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Vaccine deaths keep exploding. Excess deaths through roof. Recently 2 young bankers. Unheard of in my lifetime. Bankers ALWAYS work 100 hr weeks. No one ever died. Now this CNN commentator who tweeted about being fully vaxxed. Keep dropping dead suddenly.

THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM Former GOP Advisor and CNN Commentator Alice Stewart Found Dead in Virginia — Suspected Medical Emergency Likely Cause of Death

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #wingnut facebook.com

We all know. But no one in media will say it. Young 25 and 30 yr old bankers die in same week. The media blames “long work hours.” Really? Stop gaslighting us. Young bankers have worked 100 hour weeks for 50+ yrs. No one ever died. Never. 0. Not once in my lifetime. Until COVID vaccine mandates.

ZEROHEDGE.COM 25 Year Old BofA Analyst Dies Suddenly Of Cardiac Arrest While Playing Soccer At Industry Event

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Refuses to apologise? Typical. I got it right from FIRST DAY- lockdowns, masks, vaccine & Ivermectin. I was 100% right. How come I knew? This schmuck Chris Cuomo needs to get in boxing ring w/me. Let’s go for it. 100% purse to charity. I just want to kick your ass. Accept my challenge?

THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM Disgraced Ex-CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Now Admits to Taking Ivermectin Daily — Refuses to Apologize for Shaming People Who Didn’t Take the Experimental Shot

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2/3rds of US households have a dog. Most people I know treat dogs like their children. They might love them more than their children- because a dog never leaves & never disagrees. Thats how I know Kristi Noem made worst mistake in political history. She brags about killing puppy for acting excited & having fun while hunting. OMG. Some of u didn’t get it. Worst optics in history. Her career should be over. Anyone who brags about killing a dog for being hard to train…or because it kills a few chickens…is a heartless, nasty person. Thats what puppies do! But it’s funny how Democrats are shocked by this story…but they want to murder babies until moment of birth. They should all be disqualified for being heartless, nasty killers. It goes both ways. Value life.

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There’s only 1 other explanation for offending every Christian in USA on most holy day of yr…Dems know they’ve rigged election…so they’re just laughing at us. They can say & do anything they want, because it doesn’t matter. They already know results.

FOXNEWS.COM Trump demands Biden issue apology over 'blasphemous' Trans Visibility Day on Easter Sunday: 'Appalling'

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I’m a Jew (but different kind of Jew- I took Jesus as my savior 33 yrs ago). Which makes me Messianic Jew. Amazing that U.S. Jews don’t appreciate Donald Trump. Same exact attributes- Trump persecuted like Jews. Trump is relentless in face of persecution like Jews. Trump is warrior for Israel- which Bible says makes you blessed. Trump is successful in business & greatest Prez for economy & jobs. For all intents & purposes, Trump is “First Jewish President.”

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LET “THE GREAT NEW YORK BOYCOTT” BEGIN. I was born & raised in NY. It’s now dead to me. You want to lynch President Trump? There are 100 MM Trump supporters. No longer vacation there. No biz trips. No purchases from any NY-based biz. Not 1 red cent ever again. Drive NY into bankruptcy. We don’t support communists or Gestapo. We don’t support lynchings. NY will now go the way of Bud Light.

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #wingnut facebook.com

You have no idea the hatred and rage my old Columbia U. classmate Obama has for Trump, America, capitalism & the Jews. It’s all on display at Columbia & Trump’s communist show trial in NYC. This is the canary in the coal mine. My latest commentary will be out within minutes.

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My gut instinct #2…Get ready for Michelle Obama as Democrat presidential nominee. Can’t be Biden- he is brain-dead zombie wearing diapers. Can’t be Kamala- she is dumber than door knob. Can’t be Gavin or Hillary- can’t skip over Kamala w/white man or woman. Has to be Michelle.

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Best week EVER for President Trump. Democrat fools & frauds tried to financially assassinate him…a modern day LYNCHING…NY proved it’s no different than Russia…these cases are so absurd they would be rejected by Saturday Night Live…and Fani Willis performance was pure comedy. “All black women keep cash!” Her father the Black Panther actually said that! These people are frauds, clowns, criminals, communists, assassins, immoral perverts. Americans see it all. Democrats so clueless & dumb they’ve GUARANTEED Trump’s election.

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #wingnut facebook.com

SHOW & TELL: Democrats finished. No one believes lies/gaslighting anymore. Why? SHOW & TELL. Remember from 3rd grade? U need to see it to believe it. U can hide stolen election…vaccine deaths…open border. Hard to actually see. But everyone can see & feel INFLATION in bank account & wallet/pocketbook & monthly budget & paycheck.

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Why are so many celebs sick w/cancer, dying, or dead? And at such young ages? What a “mystery.” Dramatic “mysterious” explosion of cancer only started at moment vaccine was introduced. What a coincidence! I wish Princess Kate a full & fast recovery. But we KNOW she had it. There is pattern.

TELEGRAPH.CO.UK As Princess of Wales reveals diagnosis, doctors warn of mysterious cancer ‘epidemic’ The disease is affecting fit, younger people more often – and researchers do not yet understand why