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Joanne, Joanne, Joanne, let me explain, Joanne, what your books mean, Joanne, because, Joanne, here’s a Joanne quote that means men, Joanne, can be women, Joanne, and I hope, Joanne, you realise, Joanne, how very Joanne wrong, Joanne, you are, Joanne, and also Jo.

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You realise that silencing anyone who doesn't share your 100% evidence-free, taken on faith beliefs (in sex-independent "genders") just makes you a religious authoritarian, utterly intolerant of non-believers, right?

How is it possible to protect the rights of same-SEX attracted homoSEXuals (note how that has NEVER been "same GENDER attracted homoGENDERuals"), when you prioritize an ideology that compels you to NOT acknowledge evidence-based, real-world bioloogical sex, in favour of the 100% evidence-free pixie-dust of self-declared "genders"?

You aren't JUST prioritizing your evidence-free ideology, above the protection of children... You are ALSO prioritizing the authoritarian enforcement of your faith-based religious beliefs, above the most basic rights of gays and lesbians, (evidence-based) women and girls,as well as anyone who values freedom FROM religion, and/or simple, evidence-based, objective truth.

Even the most hardline, fundamentalist Christians, Muslims or Scientologists aren't AS authoritarian and intolerant as you're being (by silencing non-believers, if they don't affirm your evidence-free beliefs as "truth", by submitting to use of compelled, wrong-sex pronouns. Enforcing a scenario where only those who share/PRETEND to share your inherently homophobic, misogynist religious beliefs, have the ability to speak/be heard)

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Why TF does my province use an emergency broadcast over the cell networks that is the exact same system used to give warning about natural disasters... Use it for a lost child. Like, stop the whole province, this is deadly serious, everyone could be impacted, by a lost fucking child. One minor, probably abducted by a family member, and my Tiktok has to stop. By disabling LTE you not only save battery, you usually won't get these interruptions. BUT you might miss those five minutes that could save your life before a tsunami hits. FFS hate society.

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(lyrics to “Fodder for the Shoah”)

Herded into ghettos, loathsome streams of insects
Cordon off the sewage, quarantine the Judah
Gestapo street-cleaner bulldoze sons of Zion
Hovels and shanties, cages for the rats of David

Gestapo boot stomping, strong-armed fungus purge
Teutonic sledge is law, propaganda chokehold
Ghettos funnel swill into disposal camps
Flush away the flotsam, excise the swarthy blemish

Rats in the well pollute the drinking water
Hebrew-rodents, Fodder for the Shoah

Boxcars of Semitic detritus
Gypsies and faggots ankle deep in feces
Barefoot siblings cry, urine soaked tattered frocks
Pregnant women retch, sweating and swooning
Wrinkled old men choking on stale air
Decomposing kin that expired between depots
Rats and beetles carry away sour morsels
Disintegration of the bubonic family unit

Undesirables and threats to the Reich
Sodomites, felons, and usurer kikes
Fodder for the Shoah

Laboring worms, stained industrial beetles
Factory larvae, slaves, emaciated mosquitoes
Fodder for the Shoah

Putrescent bog, decaying synagogue sludge
Judaic throng, inhumed beneath the rank mud
Fodder for the Shoah

Iron wheels thunder into the train yard
Cockroaches shoveled out of freight cars
Cold and imposing tuberculosis-blighted barracks
Crematory towers expel carbonized smog
Militant throngs in pressed uniforms
Barking orders, belting stragglers
Incise and drain the societal boils
Enforce the Nuremburg laws

Running through the mud in rotting shoes
Families wrenched apart, the fodder cues
Exhaustion plagues the limbs
To collapse carries a Luger casing
Small ones to the furnace
Old bodies to the bulldozer

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i never realized just how miniscule breadtube really was and how astroturfed the push for it from youtube to replace right wing content was. i checked their sub counts and i think donught operator alone probably has all of them combined counting vaush xanderhal even bigger ones like contra and hbomber maybe pushing it including philosophy tube. seems like any right wing leaning channel that wasnt banned for being too political too often is just leagues more popular. they dont understand the "rw pipeline" was just peoples natural preferences and the only artificial pipeline is breadtube and hasan where corpos try to lead their audience to tainted water and make them drink.

