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Elijah Schaffer is a[…]propagandist who has openly defended white nationalists. As such, it was unsurprising that Schaffer used his Rumble show, Slightly Offensive, to tell his audience that they should wear accusations of racism as a “badge of honor”[…]
Schaffer pulled up what appeared to be a Daily Mail article about an attempted car-jacking in Melbourne by a Black man wielding a hammer. Schaffer complained that Melbourne was once “considered one of the top ten safest and most livable cities,” but is now a “shithole”

“And it’s also, like, the white population has decreased like 30%,” he said

“And there’s a direct correlation, ’cause diversity as we know means less white. Diversity has nothing to do with diversity. Nowhere in the world wants diversity. If there’s a place that’s non-white, that’s diverse — a.k.a. becomes more white — that’s colonialization. That’s imperialism. That’s racism. That’s theft”

Schaffer also chided Baby Boomers for using terms like “Western countries”[…]“‘You mean Christian nations.’ White nations”[…]
“Why is it that people are so afraid of being called names?” he asked. “Wear it with a badge of honor. [If] people call you racist, good, that means you probably think well. If people call you a xenophobe that means you probably research well. And if people call you an antisemite it probably means you just know the truth”[…]
“You know what’s even a crazier idea? Racism’s a good thing,” he said. “That’s even like — that’s kind of a hot statement[…]And the reason why I know it’s a good thing is ’cause it’s a powerful tool[…]The Left uses racism all the time, just against white people, right?”

“They know racism’s powerful,” he continued

“Collectivizing groups based on shared interests against other groups that have different interests is actually an effective tool towards accomplishing group goals. So when they’re saying the Left is the real racist, they’re saying the Left is the only one who admits the power of racism”

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Elijah Schaffer hosted a debate on diversity between Australian Neo-Nazi Joel Davis and Drew Pavlou[…]
One of the first questions posed by[…]Schaffer was for Davis and Pavlou to define diversity[…]
“Our country was founded by white nationalists,” Davis asserted

“Every single founding father and the first 16 prime ministers of Australia[…]they were all white nationalists[…]They explicitly founded this place as a white nationalist state with something called the ‘White Australia policy’[…]”

Davis explained that “being against diversity” was about “preserving the white man’s land” and “maintain[ing] white values”[…]“What diversity really means is white genocide on a long enough timeline”[…]
Davis went on to say that his ancestors “for thousands of years” fought wars, “engaged in settler-colonialism”[…]“I would be pissing in their face if I was to just allow it to be thrown away”[…]
He added that even if he wanted to leave Australia due to the country’s racial diversity he would have “nowhere to go”[…]Claimed that everywhere white people were “previously the dominant culture” has been “systematically attacked”[…]
“I wanna have a country in which people like me are in charge,” Davis declared. “Where my culture is maintained. Where my way of life is maintained. And I want that to be passed down to my children. And I don’t care if I have to fight for it and some people have to get hurt[…]Because that’s the essence of human existence”

“You use euphemisms because you’re talking about killing millions of people,” Pavlou countered

“I don’t think we would — in Australia[…]I think me becoming dictator and going ‘You best be fuckin’ off,’ I think they would mostly leave”[…]
“You would have to kill so many people. Your ideology is one of nihilism and bloodshed,” Pavlou replied

“Fine,” said Davis, who compared the violent ethnic cleansing of an entire country to Ukrainians defending themselves from Russian invasion and Palestinians resisting Israeli occupation

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Laura Loomer interviewed white nationalist Peter Brimelow whose organization, VDARE, is currently being investigated by New York Attorney General Letitia James[…]
“Why do you think you came under fire from Letitia James?” Loomer asked Brimelow. “Do you think it’s because you are talking about white replacement theory and you’re exposing the invasion and your publication is one of the only honest publications about what’s truly happening with this invasion?”[…]
Loomer went on to say that Letitia James, who also filed a civil suit against former president Donald Trump and his Trump Organization, “obviously hates white people”

And she attacked James, as well as other Black public figures, in crudely racist terms. Loomer declared that “there’s a commonality between Letitia James, Kamala Harris, and Fanni Willis,” which is that they’re “ghetto Black women” and “trap queens” who attended Howard University, a prestigious HBCU. “I don’t think it’s a coincidence, right, that these DAs, Vice President, and the Attorney General, they have no sense of ethics,” she said

Peter Brimelow appeared to agree, and complained that “it’s not possible to run a First World justice system with Third World people”

“I mean, the culture of the Third World is so different than the First World,” he told Loomer. “It’s not just Blacks, although I think you’re right, and we’ve written about this a lot on VDARE.com, there’s a lot of angry, Black women out there in positions of authority. And there’s a real question as to whether they can be trusted, and whether they can be relied upon to behave fairly”

Brimelow also attacked Judge Juan Merchan, who is presiding over former president Trump’s hush money trial, for having been born in Colombia. “What kind of cultural baggage does he bring?” he asked. “Why should we expect — is Colombia such a great haven of law and order and fair dealing, that we can expect someone from Colombia to make a good judge in New York state?”

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On his Nightly Offensive show[…]Elijah Schaffer went on an ugly, antisemitic rant about Jewish people[…]
Schaffer said that he used to consider himself an “extremely strong Zionist.” But he claimed that his views changed when he realized that sources he “trusted” had been “subverted by Zionist influence into conflating American support with Israeli support”[…]
“There’s never been a direction in my mind where I’ve been against Jews.” But, he said that he “didn’t realize how many centuries back these people had subverted and sort of destroyed our Western civilization”

“And I didn’t realize that we were lied to about World War II, right?”[…]
“Like many of you I just didn’t — I was ignorant of the fact that we weren’t the good guys, right?[…]
He criticized non-white streamers who discuss these same topics, stating that it’s “only hurtful to your brand if you are white and you talk about this stuff.” He complained that minorities are allowed to discuss things like “the JQ pill”[…]
“And the reason why I care about this is not because I’m on some antisemitic trope like they’ll accuse me of”[…]“Or that like ‘He hates Jews!’ which I don’t. It’s that I love my people. … I really am deeply, deeply troubled on what’s happened to white countries”

Schaffer said that he doesn’t believe “minorities in general like us,” and that the “Black community hates white people.” Schaffer reached this conclusion in part because of “the way they interact with me on the Internet on a regular basis”[…]
Schaffer then went on a tangent about how diversity has ruined “our countries”:

Diversity has not made our countries stronger. They’ve made our countries unsafe[…]

Schaffer said white people are being held in “bondage” by an “elite class of people” who are “mostly of one ethnicity.” This group of people[…]“continue to destroy our society” and “hate Jesus Christ.” He went on to say that “any group of people that’s against Jesus is Antichrist, and I am against them”

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In a recent YouTube livestream for Chronicles, far-right wannabe “warlord” Charles Haywood declared that Europe is “doomed” because it took in “far too many migrants.” During this same livestream, Haywood revealed that while some want to return to the politics of a decade ago, he wants to go back much further — to “the world of 1880 or 1680”

In response to a viewer comment which said mockingly that “‘the woke’ is ‘going away’,” Haywood called it “ludicrously silly and wrong” to actually believe that

As evidence that “the woke” wasn’t “going away” on its own, Haywood reference the controversy over Google Gemini — the AI program which reportedly generated images of racially diverse Founding Fathers and Nazi soldiers[…]
Haywood similarly claimed that Google Gemini was “programed to spew anti-white hatred” and that its creators refused to apologize. “They didn’t apologize at all,” he said. “They just turned it off because people were ridiculing them because their anti-white hatred was too obvious. They’re just gonna make it less obvious and re-release the thing”

He added that the “woke isn’t going to be put away because the Left is incapable of any dialing back of its actions”

The show’s host, C. Jay Engel, agreed with this assessment, stating that “there’s this mentality in American conservatism” that peoples’ lives improve with each passing generation. “So the point is that no, you actually have to exercise will. You actually have to exercise power in order to get your way,” he said

Haywood then remarked that even if “the woke were put away,” it would leave us with the “world of 2015.” “What we need, politically,” he said, “is the world of 1880 or 1680. Not exactly. Not nostalgically. But the elements, the core beliefs, need to be rolled back to that era, not to 2015. That’s just dumb”

