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church mouse guy #fundie #wingnut

Your source says that he wants to raise taxes (surprise, surprise) to pay for all this. As for teaching children, ever notice how Biden only puts his hands all over little white girls and smells their hair--he must be racist because he never smells little black girls hair. Speaking of old men and little girls, Muhammad was 54 when he consummated his marriage with Aisha. You add 5 and 4 and you get 9. Nine was the age of Aisha when Muhammad consummated his marriage with her--5 + 4 = 9, an Islamic miracle.

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GoodTidings #fundie

Originally, the 1st Amendment was written to protect Christian religious freedom. That is its original historical context. It was written to protect Christians in the colonies from the persecution of the Church of England, which was in the colonies, particularly Virginia. It is because of Christians that other religions enjoy religious freedom in the US.

The Constitution is not a living document that needs to be reinterpreted or changed. It simply needs to be enforced. It is the law of the land, as written. The Progressives (Communists) want to scuttle the Constitution and so we need to protect it from those on the Left who want to do violence to it.

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GoodTidings #wingnut #fundie

What people like you don't understand is that the data from other countries is severely restricted and the failure of socialized medicine isn't reported as much in other countries and that gives the false impression that socialized medicine is better than private health care where people have freedom of choice.

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Revmitchell #wingnut #fundie

How can this be when organizations like Planned Parenthood have goals to go into schools at Kindergarten level and begin educating the kids on their genitals in a way that contradicts what the parents have told them and they do this intentionally. Then they work to provide "their" education along the way with the goal of girls having abortions at least 3 times between the age of 13-16.

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GoodTidings #fundie #homophobia

Christians are persecuted in America. The persecution of the baker who would not make a cake for a gay wedding was just such a case. He was not subjecting anyone to his Christian beliefs. Rather, he was being told to bow to the demands of homosexuals or face prosecution. He didn't bow, they prosecuted him and they lost and freedom of religion won. Freedom of religion is not the stifling of rights of Christians to openly practice their faith.

The truth is that the Left continues to show us the kind of Stalinist police-state they would subject America to if they ever get their hands on the levers of power in this country.

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church mouse guy #fundie

There is trouble with Egyptian dating. I think that those in favor of correcting the chronology are winning the scientific debate. Egyptian history is much shorter than previously thought.

At any rate, the Genesis Flood was 4300 years ago. And you are correct that nothing survived the flood.

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church mouse guy #pratt #fundie

That's not talking about evolution. It means firstly that dogs have puppies and cats have kittens. It also means secondly that horse is a kind and specific breeds of horses are still horses. It was recently ruled that an Australian dingo is not a dog, because the creature cannot be domesticated although genetically it may belong to the dog family.

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tyndale1964 #homophobia

(Re: Court Rules Christian Mingle Must Include Gay Individuals)

Modern Philosophy

The era of modern philosophy started a little over 100 years ago. That is when men decided that they didn’t need God for morality. They wanted to make their own morality. It failed.

The 20th century was the bloodiest century in history, as a result.

Post-Modern Philosophy

As a result of the failure of modern philosophy…. post modern philosophy was born.

Under post modern philosophy, everyone makes up their own rules. That is the era that we live in right now. Everyone can decide what is right and ok for themselves, and nobody can tell them that they’re wrong.... Brother Glen:(

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church mouse guy #pratt #fundie

It is the American left that clearly does not want free speech. They think that free speech obstructs their agenda of a leftist dictatorship and they think that free speech is not a God-given right. The Masters of the Universe have sided with the American left. Also, the American left has sided with jihadi psychopaths in an alliance to obtain power by violence. What the American left does not understand at all is that the jihadi psychopaths will turn on them once Christians, Jews, and capitalists have all been silenced in the USA. The reason that jihadi psychopaths will turn on the American left is that Muhammad said to slay everyone who was not a member of Islam.

So meanwhile the American left is busy silencing the opponents of socialism/communism and the opponents of homosexuality and the opponents of jihadi psychopaths. It does not matter that you are a refugee from communist brutality or that you teach Christian morality or that you are just teaching what jihadi psychopaths say in Arabic in some Indianapolis mosque.

I believe that the American left and their violent jihadi psychopaths will win power in America. As I said before, I then think that the jihadi psychopaths will take power away from the American left by using the lack of free speech that the American left is now instituting. The jihadi psychopaths will say that the American left is slandering the prophet Muhammad. As President Obama said at the UN on September 25, 2012, The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

Katherine Timpf wrote in National Review yesterday that 41 percent of American university students believe that hate speech such as defined as speaking against the leftist agenda should be punished. Here are a couple of paragraphs from what she said:

What’s always been the most interesting to me is that it seems as though most of the people who want to crack down on people’s First Amendment right to free speech are also people who are very liberal, the same kinds of people who often claim that President Donald Trump is a Nazi. In other words: They want the government to have the power to control speech, they think that the head of the government is a literal Nazi, and yet they don’t see any irony in that. It truly blows my mind.

Everyone isn’t always going to like every person in a position of power in this country, and that’s exactly why we need to keep our speech completely free. If we don’t do that, then our right to speak our minds is subject to the whims of whoever happens to be in power at that time — and that person might have a different view on what kind of speech is or is not acceptable. It could get very scary: If a leader, for example, decided that he or she considered any speech criticizing him or her to be “hate speech,” then we could even lose our right to place a check on government power using our First Amendment right to be critical in that way.

So what are we to do about hateful speech? We speak out against it. That’s right: The way to stop others from saying hateful things is not to use government power to silence them, but rather to use our own freedoms to combat what they say. After all, the only way to ensure that the government doesn’t have the power to police what we say is to make sure that we never give it that power in the first place — because the same laws that could be used to stop speech you don’t like could also at some point be used to silence you.

