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(Note: spacelazarwolf is not the OP. This is a targeted hate message anonymously sent to him, a Jewish trans man.)

Hi Breastie!! I'm the Good Faith Advise Anon! And I've come to share some lighthearted facts (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

One of the most prominent finantial inversors of the Trans comunity and movement less spoken of in public is Jewish business male George Soros, being one of the main sponsors of the EU trans lobby orgs through his open society foundations (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

Most violent crimes, specially those particulary henious such as rape, assault, robbery, murder, and child abuse; Males commit 80-90% of these with notorious difference. Victims includes both females and other weaker males themselves (ㆁωㆁ)

Homosexuality is a material reality based on the exclusive attraction towards other individual based on shared same sex. A person having willingly sexual activities with someone of the opposite sex is simply and objectively not homosexual 乁[ ◕ ᴥ ◕ ]ㄏ

Love ya Breastie!! (つ≧▽≦)つ

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Sometimes you look at a man, and you can see the emptiness in his eyes, in his way of speaking, in his movement. No empathy no feeling no love no hate no nothing. He might have a family, a job friends, but inside there is nothing. You can't even teach him because there is nothing there. It's not an empty cup waiting to be filled, there is nothing. Only ego.

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i fully believe the best solution is either inventing female on female reproduction or aborting males until we get to the lowest possible male/female ratio to still properly reproduce and we keep the rest of them under 24/7 surveillance. no better way to win against your opponents than getting rid of them altogether. androcide or subjugating men there's no other way

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FICTION IS REALITY. Promoting pedophilia in fiction is /normalizing/ pedophilia, and esp since Voltron is aimed at younger audiences if ur thirsty asses say it's okay to ship she//ith or shi//dge or the like guess what?? You're NORMALIZING pedophilia and saying to all the minors watching that these kind of relationships are okay. Yes pedophilic fiction is a huge problem just look at fucking Japan and tell me fiction has no influence. It's a real problem. Shut your ignorant ass UP.


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(Submitter note: “Proshitter” = mangling of “proshipper”, a label used by people who oppose “antis”– fans who disapprove of one or more portrayals of relationships in fiction due to problematic elements in the pairing.)

pedophilia is why you proshits need to be warned about and bullied. you take an axe to the innocence of children and sacrifice them your blood god. you cause real people harm by normalizing pedophilia. you all are walking red flags and need to be monitored for the safety of those around you.

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Thought exercise: men who offer violence to women should lose an appendage each time they offend—hit a woman, commit rape, assault, etc.

Now the *key* to this plan is that the first offense always results in the penis being removed. It is very important to start with the penis so they get the message. Then each of the four limbs, then the head, if they really don’t get it.

The thing is, it wouldn’t take that many peepee-ectomies for men to start to get it. They are still mad about Lorena Bobbit removing her abuser’s raping tool and that was 30 years ago! I think we can make a dent in the culture way sooner than that. A hundred? A thousand? What about 47,000 a year? Then everyone knows a guy or knows of a guy who hit a women or hurt her and had the tackle taken off. It becomes common, culturally acceptable! We recognize that men who rape and beat women often end up dickless. We make them an object of ridicule. Men start to get scared. They start to monitor their own behavior, they get scared to go on dates. Catcallers worry they’ll get their tongues cut out next.

47,000 a year sure will sound like a LOT of people to men worried about their dingle dangles. That’s 128 a day! The court system would be full of these cases! This is a global nightmare! Society is a nightmare! This affects everything!

47,000 women are murdered every year by their partners or family members. When was the last time you heard a male care about this? On his own, without prompting?

What if those 47,000 women were still here? In fifty years, it’s more than two million. What if they had lived? What would they have contributed? Who were they?

Snip snip.

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(Note: agro-carnist is not the fundie, but is responding to them. I have linked to their blog because the OP’s blog and its post was deleted.)

for as long as males perpetuate a global culture of rape and destruction against all that is female, we will never be free. males use all that is female to further their own sordid interests, and the consequences of their actions affect all that is female. animal cruelty is a feminist issue, because males impregnate and destroy the bodies of female animals without abandon - their bodies are merely considered an extension of objectified and commodified human female bodies, after all. raping the soil and the ocean with industrial agriculture and fishing is a feminist issue, because the destruction of soil and ocean is the destruction of the life-giving potential of the earth. fossil fuel extraction and greenhouse gas emissions are a feminist issue, because the consequences of climate change will primarily be borne by females. until we begin fighting for all that is female, we will never be free.

