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I know my old college classmate, better than anyone in the world. I know how he plays the game. I’ve correctly warned about and predicted every move he’s made since 2009.

If I were Obama, what would I do next?

Trump looks unbeatable at this point. The latest Rasmussen poll has him up 10 points over Biden. With third party candidates included, Trump is up 12 points.

The latest Gallop poll shows Biden is the least popular president in 70 years- lower than Nixon or Jimmy Carter.

The latest YouGov/Economist poll shows 68% of Americans believe the country is “out of control” under Biden.

The latest CNN poll shows Biden’s rating on the economy and inflation is among the lowest ever seen- 34% and 29%.

Read the tea leaves. It’s all over for Biden. He can’t beat Trump. There will be no 4th term of Obama. Trump will reverse everything Obama and Biden did. And he will put the bad guys in prison for treason. So, if I was Obama, I’d roll the dice…

I’d replace Biden at the Democrat convention in August with Michelle Obama.

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Do you think illegal aliens should get free healthcare while you pay full price for everything? Democrats think so.

Do you want to be forced by government to rent a spare bedroom in your home to an illegal alien family? Democrats think so.

Do you want your children to be encouraged at school to change their gender, or to become cross-dressers? Democrats do.

Do you think children should be able to change their gender without parental consent, under the age of 18? Democrats think so.

Do you want your daughter alone in a bathroom, or locker-room with boys, or grown men pretending to be women? Democrats think it’s just fine.

Do you think your taxpayer dollars should be spent on sex change operations in the military, or in prisons? Democrats think so.

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How about the massive spending, welfare and debt that is crushing the US economy and producing the worst inflation in modern history. That’s not brain-dead Biden. That all started under Obama too. That’s all “Cloward-Piven.”

The open border and the mass foreign invasion of America. That’s not brain-dead Biden. It’s all Obama.

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Obama also used the IRS to try to destroy his critics and opponents. I’m a witness. I was one of Obama’s victims.

Obama used the IRS to try to destroy my life. The IRS was his personal goon squad. Obama used the IRS to threaten, intimidate and terrorize conservatives and conservative non-profits.

When I went public and exposed Obama on Fox News, guess what happened next? Hundreds of GOP donors who had written checks to Mitt Romney’s campaign, contacted me to say they were also victims of IRS attacks only days after writing a check to Romney. You know what this means?

Obama used the IRS to rig the 2012 presidential race.

That was when the rigging and stealing of presidential campaigns begun. Take note President Trump. Trust me, it was Obama who came up with the plan to rig and steal your 2020 election.

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And then real life story #2. My childhood best friend is a strong believer in God. But he is non-political. Yesterday he reached out to me via text to say, “I’m going to say something very odd now. I don’t believe Trump can be stopped. He’s touched by God. He’s super-human. He’s got something supernatural supporting him. I don’t think anyone can stop him. In my lifetime, I’ve never seen a human being on the earth surrounded by this supernatural force. Trump doesn’t even age like all the other presidents in history. He looks the same as 8 years ago – even after all he’s been through. He doesn’t ever get down, even though he’s taking deadly shots left and right. He’s superhuman, unstoppable, unflappable. We are witnessing a miracle.”

There are those words again- “supernatural” and “miracle.”

Do you believe in miracles? It’s time to start believing. What’s happening is supernatural. Everyone is starting to see it. Everyone is starting to believe. The signs are there. Trump is “the Chosen One.” Trump is sent by God and blessed by God.

What we are all witnessing is “The Trump Miracle.”

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The border was first opened under Obama. People have short memories. It was so bad back then, I was the opening speaker for candidate Trump at the last Trump rally before the 2016 election. I warned…

“If Hillary wins, it will be the third term of Obama. He will finish the job. Obama will open the border like never before. It will be open borders on STEROIDS. He will wave millions of criminals, gangbangers, radical Islamic terrorists, and military-age males from our enemies across the globe into the USA. Between the crime, welfare, spending, debt and terrorism, we will never recover. And mark my words, millions of illegals will be allowed to vote, and no Republican will ever be elected president again. America will fall.”

No truer words were ever spoken.

It’s all happened exactly as I warned. Except Trump interrupted the plan, so it came four years later. Everything I predicted is happening right now.