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. --Barack Hussein Obama

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Yeshua1, church mouse guy #fundie

Not much of modern day dating theories will reconcile with the Flood event, correct?

(church mouse guy)
No, their dating methods are not scientific. Many deny a catastrophic global flood. They have about sixty theories of the ice age and none of them fit the facts. Modern science is unscientific in part because it is tied to federal grants, which makes it political. They believe the Grand Canyon was formed by a little water and a lot of time but science suggests a lot of water and a little bit of time. Science has passed evolution by and deep time has too many scientific problems. Recently it was discovered that the moon has a lot of water. Deep time does not know how the moon could have water.

The truth is that both we and the ewvolutionists look at the same data , but their preconceived "truths" require to totally, and wrongly, interprete the scientific facts!

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Revmitchell #fundie

[Regarding Obama becoming president.]

Depends...I certainly hope he fails at pushing his socialist agenda. But I doubt it. I hope he fails to set the stage for more unborn children to be slaughtered at the alter of socialism. But I doubt it. Based on his campaign promises there is no possibility that he will be the best President we have ever had. It just will not happen.

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Scarlett O. #fundie

I think people don't consider two things.

The incredible size of the ark coupled with the size of juvenile animals.
The understanding of the word, "kind". For example, there were no poodles, pickapoos, Chihuahuas, German Shepherds, etc.

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davidtaylorjr #fundie

Surely you know that radiological dating is not accurate. You do different radiological dating methods on the same rock and you will get two very different "ages."

This is also based on a lot of assumptions that the chemical makeup of that rock has always been the same as well as other assumptions.

We also know that we have shown live dinosaur tissue. If they were millions of years old, as claimed, then there is no possible way for this to occur.

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Ran the Man #fundie

Frightening. I always say never ordain female pastors. It's the gateway, because among female pastors, you have feminists. among feminists you have lesbians. and if you have feminist, lesbian pastors, you have gay pastors by default.
I realize it sounds misogynist, but the devil uses the same tricks from the beginning: he goes thru the woman. This is why God went thru woman to bring us back to Him.

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Heretic Hunter #fundie

Thank you for your testimony! I completely agree with you. D&D is an Occult game saturated with paganism; sorcery; witchcraft; and so many more things that are antichrist. It is a tool intended for indoctrination of these things belonging to Satan. Before I was saved, I played the game once with some "friends", and the irony is, when I look back at the experiece today, everyone involved was reprobate. Two of the players were siblings that had parents that were atheists; the parents deliberately named the siblings "Alpha" and "Omega" to blaspheme the Lord Jesus Christ's name. While I am certain that we can swap war stories, and compare that evil game with other games that are of the same low grade as the Ouija Board, one thing we can recognize and acknowledge here is that this is another End Times Deception to deceive people into eating things sacrificed to devils.

If, in their study, they could read 1Corinthians 10:20-22 and 2Corinthians 6:14-18 along with Deuteronomy 18 they might can grasp that the mixing of that game is rebellion against God, as it is eating from the table of devils to learn the deep things of Satan. The mixing of that evil game is of the doctrines of both Balaam and the Egyptians (Nicolaitans).

The Lord Jesus Christ is speaking to the Churches, but are they hearing Him? Are they hearing His words in the Seven Letters to the Seven Churches? I would hope that anyone that would think that it is "O.K." to bring a Satanic game into any Church service would prayerfully read Revelation 1-3, as the Lord makes it clear that there are severe consequences for such actions. There is no sharing of the darkness with the Light. We are to be separate from infidels. We are to abstain from pollutions of idols. That's right, the Church is commanded to abstain from idols and polutions of idols. The command is written in Acts 15:19-29 and we get further instruction in the Epistles of Paul and James.

It is obvious to me, that the "Fellowship and Dragons" group is a Cult in the making, of the house of the dead. Weast is deceived and deceiving. This is a clear example of turning Grace into lasciviousness per Jude 1:4

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church mouse guy #fundie

Pelosi is rich, probably from killing babies. She is a feminist like most Dem women. She takes botox to control some disease and that is the reason for her face being so twisted. She wears extremely expensive clothes and forces the military to fly her around at taxpayer expense.

Schumer is a mooch. He used to beg Trump for campaign donations. He too likes the idea of killing babies. He is a beta male like most Dem males.

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JohnDBaptiste #fundie

Interesting how some "open minded" evolutionist audio bombed the video in the OP of this thread.

It's what people resort to when they cannot refute the point being made.

How many times are we told by evolutionists that black holes result from the compacting of stars many times larger than our sun into the size of a basketball?

The galaxy and the universe are far larger than the biggest star...

So we are supposed to believe that simply because everything is fanning out across the universe that it all started at a single small point?

This is where the fairy tale audio bomb needs to be!

Grab two handfulls of sand. Throw it up into the air and watch it scatter!

Now according to evolutionists... this is evidence that the sand you flung into the air started at an infinitesimally small point (smaller than one of the grains of sand) and everythi8ng else came from it...

Sadly they call this science.

Even sadder, they call what they force on everyone "education."

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JohnDBaptiste #fundie

The scientific method is not exclusively limited to but generally limited to repeat experimentation / observation.

If the THEORY of evolution was a merited as those who buy into believe, it would have been the LAW of evolution a long time ago. Evolutionists will state for the record it's not even a good theory.

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Revmitchell #fundie

Make no mistake the US is currently in a revolution.

1. unfettered illegal immigration
2. caravans being organized and funded to storm our borders and invade with deep hatred for all the US stands for.
3. President Trump is under attack like no President ever.
4. Kavanaugh will continue to be under attack.
5. Capitalism is under attack.
6. The founding prinicples of this country are under attack.
7. Gaining control of media outlets like news (to include Fox News) and social media outlets like facebook, youtube, and google.

