasts.

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Vendetta #fundie

And he still won’t get laid.

But I wager full-fledged homosexuality is on the way. I’ve never known a man who remained bisexual for more than a year.

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Dank Lord #fundie

Purple is such a great color and it's really annoying that gays stole it. You're not allowed to embrace the color purple anymore without everyone thinking your gay and that's bullshit of the highest degree. Purple is a cool color and it's about time we take it back from the gays so real people can use it again.

Letting the gays deprive us of such an awesome color has gone on long enough! It's time to fight and take it back!

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Rotornabe #fundie

Psychologists and psychiatrists are not epidemiologists; they don't necessarily want to find out causes, even if they should. They want to make the world a better place, which to them usually means progressive , where findings supporting conservative or liberal viewpoints will be judged measureably differently on that basis alone. As Psychology Today notes, in psychology and social work, "there has been a good deal of resistance to evidence-based practice."

For example, when Regnerus authored a study that suggested gay parents had worse outcomes, which led to calls for the journal where he published to be boycotted and the editor to resign, there were no allegations of fraud or the like, to quote the critic's own response to his paper, "Much of the controversy surrounding the Regnerus study involves its political ramifications and questions of the propriety in the review process." and "The acceptance of this article has not only been damaging for same-sex equality, but it also shows the utility of checks and balances in the current peer review system need improving."
His paper could be quite misleading if you didn't look closely, but that is far from unique, check the data on lots of political papers psych papers and they often have far worse mistakes, see how well the conclusions match the results, or the sources actually say what they are supposed to but as long it is favorable to liberal subjects, it gets little notice, whereas Regnerus' underwent an audit and lots of scrutiny for not toeing the progessive line. Even then, they found nothing retration worthy.

These things are further polluted by psychologists, psychiatrist and other academics following in, not wanting to stigmitize certain minority groups, leading to UVA's own Dr. Haidt saying, '"They’ll embrace science whenever it supports their sacred values, but they’ll ditch it or distort it as soon as it threatens a sacred value.”

... But academics can be selective, too, as Daniel Patrick Moynihan found in 1965 when he warned about the rise of unmarried parenthood and welfare dependency among blacks — violating the taboo against criticizing victims of racism."...“Open-minded inquiry into the problems of the black family was shut down for decades, precisely the decades in which it was most urgently needed. Only in the last few years have liberal sociologists begun to acknowledge that Moynihan was right all along.”...Similarly, Larry Summers, then president of Harvard, was ostracized in 2005 for wondering publicly whether the preponderance of male professors in some top math and science departments might be due partly to the larger variance in I.Q. scores among men....“It blamed the victims rather than the powerful. The outrage ultimately led to his resignation." '

Pro-gay groups and anti-fornication conservative groups teamed up to make America think AIDS was a major heterosexual threat in the west and AIDS was not a gay disease, wasting billions on blanket awareness campaigns that could have been spent on AIDS prevention among vulnerable groups. In all these, the science and data wasn't even important enough to verify. The important thing was their ideas wouldn't progress things.

In the end this can lead to a house of cards, as it has before.

To quote the last psychiatrist blog (which goes way more into the depth of the rabbit hole of psychiatry):
"In order for this to be a science, there has to be a testable hypothesis. There isn't any of that in psychiatry. "

Example: antidepressant induced mania is the kind of testable question amenable to scientific investigation. Do they cause it, or not? ... You could do a billion studies on every drug ever made, in every description of "depression" imaginable and that would only allow you to say, "ah, I know the answer in a billion specific situations" but would still have no insights into the nature of the phenomenon.


When you give someone Paxil, you are playing the odds: this worked in 25% of the guys we gave it to in 1997. There's nothing wrong with doing this, that's what you're supposed to do; but it does not allow you to speculate on either the nature "antidepressants" or "depression."


In physics, such empty theories don't hurt anyone, and there's value in the theory itself. String theory may turn out to be wrong, but you at least are going to be really good at math. Okay.

But in psychiatry these empty questions and empty answers are still applied to social concepts as if they carried the weight of scientific validity. The question of "antidepressant induced mania" may be empty, but that doesn't stop the legal system from using it. You can't imagine the defense proposing that at the precise moment of the murder, the universe split into two equivalent eigenstates and the defendant, in this eigenstate, had been already determined to have had to have been committing the act of murder, which he already had even before he started; but that explanation carries considerably more scientific merit than the psychiatric one, by which I mean both have absolutely none at all.

Psychology is a very soft science, regardless of any access to brain scans or whatever they use to build legitimacy. They are very progressive (in a good and bad way) and are going to say what they think will put them on the right side of history, regardless of costs to scientific understanding.

