RE: [Cope] "Human biodiversity isn't real, bro"

"We're not wild animals, bro" "There's only one race, the human race, bro"

Chimpanzee and Bonobo:image
Jaguar and Leopard:image
Two human beings:image

Daily reminder that Sminem and Jeremy Meeks are the same species. "Oh but they're a different race, they're obviously gonna look different, bro" image

not even the most marxistic jewish fags say that bro

Was meant to say there's only one race, the human race.

they say a lot of bs but never there is only one race jfl

"There's one one hyuman race bro, science says so bro"

The say human race, but by ''race'' they mean species. They are quick enough to shit on white oppression, creepy currys and blacks being oppressed; they realise there isn't one fucking race jfl

Yeah but they also say that races are a social construct and that "scientifically" races don't exist. They say a lot of contradictory bullshit you know

their actions tell me they believe in multiple races even if what they is contradictory

Candace Owens #wingnut #psycho

I support fire-culture in the workplace.

Woke employees are a literal cancer cell. You do not compromise with a cancer cell. You destroy it before it attempts to multiple and destroy you.

People like me who came from absolutely nothing & built what they have, understand this.

Brian Niemeier #wingnut #fundie #transphobia

These original pill memes made their way into popular use from the pickup artist scene, which ironically cribbed the imagery from a movie made by a fraternal pair of degenerates. Their dubious origins aside, the red pill and the blue pill are handy methods of quickly conveying more complex ideas, so they naturally caught on.


Ask a Conservative why he wants to win, and the most common answer will be, "So they'll leave me alone." The next most popular responses range from appeals to creature comforts to a shrug.

Ask a Death Cultist why he wants to win--not that you have to; they shout it from the rooftops--and you'll get a fiery sermon about the post-national, post-racial, post-Christian utopia in store for the world if we can just pile up enough corpses.

Yes, the latter is a horrifying vision, but it has the advantage of being a vision. The zealot can effortlessly dismiss your desires to be left alone, not pay taxes, and live with people like you as selfish impediments to progress.

Here's the ultimate truth at the heart of our current crisis: The triumphant Death Cult is a fanatical heresy fueled by stolen Christian zeal. It can be defeated if and only if enough people submit to the one true faith with equal zeal. Without Christ, you cannot hope to stand firm against the diabolically inspired Cult.

Lori Alexander #sexist #fundie

The fact that women *fought* for the right to vote, explains to us fully why this was NOT a good idea. They wanted to undo God's ordained order of men being the leaders. Women voting has only caused chaos in our country.

[in a later tweet]

The lives of the unborn are WAY more valuable than a woman’s right to vote.

Four unnamed Jehovah's Witness Elders of Roy, in Utah #fundie

The Utah Supreme Court heard arguments Monday in a case alleging male leaders of a Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation in Roy forced a 15-year-old girl to listen to a recording of a man raping her in 2008.

Lower courts found the church is not liable for the incident under protections of the First Amendment.
The woman sued the four elders, the Roy church and the religion’s national organization, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, in Oden’s 2nd District Court in 2016. She alleges she cried, shook visibly and pleaded for them to stop as they played the recording intermittently over the course of at least four hours in 2008. Their goal was to extract a confession that she had voluntarily engaged in sex outside of marriage, her attorneys contend.

She alleges she was 14 years old when the man, a fellow Jehovah’s Witness, 18, bullied her increasingly and began sexually assaulting her in December 2007. She alleges he raped her several times and provided her congregation’s leaders a recording of one instance.

She sought out counseling and medical treatment as she dealt with anxiety, nightmares and poor performance in school, her attorneys say.

SlayerSlayer #sexist

[RageFuel] Movies like 'American Pie' ruined my life

This is the imagery of my teens. HAPPY WEALTHY WHITE TEENS BEING REWARDED WITH SEX FOR JUST LIVING. EXPERIENCES, MYTHS, FORNICATIONS. YOU WILL NEVER LOOK LIKE THIS ONSCREEN A&F CATALOG. These films aren't porn. I find that porn is highly self-aware. They know it's a fantasy. These TEEN SEX COMEDIES however seem to be designed to humiliate you. They hire the best looking actors & actresses possible and then gaslight you into thinking this is the way real life should be. SEE THESE GUYS HAD SEX IN AMERICAN PIE, even the loser of their group, AND YOU , Mr. IRL, ARE A FUCKING VIRGIN, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU. These are the kind of films you watch with your normie buddies to suss out just who has had teen sex and who hasn't. And then the Chad of the group stands and boasts about his sex adventures while your normie buddy brags about his hoe 'out of town' while you, the virgin autist, sit there quiet as a serial killer, trying to get through the night without going ER. These films are specifically made to make you feel ashamed for not being white and not having teen sex. They are the living embodiment of 'sex as a reward' propaganda, that keeps men inescapably programmed to strive to be more sexually desirable in order to fornicate with young hot women.

JFL I have made threads like this before, I hate these movies so fucking much. Showing normies with friends, doing stuff "growing up" etc.


They make movies like this then wonder why grown ass niggas want to fuck jbs

for me it's more about having sex AS a teen rather than fucking jb.

Normies watch these types of movies and get nostalgia about their first love and kiss, losing their virginity etc, these movies aren't made for freaks like us.

You're right maybe I'm wrong in that everything depicted in these movies IS, in fact, normal and not heightened gaslighting

Saudade #racist #sexist

[It's Over] Slavic female opens up to a foreigner and openly mocks Slavic men on domestic travel TV show saying how Slavic genes are not very kind to Slavic men.

Mojca Mavec in slovenski moški

If you are a Slavic man in 2019 then it's literally over for you. No Slav woman wants you, no white woman wants you because Slavs are considered untermensch, no East Asian woman wants you because you are scary thug to them and you are too broke to properly cope in SEA. Nobody will understand the pain Slavic men have to go trough each day. The highest abortion rates in World that all come from Slavic lands are literal proof that Slavic women hate us and get disgusted with thought of spawning another Slavic incel or Slavic prostitute. It's literally just slowly kill yourself with alcohol or die like a dog in pointless war for criminal warlords and puppet politicians theory here. I cannot describe with words how it is completely over for Slavic countries and Slavic men in general.

”Brutal slavpill. Slavic men are also the only men women are allowed to shit on like this. Imagine if she said "Indian genes are not very kind to men" or "Asian genes are not very kind to men". Also Slovenians were voted as most good looking Slavs here but it's still not enough for her. JFL.”

Durex(condom manufacturer) survey ranked Slovenia 2nd in terms of countries where women have more sex partners than men.

And Slovenia is a richest Slavic country which tells you that other Slavic countries would be there too but they are too poor to afford condoms so they just use free abortions as contraception.

wisepoetry #moonbat #racist

Why Do So Many White People Speak Non-White Languages?

Cultural appropriation is a real issue, okay? One of the worst cases of this is in the realm of second languages. Caucasians love to appropriate cultures through language as a way to intrude on the lives of those who might not speak their language. It’s seen as “fun” or “interesting”.

For those of you into anime, I’m sure you’re aware of the weeaboo problem. Some white anime fans love to appropriate Japanese hair styles, musical tastes, and even the Japanese language itself. This is one blog that demonstrates the problems of non-Japanese people learning Japanese.