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Men’s mental health month is coming up in June!

Reminder: Men don’t deserve advocacy from women. Men do not care about women’s issues. Men do not speak up against male violence against women.

“It’s mens mental health month and I see no women speaking out” Don’t look at women. Men created the system men are suffering in.

Another reminder: The male suicide rates are only higher than women’s because men are more likely to chose violent methods, their attempts have a higher success rate. Women attempt far more. (Four times the rate of men) When women attempt and fail, it is because they chose a method that is less likely to traumatize those they are leaving behind, and because women have been conditioned to care about how they look, they still wish to look pretty in death. (Women usually attempt by using drugs or carbon monoxide poisoning, meanwhile for males, it is usually a firearm or hanging)

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unpopular opinion but many gay men are not perverts because they‘re gay but because they‘re men.

straight men love to single out pedophilic and fetishist and sex offender gay men as if the big majority of pedophiles and fetishists and sex offenders arent straight men.

as if the issue is same-sex attraction and not maleness and masculinity.

on top i think straight male perversion is just more normalised than gay male perversion.

school girls are sexualised where school boys are not. girls‘ bodies are sexualised and even grown women are held to pedophilic standards (examples: shaved pussy, child like face, flat stomach). etc

they only care about gay male sexual violence because the victims are male, not because it‘s more common or worse in any way.

also, i think often sexual violence against men is not even committed by gay men but by other straight men (in prisons, at war, at school, hazing, by fathers, brothers, uncles …).

accusing gay men of being perverts due to homosexuality is just deflecting the real issue: maleness.

it‘s like white men singling out brown and black men when they commit violent acts. it‘s not because they‘re brown or black, it‘s because they‘re male.

just males being male.


“gay men are more promiscuous, they-”

Nah, it’s because it’s men, not because they’re gay. Women want to have sex less than men, so two men means more sex. The end.

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(Note: deadpanwalking is not the fundie, but is responding to them. I have linked to their blog because the original post was deleted.)

the logical conclusion of any communist revolution will be the utter extirpation of the imperators of the old world. how numerous are the enemies of the people? numerous enough that the answer will require innovations in the disposal of the dead.

proletarian mercy is in shortening the process: as Marx said, “the murderous death agonies of the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society can be shortened, simplified and concentrated in one way, and that way is revolutionary terror, when our time comes we will make no excuses for the terror.”

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(From “An open letter to the entire feminist community.” Written in 2017.)


To the radical feminists: You are closer to me than you think you are. However, you will never abolish the porn industry fighting the wrong group of people. I strongly urge you all to look up the Jewish porn moguls and the statistics of Jewish people in the media and big business, despite being less than 3% of the American population they manage to be the majority in most of these things while holding a large portion of the wealth as well as being the group with the lowest rates of poverty. Stop blaming white men for every single issue in society, Porn alone has always been a communist and Jewish creation used specifically to ruin society, I have said before that this is bigger than the oppression of women, they are teaching our young boys to only be aroused by incest, Gang banging and bestiality to destroy him. Hitler knew this, that is why he made it his business to burn pornographic literature and general media. Pre-Hitler Germany was riddled with porn culture which of course lead to rape rates going way up and mass demoralisation of the public, Hitler managed to abolish most of this and brought peace and high trust societies back to the German public, which flourished even under a global depression. He did this just by trying to deport the Jewish elite to Palestine and purging Their nation of what those elites had created. Hitler released his people from massive, Crushing loans and debt, created hundreds of thousands of jobs, gave mothers generous financial support and time off from work, Ran the world’s first anti-smoking campaigns and made it the government’s business to protect their environment. He created the socialist Utopia you would all die for, the media then went on to lie about him and make you afraid of him, because they don’t want you to succeed.

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(NOTE: “Fujoshi” is a Japanese term used for fans of male-on-male media such as Boys Love manga, originally used as a pejorative before being reclaimed by fans.)

fujoshi-bullshit: It’s a good time to remember that “trans mlm” are just fujoshi, and are as equally as homophobic and gross as the rest of them. It doesn’t matter if you don’t self-identify with the fujoshi label, you’re still a homophobic little shit.

the-lesbo-mermaid-archive-blog: lmao, I joined the GSA club at my school, and most of the people there were just a bunch of fujoshis, with shitty haircuts.

