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Oh boy, can’t wait until you find out that their ICBM’s can travel faster than we can intercept them.
What? You don’t know of Russia’s military capability? (Oh right, you’ve been told that Russia was “going to run out of missiles” how many times by now? I lost count.)
Don’t forget to call it the “Game Changer” like every other weapon before it.
Oh, and make certain you forget that Ukraine doesn’t have logistics and a severely compromised fighting capacity. (I’m certain it’ll help them overcome the latest 65k Casualties that Ukraine underwent in that one “strategically unimportant town…” they recently lost.)
65k casualties in Bakhmut.
16k in Kherson.
10k prior to that…
Ursula mentioned 100k in a now edited speech.
My dude, Ukraine became the new Yugoslavia. Forget farmers… they’ll be lucky if they even own their farms AFTER the U.S. demands their return on investment!
Tell me, have you asked what “Victory” is for Ukraine? Because if you know, then SURELY you must have seen some means of progress, right?
I mean, when were the Russians supposed to have run out of misdialed again?
Remind me.

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Wait till you find out that the Bully is Ukraine…
I gotta love it when NONE OF YOU think about what the residents of Eastern Ukraine underwent over the previous 8 years.
You people are just selective about your outrage, it’s kind of sad, really.
Except Ukraine was the one spiking people’s drinks… while wearing the shirt skirt.
Let’s see:
Yugoslavia, Libya, Ukraine, Taiwan, Chile, Brazil, Vietnam, Korea, Syria, Iran, IRAQ, PALESTINE…
Clearly, you never learned a single lesson, so why are you talking to other people about “learning” anything?
You do know that the F-16 would mean that NATO affiliates would be piloting the planes, right?
Cause Ukraine doesn’t have the logistics to do much of anything. They lost that capacity at the beginning of the conflict.
But I guess if you want Ukraine to lose even harder…
Let’s begin, shall we?
1) Ukraine has been committing war crimes (on camera.) I’ve seen plenty of examples, INCLUDING neck slicing, castration, shooting knee caps, and other horrendous things.
2) Ukraine has promoted a genocide for 8 long years, BEFORE the conflict in Ukraine erupted.
There’s a reason why it’s “Kyiv, not Kiev” (and it’s sinister.)
3) The media didn’t tell you that Ukraine witnessed mushroom clouds recently, did they? What VAUSH not Dylan Burns mention them?😱
Imagine my shock.🙂
4) 65k Casualties in a “Strategically unimportant town…”


I wouldn't consider myself antiUkraine, but for me it's more simple: I'm sad that innocent people suffer and die or have to flee, I'm sad that there is no fighting force in this war that actually defends the interests of either population, wether Ukrainian or Russian, but I am glad this is a blow to the NATO cancer and a destabiliser in the world.

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(Note: deadpanwalking is not the fundie, but is responding to them. I have linked to their blog because the original post was deleted.)

the logical conclusion of any communist revolution will be the utter extirpation of the imperators of the old world. how numerous are the enemies of the people? numerous enough that the answer will require innovations in the disposal of the dead.

proletarian mercy is in shortening the process: as Marx said, “the murderous death agonies of the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society can be shortened, simplified and concentrated in one way, and that way is revolutionary terror, when our time comes we will make no excuses for the terror.”

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Saturday, March 05, 2022

Victory to the anti-fascist forces of Donbass and their allies! U.S./NATO hands off Russia!

The NATO-funded Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion and other far right Ukrainian nationalists have slaughtered many thousands in Donbass in last 8 years.

On February 24, the anti-fascist Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, together with the Russian Federation, launched a military action with the goal of “demilitarization and denazification” of Ukraine. It is in the interest of poor and working people, anti-war and anti-imperialist forces in the U.S. and other NATO countries, to take an unambiguous position in solidarity with the anti-fascist forces. The real war danger comes from US and NATO forces surrounding Russia. The government in Kiev is their proxy, with no regard for the people of Ukraine.
The anti-fascist military action, forced on Donbass and Russia by the Western imperialist powers – principally President Joe Biden and the U.S. government – has exposed confusion and equivocation in the anti-war movement, even among socialists and communists.

Modern capitalist Russia is not an imperialist country. It had no means to become one after the counter-revolution in the USSR. It is a regional power akin to India or Brazil, primarily an exporter of commodities, not capital. To maintain its independence, Russia had to ally with other countries in opposition to imperialism. Ukraine’s coup regime, by contrast, is a pawn of U.S. imperialism that has been waging a brutal war on its neighbours for eight years and offered itself as a base for NATO aggression against Russia.

Our responsibility is to stop U.S. imperialism and its wars in all forms, and to stand in solidarity with those who fight against U.S. domination.

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(HK K)
We shouldn't be in Ukraine either... no less handing away tens of billions of taxpayer money to fight a proxy war with Russia and saber-rattling all of Russia's nuclear allies.

(Bertrand Finklenanny)
The only reason they're taking Ukraine is for a buffer zone, for the inevitable NATO invasion of Russia.
Moreover, the Ukrainian Civil War that Victoria Nuland started left a serious mess on Russia's border, so Russia has to intervene now.