Spanish is another issue and tumblr has had this debate before. You see so many white kids at high school or college who are proud to be able to speak Spanish. Why not speak a European language like German instead of appropriating the culture of minorities?

Guykild #sexist

Weird. I consider myself a moderate. I don't put 100% of the blame on women at all. I really don't. At least half of the problem are cucks that spend their money on things like onlyfans and male feminists. They're half of the problem. I'm pretty sure I've stated this before as most of the things we're angry about and the reason we're in the situation we're in right now is because of those cucks.

Where's my ban?

I'm also not interested in enslavement either. I don't care of it's a female or anything as it just seems like too high maintenance in general. There are reasons I don't have pets like that. That and I don't like dogs.

I think I'm very moderate as while I can get really angry and annoyed; I'm not too extreme in what I say. I might have a few extreme ways of thinking, but not as some I've seen on here. I will never get it, but all I want is a girl to like my company, to hug, kiss, have a family with, and play games with. I really don't think that's much to ask for as I think that's a humane way of thinking.

Cucks are more than half thevproblem. Feminist are incapable of mounting a movement without male support

They're not. They only able to do so because males support and allow it. It's not females that decided to destroy things like Terminator Dark Fate. The females in the movie? Yes, but it was males that supported it. It's the same thing as Black Lives Matter shit where the majority are white and not black. Male feminists, which are also cucks, hold up a torch for the feminists in the hopes of getting sex and help push their movement.

If men said nothing, most of this shit would go away after a while by now. You know another thing that help this? Traps. Even those males are getting more rights than females and females getting pissed because a lot of those same male support are supporting them.

Nothing would get anywhere without male support.

Deleted member 713885 #psycho #sexist #racist

The Central Park 5 had more evidence against them and what they did to that woman was far more heinous then a finger bang.

But they are celebrated, have documentaries made about them. They are a symbol of wrongly imprisoned black men in a evil white Trump America.
Brock is regarded as one of the most vile men alive in America today.
This thread alone brought such vitriol.
College text books have used his picture next to a definition of rape.

Brock, is what present day society yearns for. He was guilty before the trial. He was guilty once the photo of a white, moderately wealthy, college boy graced our eyes.

Hes guilty of engaging sexually, while drunk, with a drunk woman. But what hes most guilty of is being white and privileged

Deleted member 713885 #sexist #psycho

Unpopular Opinion: Brock Turner was innocent

Meet girl at frat party.
Shes 3 or 4 years older then you (your not even of legal drinking age), has a history of drinking till she blacks out.
Leave party with her.
Make out behind dumpster, finger bang her.
2 Mormon Swedes roll up and accuse you of raping an unconscious woman.
They say you tried to run, you say you went to puke.
Paramedics say her level of unconscious was not responding to yelling but responded to touch and pinch test and had no problem puking/spitting.

All happened around 1am.
Phone records show she was texting her boyfriend up till it all happened.

Brock's power and money is why he got 6 months for finger banging a drunk girl behind a dumpster and not years like they wanted.
Now that accusers name is known comparing Brocks family home prices at 300k seems small to accusers family having a 4 million dollar mansion.
Which family had the 'financial power'?

Accuser could..
1. Tell the cops/act raped
2. Be the girl who cheated on her boyfriend, sloppy drunk as usual...behind a dumpster.

Now have a HUGE book deal and be a 'survivor'

This just solidifies, never interact with a woman who has been drinking. In doing so the rule of law goes out the window and you can and will be guilty until proven innocent.

Nicolas Bourbaki #racist

I wrote to my Senator: Marco Rubio about this and he replied back in an email. He stated that bringing additional immigrants in to take American jobs was absolutely essential.

Typical BS answer from a politician.

Actually it's more evil than that. He got in as senator as he's part of the elite Cuban cabal that rules South Florida. His dad has a prestigeous Cuban law firm and he also became a lawyer, having opportunities regular Americans never could in the highly ethnic preference systems that have come to dominate US employment, colleges and politics.

Really hes on record as saying his father was a waiter

You're correct his father worked as a bartender. Some of Rubio's on-record statements such as when his parents emmigrated from Cuba have been proven to be false. "While studying law, Rubio interned for U.S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen". She was also a Cuban and this gave him entry into politics. Cubans are a very closed community in Florida and practice identity politics.

This is worldwide - at least, the Western world - and is all part of the UN agenda 2021/2030. Migrants are flooding into the UK too, illegally, and the government could easily stop them but it doesn't want to. The UN planned all this and planned the migration routes, too. It is the wilful destruction of our Western way of life and our cultural values, which they hate. And the big bosses don't step in because they want the cheap labour. The whole Western world is at stake here, which means civilization itself. And nobody does anything.

Every non-white immigrant group coming into the US plays 'identity politics' and sees that increasing their own numbers gives them more power to do things exclusively for their own people. Whites alone believe "Diversity is our Greatest Strength" and support bringing more lower-IQ immigrants in from dysfunctional, corrupt, and lawless countries. It seems to be some sort of lemming mind-think affecting 95% of the white population.

Alexander Macris #wingnut #conspiracy

[From "Trump at the Rubicon"]

In the closing days of 50 BC, the Roman Senate declared that Julius Caesar’s term as a provincial governor was finished.[…]
Caesar decided it was better to fight for victory than accept certain defeat. In January 49 BC, he crossed the Rubicon River with his army, in violation of sacred Roman law, and begin a civil war. “Alea iacta est,” said Caesar: The die is cast.

In the closing days of 2020 AD, the American media has declared that Donald Trump’s term as president is finished. As the leader of the deplorables faction, Trump has many enemies among the elite irates, and as soon as he leaves office, these enemies plan to bury him in litigation.
Unlike Caesar, Trump can cross the Rubicon legally. He need violate no sacred law. He has all of the legal power he needs to act and win. Congress has given it to him. All he needs to do is invoke the Insurrection Act.
Now, I don’t expect beheadings (just helicopters) but I do expect that the US Armed Forces would obey Trump’s orders.
Therefore, when you combine 10 USC § 253 with 10 USC § 246, the President can call on every able-bodied male age 17 to 45 to take any means he deems necessary to suppress the conspiracy to deny Americans their voting rights.

Clyde Lewis #conspiracy #crackpot #wingnut #fundie

2020 is not just another year; it is the start of a new era, and a sinister start no less.

We can only assume that there will be seekers of the truth amidst these lies, but there are many ignorant souls that will be left floundering as they continually attempt to subject yesterday’s narrative to scrutiny, while the reality shape-shifters have pulled the rug from under their feet by moving the narrative onto tomorrow’s barefaced lies.

We have been warned from the times of Adam to Noah that there is conspiracy to thwart the creation of God – to destroy his bloodline and his inheritance. To change his planet in order to pave the way for the rise of the reptilian thought form.

Could it be that there are vipers among us, looking upon Gods’ creation with envy and making their diabolical plans to destroy us and make us more like machines?

The success of these human infiltrators or these “reality creators” these “shape-shifters” is entirely reliant on one thing: that the number of people judiciously studying their actions remains small. If it does, they can continue playing their sick game of treating people like human cattle with impunity, labelling those who are studying and questioning their actions as cranks and conspiracy lunatics. Only if a critical mass of people start questioning theory actions and their ability to get people to be less human then their despotic and demonic project can be undermined as they now find themselves subject to critical scrutiny by people with their eyes wide open, their neomammalian cells engaged, and sufficient numbers to expose their agendas.