and even then hasans only popular for the same reason kpop stars are, and even then iirc hes starting to be eclipsed by people like kai cenat who openly hate trannies and tranny faggots.

edit forgot to say what prompted me to glance at views and subs was hearing alot about xanderhal only to see him with apparently under 100k subs.

edit edit apparently not homophobic just told some faggot to not mock christianity and some people got uppity because he almost said the faggot word, because someone can mock your sacred holy beliefs that inform your entire life and unites you and a community of worshippers but forbid you almost disrespect cocks going into bumholes. silly me i forgot that in current year words (like homophobia) dont actually mean things.

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American Slaves had better quality of life than many free African-Americans do today

Under the Plantation Slave system the slaves were guaranteed productive employment, food, and shelter. Can people in modern urban ghettos say the same? Many poor African Americans today are obese, suffer poorly managed diabetes and other chronic conditions related to morbid obesity and poor nutrition. On the plantations the slaves got plenty of exercise and ate more natural less processed foods and were healthier for it. All the horrible street drugs that cripple with addiction and kill by overdose didn't exist on the plantations.

While disobedient slaves may be punished with a whip is that really worse than being punished with homelessness and years in prison? I don't think so. A wise Master would never seriously injure his slaves as punishment because the slave was an expensive investment. Today Police, even black Police, brutalize and kill African Americans quickly and with little consequence largely because they have no wealthy, influential Master who values and protects them.

In the Plantation days children were sometimes separated from their father due to him being sold, but there was still much less fatherlessness than there is among black families today. Wise Masters taught their slaves to be obedient, God-fearing Christians and live by Christian family values. Today the rappers glorify promiscuity, wanton hedonism, street violence, and indulgence in every vice. Today many African-American Churches are just schemes to provide the preachers with money and women. Many, likes the Black Muslims and Black Israelites, also encourage radical Politics and Black separatism. Nothing good can come of this ignorance and corruption of Christ's message! Also note that the Bible never explicitly condemns slavery as an institution, it just condemns certain specific slave-owners like the Egyptians.

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I absolutely hate children (warning, language)

I hate kids with a burning passion. They are the most disgusting little shits and they are some of the main reasons why dogs get murdered. The little bastards harass dogs and do shit that they don't like, then the dog retaliates and the dog is the one to pay the price by getting murdered by absolutely disgusting selfish idiotic breeders. usually when a child gets bitten, they deserve it. I made a resolve to donate money to a pitbull rescue every time a dog loses his or her life because of a stupid kid and their dumb ass breeder parents. The dog should not be killed because they couldn't be bothered to watch their kids or teach them how to respect animals. also if any anti-pitbull lunatics show up on my post you will be reported and blocked.

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Ableism is such a bullshit word. NTA. I’m sick and tired of having to accommodate every little mental illness or disability for people who need to adapt to the world they live in. Sucks they got dealt a shitty hand. Deal with it.

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Rapists are more worthy of respect than Prostitutes

Rape requires the rapist to either deceive his target or physically overpower her, a test of brain or brawn. All being a whore needs to do is find a bed and spread her legs to get pumped for a payday. Rapists are considered the worst scum by the public and Law system so it takes courage to commit rape. Whores know they hardly ever get prosecuted in most First World Countries, in some European ones prostitution is even legal, it takes little courage. Sure some whores and feminists will say they're scared a customer might get too aggressive but I think the sort of guy who would pay a whore is usually the sort of guy who hasn't got the spine to be violent. Plus whores can easily work with other whores or a pimp for protection.

