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[From ““Gay” Chorus Mocked Victims of Homosexual Predation”]

A LITTLE recent history for “Pride Month:”

In 2021, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus made fun of the millions of victims of homosexual predation in their musical video featuring the song, “We’ll Convert Your Children”

The connection between homosexuality and pedophilia has been known for thousands of years and has been abundantly confirmed by recent studies:

Of 86 – 88 million heterosexual men, 9 percent of them victimized 8 million girls under age 18, which constitutes 25 percent of all girls. An uncertain percentage of the estimated 2 million homosexual men victimized 6-8 million boys, under age 18, amounting to 17 – 24 percent of all boys. Therefore, considered in the aggregate, 3 to 4 boys are sexually molested per homosexual adult male. Only .09 girls are sexually molested per heterosexual adult male, which is to say that, on average, 1 in 11 heterosexual males victimizes a girl under 18

Further corroborating these findings, the Journal of the American Medical Association published the following facts: 50 percent of male AIDS victims reported having sex with an adult male by the age of 16. 20 percent of male AIDS victims had sex with an adult male by age 10. (Source)

Nevertheless, the chorus made fun of the idea that homosexuals create homosexuals through child abuse

The many young people whose lives have been decimated, who have turned to suicide or drugs, who have never had children of their own, all because of homosexual predation, which used to be private but now comes from schools, the government and popular culture, are of no concern to the selfish and the self-absorbed

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[From “St. Joseph Against Communism”]

IN 1955, Pope Pius XII proclaimed May 1st, Feast of St. Joseph the Worker in response to Communist May Day celebrations[…]As a laborer who worked with his hands, St. Joseph was everything the Communist slave was not. In Divini Redemptoris, On Atheistic Communism, of March 1937, Pope Pius XI advocated that the battle against world Communism be entrusted to the great saint’s intercession. How far we have come since 1937 and 1955! The Vatican II Church has long since abandoned the fight against world Communism and in fact has joined in its ascendancy under the United Nations and centralized financial forces[…]
One of the terrible fruits of the quasi-Communism everywhere has been the deprivation of a living wage to the working man so that his wife must now work outside the home too and, with feminism and state control of the family, he has lost any privilege as head of his home. His family, in many cases, has been blown apart or never really established, replaced by a series of temporary connections and confused offspring — or perhaps just a nice dog (cheaper in the long run.) More and more, he can’t even dream of buying a house (while his neighbor from India can). He’s offered bread and circuses — marijuana, alcohol, sports, online gambling, video games, tattoos, rock music — in return. The goal of the universal state is to animalize the working man (and working woman). The whips and chains of ancient slavery were better

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[From “Sherlock Investigates Shooting”]

SHERLOCK arrives within minutes at the scene

The ambulances are empty. The bodies, strangely unreal, were never taken to the hospital. He is not permitted to inspect them

“Hmm, Watson. Something is amiss!”

A candle-light vigil is already in the works. Piles of teddy bears miraculously appear. Witnesses to grotesque horrors smile and wipe away non-existent tears

The police are strangely unconcerned. The FBI is already involved. Press conferences with top state officials on the scene speak of “community,” “fears” and “We will be strong!” The perpetrator has been killed and whisked away. Facts about his life are known without the slightest research needed

Hmmm, something is amiss

Sherlock has never seen so much activity at a murder scene — and so little evidence of a murder

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[From “The Talmud and Non-Jews”]

THE TALMUD, the sacred text of Judaism, is comprised of rabbinic commentaries that were written over a period of hundreds of years and contain the oral traditions that have shaped Judaism since shortly after the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D

Americans, including many Jews, are generally unfamiliar with the Talmud’s content. While it is widely acceptable to criticize the intolerance of the Quran, the Talmud is off bounds for mainstream commentary. Thus many do not know just how intolerant the revered text of the official religion of the state of Israel is

Benjamin Freedman was a successful Jewish businessman and Zionist activist who lived from 1890 to 1984. Later in his adult life, he became an outspoken critic of the Judaic mentality and eventually converted to Catholicism[…]
“The Talmud today virtually exercises totalitarian dictatorship over the lives of so-called or self-styled ‘Jews,’ whether they are aware of that fact or not,” he wrote in his 1954 work “Facts are Facts,” which is an extended letter to another Jewish convert. “Their spiritual leaders make no attempt to conceal the control they exercise over the lives of so-called or self-styled ‘Jews’. They extend their authority far beyond the legitimate limits of spiritual matters. Their authority has no equal outside religion”

Not only does the Talmud, which includes more than 60 volumes of commentaries, regulate the thinking and daily lives of Jews, he wrote, it inculcates in them hostility toward gentiles, or non-Jews, in general

Using the translation from the Hebrew by the Latvian priest and eminent scholar, the Rev. I.B. Pranaitis, Master of Theology and Professor of the Hebrew Language at the Imperial Ecclesiastical Academy of the Roman Catholic Church in Old St. Petersburg, Russia, Freedman proved his point by listing summarized Talmudic references for some of the specific laws regarding Christians, and gentiles in general

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[From ““Homosexuality and Hope””]

A SOCIETY that normalizes homosexuality is a cruel society

Imagine a society that celebrated alcoholism and encouraged alcoholics to embrace their addiction. Imagine the covering over of the resulting disasters with platitudes of love. Then magnify that a hundredfold. For the affliction of the artificially-created homosexual is far worse, alienated as he is from the most basic roles and bonds of society

The heartless modern world consigns him or her to an unhappy state — without exception. The more homosexuality is normalized, the more homosexuals convert their inner conflict into “pride.” The person who identifies as a homosexual will always be in deep conflict, and the acute awareness of this causes pain that no homosexual “community” can assuage

But there is hope

In the introduction to Dutch psychologist Gerard van den Aardweg’s 1985 book on this subject, Homosexuality and Hope: A Psychologist Talks about Treatment and Change, Paul Vitz writes:

Homosexuals are not condemned to a way of life that alienates, separates, and restricts[…]

There is no such thing as an innate homosexual[…]
In societies where sex roles and the differentiation between boys and girls are strong, there is almost no incidence of homosexual behavior. The homosexual condition is caused by confusion and a blurring of these roles. Feminism and the endless propaganda to make men and women the same has inevitably led to a plague of confusion. It is no wonder that many people are caught in a trap of unnatural desires[…]
Many a girl raised to be as competitive and aggressive as a boy understandably struggles to embrace her womanliness. Many a boy who can never be the rowdy, athletic star and is surrounded by the glorification of homosexual lust understandably struggles to embrace his inherent manliness[…]
Meditating on the mysteries of the Cross is, of course, the most effective means of escaping all psychological affliction

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[From “A Menorah Un-lighting in Poland”]

IT’S time the world knew what the Talmud, the holiest book of Judaism, says about non-Jews. It says they are animals who may be cheated, murdered, lied to and sexually exploited

A Polish member of parliament, using a fire extinguisher to put the candles out on a menorah in the hallway of the parliament building, tried to bring this to the world’s attention

Grzegorz Braun is, of course, facing the usual barrage of insults and defamation experienced by anyone who dares to speak out against Jewish supremacism. I’m sure this minor act of righteous vandalism that harmed no one will be equated with mass murder. Any criticism of Jewish power is considered literally genocidal. The dishing out of vicious cruelty and name-calling to righteous critics of Jewish power is in itself an affirmation of the Talmudic mindset. The hatred Jews so glibly accuse others of is psychological projection of the hatred of the Other that lies embedded in the Talmud. Braun was indeed correct that menorahs should never be lit in government buildings in Poland — or in any ostensibly free nation anywhere on the earth

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[From "A Case of Economic Dysphoria"]

FOR A LONG TIME, I have felt like a billionaire trapped in a middle class person’s body

This psychological condition is so intractable, it must be innate. It has caused me acute distress, especially lately because I need a billion dollars so that I can give it all away to people I know could really use it. I could make a big difference if I had those bucks

I just have this feeling. This inescapable feeling. I’m a billionaire, or maybe just a millionaire, but society refuses to recognize me as such. Yesterday, I was so surprised at the bill at the grocery store that I was overcome by a dysphoric attack of great intensity. I was trapped in a social construct — an economic identity assigned at birth without my consent

The bank refuses to recognize me as a billionaire. Car dealers, utility companies, the construction industry — they all refuse to see the truth. That’s discrimination. Just because I don’t have millions doesn’t mean that inside, where it really counts, I’m not loaded. No foundations or organized psychologists are out there to help people like me transition to the super rich

The world is a cruel place. I know a man who lives in a tiny mobile home, all because he is an unrecognized billionaire. His suffering is totally ignored. Maybe those who share the same disorder can someday organize. We should make our plight known because as things stand we are a horribly persecuted minority. It’s not necessary that we be given billions. Not at all. But we definitely need to be treated by everyone, especially banks and retailers, as if we have them

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[From "A Solution to “Population Decline”"]

FEMINISM and predatory economics have had their inevitable (and desired) result. The birthrate among Americans, especially among whites, has declined. The solution promoted by the government and mass media? More immigration. You’ve heard about it ad nauseam

But leaving aside the immense cultural consequences, this idea of using “migrants” to make up for a loss of native workers does not make sense economically. About 50 percent of immigrants are on welfare and they overwhelmingly come from countries with weak economies. They were not able to transform their own countries into success stories so how can they transform ours? (It’s also uncharitable, draining other countries of motivated, hard-working citizens)[…]
But a better solution to population decline in Europe and America at this particular point would be to do the exact opposite: Send millions of recent immigrants home and restore families, offering economic incentives for marriage and for women to stay home. If women in Africa can afford to have five children, why can’t women here? I do not suggest cruelty or banishment

Let’s do what Africans are doing and send our migrants home. Mass deportation, in a gradual and humane form, may seem impossible[…]
The goal of deportation shouldn’t be a racially pure society with no diversity, but a much more homogenous one, where the incentive to “be fruitful and multiply” is not stifled. Deportation needn’t, and shouldn’t, be cruel. Immigrants can be offered economic incentives to create a better life back home

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[From "Uppity Church Ladies (and the Holy Women)"]

I WAS listening to Easter music on the radio while making dinner on Sunday when the programming was interrupted for a sermon by an Anglican minister. Her name was Judy or Elizabeth, I can’t recall which

There was nothing particularly offensive about the text of her Easter message, but I wondered who was making Easter dinner at Canon Judy’s house

Jesus chose only men for His Apostles for a reason. St. Paul enjoined against women preaching for a reason. We know that their momentous decisions had to do with hierarchy and social order. We know women have other things to do

There was a reason women were the first to learn of the Resurrection. They were favored by God — men have said — because of their ardent love. The Holy Women went to the tomb on Easter morning to dress the body of Jesus, a perfectly feminine way of expressing the depth of their devotion

It was for women to repair the damage done by Eve when they found the tomb empty

Women are not needed at pulpits or on altars. The fact that they dominate churches is one sign that we live in a wilderness without true altars

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[From "Control through Fear"]

THE manufactured flu terror is over for the time being, and the war propaganda is not as fresh, so there is more time to work on mass shootings

Expect much more of this

I’m not rushing to conclusions, just suspending belief

In staged shootings, one chaotic scene with lots of screaming is always played over and over. Realistic cell phone footage — there should be dozens of quick clips — from real people is missing despite the fact that cell phones are everywhere and at the same time there is always someone there to film a prolonged scene calmly. Realistic carnage is always missing. Instead, you get candy-colored wounds that your local, amateur theater group could produce

It’s all so tedious. So predictable. So incredibly boring, like made-for-TV thrillers

And conservatives who worship their government never make a peep against it. They’re too exalted to be lied to in this blatant way

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[From "The False Wuhan Bioweapon Narrative"]

COVID is not a contagious virus and it is not a bioweapon out of China. Timothy Fitzpatrick debunks the Wuhan bioweapon propaganda and explains its purpose

The real biological weapons, by the way, are the toxins in our air, water, food and pharmaceuticals, things which no one talks about — conveniently for those who profit from poison


spoilerNobody has had covid. Claiming you have had covid just helps perpetuate the fake tyrannical narrative. Covid/Flu symptoms are a natural bodily process of detoxification.