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On The Megyn Kelly Show, Heather Mac Donald endorsed the[…]“Great Replacement” conspiracy theory. Mac Donald, a fellow at the right-wing Manhattan Institute, declared that the “Great Replacement theory is real”[…]
While discussing campus protests against colleges doing business with Israel, Mac Donald said that conservatives should “shut down as much of the universities as we can” and “create as many alternatives as we can.” She added that they also must “speak up for Western civilization” and its values: “equality, tolerance, human rights, limited government”

“These are all exclusively Western ideas,” she said. “They came out of no place outside of the West. They didn’t come out of Africa. They didn’t come out of China. They didn’t come out of Arabia. They didn’t come out of India. And now the Left uses the bounty of beautiful Enlightenment ideas to try and tear down the Enlightenment”[…]
Mac Donald pivoted to giving a full-throated endorsement of the[…]“Great Replacement” conspiracy theory[…]
“The Great Replacement theory is real,” she declared. “We have decided to destroy our birthrate and to flood our country with cultures that en masse — en masse — are not compatible. We cannot assimilate the number of people who are coming, and we’ve decided we don’t even want to try”

And she said the “most galling thing” was that “the Left” claims that the U.S. and Europe are “fundamentally hostile to people of color” while at the same time claiming that Western nations are “oppressive” for not allowing in “millions of people” from “Third World places of color”[…]
“You can’t say that the West is endemically lethal to people of color, and at the same time say we want as many people of color to come in illegally into Western countries as possible because that’s where their lives will be improved[…]You get one or the other”

Kelly wholeheartedly agreed with Mac Donald, and mockingly said “That’s right. Or as they now put it, it’s not safe for brown and Black bodies”

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Laura Loomer recently targeted the daughter of Judge Juan Merchan[…]Loomer falsely claimed that Merchan’s daughter, Loren, operated an anti-Trump X account — a smear that Trump himself repeated. After her claim was debunked, however, Loomer doubled down, attacking female journalists in racist and misogynistic terms[…]
In a bitter, misogynistic rant, Loomer repeatedly referred to Haberman as a “bitch” and a “cunt,” and accused her of costing her a dream job with the Trump campaign:

A lot of you don’t know who Maggie Haberman is. Okay? She’s a bitch. That’s all you need to know. Okay? She’s a talentless anti-Trump bitch. And I would be working for President Trump right now if it wasn’t for that nasty hit piece, right?

And, as many of you know, President Trump hired me in his office in March of 2023. He was very impressed by my investigations into Ron DeSanctimonious. And he called me one day and he said “I wanna meet you. I think you’re amazing. You’re very talented. I think that you are destroying Ron DeSantis. Come to Mar-a-Lago”[…]
And he’s saying this openly in the office in front of everybody, right? Everybody could hear it. I mean, I dunno, maybe some people got jealous. I don’t know. But that’s not my problem, right? It’s not my fault. It’s not my fault I’m good at what I do

So President Trump starts talking and he goes “Wow Laura you’re just so brilliant”[…]
And then all of the sudden this one morning I get a phone call in April from Jonathan Swann and Maggie Haberman of The New York Times[…]
Like[…]— I just think this woman is one of the most disgusting women on this planet, Maggie Haberman. And she’s gonna get the karma that she deserves someday[…]Hopefully she gets laid off and she’s homeless[…]
It’s tortious interference what she did[…]

Loomer also said that the reason Haberman doesn’t use her husband’s last name professionally is so they can “hide the fact that they’re married”[…]
“Because it allows them to deceive the public”

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On the Apr. 17, 2024 episode of The Matt Walsh Show,[…]Matt Walsh claimed that Aboriginal Australians “happen to have, on average, the second lowest IQ of any demographic group on the planet”[…]Walsh cited an anonymous X account[…]

What do these activists mean when they say they wanna decolonize math, given that the entire idea of decolonizing math is completely incoherent? The Arabs were colonizers too. And why are Australians of all people so interested in promoting this idea? Well one possibility is that, by some estimates as the Twitter account i/o points out, Aboriginal Australians happen to have, on average, the second lowest IQ out of any demographic group on the planet

Now that’s the sort of thing that’s supposed to be unciteable, but it’s impossible to talk about certain groups struggling academically without bringing up the intellectual elephant in the room. I mean there might be a reason why there aren’t many Aboriginals working at NASA[…]It’s an important point because it means that decolonization, practically speaking, entails dumbing down these subjects or destroying them altogether

And mainly we see, with this decolonization agenda, the embarrassment that liberal Westerners feel about the fact that their ancestors were far more advanced[…]The liberal Westerner’s constantly looking for ways to even out the score. And we’re seeing that more and more in this country as well[…]
But as we just established, some cultures and civilizations did indeed advance science and mathematics more than others. I mean there were some cultures and civilizations that didn’t advance it at all because they didn’t even have the concepts. And there were others that did quite a bit to advance it. And some of those were colonizers[…]
I mean maybe you could argue that this belongs in some elective history course somewhere, but it has no place affecting courses on the fundamentals of mathematics, which is exactly what’s happening in this country

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On the Apr. 16, 2024 episode of his Rumble show,[…]Charlie Kirk interviewed Jeremy Carl — a Senior Fellow at the[…]Claremont Institute who authored a book bemoaning “anti-white racism”

Charlie Kirk: So let’s get back into the anti-white racism. How do we then best fight back and withstand the criticism where they’re gonna say this is just a whitelash, or this is just you being a white nationalist?
Jeremy Carl: Right. Well I mean the simple answer to the white nationalist question is I’m just — I’m not[…]I mean there should be a backlash against the fact that there being racists, because that’s good[…]You shouldn’t be able to be racist without accountability. So I don’t have any problem with that
But I think there’s lots of different tactics. Whether it’s lawfare[…]we need to really re-look at how we’ve enforced civil rights laws[…]I’m not saying that because I think we need to relitigate the wisdom of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It was put in at a particular time to solve —
CK: Oh I’ll criticize it
JC: Yeah, yeah. But it’s — but I mean —
CK: That’s Caldwell’s thing
JC:[…]Chris Caldwell is a colleague of mine[…]It’s fine to do that. But I think just as a political strategy, I think if people wanna say ‘Hey, there were absolutely real problems that it was addressing,’ whether you think it did it in the perfect way or not. But we’re as far from that time right now as they were from the Wright brothers. So there’s a lot of things that’ve changed in American society. We’re not worried about people not being served at lunch counters anymore
CK: Yeah, and the Civil Rights Act, though let’s be clear, created a beast. And that beast has now turned into an anti-white weapon
JC: Yeah. And that’s the reality. And so we just need to fundamentally re-look at a lot of our civil rights legal regime. And without that, even though I don’t think it’s sort of the magic bullet, but I think without that there’s limits to the amount of progress we’re gonna make

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Stew Peters devoted a segment to condemning Germany’s Weimar Republic for tolerating LGBTQ people

“And Weimar[…]was the birthplace of the transgenderism and gay rights movements that have once again reared their ugly heads to plague Western, Christian society,” he declared. “Especially America. All of this was happening with the full blessing of the Weimar government, which was largely controlled by Jews

Peters justified the actions of the Nazis by claiming that Jews “controlled the German court system” and the “German banking system,” and had “unprecedented overrepresentation in Germany’s government.” He also accused the Jewish people of controlling Germany’s communist movement

“Sound familiar?”[…]
Peters said that “Weimar Germany was full of people like” Hirschfeld[…]
[Nazis] promised a return to basic reality and a time of human decency. And so of course, millions of Germans supported them. They were looking to do anything that they could do to take back control of their country to protect themselves and the generations to come”

He boasted that one of the “first remedies that Hitler and the National Socialists had to offer” was the destruction of the Institute for Sexual Research and its entire library

“When it comes down to the old Nazi book burnings[…]it was justified”[…]
“It was awesome. Period. Point blank[…]”
He went on to call for a new round of Nazi-style book burnings[…]
Speaking of World War II, Peters said “horrific things happened” and “lots of people died,” but suggested that Adolf Hitler may have been unfairly maligned as an “evil dictator” who “murdered millions of people”[…]
“Yeah, this is what needed to be done. If you’re going to save a civilization —[…]civilization was dying…The German people were embarrassed to be German[…]Prussian spirit was lost”

Quiñones also praised the Nazis for stamping out other political parties, remarking that “desperate times” called for “desperate measures”