Totally Not Trollin' Award

Long Live China, The Country of Future™

New Communist Party of Britain #moonbat newworker.org


by our Eastern European Affairs correspondent

President Vladimir Putin went to the front to meet Russian troops during the Orthodox Easter celebrations whilst his foreign minister met Latin American leaders to strengthen political and economic ties and outline the Kremlin’s efforts to end the conflict with Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov held talks with Brazilian, Cuban, Nicaraguan and Venezuelan leaders during a tour of Latin America to promote trade and peaceful co-operation last week. Lavrov’s Latin American tour includes Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba[…]
People’s China has become the focus for peace initiatives to end conflicts not just in Ukraine but all around the world. China successfully brokered a deal between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia that ended decades of hostility with the restoration of ties in March; China is also continuing its reconciliation efforts in the Middle East in settling the Yemen crisis and in promoting Israel–Palestine peace talks

This not good news for US imperialism. Their only ‘peace plan’ is a ludicrous demand for Russia’s unconditional withdrawal from Crimea and the Donbas and the prosecution of Vladimir Putin as a “war criminal”

The Americans are doing all that they can to stone-wall any calls to end the fighting[…]
The Americans can’t, however, take their own European allies for granted. Turkey and Hungary are opposed to the sanctions regime[…]
The White House said that the Brazilian leader’s “tone was not one of neutrality” and accused Lula of “parroting Russian and Chinese propaganda without looking at the facts”

Fortunately not many people take much notice of what the Biden administration says about Russia these days

The Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) #moonbat #conspiracy #dunning-kruger thecommunists.org

We reproduce below the joint statement issued by participants in the international conference, held under the title of ‘The rising tide of global war’ and organised by the World Anti-Imperialist Platform in Belgrade on 17 December.
It must be clear for anyone with eyes to see that the Nato imperialist bloc is losing its proxy war in Ukraine. Yet, rather than admitting defeat, it is doing everything possible to prolong and extend the war. Clearly, it hopes to find a way to wear down its opponent – if only the conflict can be stretched out for long enough, and if only enough men and material can be found to hurl into the inferno.
For decades now, the USA and its allies have been grooming peoples across eastern Europe to be ready to serve as their willing foot soldiers in this mission. Just as in Ukraine, workers from every former socialist state have been fed an unremitting diet of pro-imperialist Russophobia and anticommunism. At the same time, they have been divided by ultranationalist poison and persuaded to blame this or that group of workers for the impoverishment that followed the fall of socialism in the USSR and eastern Europe, the restitution of unbridled gangster capitalism, and economic recolonisation by the west.

In Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Moldova, Yugoslavia and elsewhere the same tactics have been employed as have served imperialism so well in Ukraine – and which have been the ruin of the Ukrainian people. Laws have been passed declaring communism a crime and rehabilitating the fascists and collaborators of World War 2 as ‘national heroes’ and ‘defenders of the people’. From kindergartens to universities, from museums to public memorials, history has been falsified, fratricidal nationalism has taken the place of socialist fraternity, and every means possible used to confuse and divide the working class.
Defeat to the Nato-led imperialist alliance!
No cooperation with imperialist war!
Victory to the resistance!

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Waiting for the End of the World

We cannot even begin to fathom the non-stop ripple effects deriving from the 2023 geopolitical earthquake that shook the world: Putin and Xi, in Moscow, de facto signaling the beginning of the end of Pax Americana.

The Hegemon, under its self-concocted “rules-based international order”, essentially never did diplomacy. Now their version of “diplomacy” has degenerated even further into crude insults by an array of US, EU and UK’s intellectually challenged and frankly moronic functionaries.

Yet what really matters for Moscow are non-stop Eurasia integration; closer ties with “friendly global centers” China and India; increased help to Africa; more strategic cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean, the lands of Islam – Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt – and ASEAN.

In 1848 these were liberal revolutions; today we have essentially popular anti-liberal (and anti-war) revolutions – from farmers in the Netherlands and Belgium to unreconstructed populists in Italy and Left and Right populists combined in France.

The difference now is that Russia and China are showing to the Global South that what American strategists had in store for them – you’re going to “freeze in the dark” if you deviate from what we say – is no longer applicable. Most of the Global South is now in open geoeconomic revolt.

That’s how the Xi-Putin view could make inroads across the collective West: show that this ersatz “modernity” (which incorporates rabid cancel culture) is essentially void compared to traditional, deeply rooted cultural values – be it Confucianism, Taoism or Eastern Orthodoxy. The Chinese and Russian concepts of civilization-state are much more appealing than they appear.

Globalist neoliberal totalitarianism of course won’t disappear under a sand storm. There’s still a maelstrom of toxicity ahead: suspension of constitutional rights; Orwellian propaganda; goon squads; censorship; cancel culture; ideological conformity; irrational curbs of freedom of movement; hatred and even persecution of – Slav – Untermenschen; segregation; criminalization of dissent; book burnings, show trials; fake arrest mandates by the kangaroo ICC; ISIS-style terror.

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In an interview with Swiss journalist Darius Rochebin, Chinese ambassador to France Lu Shaye said that former Soviet countries "have no effective status in international law."

“In international law, even these ex-Soviet Union countries do not have the effective status because there is no international agreement to materialize their status of a sovereign country,” he said.