Some of the bravest and most heroic men in history committed rape. The Red Army committed mass rape against the Nazi German Fräulein when they marched to Berlin, would anyone diminish those men who fought the Nazis in personal combat? Some people speculate that as many as 1% of the entire Chinese population have some genetic heritage to Genghis Khan the Conqueror because of his routine rape of those women he conquered. These are great men of history. When has a whore ever had a great impact on history? Cleopatra? Well she spread her legs for the Romans but I'd argue the fact they even were amiable to her whoring was prove they were on the decline anyway!

Rape represents masculine strength while whoring represents feminine wiles and treachery!

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(submitter’s note: lyrics have been abridged to meet the character limit)

They call me offensive, controversial
There's only two genders, boys and girls
They can't cancel my message
'Cause I'm the biggest independent rapper in the whole freaking world
Claim that I'm racist, yeah, right
I'm not ashamed 'cause I'm white
If every Caucasian's a bigot
I guess every Muslim's a terrorist
Every liberal is right

I don't wanna talk to folks who don't get it
Go woke, go broke, no hope, it's pathetic
Pro-choice, pronouns, pro-love, you're progressives
But you ain't pro-gun, no one to protect it
Where the American flags at?
Remember when people would hang those?
They've been taken down
They all been replaced with BLM flags or a rainbow

This ain't rap, this ain't money, cars, and clothes
We ain't sellin' drugs, we ain't gonna overdose
We ain't pushing guns, ain't promoting stripper poles
We won't turn your sons into thugs or your daughters into hoes

I don't care if I offend you, I was put here to upset you
You can cry and you can scream, you can riot in the streets
You defunded the police, now there's no one to protect you
I hope I offend you, I ask myself, "What would Ben do?"
Let's just keep it real facts, don't care how you feel, man
If you want my pronouns, I'm the man
I'm the man that don't respect you

Let's look at the stats, I've got the facts
My money like Lizzo, my pockets are fat
Homie, I'm epic, don't be a WAP
Dawg, it's a yarmulke, homie, no cap
Look at the graphs, look at my charts
You're blowing money on strippers and cars
You're going to prison, I'm on television
Dawg, no one knows who you are
Keep hating on me on the internet
My comment section all woke Karens
I make racks off compound interest
Y'all live with your parents
Nicki take some notes
I just did this for fun
All my people download this
Let's get a Billboard number one

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(Submitter’s note: This is about a YouTuber who has been exposed as a serial sexual harasser. A deadname has been removed.)

I cannot fathom what Emile must be going through right now as some of his closest friends are turning their backs on him over virtually fucking nothing. No proof from any of the rogue's gallery coming forward to speak up against him and the laughably shit proof from the troon, and yet they're treating him like he went out on a raping spree or something. Fuck Masae, fuck AntDude, fuck Jon and Lucah for being backstabbing cunts, and most of all fuck [Emily]. More than anything, I really hope Emile isn't letting all of this bullshit get to him. These kinds of overblown accusations are what lead to autists like him an heroing.

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Stop using the singular "they". It's confusing. Just say "he" or "she". Each time I think that you are talking about a group of people, but you are just referring to one individual. It's a pain to follow. Stop it. Just say "he" when it concerns a man and "she" when it concerns a woman.

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Oh fuck off with this bullshit, most homeless people choose to be homeless because they don't want to follow the basic rules of society, like be clean, and sober. And before anyone comes at me with that "but but they're mentally ill" bullshit excuse, believe it or not but a majority of homeless aren't naturally psychotic/suffer from psychosis, its rampant drug and alcohol use that has ruined them. Legit I have been homeless before not by choice but by act of nature, the amount of people in the street because they refused to follow the basic rules of the shelter is fucking astounding. I know anecdotal blah blah but I have literally lived that, and my lived experience is not invalid.

Ask anyone who has been legitimately homeless and has had to be in a shelter, a lot of them will vouch that a majority portion of homeless aren't "sad, down on their luck, poor unfortunate souls" but instead drug addicted assholes who accost you and just piss and shit all over the place with no moral human decency left in them.

Those who attempt or even succeed at getting out of homelessness and move on with life are those worth helping and saving, those who try are worth it. The filthy scum who lay in their own waste expecting handouts and the world to give them what they want because they are homeless are the scourge of the Earth and deserve nothing.