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Nick Fuentes warned his audience that Haitian refugees will be brought to the U.S. to “kill you” and “eat your kids”[…]
Fuentes read aloud from a Newsweek article which stated that, according to a Florida Border Force memo, “the chaos in Haiti would prevent the repatriation of migrants to the country”[…]
“So the Coast Guard’ll pick ’em up off the coast of Haiti and escort them into the United States where they will never be deported”

Fuentes claimed that Haiti is “filled with warlords, cannibals, violent gang members, people that eat mud,” and that if they arrive in the U.S. they will “eat your kids” and “kill you.” He explained that when the Haitians “overthrew the French colonial government” over 200 years ago, they “killed every white person on the island for being white”

“So why should we not nuke Haiti?” he asked. “Gimme one good reason why we should not drop a nuclear bomb on Haiti”[…]
“We’re not Jews. We’re not Haitians. We’re not barbarians. We’re not animals. So we don’t slaughter entire races or groups of people on the basis of perceived wrongdoing. So I’m not in favor of that. I wouldn’t do that. But they would. But Jews would. And Arabs would. And Haitians would. And Congolese would. And any number of other races would”[…]
“I say we need to create a containment zone around Haiti,” he declared. “We should just send our cruisers and we should send our boats. And if anyone tries to leave Haiti, they should be killed”

“Why should the world have to suffer?” Fuentes asked. “They revolted. They killed their masters. Okay, now you figure it out. They killed all the white people. They don’t want a white savior! They don’t want to be whitesplained to. They don’t want our white, neocolonial institutions. Okay. Then you figure it out”

“Why don’t we put a blockade around Haiti and every ship that tries to leave to bring their gangsters to America, how ’bout we just shoot it and send it to the bottom of the ocean?”

Elijah Schaffer, Adam King, Gavin McInnes, Nick Fuentes and Vincent James Foxx #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #homophobia #psycho angrywhitemen.org

Elijah Schaffer moderated a debate on Zionism between Adam King, Gavin McInnes, Nick Fuentes, and Vincent James Foxx[…]
McInnes[…]produced a chart to show that Jewish people aren’t a monolith[…]“Hasidim,” “Orthodox,” “Secular Zionist,” and “Secular Anti-Zionist aka ‘JINO’”[…]
Attempted to explain the difference between these four groups, and told the other participants that “Your beef is mostly with these — I call them JINOs[…]They’re mostly Bolsheviks. They’re mostly atheists.” McInnes cited[…]Soros[…]
McInnes claimed that white people fought the Civil War because they were “worried about Negroes’ rights”[…]
“So whites have this sense of self-hatred. And to blame it on the Jews is a cop-out”[…]
McInnes then said something about “fucking kikes,” causing Schaffer and others to laugh

“I thought the k-word was gonna be dropped by the other side, but let’s fuckin’ go!” King said. McInnes replied that “It’s usually niggers and chinks who say kike”[…]
Adam King then interjected to say that the media failed to cover the “capture of Gaza City”[…]Joked that Israeli realtors should sell him “beachfront property” there

When asked whether Israel was guilty of committing genocide[…]McInnes denied it. He stated that “as far as the savage animals of the Middle East go,” Israelis are the “most civilized of the hyenas”[…]
He also claimed that the Israelis are fighting “savages”[…]
“Columbus cut out their tongues when he discovered the Caribbean,” he declared. “[…]That was the vocabulary of the fuckin’ aboriginals”[…]
Schaffer asked Zherka if he had an opinion about Jewish people “Talmudically raping kids.” Zherka accused Jews of bringing “LGBT, porn, and all this degeneracy”[…]Repeated the antisemitic claim that Jews were “kicked out of 109 fuckin’ countries”[…]
Adam King had blamed the influence of Christianity[…]Foxx suggested it was because of their own behavior[…]
“Usury[…]taking over the media, pushing sexual degeneracy, taking over basically everything?”

Jeff Younger #transphobia #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #psycho #fundie angrywhitemen.org

Jeff Younger’s battle against gender-affirming care in Texas became a cause célèbre[…]Become even more radicalized[…]
Claimed that “Jewish students and others have called for the elimination of White people for three decades now”[…]
Professed a belief in “racial differences in intellectual ability.” When[…]Sameera Khan wrote “Authoritarianism is good,” Younger reposted her statement, adding “Analysis: True”[…]
During his interview with Stew Peters, Younger claimed that the question of gender-affirming care for minors is a “more morally obvious question than the slavery question.” And he complained that “you can’t get legislators in conservative states like Texas to protect kids”[…]
“Christian, white males need to be pumping out a future generation of post-apocalyptic warlords, because that’s exactly where we’re heading,” he said

Peters then asked Younger what “entity” or “group of people” is “behind all this”

Younger replied that, according to The Transgender Industrial Complex, it’s “mainly Jewish-controlled NGOs in cooperation” with the “far-left”[…]Added that the “same NGOs that are bringing in illegal immigrants in the United States are the ones that’ve pushed transgenderism,” and that the “largest donors to the Republican Party support this”[…]
Peters asked Younger what the “mechanism for victory” is, since his ex-wife and children reside in California. “I think the mechanism of victory, though, is not in the courts”[…]
“So the interesting thing here is, like in chess they say that the threat of a move is stronger than the move itself,” he continued

“It forces the opponent to weaken himself by making mistakes. … ‘Cause he fears this thing. So the whole concept here is we have to keep alive the threat of political violence. And I wanna make it very clear, I’m not making any specific threats. I’m not making a call to violence. I’m simply saying what the Founders said. And if you actually want to make change, people have to be afraid of you”

Laura Loomer #racist #conspiracy angrywhitemen.org

Laura Loomer has begun targeting a Jewish nonprofit that provides assistance to refugees. On the latest episode of her Rumble show, Loomer Unleashed, she claimed that HIAS is “assisting in the invasion of America”[…]
“Last week while reporting from the Darién Gap in Panama I discovered that much of the illegal immigration to our country is not simply passing through that region,” she said. “But it is being supported by a number of non-governmental organizations”

Loomer claimed that these NGOs are “operating under the guise of ‘humanitarianism'” while “actively aiding and abetting a foreign invasion of America and the replacement of our people.” She said that the “worst offender” is HIAS, a Jewish nonprofit that assists refugees

Formerly the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, HIAS was singled out by Robert Bowers, a white supremacist who murdered 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018[…]
Loomer said that, today, HIAS focuses on “helping anyone who chooses to self-identify as a ‘refugee’ or a migrant.” She added that most of them are “Third World, military-aged men” from “such lovely countries as Venezuela, China, Afghanistan, and Somalia”

“Now, why would a Jewish organization be so concerned with assisting in the invasion of America?” she asked. “What does that have to do with Judaism? As a Jewish American myself, I totally disavow HIAS or any other organization that is actively destroying this nation by propping up illegal immigration”

She then claimed that[…]HIAS was “responsible” for “every crime committed by these invaders once they make it into our country — including human trafficking and drug smuggling. “HIAS and every company that supports them have blood on their hands”[…]
Loomer also warned that “America will continue to degrade as our founding stock is washed away by an inundation of Third World invaders”[…]our “institutions and our infrastructure” will “crumble and decay until it resembles the shitholes that these people originated from”

Elijah Schaffer and Devon Tracey #racist #psycho angrywhitemen.org

On a recent episode of his Rumble show, Elijah Schaffer interviewed racist Internet personality Devon Tracey. During the episode, titled “Will BLACK CRIME Lead to TOTAL COLLAPSE?”, Schaffer said that he would not move his family to a Black neighborhood because of “violent crime” and that his “desire for safety is to remove Black people”

Tracey, who uses the pseudonym “Atheism Is Unstoppable” and hosts a show on Gavin McInnes’ Censored.TV platform, has a history of racist commentary[…]
Tracey declared Till was “guilty”

In a follow-up post he wrote that Till’s brutal murder was “no more gruesome than the thousands of white people killed by blacks since then.” He added, “fuck him for his sexual assault.” When Donham passed away last April at the age of 89, Tracey called her an “innocent victim of sexual assault”

Tracey took a similar approach to George Stinney[…]Stinney had been accused of murdering two white girls and was found guilty by an all-white jury after deliberating for ten minutes[…]
Tracey wrote, “This 14 year old killed an 11 and a 7 year old little girl. He 100 percent did it and was executed for it. I have zero problems with that. Zero”