“He denies the very existence of countries like Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, etc.,” Antoine Bondaz, a China expert at the Paris-based think-tank Foundation for Strategic Research, wrote on Twitter.

Also, when asked whether he thinks Crimea belongs to Ukraine, the ambassador said, "it depends on how you perceive the problem," adding that "it's not that simple." He also said Crimea was "Russian at the beginning," without specifying what he meant by beginning.

Ukraine has not yet commented on the issue.

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(Heather McCormick)
Zelenskyy is a war criminal that oppresses his own people
(Matthew Fierro)
meanwhile after sending billions to Ukraine, Americans live underneath Bridges and even these are falling down
(Stan Svetlov)
Zelensky is bloody clown and facsist supported by criminal nato/usa. These nazis must be destroyed!
(Michael A. Gonzales)
FACT: Actor con-artist and title holder of the most corrupt leader of the most corrupt country in the world. He said Americans will let their children fight for Ukraine's wars. Putin is a HERO !
(A M)
Their comedy act will stop soon. They are playing while they can. But Russia will decide the outcome of this comedy NATO show.

Kgomotso Neo Khunou #racist #moonbat #pratt #conspiracy twitter.com

[cfc Des: Hitler killed 6 million Jews while Leopold Il of Belgium was responsible for the Murder of over 10 million Africans in Congo and amputated the arms of countless others but one is more recognized than the other.]

Kgomotso Neo Khunou:
Hitler killed yt people... Leopold killed black people, that's the difference.

Notice how anything said against Jews is called antisemitism but there are still people who live openly as racists towards black people and no one bats an eye?

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(Richey Douglas)
These idiot democrats' diplomats are putting us on a clear path to a nuclear war with Russia.  Joe Biden already blew up Nord Stream which is already an act of War.  That's coming back to bite because the Chinese are backing Russia now.  We are deep trouble.
(Cort Hatfield)
Do you really think those mentioned nations give a diddly what the G7 wants?  Hell no, they don't.  The USA is a 'compromised-by-China' laughingstock internationally and everyone knows it.
(Heru Heru)
I love the picture of that blinking idiot with Japan's minister, they must be twins.
I bet you if they did an ancestry search, they'd probably wind up on the same branch.
How old is that picture it shows Blinky and the clueless guy laughing when we just read Japan was not happy about the ease dropping or was that South Korea.
Then the article further States G7 rejects China, North Korea, and Russia's aggressions what aggressions Tehy went to claim those who wanted to reunite with Russia.
North Korea, what aggression, and China is going to reaclimate their wayward child who joined the cult, boy that must be tough on the knees

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(Fred McConnell)
It's only common sense that Russia will win! This was a fact from the beginning and only logical. Russia is FAR bigger with FAR more resources. Ukraine has ALWAYS been in the Russian sphere and nothing will EVER change that. It is not a matter of right or wrong, fair or unfair, it's strictly a matter of reality. Ukraine is destined to become identical to Belarus and should have fallen into line long ago. Now it is in ruin, must be rebuilt by somebody to even be a country again. That somebody is going to be Russia, nobody else. Sorry.

Yeah, hard not to notice that the Russians have left churches and a few historical buildings intact. Guess they view the rest as in need of an update.
This is more a war between the USA big banking corporations, that would lend the money for the rebuilding of Ukraine, the rebuilders and security corporations and Russia.
It also looks like NATO is done and dusted.
@robert elkins
I was about to say that Russia has joined forces with China and stolen all the West's allies. But they didn't steal them. Joe gave them to Russia and China.
Biden has brought NATO to the brink of collapse and the world to the brink of nuclear war. No, it isn't all of Europe that are fighting Russia, some are abstaining as best they can. Germany is resistant and also a major player in keeping NATO afloat. France is moving away from the US as an ally and another major player in NATO. If Germany and France leave NATO and they may, NATO is finished. Some of the remaining parties are playing both sides, most notably Turkey (with or without the additional e).

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(Rue Legendre)
Think again, pumpkin. His SMO was to protect the Russian-aligned people of the eastern republics who have been brutalized for years by neo-fascists in Ukraine, which he never wanted all of. This little so-and-so should have ignored the buffoon Boris Johnson and negotiated for peace in 2022 instead of prolonging the war.
(Anita L)
Who cares? We shouldn't be in the middle of this. If one tyrannical dictator wants to wage war on another tyrannical dictator let them have at it. Neither Puttin or Zelenskyy are worth a damn.
(M S)
Ukraine violated ceasefires for 8 damned years, they recruited Nazis to carry out war crimes, enough already. They deserve to lose, and are losing.

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(Gadya Hrenova)
@tyquon jackson
actually its not visible at all. Ukranian conflict was orchestrated by US/Britain lead NATO, European countries didn't want and didn't need this conflict (Poland and Baltic countries don't count, being on receiving end of alliance; plus Poland has its own interests in Ukraine).

(Laurent Grégoire)
You forgot US got independance thanks to France... US caused the war in Ukraine and did not save France from anything.

(Der Schmied)
The US created the Ukraine problem, not France.  The EU got dragged into the US made quagmire because of their NATO membership.