These are all elements of the current revolution we are under. Right now it is one sided. Should Trump be removed it will not longer be one sided. From there it may lead to civil war.

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dimmesdale #fundie

Here is your science evidence for the common ancestor which must have been a chimp. On the chimp side of the equation it rockets right to the top without any precursors. No proto-chimps in sight while on the human side we have all these pre human intermediaries. A whole slew of them so where are all the chimp transition forms? 98% chimp and humans are upright apes and most of the unbelievers draw no distinction between Ken Ham or ID advocates like Stephen Meyer. They are all creationists and generally despised. Well the common ancestor is still a mystery and no where to be found. if humans are evidence for the common ancestor then by the same standards are horses evidence for winged Pegasus?

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church mouse guy #fundie

Have you ever met Dr. John Whitcomb or did you ever meet Henry Morris? If you have been to the Creation Museum in Kentucky, you know that they have a festive oriental dragon suspended from the ceiling of the main entrance lobby. There have been a lot of discoveries, as you know, of dinosaur bones with soft tissue still intact, also, which has merely meant that the old earth professors are now saying that tissue can last for millions and millions of years--an idea that the rejected until it became inconvenient. So the dragon stories worldwide suggests that dinosaurs were on the ark with Noah and his wife and three sons and their wives, from whom we are all descended.

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church mouse guy #fundie

Ha!ha! The plastic trash continent is a hoax that Pope Francis is trying to foist on the public. There are no pictures of it. The article corrected by the blogger tried to say that the ocean was changing temperature at a faster rate than it is scientifically when you do the math right. Fake science.

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HopefulNChrist #fundie

I can infer the "truth" about the de-evolution theory by the 2nd law of Thermodynamics than you can for macroevolution, but that is a mocking sarcasm against the "preponderance of evidence" reasoning for the evolution theory. Do men act like apes around females? Do not many witnesses, both men and women, will attest to men behaving like Neanderthals? Do law enforcements testify to men acting like Cro-Magnum men when subduing females against their will for mating? One can observe and prove the de-evolution theory quite well by such a preponderance of evidence and yet we know it is not true, right?

Science cannot prove the age of anything by their dating method when it goes past known human history since they are errant dating results as proven by history and even in the present day; example; a living mollusk is carbon dated as 2,300 years old "dead". So how can any one take stock in their dating methods past human history? No self respecting scientists can.

And when the errant dating methods does not meet their evolutionary time table or find a fossil out of place as found with fossils in according to their geographical evolutionary time table, they conveniently place it in according to the evolutionary time chart.

Evidence of this is how fossilized whale bones and other fossilized marine life were found on the top of the Andes Mountains buried "TOGETHER" with fossilized land animal bones like the extinct Gibbon. The "scientists" testify that they can just bend over and pick them right up, but to counter them being buried together, they spun the tale in presenting the evidence in according to the evolutionary time table by saying that the mountains rose suddenly from the sea, trapping marine life by doing so, and yet offer no explanation for the fossilized land animal bones that were found buried together with the fossilized marine life.


The scientific fact about the reservoir effect where marine life will absorb carbon 14 at a lower rate than land animals seems to be purposefully overlooked in favor of presenting these preponderance of evidence. That means they would get a different dating result by those fossilized bones on that mountaintop buried together. See the evidence of the Biblical global flood yet?

They are now changing the time table from when they said that birds evolved from dinosaurs to now.. dinosaurs had evolved from birds. Would birds in flight receive a higher absorption of carbon 14 than land animals? In any event, what they had said formerly as being a fact or true, they are now changing their "facts" or the "presentation" of the evidence but still only within the parameters of the evolution theory.

When our government gives grants to those that try to prove the evolution theory, you can suspect any proposals for grants to be geared towards that effect when their livelihood is at stake.

Now if that false science is not circumspect enough, Jesus's words testify to Noah's flood as a real time event as a warning to believers to be ready or else because Peter warned of a fiery judgment was coming in 2 Peter 3 rd chapter also in relation to Noah's flood.

Jesus validated the first marriage. He validated the reason behind the creation of the sabbath day. He warned believers in regards to how God has judged the world by the flood in Noah's days and judged the cities of Sodom & Gomorrah of that coming judgment of destruction that will occur after His appearing for why they are to be ready & willing to go or else.

No genetic information has ever been observed as being added to a living organism. It will never happen. The Law of Biogenesis sees to that as life cannot come from nothing; life comes from similar life, but evolutionists keeps glossing over that law because they coined the term microevolution from that law to make macroevolution "look" plausible. It is a deception.

So you either believe Jesus's words or you believe the ever changing words of fallible men by their fallible devices for what that false science that is the evolution theory is all about; the world withholding the truth in unrighteousness.

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HopefulNChrist #fundie

As long as they keep teaching the evolution theory in schools as a fact, we will always have bullying, "naturally selecting the weak and the vulnerable", and people in favor of abortion, the ultimate form of naturally selecting someone to extinction.

Is that not the source of all this drama anyway?

NBC News was going to do a special exposing the evolution theory as a lie, and they got harassed by a civil lawsuit and so the special never aired. Brian Williams was the anchorman at the time of that announcement for that special and the withdrawal of it.

Can anyone find that news item anywhere on the internet? I can't.

Just like I can't find that news item about how a Psychiatric Association or something to that order that had announced in the National News that homosexuality was a sexual dysfunction or something for which but then they got threatening phone calls at the work place and the bullies found out where they had lived and called them at home and even had a brick thrown in a window before the next day when the Association recanted in the news.

Maybe I am just not very adept at finding information on the internet. Either that or such items were removed by a threat of a civil lawsuit or maybe the search engines are designed to steer away from it, I don't know.