Diocel #sexist

[Serious] Women are soulless , and don't have any personality

When you ask a guy about his height preference in women what would he say ? you can't really predict, some men like like tall women, some men like short women, some men like me like women of the same size, men have different preference and personalities.

But when you as a women ? hurr durr muh 6ft and over hurr durr inkell those are just preference, women are soulless and completely devoted from an interdependent personality, they all think the same, truly the meme gender.

Order Of Melchizedek #fundie #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot #wingnut

“And there was war in heaven (space, sky): Michael and his angels (army) fought against the dragon, and the dragon: and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.” Revelation 12:7-8 Can You Say, “STAR WARS?”

The Book of Revelation is a multi-dimensional, multi-layers book. Revelation chapter 12 is what I would call super-encoded with astrology, space technology, science, metaphysics, clues about planned genocide of a specific people group, etc. etc.

Yahshua will fight against the Red Dragon-Reptilian blood-line (practically every Western European world leader, president, prime minister, royalty, CEO’s of many Corporations, especially in the fields of technology). This basically represent the USA & Western European Nations yet associated with the Crown. The only country on earth that has a Red Dragon as its official symbol is Wales. Queen Elizabeth II made it official in 1952. Where did this come from? Rome used the Red Dragon emblem. It was adopted by Britain, however, the pagans worshiped the Dragon.

The 3 great city states that basically control the world are, Vatican (religion), London (finances) and Washington DC (military). The United States is the Offspring of England and yet bows to the Crown.

The Red Dragon Society is a revived name or cover name for the Nazis (Saxons) that yet exist and have never left power. These are those that long for warfare, violence, death and blood; the color of the Red Dragon. The 7-headed Red Dragon of Revelation has affected and afflicted the whole world (7 continents) with its unjust wars, spreading diseases, occupations, politics, economic greed and false religions.

Chris and Suzanne Styles #crackpot #magick #conspiracy #dunning-kruger

The name coronavirus totals 56 (56 = 5+6 = 11 = 1+1 = 2; 11//2) which links it with the master number 11, the number intuition, vision, enlightenment and illumination. Why enlightenment and illumination? Because the 11 shines light into the darkness, the shadows if you will, of our lives. In so doing it reveals to us everything that’s wrong in your lives and therefore presents us with the opportunity to make new decisions and powerful choices around what needs to be healed. Moreover, the expression number 56//11//2 exists in order to waken us up, because all is not as it seems, nor has it been forever, we’re literally being kept in the dark and treated like mushrooms by the people and governments who viciously control and cynically manipulate this world of ours, every day!

Numerology of Coronavirus COVID-19 continued…

Its soul urge (its internal expression) links with the numerology number sequence 25//7 which indicates secrecy, intelligence, unpredictability and that it is clinical of nature. Its personality (its outward expression) links with the numerology number sequence 31//4 which aligns with hard work, feelings of limitation and confinement, focus, discipline, systems, order and importantly, justice. Isn’t it supremely ironic that coronavirus should express itself (Number 4 Energy) in a Number 4 Universal Year (2020 = 2+0+2+0 = 4)? Definite mathematical synchronicity… Given these number sequences we are of the firm belief that coronavirus is man-made / man-manipulated (hence all the 9’s in the above table) for maximum effect and that as much as everyone would love to believe it’s “the Universe striking back” it isn’t, it’s in fact all about money, power and control, bringing everyone in this world back to earth (number 4 = earth) with a bump. It’s most interesting to note that CHINA [C=3;H=8;I=9;N=5;A=1; 3+8+9+5+1 = 26 = 2+6 = 8; China = 26//8; 8 like 4 is an earth energy number] is associated with Number 8 Energy (money, business, power, authority, organising, control etc.).

Neological Technologies #quack #mammon #crackpot

Strength of the Gods Talisman Ebook and Video
So the evidence suggests that our actual muscle fibers physically have the ability to let us punch through a wall like the Terminator if they really really want to, but our brain arbitrarily limits us. Why? One problem is the tendons and other tissue that hold you together aren't made to take that kind of abuse. It's the same logic that makes steroid users more prone to injuries--the support structures can't keep up with their juiced muscles.

Also, when you're in that "lift the boulder or die" mode, the body gets that strength by stopping other bodily functions like digestion and immune response. It's the sort of thing that is only awesome for a few minutes at a time. Still, we're kind of pissed that we can't seem to just summon the super strength at will. Wouldn't that mugger have been surprised if you had thrown him across the street into a plate glass window? But we suppose if science found a way, the muggers would know how to do it, too. Man, that would make for some awesome fights though.

The Strength of the Gods Talisman enhances the users natural power to manipulate fields of energy as well as allowing the user to increase their Strength 50% to 200%. Users of the The Strength of the Gods Talisman have incredible ability to defy weight limitations of the know universe.


EFM protection Talisman
Psi Energy Ball Secrets
Theoretical Advanced Metaphysics

Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #fundie

Throughout history, Europe’s strength has always been derived from its nations. Although of different origins, European nations were bound together by the common roots of our faith. The foundation of our communities was the European family model, itself based on Judeo-Christian traditions. It was Christian freedom which ensured freedom of thought and culture, and which created benign competition among the continent’s nations. This magnificent amalgam of contrasts made Europe the world’s leading power through centuries of history.
Great forces are once again moving to eradicate the nations of Europe and unify the continent under the aegis of a global empire. The Soros network, which has woven itself through Europe’s bureaucracy and its political elite, has for years been working to make Europe an immigrant continent. Today the Soros network, which promotes a global open society and seeks to abolish national frameworks, is the greatest threat faced by the states of the European Union. The goals of the network are obvious: to create multi-ethnic, multicultural open societies by accelerating migration, and to dismantle national decision-making, placing it in the hands of the global elite.
Many high-ranking EU bureaucrats are working with the Soros network to create a unified empire. They want to build an institutional system that, under the aegis of the open society, seeks to force a unified way of thinking, a unified culture and a unified social model on Europe’s free and independent nations. They seek to rescind the right of every people to decide its own destiny.
The differences between us are obvious. Soros wants an open society, while we want a safe society. According to him, democracy can only be liberal, while we think it can be Christian. According to him, freedom can only serve self-realization, while we believe that freedom can also be used to follow the teachings of Christ, to serve one’s country, and to protect our families. The basis of Christian freedom is the freedom to decide. This is now in jeopardy.

luther_cream #fundie

So instead of letting the series fade into obscurity, they want to set it on fire and leave it on fans doorstep. #BidensAmerica. The girls from #cuties are said to be dancing for Biden at his
fraudulent ceremony.... in the back room with Koala giving him a fluffer

The Dog Father #racist

Can anyone in academia give an example of racism in this country? Three cops in 2020, shooting a suspect who refused to put the gun down, or a cop being punched by someone who outweighed him by a 100lbs going for the cop's gun doesn't count.

Asking people in the gym to change the ghetto cRap music with lyrics saying n__ this and n__ that, doesn't count as racism either.

Mike Stone #wingnut #elitist #conspiracy #racist

Listen. Listen very carefully. Do you hear it? That moanful cry in the distance? That far off wail of anguish?

Brace yourself, because it's coming, oh yes, it's coming.