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[From "The Waukesha Psyop"]

EVERY SINGLE massacre in the news should be considered — if considered at all — with detachment and skepticism, especially highly-charged events that tug at the heartstrings and are relentlessly publicized. There is too much evidence of past staging to take anything for granted. To that end, Winter Watch recently examined the alleged SUV attack which killed six people in Waukesha, Wisconsin last month. This time there may not have even been crisis actors. It may have involved just computer-generated imagery. (See the video discussion.)
Very few people need be involved in the planning of these events now that it is all down to a science. The scriptwriters have an ideal audience today. As the writer Michael Hoffman wrote in his book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare:

“Modern man is the ideal hypnotic subject: puffed up on the idea that he is the crown of creation, he vehemently denies the power of the hypnotist’s control over him, even as his head bobs up and down on a string”

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[From "How to Spot a Staged Attack"]

BELOW are a few of the common signs that a mass shooting, terrorist attack or car/van attack is staged

Bear in mind when reading this that the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 made it legal for the U.S. government to conduct state-sponsored propaganda events domestically and abroad. These events, ostensibly to protect Americans, are obviously carried out with less benign objectives in mind, such as unconstitutional gun control, increased surveillance, distraction of the public, division and glorification of governmental authority. The last is always the winner in the end
•Despite presence of dozens or hundreds of cell phones at scene, no clear imagery of the attack as it occurred or convincing carnage
•Lack of convincing blood or wounds; bright, ketchup-colored blood (as opposed to real, brownish red blood)
•Photos of shoes at scene
• In interviews, implausible details obfuscated with fake tears and “we’re-all-in-this-together” sentimentality: “Feel; don’t think”
•Scant information about victims in past years available on Internet
•Relatives of victims show no signs of normal shock
•Victims valorized for weeks on end
•Masonic numbers, especially 3, 9, 6, 11; other Masonic symbols

It’s best to ignore the news, but it’s hard not to be affected by mass hysteria and escape its damaging psychological effects on others. If you have a hard time coping with the possibility of deception[…]and would rather live in comfortable ignorance, at least try to avoid being drawn into major stories
One final word: God sees everything. He knows everything. Justice will prevail in the end. These words are not meant to counsel passivity, but hope and confidence[…]And, to re-phrase Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s description of Russians under Communist rule, Americans deserve this!!

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[From "Anomalies in Shooting Reports"]

SEE reports by Fellowship of the Minds and Vivien Lee on the missing pieces in recent reports of mass shootings.

In the video below, you can see the completely bloodless victims of the shootings at an El Paso Walmart ludicrously — against all emergency protocols observed by emergency teams around the country — taken out of the store on shopping carts. (Did they deliberately choose heavy victims to poke fun at America? I wonder.)

Carnage is typically messy. The human body carries more than a gallon of blood and it tends to flow profusely. Here we see none of the normal mess. It looks like an emergency drill, not a real event.

Furthermore, the idea that one person could kill 22 people in minutes when even the most expert marksman cannot achieve such kill rates, especially in this age of advanced medicine when even people who are shot in the head can be revived and survive for years, is absurd.

The real victims of these shootings are the children and extremely gullible adults who have been traumatized by these reports which are broadcast everywhere so that you cannot escape them or find barely a corner of the world to achieve a moment’s rest from manufactured hysteria and political grandstanding.

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[From "The Jewish Persecution Complex"]

FROM JUNE of this year, this outstanding article by Brenton Sanderson at Occidental Observer looks at the “competitive victimhood” of Jews and the untold damage it has done to America

Sanderson highlights the militant, cultish arrogance of Jews who are obsessed with their alleged victimization while simultaneously possessing elite status in America and their complete lack of empathy for those whom they (falsely) view as their victimizers, especially under the heady (and fictitious) narrative of the Holocaust, with which they are fed from early childhood and which becomes a story of their own saintliness
A recent example of this lack of empathy can be found in the infliction of enormous suffering throughout the manufactured pandemic. (Jews were its victims too, but this is one case in which it will be no benefit for them to cry victimhood.) This cruelty has Jewish fingerprints all over it, as does the “vaccine” scam

Jews, as is well known, will individually and collectively stop at nothing to destroy anyone who refuses to bow to their victim narrative, a tradition based in the racial supremacism of their holiest book, the Talmud. They are, with many, many exceptions, the most aggressively vindictive people on the face of the earth, possessing a preternatural, collective ability to nurture and invent grudges — and then take revenge on their alleged persecutors. As the Polish proverb goes, they cry out in pain as they strike their victims

And America is completely under the inhuman and cruelly vengeful power of these “victims.” No, the whole entire world is under their control. It’s not enough for Jews, who are the ultimate control freaks, to control your money and your culture. No, they must control your thoughts

God help us

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[From "There Are No “Transgenders”"]

THERE IS no such thing as a cloud made out of cottage cheese. There is no such thing as a frog who walks on two feet. There is no such thing as a blue tree. There is no such thing as a flying moose

There is no such thing as a “transgendered” person. There are no “trans men” or “trans kids” or “trans women.” They don’t exist. A man cannot become a woman. A woman cannot become a man, no matter how much surgical or chemical mutilation she may undergo