(Matthew Fierro)
@tyquon jackson

(Lawrence Wunderlich)
Ukraine is not  a democratic nation. It is and always has been a criminal state. They still have not c sympathizers among them to this day.

(Laurent Grégoire)
Russians saved France from Nazis, not the US. US was totally useless in Europe during WWII, the war was already over after the Koursk battle in 1943... one year before the landing in Normandie. It's better to learn history before to talk about it... And Ukraine is not democratic, it's one of the most corrupted country in the world.

(Matthew Fierro)
taiwan is Chinese land historically and Ukraine is not a Democracy - we toppled their leader in the 2014 Coup. Ukraine is nationalistic - just like Hitler was,

(ken farenick)
US plan was to get Russia to invade Ukraine as played by the 2014 coup that installed Zelensky

oxforduniversity M #moonbat msn.com

Thank you China, we support you. The United States is making the world go mad as the US is losing its hegemony by all the conflicts its starting allover the planet making the world a less safe. Please take over this crazy country and put a stop to the US aggression, we don't need any more wars or conflicts period.

Heru Heru and Sonny Santiago #moonbat #conspiracy msn.com

(Heru Heru)
This is just propaganda the fake President of Taiwan can do no damage to China in South America Brazil is already back in China Venezuela will join soon because of us sanctions as many other countries in South America who will colonize and sanction by the West and forced to provide them resources bananas sugar so on I think even one Valdez is protesting the coffee Bean he's sick of picking him his fingers a raw.
Taiwan represents the West for the countries in South America that would be like jumping out of the fire into the frying pan or is that the other way around
(Sonny Santiago)
Tsai is a traitor to China and the Chinese people!. She's another Zelenskyy in the pocket of the US. Hopefully, Chian will arrest her for treason!.
Tsai is!,  ready to sacrifice the population of Taiwan, CHINA and The Chinese people!.
These nations are Banana republics that take their marching orders from Washington!

Kirk L #moonbat #conspiracy msn.com

Only fascists support this war. It has nothing to do with Putin. It is so corporate oligarchs can make more money. Little people trade baseball cards, oligarchs trade countries and resources. It's hard to believe people can be so stupid to support war that only enriches the military industrial complex. Then they are so stupid as to think they can blow it off as support for Putin. I find it fascinating how the anti-war left is so afraid of Trump and so into the team sport of it all that they support a war that Ukraine can't win. It's not going to happen. It is just people dying needlessly. No one thinks Ukraine can win. No one. What happens when the Ukrainians try to take back Crimea? It is at least 65% ethnic Russians. Is the job not done until they are all cleansed from the land? I wish some of these experts here would explain that. I hate Trump so don't even waste your time. I can't even stand the sound of his voice...

Lu Kewen #racist #conspiracy #moonbat tabletmag.com

Since the most recent conflict in Gaza in May 2021, antisemitic tropes and sentiments have been propagated on Chinese state media[…]
Lu is the owner and founder of Lu Kewen Studio, a Beijing-based “self-media” online news channel[…]Lu’s enterprise has reportedly amassed a following of 15 million subscribers[…]
On May 29, 2021, about a week after the Gaza ceasefire went into effect, Lu posted an 8,000-character screed in five parts titled “What Should We Make of the Jews?” The manifesto is not an original work[…]
In certain parts, Lu adds his own musings to the mix; in others, he just quotes at length from Mein Kampf and the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Long after last year’s Gaza conflict had subsided, Lu continued to publish articles arguing that even if “beaten to death,” he “will never agree that Jews are a good partner to the Chinese people”[…]
According to Lu’s videos and commentary, Jews are manipulators, penny-pinchers, loan sharks, and drug dealers. More than an ethnic group bound by blood and history, they operate like a private club, an elitist cabal whose members are linked by a web of common interests, “especially the American Jews.” It is through these social connections that Jews have infiltrated key global positions and “took control of the three cornerstones of American society, namely finance, media, and culture.” The Jewish penetration of American power is so far advanced that the Bush, Obama, and Biden families and administrations have all fallen prey to Jewish influence. Because Jews control the anti-China U.S. media and hold key positions in Biden’s anti-China cabinet, they are the “ideological voice” of the United States, the spearhead of the West’s accelerating crusade against the Chinese government and people

One of the conspiracies[…]accuses Jews of being “the world’s most powerful drug barons” and therefore of being responsible for the eruption of the mid-19th-century Opium Wars

The Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) #moonbat #wingnut #conspiracy thecommunists.org

The nineteenth of February witnessed a massive antiwar demonstration in Washington, right in the belly of the imperialist beast. Thousands gathered to “rage against the war machine”, sweeping aside labels of ‘left’ and ‘right’ to express their raw anger at a system which simultaneously conducts wars of oppression against the poor abroad and austerity at home.