Trump is going to win the election and you are going to witness an emotional meltdown from the left. It will be the most intense, the most outlandish, the most mind-bogglingly insane display of raw emotion and street theater you've ever seen in your life. It won't be the Great Reset. It will be the Great Recount.

The evil queen bees of Black Lives Matter and their beta male followers will kick things off, faithfully following orders to riot, loot, and burn. They'll be joined by the ugly skanks and eunuchs of Antifa. Televisions will be taken, cosmetics will be confiscated, liquor will be liquidated, but not a single pair of work boots will be stolen.

Colleges across the country will be forced to set up emergency safe spaces, stocked with teddy bears, blankets, pacifiers, and hugs for their distraught students.

Keep the faith through it all. It's up to good people, such as yourself, to help those in need, to keep America great, and to combat the forces of darkness that surround us. Without you, President Trump can do very little. With you, he can move mountains.

Don't think this is the end of it. On the contrary, it's only the beginning. There remains much work to be done. But for a few days at least, enjoy the show. It's going to be quite a ride. Get your popcorn ready.

ScornedStoic #sexist #wingnut

[JFL] Australia outdoes itself once again

Budget: Pandemic-affected unemployed NSW women entitled to $5000 grant payment

As if banning anime wasn't bad enough, Australia will now give females, and only eligible females, $5000 because of the pandemic :feelskek: Luckily it seems like the fund will run out quickly

What a fucking joke. If they want financial support they should get OFF the job market and marry.

Oh they will. When they're 35-40 and have accomplished nothing in their careers but having ridden a hundred cocks.

Ultimate cuck country. Top runner anyway.

I'd say it's

1. United States (for exporting feminism to the world post WWII)
2. Sweden; what happens in Sweden happens elsewhere in the world 10 years later, and is such a meme country. Remember the snowplows.
3. Canada; obvious reasons, it's 2016 folks.
4. France; paternity tests are illegal, 'nuff said.
5. Australia; it's always pulling crap like this.

Runner up: Great Britain

Eric Peterson #fundie

(Now they seem to have a reason as in less suffering, but we don’t try to lower our numbers to have less suffering.)

I don't care for the continued existence of ecosystems in and
of itself. I care about the individuals within said system(s).

fschmidt #dunning-kruger #wingnut

Leftists traditionally wanted to use the government to help the working class. Democrats hate the working class. Democrats want to use the government to protect big business. Many Leftists supported various kinds of individual freedom like freedom of speech. Democrats hate free speech and freedom of any kind. They are authoritarians. Leftists have usually been anti-war. Democrats are pro-war. There is no political word that I can think of to describe the democrats. They are simply pure evil tyrannical scum.

David J. Stewart #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot

I was disgusted today when I heard the news: Newly appointed U.S. President Joe Biden taps Skull & Bones kingpin, former senator John Kerry, to new National Security Role focused on Climate Change! Global Warming is a massive hoax!

Former U.S. President George W. Bush was a war criminal, whose administration orchestrated 911, then lied our country into an illegal war based on false allegations of Weapons Of Mass Destruction, murdering 1,455,590 innocent Iraqis. Now Skull & Bones' member John Kerry is coming to power! John Kerry and George W. Bush are in fact distant cousins. I could be wrong, but I cannot help but wonder if President Trump is putting on a big show. They have to make it all look legitimate. Professor G. Edward Griffin explains how communists control both sides of the political process. Senator Joe Biden was likely decided upon long ago to become our nation's next U.S. President in 2021.
National security threat? I don't like the sound of that at all. Kerry's rhetoric sounds like key words for a coming Police State crackdown! What crisis? John Coleman was a career meteorologist, who called Global Warming a massive hoax! I fully agree with him. So, when I hear that a high profile Skull & Bones member like John Kerry, is being given a new position of power in the U.S. government, to combat a blatant scientific fraud, it can only mean that this is just another POWER GRAB by the Luciferian Globalists! Who do you think is behind the Coronavirus pandemic? I have my suspicions.

Randy Quaid and Donald Trump #conspiracy #pratt #wingnut

Randy Quaid: I just don’t see Americans rolling over for this election fraud. Do you?

Donald Trump: No!

Randy Quaid: Never underestimate The greatest President this country has ever had. Trump is an astonishing man of the people, fighting for all of us, not Big Pharma!

Donald Trump: Thank you Randy, working hard to clean up the stench of the 2020 Election Hoax!

Randy Quaid: We’ve lost confidence in the system that elects our leaders. 79 million Americans believe election was rigged, the results fraudulent. We need an in-person-only-paper ballot re-vote, especially in the States where flagrant irregularities have occurred. No accuracy, no democracy!

Donald Trump: Are you listening Republicans?

Various Incels #psycho #sexist

RE: [LifeFuel] 12 year oldcel tries to ropemaxx, kills foidlet instead

Woman killed after 12-year-old boy jumps from overpass in suicide attempt

(Copexodius Maximus)
"Just learn the signs of people who are in crisis"

Literally look at their face and see if it someone you as a female would want to fuck. If not, then all other females think the same and he wants to kill himself.

When the developers put an end game trap in the tutorial level

BASED. Only he didnt live to know how much of a favor he did to the world. No gays and femtards born from her, no men divorced or suicided over her, no chads wiped their dick off her mouth, no welfare leeched to feed her after she graduates with her meme degree, bliss all around.

Based as fuck, exactly this. In one mere action he saved tens possible hundreds of men potential heartache from this siren. We all know she was well on her way to fucking above a dozen men

image It's ironic how she wanted to devote her life to helping others just as this boy was trying to end it all, it makes me feel like she saved this boy and is giving him another chance

No you stupid cuck. It's indeed ironic that the very thing that puts modern men at the verge of suicide was killed by a man who attempted a suicide. Based god punished her for making another soul reject god. God granted this man the free will to kill himself just as he made this cunt suffer because the very likes of her make men reject god.

Her white boyfriend will have to fap tonight. JFL at how the condition of the boy (in hospital with life threatening injuries) is a footnote at the end. Imagine if you reversed the sexes. The dead male would be a footnote and the story would be about the girl and foid mental health.

Andrew Anglin #wingnut #homophobia

[From "Our Boy Kyle is Out on Bond!"]

Our boy Kyle is out!

Asked what he would be doing now that he’s a free man, Kyle told the press: “I’m going to Disneyland… to shoot faggots who prey on our nation’s children!”

My man.

NBC News

Kyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois teenager charged with killing two men during the Jacob Blake protests in Wisconsin this summer, made bail on Friday and walked out of jail, officials said.[…]

Kyle obviously did nothing wrong. However, it was believed that he would be destroyed by the system anyway.

However, since his arrest, things have gone in the total opposite direction. He’s got a great team of lawyers, and it’s become very difficult for these people accusing him of “murder” when the entire public has seen the video of him being chased through the streets, and a man pulling a gun on him.
It also turned out that one of the people he killed was a convicted homosexual child molester. So it’s hard to drum up sympathy.
In all likelihood, he will end up being convicted or pleading guilty to some charges, possibly which carry a couple of years in prison, but there is little chance he will be doing decades, as initially appeared to be the case.