But when it came to Brock Turner, a white Stanford student who was convicted after publicly sexually assaulting an unconscious woman, Tracey took a different tack, declaring him “100 percent innocent”[…]
In a post directed at Nina Turner, a Black politician, Tracey declared that “America was founded on White people kicking ass, building shit, pioneering the joint, defeating all those who stepped to us, and creating one of the most prosperous nations on earth in the image of our prior White nation, England.” He has also used the racial slur “mudshark”

Lori Kauffman and Jim Rizoli #racist #conspiracy #fundie #wingnut #psycho angrywhitemen.org

Lori Kauffman is an unabashed Neo-Nazi[…]Has vowed to “exile” Jews and[…]said “we need to overthrow the government”

Kauffman’s bizarre candidacy was first reported on by Boston Broadside, which pointed out her pro-Hitler posts on X[…]She used her @Jews4Ye24 account[…]to declare, “I’m a Jew. Whatever the ‘holocaust’ was, Israel and J-ws are guilty of worse crimes against humanity. I love Hitler”

Kauffman uses a second X account, @LoriKauffman13, to spew antisemitic rhetoric as well[…]Before her conversion to Christianity, Kauffman wrote, “Yes I’m Jewish, but I have Christian values and believe Jews are destroying the world”[…]
She boasted that, if elected, she will ban same-sex marriage, criminalize transgender people, and “exile all Jews”[…]
Kauffman once posted a photo of herself holding a book called Life in the Reich, by British Neo-Nazi Michael McLaughlin[…]
She went on Hoaxbusters[…]During this appearance Kauffman explained why she rejected her Jewish upbringing, and what inspired her to run for office

Kauffman claimed that what “redpilled” her was rapper Ye[…]
“And everybody should’ve really woken up at this point when he sent a, we like to call it a sleepy tweet[…]about the Jews. And the next day — saying they hold all the power in the world — and the next day he loses like $9 billion of his own money”[…]
Massachusetts Republican Committee passed a resolution condemning Kauffman’s “prejudiced and antisemitic statements” and calling on her to withdraw her candidacy

Co-host Jim Rizoli eventually spoke up to suggest Kauffman actually had an “advantage” due to her “Jewish name.” He explained that, “Unless they read the Boston Broadside they’re not gonna really know who the hell ya are, probably. But, having a Jewish name — you gotta understand that the Jews are tribal. They vote for Jews. So you could actually do well”

Later in the show Kauffman expressed an interest in overthrowing the U.S. government and instituting a monarchy

Elijah Schaffer and Kara McKinney #racist #conspiracy angrywhitemen.org

On the Mar. 20, 2024 episode of his Rumble show[…]Elijah Schaffer claimed that Australia[…]was never colonized[…]
Schaffer made the remarks during an interview with Kara McKinney of[…]OANN. The conversation began with Schaffer reacting to a decision by a U.S. District Court judge who ruled that a federal law barring undocumented immigrants from legally possessing firearms was unconstitutional[…]
“It’s like, dude you gotta realize that your enemies are arming an illegal army,” he warned

“They’re bringing Haitians and Chinese — 60,000 Chinese Communist Party members — and now they’re letting them be armed. Even if they could get armed illegally, they’re saying even if we catch you, not only are we not gonna deport you, we won’t even remove your firearms from you”

Kara McKinney, after fretting that undocumented immigrants might become police officers or soldiers, told Schaffer that leftists believe that they can “bring the entire world here, and somehow we’re all gonna hold hands together”

She also worries about where white Christians such as herself are supposed to live

“No one cares about us in the world, and there’s really nowhere else we can go”[…]
“There’s that First Minister[…]of Scotland — the Muslim guy. … And I’m — a lot of me is Scottish, right?[…]And so I think to myself, well I’m not welcomed in America, being a white Christian lady”[…]
Schaffer told McKinney that this reminded him of the arguments about the history of Australia, and denied that the continent had ever been colonized

“It’s like the same thing, man, like people are like ‘Well, Australia, you know they’re colonizers,'” he said mockingly. “Like, no they’re not colonizers. There was no society here. There was no country here. There were like people who played with sticks, and you can see their culture hasn’t advanced, okay?”

Schaffer claimed Aboriginal Australians “didn’t conquer anyone” and, instead, “got drunk and conquered themselves” after being given Jameson whiskey

Nick Fuentes #wingnut #conspiracy angrywhitemen.org

Some far-right voices have adopted the false claim that the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection was a false flag[…]Nick Fuentes[…]pushed back on this conspiracy, claiming that it detracted from the narrative that Jan. 6 was a “rebellion” that should be “celebrate[d]”

Fuentes was present at the Capitol[…]
“January 6 was necessary, because it left an impression,” Fuentes declared on the Jan. 6, 2024 episode of America First. “And that impression was we do not accept this election. It was loud[…]You can’t ignore that”

Fuentes said that this “straight-up rebellion” helped people focus on the claims that the 2020 election had been stolen[…]
“So I don’t like the fedsurrection narrative because — I sort of understand it, and the angle is that this is supposed to exonerate the people that have been charged,” he said. “And I sort of understand that this is supposed to exonerate Trump supporters, so they’re not seen as terrorists. But I don’t think that’s necessary”

He added that “it’s almost like if you say it’s a fedsurrection, you’re almost conceding that if no feds were involved that it was evil.” Fuentes said that even if the pro-Trump mob hadn’t been “tricked” into entering the Capitol[…]their actions were ultimately “justified”

Fuentes laid out a list of grievances about how President Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda had been stymied by Congress and the courts. And he complained that states with Republican legislatures refused to audit their vote totals[…]
He then called the “riot” at the Capitol a “pretty proportionate expression of the frustration of the people,” and said that Trump supporters were “entitled to break a fuckin’ window”

According to Fuentes, there may have been “some funny business” where federal agents “exacerbated” the events of that day. But he was dismissive of claims that “they were the primary engine behind that”

Alex Jones #conspiracy #psycho angrywhitemen.org

In a tirade about the COVID-19 pandemic, Infowars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones called for mass executions of people who developed and promoted the vaccine. Claiming that they were responsible for the deaths of 20,000,000 people, Jones demanded that Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and others be publicly hanged.

Jones complained that Dr. Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates are “still walkin’ around” after murdering “20,000,000 people.” After a rambling monologue about COVID lockdowns and mask mandates, Jones called for the metaphorical assassination of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla.

“But the point is you just can’t let this criminal group run around and reconstitute itself and do it again,” Jones said. “And I’m not saying citizens arrest ’em — they’d turn that into terrorism. I’m not saying go out and blast or, you know, kill the head of Pfizer, [Albert] Bourla.”

“But I’m saying politically, culturally, non-violently assassinate his name, assassinate his stock, assassinate everyone that served him, politically, non-violently with a assassination of his identity. Because he is a bad person. And then don’t worry, the criminal charges will come. And they need to come. And they must come.”

But Jones quickly dropped the metaphor, pivoting to a direct call for executions. “He must hang for what he did. Bill Gates must hang for what he did. Fauci must hang for what he did,” Jones declared.

Stew Peters and Mark Collett #racist #conspiracy #fundie #transphobia angrywhitemen.org

On the Jan. 30, 2024 episode of his Rumble show, white nationalist and Holocaust denier Stew Peters went on a vile, racist rant about Somali immigrants. While interviewing British Neo-Nazi Mark Collett, Peters called Somalis “gross,” “low IQ” “parasites” and “filthy cockroaches”[…]

Peters: Now recently the state of Minnesota decided ‘Hey, we’re gonna change that flag[…]’It didn’t cater to the illegally imported by the tyrant[…]
These people are disgusting, they’re filthy, they’re gross, they’re low IQ, they contribute absolutely nothing to society, they’re parasites, they’re a drain on the taxpayer. They’re just a suck and a soak and they’re filthy cockroaches that’ve infested the city of Minneapolis. They wish not to assimilate, by the way. They hate Christians. They hate white people. They’re very, very violent. They burn things, they loot, they rape, they pillage, they rob — all of these things — they steal
So, here is the new flag of the state of Minnesota[…]Now put that up next to the flag for Somalia[…]They’re showing the dumb goyim who’ve laid down ‘[…]We’re replacing your heritage[…]’
Collett:[…]Here in the UK we’re seeing replacement from the bottom-up and also the top-down[…]‘We have a Indian prime minister, we have a Muslim head of state in Scotland, we have a Muslim mayor in London, and now they are talking about a migrant head of state in Wales also. And similar things are happening all over Europe. Just over the water in Ireland[…]
Peters: Yeah
Collett: We are being erased and our quality of our life is falling, because we’re not just becoming a minority, but we’re becoming a hated minority[…]
Peters:[…]They’re replacing us. And the first clue should’ve been Obama. Now they’re propping up the guy that’s pretending to be Michelle Obama — a woman, this tranny[…]They’re propping up Vivek Ramalama-Deep State. I mean this is an Indian — a Hindu — that literally brushes his teeth with cow poop