Unlike other self-identifying (and self-neutering) antiwar movements (essentially middle-class ‘left’ rackets in hock to the Democratic party in the USA or the Labour party in Britain), the Rage movement might actually pose a real threat to the establishment.
The Rage programme, she notes, “features racist, anti-trans, and anti-worker speakers like ‘Tea Party’ founder Ron Paul, a former member of Congress from Texas; anti-trans bigot Tulsi Gabbard, another former representative; former judge Andrew Napolitano, a past Fox News host who was considered by Trump for a supreme court seat; and representatives of the Libertarian Party and Lyndon Larouche’s Schiller Institute.”
Instead of pretending to welcome all comers (bar communists) with open arms, the new woke management effectively requires any would-be peace activist to undergo a rigorous entrance exam up front, designed to winkle out and cancel any luckless soul who fails to pass the test.
This dog-in-the-manger logic is more concerned with detecting and outing backward heresies amongst the great unwashed than with leading a genuine mass fight to stop the war in Ukraine. But then, like every other self-identifying ‘left’ faction, its failure to recognise Nato as the aggressor and Russia as the target of aggression renders it incapable of understanding the first thing that is going on, let alone educating anyone else.

Per Smi #conspiracy #moonbat msn.com

US is trying to use Georgia and Moldova to create new fronts against Russia. Georgia wanted a law that would identify foreign activists and their funding. The US and Canada have such a law. US activists in Georgia started riots to oppose this law. The Georgia government gave up on the law. US aggression toward Russia, using Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, will lead to WW3. The US is the evil power.

henry landwehr #conspiracy #moonbat msn.com

military is for defense not offense. they only want Taiwan to be united with the mainland. the US has brainwashed the Taiwanese people and sold billions in weapons. the US is constantly trying to be the dictator of the world. the US would be happy to destroy the Chinses government and sit by and watch 100's of milions either die or become refugees.

Andy Brooks #moonbat #dunning-kruger #conspiracy newworker.org


THE TWENTIETH century was one of great upheavals[…]Popular movements inevitably linked with the leaders thrown up by their times -- Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Kim II Sung, Ho Chi Minh and Fidel Castro[…]
The memory of all these leaders is subjected to denigration and abuse by the hired hands of the bourgeois media and academic world. The unholy alliance of bourgeois politicians, social democrats, Trotskyites and revisionists[…]
Their hatred of Stalin should not surprise us. He led the world's first socialist state[…]During those decades the Soviet Union was the hope of working people across the world[…]
The oppressed nations or the Czarist empire were freed and lived as equals in a Union of Soviet Socialist Republics which guaranteed everyone work, education, science and culture. The socialist system created new men and women who rebuilt the country after the destruction of the Civil War[…]
Stalin upheld Lenin's legacy against Trotsky's left sectarianism and against right deviation[…]
Agriculture was collectivised and the grasping petty landlords, the kulaks, were liquidated as a class. Immense new industries were established across the Soviet Union[…]
Stalin always upheld the principle of collective leadership and putting the Party first[…]
On the 1 December 1934 Sergei Kirov[…]was shot dead by an agent of the Trotskyite opposition[…]
The leaders were put on trial. All confessed[…]The Party ordered a purge, a cleansing of its ranks which led to waves of arrests[…]
Stalin's memory is now being recalled in Russia and the other republics. The genuine communist movements all uphold his name. Old people, old enough to have lived under the Stalin leadership bear his photo on demonstrations. Noone carries posters of Krushchov or Brezhnev. The traitor Gorbachov is probably one of the most despised men in Russia today

EMPRESS #moonbat #sexist #transphobia #homophobia #conspiracy #elitist nfomation.net

I fully stand with J.K.Rowling as countless women who did, because most men are just dying out of jealousy of us and want to take a piece of the cake too. Even if it comes out corrupted, broken and completely ruined. And this is something only "REAL WOMEN" would understand, because we women are the ones that is getting damaged & stolen from, so we are hurt the most by it.

Aa a result of the rise of this new WOKE movement, society now made every man today is always either a sissy bitch or misogynistic motherfucker, nothing in-between.

"THE WOKE SYSTEM" of today runs with and "claims" that it mainly wants "fairness, justice, equality and total freedom". But then ... when someone with views against trans and tries to express themselves today, they are treated as GARBAGE and fired/banned from wherever they are, is a clear sign of huge "Contradiction".

This is neither equality nor freedom. This is SLAVERY because you are "FORCING" ideas and thoughts on people or else they are ATTACKED & SILENCED.

This "Freedom" is just 1 sided and those BITCHES have taken the "Actual" freedom out of all normal people away, and is forcing everyone to either forcefully accept this NONSENSE, or just swallow their thoughts and keep shut regardless.


J.K.Rowling spoke about this publicly and thus got hated for it. The funniest thing is that the fact most of the bitches whom are hating is just following the "HATE TRAIN". They absolutely have no fucking idea "What" they are actually defending, what it means, and if it's right or wrong whatsoever. You are all just following the hordes like PIGS. You REALLY thought by adding "phobic" at the end of your fuckery is going to turn it into some of "Weapon"?

NO BITCH, it just turns YOU into a FAG! (laughing)

You are all mostly "sissy men" who just couldn't accept being inferior to women, so you went into a trip to realize that **in the end** there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you can do about it. And NOW you are neither a man nor a woman, you have completely lost your identity, and now you are just a "unidentifiable freak" that is fucking disgusting. Good job, FAGGOTS.

... Fag, Faggotry, Faggots! ... oh god, I love english <3

thetruth90 #ufo #magick #moonbat egyptsearchreloaded.proboards.com

White people have poisoned most of our people's minds with colonialism and enslavement.