However, once again: this is something that will be affected by the political climate in the country. If Joe Biden takes over, Kyle will be in a much worse position than he will be if the Real President remains in office.
He [Biden] is likely to get involved in the case as president, and could in fact order his Justice Department to bring federal charges (which could easily be brought, given that Kyle crossed state lines with a gun before shooting people).

empathicdesign #wingnut

The DeviantART Administration doesn't like the idea of Biden losing to Trump in this prolonged election, which is why they deleted one of my journals and cited an ambiguous excuse lacking any detail as to why it was removed.

Now, did the know that the leftist/ Democrat mind set is "I don't care if I am wrong, I don't care if you are right, I don't care if my position hurts you, I don't care if my position hurts me, I will continue to support my position no matter what happens and I don't care about consequences of suffering".
There is no sense of right or wrong, there is no morality, there is no humanity home.
How these people are allow in the streets and not locked up in a mental home or executed, that's a mystery.


slavcel11 #racist #sexist

[TeeHee] Women are just objectively pathetic losers

image A photo of a door covered in photos of various celebrities, with a handwritten note reading “Guys we would f*ck” in the center.

This is just cringeworthy and pathetic. Imagine men printing out photos of celebrities and writing "women we would fuck" on their door. It's just objectively loser behaviour but since it's women, it's just quirky fun teehee.

I like how there's a token black guy at the top, so nobody can question why they only like Chad instead of Tyrone, Chang, and Chadpreet.

1. One black
2. Zero curries or ricecels
3. The rest are white or white passing
4. Zero sub8 men

Take notes itards. But oh well it's pure coincidence that of all famous men/actors they took only those who are white and chad.

Yukon Jack #conspiracy #crackpot #racist #wingnut

I may be the only writer on planet retard pointing out that obscuring the skies at this point in our history may be the dumbest thing we’ve ever done as a specie, since we are at the tail end of the interglacial. Cutting off the sun now is suicide, but that is exactly what we are doing with decades long Chemtrail spraying. Not to smart, I say. Apparently, the lunatics at the CIA who are in charge of Geoengineering Program are not just batshit insane, they are double top secret dumbererer imbeciles.
Spraying chemtrails to stop global warming makes about as much sense as wearing a mask to stop a virus. Our specie is truly insane, and unlike other writers, I am not going to spoil you with some bullshit message of hope. We are fucked. Really, we are totally fucked as a specie because crazy people are in charge of these hoax programs.

If we look at the performance of our specie last century, just what horrors await us in this one? Really, you need to take drastic action to save yourself and loved ones as we are facing government created genocide on a Biblical scale. We could easily have a mini ice age and a nuclear war. Starvation by the New Bolshevik Demonrats seems to be the course we are speeding towards on the Albert C. Pike freeway to hell.

What is the new definition of genocide? Jewish control of government and media. Jews are insane, putting insane Jews in charge of scientific and social policies is a recipe for disaster – and that is why Hitler, who knew this, removed them from state and any other activity that could harm the volk. Hitler tried to save his people from the Jews. What should we do? Same. Weimer Amerika here we come.

Sarah A. Hoyt #conspiracy

Be able to see what’s actually happening. And maybe duck or jump on the shooter at the crucial time.

For instance, the only plausible for the current lockdowns is that they’re terrified you’ll talk to each other and share knowledge that this election is f*cked up. Just like we did with Hillary’s emails, even though the media ran an absolute blanket of silence over how stupid that was. This is why they’ll keep us locked up for another year, maybe two. Well, that and because it will destroy most of our structures of life.

As for the mandatory vaccine, that’s not the goal, although with these loons in the pocket of China, I wouldn’t put it past them to have something to sterilize you or worse in that “vaccine.” China has been known to run that gambit on their own captive populations. Fortunately they’re really incompetent, so it’s 50/50 if what they mean to do will work. BUT the point is for you to have a “health passport.” Achtung! Papers please! They’re already implementing this shit in parts of the EU. What it means is another handle on EVERYONE. Oh, you won’t play ball? Well, we cancel your health passport. Good luck ever leaving your house again.


At any rate, if you have a choice: give not your money to leftists. If you can get a good or service from someone not on the left, do so. If you can hire and have two choices, pick the non leftist. If you can do someone a favor, pick the non leftist. The left has always done this thing, where they preferentially hire and buy from their own. Which is the power they now hold.

For some things, you cannot avoid giving them your money. BUT if you must buy books from Amazon, at least buy from non-leftists. And preferably indie. (Yes, plans in works. At least for me/a group of us.

Randy Thompson #sexist #psycho

Funding will be indirectly allocated to fund more law enforcement monitoring of incels online, which is very concerning and scary. As you read further down into the paragraph, you will see the mention of “investigating and prosecuting online sexual harassment,” which has an expansive definition.

As with most campaign promises, this one will probably not materialize into anything but it’s always good to be cautious and on alert for stuff like this from politicians. #conspiracy #wingnut #fundie

Military manuvers by special army forces operations are now commonplace in towns and cities across America. They close off streets, they use live ammo, they burn buildings. Often they come in unannounced to local residents in the dark of night, riding on black helicopters. These are called Black Hawk helicopters. The Black Hawk units are part of special forces networks working with FEMA.

During these training exercises they hover above peoples homes, frightening local residents. These incidents are rarely reported in the media. These exercises are not only done to keep the population terrified, but also to keep themselves ready to wage war against their own people, especially people who they believe pose a threat to their agenda, namely gun owning patriot Christians.

They often train in National Forest areas. This situation is likely tied into the U.N. Biodiversity land grab program through which federal lands can be shut off from public access. In such seclusion, domestic and foreign troops can be quietly trained for military rule. There is already in place a plan for the arrest and detention of people who oppose or expose their agenda. They have programmed into their computers the names of people they consider a threat to their plans. Your name may be on that list. There are three hit lists being maintained by U.S. Intelligence. The lists are color-coded as red, blue and green. These lists contain the names of people who would be rounded up when the time is right. There are at least 6.2 million Americans on the blue list alone. Many upstanding citizens have been shocked to find their names on those lists.

Merlin via Galaxygirl #crackpot #magick #ufo

Greetings, young students. I am Merlin. I come through this medium today for she is one of my pupils, as are many of you reading these words.
In the beginning was a beginning before that, and a beginning before that. But all was and has been and will always be Source, the great mystery. (In the pipe’s now purple smoke cloud I am seeing the sparkles are individuating and becoming galaxies, each fully conscious and each very much alive). Yes indeed. All is one. All is Source. And then the great division happened. Some aspects of Source flirted with antimatter, with the opposite of creative potential and explored destructive potential, and chaos ensued. (I am seeing wars and feeling heartbreak. I am seeing armies of light beings watching from above the great divide. It is as if swirling blackness was coming into the glittering purple cloud of life potential). As all is Source, this antithesis of love must be dealt with. The dark has tried to escape, elusive, scheming for eons, for much longer than your millennia, more like millennia of millennia of star solar years, but that is besides the point. The great cosmic play began. In this interface of dimensions increased stratification occurred. Souls became trapped in the cycle. The dark ones capitalized upon this entrapment. You are here to witness the opening of the cage and the complete destruction of that which was holding humanity back for so long. Thus, Source heals further.

(I am seeing the black inky line within the purple glittering cloud in the smoke above his head being filled with light. I am feeling tremendous light behind the cloud now. The entire cloud is pulsing with light. It is love).