To engage in debate about “transgenders,” except to say that they don’t exist, is to dialogue with delusion. To try to overcome “transgenderism” with logic is to draw oneself into a web of insanity and give fantasy rights over reality. You can never win if you step through that door. If you enter that house of lies, you too have lost your mind

There is no “trans community.” There are only people who agree to embrace delusion and who aim, knowingly or not, to take every single person who entertains their delusions down with them

“Transgenderism” is a heavily promoted, artificially created assault on the use of reason that has very little to do with its actual participants. It is easier to control people if they cannot think, if they are cut off from the very physical essence of their beings, if they are wandering from an early age in a lifeless desert of confusion and if words are brutally disconnected from their accepted meaning

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[From "A Few Thoughts on Swim Suits"]


FEMINISTS claim that women are more fulfilled and happy when they are free to wear almost nothing

The whole Western world has accepted their premises. You will be hard-pressed to find any woman on a beach today covered up to the extent that these women — such ridiculous figures, huh? — were in 1906[…]
The truth is, these ridiculous figures on the beach were much more likely to have a stable home life. They were more likely to have children. They were less likely to face the existential crises women face today. They lived in a more stable society with less crime. Political power and wealth were not so dangerously concentrated in the few. The federal income tax didn’t even exist! Our economic system was not yet crushed by debt, reducing most of us to insidious and hidden financial enslavement

It’s no secret that powerful people want women unclothed and actively promote it. Civilization demands clothes. Tyranny demands nudity

Immodesty undermines femininity. A woman’s greatest influence and dignity are not physical, but in her personality and soul

Immodesty is a form of aggression. Men are — by nature — sensitive to visual stimuli, much more than women, and cannot, except by emasculating themselves at some deep level, easily eradicate their responses to the female form[…]
The bikini, named after the island where the atomic bomb was tested, was introduced in 1946, when many women were tired from work in wartime factories and offices. The more sexually “free” women became, the more economically exploited[…]
Immodesty alienates women from God, the very source of their being

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[From "The Golfing Idol"]

Why wouldn’t he play golf? He knows he doesn’t pull the strings. He knows there’s a plan. He may even win this thing, and precipitate civil war. He’s an actor, a pro-wrestler, a puppet, a pathological liar, another Masonic pedophile addicted to fame and lies.

Did he accomplish a few good things? Yes, but they pale in comparison to broken promises.

He never locked Hillary up for crimes against the state and that’s why we have Biden.

He disbanded the Voter Fraud Commission in 2018, handing us a disaster in 2020.
He led the wrecking of the economy, the shredding of Constitutional rights and the perpetration of one of the biggest medical frauds in history.

He sold future generations with trillions in new debt.

He let the cities burn.

He loves the villainous vax.

His fighting spirit inspired beaten-down Americans, but they were had. He made Israel great again, not America.
{i]Go home, real protestors. Go home, paid agitators. Neither of these would-be presidents cares a fig about you. Your children will be sterilized or sickened by the vax either way. Your small businesses will die either way. Your schools will be indoctrination centers either way. Your monuments will be toppled and your books burned either way. You will be infantilized and tortured by bureaucracy either way. You will be poor either way. You will have poisoned skies either way. You will be demonized for loving your heritage either way. The truth will be censored either way.

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[From "Joseph Ratzinger: Subtle Destroyer"]

THE LIONIZING of the recently deceased “Pope” Benedict XVI continues apace

Conservatives indulge the fantasy that the erudite Joseph Ratzinger, who was under suspicion of heresy by the Holy Office under Pope Pius XII, was the ideological antithesis of the blabby, openly Marxist Frank Bergoglio, whose apostasy is difficult to ignore. Ratzinger was supposedly striving to preserve tradition, rather than engaging in his own classy form of demolition

The two, in fact, constituted a synthesis. The aim of the One World Religion has always been to appear non-exclusive, including even “rigid” traditionalists under its umbrella

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[From "When a Moron is a Moron"]

I SAID in the previous post that we should cultivate compassion and understanding. I firmly believe it. But charity sometimes entails the brutal truth

And here it is. This woman is a flaming moron

“I got the vaccine because I’m a mom of two and I need to make sure that I’m safe and that I’m around for them,” says Niesa [S.], 49. “It’s not something to be afraid of. Do your research from legitimate sources and trust the experts. Let’s get back to normal”

Mrs. S., your moronity is so deep and so all-encompassing it threatens your children more than any fictitious virus could. I’ve been a moron myself on occasion, and I don’t mind admitting it. If I can call myself a moron, I can certainly call you a flaming moron, a moron’s moron
A moron has been born with the ability to observe, reason and make logical connections, but he has permitted this ability to atrophy. The brain, due to misuse and disuse, has become as limp as a wet rag and as slow as a clogged sink. Add to the mental sin of willful neglect some old-fashioned greed (Mrs. S. has probably been paid for this little piece of propaganda) and you have a mental threat to public health. These people are everywhere
Mrs. S. says she got the “vaccine” because she wants to be “safe.” But has she bothered to even read the package inserts? I doubt it, she only consults “legitimate” sources. Has she read the list of ingredients? Has she researched anything contrary to the prevailing narrative about the risks?
She should be quarantined. Millions of morons should be quarantined. Their televisions and computers and newspapers should be taken away and attempts at mental resuscitation should be made. They are a dire threat to the survival of the human race

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[From ““Health” Secretary Levine”]

AMERICA at large doesn’t know how dangerous this man is, but Pennsylvanians do.

Dr. Richard Levine, aka “Rachel” Levine, has been picked by Joe Biden to be his assistant secretary of health. Levine is currently Health Secretary of Pennsylvania.

He may be one of the most hated bureaucrats in America. He has caused unnecessary deaths, untold suffering and economic devastation. To top it off, Levine, who adamantly insists he is a woman, wants laws to silence anyone challenging his sort of mental condition. That’s why, of course, he has been chosen. When it comes to a virus that has never been isolated and purified in a lab or shown to be contagious by healthy people, the “science doesn’t lie.” When it comes to a universal fact recognized by all of humanity, it does. Can you imagine a health secretary who doesn’t acknowledge the basics of biology? Sadly, you can.