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

WAYNE ROOT: My Warning to President Trump: This Crisis & Chaos in America is All About Obama. Get Ready for What’s Coming Next. Hint: Michelle Obama.
By Assistant Editor May. 6, 2024 3:20 pm 775 Comments

imageFormer first lady Michelle Obama speaks on Jay Shetty’s podcast “On Purpose.” (Jay Shetty Podcast / YouTube screen shot)

By Wayne Allyn Root

Let’s put two and two together.

Start with what’s happening in America at this very moment.

The anarchy on college campuses. That’s not brain-dead Biden. It’s all Obama. Why do you think it’s all centered around Columbia University?

This all started at Columbia University, Class of 1983. I’m a witness. We were taught to hate America and support socialism and communism. Even back then, all my Columbia classmates wanted “Death to America.” We were taught “Cloward-Piven”- the plan to destroy America, the US economy, the great American middle class, and of course, capitalism.

Who was my college classmate back at Columbia? Obama.

The weaponization of government and persecution of President Trump. That’s not brain-dead Biden. It’s all Obama.

That all started with Obama’s presidency. Obama used the NSA and CIA to spy on Trump and then frame Trump with fake “Russian Collusion.” Just like the fake trial going on in New York right now. Take note President Trump. This is Obama going after you.

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My nephew is a young doctor in California. He recently graduated medical school after being born with severe physical disabilities. He is a walking miracle and testament to the power of faith and prayer. For the past decade of college, medical school, and medical internship in California, everyone he met was a liberal Trump-hater.

48 hours ago, my nephew the doctor was working at a medical office in Los Angeles and he witnessed what he describes as a “supernatural miracle.” The news came on the television in the doctors office. The topic was Trump’s primary landslide in Michigan. He was expecting either groans, or hatred from everyone in the office. But then he witnessed something that shocked him like never before…

Someone in the office cheered Trump. And then another. And another. Soon the entire medical office was cheering and celebrating President Trump. Everyone. Patients, staff, doctors. Once they realized it was safe to express support for Trump, everyone let it all out. Everyone admitted they are on Trump’s side. In Los Angeles.

My nephew the doctor said, “Uncle Wayne, it was a miracle. I never thought I’d ever see anything like this. Something supernatural is happening.”

There’s those words again- “supernatural” and “miracle.”

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #fundie #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

Also, like Jesus, Trump fights on behalf of the little guy or gal who feel powerless.

Also, like Jesus, the more they persecute him beyond any reason, the more they create a martyr and hero for the people.


I’m sure that just like today, the media in the time of Jesus helped the Roman government put out propaganda to gaslight the people. Explaining what a wonderful government the people had…how thankful they should be for the crumbs they were “allowed” to keep…and demonizing Jesus as a criminal and heretic.

The parallels are astounding.

Wayne Allyn Root #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

WAYNE ROOT: The Questions that Win 2024 Election for President Donald J. Trump
By Assistant Editor Apr. 5, 2024 12:00 pm 104 Comments

By Wayne Allyn Root

I suggest President Trump and the GOP build the coming election around these questions. There is no “extremism” or “right wing” or “white supremacy” or “radical” or “controversial” or “unpopular” here.

The American people are overwhelmingly behind us on every one of these issues. Start throwing these questions at them to wake the sleeping giant.

If the majority of voters agrees with us on these questions, we win a resounding landslide…

Do you support open borders and the foreign illegal alien invasion of America? Democrats do.

Do you think 10 to 20 million illegal aliens being welcomed into our country over the past 3 1/2 years of Joe Biden is a good thing? Democrats do.

Do you think illegal alien lawbreakers should be treated better than American citizens? Democrats think so.

Do you think illegal aliens should be treated better than military vets? Democrats think so.

Do you think millions of illegal aliens (with no background checks) should be shipped to your neighborhood and your children’s school? Democrats think so.

Are you afraid vicious terrorists are being welcomed into our country? Are you worried about terror attacks? Democrats couldn’t care less.

Do you think our government adding half a trillion dollars a year to our national debt to support illegal aliens is a good thing? Democrats think so.

Do you think illegal aliens who commit violent crimes should be deported? Democrats don’t.

Do you think illegal aliens should be allowed to serve as police officers? Democrats do.

Do you think illegal aliens should be allowed to vote and cancel out your vote? Democrats do.

Do you think US businesses should be fined, or put out of business, for daring to ask employees if they are legal citizens? Democrats think so.