The common ridiculous notions that some "hetero"sexual people (namely men) have regarding homosexuality makes many of our most intelligent "leaders" look and sound ridiculous. One of which being that homosexuality is not natural.

The common theme of both of enslavement and colonialism was the spreading of Abrahamic religion namely the Bible and the Koran (books that were developed by sick cultures not our own). Those books are the root of homophobia not only on the African continent but throughout the cultures of the World. They turned most of our people against something that was not only seen as normal, but even divine in indigenous societies (in precolonial America and Africa).

The reason why gay people are seen as divine is because of the story of the Annunaki as told by the Zulu. The original people on Earth prior to the Annunaki were unisex, both genders (or really a divine woman).

The Male Chromosome is a mutation of the X Chromosome.

During this time people were at a higher consciousness and communicated telepathically. This was the period referred to as Atlantis (which Nile Valley civilization was a satellite colony of, and some of these Gods migrated to Nile Valley civilization after Atlantis crashed). When the Annunaki turned humans from one gender into male and female those later humans who were "gay" or "homosexual" still had remnants of that same higher consciousness of Atlantis (both feminine and masculine aspects of the brain; and is for this reason that many gays are often times visibly more intuitive then their hetero counterparts/our pineal glands are more functioning/This is why homosexuals are known to create and dominate so many of our cultural relics such as music, food, acting etc etc etc);

Shipwreck #moonbat hexbear.net

Every single instance of fascism in history was brought in by liberal capitalists to crush working class dissent that challenged Capital. Ultimately, fascism was an extreme reaction to the rise of Leninism in Europe post-WWI, and it served the purpose of restoring order for the capitalists when liberals failed to control the chaos and riots in the wake of workers uprising.

For the libs, fascists are necessary evil to restore order in the country. While not explicitly stating their support, their silence in complicity under fascist rule gives away where their allegiance lies.

On the other hand, Socialism serves working class movements, and will always be the enemy.

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A claim like “There’s cultural genocide of Uyghurs in Xinjiang” is simply unreal to most Westerners, close to pure gibberish. The words really refer to existing entities and geographies, but Westerners aren’t familiar with them. The actual content of the utterance as it spills out is no more complex or nuanced than “China Bad,” and the elementary mistakes people make when they write out statements of “solidarity” make that much clear. This is not a complaint that these people have not studied China enough — there’s no reason to expect them to study China, and retrospectively I think to some extent it was a mistake to personally have spent so much time trying to teach them. It’s instead an acknowledgment that they are eagerly wielding the accusation like a club, that they are in reality unconcerned with its truth-content, because it serves a social purpose.

What is this social purpose? Westerners want to believe that other places are worse off, exactly how Americans and Canadians perennially flatter themselves by attacking each others’ decaying health-care systems, or how a divorcee might fantasize that their ex-lover’s blooming love-life is secretly miserable. This kind of “crab mentality” is actually a sophisticated coping mechanism suitable for an environment in which no other course of action seems viable. Cognitive dissonance, the kind that eventually spurs one into becoming intolerant of the status quo and into action, is initially unpleasant and scary for everybody. In this way, we can begin to understand the benefit that “victims” of propaganda derive from carelessly “spreading awareness.” Their efforts feed an ambient propaganda haze of controversy and scandal and wariness that suffocates any painful optimism (or jealousy) and ensuing sense of duty one might otherwise feel from a casual glance at the amazing things happening elsewhere. People aren’t “falling” for atrocity propaganda; they’re eagerly seeking it out, like a soothing balm.

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Deterritorialization isn't decoding, and decoding isn't mere trashing of inherited code. To deterritorialize is to pass over into the vast unsettled spaces of the West, with genes and Scripture intact.

There is only one problem with that.

It's that genes are not real and are a metaphysical concept. Mendel was a fraud and his squares do not hold.

To this day not a single so called gene has been proven to exist.

Lysenko was correct, and was unfairly maligned by the Cathedral.

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Obviously yt ppl can themselves be queer but whiteness as a political class is antithetical to queerness. So the question is can yt ppl be a meaningful part of queer culture as it exists without destroying it.

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[Comments under "The Russian Army Saved Europe From Hitler---"]


Russia didn't save Europe from Germany. They conquered it for themselves

This is true
While many atrocities were stopped because of Hitler’s fall, neither the USSR nor the Allies truly entered the fight against him out of moral concern and the desire to fight for good
No one was there to “save the Jews”. Individuals may have been, but governments were not
While that was accomplished successfully the real motive for re-invading Europe was the recapture of Germany[…]in the name of the Central banking system
Hitler had divorced himself from world banking at large in order to re-stabilize the German currency on an internal gold standard. He did this successfully and around 7 million jobs were created for ethnic Germans who had been in large part starving and homeless before the rise of national socialism[…]
National Socialism as a economic policy, (if we can divorce it for a moment in our minds from the culture and atrocities of Nazi Germany) is not inherently racist or fascist, nor is it particularly warlike or violent[…]
The Holocaust was an unspeakable tragedy, which is undeniable. But within myself I have to feel like there is a disingenuous reason that it is focused on so wholly within the history of the World War 2[…]
Our Central Bank worshipping overlords here in the modern west would not like us to consider their true motivations for crushing Germany with the might of the world[…]
Many of Hitlers speeches speak about the right of EVERY PEOPLE, not just the “Aryan Race” to self determination. He speaks about the evils of central banking and provides rightfully intelligent solutions to the act of escaping it[…]
As a nation we could use some Hope. At it’s core, National Socialism tells us we could find it within ourselves[…]
Perhaps “Ethical National Socialism” is an idea that could be considered

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There was undoubtedly censorship in the Soviet union, which is a good thing because the alternative is to let those seeking capitalist restoration, or seeking to spread antisemitism and other forms of bigotry have a platform to do so in society. Speech that materially harms people should be outlawed.