Well, anyway... signs of the times. I cannot see a reversal in this late in the game. America is corrupted and heading towards self destruction that it is bound to become a fascist police state soon where law abiding citizens will be the one chipped and under observation and control, but the illegal aliens are not. I would not be surprised they manage to take away arms from law abiding citizens while the bad guys still have access to illegal arms on the streets.

We have pastors preaching in the pulpit that do not believe in God any more because of the evolution theory. There is one locally whose son had informed me of this in the early 1990s when I was working with him at a store. I sent a book, "The Collapse of Evolution" by Huse anonymously at his door but I heard no result of it from his son afterwards.

Anyway.. seems we should be looking to our own house more than ever than in the political arena. It's bad out there.

I am hoping in Jesus Christ in being my Good Shepherd for help in abiding in Him & His words as well as His help in being willing to go when the Bridegroom comes.

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church mouse guy #fundie

(I almost never disagree with you) We don't need any more women on the court. Women are taking over everything and doing a lousy job. And we really don't need anymore conservative Catholics on the court presently. And there should not be such a thing as a Jewish seat. We need some Fundamentalists on the court!

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Yeshua1 #fundie

The best thing that could happen is for mR Obama to lash out and talk wild, as that will solify and ralley the reublicans to make sure crazy dems kept out of office!

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Revmitchell #fundie

It effects the break down of the societal understanding of what marriage should be. Civil societies cannot be sustained without the Judeo-Christian understanding of marriage and families. It is like trying to use a toy train as a submarine. It doesn't work as it is far from God's design for the family. You cannot change the design established by the designer and expect it will work.

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church mouse guy #fundie

Darwin is another word for evolution. The human genome project does not say what you think as I have linked. Nor does Miller's claim about DNA stand up to modern science. Science confirms Scripture. Actually, evolution is devoid of scientific confirmation.

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Yeshua1 #fundie

I have nevr condemned others, but would say that unless one holds to a fully inspired Bible, with the lieral/historical Grammerical view, all sorts of problematic theology come creep in!
And evolution has really zilch scientific support when the facts are understood in the correct way!

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thatbrian #sexist

I mention soy out of genuine concern. Too few real men in the world. Most are effeminate beta types, and that is caused by being raised by women and drinking soy milk. Be careful out there.

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dad1 #fundie

Where did the 700 years come from? What proof is there the flood was at the time of the ice age? As I said, my opinion is that the flood was 70,000,000 years ago (science time) which equals about 4500 actual real years ago.

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AwesomeMachine #fundie

Riddle me this: What did people do between the time infant humans began randomly excreting waste--which continues on to this day--and the invention of diapers (textiles). Nothing suited to the task exists in nature. If evolution can't explain that, it's worthless!

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Calv1 #fundie

I don't understand, all of the Scientific evidence points, today, AGAINST Evolution, in fact Scientists are getting away from traditional Neo-Darwinism, they're moving to Philosophy, specifically a brand of Hinduism that teaches parallel universes, see the laws of this universe, we know now, cannot support evolution, IE can't get something from nothing, so they are moving to different universes with different laws of science to explain it, after all they can't simply say "In the beginning God", but they also can't defend Neo-Darwinism Scientifically

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evangelist6589 #fundie

At work I got to witness something supernatural. This one employee was able to open and close doors mentally with his mind. Only I got to witness him doing this and he asked me not to tell anyone. I asked him how he got his power, and he did not want to talk about it. I do not know much about him outside of work other than the fact that he likes to read Joel Osteen books. Scarry.. Anyone ever had this experience?

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revmwc #fundie

Who says animals don't have the physiological makeup to speak. All the animals came to Adam to be named and not one was found to be a suitable help meat. When the serpent came to Eve and spoke she was neither shocked not surprised. So Adam and Eve most likely routinely spoke to the animals and the animals in all likelihood spoke back. Science today wants to keep everything in their little box but God isn't limited in anything!

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Aaron #fundie

In fact, all our technology we use here and that has been helpful to us is totally unrelated to the knowledge of the heliocentricity of the solar system. Assuming the sun orbits the earth would not impeded the development of medicine, chemistry, or airplanes nor American liberty.

As far as any real benefit to mankind, it seems the knowledge of heliocentricity is useless.

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revmwc #fundie

First who says the Earth revolves around the Sun? Since the Sun, Moon and stars were created after the earth then they very easily could move around the Earth.

Aristotle and Ptolemy and his predecessors were geocentric in belief of his model of the solar system. The ancient Greeks and most likely even back to Moses and before had the belief in the Geocentric model for the Solar System.

Until the 17th century when until the 17th century through the synthesis of theories by Copernicus and Kepler developed the currently accepted Heliocentric model.

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evangelist6589 #fundie

Some on this board are very rude. In response they get a rabbit or a Hog pic, but I would not need to give these out if everyone would behave. I suggest people be nicer and impress me with your behavior and then maybe then you won't see anymore animals.

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Aaron #fundie

So what does "science" suggest? Aliens did it.

Aliens who had to come into existence by the very Darwinistic processes for which there is absolutely no evidence on earth.

The missing link is on Mars!

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evangelist6589 #fundie

My wife used to be Buddhist and she says that sometimes they will summon Devils on people as this happens a bit in Mongolia. I do not want this and I am not sure if God would allow the devil to bring havoc to the family so maybe I should send them stuff without a return address so the devil will not know how to find me. What say you?

Again witnessing to world religions is different than calling the savage wolves in the church to repentance so my approach would be entirely different. I would probably also send A God Loves you tract.

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SolaSaint #fundie

If Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and before man ever entered the picture (according to Darwin) then why do we have drawings of them by man before man discovered dinosaur fossils?

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prophet #fundie

The idea that :everyone needs a high school diploma , came from the worldwide Socialist movement.
Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic are achieved by 5th grade.