Are you willing to pay dramatically higher taxes to pay for millions of illegal aliens and their welfare and free healthcare and a hundred other government handouts? Democrats think you should.

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #fundie #magick #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

Virtually everyone in power is against him- from the DC Swamp, to the Deep State, to the Military Industrial Complex (that wants wars around the world), to his own government agencies (CIA, FBI, DOJ, NSA) who frame him and spy on him.

All the groups who hold the most wealth and power in America are out to stop him- Wall Street, mainstream media, Silicon Valley, the Bar Association, the teachers union, Hollywood, Madison Avenue. They all hate him.

Foreign governments are desperate to stop him from ever gaining power again. Global organizations like the WEF, WHO and United Nations despise him. Almost every globalist billionaire in the world is arrayed against him- George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and all the rest.

Women call him “sexist.” Black Democrats call him “racist.” Gays call him “homophobic.” Muslims call him “Islamophobic” because of his unswerving faith and support for Israel. But American Jews vote against him.

Yet after all of that, President Trump holds the lead over Joe Biden in virtually every national poll; leads in every battleground state that determines the election; leads among Generation Z (the youngest voters); and in some polls leads among Latino and black males. A recent poll showed Trump leading among Jewish voters in New York state.

How is this possible? It’s supernatural. It’s biblical. It can’t be explained. It’s a real-life miracle.

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #fundie #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

WAYNE ROOT: “Do You Believe in Miracles?” Something Supernatural is Happening with President Trump. We are All Witnessing “The Trump Miracle.”
By Assistant Editor Feb. 29, 2024 12:00 pm 1890 Comments

By Wayne Allyn Root

“Do you believe in miracles?” Remember those words by sports broadcaster Al Michaels when the underdog US Hockey team won the Olympic Gold in the 1980 Winter Olympics. History has branded that game…

“The Miracle on Ice.”

See, in real life miracles do happen. We live in a negative, cynical world. Few of us really believe in miracles…and even fewer believe a miracle is happening, even when it’s happening right in front of us. But miracles happen all the time.

You just have to be open to seeing and believing in miracles.

I believe a miracle, sent directly by God, is happening right in front of us, right now. You just have to open your eyes.

President Trump is that miracle.

He’s sometimes crude and rude. He offends so many. He angers so many. “The powers that be” want him stopped at any cost- even if they have to frame him by making up crimes that never happened.

He faces so many indictments and trials. He faces over 700 years in prison. He is being fined hundreds of millions of dollars and banned from conducting business. If he doesn’t spend the rest of his life in prison, he could end up losing his empire to bankruptcy.

He is painted as “Hitler” and “KKK” and a “white supremacist.” We are told he is “a threat to democracy.” If elected, his critics say, he will destroy America.

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

No normal, honest, pro-rule-of-law, pro-American judge on earth would vote this way. It’s not even possible. It’s unimaginable. It’s absurd. It’s insanity.

It’s like two conservative judges just voted for national suicide.

Think about it. These two “conservative justices” just voted for letting in all the world’s criminals to murder us…all the world’s armies to conquer us…all the world’s third world poverty and misery to bankrupt us…all the world’s disease…all the world’s pedophilia and child sex trafficking….all the world’s drugs….all the world’s fentanyl to keep killing over 100,000 of our American children annually.

They voted to keep raising our national debt by an insane half a TRILLION DOLLARS per year to pay for the welfare, food stamps, housing, schooling and healthcare of these illegal invaders, until our economy collapses.

They ruled that in response to this mass foreign invasion…we the people…and the states of the United States…have no say.

This is the same Supreme Court…and the same two conservative justices…who believe Big Brother has the right to lockdown its own citizens, close their businesses, and restrict their civil rights…and use government mandates to force a deadly, untested, experimental vaccine that clearly violates the Nuremberg Code into our bodies…but we have no right to stop a foreign invasion from destroying our lives and our country.

Does any of this make sense to you? That ANYONE could vote for this? Let alone two conservative justices? Something is very wrong.

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

Do you really want to risk your career, or hundreds of millions in sales, on a man who has produced massive inflation that is wiping out the middle class; the worst crime wave ever in big Democrat-run cities; welcomed millions of criminals, gangbangers, murderers, and terrorists into the country; killed our energy independence, causing the highest utility bills in history; weaponized our government against its own citizens; introduced massive censorship against anyone who disagrees with his agenda; and is on the verge of starting World War 3.