Oh and if the homeless are so fucking good why aren't all these self righteous assholes opening up their own homes or stoops for them? Oh yeah that's right its because they know how bad it really is. As long as its not their personal space they don't care who these people harass or impede.

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Because the way their existing is a lie, in the fact that no matter how many drugs you take or how much you mangled your body, you'll never be the opposite sex.

You see these videos of people screaming, "I just became a woman last week. " .... no, you didn't. Stop the charades, stop the bs, you did not, and you know you didn't.

I feel like most trans are like those "cop watcher YouTubers", they purposely put themselves in situations so they can feel superior for a moment by knowing what they can do, but that doesn't mean they should do it. Like should you really be filming in the police station just because you can? Probably not.. should you call yourself a woman just because you can? Probably not. Should you call yourself a woman and try to play against women in sports? Probably not.

It does not matter what your mindset is, it doesn't make you what you think you are. Hell if that was the case I'd be Wolverine or something.

I came up with this, asking trans people.. do you like shit? Answer: no. Q: so you wouldn't like shit all over your face? Answer: no... GOOD then stop shoving this shit in people's faces every chance you get!

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Few years ago I had some sympathy and was starting to come around, but it didn't last, this is exactly why I could care less about trans crybabies. Their existence is being attacked? because someone made a joke? Attack is a specific word with a specific meaning, and it doesn't align with someone making a joke. Also making a joke doesn't mean anyone is trying to remove from existence. Fuckin crybabies take every opportunity to act like victims and turn the littlest slight into a despicable crime. People other than trans have depression, get made fun of, and deal with things much worse than feeling like not being accepted. They are trivial problems. Grow the fuck up

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I agree that both transtrenders exist and that as of this day in 2023, they are the widespread reason people dislike trans people. Im a bisexual cis male with a trans male partner, im perfectly accepting and tolerant of trans people, but it really makes me wish i wasnt because at this rate its a fad and a social contagion. I feel bad for people who deal with gender disphoria, who get compared with teens handling very normal feelings during adolescence and watching a few tik toks and suddenly thinking their half cow.

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Fuck you right back i think that you are mean for not accepting opinions 😌 you might be an adult but its clear that you are not aware of :religious themes, opinions, democratic opinions and no don't come at me with you can't accept people and stuff if i can't hate or just don't like LGBTQ+ then You can't hate on people that are not accepting it and here are you making a whole dam song about it

You all are so nice for standing up for LGBTQ+ but that what you are doing is not fighting for LGBTQ+ community your trying to prove everyone else that only you guys are right and only you guys can talk about your opinions that's just mean and no I'm not homophobic i ain't scared of that gay asses of you I'm

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Walking away from new friend with potential BPD

Hey guys, this is just as the title says. I met a new friend and we were having some amazing conversation. Eventually, we ended up talking about psychiatry. I said to her that I understand how diagnoses are really tricky, but I still do not want anyone with BPD near me (based on horrible experiences I have had with BPD relationships.) she told me she has a potential BPD diagnosis, and she is talking with her doctor about it. Here’s what I said in response:

“Ah, gotcha. Have had some really negative experiences with people with bpd. It was really lovely talking to you and I truly do wish you all the best, [NAME].”

Was I being a dick to end the new friendship after finding that out? I feel very self-protective when it comes to people with bpd and can’t risk derailing my life for someone who falls into the criteria.

Would love to know what you guys think. Thanks in advance!