Elijah Schaffer and “Australian Talk” #racist #fundie #conspiracy #wingnut angrywhitemen.org

During the Sept. 29, 2023 episode of his show Slightly Offensive, ex-BlazeTV host Elijah Schaffer remarked that he longed for “pre-60s Western civilization”[…]
“See, but this is why I get offended when people say this show is full of dog whistles, because I don’t even dog whistle anymore,” Schaffer said. “I’m just like open about my views on the world because I think everyone’s cringe and sucks”

Schaffer said he was past the “Republican-Democrat argument,” and just wants to “close down our borders, deport these people, return back to normalcy, and get back to pre-60s Western civilization.” He added that, “I wanna abandon multiculturalism, abandon multiethnic society”

He also said that he wanted to “get back into a place where we have core values” and “where communism is illegal,” and “kick out all the Bolshevik communists”

Schaffer’s guest, who goes by the pseudonym “Australian Talk,” said that “they” — presumably referring to “communists” — “want us gone”[…]
“Look, one of my favorite things that I found, and I don’t wanna go too far down this road,” Schaffer said before Australian Talk interrupted to say “Blood and soil”[…]
Schaffer continued, accusing Republicans of “fight[ing] for other minorities to have a homeland”[…]
“You know, somebody had accused this show of being anti-Jewish[…]I am so pro-Israel and pro-Jewish, I just want to adopt the way Israelis treat Israel, and the way Jews treat Judaism, I want to adopt that, but for white, Western countries and Christianity,” he said

Schaffer dubbed this belief “Anglo-Christendom” or “Anglo-Christian Zionism”[…]
Schaffer praised other countries for “looking out for their own people, [and] their own racial group.” As examples he cited China which is “manipulating other countries and currencies,” and Russia which is “securing this no man’s land in Ukraine”

He also lauded Hungary for “protecting its own border” and Israel for deporting Eritrean migrants, which he called “based as fuck”

Cynthia McKinney and Stew Peters #conspiracy #racist #psycho #crackpot angrywhitemen.org

On his eponymous Rumble show[…]Stew Peters interviewed ex-congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. McKinney told Peters that Israelis have “penetrated” the U.S. government, and that the U.S. “put Zionist Jews in control” of Ukraine after staging a “coup” in 2014[…]
“So we have been called, at this program, antisemitic for pointing out factually that 100% of our media is funded by, what appears to be, Israel’s lobby,” Peters said, claiming that “most of Biden’s cabinet” are people who “happen to call themselves Jews”[…]
McKinney told Peters that she “absolutely” sees it that way, and told him that “we’ve got a Congress, a legislative branch, of 535 individuals” who “all swear some kind of allegiance to Israel, one way or the other, because that’s the way you get campaign financed”

“So they have penetrated the executive branch, the legislative branch. They have penetrated our state and local branches of government,” she said. “And you know, Stew, if you print the money then money is not an object for you. So these people have access to unlimited amounts of money”[…]
“When Robert Kennedy said that the spike protein in the Pfizer and the Moderna shots was ethnically specific, he told the truth, because I was the one that found the study,” McKinney claimed[…]
“So it’s not all Jews that have this immunity[…]That very same spike protein that was attached to coronavirus and caused the illness, and then was made to replicate inside one’s body, probably forever, by the injections — the COVID injections

McKinney also suggested that “Black nationalists” and “white nationalists” can work together for a common cause and create an “unstoppable” union. Citing Black and white cooperation during Bacon’s Rebellion, McKinney said there has been an “orchestration of division”[…]
McKinney agreed with Peters’ repeated calls for “extreme accountability” — the phrase he uses to refer to executing his political opponents. “When you say ‘extreme accountability,’ we have to have it”

Stew Peters and Michael Yon #racist #conspiracy #psycho angrywhitemen.org

On the Feb. 16, 2024 episode of his Rumble show,[…]Stew Peters once again called for violence at the southern border. While speaking to Michael Yon and Ann Vandersteel, Peters called for an “electrified” border wall armed with “AI-powered and guided guns” to shoot migrants
Peters dismissed the recent impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas by the Republican-controlled House as nothing but a stunt[…]
Peters asked Yon[…]whether America was facing the prospect of an attack that would make 9/11 look like “child’s play.” Yon replied that the country is “going into a massive war” and that this is “so obvious that it’s almost painful to have to explain[…]
Yon claimed that it’s “the same in Ireland,” which he traveled to last year. “They’ve already reached the critical mass of military-age males from other places like Afghanistan and Somalia and Nigeria,” he warned. “I mean they are clearly going to be taken in Ireland. I mean I think they’ve already — unless they go very serious and start expelling people right now”

Yon also praised the “peace walls” in Belfast which separate Catholic and Protestant areas, calling them “more serious” than the wall that Trump began building. He added that he would like a wall just like it along the southern border

“And it should be electrified,”[…]“And there should be, you know — AI is great if used for the right reasons, right? How ’bout we have some AI-powered and guided guns on the top of that thing so that anybody trying to invade our country gets shot in the brain”

Nick Fuentes #wingnut #transphobia angrywhitemen.org

On Aug. 24, 2023, former president Donald Trump was booked at an Atlanta jail on felony charges[…]After his mugshot was released online[…]Nick Fuentes declared the photo was a “symbol” to “rally behind” like the swastika or hammer and sickle

“And so this is just like — and I think everyone already recognizes [it], I’m not the first person to say this — but this has become now an icon and a symbol of this moment,” he said on his America First show. “I think people are rallying around this. And it would be stupid for him not to monetize it”[…]
“I don’t think it’s necessarily a given. The Georgia — the Fulton County courthouse has given him the symbol,” Fuentes continued. “This is like giving him a swastika. He didn’t have a swastika. He didn’t have a hammer and sickle. He didn’t have a — whatever. Whatever the great symbol — he didn’t have a bloody shirt or a flag, really, to rally behind”[…]
Fuentes called the mugshot a “symbol of defiance against the system.” He added that, “This is what the election is about. In a way it’s about that picture. Because the picture summarizes all the events of the last eight years, and the eight years are a culmination of 30 years or even longer of what’s been going on — which is that this country is being killed by its leadership”

He said Trump’s mugshot depicts the “face of America” which is “being punished” and “chopped up”

“Meanwhile, as we all know, the country is in decline,” he complained. “Meanwhile, what is celebrated is vulgarity and indecency and crime and obese people and transsexual people. They tear down the statues of the heroes and they change the holidays, and they uplift criminals. We worship thugs. Worship deranged freaks”

Colonel Douglas Macgregor and Tucker Carlson #racist #conspiracy #wingnut #transphobia angrywhitemen.org

[Douglas] Macgregor is also a Putin apologist who claimed that Russia “really didn’t start” the war in Ukraine

Carlson played a clip of Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, a transgender former journalist[…]spokesperson for Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Forces. In the clip, Ashton-Cirillo called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “vampire” who “bathes in the blood of innocent children”

Carlson mocked Ashton-Cirillo as a “guy with fake breasts”[…]Macgregor said that the “people bathing in blood are in Kiev and Washington, not in Moscow”

Macgregor told Carlson that “We’re going to see this whole thing collapse and implode. It’s coming.” Carlson asked if NATO would collapse as well, to which Macgregor replied “I would think so” because Germany is “well into a recession” and “deindustrialized itself by casting its lot with the anti-Russian crowd”

Macgregor also stated that today’s Russian military is nothing like the Soviet Army, which he called “an exercise in barbarism, and savagery, [and] mass rape”

“That’s not Russia today,” he claimed. “Russia today is a very different society, [a] very different state. And that’s been Putin’s effort from day one. He’s been interested in restoring Russia as an Orthodox Christian state with a true national identity and a strong national culture”

“That’s probably another reason why so many people want to destroy Russia,” he continued. “Because it’s the last European state that has not been flooded with foreigners and turned into some sort of polyglot experiment”

Macgregor said this “experiment” is “failing badly” because “when things fall apart economically” it becomes difficult for “all of these unwanted people in Europe and, for that matter, here as well.” He added that Americans and Germans will look at immigrants and ask whey they are being “subsidized”