#lgbt #lgbtq #fujoshi #gay transmen

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Note: this news is from 8 months ago.

A prominent “gender critical” activist is facing backlash after she called for a reduction in the number of trans people.

Helen Joyce, author of Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality, is facing widespread criticism over an online discussion with Helen Staniland in which she said people who transition are “damaged”.

Joyce, who has become one of the most vocal “gender critical” campaigners in the UK in recent years, said their “movement” is no longer in the “consciousness-raising” stage.

She said the “gender critical” movement cannot be focused on convincing every person in the UK of its views and that it instead must “get through to the decision-makers”.

“And in the meantime, while we’re trying to get through to the decision-makers, we have to try to limit the harm and that means reducing or keeping down the number of people who transition,” Joyce said.

“That’s for two reasons – one of them is that every one of those people is a person who’s been damaged. But the second one is every one of those people is basically, you know, a huge problem to a sane world.”

Joyce continued: “If you’ve got people – whether they’re transitioned, whether they’re happily transitioned, whether they’re unhappily transitioned, whether they’re detransitioned – if you’ve got people who’ve dissociated from their sex in some way, every one of those people is someone who needs special accommodation in a sane world where we re-acknowledge the truth of sex.

“And I mean the people who’ve been damaged by it – the children who’ve been put through this – those people deserve every accommodation we can possibly make, but every one of them is a difficulty.”

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Can you imagine going back in time and telling activists that in the future piv sex will be considered gay by certain people? That women will be told that they “aren’t real lesbians” for refusing to have sex with males? That gay men will be called bigots for refusing to date females? That “gay” people will shame homosexuals for their same sex attraction?

Can you imagine going all the way back to the time of the suffragettes and telling them that some day men will put on dresses and declare themselves the most oppressed women of all? That in the future these men will be able to threaten women with murder and rape with no repercussions, but that women will be ostracized and fired from their jobs for acknowledging biological reality? That these men will steal scholarships and resources made for women and people will call it progressive?

Can you fucking imagine?

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lmao i did it again

was eating in public with my gf, and a visibly trans-id girl walks up to us, complimented both of our hair, and said we "looked VERY queer" before asking to sit with us. (i dressed like total shit because i just threw things on lol)

we obliged. the pronouns are he/him, the chosen name is tyler. 16 years old, knew i was 21. we talked about our troubles with being born female and how that defines us, drug use, bigoted parents, socializing with autism, working toward being the ideal versions of ourselves BEFORE transitioning, and how gay people are not obligated to sleep with trans people. tyler agreed with every TERF talking point i said, and questioned nothing.

i was trusted so much by the end of this encounter, that tyler got in my car with me, asked me to drive to a nearby store for some things, and then drive home.

like... tyler's HOUSE. the address was plugged directly into my phone. (didn't keep it)

and we exchanged numbers before parting ways.

it is truly so fucking easy to blend. you will never find me. i really do look like you. i really do talk like you. you would invite me to your fucking doorstep if you met me, and you would have no idea. i could dangle my TERF ideology in your face beforehand, and you would have no clue.

i am utterly vindicated. seethe.

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A so-called gender critical activist has been caught on camera quoting Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf in a speech against trans rights at an anti-trans rally in Newcastle.

Dozens of anti-trans activists assembled outside the 1914 Memorial in the gardens of St Thomas’ church in Newcastle’s city centre on Sunday (January 15) between 12pm and 2pm.

A huge group of counter-protesters – who waved Pride flags, banners and shouted pro-LGBTQ+ chants – was also in attendance and appear to have been based outside the nearby Newcastle City Council building, an estimated 400 metres away.

The event was part of the Let Women Speak tour by notorious anti-trans activist Posie Parker and featured several gender critical speakers who addressed the crowd, in front of a large, grey ‘adult human female’ banner.

During the event, one gender critical speaker – who has been identified as UK Guild of Hypnosis Practitioners (UKGH) chair Lisa Morgan – quoted Adolf Hitler’s 1925 manifesto Mein Kampf.

“I know about language, and I know that this [gestures to counter-protesters] is based on something that we call the big lie.