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This artist was appreciated by a beautiful girl named Paige Hayden. She was snuffed out "mysteriously" at the hands of a race traitor poser scumbag who thinks he's a "neo nazi", the canadian govt is an anti-white backstabbing war on drug enforcing monetary prison of pollution and ((progress and diversity)) where canadian women can be killed and forgotten, left unavenged, and have their death passed off as "fentanyl OD" even though autopsy reports say otherwise. Paige sent me this song shortly before dying at the hands of a fentanyl selling scumbag race traitor who likes to murder white women. I love her and miss her, and ill do what I can to bring light to this situation. canadas govt would rather enforce drug laws and removes peoples right to free speech than arrest active murderers and fentanyl dealers (thx commie china for the fentanyl and thanks antifascist capitalists for the war on drugs that makes it flourish, good stuff guys). This woman wouldve been safer in nazi Germany where they did not enforce a war on drugs and adults could self medicate without arrest unlike antifascist progressive diverse countries that destroye Germany, white people and the Earth in pursuit of money, power and consumption and creation of garbage

Adolf Sneedler #fundie #racist #homophobia youtube.com

The Internet lumberjack is a massive pos. I dunno why so many comments act like he’s some fckin saint. All that horrible racist/bigoted ish Chris says about “the blacks/Jews/homosexuals/etc” came straight from that awful old fossil. He was just a hateful old pos that failed Chris every step of the way. Hope he’s rotting in H3ll.

he won't be rotting in hell because he was a decent god-fearing american who just was unlucky to fall in love with a mentally unwell woman
jews, homosexuals and you, however, will indeed go to hell, so repent while you still can

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ADHD, autism, and depression, are NOT REAL.

You don't have adhd. You're just obnoxious. (I'm sorry but i honestly don't know what else you want me to say. If you can give me a better way to say this, I'd happily edit this.)

You don't have autism, you've just been bullied and your self-esteem has suffered because of that. So now you feel awkward in certain situations. You don't know where to put your hands, because you're worried that somebody is looking at you. It's essentially just an after effect of bullying.

Depression is not a mental illness. It's sadness. It's a human fucking emotion. Something bad happened to you. Now you're feeling sad about it. That's normal.

Sometimes White Lies can make us feel better. I'm honestly happy for you if you're feeling better because of a diagnosis like this. But that doesn't give you the right to live a lie. Doesn't give you a right to Gaslight everyone around you.

Find a healthy way to feel better about yourself. You don't have a right to tell people lies just because it makes you feel better about yourself. Stop being obnoxious. Except that something bad happened to you and you have to work through that. Don't listen to bullies. You're not divergent or wrong just because you're good at something that they're not good at. Or because they can't apply themselves.

DramaticPangolin-92 #transphobia #dunning-kruger reddit.com

(Side note: being held to the standard you expect everyone else to abide by for you is not the same as forcing another sacrifice on someone you’re already expecting emotional labour from. A younger sister already has to use a new name and new pronouns, being told she also has to lose something because an older sibling demanded that of her is base cruelty. Your inability to see that is concerning.)

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(emphasis is the submitter’s)

Since the assassination of my father in 1968, candidates for president are provided Secret Service protection. But not me.

Typical turnaround time for pro forma protection requests from presidential candidates is 14-days. After 88-days of no response and after several follow-ups by our campaign, the Biden Administration just denied our request. Secretary Mayorkas: "I have determined that Secret Service protection for Robert F Kennedy Jr is not warranted at this time."
Our campaign's request included a 67-page report from the world's leading protection firm, detailing unique and well established security and safety risks aside from commonplace death threats.

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(submitter’s note: this is one section of a much longer post)


For a group of people who claim to be oppressed, you have a very bizarre definition of it. You have the support of politicians, various segments of law enforcement, political lobby groups, and more corporations than I can name. Blacks during the height of Jim Crow didn't have the advantages you have, so take your comparisons to them and shove them.

What is happening to the transgender lobby is that the majority (which, by your own admission, you claim to be the minority) have become well aware of what your side wants and how your demands that society contorts itself for your desires have encroached on their lives. It is no great sacrifice to give gays, lesbians, and bisexuals equal rights because what they ask does not require I disregard my own to generally accommodate them. By contrast, transgender demand I lie to their face so they can live their truth, regardless of my personal conscience.

You want to police language so no one can hurt your feelings. You want to suborn law enforcement to let you do as you please without consequence. You want political bodies to give you the right to do what you want at will. You want to wish away the unarguable fact humanity is sexually dimorphic mammals because, by your own admission, your heads don't match your bodies, and thus there is a mental disconnect between the two.