Does any of this sound like a smart career move?

Keep singing Taylor. Keep entertaining. Good luck with your relationship with Travis Kelce.

But stay out of politics. Don’t risk your brand on the most unpopular president ever. Or you will be “Bud Light-ed.”

We’re pretty darn good at this now!

Wayne Allyn Root #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

WAYNE ROOT: We Can All Complain About Open Borders- the Destruction of the USA and the Crime of Century. But I Have a Real Immediate SOLUTION.
By Assistant Editor Mar. 25, 2024 1:40 pm 311 Comments

By Wayne Allyn Root

On my TV show, “America’s Top Ten Countdown” on Real America’s Voice TV every Saturday, I choose the top ten stories in America- as chosen by me- a lifelong conservative warrior, America First patriot, and capitalist evangelist. Then I choose the order- and count these crucial stories down to number one.

You need to hear this past week’s number one story.

Because I have an immediate solution for the open borders crisis that has the potential to change everything.

First, I am a man of solutions. Anyone can complain and criticize, but always bring a solution.

I wrote two bestselling books about solutions for conservative patriots- “The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book” and “The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book.” I’m proud to say my last book was endorsed by President Trump.

My books show conservative patriots how to boycott, punish and defund woke, liberal companies…and how to reward and fund patriotic, pro-American companies. Those are real strategies and solutions that work!

But my favorite solution ever was born 15 years ago. Way back in the mid 2000’s, I proposed a solution for open borders and illegal immigration. I urged Republican Governors to round up their illegal alien lawbreakers and ship them to Democrat cities and towns. I knew that liberal politicians would scream “bloody murder.” This is how we could make Democrats look like fools and hypocrites. And if we overwhelmed their cities, and made their lives miserable, they might act.

Fast forward to today. GOP Governors like Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Texas’s Greg Abbott are sending illegal aliens to Democrat cities. And those hypocritical so-called “Sanctuary cities” are screaming bloody murder and crying “Uncle.” They are overwhelmed. Their budgets are exploding. Their streets are swarming with crime, drugs and homeless. Liberal hypocrites are losing their minds.

Wayne Allyn Root #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

WAYNE ROOT: “Will Taylor Swift Be the Next Bud Light?”
By Assistant Editor Feb. 8, 2024 2:45 pm 655 Comments

By Wayne Allyn Root

Here is my message to Taylor Swift on Super Bowl weekend.

Many in the media are saying Taylor may soon announce her endorsement of Joe Biden.

Let’s call it a “Bud Light warning.”


My advice to Taylor Swift: STAY OUT OF POLITICS.

It’s that simple. We don’t expect Taylor Swift or other artists/entertainers to suddenly become conservatives. We just want them to shut up and stay out of politics. Stick to what you know best. Sing, act, entertain. Politics is not your talent. Politics will turn off your audience and poison your brand.

Taylor Swift has an amazing career. She is a fantastic entertainer. She is beloved by her fans. But that can end in a moment. A Bud Light moment.

Overnight Taylor could lose a large portion of her fans and sales. Let’s be conservative (excuse the pun). How about if she loses 20% or 30% of her sales? Is that smart? Is that a positive for her brand?

Taylor, is it really worth hundreds of millions of dollars to turn off a large portion of your fans?

For what? To side with a decrepit, failing old man, with dementia and diapers, who every poll shows is the most unpopular and disliked president in modern history?

Sharp Shtik #conspiracy #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

SICK: At Least Seven Men in Texas Filmed Themselves Gang Raping Two Toddlers in a Mall Bathroom in Houston — One Arrested

LGBT Democrats committed these sick crimes.

Democrats commit nearly all crime, which is why Dems in cities refuse to punish many of them.

Corrupt FBI/DOJ Dems also refuse to take down the Biden Crime Family.

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

Our country is being sold down the river.

It’s my opinion that these “conservative” Supreme Court justices are either bribed, or blackmailed by the Deep State, DC Swamp, foreign governments like China, or the Mexican Drug Cartels. Or all of the above.

It’s my opinion that a vote like this could never happen unless a gun is to the head of these justices.

Someone clearly has a video of these justices doing something terrible, or evil. Perhaps someone was taking trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s island. Perhaps someone is getting paid tens of millions of dollars in offshore bank accounts for keeping the human trafficking, sex trafficking and drug trafficking flowing at the open border.