Franklin Graham #fundie

Planned Parenthood calls Georgia Democratic Senate Candidate Raphael Warnock a champion for reproductive rights. Truthfully translated, that means Raphael Warnock champions the killing of babies in the safety of a mother’s womb through abortion.
Candidate Warnock tweeted that he supports “reproductive justice.” Justice? What an ironic term to use. Abortion represents the biggest, most significant INJUSTICE of our time in history—genocide of entire masses of babies.

I hope the Church and all Georgians will see through this demonic-driven abortion agenda. This is not just a political issue, it is a moral and biblical issue. We need leadership in our nation that sees the wisdom in defending life. The Georgia runoff can have a huge impact on our Senate, which affects all of us. Please join me in praying that candidates who support life—not the murder of babies in the womb—will be elected.

Based-nearcel #psycho #sexist

[Venting] Not making foids and chads as miserable as you can is cucked .

why tf would you let them do as they please while you rot in solitude, chadfish them, leak their nudes, steal from them, damage them if you can but don't just LDAR in pain while they experience pleasure and joy.

Take the revengepill, the best cope there is.

Cliff Kincaid #conspiracy #wingnut

Trump has to recognize that staying in power is the only peaceful way to avoid having Biden impose his agenda of death and destruction on the nation as a whole.
We can expect such violence if Biden doesn’t manage to seize power through fraudulent elections. But fear of the aftermath if Trump stays in the White House is no reason for Trump to vacate the presidency. In the face of the threat from Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other communist groups, Trump has every right to stay in power and keep the country together, in the name of national sovereignty.

AngriestTeacup #moonbat #dunning-kruger

The Soviets made an agreement that in the event of a war in Poland that there would be no aggression between Soviet and German military forces as long as they maintained spheres of influence. IE. The Soviets would not attack Germans as long as Germans did not cross into the region that was formerly owned by the Soviets.

Several weeks into the invasion of Poland the Polish administration FLED THE COUNTRY and left it completely undefended.

2 weeks after this occurred, the Soviets decided that moving into the region labelled as their sphere of influence was probably for the best as it would otherwise be occupied by the Germans as there was no central Polish defence force anymore.

When the Soviets moved in, the Polish Army maintained and official ceasefire with the Soviets, except for a few holdout fanatics who hadn't gotten over the Russo-Polish War.

Why is that? Because the Soviets weren't just taking the place over they were staying on friendly terms with the remaining Polish Army there which was leaderless and rudderless, moving up and defending the region from the Germans. This benefitted them of course by providing a buffer but it is absolutely not as simple as "haha they divided it up and planned it beforehand haha".

Only fucking liberals and fascists believe this shit. Don't be a fucking loser. Actually learn the Marxist perspective on the history.

Bennett Lee Ross #conspiracy #quack #crackpot

It is hard to believe that in 2021
The world will change dramatically

People will be in pain from the vaccine
People will be hungry from the planned food shortage
People will be out of work and broke
Because of the planned economic crisis

And there will be planned natural disasters
Maybe starting with Washington DC
Which is the Babylon of Revelation

Washington DC was originally called Rome Maryland
It sits on seven hills
Just like Rome Italy

The transition of one age to the next
Like as described by Hesiod
Happens quickly
But it is by the utilization of high energy electricity

There is no water that flows fast enough
And no wind that blows hard enough
To cut through hard stone

Artificial Intelligence will play a big part
Covid 19
1=A and 9=I
Covid AI

If you are social distancing 6 feet
You are preparing your mind to be 6 feet under

If you refuse to participate
In the Covid 19 vaccination program
And thus the new cryptocurrency
Which will forgive all debts
And give everyone
The same basic income

Your assets will be seized
And you will be deemed a public health risk

The plan is to eventually put
Dark fibers around cities
To produce an electric shield
And keep people imprisoned

BummerDrummer #crackpot #racist

RE: [Blackpill] What does bummer think of Slavs?


What is your opinion on slavic people. Are we white? Are we the niggers of Europe? There are few slav groups there are the central slavs like Polish, Slovak, Czech, etc.. There are the eastern slavs like Ukrainians, Russians, Belarussians, etc... There are the balkans with Serbs and Croats, etc..

Slavs aren't white JFL. Most need to be put right behind the urals where they came from. Mongoloid rape babies.


I believe certain slavics can exist in eastern europe but there are many that are practically asiatic. Slavs would, for a racially pure nation, need to have a very distinct racial identification science.

Don't lump us all with those eastern asiatic fakeslavs they are all mongols central slavs were never conquered by mongols everything west of central Poland area because I think they did conquer a bit of Poland though I don't remember but I don't think they ever got Czechs.

Western poles, Czechs and Slovenes aren't really nonwhites, nor are the Baltics (To some extent).

I’m pretty sure Slavs are actual Europeans. Maybe some Russians might have some Asian genes but Slavs are fucking white. It’s impossible to even tell the difference between a pole and German unless you look at dna

I divide slavs into 4 distinct groups. South slavs (Balkans+Hungary), West slavs (Poles, Czechs, Slovaks), central slavs (Belarussians, Romanians, Ukranians, Baltics) and east slavs (Russians, Permians, Tartars, Upper caucus)

West slavs and central slavs are 100% white usually. South slavs and east slavs are usually 50/50

btw im rly drunk and high so tell me if its making sense

Pastor Stephen Phillips #fundie #conspiracy #quack


…Because we have refused to adopt state mandated Covid guidelines, we have had our license to do business rescinded… Please feel free to convey your indignation and contempt to the Montgomery County Health Department and Governor [Ralph] Northam.

If you are not already aware, the entire Covid pandemic has been a hoax to establish an [sic] the anti-Christ Kingdom on earth. It is a direct assault against the Church and will be used to bring about a One World government…


…The coming vaccine is like none before it. It literally changes your DNA to protect you from viruses… Clearly it meets all the criteria and requirements of the Mark of the Beast…

Happy_face_caller #sexist

Rant: I’m always seeing posts on WGTOW saying go to PinkpillFeminism if you want to complain about males, but then 1/2 their posts/comments are about hating on males.

So help me understand how we are the dumping ground catch all space for ranting about males, but literally declaring We are going our own way away from males isn’t going to have some overlap hating on males topics?

Just chuckling at the axis of hypocrisy here.

I think our conversations are much more nuanced and fact based, and one could argue equally proactive.

Anyone else notice this?

Paul Bury #fundie #conspiracy

Hatred and discrimination against Christians in the video game industry runs deep. Why should your family financially support those trying to destroy you? When close to eighty percent of Americans self identify as Christian then close to eighty percent of the video game industry should be Christian. It is probably somewhere between one and five percent. We need equal representation in the industry. Family Friendly Gaming continues to fight for that. We continue to stand up for those being oppressed in the video game industry. We will not stop just because we face venom, hatred, discrimination and black listing for our hope and faith in Jesus Christ.

Sony has been worse than Microsoft as of late. Sony changed their press site and did not tell us. We reported the errors on the old press site every week for a month before finding out there was a new one. We have registered every week for two months on the new press site and reached out to every single Sony contact we have. No response at all. A professional would respond. If they have some legitimate reason for not wanting to give Family Friendly Gaming access to press materials they should say what it is. Not hide their heads in the sand as we keep coming by week after week. Their cowardice is showing through. They hope we will give up and go away. We won’t. We will go public with their disgraceful behaviour and tell you that we interpret it as they want no sales from Family Friendly Gaming Universe ever again. As their bottom line takes a hit they might decide to move toward the direction of being honorable.