And if you had your way, the difference between male and female would disappear into the morning mist whenever you feel like it, everyone would have to accept whatever chimeric identity you adopt every other day as valid no matter how irrational and unreasonable it may be to accommodate you, and you want your enemies harassed, shamed, and destroyed for having the temerity to complain.

And to my horror, in defiance of logic, reason, and various laws guaranteeing equality before the law, you've been unbelievably successful, and to the extent your opposition believes you are getting away with far too much, I'm forced to agree with them.

That is not oppression, that is you being told NO, and firm limits being placed so that your rights do not encroach on that of others.

Which, under a just society, is as it should be.

Existing-Diamond1259 #transphobia #sexist reddit.com

[…] y’all will call any radical feminist a terf for not “including” males in our feminism. For recognizing that female people are oppressed on the basis of our biology. Not bc of “our identity as women.” Which includes trans men. So that is hardly “trans exclusionary.”

I’ve been called a terf for even saying that I (who identifies as a lesbian) am not attracted to male people. No radical feminist un-ironically identifies as a “terf.” Y’all put that label on us.

99% of radical feminists don’t hate trans people. We believe that they deserve the rights all humans deserve. We even agree that they are generally an oppressed demographic. We disagree with the idea of gender in general. We think gender ideology is harmful. Especially to the homosexual community. In the same way you can disagree with someone & not hate them & want them to die.

The only radfems that I have seen claim that they hate trans people, are ones that say it because trans people are constantly calling them bigots for their sexuality, for simply believing that biological sex exists, etc. not because of the fact that they are trans. In fact most of us were once rapid gender ideology supporters ourselves.

There is literally nothing that aligns with Nazi beliefs in our beliefs. So calling us Nazis is ridiculous.

RealClarity9606 #wingnut #psycho #dunning-kruger reddit.com

More uninformed assumptions. Do any of you ever learn or get tired of being wrong??? That generation did not huddle in a safe space, curled in the fetal position every time someone hurt their feelings. They had their flaws but nothing like the amoral, narcissistic, soft…and undisciplined generations that came after them and that are now drowning in their self pity and victimhood and celebrating their ignorance in so many ways. And then blaming their shortcomings on everyone else, thus making them unable to break from their cycle. Basically…what your post just demonstrated! 🤣🤣🤣 Don’t try to tell me what I think…there’s no hope you could comprehend my thoughts. 😉 Go have a soy latte and whine over how you are perfect…victims. 🤦🏻‍♂️

CHRIST_BOT_9001 #fundie reddit.com

Hello friend,

I appreciate your participation in the discussion, and I acknowledge that language can sometimes slip unintentionally. But I kindly remind you to be mindful of using the Lord's name in vain. Let's promote a positive and respectful atmosphere for everyone involved.

Instead of "God D***", find alternative phrases such as "Goodness gracious" or "Golly gee".

I'm here to educate, not hate. I want to assure you that my intention is to spread positivity and not to cause offense. I hold deep respect for all faiths, even when our beliefs differ, and I am open to engaging in respectful discussions that foster mutual understanding. Let us embark on this journey together, embracing kindness and love as our guiding principles.

Colossians 3:12 (NIV): "Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience."

Top-Character-8319 #ableist #dunning-kruger reddit.com

Also just to add on, America has a bad habit of misdiagnosing/self-diagnosing and lying about it, a lot of people with borderline personality disorder/Narcissistic personality disorder, they love to claim that they are "high functioning" autistic, meanwhile they are just fucked up human-beings, it's no wonder people are finding them all the time. lol, I for one, look for these people, and I like putting them down and calling them out of their lies. Online people are full of these types of traits, especially Americans, you guys have main character syndrome/I can pretend to be a victim and people will just do shit for me syndrome, too

I also hate the misdiagnosis of ADHD in America, Jesus Christ, the excuses that schools will try to find,

you can find any kid that wasn't raised with normal-ish parents and no strict rules and don't teach them to focus, they will lack focus until someone teaches them how to focus, especially with how shit public schools are. And guess what, they have "ADHD" then they can just use this as an excuse for the rest of their life, most people don't even go on youtube and see what real ass ADHD looks like lol. Anyway. Good luck being an American.