Or perhaps the Mexican Drug Cartel has shown these justices photos of their children at school, and at home, and threatens to kidnap and murder their children, if they don’t vote to keep the border open.

I know this. Something is very wrong. No one votes this way. Unless they have a gun to their head. Or unless someone is dirty and has sold out their country.

Wayne Allyn Root #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

Our Bud Light boycott worked better than any boycott by conservatives and patriots in history. Why? Because we all focused on one company like never before. We proved it works. We brought Bud Light to its knees like no company in history.

Although one could argue Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Disney did not fare so well either.

I wrote the #1 bestselling book, “The Great Patriot Buy-cott Book” (endorsed by President Trump) to show conservatives and patriots how to reward great conservative and patriotic companies…and how to punish and defund woke and pathetic liberal companies. Soon thereafter came the Bud Light boycott.

Practice makes perfect. Conservatives are getting really good at this! What we did to Bud Light (and other woke companies), we can do to Taylor Swift too.

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

Yet yesterday our 6-3 edge at the Supreme Court became a 5-4 loss in the most obvious, simple, clear-cut case in history. Again. Just like Obamacare (twice). Just like allowing illegal aliens to count in the U.S. Census that determines who represents us in Congress.

Yesterday, the Supremes voted 5-4 against Texas and A) in favor of the insane, radical, Marxist madmen of the Biden administration…B) in favor of open borders and against the Sovereignty of the United States of America…C) in favor of the intentional destruction of America…D) against States Rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution…and E) in favor of leaving the American people completely helpless to stop a mass invasion of our country.

Who could possibly vote against the interests of America and a secure border? Who could possibly vote against Texas and ignore States Rights? Who could rule that a state and its legal American citizens have no right to defend against a mass invasion of criminals? Who could possibly vote that as millions of military-age males from Hamas, Hezbollah, MS-13 and our mortal enemy China pour into our border, a state cannot even put up razor wire to try to slow the invasion down?

Two “conservatives” voted that way.

Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Amy Barrett was one of the recent Trump appointments, recommended to President Trump by the fantastic, pro-Constitution, Federalist Society.

How is this possible? There is not one conservative, or patriot in all of America who would have voted this way. So how do two supposedly “conservative” justices stab America in the back, and vote against States Rights, and for the destruction of America?

I’ll say it out loud.

It’s my opinion that we just found out who the bribed and/or blackmailed, rat-fink TRAITORS are.

American Me #conspiracy thegatewaypundit.com

SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) & SADS (sudden adult death syndrome) are both caused by vaccines. Do your research. There is NO safe or harmless vaccine & NO study or proof of it either. So states Dr. Sherri Tenpenny who read everything written on vaccines for 22+ yrs. It's all been a world wide hoax & is a big part of their eugenics program to kill off 95% of humanity.

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #fundie #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

WAYNE ROOT: No, Trump Isn’t Jesus Christ, but Democrats Sure are Persecuting Him like Jesus. Here’s Why.

Trump is NOT Jesus Christ. He is human. Perhaps super-human. But nonetheless, human. He is not a God. I know that. But Democrats don’t seem to know it. They treat him like Jesus. They persecute him like Jesus.

And for the same reasons too – Trump threatens the status quo…he threatens the government…he threatens the Deep State and DC Swamp…he threatens their gravy train…he threatens their lock on power and control…he represents change. The people in power (who have all the power and all the money) don’t like change.

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

WAYNE ROOT: I Say Out Loud What Others Only Whisper: Is There Any Patriot in America Who Isn’t Thinking Supreme Court Justices are Being Bribed, or Blackmailed?
By Assistant Editor Jan. 23, 2024 11:00 am1102 Comments

By Wayne Allyn Root

C’mon. Admit It. You know you’re thinking the same thing. It’s so obvious. It’s just common sense. Anyone who isn’t at least wondering is a naïve fool.

I grew up in an all-Italian mafia neighborhood in New York. I know when the fix is in. I know when someone has taken a bribe. I know when the mafia has got their “hooks” into someone.

Something is wrong with our United States Supreme Court. Something smells to high heaven. Something is “hinkey.” Someone is being bribed, threatened, intimidated, or extorted.

This just isn’t normal. It makes no sense. Conservatives have the edge. Not just 5-4…but a safe, overwhelming 6-3 edge. We should be winning every major Supreme Court case.