“Do you know the big lie? The big lie was first described by Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf.

“The big lie is such a big lie that ordinary people like us think, ‘Well, that can’t be a lie because I would never tell such a big lie as that. We only lie in small ways.’

“The big lie, well there is one big lie going on, and it was begun by men in the early part of the 20th century. It began when they had an erotic fantasy and they decided they were going to sell us the big lie – and what is the big lie?

“The big lie is that trans women are women. But they’re not are they? They’re men and we know that.”

The term ‘big lie’ was coined by Hitler in Mein Kampf and was used by the German leader as a technique to describe the behaviour of Jewish people. Specifically, he accused Jews of using the ‘big lie’ to discredit Germany’s efforts in World War I and blame the country’s loss on general Erich Ludendorff.

It is widely believed this technique was used by the Nazis as part of their extensive propaganda to turn the German people against the Jews and justify the Holocaust.

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people are going to call me mean for this but I'm going to say it anyway: I don't care about gym bros that have eating disorders. men's eating disorders are just eating healthy and getting strong, while women with eating disorders are starving themselves to fit a sexist beauty standard. like they are not the same! they are not of equal importance!

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(Note: jambeast is not the fundie, but is responding to them. I have linked to their blog because the original post was deleted.)

Anonymous: Rushdie’s also a pretty shit writer. The Satanic Verses wouldn’t have sold 100+ copies if he didn’t include islamophobic hate speech to get western audiences to champion him. Notice how nobody talks about any of his other books lol. Obviously he shouldn’t have been stabbed, but he made himself a puppet for the west, so he can’t be truly surprised when that comes with consequences. Truly a case of Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

milf-zone: Exactly right
My entire point here was that his entire association to fame is rooted in Islamophia. He isn’t a good writer and all this support he’s getting from is right wing Tumblr kids who have never read his work.

I just can’t stand it when authors, comedians, actors etc say fucked up shit and then hide behind their craft like it somehow gives them immunity form consequences.

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(Note: this person is a bisexual man.)

a straight girl will date anything vaguely male-shaped so long as its as cis and het as she is. istfg you could line up the handsomest butches who could eat her pussy for days or the most genteel bi boys who could top her from wall to wall of her tacky apartment, and she’ll still choose her broke, ugly trogolodyte boyfriend who thinks staring at her tits is foreplay and humping vaguely in her direction will get her to cum bc gay men are meant only to compliment her tasteless dress over brunch and lesbians are gross.

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There was undoubtedly censorship in the Soviet union, which is a good thing because the alternative is to let those seeking capitalist restoration, or seeking to spread antisemitism and other forms of bigotry have a platform to do so in society. Speech that materially harms people should be outlawed.

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(Note: Xiran Jay Zhao is not the fundie being quoted: the people responding to her are.)


TranscriptXiran Jay Zhao:

also outing myself: I am not 100% Han. From my dad’s side, I have Hui Chinese heritage, which is a minority ethnic group descended from Islamic Silk Road traders

Unfortunately, the Hui are being sent to concentration camps alongside the Uighurs now

(foreignpolicy.com: Xinjiang’s Hui Muslims Were Swept Into Camps Alongside Uighurs)

bluechrominance: What so you couldn’t get enough muslims to care about your fake story with just the Uyghurs, so now you gotta rope the hui into it too?

Also: of course it’s Xiran Zhao peddling this bullshit lmao

lordandgodoftheobvious: “ #this obviously didnt stick#which is why zhao literally did not mention this again for the past 2 years despite being So Concerned about the Hui”

m-ushroomtale: ‘look at me i’m so special, look at me i’m part-hui, look at me i’m so oppressed’

u should ‘out’ urself as a banana (yellow on the outside, white on the inside)

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I used to think small boys could be allowed in female separatist spaces but after working with boys as young as 4 I don't want them anywhere near me or girls. It starts so early. I don't care if it's nature or nurture. They all become evil so quickly. And I'm not using the word evil lightly. As someone who is very understanding with children, there are some things I've seen or heard that were beyond comprehension. There is an obsession with destruction, violation and inflicting pain that just isn't normal. And the male ego and entitlement is already there. It's already too late. And to think later on women try to "change", "educate" and "teach" grown men. If we can't do it when they are 4 what do you think you're going to achieve now?