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(Note: Xiran Jay Zhao is not the fundie being quoted: the people responding to her are.)


TranscriptXiran Jay Zhao:

also outing myself: I am not 100% Han. From my dad’s side, I have Hui Chinese heritage, which is a minority ethnic group descended from Islamic Silk Road traders

Unfortunately, the Hui are being sent to concentration camps alongside the Uighurs now

(foreignpolicy.com: Xinjiang’s Hui Muslims Were Swept Into Camps Alongside Uighurs)

bluechrominance: What so you couldn’t get enough muslims to care about your fake story with just the Uyghurs, so now you gotta rope the hui into it too?

Also: of course it’s Xiran Zhao peddling this bullshit lmao

lordandgodoftheobvious: “ #this obviously didnt stick#which is why zhao literally did not mention this again for the past 2 years despite being So Concerned about the Hui”

m-ushroomtale: ‘look at me i’m so special, look at me i’m part-hui, look at me i’m so oppressed’

u should ‘out’ urself as a banana (yellow on the outside, white on the inside)

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Literally the only thing liberals dislike about the Nazis is that the Nazis attacked other western Europeans. If the Nazis had completed Generalplan Ost but left France and Britain alone, liberals would be praising and celebrating them (moreso than they already do) to this day. All the shit the Nazis did, European liberal democracies were already doing in Africa, in Asia, in Australia, and in North and South America. As the saying goes, “Hitler did to Europe what Europe did to the world.”

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What you read about Stalin in western textbooks comes from Nazi propaganda recycled by CIA and MI6. More realistic picture is presented in Ludo Marten’s book Books - The Revolutionary Communist Progressive Labor Party
Imperialist powers hate Lenin and Stalin because they saved Russia from division and colonization by western powers that had already enslaved entire planet. In February 1917 a coup sponsored by England and France overthrew Russian czar and installed a puppet “government” that led Russia to catastrophe. Western puppets destroyed Russian army at the peak of WWI. Corruption and separatism were rampant.
Lenin and Stalin suppressed the liberal coup, restored manageability of country, recreated Russian army, fought and defeated colonial armies sent by England, France, Romania, Japan, the US, Poland, Finland and their local mercenaries that tried to rip Russia into colonies. Lenin and Stalin restored independence and territorial integrity of Russia.
There is plenty of propaganda nonsense in other answers, like Soviet industrialization was carried out by “slave labor”. This is a myth of Nazi propaganda. The point of propagandists is that the 5 fold increase of industrial output was achieved by the labor of prisoners. In the reality the number of prisoners in the USSR ranged from 250 thousands to two millions during the 30s. It is 0.125% - 1% of population. Even at the highest level in 1937–1938 the number of prisoners was comparable to that in modern US.
In Stalin’s time 75% illiteracy turned into 100% literacy. Life expectancy grew from 27 to 65 years. Millions got jobs in science, technology and engineering.
Stalin is co hated by western colonial powers because the USSR serves as an example of independent industrialization. The USSR showed that non-western nation can not only defend itself against western colonial war, but also defeat the imperialist west in a war. The USSR had shown that science, engineering, universal health care and education is possible without colonial slavery. Of course the imperialists from Churchill and Hitler to Truman and Reagan spread slanderous lies about the USSR and Stalin who dealt a deadly blow to the myth of invincibility western imperialism and gave hope to humanity.

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“im a survivor and i engage in bdsm to cope and explore my trauma in a safe environment”

you just admitted yourself that you’re retraumatizing yourself. what’s more, you’re retraumatizing yourself… for the purpose of sexual gratification? and your partner is not only okay with it, but playing the part of your assaulter brings them sexual gratification as well? and you’re still gonna argue that it’s a healthy coping mechanism and a healthy sexual practice to be involved in?


if i may proffer my own Hot Take to add onto this excellent post: inasmuch as systemic oppression is a form of continual, lifelong trauma, this is also true of other “kinks” or sexual behaviors that have to do with reinforcing the violence you face as a member of a marginalized group.


tl;dr these forms of oppression all include a facet that attempts to govern your sexuality, which asserting your sexual agency goes against. To a degree, I think this can in and of itself be regarded as a form of sexual trauma. It’s often easier to try to deal with that trauma by turning into a Fun Sexy Thing that you can control, rather than digging deeper into your own pain and its causes.

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Why the CIA Attempted a 'Maidan Uprising' in Brazil

A former US intelligence official has confirmed that the shambolic Maidan remix staged in Brasilia on 8 January was a CIA operation, and linked it to the recent attempts at color revolution in Iran.