We would still have a manufacturing workforce, had we not stuffed American boys into a room full of girls during their apprenticeship years.

University began at 13 yrs old, for those who would pursue higher ed., remember? Ministers would begin to fill pulpits or hold meetings at 14.

Show me where the last 100 years took the U.S. society. Crime Rate? Bastards? Sodomy? Illiteracy ? Gambling? Debt?
"Education" isnt important, Work is.
Those who are designed for it, will seek it.
How many "educated" people abhor labor?
How many couldnt tune up their car?
How many have to call a plumber, if their toilet stops up?
Wisdom doesnt come from education.
Knowledge begins with the fear of God, which our public institutions have Systemically rejected.

How much of our divorce rate is caused by unhapiness created by fornication that occurs in H.S., and College? How much Atheism?

These be thy gods, O around the Golden Diploma...

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prophet #fundie

Micro evolution is a misnomer. I am the son of a microbiologist with and earned Dr. If an organism will react the same way every time, to external stimuli, it isnt evolution, it is mutation. If it were, the original organism would cease to exist in the generation that evolved. The subsequent offspring would never again be able to reproduce a dna pattern that matched their parent's pre-evolution pattern.
This is over simplified, but to call it evolution is to admit ignorance of science.
Dont expect the educaters to help, either. I remember my Mother's doctoral dissertation on gene mutation in e coli. The questions asked by the committee that reviwed here presentation had my sister and I giggling. They had been asked and answered by Dr. Mom, in the dissertation. She was gracious, we laughed out loud.

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Inspector Javert #fundie

Gonna say this....Creation occurred within six literal 24-hr. days.

God did not utilize any form of "evolution" in his creation of mankind.

The Earth is approximately (and the known Universe as well) 6,000 to 10,000years old.

"EVOLUTION"...and the empirically verifiable facts about it are indeed absolutely true.

"Evolution" does not prove that man came from monkeys...but, it does demonstrate, however, that pretty much all dogs came from a common ancestor in the canine family....

It doesn't demonstrate that reptiles miraculously evolved into birds....but it DOES demonstrate that the saltwater crocodile and the Florida Alligator have a common ancestor....
It makes the (absolutely problematic and horrifying) prospect that Bull-Sharks (who have now all but adapted perfectly to fresh water) are a truly "evolving" specie....and we have to account for them......and their ancestors were exclusively salt-water sharks, period.

There are certain facets of verifiable scientific fact, that help us to understand more fully the Scriptural teaching, and they are not to be ignored...but, don't read into the Scripture more than is there.

The Scriptures NEVER NEVER NEVER disagree with verifiable and provable "Science".....if they initially APPEAR to...then, either our understanding of Scripture, or our beliefs about the natural World are wrong, and need to be re-examined...

Phrases like: "The Bible is not a 'scientific' text"....are meaningless. superfluous and serve nothing but to obfuscate the real questions...That's a meaningless phrase. It is "historical" and it's also "scientific". It INSISTS that every statement it makes is to be taken as LITERALLY true....There's no such thing as "Theologically true, but Scientifically false" or, as some would have it on B.B...."Theologically meaningful, but not historically factual".

That's a load of meaningless crap.

For YEC's (like myself) we need to admit FULLY what facts of science serve to modify or alter our understanding of Biblical truth such that we more fully understand Scripture....But, is a "Young-Earth-Creationism" still a viable and intelligible option????.......Absolutetely it is............

But it ISN'T served by simply DENYING every scientific fact about the verifiable known Universe.

I am a Bible-Believing...Literalist...Young-Earth Creationist...who denies no KNOWN facts about "Science" that I am aware of...The Bible's account is to be taken literally...the days were 6 in toto...they were essentially 24 hrs. in duration, and EVERYTHING he stated that he created was done in that time-frame. The Bible squares PERFECTLY with "Science" neither is to be discarded. They are both (if properly understood) correct.

I also am intimately familiar with Hugh Ross's work...he also denies the Universality of the Noahcian flood...He's wrong. I like Ross, but he doesn't get it.

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Yeshua1 #fundie

problem is that Evolutionary theory is "junk science", as there have little essential LITTLE evidence to support that on a true science basis, as there have been NO evidence for transistion species in fossil record, NO proof to origins of life apart from God, and NO biological evidence to support notion that God did NOT breate all things after own kind as in genesisi account!

To holfd to that, would be puttingscince ahead of revealed word of God, to negate real scientic evidene that suppts full creationism,and to viewgenesis in either a myte or allogorical way!

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Winman #fundie

You are wrong, the Earth can be only 6000 years old, and the Universe 14-15 years old if you understand it properly.

When we say the Earth is 6000 years old. we are speaking of "solar years" the time it takes the Earth to travel around the Sun. In solar years the Earth and universe is only about 6000 years old, just as the Bible says.

But there are "light years". This is time (actually distance), but it is based upon the speed of light. Right now if we look out to the edges of the universe, it appears to be about 14-15 billions years old. At today's speed of light, this is how long it would take light to travel from the most distant galaxies to Earth. And this is why science argues the universe is 14-15 billion years old.

But if the speed of light was much faster just a few thousand years ago, then that light could have reached Earth within the 6000 solar years.

It is the same with radioactive dating methods. When they date rocks or fossils using this method, they get very old dates, such as 70 million years ago for dinosaurs. Of course, these methods are prone to much error and they have dated live chicken eggs to be thousands of years old.

Nevertheless, these dates are true based on the present speed of light. But if light was much faster in the recent past, then radioactive decay would likewise also have been many millions or billions of times faster just 5 or 6 thousand years ago.

So, the fossil of a dinosaur that lived 5500 solar years ago could give a radiometric age of 75 million years. Both are true, but you must understand that light was much faster in the early universe.