Carlson agreed, saying “I’m getting 1,400 bucks a month in retirement that I paid into my entire life, and you just show up from Congo and you’re getting 2,200 bucks”

Lucas Gage #racist #conspiracy #psycho angrywhitemen.org

During the rant, [Lucas] Gage used the terms “Zionist,” “Jewish supremacist,” and “Jew” interchangeably, and said the “only good Jew is a Jew who ceases to be Jewish”

In a Dec. 17, 2023 post to his X account, Gage wrote “The only way you should treat a 🇮🇱 Zionist/✡️Jewish Supremacist”[…]
Gage started the livestream by addressing his followers, and said that he hoped to “inspire” them on “how to deal with Zionists and Jewish supremacists”[…]
“‘It’s out of context! It’s not the real Torah! We don’t follow the Talmud!’ Then they quote the Talmud later. It’s all lies! These people are fuckin’ satanic! They are satanic! They are demons!” he said angrily

“You don’t treat demons with respect. ‘I actually disagree, sir. Excuse me, sir, I disagree.’ You fucking slay them! You slay demons, that’s it! Fuckin’ capture a demon and bring ’em home. And feed ’em. What are you doing? You destroy them where they stand. The only way you should be treating a Zionist is with utter contempt and disgust!”[…]
“I don’t give a fuck what any Jewish supremacist says — what any Jew says, even a regular one”[…]Gage said. “I’m done with these people in general! I don’t care about anti-Zionist Jew. I don’t care about Zionist Jew, anti-Zionist Jew, Reform Jew, Torah Jew, any Jew!”[…]
“I told you my position on Jewish people. The only good Jew is a Jew who ceases to be Jewish. You show me a Jew who’s no longer Jewish, I’ll treat them with respect, because they got rid of their supremacy”

Gage claimed that Judaism itself is “Jewish supremacy” and that the “Jewish culture is supremacist”

He went on to say that Jews weren’t expelled from 109 countries “because they were Zionist”[…]
“Zionism didn’t come out until 1897[…]So over two thousand fuckin’ years, every goddamn group who came across these so-called Jews had a problem with them. From coin clipping, from child sacrifice, from usury, from schemes of all sorts. Where were the Zionists?”

Stew Peters and Jon Minadeo II #racist #conspiracy #homophobia angrywhitemen.org

Jon Minadeo[…]is the founder and leader of the Goyim Defense League[…]
Stew Peters spoke with Minadeo[…]
“What say you about being referred to as a Neo-Nazi because you’re bringing awareness to this dangerous and very important, critical topic?” he asked. Minadeo[…]answered[…]
“Well[…]when you look into history[…]and we only hear one side when we’re growin’ up —[…]that the Jews are victims[…]Why had they been persecuted, right?” he said. Minadeo plugged Europa: The Last Battle

“So when you learn about Europa[…]and you learn about the Holodomor, and you learn about the U.S.S.R. government being 70% Jewish[…]and they starved a bunch of Russians and Ukrainians, you start goin’ ‘Who is behind this?’ Well, it was the Jews that are behind this, and then they use the Holohoax to cover up these war crimes”[…]
“So when people start learning the truth and hearing about Hitler not killing six million Jews, and Hitler rebuilding Germany, there’s a lot of questions to be asked,” he continued. “So if they’re lying about this so-called genocide and covering up another genocide that they did on someone else, then it’s time that we look into Hitler and go ‘Hey, this guy, is he as bad as the Jews are saying he is?”[…]
Minadeo claimed that a group of Jews is “financing” the “demise” of white people through “miscegenation.” He added that “We used to have laws against miscegenation, against homosexuality. The Jews have obviously got into the Christian churches and demoralized it. But we are being replaced through miscegenation, through mass migration”[…]
He went on to say that “when you learn about The Racial Plan for the Twentieth Century, it’s about propping Blacks up to the highest levels in sports and entertainment so they can intermarry with whites. And that is the goal of the communists”[…]
He then pivoted to discussing the Nationality Act of 1790, which limited citizenship to “free white persons”

“And that goes into what our immigration policy should’ve been, right?”

Stew Peters and James Edwards #racist #pratt #dunning-kruger angrywhitemen.org

Stew Peters spoke with[…]James Edwards about the so-called “national epidemic” of “Black-on-white crime”[…]
“Every day we turn on our TV[…]and we see another Third World invader or inner city parasitic animal attacking an elderly white person in a nursing home, who’s been left there completely defenseless, with no one to speak up for them and no one to come to their aid”[…]
Peters asked if elderly white Americans won World War II just to be “abused and raped and killed by ghetto savages”

Peters then turned to his guest[…]“These people are getting away with this because we don’t have a serious justice system,” Peters told Edwards. “But we can defund it[…]We can expose it. And we can get rid of these animals and exterminate these parasites, can’t we?”[…]
Edwards then invited the show’s viewers to “look back” at the “mythical amount of violence that white Southerners supposedly displayed against Blacks during the so-called civil rights era.” He complained that there are still headlines about the lynching of Emmett Till[…]
“And I say that the most remarkable thing about violence in the South at that time was how remarkable little there was”[…]
Edwards said that he “had the opportunity to interview the officer who arrested Rosa Parks” in 2008. He told Peters that “this wasn’t gonna be a shock” to him or his audience, but that “everything you’ve learned about that time in history is a lie,” calling it “no different than” the modern “BLM riots”

In a 2010 article commemorating the 55th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ arrest, Edwards called Parks a “Communist” and wrote, “It never ceases to amaze me how lawbreakers (Parks, ‘civil rights’ activists, illegal aliens, etc.) are heralded as heroes by the media while hard working, tax paying, God fearing Middle Americans are treated as criminals”

He also complained about the attention being paid to white murder victims. “You hear about Emmett Till,” he said. “Of course what about Cannon Hinnant[…]? Any movies about that?”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton #wingnut #conspiracy #racist angrywhitemen.org

Ken Paxton posted on X that he was “heading to Maine” to “sit down with @TuckerCarlson”[…]
“Your fans and your detractors, I think, would both acknowledge that you’re the most aggressive legal opponent of the Biden administration in the United States,” Carlson said “You’re a Republican, elected with a big margin in a Republican state, but it was Republicans who tried to take you out”[…]
As Paxton explained, “[W]e have 150 members of the Texas House and 65 of ’em are Democrats And those 65 Democrats always vote in a bloc”[…]
When Carlson asked Paxton if he believed the “Republican Speaker of the House is chosen by the Democrats,” Paxton replied “Pretty much, yeah”

“Wait, so you can have a big majority in the Texas House but still not control the Texas House?” Carlson asked “That’s exactly what has been happening over the last, say, 14 years, 16 years,” Paxton said[…]
Paxton elaborated on his conspiracy that Democrats were really responsible[…]pointing out that “two of the four House investigating lawyers” previously worked for the Department of Justice during the Biden administration[…]
He also blamed other organizations, like the Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC which, he said, worked to defeat him in the race for Attorney General and was communicating with Republican strategist Karl Rove[…]
Carlson went on to call Rove an “activist liberal working effectively for the Biden administration”[…]
Paxton and Carlson also complained about the number of undocumented immigrants who’ve crossed the border and entered Texas, criticizing Texas Sen John Cornyn for failing to speak out against this “invasion”[…]
Carlson also griped about Cornyn’s support for Ukraine in its effort to repel the Russian invasion, telling Paxton that if you “compare the amount of time[…]spent talking about the invasion of his own state by the rest of the world with the time he’s spent talking about the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, he’s far more concerned about what’s happening in Ukraine”

Anna Perez #racist angrywhitemen.org

On Sept. 18, 2023, far-right pundit and conspiracy theorist Anna Perez debuted her new show, Wrongthink Primetime, on the Rumble channel of white nationalist Stew Peters. During the inaugural episode, Perez reacted to a story about food deserts and the possibility of opening city-owned grocery stores in Chicago by claiming that Black people “love fried food”

She also blamed her local grocery store’s lack of fresh produce on Black customers because, she says, they refuse to buy healthy food like fruits and vegetables

Calling food deserts a “made-up problem,” Perez told viewers that “the Left” was “trying to turn this into somewhat of a race issue.” She claimed that Black people are not “the victim” and added that she doesn’t “know a whole lot of Black people that don’t love fried food” — which she said isn’t a “thing that I’m being racist about”