In other words, he’s a perfect fit for the Biden regime.

Levine played, and continues to play, open favoritism towards major corporations and big business. He allowed a large amusement park, Hershey Park, to open at 50 percent capacity while smaller fairs and businesses were shut down. He continues to persecute restaurants. He is famous for having taken his mother out of a nursing home right before he ordered sick hospital patients to be returned to nursing homes, where they caused illness and strained available resources. He’s a COVID crook who has implemented medical tyranny with Bolshevik zeal.

But it’s not hard to believe he’s headed for D.C. Maybe you’ll get a free “gender change” if you get the vaccine.

Laura Wood and Hugh Akins #fundie thinkinghousewife.com

[From "St. Gregory and the Plague"]

TAKEN with the author’s permission from the forthcoming book, PLANNEDemic – The Great Pandemic Farce of 2020, by Hugh Akins [Check www.ca-rc.com for availability]:

Catholics, Christians and patriots are well advised to contemplate the heroic and effective action taken by Pope Saint Gregory the Great, who in the Year of Our Lord 591, faced a pestilence that took many lives, even the life of his predecessor on the Chair of Peter a year earlier.

Saint Gregory certainly did not tell his large flock to cease attending public Masses, to stop exercising the virtues of faith, hope and charity, to quarantine themselves in their homes, to avoid all contact with those stricken with the plague, to practice social distancing, to comply with every despotic mandate to come down from godless authorities bent on the destruction of Christianity. No! The Saint and Vicar of Christ called for the entire city of Rome to assemble for a large public procession to beg God’s protection and healing.

President Trump, the CDC, Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo of New York, and practically every other governor today would have had the Saint arrested for violating their sinister Police State lockdown orders!

Pope Saint Gregory the Great would still not have budged, as today’s popes and bishops have done, and even many traditional pastors, closing the doors of their churches like so many cowards and traitors. [Editor: St. Gregory also did not reject the Catholic faith.]

No, not he, the true man of God that he was.

“On that day the faithful…walked through the streets of the city praying and singing… The plague was so potent at that time that 80 people collapsed and died as they walked…

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[From "On Racial Peace and Separation"]

A FEW days before he died of pancreatic cancer in 2013, my great friend Lawrence Auster, who had written for many years so courageously and truthfully on the topic of race, said something I will never forget
“I believe in about a hundred years, all the races will be back in their homelands. Africans will live in Africa, Asians will live in Asia and Europeans will live in the West”
In the years since Mr. Auster died, the public rhetoric bitterly condemning the white race for a host of unforgivable sins, the psychological and political war against whites he wrote about, has dramatically intensified
All this was inevitable. The numbers are decisive. Whites have lost and are continuing to lose their demographic advantage, and non-whites, especially blacks, are being even more insistently and systematically, every day, incited to revenge and envy as a permanent mode of being
Racial division will always be a fact of the world, given the fallen human condition. But there is a long-range path toward relative peace, for America and Europe especially

That path must involve geographic racial separation[…]In Europe, this would mean the repatriation of millions of people — yes, millions
While there are advantages for nonwhites to live in a white dominated society, as is obvious from the many “migrants” who have invaded Europe in recent years, there are also tremendous psychological pressures. Blacks are constantly told they can achieve complete equality. This equality is impossible, and will always be impossible, because of innate and unchangeable differences
We must cultivate the will to separate, moving now whenever possible out of the major urban areas and to relatively white areas of the country (something whites have been doing instinctively for many years), but also we must strengthen their families

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[From "Forcibly Injecting Handicapped in L.A."]


THIS IS AMERICA, friends, a despicable and disgusting nation. Its people can’t muster more than the faintest resistance to blatant medical totalitarianism. They are walking zombies. And this is what feminism has done to women — created cops with needles and millions of masked fanatics. They have sold their souls and they are walking zombies, who terrorize the innocent and are to be avoided at all costs.

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[From “Debunking Germ Theory”]

THREE DOCTORS challenge the major tenets of modern virology, the foundation of our ongoing medical tyranny. As Dr. Andrew Kauffman points out, if the dogmas of germ theory are true they will withstand this critique. If they are not true, they must be abandoned no matter how profitable them may be.

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[Comments under "The Judge Is a Feminist"]


What do you think about Trump’s nomination for SCOTUS? I see this as a worse attack on motherhood/homemaking than anything the Democrats could do. Amy Coney Barrett should be home taking care of those seven children and her husband. She obviously does not need the money. But her career as a lawyer and judge is SO much more important than being a mother. Trump is implicitly sending this message, as I see it.

Reply from Laura Wood:

You said it, baby!

Republicans just have to prove what good little liberals they are.

Mrs. Barrett may be wise as Solomon, but she does not belong in a job this demanding — or in fact, any job, given the size of her family, the age of her children and their financial situation. Not only will her children pay a heavy price, but so inevitably does her husband in his career.

How does a man fulfill his role as head of the family when his wife is a Supreme Court judge?
Okay, so Barrett would be a big improvement over Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whom Barrett called “a great American life”, but she still represents grueling, feminist-style careerism, which is so different from healthy and balanced interest in work and careers — and that model is responsible for the demand for abortion.
If more women are in law, fewer men are in law. If fewer men are in law, fewer men have careers that can support a family. Men can’t have children, get it? But they can support them.
We don’t need women judges.

We need women to defend the home and culture (or at least, what’s left of it).

I don’t even understand why a woman would want to become a Supreme Court judge. I’m not kidding. Sure, it comes with perks, but, Good Lord, what a load of drudgery!