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weev #sexist

Wow it's so sad someone that used to love him is sperging like a pro-censorship joyless libtard. Isn't having to leave this native country, his family and going to federal prison for bullshit trumped up charges enough?


There is only one ending these people will accept, and it goes like this:

"Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. Weev loved Hillary Clinton."

She never loved me. She loved getting defiled by me, there's a big difference. The latter turns to hate as soon as you revoke dick access. Read that screed and really ask yourself, is she engaging in honest political struggle or just angry that she isn't screaming "daddy no" while I violate her?

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Jaimas #fundie

Allow this oldfag to give it to you straight, since thankfully this is one term that nobody needs a longpost to explain:

It's the belief that existing cultures are responsible for sustaining all of society's inequalities.
It differs from conventional Marxism in that conventional Marxism argues that economic classes are responsible for said inequalities.

This belief structure is one of the sacred cows of the regressive left, alongside postmodernist theory, and suffice to say there is a big fucking drive to keep the waters on the subject as muddy as humanly possible. Many regressive leftists like arguing it's nothing more than a conspiracy theory, and with good reason - just looking at that bolded text, any Kiwi can immediately recognize that damned near every bit of internet outrage that's happened over the last five fucking years, from the Ghostbusters 2016 controversy to the fucking Autism Holy War itself have, as the core reason they even fucking happened in the first place, that core fucking point in common with one another.

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weev #sexist

I have forced myself on plenty of women and they've shown only gratitude for the experience. Emmett doubtless forced himself on no woman, but they feel sleazy about it after and so passive aggressively call him a rapist and a creep in some anonymous spreadsheet.

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weev #sexist

What's very sad is that in any century prior to the 19th her family would have just pressured her to marry young, she'd be knee deep in kids right now and a totally valuable member of her community. Instead men are jerking off to her building legos on the Internet.

The greatest tragedy of giving women rights is that they robbed themselves of all meaning and value in their lives. I really do feel immensely bad for the tragedy that has unfolded since the abolition of coverture. This poor girl is beautiful and a mockery of her self.

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1864897514651 #fundie

It has everything to do with jealousy. Chapter 5 in Paul's letter to the Galatians goes over the sins of the flesh, and these are sins that are at war with God. Envy is a very important sin to understand because narcissists are ubiquitous in this day and age, and it's through narcissism that many find themselves lost in sin. Narcissists only experience a very limited range of feelings towards humans, and these feelings are all based on pride and envy: fear, self-pity, anger, and hatred. All of the actions of those who are narcissistic can only ever be based on those four feelings. There is no purity of faith, hope, charity, or any heavenly virtue found in their actions, and narcissists will manipulate others into believing that they are of good virtue. And they succeed if they are intelligent because they enjoy deception and manipulation. However, so long as the base premises are pride and jealousy, the fruits of their actions can only procure evil.

I'll tell you right now, Western society wants to destroy the Church. We do not believe in contraception, aberrosexuality, divorce, obscenity, or other sins that the United States government so gravely wants to protect. A Catholic can no longer have a federal tax-paying job in the United States without entering mortal sin. People will tell you that there are levels of separation to sin, but that is a lie devised so incredibly well by Satan himself. Money is you. Money is humanity—the fungible proxy of man's ability to logically function through time and space. And our Lord especially rallied against sinful taxation, as we know from the second verse of chapter 23 in the Gospel of Luke. Emphasis on sinful taxation because it is possible for taxation to be moral and in accord with God's Word.

So, all truly Catholic persons are always at an immediate risk of incarceration and having their assets levied because they must evade federal taxation. This is Satan's game plan. Let's go back to jealousy now. Jealousy of faith is not something that is understood by the person experiencing the jealousy; yet, the jealous person will still feel hatred, rage, self-pity, and fear towards the faithful person that reveals the Truth to them. I can only explain this phenomenon as supernatural—of God. The Word of God tends to incite those feelings in those that have capitulated to Satan. The hatred is because they are too prideful to acknowledge that they are wrong.

The rage is because they cannot understand how someone loves them so much as to tell them the Truth. The self-pity is because they cannot even understand themselves. And the fear is because they are constantly afraid of someone discovering who they are. Narcissists are people that live in these four feelings as a result of purging themselves of love. Our government and most citizens living under our government have completely purged themselves of love, and as a result, they are at war with God—which means that they are obviously at war with faithful Catholics. Physical and spiritual war. Catholicism is a 'threat' to the oligarchs, and so they up the ante by not only making it impossible for honest Catholics to work normal jobs within the United States without entering mortal sin, but incarcerating them and levying their assets if ever the government should find out that they are evading federal taxation.