Perez, who lives in Washington D.C., says she resides in a “more gentrified area,” half of which is “pretty Black.” She said that the produce at her local grocery store “absolutely sucks,” and said this was the fault of Black shoppers

“And the reason why that is is because they don’t tend to get a whole lot of shipments of produce because people don’t buy them,” she said. “Because the majority of people that they’re catering to are Black people. So why in the world would they waste money on produce — fruits and vegetables — if no one’s gonna buy it? I mean I wanna buy it, but I’m not Black”

While she admitted she was “speaking in generalities,” she went on to claim that Black people will “tell you to their face that they love fried chicken”

Anna Perez #fundie #homophobia #transphobia #conspiracy angrywhitemen.org

Anna Perez devoted the Oct. 30, 2023 episode of her Wrongthink Primetime show to claiming that Christians are the “most persecuted group”[…]During the episode she also claimed that “discrimination”[…]is a “key tenet of the Bible” and that Christians have been “too tolerant”

Perez played a clip of MSNBC host and former Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki talking about Speaker of the House Mike Johnson[…]
She also drew attention to anti-gay statements Johnson made and remarked that discrimination is not a “key tenet of the Bible”

“Uh, actually Jen Psaki, discrimination is a key tenet of the Bible,” Perez countered. “Jesus and — even in the Old Testament and the New Testament, by the way, this is true for all of the religions that you claim to defend, yet you have a problem uniquely with Christianity[…]God was very clear in the Old and New Testament where we stood on homosexuality”

“And I hate to break it to you, I hate to burst your bubble, but you should probably re-read it,” she said. “Spoiler alert: He was not exactly in favor of the homosexual lifestyle”

Toward the end of the show, Perez complained that the so-called “uniparty” is “more than happy to not just ignore Christian rights, Christian persecution, but rather to continue to fund it”[…]
Perez referenced the reaction to the Covenant School shooting[…]
“Yes, that is exactly what happened, because some tranny freak, some faggot freakshow, decided to shoot up a school because he/she was uncomfortable with themselves and actually believed that Christians were the problem in this country, because much like many people in the world, they’re convinced that Christians are bad”[…]
“Do not let them tell you that we are not a persecuted class in America. We are the most persecuted class, not just in America, but around the world,” Perez claimed. “Christians are treated terribly. Honestly I believe we’ve been too tolerant. … We cannot let these heathens — these heathens — come against us”

Elijah Schaffer #racist #sexist #conspiracy angrywhitemen.org

During the Sept. 20, 2023 episode of his Rumble show, Nightly Offensive, ex-BlazeTV host Elijah Schaffer went on a rant[…]
During the last segment of his show, Elijah Schaffer played an out-of-context clip of then-Vice President Joe Biden in order to suggest that the white supremacist “Great Replacement” conspiracy is real[…]
After playing the clip, Schaffer complained about people who “don’t think America has a culture,” and said this phenomenon was “related to white guilt.” Schaffer said that America actually does have its own culture and that it “derives from European classicalism,” adding that “White society is amazing”

“And a lot of this is just anti-whiteism,” Schaffer said. “It’s extermination of white people. And that’s what this is about: to create a more subservient class. Well, a lot of white people are at the source of a lot of the world’s problems as well, right? There’s a lot of white people, a lot of Jewish people. There’s a lot of real disgusting liberals. I think there’s demons involved too”

Schaffer went on to say that, “they’re not going to exterminate all the white people, yet — or right now” but that “what they’re doing is essentially extermination of white people.” As for who “they” are in this scenario, he noted that “people will just blame the Jews” and said, “Maybe. I don’t know. I haven’t looked into it enough”

Schaffer then went on a tangent in which he denounced women’s suffrage and the existence of HR departments

“But also ‘I don’t get the problem with women voting. Women working, what’s wrong with that?’ Uh, HR departments?” Schaffer said. “HR departments were meant to ruin strong men who pioneered great paths through bogus accusations — even some of them true. But just to get men in trouble for being men and to create useless jobs for women”

Stew Peters and E. Michael Jones #racist #conspiracy angrywhitemen.org

On the Sept. 21, 2023 episode of his Rumble show, white nationalist Stew Peters interviewed E. Michael Jones[…]
Peters went on an angry rant about the Anti-Defamation League, which he compared to the Nazis

“For some people the Holocaust is their excuse for why they deserve absolute power today,” Peters said. “Because the Holocaust happened 80 years ago, they say, they get to create today’s Nazism, dressed up with words like ‘social justice,’ or ‘medical safety,’ or ‘the climate’

As he spoke, a graphic depicting President Biden and ADL Director Jonathan Greenblatt and the caption “Jewish Supremacy” appeared[…]
Peters said that, like the Nazis, the ADL “demand[s] mass censorship,” “engage[s] in blanket vilification of their enemies,” and “defend[s], and demand[s], mass street violence under the banner of BLM.” He added that the ADL “hit on this brilliant twist to keep their extortion racket going” which is to “claim to be anti-fascist” while “behav[ing] as much like fascists as they want”

After complaining that he was labeled antisemitic for blaming Jews for the sinking of the Titanic, Peters asked E. Michael Jones why accusations of antisemitism “have the power to shut down an argument”

Jones replied that “The answer to that is the Holocaust narrative. The Holocaust created Jewish privilege. It basically put a Jew like [Attorney General Merrick] Garland, who is supposed to enforce the law, it puts them above the law.” He also claimed that survivors of Auschwitz who were tattooed by the Nazis used those tattoos to put themselves “above the law”[…]
Peters told Jones to “Speak to the influence that the Jews have in our media here today”

In response, Jones gave a rambling answer about Jewish media control that he linked to the end of the Hays Code[…]
“The movie that broke the Production Code, which meant that the Jews did not have total monopoly over what came out of Hollywood, was The Pawnbroker. And The Pawnbroker was a Holocaust porn film”

Ron Peri #racist #conspiracy #dunning-kruger angrywhitemen.org

Ron Peri, who was appointed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to an oversight board for Disney’s special tax district, once warned that Europe is “collapsing” and “becoming Muslim through the depopulation of Europeans.” Peri made the comments in a Sept. 2021 video uploaded to the YouTube channel of his ministry, The Gathering USA[…]
In the video, titled “The Longevity Lifestyle of the Jews,” Peri told listeners that “Nations die. Not from overpopulation but from depopulation.” After referencing the fall of the Roman Empire, Peri added that, “Europe is collapsing. It is becoming Muslim through the depopulation of Europeans”

Peri read off statistics about “Islamic birthrates” in countries such as Afghanistan and Somalia, which he contrasted with birthrates of European countries. He added, “Do you know that there are, today, more Muslims in France than there are Catholics? Everything is changing in Europe”[…]
Peri then said that in the U.S. “we’re starting to see the same issue,” and that “the American birthrate” was 2.1 in 2019 while the Canadian birthrate was 1.5

According to Peri, he took these statistics from America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It by Mark Steyn[…]
Citing data which showed a decline in births between Dec. 2019 and Dec. 2020, Peri proclaimed that “the United States is facing a demographic collapse.” Peri appeared to partially attribute the decline to the COVID-19 vaccine, stating that “Many believe that the vaccine is indeed having a very negative effect on fertility rates and fertility rates going forward”


Matt Wallace and Stew Peters #conspiracy #racist angrywhitemen.org

Stew Peters floated a new conspiracy theory about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas[…]
Peters said that the “media, and all of the people that control them” told people that “Israel has one of the most impenetrable borders of any country that has ever existed.” Referring to Hamas as “low-IQ goat herders,” he asked Matt Wallace to “help me process” how the attack happened[…]
Wallace, who does not appear to have any expertise relevant to the conflict in Gaza, told Peters that “all of the evidence that I have seen regarding this points to the fact that it was either extreme incompetence or, perhaps, the Israeli government may have even known it was going to happen”

Pushing back on this view, Peters asked if the Israeli government “could’ve actually planned it” as opposing to having “foreknowledge” of the attack and letting it happen, “like we know what happened on 9/11 here”[…]
“Now, if you look throughout history you’ll see many examples — I’m sure you’re familiar with all of them — of governments doing evil things,” Wallace replied. “Many of which are false flags. Many of which are trying to start things”[…]
Peters interrupted to once again ask if “this could’ve been a false flag.” Wallace said he didn’t know, and that he hopes it isn’t true, but that the “more plausible theory” is that they “could’ve known it was happening and not stopped it”

Peters disagreed, saying that it’s “far more likely that the demonically-possessed, evil Israeli government planned this and carried it out against its own people”[…]
“I see what they’re doing around the planet. I see what’s happening in our country,” he said. “I see the people that are in the cabinet of this fraudulently-elected, pedophilic, rogue regime. I see the people that are in our media[…]
“I see the[…]open warfare that’s been declared against American people by its own government,” Peters continued. “And then I look to see who’s pulling the strings, and guess what? They’re all in Israel!”