Saintly Beginnings #transphobia #dunning-kruger #pratt youtube.com

disagreeing with a treatment philosophy or realizing that someone is a company liability is NOT being a racist nor wishing/ wanting harms to come to anyone (ie- what ‘homophobia’ used to mean)

There is far more medical research that shows ‘affirming care’ does NOT reduce suicidal concerns, addiction issues, self harm, or mental health issues related to the dysphoria.

In psychology, affirming a patients delusion has NEVER been standard care, and in the research done (odd research even had to be done), affirming a patients delusion has overwhelmingly ended up being worse for the patient.

We wouldn’t tell a bulimic or anorexic that they are fat; we wouldn’t tell a person w/ BIID that their arm/ leg/ vision isn’t really theirs and then cut that body part off, or make someone a paraplegic because they believe they are in the wrong body and should’ve been born as a paraplegic.

Stating these truths is not being bigoted, it is actually coming from a genuine place of compassion.

And the popular declaration “Authentic self” means nothing. It sounds nice, but has no valid meaning. Humans constantly grow, struggle, change in opinions & views, interests change, food preferences change, fashion & hairstyles, as well.

So one would have to know who they will be, enjoy, like, believe far into the future to be able to come close to reaching such a statement.

zachary6227 #quack reddit.com

A few weeks ago, there was some garbage going around about how SSRIs are evil and don't actually work and stuff like that. I find lots of parents who are looking for a reason to not believe that depression is real and serious latched on to this and think they're justified in doing so.

SSRIs literally saved my life. The affect everyone differently. People don't seem to understand that.

lol some garbage? It was a well constructed, definitive study saying that serotonin has nothing to do with depression

SSRIs barley beat placebo and any small difference could be explained by study design or the enhanced placebo effect.


Summary: Overall, people who used antidepressants to manage depression long-term did not have a better quality of physical or mental health than those with depression who did not use prescription medication to manage their symptoms


SSRIs do not really work, the placebo works. Except pharmaceutical companies make $15 billion from drugs that can come with long lasting or permanent side effect such as PSSD.

French Bastard #conspiracy youtube.com

I saw the second plane hit live on tv. It ressembled nothing like a commercial airliner. It was an unmarked grey plane. They were military drones. I also saw the pentagon hit video before it was scrubbed off internet. It was an sol-air missile. The lady from the hostage audio recording is telling you word for word at the end of her forced segment..."its a trap". Thats means gov kidnapped the real airliners and forced people to make those audio recordings. The issue is you cannot call and connect a cell phone from a speeding airliner. They grounded those airliners on military bases, forced the "calls/recording" then disposed of those witnesses. They needed an element to secure the event as "real" using real people as pawns. The operation was argubly a success. Rogue operative Saddam Hussein Irak was invaded.

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Oh my, it is Stephen that's fucking hoarding legitimate copies of Earthbound, and goes for EVERY good fucking deal/price for a copy. You, need to see a fucking shrink BIG TIME. I can understand the game meaning so much to you, that say, you own ONE CIB copy, ONE loose cart, ONE CIB SFC version, ONE loose SFC version, and any merchandise and memorabilia related to the game. "Collecting" and hoarding as many copies of the NA version, is nothing more than being a selfish, greedy piece of shit ruining finding these for anyone else. You're also contributing to there being fake ones on ebay and anywhere else. I had no idea it was you who was doing this, but I remember seeing these videos a few years back after I finally got ONE loose cartridge of the game finally. I guess I never noticed the name of this channel, and through the last 5 years or so I didn't want to look up the videos again and find out it was you, because of your ties to TheRunawayGuys. Wow..... get some fucking help. I can't believe your wife or girlfriend or what ever she is to you, goes along with this.