This is why base premises must be understood. It is critical to understand sin and its consequential manifestations. The Holy Bible is Truth. Not 'my truth', not 'your truth'. It is Truth, the only Truth. I really need to take the time to explain the origins of evil because a lot of what I'm telling you right now cannot be understood completely without understanding evil itself. These consequences of our criminal government are just manifestations of evil. I think I might have touched this topic just a little when I explained the logic for the jealous person's feelings.

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Wednesday #racist

No I'm generalising. Like if I say gooks are good at math obviously I don't mean ALL gooks. Do you think the African nigger IQ of 70 is mostly because of genetics and IQ70 can reasonably be described as stupid?

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Real Mayun #fundie

The sad thing about it is that most trans timelines are predictable. Neutral-looking guy makes ugly woman.

Ugly guy becomes 50-year-old creep mixed with an old woman who killed her husband for the life insurance money. Ideal masculine guy ends up looking like he's just cross-dressing as a joke.

Androgynous looking guy becomes half-decent looking girl, but would have done much better if he hit the gym instead of going through all this effort to approximate the opposite sex.

I also doubt that trans women truly are "women trapped in men's bodies." Effeminacy is also different from femininity. Very few real women act like stereotypical gay men. Autistic men seem feminine compared to average men, but are actually masculine compared to real women (because they don't fit either role, being autistic).

Most trans MTFs talk about how they always hated boy toys and wanted girl toys. But anyone with sisters would know real girls enjoy BOTH types of toys and never reject one or the other, unless told to. Real girls have a diverse range of interests, MTFs have a narrow range, like most men. MTFs are still masculine, just in their own way. In fact, it was actually progressive to say that until about 10 years ago.

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edward viii #conspiracy

I will add something on to my original of hypothesis. Well advanced maternal age could account for some of the tism we're seeing now but I don't think it can explain all of it .does anyone think that the level of pollution in the water and the air might be contributing to brain damage among children what we now consider autism.

I'm not trying to sound like Alex Jones but I do believe the effects of pollution and toxic metals has an impact on the way a child develops. I remember a study a few months back that linked autism to mercury exposure. The children that had autism were found to have more mercury in there baby teeth. I don't think kids are exposed to this metal in the vaccines rather I think they come in contact with it through the water supply and through the air they breather

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Mikeula #sexist

Trans girls are superior in every way. They take pride in their femininity and appreciate it in a way no real woman ever could. Like if someone gives a 16 year old a car v.s. a kid that works all summer to earn one. The one that works for it will always appreciate it more. Same with trannies.

They have to work for it so appreciate it more. Also a tight, clean boi P****y is a lot cleaner then a bacteria filled axe wound the dried and caked blood and rotted seamen in it for weeks on end. Trans girls are cleaner and sexier and actully understand loyalty and devotion.

Emotions real women are not capable of comprehending. Expecting a woman to understand would be like expecting a dog to understand is ridiculous to even expect it of them as they cannot fathom it.

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The real Sinterklaas #fundie

At least with Downies you'll know that they'll be useless (not all of them but in general). Unlike the autistic people who could show potential during childhood, but then after high school start doing nothing aside from living off tax payer money.

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weev #fundie

Hey weev! For now I have two questions.

1. Are there moments where you think that most of the Western hemisphere's ills are a reflection of what the Krauts would call the "Zeitgeist" rather than the result of one single nefarious plot?

No, this has all been inflicted upon us by scheming hooknoses.


To put it differently: How likely, without a total disintegration of the current society, do you think things would go back to 'the good old days' on their own if Jews were removed from all influential positions of power? Or are people in current year +2 willing to continue with the current course of society without outside "motivation" since they're too comfortable with or apathetic towards the current state of affairs?

To put this in perspective, Denmark did a bunch of ad campaigns in 2015 encouraging women to have children and it caused a baby boom, and that's a much weightier and more consequential decision than so much of the undesirable behavior that I would like to see ended. Give me control of a nation for a year and you'll have a bunch of healthy families and redeeming social standards at the end of it. Would they do it entirely of their own volition with no guidance? No, there needs to be a proper government to tell them what to do.

[Question on who his favorite Roman emperor, below is a followup]

And what would you do if on the first date the woman answers the question with Constantine the Great?

The answer to this question should be obvious: never will I take the thoughts of any woman into account for any course of action. I suppose it is slightly commendable as far as women go that she knows a little bit about Rome, but this is not really a great answer. Regardless, as a woman, she deserves rape.