You must understand, when science speaks of the universe being 14-15 billion years old, they are speaking from the perspective of "light years", not solar years. The reason there is confusion is because science assumes that light speed is a constant, when that may not be so.

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Havensdad #fundie

Unless the Bible is literally true, Genesis to Revelation, doing science is pointless. Science relies on the Christian worldview, and a true Revelation, for its own validity.

Atheist scientists who deny Christianity with their lips, nevertheless believe it in their hearts (Romans 1), and rely on it for their science.

Science does not oppose Christianity. Science, whether admitted or not, is undergirded by, dependent on, and senseless without Christianity, and the literal revelation of God to man.

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HeirofSalvation #fundie

True Story....that is actual "Science" and it glorifies God....Dinosaur soft-tissue will not last for "millions" of will degrade...and yet, we can take some DNA samples from it...The Earth is YOUNG, and "Science" proves it...OVER and OVER and OVER....There is not, nor will there ever be a distortion between the truth of Scripture and the Revelations of "Science"...they ALWAYS agree.

Start doing some research about "Tachyons"....and how they (faster than light particles)....might be disproving some facets of Einstein's theories of relativity...The Science is there...and it will ALWAYS support Scripture. We just don't know how to look for it.

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MB #fundie

Eviloution !
It is nothing more than tired scientist who have grown tired of looking for the elusive missing link they will never find because it does not exist. So they all got together in there rocking chairs and decided together to simply state evilution as fact with out the facts. So they pesent what they claim are facts which in reality is nothing more than old dead bones they can't extract DNA from and claimed the missing link has been found. They simply have done this to save face instead of admitting they are defeated by there own lies. Not to mention simple math proves the world isn't old enough for evolution to exist. For instance if the world was 150,000,000 years old the world would be so populated there would not be enough room on the planet to be stood on.

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JohnDBaptiste #fundie

The thing that strikes me today is that it is more apparent than ever macro-evolution is a religion requiring blind faith in opposition to all the science that proved macro-evolution wrong / invalid / impossible.

In short, they are guilty of what they accused Christians of blind faith in a religion. Only their is disproved. Christianity (creationism) was only disagreed with.

And if evolutionists and anti-God proponents were not so deeply entrenched in the media and the education system they would have been laughed right out of the public square.

I.C.R. was right!

Institute for Creation Research.

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Steven O Sawyer #fundie

Reality is NOT limited to our scientific understanding of nature. Events are not always the results of naturalistic processes. The early founders of science knew this. They recognized science for what it was, a tool to study the creation of God, not a tool to make the creation god. In the real reality, there are supernatural forces at work… just like the Bible says. They are usually very subtle and not apparent at all, but they are there. Again I think that dowsing is occultic and does NOT come from God, even though I have known Christians who practiced it (but I can’t help but wonder why).

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Aaron #fundie

Technology is a fruit of one's world view, and I think world history will bear out that as a society is just and free, technology skyrockets.

Where a society becomes unjust, atheistic and/or pagan, technology takes a dive.

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Tom Butler #fundie

I've always been fascinated by the fact that it's possible to calculate exactly when the sun will rise and set for a thousand years from now. Or as far out in the future you want to go.

How could that be if evolution is true?

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Ruiz #fundie

While a parent ultimately makes the decision, I think Christians should seriously consider removing their children from public schools. Education is not secular, it is a distinctly Christian act rooted in God.

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Winman #fundie

There are literally thousands of examples of ancient art showing man lived with dinosaurs. There is art from Babylonia showing what we used to call a Brontosaurus, I forget the modern name. This is very likely the Behemoth described in Job with a tail like a cedar tree that drank up rivers. Job also described the Leviathan, that sounds like some tremendous sea creature. Most scholars believe Job the oldest book in the Bible because of his long lifespan (Job 42:16). It is probable Job lived well over 200 years and lived not long after the flood.

But all over the world there is ancient artwork and literature about huge dragons that once roamed the earth, many killed by man himself. There have been found the footprints of man and dinosaurs found preserved together in several different locations.

Google "Ica Stones" to see photos of thousands of ancient stones found in South America with detailed carvings of dinosaurs, even showing that some were tamed and ridden by man!

So, there is much evidence, even in the Bible that man lived with dinosaurs.

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matt wade #fundie

I don't need "sound reasoning". I have faith. I have faith that God did it as he said he would do it. I don't need science to back up God's Word. Evidently, you do.

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JRG39402 #fundie

I knew that topic would get some people's attention. But listen to where I am coming from. Since all people are born of a sinful nature, we are all inclined to sin. That sin could be lying, stealing, lust, homosexuallity, ect. If a homosexual tells you "I was born this way", why argue with them? It doesn't go against the Bible to agree with them on that point. Just because you are inclined or tempted to sin doesn't make it right. Jesus was tempted, but didn't sin. God won't give us more than we can handle. He wouldn't allow people to deal with homosexuallity if they couldn't handle it. They can still say, even if they are tempted to live such a lifestyle, no. At least with God's help. So don't argue with someone on homosexuallity where you can't even get to the gospel. Just show them that we all are sinners in need of a savior and that when God saves us, he will give us a new heart with new desires. We can trust God because he cannot lie. That may mean God either
1.) takes away the homosexual temptation completely or
2.) gives you the desire to do what God wants and resist homosexual temptations.
My point is that we are to love our neighbors, even if their particular sin problem is different from ours and rather than debate that intellectually, speak to their conscience. They know what is right even if they don't practice it.

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carpro #racist

A long time ago, when Obama was running for POTUS, a poll was run here on BB asking if we thought Obama would govern as a black man first and an American second.

The results were heavily in favor of him governing as a black man first.

I don't think any of us realized how much of a racist he is, but our opinion has provern correct.