And yet we keep losing with the most obvious, clear-cut, life-or-death-of-America cases. Cases that should be slam dunks. Cases where it’s so clear that no conservative, or patriot in all of America would vote against us. Cases where a vote against us is a vote for the intentional destruction of America.

Bryan Mason, Western Civ Rocks! & Patrick LaBelle #conspiracy #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

Bryan Mason: They're already starting with the BS story:

The late Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt) had been out of action for almost all of 2023 with a condition that was recently revealed to be both career and life threatening. According to Sean Ross Sapp, Wyatt contracted COVID-19 that ended up exacerbating underlying heart issues that Rotunda presumably was dealing with.

-- This caused him to end up in hospital but the belief was that he was on his way to a full recovery and would eventually even be returning to WWE in the near future. Unfortunately, earlier today Wyatt suffered a heart attack related to the above issue and passed away at just 36 years of age.

The WWE had already started and enforced a mandatory vaccination policy that drove quite a few performers to quit. Bray had been performing with many wrestlers for a lot of bouts in 20-23, so he obviously had the clot shot, or else he wouldn't have been allowed in the ring.
Joseph Okey: His family has now reported that he had contracted COVID during the pandemic and that it exacerbated an ALREADY EXISTING heart condition and that he suffered a heart attack due to the damage from that. Enough already.
Western Civ Rocks!: Maybe the shot exacerbated the heart condition. Hello!
Joseph Okey: His family knew his medical history, you and I don't. I'll go with the ones who KNEW his medical history and not random people who DIDN'T.
Patrick LaBelle: You are COMPLET|ELY missing the point (maybe intentionally, maybe not). He may have had a medical history of heart problems, but given how detrimental the SHOT is to hearts, it is much more likely that the shot led to his death, not Covid. But maybe you are too dense to understand the point.

NJCowboyVito #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

Doesn't matter who is at the top of the ticket. The Democratic Party is absolute scum. I don't see how anyone with a brain can vote for any Democratic candidate for anything. Killing of babies and the selling of their body parts, open borders, sanctuary cities, elimination of free speech, elimination of freedom of religion and assembly, elimination of the 2nd amendment, higher taxes, globalization, elimination of fossil fuels, defunding the police, no cash bail, release of violent criminals and sexual predators, etc. Democrats are plain evil.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano & Joe Hoft #fundie #conspiracy #homophobia #transphobia thegatewaypundit.com

“The Family Is Certainly at the Center of the Globalists’ Attack” – Archbishop Vigano on the New World Order – Part II
By Joe Hoft

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, a fearless opponent of the New World Order, where human rights are discounted and sacrificed for those in power, was interviewed recently by Attorney Reiner Füllmich.

We previously reported on Part I of this interview.
Today was have Part II of the interview:
Below are some key thoughts coming from Archbishop Vigano’s interview with attorney Reiner Füllmich.

* ...the authors of the pandemic farce are the same people who today would like to push the world towards a total war and a permanent energy crisis.
* False accusations are one of the means used by those who want to eliminate an adversary whom they fear and cannot fight fairly.
* Even the recent Russian-Ukrainian crisis significantly finds the globalist elite, NATO, the American deep state, the European Union, the World Economic Forum, the entire media machine, and the Vatican all aligned on the same side. Putin’s intervention in Ukraine is considered a threat to the New World Order that must be neutralized even at the cost of a global conflict.
* ...the Ukrainian crisis was deliberately provoked by the deep state in order to force the world to carry out the Great Reset reforms, in particular the so-called “technological transition” and the “green shift.” It is the second stage of the globalist technocrat coup, after the pandemic farce.
* Without a crisis, how could the increase in the price of gas and petrol be imposed as an instrument to force companies and individuals to make the famous “ecological transition” that no one has ever voted for and that has been imposed by bureaucrats who are enslaved by the elite?
* ...the ideological – and infernal – purposes of the elite make use of the complicity of economic potentates whose aims are merely to make profit.
* The family is certainly at the center of the globalists’ attack.
* striking at the family leads indefectibly to the dissolution of the social body, which by nature is incapable of replacing the role of the family.
There is much more below in the transcript from the interview.

Donald Trump et al.; Jim Hoft #wingnut #conspiracy #dunning-kruger thegatewaypundit.com

President Trump joined David Brody on Real America’s News on Monday. During the interview, Trump said he never conceded in the rigged 2020 election.