Laura Wood #conspiracy #sexist thinkinghousewife.com

[From “Dancing Nurses and Manufactured Outrage”]

I DON’T KNOW who started the trend of “dancing nurse” videos. Unless you’ve lived in a cave for the past year, you’ve surely seen them.

Was it a marketing team from TikTok? I had never even heard of TikTok before this. The social media platform gained tons of publicity from the phenomenon. Was it a psychological warfare department in government or business? Was this another ritual humiliation invented by powerful occultists? Or was this all just from the beginning a spontaneous grassroots phenomenon that showed what a decadent society we have become?

I don’t know, but I’m sure of one thing. Videos promoted as widely and heavily on social media as these have been serve a purpose for the perverts in charge. Of that, I have no doubt.
A segment of the public became steaming mad that nurses were dancing during a supposed pandemic. These feelings are similar to the outrage people feel when they hear or read of library drag queens, a real, though exaggerated phenomenon, intensely disturbing, that also seems intended to get ordinary people extremely upset.
That’s why I don’t post or comment on these incredibly idiotic videos which underscore the near-total lack of dignity of the nursing profession in feminist America. Obviously there are many real dancing nurses out there and they prove, among other things, that there is no ongoing medical catastrophe.

But I could care less what they do.

Laura Wood #conspiracy thinkinghousewife.com

[From "Twenty Years of Deception"]

ON THIS 20th anniversary of the mass deception known as 9/11, we should take stock of how we ourselves may have contributed to lies by our gullibility and mental sloth

I didn’t truly study the events of that day until 2013. I believed mostly in the official story before then. I was an idiot. That’s all. I was wrong
On this anniversary, I am reminded especially of how conservatives, some knowingly and others unknowingly, betrayed America and continue to betray America[…]If they truly were, they would care that the American government has been infiltrated by treasonous manipulators who believe deception is an acceptable political strategy. The American military is involved in psychological warfare against its own citizens
The lies of 9/11 led to the lies of Covid. If more people knew they were participating in a Hollywood-style movie production on 9/11, they would have been prepared for resisting similar shock-and-awe techniques of manipulation in 2020
The 9/11 truth movement is teeming with shills and disinformation agents. It involves just as much manipulation as the actual staged events of 9/11. Alex Jones, David Icke, Christopher Bollyn, the late Victor Thorn — I trust none of them

I do not know how many people were killed on 9/11; evidence of fakery in the victim lists is real. I believe the American military, international puppetmasters, some of the wealthiest businessmen and politicians in New York, Israel and Russia were involved in a psyop that had, like Covid, many purposes including demolition of asbestos-ridden skyscrapers, war in the Middle East, theft, incalculable profit and destruction of evidence of financial crimes and political treachery

TONY S. #fundie thinkinghousewife.com

[From "Corona and the Deification of Man"]

You are absolutely correct when you say, “Americanism is a civil religion, a form of toxic idolatry.”

I’ve upset lots of conservatives and unfortunately lost a few friends during this lockdown. In a number of group texts, I’ve explained that American conservatives are just liberals who have a different messiah than the one Democrats accept. Both really, liberals and conservatives, desire power over others to fix the world the way they think it should be. They both have a therapeutic view of existence: the world is to be cured of its ills by man. The only things they argue about are the trivialities of how this should be accomplished.

A true conservative understands that this world is tragic, that man cannot fix the world; salvation is only through Christ. To believe otherwise is Talmudic, Masonic and American. They convict Jesus for not taking the offers of worldly benefit with which Satan tempted Him. It’s few who understand that Jesus could have cured all blindness but chose not to. Instead He told his apostles that the reason man was born blind was to manifest the glory of God. This is what a true Christian understands – our sufferings in this world are to accomplish God’s purposes and when those are achieved He will bring a new, resurrected creation free of this world’s flaws.

We are called to comfort and give aid to those who suffer, but we worship man if we believe that our task is to create a New World.

Laura Wood #conspiracy thinkinghousewife.com

[From "Resetting You"]


KLAUS SCHWAB, head of the World Economic Forum, is directing the “Great Reset,” a program of global governance using a scientifically unproven virus as the pretext for vast social changes. He says The Fourth Industrial Revolution (part of the “Great Reset”) will lead to “a fusion of of our physical, our digital and our biological identity.” Seriously. These people don’t even hide their lust for power.

“Reset” is another word for dehumanization. You see, knowledgeable, healthy and well-rounded human beings are difficult to control. We must be stripped of our humanity so that these control freaks can satisfy their lust for power and their visions of perfection on earth. We must become a reflection of their own emptiness.

Laura Wood #conspiracy thinkinghousewife.com

[From "The Good of a Biden “Victory”"]

FOR those of us who believe face masks are harmful — physically, mentally, socially and spiritually — the Biden “victory” is potentially good news.

The face mask has now become a political symbol like never before.[…]
Why do people wear face masks? They wear them because they want to; it’s as simple as that.
Only the most blatant distortion of the Constitution could uphold a mask mandate in court when there is no public health emergency that justifies it and when the federal government’s own longstanding health and occupation regulations, based on medical science, forbid companies and government employers to require most devices or coverings that restrict the breathing of employees and only allow masks under certain strictly regulated conditions.

Thank you, Joe Biden, for saying you are going to force mask-wearing, even outside. Thank you, thank you, thank you.[…]
Now that millions of Trump voters believe the election was stolen (it was stolen), are they going to go along with the Covid mandates to the same degree?[…]
The Covid manufactured crisis never would have happened under a Hillary presidency because too many people would not have taken such blatant socialism from her.

A fair number of Americans still have a thing about political liberty. They like it and don’t want to give it up. They are a thorn in the side of the greedy, utopian fanatics running the world — people like the incomparably arrogant Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum (the mere idea of a World Economic Forum reeks of arrogance), who has the audacity to tell the middle class person that he will no longer be able to afford to buy a house — but he will like it that way.