We also did not realize, in our wildest dreams, how far down the line governing as an American would be. I'm not sure it's even in the top 5.

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DHK #fundie

[re: Were the Pyramids built before or after the flood?]

Read again the account of the Flood. The earth forced up water from the deep. The heavens let loose waters from above. The very ground was breaking apart. The entire world was flooded. Every mountain was covered. If the highest mountain was covered, as was recorded, where and how does the water settle? It must cover the rest of the earth. It was not a local flood.
Furthermore the Ark was massive. Noah was commanded to take two of every kind of animal and seven of every clean animal on board with him. Why, if local? The could have just fled to another region. The flood was destructive. It destroyed everything and everyone outside of the Ark. Only Noah and his family were saved. Only 8 people, and that was all. Everyone else perished. The Bible records that the world perished. The world was destroyed. That is why there was a rainbow put in the sky afterward--with the promise that God would never again "destroy" the world with a flood.

When were the Pyramids built? Not before the Flood! It is an impossibility. Nothing survived the flood--nothing! Even the rivers, such as the Euphrates which we have named before the Flood are not the same rivers after the Flood. They were so named out of fond memories that they had from before the Flood.

Before the Flood the entire world had a climate that was much like a greenhouse. After the flood great mountain ranges had been pushed up. There were now volcanoes. There were four season: winter, summer, spring and fall. There was a north and south pole, both of which were cold.There were desert areas which had arid climates. There were climactic regions that were very humid. The whole world had changed from what it was before the flood. It indeed was a different world. Only 8 people had survived that flood. The Pyramids certainly didn't.

Lies by Omission

They're Perfectly True!

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glfredrick #fundie

[Re: Were the Pyramids built before or after the flood?]

It is evident that they were built post-flood, for any Egyptian civilization (and the people that created it) would have been washed away.

That simple answer is not really all that simple under the hood, however, for it flies in the face of common dating schemes applied to the Scriptures such as Archbishop Usher's view that the earth was created in 4004 BC.

While I admire those who have worked elaborate dating schemes based on the genealogies in Genesis, those schemes do not seem to reflect the reality of our world in complete accuracy. That is not to take away one iota from the Scriptures -- heaven forbid! They are what they are and record what they record, but to date based on the published dates takes into account many an argument from silence and assumes that the Scriptures are the ONLY source of knowing anything, which we know is un-true. Once we see all things clearly, we will realize that the Scriptures are perfectly true but that they simply have not told us EVERY detail that we would need to know to actually date the earth based on their contents.

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BobinKy #fundie

[re: Pastor Al Martin's sermon blaming women for causing lust in men's hearts]

The magnets Pastor Martin graphically discussed are real for teenager boys and men. Pretending they do not exist is hiding from the issue, as is preferring them not to be discussed because they may embarrass or educate. No males need education of this issue--it comes naturally. Calling any boy or man dirty or lustful because he looks and wonders does not solve the problem either.

Men should "man up" and tell their sisters, wives, mothers, ladies across the aisle, and ladies in the pew in front of them something like:

Excuse me, but you are so pretty that I cannot keep my mind on the sermon. Do you mind if I move?
No wonder, many of the old-line Baptist churches separate the congregation into women and girls on one side, and men and boys on the other side. Some even have separate doors.

Ladies, I am with the conservative reformed crowd on this one. Modest Apparel is an issue for the church. You can do something about this issue. The only thing we boys and men can do is not look at you, not pay any attention to you, and only speak with male companions in your company. Please cover up the magnets before you go to church.

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abcgrad94 #fundie

It's past time people got their heads out of the sand regarding the disgusting behavior hidden by the abortion-loving leftists, who of course, profit from the industry.

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SpiritualMadMan #fundie

People who have not served in the military, especially those that have not been in combat, have no clue what having an openly gay person coming on to you does to unit cohesion. It's bad enough if you have an effeminate acting male. But, "openly" usually means the ones that are not shy about coming on to total strangers.

And, this does not even address the issues of HIV and other STD's... Or other things that do not require intimate contact but merely sharing a foxhole...

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RAdam #fundie

[after being shown Bible passages where women preached/prophesied]

Sure, women prophesied. Any women got that gift today? Didn't think so. Do you also believe every gift given to the early church is still given today? If so, where are they?

Paul said that when Christ ascended on high He lead captivity captive and gave gifts unto men. He gave some, apostles; some, prophets; some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers. So, He obviously gave some women the gift of prophecy. That gift isn't given anymore. Today the gift of pastor/teacher is still given. Who is it given to? Men. Thus, today the only ones who are supposed to preach in such an office is, you guessed it, men. Thank you.

This woman, and all women alive today, are not preachers.

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Cutter #fundie

I believe women in politics have done a great disservice to the sovereignty and resolve of a our great Republic. Many issues that face our nation, from without and within, need to be decided from a place of strength instead of weakness. Women are gifted from God with a lot of skills that are good in the home, but not in the Government. They tend to base their decisions from a security standpoint and believe that they have the ability to rehabilitate and nurse others to mental and social health. Men are more pragmatic and can make the tough calls that have to be made in matters of war, also in domestic and international policy. Maybe I should have said men used to be able to make the tough calls. Women in politics have been in position so long now that men are not the men they once were. They have to take into account how their decisions and policies will be viewed by the ladies. Being weak, pathetic, and a bunch of pansies being entrusted with positions of power are all the result of this great error.

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Joseph_Botwinick #fundie

It doesn't matter one bit to me since faith cannot be explained by science.

Science can only really explain what is observable in the natural world. It does not deal with the supernatural. Therefore whatever is natural, is theoretically, truth. But also, whatever is supernatural cannot be denied by science because it is outside the bounds of what science can measure. Faith is, therefore, above science.