According to the US source, the reason for staging the operation – which bears visible signs of hasty planning – now, is that Brazil is set to reassert itself in global geopolitics alongside fellow BRICS states Russia, India, and China.

Algeria, Argentina, Iran have already applied to join the BRICS with further interest expressed by Saudi Arabia, Turkiye, Egypt, Afghanistan, and Indonesia.

The US source drew a parallel between the CIA’s Maidan in Brazil and a series of recent street demonstrations in Iran instrumentalized by the agency as part of a new color revolution drive.

Ukraine is a black hole – where NATO faces a humiliation that will make Afghanistan look like Alice in Wonderland. A feeble EU being forced by Washington to de-industrialize and buy US Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) at absurdly high cost has no essential resources for the Empire to plunder.

Geoeconomically, that leaves the US-denominated “Western Hemisphere,” especially immense energy-rich Venezuela as the key target. And geopolitically, the key regional actor is Brazil.

The amateurish nature of 8 January in Brasilia suggests CIA planners got lost in their own plot. The whole farce had to be anticipated because of Pozsar’s report, which everyone-who-matters has read across the New York-Beltway axis.

What is clear, is that for some factions of the powerful US establishment, getting rid of Trump at all costs is even more crucial than crippling Brazil’s role in BRICS+.

The future, unfortunately, is ominous. The US establishment will not allow Brazil, the BRICS economy with the best potential after China, to be back in business with full force and in synch with the Russia-China strategic partnership.

Straussian neo-cons and neoliberals, certified geopolitical jackals and hyenas, will get even more ferocious as the “G7 of the East,” Brazil included, moves to end the suzerainty of the US dollar as imperial control of the world vanishes.

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News from the NATOstan-Imposed Meat Grinder

No one ever lost money capitalizing on the unlimited nonsense spewed out by the collective deer caught in the headlights also known as Western mainstream media – complete with showering Person of the Year awards on a megalomaniac, cocaine-fueled lousy actor impersonating a warlord.

The non-stop trashy parade of Western military analysts is now “assessing” that the first targets of an incoming, joint Russia-Belarus attack on the 404 black hole formerly known as Ukraine will be Lviv, Lutsk, Rivne, Zhytomyr, and why not throw Kiev in the mix straight out of a second axis.

Some facts though never change. If push ever came to shove Russia can conveniently defeat the whole of NATO as there is hardly anything “there”.

With its array of hypersonic missiles, Russia can knock out all NATO bridges, ports, airports as well as power stations, oil and natural gas storage, Rotterdam oil and natural gas installations, in a matter of a few hours. Europe would be shut off from natural resources. A dazed and confused Empire would be unable to move troops, any troops, to Europe.

This rinse and repeat tactic has led to (at least) 400,000 Ukrainian casualties. Call it the epitome of Attritional Warfare. Historians will relish that the whole scenario resembles the Battle of Agincourt, with French Knights playing the role of present day Ukrainians, and Polish/NATO mercenaries.

By the time this meat grinder is over an entire generation of Ukrainians and Poles will have gone to meet their maker.

NATO, as Stultifying Stoltenberg keeps reminding the world, does not do negotiations.

Which may be a blessing, as NATO may end up breaking up in myriad pieces, totally humiliated on the ground despite all its elaborate warmongering plans.

All this while Russia prepares “for yet another ‘defeat’, like retaking all of Donbass and then… Who knows what then. A quick win for Russia would be a loss because NATO would still exist. No, Russia has to pace this so as it sucks in NATO into the grinder.”

Somewhere in her private pantheon, Pallas Athena, Goddess of Geopolitics, is immensely enjoying the show. Oh, wait; she’s actually reincarnated, and her name is Maria Zakharova.

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(One Quick Post)
It's fucking hilarious that porn is the one area you're still allowed to be trans-exclusive, even if you're a progressive. No matter how loudly PornHub yells "trans pride" they know it'd be a business catastrophe to forcefully mix in tranny porn with the straight porn. It's created this funny dynamic where trans women are real women except for in porn in which case they get their own special category away from the rest of the women, isn't it weird how this can't be done in sports, changing rooms, etc?

I'd love an explanation from one of these coombrained progressives to why PornHub should be allowed to segregate trannies but UFC has to let them beat the shit out of women. It's a glaring double standard but it's not going anywhere because even the most staunch trans ally doesn't want to jerk off to them.

People have pointed out the same thing about Reddit: lesbian and women-focused subs are obliged to let in trannies or they get the banhammer, but lesbian porn subs? Completely dick free, and no one goes after them.

Forcing male troons into sports, changing rooms, girl scout organizations, lesbian communities, female prisons, etc, only hurts women. But forcing them into porn might hurt men (in the sense that someone's dick might feel sad) so it isn't done. Such a progressive movement.

Once something affects men then it becomes an actual problem, basically. Ever see a 'progressive' guy with a history of only dating women, date a transwoman? Would one of the Chapo guys date Keffals?
Yeah, no. They're all twaw until, you know, they're really not actually. It's all a larp that let's 'good guys' express sexism for woke points. Like dunking on white women, which is now woke too.

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