Terry Schilling #racist #fundie #wingnut angrywhitemen.org

During an appearance on The Eric Metaxas Show, Terry Schilling[…]defended Christopher Columbus. Schilling downplayed Columbus’ crimes, called Indigenous people an “evil, barbaric group of people,” said that Christians “have no business criticizing” Columbus, and that the Americas “needed to be conquered”

“In our lifetimes Columbus has been put forward as a raper of the Indigenous populations, which is mostly nonsense”[…]“What are we to make of this? This attack on Columbus? I mean I don’t know what to say about it anymore”

Schilling called attacks on Columbus “preposterous” and motivated by Marxist ideology. “Once you realize that the common denominator amongst all the attacks on everything that Americans love and know — the common denominator is Marxism and a hatred of anything that upholds truth or glory or beauty or God”[…]
Schilling admitted without going into detail that Columbus “did some bad things” but said that “Columbus contributed more in his life than any of the people that are criticizing him by like a hundred billion times”[…]
“The worst things that they’ve accused Columbus of, if you compare that — what he’s been accused of, not even what he’s been convicted of — to what the Indigenous people were doing here in the Americas, it’s not even close!” he insisted. “Right? The Indigenous people were a barbaric, evil group of people, right?”[…]
“He was not trying to enrich himself. He was obsessed — so when he was doing everything that he did, when he sailed the ocean blue in 1492, everyone was concerned that Christ was coming back, that God was coming back for the second time, and they wanted to reclaim the Holy Lands”[…]
“And what Columbus was obsessed with was establishing new trade routes that could be used to fund the new Crusades and take back the Holy Land so that Christians controlled it when God came back. He was not trying to enrich himself. He was trying to do yeoman’s work. So if you’re a Christian, you have no business criticizing him”

Keith Woods and Austin Peterson #racist #conspiracy angrywhitemen.org

On the Oct. 11, 2023 episode of his Rumble show Slightly Offensive, Elijah Schaffer hosted Keith Woods[…]for a debate on Israel’s war against Hamas[…]
Peterson, a libertarian Internet personality, framed the war between Israel and Hamas[…]as a “clash of civilizations” between “savage” and inferior Palestinians and superior Israelis[…]
“I sort of pull from Ayn Rand on this one who sees this from the clash of civilizations perspective,” he explained. “She sees this from the clash of civilizations perspective. She sees the Israelis as the advanced technological civilization and she described the Palestinians as barbaric [savages]”[…]“The Catholics came in and they settled Mexico and South America and they said there would be no more human sacrifices, for example,” he said. “I mean, how long must a civilized nation tolerate barbarity at its gates? … I very much see this as analogous to American expansionism and the fighting between American pioneers [and] savage Indian tribes at that time”[…]
Woods, in turn, argued that according to Peterson’s “might is right” philosophy Hamas’ attack on Israel was entirely justified. Peterson replied that there was “no moral equivalence” between Hamas and Israel because Israeli soldiers in Palestinian territory “don’t go to the music festivals and capture their women and spit on their corpses and parade them through the streets”

Peterson also compared Palestinians to “the Black residents in the South Side of Chicago who cry all day about how the terrible white man is oppressing them on a single day” and said he doesn’t “give special victimhood status” to them[…]
Woods also denied that Hamas’ attack on the Supernova music festival[…]“As far as the moral equivalence, again there’s no indication that the descent on the rave turned into some kind of mass slaughter. The latest footage to come out is Israeli police officers were at the rave firing at Hamas soldiers, and civilians were there in cover with the Israeli police”

Angelo John Gage #fundie #racist #conspiracy angrywhitemen.org

On his eponymous Rumble show, Stew Peters reacted to the ongoing conflict between Israeli forces and Gaza by speaking to fellow white nationalist conspiracy theorist Angelo John Gage. Gage, who was banned from Twitter (now X) in 2021 and resurfaced as “Lucas Gage,” used his appearance to blame Jews for the murder of Jesus[…]
On the Oct. 9, 2023 episode of The Stew Peters Show, Peters railed against Christian support for Israel. Gage, in turn, called Christianity a “really strong bulwark against Jewish supremacy” but said it had been “usurped”[…]
“In the 1960s the Vatican II was passed, some kind of reform which they allowed the Jewish people to get away with deicide — killing Christ, the God, the Savior of the Christian people,” Gage told Peters. “And they no longer blame them for that. They opened up the Church to every interpretation and things like this”

Peters asked Gage what Jesus meant “when He was talking about Israel.” Gage replied that, according to the Christian faith, “the real Israel are now the Christians.” And he attacked Christian Zionists as “Zio-cucks”[…]
Stew Peters interrupted to ask what the term “Judeo-Christian” means. Gage called it an “oxymoron” and alleged that if “the Jewish supremacists were to control the whole world, like they want,” they would “establish the Sanhedrin again” and Christians would be killed as “idol worshippers”

He alleged that Christians don’t realize this because of the “Zionist media” and “Zionist megachurches”

At one point Peters falsely claimed that “you have to swear an allegiance to Israel before you get sworn in as a Congressperson in this country” and asked where that “influence come from.” Gage said that the “influence comes from the Zionist lobby” which includes “hundreds of Jewish NGOs” and the World Jewish Congress

“‘There’s no Jewish conspiracy, global [Jewish] conspiracy’ — then what the hell is the World Jewish Congress?” he asked

Roosh V #racist #conspiracy angrywhitemen.org

Recently, Roosh Valizadeh — a former pick-up artist and purveyor of rapey literature turned religious zealot — railed against what he called “cultural rot” in an episode of his Roosh Hour podcast. Valizadeh took aim at, among other things, Bratz dolls, which he suggested were a Jewish plot to “groom” young girls.

“How ’bout the toys?” Valizadeh asked. “The toys that they’re giving girls, maybe the toys is [sic] gonna be — have some value to it.” He showed a photo of Bratz dolls and added, “And by value I mean teaching your young daughters how to become prostitutes.”

He complained about the clothing on a pair of Bratz dolls, pointing out that he could see the “G-string” on one of them. He then pulled up another photo of the same dolls — this time the doll on the left had lipstick on its face. Valizadeh said this was evidence that the dolls are a “lesbianic [sic] couple.”

“I mean these are the kind of dolls you would buy to groom a young child in order to sexually abuse them,” he claimed. “That’s it. You would teach ‘Hey, look, this is the doll, this is how you dress. Oh, you’re dressing like that.’ I mean, this is what I think. This is a grooming tool.”

Then Valizadeh put an antisemitic twist on his rant, pulling up a photo of MGA Entertainment CEO Isaac Larian.

Larian is an Iranian-born Jew whose company produces the Bratz product line. Valizadeh commented that “his face reminds me of something,” and pointed to Larian’s “engorged” nose, “juicy, thick lips,” and “thin and snake-like” eyes.

“We can’t see him below the chest but I would imagine his hands are clasped together — rubbing,” he said. This is a nod to the antisemitic “Happy Merchant” meme which depicts “a drawing of a Jewish man with heavily stereotyped facial features who is greedily rubbing his hands together.”

Yesterday on Twitter, Valizadeh announced that his YouTube account had been banned, claiming it was this episode that violated YouTube’s guidelines. Prior to his ban Valizadeh tweeted “People don’t like Jews because of their behavior” and “109” — a reference to the expulsion of Jews from 109 nations.

Christopher Cantwell #fundie angrywhitemen.org

Yeah there’s something wrong with you if you’re votin’ for a woman for President. Lemmie just get that out of the way. I understand that Hillary Clinton is an extraordinarily bad woman, and we don’t have to make it about her gender, to say that she’s a terrible woman. But I would, frankly. Like if Donald Trump was a female, I’d be like, okay, you have to boycott the election. I don’t want a fuckin’ woman President. And if you are not a testosterone-deficient faggot then you probably understand why.