Laura Wood #conspiracy thinkinghousewife.com

[From "The George Floyd Murder Story"]

PECULIARITIES have come to light in regard to the alleged murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin. The brutal murder caught on cell phone video has touched off race riots and open theft in Minneapolis and elsewhere. Once again it seems that a major news event has been either entirely staged (most likely) or orchestrated and riots have been deliberately provoked as a social control mechanism and mass distraction.


Other evidence of staging includes the following, but please bear in mind that the course of events at this point remains uncertain and this list is inconclusive. Skepticism about the official narrative should not be misconstrued as approval for police brutality, racial hatred or revenge. It is important that black and white people of good will come together and defeat the brutalizing and dehumanizing social revolution from above and the agenda to fan racial hatred and replace true human diversity with the evils of artificially-imposed multiculturalism. I am not suggesting that police brutality does not exist or that rioters are just helpless pawns. Here is my list so far:

• Chauvin (an odd and appropriate name) used a method of restraint that is highly unusual, kneeling on Floyd’s throat in full view of a cell phone camera that must have been obvious to him.
• Chauvin’s neighbors who had lived next to him for many years believed he was a real estate salesman and didn’t know he was a policeman.
• Chauvin and Floyd must have known each other; they both worked as security guards at a Latino club.
• Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said many of the rioters appeared to be from outside Minneapolis.
• Mayor Jacob Frey has a history of inciting racial agitation.
• The Minneapolis police appeared to stand down and allow open looting of stores.
• There are unconfirmed reports that a man who smashed windows in the first building set on fire was an employee of the St. Paul police department.

Laura Wood #racist #conspiracy thinkinghousewife.com

[From "Epstein Was Unapologetic"]

ACCORDING TO The New York Times journalist who had the last extensive interview with Jeffrey Epstein, he did not view his sexual perversion as perversion. He was “unapologetic.”

‘He said criminalising sex with teenage girls was a cultural aberration and at times in history it was perfectly acceptable. He pointed out homosexuality had long been considered a crime and was still punishable by death in some parts of the world.’

This does not seem like the type of guilt-ridden person who would have committed suicide.

Perhaps he also did not view his actions as wrong because most of his victims, it appears, were not Jewish.

There’s an exalted term for this in Jewish parlance. It’s called shtupping the shiksa. What is rarely mentioned in the coverage of this story is that Epstein, whose death is highly suspicious, zeroed in on gentile girls for his own pleasure and for others (including non-Jews). The Hebrew slang for a Gentile woman, shiksa ( שיקסע), comes from the Hebrew term shekets ( שקץ), meaning “abomination.” Gentile women are Niddah, Shifchah, Goyya and Zonah (menstrual filth, slaves, heathen, whores.) [Sanhedrin, 812-82b]

Obviously many Jewish men do not see things that way, but this Talmudic mentality may run through not just the likes of Epstein and Harvey Weinstein, but the huge business in trafficking of gentile Russian and Eastern European women in Israel. Stories of the women brought to Israel under false pretenses sound very similar to the stories of the girls who were lured by Epstein with money and promises of fancy careers:


E. Michael Jones contends there is an element of revenge in the phenomenon of Jewish men taking advantage of Christian girls.(or girls from formerly Christian countries). He discussed the phenomenon while discussing the Russian Revolution:

It’s always the rationalization – whether it’s usury, whether it’s on Wall Street. Goldman Sachs shorting stocks that they just sold to somebody, the Greeks for example. Or whether it’s the Cheka torturing Russians – the Jews in the Cheka torturing Russians. It’s always this rationalization, ‘You people treated my people badly.’ It’s in Philip Roth, where he’s ‘shtupping the shiksa’ because he’s ‘getting back for the way they treated my grandfather in Russia. It’s this type of asocial behavior that creates this animosity. It is something that goes deep, this Jewish hatred of Russia.”

And Christianity.

Is Jewish sexual perversion which combines money and power à la Epstein and Weinstein, revenge or envy? Philip Roth described that phenomenon.

Laura Wood #racist #fundie thinkinghousewife.com

[From "Francis and the Mystical Cult of Multiculturalism"]

JORGE BERGOGLIO, aka “Pope” Francis, worships man. In a particularly vivid display of this reverence, he kissed the feet of politicians from South Sudan this week. His famous knee problems did not prevent him from getting to the floor.

Humble pie. A true pope would consider this kind of groveling before any politicians an affront to papal dignity.

But it is highly unlikely that Francis would have kissed the feet of just any politicians, as much as he might have embraced their politics. It’s not surprising this type of display was reserved for Africans.

Similarly, does he urge Japan or Kenya to take in millions of immigrants from alien cultures? No, he urges Western countries, and Western countries only, to subsume their own cultures and keep open their borders to all who seek entry. The European man, whether he lives in Italy or America, is urged to destroy the stable cultural environment in which he thrives, not Asians and Africans.

But why is this?

The Vatican II religion is a cult of man. The worship of man inevitably leads to the cult of the Other, to the worship of man most foreign to the culture of Europe, the wellspring of Catholicism on every continent.


For multiculturalists, “diversity” is just a code word for a forced, homogenous sameness. They seek to destroy the true diversity of peoples created by God. They are opposed to nature and to the adoration owed to God alone.

They kiss the feet of not just any man, but the non-European most of all.

Walk into a “Catholic” church today in an American suburb, and you will probably see a smiling picture of an African somewhere in the vestibule. Not that Africans can’t be just as much part of the universal Church or aren’t worthy of charity. But the ubiquity of African faces sends a political message. “See, we are multiculturalists too.” It’s pandering and demeaning to Africans, who must in many cases see through the vanity of it all. It’s all about the goodness of the worshipper, not the object of such attention, who is deprived of his real humanity when he becomes an idol.