President Trump is not backing down and it ruins the Democrats and globalists.
Hopefully, the truth will be revealed soon.

President Trump also discussed his upcoming visit to the US Border with Texas Governor Abbot.

Via Real America’s Voice:

Washington, DC / June 21, 2021 — In an exclusive, wide-ranging interview with David Brody on Real America’s Voice, the rapidly growing digital and linear news network, President Donald J. Trump said that he never admitted defeat in the 2020 election and has not conceded the election.

The comments came after Brody asked about President Trump’s recent interview with Sean Hannity. “I want to start with something you told Sean Hannity last week,” said Brody. “The headlines were about how you admitted defeat in the 2020 election when you said ‘we didn’t win’ … Did you admit defeat? I just want to understand that.” Brody asked.

“No, I never admitted defeat,” responded Trump. “I never used the word concede, I have not conceded,” he continued.

Brody and President Trump then went on to discuss the mounting evidence of election illegalities and fraud being uncovered in Arizona, Georgia, and elsewhere. “There is a tremendous percentage [of the American people] that thinks the election was rigged and stolen,” said Trump.

The 45th President also noted that claims of election fraud are not new, referring to Hillary Clinton’s comments about his win following the 2016 election and Stacey Abram’s claims following the Democrats’ loss in Georgia. But, the President noted, “in this case there’s [actually] massive evidence.”

logo #conspiracy #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

The reality of it is, the "vax" is NOT a vax in the true sense of the word, it's actually a depop/ human enslavement injection.
The world is now in the midst of the globalist NWO's eugenics program is mass genocide on a world wide scale.
If the poisonous cocktail doesn't kill you, it will give you health issues the rest of your life and "THEY" will control you.

They need everyone onboard and to be injected to bring us into their "great reset" so that we can be tracked and controlled through the 5G network and shut us down on a whim if and when they want to for whatever reason.

One major ingredient in the poisonous cocktail is Graphene Oxide which is a great conductor of electricity so you can be digitally tracked and controlled. It also contains parasites and nano particles of stainless steel that attaches itself to the lining of your arteries and act as spikes to disrupt the blood flow to influence clotting which could lead to your eventual death. "Booster" injections are needed to ensure its primary directive. Well I've got news for them....IT WON'T WORK!

Various Posters #wingnut #psycho #conspiracy #racist #crackpot thegatewaypundit.com

(on an article entitlted “Biden and Obama Work to Make America Into a Third World Sh**Hole”)

(El Gato Blanco): Obunghole, Xiden and everyone from their illegitimate administrations should be hung from a multi rope 1800's style wood frame gallows in front of the white house.

(Hiden Biden): Oboon is homesick, we should deport him along with Joe's illegals.

(Democrats are Evil Commies): Here's the bottom line. We've gotten too smart for government and their partners in the MSM, so they need to import millions of gullible low IQ filth to replace us so the population is easier to control. It will also be easier for them to implement globalist one world policies.

(Gunny G ❤️🗽 USA #1/BIDEN SUCKS): The end result is that Americans finally rise up, like we did in 1776, and end the Ruling Class, chase out the illegals of all types, and put the country BACK on the right track.

(Democrats are Evil Commies): Bath House Boy Barry and his senile pedophile puppet are actively and openly turning the US into a third world shiitthole and it sends thrills and tingles up the legs of all Democrat voters as they sniff each others farts and sip their soy lattes.

(Sam Adams): Latinos are incapable of running successful countries. Move the Latinos out and move Europeans into those same countries and in 20 years they'll be prosperous.

(El Gato Blanco): Obunghole hates America because his mother was a mudsharking white (wh) ore and his real daddy, Frank Marshall Davis was a communist who took dirty pictures of his mommy. His white maternal Grandparents were American hating communists. Kind of hard to love America when you grow up in such confusing Arrangements.

(Judy Tractor): Biden and Obama can't do it alone. Which 2% minority has Biden appointed to half of his cabinet positions? Who provides 70% of the funding to the democrap party? Who pushes the globo-homo anti-white agenda on every mainstream media outlet?

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(on an article titled “Satanic Rapper Lil Nas X Gloats after Satan Shoe with Human Blood Sells Out in Under a Minute”)

(WoodyBoyd): Please tell me no one is surprised that there are 666 idiots out there stupid enough to buy such evil products. There are at least that many who are buying ABORTIONS, why would it surprise anyone that there are enough to buy this evil.