Rick Wiles #fundie #conspiracy

This is a coordinated global takeover. It’s right out of the pit of Hell. This is Satanic, and it’s target is the Church. It is to shut down every church, it is to shut down every Christian, so that nobody will worship God and nobody will share the Gospel. That’s what it’s all about. Make no mistake about it, it is about crushing the Church. That’s why we have to stand up. If we die, we die.
We have to go out publicly in the streets, and shut down their system. You have to opt out and show them that you’re not participating in it anymore and you’re not intimidated and you’re not afraid to die. And if they shoot 100 people in front of you, you’ve got to stand there.

VincentVanCock #sexist

RE: [Blackpill] Newlywed foid murders her husband because she didn't want to have sex with him

Any foid would have done the same in her place, it's just not every one of them risks to break the law.

That's why i think the hypergamy pill would be the hardest one for subchad bluepilled males to swallow, If those guys ACTUALLY knew that women only like a very small percentage of men and that their "wives" don't have any kind of attraction towards the betabuxxers and in fact despise them, society would collapse.

The only thing that keeps sub chad men going is their illusion that beauty is "subjective" and that there is someone for everyone out there, If they knew the truth, male suicide would be off the charts.

Various Incels #crackpot #psycho #transphobia

RE: [JFL] And we are the mentally un stable truth rejecting ones



“Gang of transgender women drop- kicked then stamped on 19-year-old man in Tube attack after he told them they needed to have female genitalia to be women”

How very feminine of them. What absolute nutcases. I have no fucking idea how we are validating this insanity. Literally putting on a weg and a dress and now thinking you're a woman. the craziest part is like half the people are agreeing you are one??? We're even saying men can be pregnant. How insane does all of this sound

That's why they used to be killed or isolated back then, being a tranny is a mental illness.

I still cannot believe this is a real thing. People actually think that a full blown guy who puts on a dress is now a woman. This is braindead liberal progressive thought process at its finest

lmao cant wait for the tranny brawler gangs roaming the streets so i can act like its a zombie apocalypse

thats not very ladylike of them

Faggots should be stomped to death.

come on man, lets not use this word. Theres nothing wrong with gays. at least their whole existence can be proven scientifically through evolution and biological behaviour, unlike trannies, who are just mentally ill and have no science behind their cause

starcrapoo #sexist #wingnut

RE: [Story] Are Chinese Girls Into White Guys? Surprising answers

Watching this video reminded me of a Taiwanese news story several years ago about white foreign men claiming that Taiwanese girls were easy. It made national headlines I think because Taiwan is such a boring country with extremely low crime.

Thats what I like about Taiwanese people. They are essentially the middle upper class Chinese folks that fled the mainland and established an Island fortress renegade province. And they are super conservative and racist. They still hold on fast to their traditions from ancient times. #conspiracy #wingnut

Unknown to most Americans is a dark secret, and it's right under our noses. It's the reality of the existence of DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES. These Underground bases get prominent play in dark rumors circulating about captured extraterrestrials and alien technology. The fringe culture rumors of underground alien-human shenanigans are in reality fed by leaks from questionable individuals, usually with intelligence connections. They are simply a ploy utility for the status quo. The whole captured-alien-hardware story is just a highly elaborate hoax to discredit those exposing the reality of these bases. They are also a cover for the wholesale looting of the federal treasury by the corrupt and cynical secret government. After Hurricane Katrina left the gulf coast region totally devastated, there were many witnesses coming forward with reports of UNMNTF and UNISF Troops working alongside the Army of the Republic of Mexico Soldiers in the New Orleans area.
The America you and your forefathers knew is coming to an end thanks to the Illuminati controlled secret government, and now they want America to become a Third World Nation ruled by a Fascist Police State, under their dictatorial control. Only the people of America can stop the coming American Holocaust from occurring. In America alone there are over 120 Deep Underground Military Bases situated under most major cities, US AFBs, US Navy Bases and US Army Bases, as well as underneath FEMA Military Training Camps and DHS control centers. There are also many Deep Underground Military Bases under Canada. Almost all of these bases are over 2 miles underground and have diameters ranging from 10 miles up to 30 miles across

Roosh V #sexist #fundie

[From "Men Treat Women As Gods"]

In order to be with a woman, there is no sacrifice a modern man is not willing to make. He will pretend to be a feminist, travel around the world, and even feign allegiance to abortion or homosexual marriage. If a man wants a woman, and the woman professes to like something, the man will profess to like it as well, all for a chance of intimacy, sex, or just a bit of companionship, but like Adam following Eve, his actions lead directly to spiritual death.

I originally got into the game because I wanted one idealized sexual relationship, not many.[…]Instead of admitting that the relationship fantasy I desired in my mind didn’t exist in the real world or was unattainable in my current immature state, I convinced myself that I wanted sex with a lot of women all along. I always wanted to be a player.
Adam’s woman was tempted by Satan first and lost eternal life. When she came to him after eating from the tree, I imagine he noticed that her countenance had changed. She was no longer innocent with a saintly glow, and must have appeared worried and tense. The birds were not singing in the Garden like before. He was faced with a difficult choice: turn away from her and reorient himself to God, counting on Him to create another helpmate to make his life worthy, or fall with the woman in a moment of panic and fear of being alone to serve the will of Satan.

To Adam’s credit, he fell with the only woman in the world, yet today, men are begging to fall not for women who love them, not for women who could give them children (they would be immediately aborted), and not even for women they know, but for the potential to meet a godless woman.
Don’t make the same mistake as Adam. Don’t act as if you were made from the woman’s rib instead of the other way around.

Dadashri #fundie

How can I practice celibacy / Brahmacharya?
Brahmacharya should be practiced with understanding. If the fruit of brahmacharya is not moksha then, that brahmacharya is like castration. It will make your body good, strong, and good looking and you would live longer. Even a bull becomes strong and healthy.

Questioner : I do not feel like getting married at all.

Dadashri : Really! Will you be okay if you don't get married?

Questioner : Yes, my only desire is to attain brahmacharya. Please give me some strength and understanding for that.

Dadashri: For that you have to have a deep inner intent. Everyday, you have to say, 'Dear Dada Bhagwan! Give me strength to practice brahmacharya'. And you have to get rid of the slightest thought of sex as soon as it arises. If not, a seed of sex will be sown. If allowed to remain, after two days it will kill you. Hence uproot such a thought and get rid of it right away. Next, make sure that you do not look with sexual thoughts at any woman. If your eyes happen to pull you towards a woman, pull them away from her, remember Dada and ask for forgiveness. When it continuously remains within that any element of sexuality is not worth pursuing then it will all be a clean farm, no seed will sprout. Even now if one stays under my shelter, then his goal of brahmacharya will be fully attained.

Darek Isaacs #fundie

Creationist author Darek Isaacs has come up with a baffling counter-argument to the theory of evolution, claiming that if it is true it must mean that rape is OK.

A believer in the Bible's version of events, Isaacs appeared on Monday's edition of online show 'Creation Today', where he made the ridiculous claims to its stunned hosts.