Laura Wood #conspiracy #fundie thinkinghousewife.com

[From "“33” and COVID-19"]

FREEMASONRY is a quasi-religion made up of clubs with elaborate rituals and ceremonies. The “brotherhood” believes, among other things, that numbers have mystical powers — a belief that goes back to ancient mystery religions. The use of particular numbers can invoke hidden powers in the universe. It is no secret that the number 33 is of especial symbolic significance to Masons. Here is an explanation by a Mason of its symbolism.

Wherever you see the number 33 being used out of all proportion to its normal occurrence, you can be assured that Masons are at work. The number 33 is found with astonishing frequency throughout public announcements and studies about COVID-19. This video offers some good examples from the news, but just scratches the surface. When I googled “33 Covid cases,” I received 837 million results.

The growth of the “Deception State” is due, in part, to the doctrines of Freemasonry, which hold that it is ethical to lie to achieve greater goals. Masons swear, on pain of death, to keep their activities secret from the world. Masons, initiated over time into an ascending order of “degrees” or hierarchical ranks, seek the union of all religions under one Ur-religion that will allegedly bring peace to mankind. At the lower degrees, Masons are often innocent of the larger political and religious agenda and are instead drawn to “brotherhood” and the favors Masons confer on each other, particularly in some careers.

Laura Wood #racist #conspiracy thinkinghousewife.com

[From "PewDiePie and the ADL"]

FELIX Kjellberg, the Swedish Youtube sensation who goes by the name PewDiePie (I’ve never heard of him before today), is the subject of a major news story.

Under pressure from his fans, PewDiePie, who reportedly has the largest Youtube audience in the world, rescinded a $50,000 donation to the Anti-Defamation League, which many of his followers claim is the country’s leading instigator of thought control and censorship. This is a big story because no one in popular culture publicly stands up to the ADL. But Kjellberg not only canceled the gift, he also apologized to his followers for even considering it. According to E. Michael Jones, this decision represents a “revolution in consciousness.” That may be an overstatement but it is true more and more people know that the ADL is a vicious organization that spies on Americans and ruins people’s lives when they express opinions the ADL doesn’t like. The ADL is a [I]defamation[/I] league (not an anti-defamation league) deceptively operating under the mask of respectability, militantly supportive of Jewish nationalism while condemning nationalism for Americans, connected with organized crime, supported by political leaders of both parties and reminiscent of the Bolshevik Cheka, the secret police that terrorized Russians. The ADL terrorizes not just its opponents, but ordinary Jews too with scenarios of “hate” that cause paranoia and hysteria. The ADL is a major force behind censorship on the Internet, which is, again, why so many of PewDiePie’s fans were angered by his planned donation. The Internet has been purged in the last year of, among other things the ADL considers unacceptable, thousands of videos that explain and provide evidence for recent false flag mass shootings.

How was the ADL started? An adjunct of the international Jewish fraternal order and secret society (non-Jews excluded), B’nai B’rith, the ADL was started for the express purpose of defending murderer Leo Frank, who in 1913 molested and brutally killed a 13-year-old girl, Mary Phagan, who worked in his factory. Frank then blamed it on a poor black janitor and cried “anti-semitism.” Ever since that time, the ADL has been doing the same, protecting Jewish criminals and smearing innocent Americans. Good for PewDiePie. Unfortunately, he too can certainly expect retaliation. It may happen now or it may happen later. But Jewish supremacists never forget. And they never forgive.

Laura Wood #conspiracy thinkinghousewife.com

[From "One World, One Virus"]

AS THE media and governmental agencies continue to bombard the public with the coronavirus and as the World Health Organization has declared a pandemic despite the very low global death rate (about 4,000 alleged dead out of a world population of 7.7 billion), here are some questions you should be asking as you read the news. Let me also say, I am sincerely sorry for those who are sick. On their behalf, let us ask more:

What percentage of the 31 deaths that have occurred in the U.S. involved people over the age of 80 and those who had other serious health problems? In China?

Why if the virus has not been disastrous in China, with a very small percentage of the population having died, and why if the virus is receding there, do public officials keep suggesting that it will be disastrous in the U.S.?

Why has Angela Merkel said that two-thirds of the German population will be sickened?

Why has Italy been more affected than other countries?

Is the coronavirus more lethal overall than the average flu?

Why are quarantines being imposed now and not during the average flu season?

Why have India, Japan (more than half of the 1,200 confirmed cases there were from a cruise ship), Russia, Australia — all of which are closer to China than the U.S. and have many travelers from China — been less affected than the U.S.? Why has Canada, with much travel back and forth to China, had very few cases?

Why are experts forecasting a recession when so far relatively few people have been affected?

Are the government and the financial industry extending our obligations unnecessarily under the cover of induced panic?

Have you met a single person with confirmed coronavirus? Is that person seriously ill?

Please note the alarmist rhetoric in news reports. One headline declared, “the globe shudders.” This is psychological warfare. Even if the virus becomes a worldwide calamity, this alarmism does not seem justified so far. It is reasonable to suspect that we are being deliberately demoralized and further acclimated to a loss of national sovereignty, world government and intrusive laws restricting movement and individual decision-making.

Laura Wood #homophobia #wingnut thinkinghousewife.com

[From "Buttigieg’s Billionaires"]

PETE BUTTIGIEG has been propelled into national politics by the super wealthy. According to Forbes,

Forty billionaires and their spouses have donated to Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign, according to an analysis of federal election filings, making the South Bend, Indiana mayor a favorite among America’s richest people.

See the magazine’s analysis of the fortunes behind the donors.


Usury and sodomy: a perfect match. As E. Michael Jones says, “Homosexuals are proxy warriors for the oligarchs.” In a world a family can’t survive on one income anymore, the homosexual couple represents ideal employees and consumers.

Many Americans will never support Buttigieg, but it doesn’t matter. As Chuck Baldwin says, Buttigieg is one of the “unelectable wackos” running for the Democrats. But it doesn’t matter. The point isn’t for him to win. His campaign is a win/win for the usury class. As a public relations campaign alone, it succeeds.