(J.Moore): Only 666 pairs and it took twenty whole minutes, in a GLOBAL market? He should be depressed it took that long. I figured just the satanists in DC alone would staunch the supply in a second...Sad to say I'm actually ENCOURAGED by this news. The demon worshipers let us down. Oh, well - I guess more baby-murder is in order. The appetite of Moloch MUST be satisfied. BTW, if you're still wearing anything with a Nike swoosh on it - you can go rot.

(squidettevet): Over the years I've only run into a handful of witches and satan worshipers and none of them could afford a $1k pair of shoes. Half the people who bought these will resell them for more than this satanic butt pirate made.

(7026139906): Good! I hope all of the evil people on earth will fight to the death with each other over these limited edition shoes. Let them spill more of their blood over these evil shoes. You know it's going to happen. Kids were killing each other over Air Jordan's & still will!

(Sher): Lil' ahole gloats that 666 pairs of shoes sold, so we know there are 666 morons in the world. As ridiculous at 80 million people voting for pedo joe.

(mojojojo): How many hood rats will be murdered by other hood rats to steal these shoes? You can be proud knowing you bought them for them with your welfare EBT dollars.

(Gary Warren): Guess we know why the Democrat Fascist need an influx of untraceable children for the manufacturing process. Spirit cooking is also on the rebound, with fresh ingredients. And Planned Parenthood has a whole new line of special order organs, with 12 hour delivery guarantees.

Joe Hoft #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

Democrats running the House are planning today [December 2nd, 2019] to release their bogus report on fake and made up crimes supposedly committed by President Trump that would warrant impeaching President Trump.

President Trump is arguably the best US President since Lincoln, the last great President removed from office by Democrats.
Lincoln was assassinated after holding the country together and freeing Democrat owned slaves during the great Civil War. President Trump is too good for the Democrats. He has an ‘America First’ agenda which the traitorous Democrats and elites despise.

It’s time that we Americans stand and call this what it is. This is another Democrat attempt to remove a President through any means necessary. It is seditious and treasonous. The Democrats in the 1860’s that were in on the Lincoln assassination were killed in their escape or hanged high.

We are entering a new phase when it’s time to hold all seditious and treasonous Democrats who actively act to remove President Trump from office to the same fate!

It’s time for investigations and indictments of these Deep State actors who are attempting this coup of our government. Representatives and Senators in on it should not be exonerated. Hang them if that is what the law requires. Americans want justice! Without justice we have no country!

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(in response to Shane Warne’s death)

This news is going to hit Australians hard, especially cricket followers. Warne was one of the greatest to have ever played the game. And Marsh was another legend.

I can't wait to discover how long it's been since they were vaxxed. As most of the Aussie population stupidly took the jabs, the odds are at least one of the pair had them. Of course the media will make up some excuse to deny the vaxxes were the cause.

Wayne Allyn Root #fundie #wingnut thegatewaypundit.com

The Houston Astros were punished in a severe way for cheating to win the 2017 World Series. Major League Baseball suspended the team’s manager and GM for a year. They took away the Astros’ top two draft picks for the next two years. They also fined the team $5 million.

And then the Astros fired the manager and GM who led them to a World Series win.

That’s how you deal with cheaters — short of a prison term. That’s how you send a message that cheating will not be tolerated. That’s how you prevent the next scandal. Bravo.

Government reacts the opposite way: It covers up scandals. It buries the story in collusion with its media buddies. It condones cheating — by liberals who support big government.

Enter former President Barack Obama. Obama and I were born days apart in 1961. He became my college classmate. We both went into politics. When Obama ran for president on the 2008 Democrat ticket, I ran as vice president on the Libertarian presidential ticket.

But we are different in one major way: I am diametrically opposed to every policy Obama has ever stood for. I believe Obama was among the worst presidents in American history. I believe his administration was among the most corrupt in history.

I’m shocked and disgusted that Obama got away with it all, but he had the biased, liberal mainstream media on his side.

Jim Grunseth #fundie thegatewaypundit.com

"BREAKING: Man Steps Forward with Sexual Assault Allegations against Sen. Cory Booker — With Lawyer’s Response to Gateway Pundit"

The Bible say you have to have 2 or 3 direct witnesses. One is not enough. No corroborating evidence. I am a conservative Christian and a Republican. I believe in the rule of law