Discussing his new book, Isaacs asks: "If evolution were true, then how now shall we live?", explaining how his research led him to study "purveyors of evolutionary thought" like Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens and reach a "very, very dark place" that forced him to ask a lot of "hard questions".

“You have to start asking questions: Well, if evolution is true, and it’s just all about the male propagating their DNA, we had to ask hard questions, like, well, is rape wrong?” he says to an "oh my" from one of the hosts.

He continues: "Evolution is about the man propagating their DNA, and applying evolutionary thought to humanity then it’s basically the strongest male takes whoever he can to propagate the DNA, and it is a scary outcome."

Somehow managing to conflate the 'survival of the fittest' logic of evolution with rape, Isaacs goes on to claim that marriage is "anathema" to the theory because it limits sex to being between one man and one woman.

"According to the evolutionary worldview, [if] that male is strong enough and he had wonderful genes, he should propagate his DNA as much as possible so that the species can progress," Isaacs adds. "So it redefines everything about our society."

Isaacs is also the author of 'Dragons or Dinosaurs', a book in which he makes another drastic leap, claiming that the reptiles "could they be one and the same" - "a powerful truth that confirms biblical authority and demolishes the theory of evolution".

President-Reject Donald Trump #conspiracy

Why is Joe Biden so quickly forming a Cabinet when my investigators have found hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes, enough to “flip” at least four States, which in turn is more than enough to win the Election? Hopefully the Courts and/or Legislatures will have....

....the COURAGE to do what has to be done to maintain the integrity of our Elections, and the United States of America itself. THE WORLD IS WATCHING!!!

Maryam #sexist

Why do men despise feminists who hate men when the hatred for men is an intrinsic part of the female experience?

The hatred, the fear, the bitterness, the anger, the dread, the horror, at and towards men will always, and has been, an intrinsic aspect of womanhood till the dawn of humanity to the end of it. Every single woman in this planet has had a moment in her life when her dislike has overwhelmed her and driven her out of the bullshit and lies she tells herself.

Hatred of men wasn't a movement in the 20th century - my Pakistani conservative mother, my Pakistani conservative friends, my radical Muslim female acquaintances, all dislike men. Every single one of them. We avoid going out at night because we're scared of men. We don't piss off men because we're scared of them. We tell ourselves that "boys will be boys" because we know men. We yell at and create drama amongst other women because we do not have the emotional strength to do it against men. We serve men, we live with the systems men created, we normalize male violence, we protect ourselves from men, because men inconvenience us, and we know it. They inconvenience all of us.

Most women do not get angry at men - they cry or accept it. Every single woman in the planet knows men are different, but she copes and copes and fucking copes with bullshit upon bullshit till she takes her final breath with a good amount of delusion - but with the incapability of believing it completely. Feminism is simply addressing the elephant in the room. All women are wary of men. All women are inconvenienced by men. All women dislike men.

va_shiva #fundie

Lawyers, politicians & talking heads will NEVER find “evidence” about #ElectionFraud.

Only YOU can. Here’s HOW:

Follow the simple steps (click link) w your local town/city clerk to get two data files.

Send them to me. I’ll do rest!


Various Incels #psycho #sexist

[Serious] I might have accidentally hurt a female today

Was at the grocery store and pulling a shopping cart from the front. On the end there was a old roastie pulling a cart off the same row but the opposite end. Anyway my cart was stuck to the next cart as often happens so I gave it a real good tug and heard the roastie go “OW!” I think it pinched her finger or something when I pulled on the cart. I completely no sold it. Didn’t look at her and certainly didn’t white knight and he like omg roastie are you ok?:soy: Feels good man.

(Subhuman Orangutan)
Remove any feelings of remorse for toilets. I only wish you hit that bitch harder with your shopping cart.


”Thugmaxxed, how old she was?”

Old bro.

I helped a really old woman like 90yo to climb the stairs because she barely walked. I didn't feel like a simp but thoughts that she wouldn't even spit on me in her younger days did cross my mind. I stopped helping anyone who can help themselves and I stopped listening to anyone who is not willing to listen me.

VincentVanCock #psycho #sexist

[JFL] My mom just told me my Hitman uncle(yes, this guy works killing people, nigga lives in one of those countryside lands without any laws)...

Killed his whore wife and buried the body in some hidden place, my mom used to talk with his wife everyday through boomerbook and suddenly she went for some "vacations" and never came back, now my grandma called my mom and said the guy killed his wife JFL, being based is in my fucking bloodline, Brazil ain't no joke nigga, KILL ALL FOIDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. THAT SHIT MADE MY NIGHT , GUY LITERALLY KILLED THE WHORE, BURIED THE BODY AND GAVE NO FUCKS JFLLLLLLLLLL.

Def apprentice max Didn't know hits paid well in the Favelas.

Not in favelas, it's in the northeast part of the country, lots of countryside cities that look like one of those Clint eastwood movies, difference is that it happens in real life.

DO IT BRO OP this is Highly based if legit

It's legit Bro, the guy is a bonafide hitman, he tried to kill my mom a few times before she had me.

Can you just kill people in brazil and post it on the internet and the police wont do anything? So nothing will happen to your uncle when you talk about he killed his wife on .co?

He didn't record it lol. Brazil has a homicide rate higher than 70000 deaths per year, out of all this deaths only 20% are solved or even investigated, so no, nothing will happen to him, this is typical in countryside cities.

David J. Stewart #fundie #conspiracy #homophobia #transphobia #wingnut

Conspiracies are nothing new. A “conspiracy” by definition is simply: “A secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act; a plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act (especially a political plot).” As a human being, I have a right to my opinion (and so do you). Unfortunately, in the United States and many countries today (e.g. Canada, China and North Korea) you are forbidden to express your opinion, if it contradicts the official government (and consequent newsmedia) narrative. That is not freedom!

Have you ever noticed that the U.S. mainstream newsmedia NEVER contradict the government's agendas? I learned long ago that government's don't control the world, corporations do! Follow the money! That explains why the entire American social media platform is controlled by corporations. A corrupt judge ruled in 2020 that Google/YouTube can censor anything they want, as a private company. Since over 92% of internet searches go through Google, effectively they control public opinion. Facebook has banned my article expressing my view that Sandy Hook was a massive fraud. Alex Jones was banned from social media for saying the same thing. Over 25,000 YouTube videos were removed in just the click of a mouse! Millions of manhours of work were wiped out in a second!
Likewise, even still today in 2020 there is little or no freedom for Americans who disagree with New World Order agendas (e.g., same-sex perversion and LGBTQ issues, abortion murder, 911 hoax, Sandy Hook hoax, Black Lives Matter anarchy, Zionism hoax, HSBC crimes, feminism evils, Drug War hoax, Mena crimes, Federal Reserve crimes, OKC Bombing hoax, Coronavirus hoax, et cetera). Pastors have literally been arrested and prosecuted in Canada for trying to inspire parents to protect their children from the LGBTQ movement! The ungodly governments of our sick generation have declared war on God-fearing Christians, who don't want their children being homosexualized by wicked people.

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R), Representative-elect of the 14th District of Georgia #racist

Ilhan Omar: Looks like the crazy lady has logged on. I know things might be different where you come from, but you have to get off the looney train now that you are in Congress.

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Don’t even get me started on where you come from. We don’t marry our brothers here in America, so I’m not sure who you’re calling crazy.

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