Joseph Botwinick

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Jon-Marc #fundie

While I believe in lifeforms "adapting" to their environment, that is not the same thing as evolution. Evolution is changing from one species into another entirely different species. Some Christians speak of "micro evolution", but that to me is just compromising the truth. Evolution is a LIE of the devil. Nothing evolves. It might adapt or bring a new species to life by two compatible but slightly different species mating. I've seen that before, where a cat mated with a rabbit. The offspring looked really strange, with attributes of both parents--the head and back legs of the rabbit and the body of the cat. Who would have thought that cats and rabbits were compatible?

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th1bill #fundie

Originally Posted by webdog
I think there needs to be clarification on what is termed evolution. Micro evolution is a scientific fact, macro evolution is the silly darwinism theory.

In the reading of the OP you will find that I did just that. I'll go one step further, when I was a junior high student, what you call Micro Evolution, was known by the term of Adaptation. The act of redefining Adaptation to lend some path down to slide into Darwin's theory is just a cheap trick of the Revisionist culture of today.

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Marcia #fundie

Do you live in a cave? The agenda is to make society accept homosexuality as normal and good.

Have you noticed that

...anyone who thinks homosexuality is immoral is called a "homophobe" and has "narrow views?"

...books and magazines extolling gay behavior are easy to buy or find at the library, whereas before, they weren't?

...there are programs in schools to teach children that homosexuality is okay (this has been going on for over 10 yrs. in my area) and that gay marriage is okay?

...the more extreme and bizarre fringe of the gay culture is now more acceptable or at least not as shocking to people?

....that many once conservative churches (not to mention the liberal ones) accept homosexual couples as members, and more churches are ordaining them as ministers?

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Revmitchell #fundie

It is a far left wing liberal lie that homosexuality is only about what goes on in the bedroom. The fact is it is about making their behavior acceptable, forcing states to accept gay marriage, filling the brains of our children across America with this deviant propaganda. It is am evil agenda with a whole lot more than just private bedroom activities. But then all liberals who call themselves moderates already know this but choose to ignore it.

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Aaron #fundie

[Does this mean I'm unpatriotic because I support health care reform?]

No, it means you don't understand the concept of liberty. (I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt, here. If you support this measure knowing what it means, then it means you're a Marxist and theif.)

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Aaron #fundie

[The Ugandan law against homosexuality is an abomination and it demeans basic human rights.]

You're saying people have the right to be homosexuals?

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Aaron #fundie

The minute the twin towers went down the mosques and borders should have been closed, every foreign Arab deported, and every naturalized Arab either under surveilance or in a camp.

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preachinjesus #fundie

[re: Newlywed Game show has first gay couple]

There is only so much outrage one can voice before they have to realize that there is a bigger issue at play.

I don't care that this game show has decided to host a homosexual couple. I really don't. I'm no longer surprised, I'm no longer outraged...I just am surprised it hasn't happened yet.

Most Americans are opposed to homosexuality and even more to homosexual marriage. Yet the media doesn't care, they have pushed their agenda. Look at most of new shows out, homosexual couples are completely in the mix. The media elites don't care about your voice, your wallet, or your letters. They are deadset on pushing their culture.

For most Christians and citizens they realize this conundrum and just ignore the issue. At this point the media elites are running the issue into the ground. Yet they haven't really changed public opinion.

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Marcia #fundie

The Southern preachers who defended slavery misused the Bible. They themselves were slaves to the culture in the sense that they could not see or did not want to see the problems with slavery.

The Bible does not teach explicitly against slavery because the Bible is not about overthrowing social structures that are evil. It's about redeeming people to new life. Many preachers did advocate abolition of slavery and used the Bible for that, too. I think that one can find principles against slavery in the Bible. The main teaching in the Bible was for masters to be good and kind to the slaves and the slaves to obey masters. Slavery then was a different form from the South - and many were willing "slaves" in order to pay off debt.

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Havensdad #fundie

No baby murder, no exceptions.

Tell me, if a kidnapper took your wife, called you on the phone, and proceeded to tell you that in order to save your wife, you will have to kill your five year old daughter, would you do it? Of course not! Taking the life of the baby, then, to save the mother, is morally reprehensible.

Another thing: doctors tell us that in almost every case, with the exception of the very earliest in utero murders, the abortion is more traumatic and dangerous than carrying the baby to term.

Tell me, do we not trust God? Can we not leave the choice of who lives and who dies in His knowing hands? It is WRONG to take human life! How DARE a so called Christian support such a thing!

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matt wade #fundie

[re: Should abortion be available in certain circumstances - eg. the 9 year old Brazilian girl who was raped by her stepfather and became pregnant?]

Thou shalt not kill.

It does not say, "Thou shalt not kill, unless you are young."

It does not say, "Thou shalt not kill, unless you are raped."

It does not say, "Thou shalt not kill, unless it would be an inconvenience."

Thou shalt not kill. (period)

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Dragoon68 #fundie

Rationalization is a powerful deception. I pray the Lord give us the strength to accept neither wrong and never rationalize such an evil concept as killing one innocent unborn child to just save its mother.

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Pastor Larry #fundie

Apparently the down stream fish evolved into a new breed of fish. This demonstrates the weakness of which hypothesis?

So a fish "evolved" into a fish? That's not the claim of Darwinism (a term widely recognized in the scientific community as a valid description of evolution), and it's not the way that "evolve" is typically used. "Evolve" has a much more loaded meaning.

The Bible is fully consistent with fish "evolving" into other kinds of fish. However, Darwinism teaches that fish evolved into other kinds of animals, something completely unproved by science.

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Olivencia #fundie

The Bible: a book of hate that will be banned?

If the Sodomites are allowed to be married and their act of copulation is viewed as an alternative lifestyle how long will it take the Bible to be banned since it condemns these actions. Wouldn't it be classified as a book of hate?